Skynet's Distributed Computing Platform - Download This!

April 13, 2009

Skynet Research Distributed Computing Platform

The on-going Skynet Research viral for Terminator Salvation has been expanding every day, but so far nothing big has happened. Sure, a few weeks ago a Resist Or Be Terminated website was discovered, and they've been trying to take down everything Skynet-related since, including the security cameras. But when is Skynet going to take over the world and bring about Judgment Day? Well, a reader named "Deck Films" sent me an e-mail today with a link to a website with a download for Skynet's Distributed Computing Platform - a downloadable application that links in with every other DCP computer around the world.

"DCP is a volunteer system for grid computing that enables Skynet Research to tap into the processing power of computers around the world." It sounds kind of like SETI@home or Folding@home (for those of you who know what those are), but for Skynet, and obviously this means one day they'll be taking over all of our computers (and the world). You can download Skynet's DCP application from this link. It's located on a Warner Brothers website because I'm sure they have some crazy policies regarding actually downloading software and you have to agree to the terms of service to even get it to begin with - so don't do this at work.

Once you launch the application, it shows you two primary views, one of the entire world with little yellow dots indicating where each computer that is connected to Skynet's DCP is located. You can also click on the odd yellow/green graph in the lower left corner and it brings up another new display with more information. Also found in the lower right corner a section that says "Input Code" and a space for 9 characters. We're guessing there is some code that can be entered here, but I have no clue where to find this or what'll happen when you put it in. Any ideas? If you're into this viral, I'd suggest you download this right away!

We really have no clue what all this means or where it's going, but it's really starting to get quite interesting. An actual application that is installed on everyone's computers? This is almost getting kind of scary. I wonder if they really are planning a complete Skynet takeover just before the film's release in late May?

Skynet Research Distributed Computing Platform

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Skynet and I are done professionaly.***

J.White on Apr 13, 2009


I sent this in ๐Ÿ™‚ my names Logan;)

Logan on Apr 13, 2009


I've tried everything I could think of. Even genetics which you can see in the lower left corner when you click on the [x]. No luck.

Johnny G on Apr 13, 2009


Can't try because i'm at work, but has anyone tried cyberdyne as a password?

Lucas on Apr 13, 2009


OMG! Click the little slider thing above where there's a rollover button saying "Genetics" It's some sort of audio anomaly!

Rob on Apr 13, 2009


Viral campaign or just viral. Downloader beware.

JimD on Apr 13, 2009


I know its only a movie, but I'm not gonna download it because it can cause damage to my computer.

Ajax on Apr 13, 2009


Does anyone else have more than one [x] between the two bars at the bottom of the screen? One on the top and the other one the bottom

dave on Apr 13, 2009


I'm not feeling this one...kinda freaked out about it.

Marqwest on Apr 13, 2009


Mwha... Mwhahaha... MWHAHAHAHAAH!!!!

Robert S. Clarke on Apr 13, 2009


Impressed with the use of Adobe AIR so that it also plays on Linux as well as the usual PC/Mac platforms. Still... it doesn't seem to do much.

Mosh on Apr 14, 2009


It doesn't do much yet...

skynet on Apr 16, 2009


Actually there is now some footage that has been "sent back" from a possible future (2018) in which the (presumably) soldier tries to warn you about skynet! I assume more stuff happens the closer we get to release (to see it click the x in the red bar near the first audio anomaly)

Mark on Apr 17, 2009


The word is Humanity. Each time I type it, and when I get to type down the last "y", it erases it, almost. After I erase everything else, I take my mouse and pretend to highlight left to out of the margin. The one missing "*" comes back. This hasn't happened with any other word I tried with 9 letters, or more, for a matter of fact.

jeb800e on Apr 18, 2009


^ Never Mind^ Just a common glitch on the program.

jeb800e on Apr 18, 2009


It never seems to load completly for me...Halfway or close to the end. Maybe coz im in Australia...?

PH on May 2, 2009


Well i'm in Australia too and it works fine for me! Could just be age of your computer because mine is only a couple months old!

Mark on May 3, 2009


My slower computer at work was ok, but i cant get it going at home...Always loads partway and then nothing...Tried disabling virusscan and firewall, no joy ๐Ÿ™

PH on May 4, 2009


Nevermind, seems to load up on the 20th try... So, are we helping it decode the genetics? I'd be interested to see if its actually doing anything by analysing my network traffic...

PH on May 4, 2009


salvation is the password.

dean on May 8, 2009


the password is BrewsterY ... General Brewster started skynet, his last key entered in the computer was Y for Yes! try it!

John on May 11, 2009


the pass have 8 letters not 9!!!

LegioXIII on May 17, 2009


dude idk if anyone knows but ill ask any way what is the password for skynet research ?

alex on May 19, 2009


the code is 19118115

HT-15 on May 21, 2009


nothig happened

okami on May 23, 2009


dont download the Skynet DCP it's only to trick us humans so dont download the Skynet DCP Skynet use DCP to spy on us ''the time is only a matter'' ''skynet must fail'' from your dear pplz from the ressistens

ressistens on Aug 12, 2009


ย Aganist SKYNET everything you need is Robocop Crime Preventing Unit 001 and it's upgraded droid Robocop Crime Preventing Unit 002 and Legion Biotech Virus to plant in a Skynet Central ๐Ÿ˜‰

Boris Blagojevic62 on Mar 2, 2012


when i open the program it stays in the connecting screen :S help!

Alberto on Oct 7, 2009


The program seams to be well writen, nevertheless, I can not see it conecting.. I got the bar only halfway. could someone advise me about it??? Regards. MA

Manuel on Feb 12, 2010


I tried all the codes everybody wroted down... buuuut none of it works. and by the way its not 9 letters yet 8.

cortez on Dec 19, 2010


Download Link wont work ;(

%RANDOM% on Sep 2, 2012

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