So, Mickey Rourke Won't Be in Iron Man 2 After All?

February 18, 2009
Source: NY Mag

Mickey Rourke

Just a few days before Mickey Rourke's big day the Oscars, word has hit the streets that apparently he won't be in Iron Man 2 after all. The news about Rourke joining the project first hit in early January, but just a few days later, we started hearing that the trades had made that announcement very prematurely. Then, just a few weeks ago, we got confirmation that Rourke's character wasn't actually Crimson Dynamo, but potentially the villain Whiplash instead. Now apparently his involvement was been wiped enitrely off the table! Rourke himself told New York Magazine that, "right now, we're not doing Iron Man 2." Sad news!

We're not exactly sure what happened, but if we're reading the NY Mag story correctly, apparently Rourke's agent has been "battling Marvel for a bigger paycheck." And as we all know, Marvel doesn't play well with others, so when he started asking for more money, they must have got cold feet. To top it all off, Rourke has been handed more new projects than he can handle, and has officially attached himself to at least Stallone's The Expendables and Chopra's Broken Horses recently. That might make fitting in Iron Man 2 a bit tough in the end. Too bad, because I was really hoping to see him take on Robert Downey Jr. Tough break?

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well, i guess the keywords to look at here is "right now"

Otacon on Feb 18, 2009


I cant blame him, the dude made like 50 cents off of the Wrestler and needs cash to pay his bills and bring his hair and wardrobe up to 2009 standards.

Kevin on Feb 18, 2009


Hey Alex---- STOP POSTING STUFF ABOUT IRON MAN least until you know what the hell you are talking about. Every post you have made has been based on a when a cast is finalized...please by all means post away.

one on Feb 18, 2009


Well thats a nice pic of Rourke boozin it up. 😛

Toucmyinfection on Feb 18, 2009


Good because the man acts like a pig, and looks it too.

Joe on Feb 18, 2009


He would have been awesome if he portrayed Crystal Dynamo, I dunno why the role just fits him.

Fisherr on Feb 18, 2009


hes in it....we just weren't supposed to know, and here is the coverup.

Al on Feb 18, 2009


First off- I really liked The Wrestler but lets be honest the film hasn't even grossed $20 million at the box-office. Its playing like an art house film. Marvel could care less if he's in Iron man 2 or not and the avg moviegoer dosen't either. chuck on Feb 18, 2009


I call bullshit on Chuck(8). I honestly dont think money is Marvel's only marvel.....or concern. If we think back a year or two to when Downey Jr. was stuck in a 15 year slump of indie films. They took a risk with Jr. and got 300+ mil, i think its pretty safe to say that their only main concern is who can play the part the way it needs to be played.

Al on Feb 18, 2009


Fuck Mickey Rourke. Shitty actor with shitty looks.

Kingbender on Feb 18, 2009


AL Marvel offered Rourke a reported $250,000. Yes, its about money! Marvel is saying yes we want you in the film, but we really don't want to pay you much money. They know people will see the film with Rourke or not. Also Downey wasn't in a slump, he was a high insurance risk because of serious past drug abuse problems, Everyone in the business knew he had alot of talent. He was slowly working his way back in the good graces of the industry. Yes they took a shot on him but Downey needed that film. Its made him a star. chuck on Feb 18, 2009


This is the problem with reporting news about a movie that won't be coming out for another 18 months.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 18, 2009


Kingbender if you knew anything about film or acting you would know that Mickey Rourke was one of the finest actors of his generation and then he completely blew it. Now that he is back in the swing of things he is hopefully not going to blow it again. But you are a troll for saying that on an article that clearly is about him and how someone likes him, and I am sure that since you are a troll you are uglier than Mickey Rourke.

Betterchill on Feb 18, 2009


the first post is correct which sadly means we may not even see an iron man 2 untill after the avengers in 2010!!! grrr!!!!

zach on Feb 18, 2009


thank the stars above

tiger2411 on Feb 19, 2009


@ Betterchill (#13)actually I'm not even sure what the term Troll means, so seeing as how you do it seems to me that you are for more likely to be one. I've hated Mickey Rourke in every film he's been in (and as I was raised by 3 uncles who grew up in the 70's and 80's (his earlier films were made in that time period, I've had to sit through most of them) he never struck me as anyone that should be in films, and his comeback is nothing short of boring and uninspiring. What exactly is your expertise in film and acting, Betterchill? Because bitching about what someone says of an actor you like doesn't have much to do with knowing a damn thing about film or acting. and seeing as you like Mickey Rourke, I'd say you have a lot more to learn about what makes a good actor. WILL SAY, however that I LOVED HIM as Marv in Sin City and can't picture anyone else doing it anywhere near as good as he did it..but that's the only role I've ever liked him in..well maybe this and The Rainmaker where he played Stone. P.S. I don't just sit around waiting to post something bad about an actor. I do defend films occasionally as well. Mickey Rourke, to me though, isn't worth defending.

Kingbender on Feb 19, 2009


Wrestler is gonna be his only big one. He's not back.

Nattyb on Feb 19, 2009


Don't forget to see him win a Spirit Award this Saturday on IFC Channel, and AMC. They serve free booze as well,,,

790 on Feb 19, 2009


Kingbender I went to Community College for film school and aced all of my classes (I know "haha" your stupid you go to community college and it doesn't mean anything"), but I submitted my portfolio of work to N.Y.U. and have just been accepted for the fall semester! So I would like to think that I know a little more than you about film. As for Mickey Rourke he was the finest up and coming actor from his generation and he did blow it. Robert DeNiro starred in "Angel Heart" with Mickey just so he could act with him ... and if you are saying that Robert DeNiro isnt a good actor I don't know what to tell you. I've also worked at an Independent movie theater for 5 years so I am pretty sure that I have seen more films than you. I am not trying to be an asshole but your comment was completely unnecessary! Although I do not spend my time picking fights on the internet either, your claim was completely unfounded and really inappropriate. P.S. This is an internet forum so disagreeing on it is completely fine. That is its purpose.

Betterchill on Feb 19, 2009


well said. I back off. Congrats on the portfolio acceptance. at least you had the ability to go to some sort of film school. I live in bumblefuck oregon with no film schools at's either be a logger or a crack head. And seeing as how I'm neither, I'm perpetually stuck. Hoping to make the film festival circuit soon in Ashland. peace. P.S. I don't come on here to pick fights, was just stating a fact of mine.

Kingbender on Feb 20, 2009

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