Shoot 'Em Up's Michael Davis Directing an Outland Remake

August 19, 2009


Warner Brothers and Hollywood Gang Productions, lead by Gianni Nunnari, are developing a remake of the 1981 Sean Connery sci-fi movie Outland that was written and directed by Peter Hyams. Shoot 'Em Up director Michael Davis has been hired to direct, while newcomer Chad St. John will write the screenplay. The drama revolves around a police marshal stationed at a remote mining colony on Jupiter's moon Io, where he uncovers a murderous conspiracy threatening the entire Outland with collapse. "We're staying true to the thematic heart of Outland while expanding the space frontier concept," Davis said of the remake.

"We loved the original sci-fi film with Sean Connery," Nunnari told Variety. "At its core, Outland is a version of High Noon in outer space, as two courageous people take a stand against a gang of ruthless conspirators at the highest level." The new take will expand upon the original concept, making it "tentpole-sized," while keeping the theme. The story will take place in an orbiting city around the moon, where a cop uncovers a conspiracy endangering the entire city. With a week before his retirement back to Earth, he has to choose between walking away with his wife, or taking on an army with his ex-partner and wife's former boyfriend.

Unlike the Spierig Brother's Captain Blood, this is a remake already set in space that I'm kind of excited to see. To be honest, I don't know much about the original, but have already queued it up on my Netflix for this weekend. I had the chance to meet Michael Davis after seeing Shoot 'Em Up two years ago (which I quite enjoyed) and the guy is just as crazy as the movie itself. I'm happy to see him take on another project, as he kind of got screwed over by New Line on the release of Shoot 'Em Up, but he's got a crazy awesome style that will work well in a new sci-fi (or any action movie for that matter). Will be looking forward to seeing this!

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Add some carrots poking eyes and a red Zardoz suit (related?) to the mix and I'll uh...bite.

Kyle Stallock on Aug 19, 2009


Oh no, not another remake. I'm so fed up of remakes and all this reboots. Hollywood's lazy.

dexter on Aug 19, 2009


Actually, a remake of OUTLAND would be welcomed because the original was superbly made from all points of view except the action. It needed more action. I would have made this remake to be 99% the same thing as the original, but with more action. I would keep the characters, the storyline, the main ideas and concepts, the thematic elements, the realistic take on sci-fi, etc. I would have simply added more/bigger action. The original OUTLAND is a movie very much in the vein of Alien (first one), but with humans instead of the deadly alien creature. It is a wonderful commentary on the human nature and it has an absolutely terrific performance from Connery. It's just that I would have liked to see more action. Daniel Craig, a this Russel Crowe, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude Van Damme - either of them would be perfect for the lead. In the original there was a partner of sorts (not like the one planned for the remake) and Jonathan Frakes would be pitch perfect for that role. This movie requires a mature cast. If it gets cast with people like Channing Tatum or Leo Di won't work at all. Hopefully they won't dumb the original down, hopefully they will keep the mature and complex storyline, the realistic take on sci-fi, the theme of the movie, the cast has to be mature and the rhythm of the original has to be kept, just add bigger action.

V on Aug 19, 2009


What does "tentpole-sized" mean?

Huh? on Aug 19, 2009


^ It means like huge, epic, big budget. A "tentpole" movie is a movie that studios will probably make lots of money on because it's a huge blockbuster. That's what they want this to be, an epic movie.

Alex Billington on Aug 19, 2009


Hmm! Well this doesn't seem like your average remake. Odd choice, but actual potential! Interesting.

bozoconnors on Aug 19, 2009


Is it just me or does looking at the artwork for 'Outland' make you think of George Clooney circa 2007? Strictly based on that, Clooney would be a great fit for a modernized "Outland.' I'll be adding it to my queue as well. Just ahead of YPF but before OPF. Perfect.

Erik on Aug 19, 2009


There are a couple of slightly dated effects shots, but otherwise this is a terrific film so they're easy to overlook. If you like Alien and Moon - grungy, atmospheric, thoughtful and suspenseful sci-fi rather than brain-dead action - you'll love it. Great Jerry Goldsmith score as well, if memory serves. All in all another completely unnecessary remake. The original is available to buy or rent, so this just seems like a terrible waste of time and money for both the makers and the audience. Do something original!

Mathieu on Aug 19, 2009


Aw nae Sir Shaawn Canary. Suppose it would be okay. But remakes get no respect. If I know something is a remake I wait to watch it on dvd, usually once someone else has bought it. No point in paying cash for it.

Crapola on Aug 19, 2009


"The story will take place in an orbiting city around the moon, where a cop uncovers a conspiracy endangering the entire city. " Really? I liked the original setting better. A mining colony on one of Jupiter's moons. Being that much farther out really isolates the main character and emphasizes the "one man against everyone" aspect of the story. Of course the quote could be out of context, & "the moon" could be not ours. If so, ignore this comment.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 19, 2009


Why can't just those why pay taxes get health b'out that Obama and the rest of the health care reform starters??? NO seriously, this I could be in favor of, but not just letting any old person that comes to America, even the illegal’s to get health care and our taxes go up the roof???? No, sure, I will cont. to fight this...

henryyoung on Aug 19, 2009


@11 Dude... I'm all for healthy political debate, but this is a MOVIE SITE. Go to CNN or NPR...

jasonmd2020 on Aug 19, 2009


I'm fine with this being remade and agree with Cloony taking the roll of O'Niel. I hope they keep it more of the way it was though and don't go with the huge action sci-fi idea like #3 would like to see.

DoomCanoe on Aug 19, 2009


if they screw this up... im gonna be so pissed.. Sean Connery was great in Outland.... and if its anything close to shootem up.. its gonna suck... that director better broaden his horizons because while Outland couldve used a bit more action, there is no way it can work with as much action as there was in shootem up (practically the whole movie, even the sex scene, and on top of that really cheesy action too)

John on Aug 19, 2009


HAHA... DUDE #11 totally agree man, but yeah take to a political blogg :).. but hey dont get to caught up in healthcare, cuz the fall back is cap and trade which will absolutely kill our nation's economy..if u want to get some specifics we might hav to take the conversation to another site haha

John on Aug 19, 2009


Another frikkin' remake. Of another frikkin' classic. BLARGH! I say we take off and nuke Hollywood from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. And Alex, you sure aren't familiar with a lot of movies for being a movie guy.

Fed Up With Hollywood on Aug 21, 2009


I think i might get the old movie.

Fisherr on Aug 22, 2009

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