Shane Acker Talks Sequel to 9, Plus More PG-13 Animation

September 3, 2009

Shane Acker's 9

A few weeks back I interviewed the talented Shane Acker, director of the upcoming animated movie 9. That interview will be out in full next Monday (it's a must watch, I guarantee it), but in the meantime I wanted to mention a few things he said that would make for some exciting news today. When you sit down to watch 9 next week (it opens next Wednesday, September 9th), I'm certain you'll get so wrapped up in the world that he's created, you won't want it to end (or you'll want it to continue). We already know that means a sequel, and the good news is that Acker has already been thinking about one… and other original ideas.

When I asked Acker about if they'd ever consider expanding the universe into other mediums like comic books, he hinted about a sequel. "Who knows, there might be a sequel in the works," Acker said. "There's still more territory to be mined, more stories to be told in this world." When I asked for more details, he replied: "We just loosely kicked around ideas. I think everyone's poised to see if the films works, if it finds an audience and makes some money. I think everyone is chomping at the bit to see if it does, and if it does, then maybe there will be an opportunity to make a sequel. I think it would be a great world to revisit."

Even if a sequel to 9 (would it be called 10?) takes a while to get off the ground, Acker is already pitching another project. "I'm out pitching another film right now, and we're pitching it to anybody who's anybody in animation and studios. It's different, edgier kind of material, and people don't… Because they've got their certain brand or the certain things they do and it's risky, because it's still a really expensive medium to be working in, even though we proved that you can do something for a much smaller budget." I also asked if it would be PG-13, just like 9. "It's dark, yea, it's between PG and PG-13, it's definitely along those lines."

There are many great elements of 9 - the story, the animation, the characters, the visuals, the entire world. However, I'm most fascinated that he was able to make an edgy, dark PG-13 rated animated movie that still looked great. All we see these days are PG and G rated animated movies, because they need to sell them to family audiences. Which is why it's so refreshing to continue to see Acker push forward with darker material that is PG-13 - whether it be a sequel to 9 or other animated movies he may be working on. I wish him and everyone at Starz Animation the best opening next week. Go see it - it's definitely worth the ticket price!

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Shane is working at Gnomon school of visual effects now.. he wont be producing a sequel to 9 in a while..

jaja on Sep 3, 2009


9 looks great but the story is very very average and has no character development. That said, i still liked it more than the stuff pixar put out lately due to its dark feel.

Buggy166 on Sep 3, 2009


hated the trailers didnt get any story from them not going to see it

cheater on Sep 3, 2009


Looks like a great movie. Will be seeing it next week.

Vold on Sep 3, 2009


Thank you for doing this! Can't wait to hear the interview!! Cheers,

CB4 on Sep 3, 2009



Xerxex on Sep 3, 2009


jaja, Shane's not working at Gnomon, they're just going to have a screening of 9 there.

jose awesome on Sep 3, 2009


i just saw a tv trailer (for 9) for the first time..........WOW! it's everything i thought "avatar" would have been. i'm really looking forward to seeing 9.

beavis4play on Sep 3, 2009


I think this film is gonna be pretty good, but why are people focusing on the dark aspect? it's really not that odd for an animated film to be dark. The only country that focuses on cute bright happy sunshine and flowers animation is the US. Japan, France, the UK, other European countries, Korea, Singapore... All of these countries have produced a number of quality pg-13 and R rated animated films. The US is so far behind the times in animation, it's retarded. Our shit tends to look better, but as far as story and character and everything else, We're lagging behind big time. I mean, they say that animated films need to be family friendly, but we're the only country that still holds onto that belief. It's fucking old and retarded and anyone who still thinks that way is a moron. Yeah, the people running Pixar and Disney are fucking morons. if 9 does well, tho, it'll open up a lot of opportunity for growth. Here's hoping...

Squiggly_P on Sep 3, 2009


I wish this had a release date in Australia, as there doesn't seem to be one at the moment. 🙁

D on Sep 3, 2009


at Jose: Shane Acker is actually hired as in house director at gnomon to produce a short film there. so he WILL be working at gnomon and NOT producing a sequel to 9.

jaja on Sep 3, 2009


Not yet, anyway. Working on one thing doesn't mean you can't work on another.

IK on Sep 4, 2009


Wow, love this site. First comment =] Great site I saw a lot of footages from this movie, in fact- im sure ive already seen all the fight scenes because they where all leaked online. Well I'll deffinatedly be there on opening day. The action by the way, is trully spectacular. Especially from my personal favorites..."7" and one of the villains...the winged beast

James on Sep 4, 2009


#9 Those "morons" are raking in millions of dollars. What have you done lately?

SlashBeast on Sep 4, 2009


i love 9 ive seen it 20+ times, does anyone have any contact information from the guy who made this movie? i have a million idea for a sequel!

Brittany Kroc on Feb 22, 2012


when will the sequel to 9 be released?

Jnicky412 on Mar 3, 2012

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