Smit-McPhee & Moretz Set for 'Let Me In' with Richard Jenkins

October 1, 2009

Oskar / Kodi Smit-McPhee

At least two of the casting rumors were right. THR's Heat Vision blog confirms today that The Road's Kodi Smit-McPhee (seen above) and Kick-Ass' Chloe Moretz have officially been cast in Let Me In, the Let the Right One In remake being directed by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves. Additionally, they announced that Oscar nominated actor Richard Jenkins (last seen in Burn After Reading) has been cast (instead of the rumored Philip Seymour Hoffman) as the vampire girl's father and caretaker known as Hakan in the original film. Shooting begins this fall in New Mexico (even though it's set in Colorado in the actual film).

Overture had been in talks with the rising "kid-actors" over the summer (we first reported a rumor about Smit-McPhee back in July) but was trying to work out the adult component (Jenkins) that best served the triangular combination, with an eye on scheduling and chemistry. Swedish producers John Nordling and Carl Molinder, who produced the original film, are also involved as producers on this remake. The film follows an overlooked and bullied boy named Owen (Smit-McPhee) who finds love and revenge through Abby (Moretz), a peculiar girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders who turns out to be a vampire.

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Oh well I am happy with Jenkins as the caretaker. He is one of the best actors in the business. If you havent seen him in The Visitor then go rent it now. He is a great film actor. I love Hoffman but for some reason I see him onstage. Kind of an over actor which I love but it can get old on camera.

Maxx on Oct 1, 2009


I think they changed the movie title once again -

iheartsubtitles on Oct 1, 2009


I didn't think of Hakan as her Father only as her caretaker... I mean I guess he was for looks - in case anyone asked. Was he really her father? Or was he once a young boy that she loved and had help her as she did with Oskar?

Breebaby on Oct 1, 2009


" the vampire girl's father and caretaker..." erh, you mean lover, right? They changed this in the US version?

David Banner on Oct 1, 2009


I thought he wanted to be lovers but when she finally agreed to let him touch her he had to get the blood first but he put acid on his face so he couldnt be identified and then he offers his blood to her then jumps out of the window...not to be precise or anything aha

Maxx on Oct 1, 2009


I gotta say that as a Swede originating Russia and residing in Japan with American films as preferense, this appears to be absolute fking shit. I used to dislike swedish films untill I saw Let the Right One In. It was a masterpiece. This remake has big Fking HOLYWOOD crap written all over it. Don't even get me started on the child actors. I do not like to talk ill about children but these two are not good as actors in any way. I expect to see the usual US horror remake targeted at 12 year olds with your common CGI bullshit and pubertal scares.

Shige on Oct 1, 2009


By the way. A bit confusing choise of news picture. The guy above is Oscar from the original. The girl is the vampire from the remake.

Shige on Oct 1, 2009


aha are you on crack Shige? That is the original Oskar and that "girl" is actually a boy who is playing the new Oskar. Besides that idiotic moment I happen to agree with you about Hollywood fucking up great foreign films...i sincerely hope they dont do it it Oldboy...

Maxx on Oct 1, 2009


if you're too lazy to read subtitles then you deserve to watch the crap this movie and other remakes inevitably turn out to be. if not, then these pointless hollywood remakes just need to be ignored. why can't they use the budget to make something new? because they have no good new ideas i suppose

oi on Oct 2, 2009


hakan is not eli's father................

djfnjfdng on Oct 2, 2009


Great, we can finally see a homosexual vampire romance in English!

SlashBeast on Oct 2, 2009


Huh, Jenkins does bear an eerie likeness to Ragnar, that was a good casting choice. Maybe they should cast McPhee as Abby? I dunno, he doesn't look like a tormented soul, but we'll just have to wait and see. Much of this remake's burden is on the director and cinematographer. If Reeves doesn't have a knack for working with the wee ones, it won't work. If it's shot like an action flick, the heart will remain lifeless. Certainly not expecting it to approach the original, but really no way to know for sure until it hits the big screen. At first it was a remake, then it was a different take on the book, then it went back to remake of the film. Maybe the title will change to "Knock, Knock", can't get much worse than... "Let Me In".. I'm still baffled by that oddity; seriously do people lose concentration when more than 3 words are in a title?

Suunaabas on Oct 2, 2009


I hate to admit that I love the Jenkins casting. Incredibly underrated actor in a film that will undoubtedly get a lot of attention because of the Cloverfield/Matt Reeves afterglow. Still, would be shocked if it comes close to matching the original, though I wish it the best.

Rahat on Oct 2, 2009

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