ShoWest: Sony Confirms Men in Black 3 and Ghostbusters 3

April 1, 2009

Men in Black

Over the last year or so, we've heard rumblings on numerous exciting projects in works within Sony. Back in September we reported that another Men in Black was in development, although it was too early on for any details, and it wasn't official. Additionally, we've written countless times about the Ghostbusters reboot that is already in the works, with Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky writing. During Sony's presentation today at ShoWest, Sony president of worldwide distribution, Rory Bruer, mentioned that not only is Spider-Man 4 in the works for 2011, but so are a new Men in Black and a new Ghostbusters.

Bruer mentioned both of these projects somewhat in passing, right after talking about their exciting upcoming summer slate and mentioning that they had some other great movies in the works. He didn't even mention anything but the names, Men in Black and Ghostbusters, but that's enough to confirm that these are official. While we knew that Ghostbusters would be happening, given they already hired writers, the Men in Black rumor was essentially only a rumor until now. Although most people don't want to see either, I'm honestly excited for another Ghostbusters, for many reasons, but not necessarily for Men in Black.

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So is this a GB3 or a reeboot? And another MIB, they best really bring it. And SM4 will suck big balls unless they do it right. And stop being CHEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEYYYYYY!

AllmightyKeim on Apr 1, 2009


This is fantastic news. An official announcement for GB3 means that I can now sleep at night...or not in anticipation.

Bill Rusnak on Apr 1, 2009


I can live with Ghostbusters 3, barely, but MIB 3 and Spiderman 4 will both suck. Mostly because their preceeding movies were so bad.

Mikenificant1 on Apr 1, 2009


Hmmmmm... I am interested in both these projects, but my Spidey Sense is tingling, and it may be a bad thing. Plus, I think Spider Man 4 is not gonna be good.

Ajax on Apr 1, 2009


As long as GB is a seqel and not a reboot... leave it alone... im stick of reboots

Cory on Apr 1, 2009


These movies will suck as hard as Tim Allen did when he needed some drugs.

Leave it in my Beaver on Apr 1, 2009


april's fool anyone?

virgil on Apr 1, 2009


Men In Black 3: April Fools, right? Please? PLEASE?!

Wottock Hunt on Apr 1, 2009


Terrible news. Some of the worst news I've heard in a while. MIB 3 I could see... but they should not rape the life out of Ghostbusters! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!?

B-Han on Apr 1, 2009


april fools

JNYCE on Apr 1, 2009


They have been talking about GB3 for ahwile now since they worked on the game . On another site Harold Raimis confermed they were working on it and they would get the team back together thus making it a sequel and not a reboot.For all those complaining a bout another Ghostbusters u must not care for the franchise it has been one of the films people have been asking for for years .

Superchyle on Apr 1, 2009


Here's a link to a story, at AICN, which states that Ghostbusters III is more of a sequel than a reboot, with all original cast members returning.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Apr 1, 2009


MIB3 and GB3!!!! yay!!!! I'm hella excited

zach on Apr 1, 2009


Men in Black should never of made a second movie or should of made a better one, but to a third one just seem ridiculous.

Bedroom Furniture Toronto on Apr 1, 2009



Fisherr on Apr 1, 2009


I have always loved the Ghostbusters and look forward to seeing them grace the screen again. As for MIB 3, it's funny, I just picked up MIB 2 on DVD the other day. I plan on watching it this weekend as I haven't seen it in awhile. It's a cool movie. I would enjoy seeing another one as long as Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back.

Dan Walimaa on Apr 1, 2009


Tell me this is an April fools joke..

Jay on Apr 1, 2009


Personally, I'm getting a little tired of people tossing around "reboot" and "remake" like the terms were interchangeable. It reminds me of my work. I'm in Human Resources, and we have hires that start work but can't finish training till the next week, and hires that don't show up at all and need to start fresh the next week, and for some reason, both are called "restarts." They mean two different things (one has worked hours with the company, one hasn't), but people who are ignorant use the term whenever they want and however they want and it just confuses people. Same with the film industry, although a much wider and more confusing scale. "Remake" should mean that they are starting things fresh, as if it were a new movie with none before it, ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Batman Begins. "Reboot" should mean that they want to reboot the franchise by giving it a new sequel that will both acknowledge the previous films in the series and serve to inspire further sequels. Simple as that, in my opinion. End of rant. 🙂

Outlaw on Apr 1, 2009


SM4 needs to clean up after the 3rd one. Man that one sucked. This is a revival for it. As for GB3, I've wanted on but under certain circumstances. I'll wait and see. I loved MIB and...mildly enjoyed MIB2 the two times I saw it, but a third is not needed. The second was not needed. Definitely one of those movies that only needed one.

Hey Ya on Apr 1, 2009


Many people have just been fooled up a storm.

Garrett on Apr 1, 2009


@#2 wtf???

Lacey on Apr 1, 2009


ghostbusters Vs MIB 4 2011, then when they blow each otha up that will be that

bassbin on Apr 2, 2009


I believe that GB3 will be awesome if it's true that 2 writers from 'the office' are writing the script. MIB3 is definitely not needed though. I don't if it's just me, but I'm honestly getting sick of Will Smith. The man isn't a bad actor but let's face it, his movies get old way too fast. As for Spiderman 4, I do believe they'll do a decent job on it. You can say I have faith, but it's only because we all know the F'ed up the 3rd one so bad, that even the producers know this. Plus, it's been a while since we've seen a Spidey movie so I'm in high hopes that they've taken this time to get their act together.

DannyT on Apr 2, 2009


It's funny that this was posted on April 1st....aka april fools....not saying that it is, but it does make you wonder.....

JL on Apr 3, 2009

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