Sony Slates Another Resident Evil: Afterlife Sequel for 2010

July 2, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Resident Evil

Wait, what? Didn't this franchise come to an end with Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007? Or have we just entered the era where trilogies are no longer the "in" thing? ShockTillYouDrop is reporting that a new live-action Resident Evil sequel called Resident Evil: Afterlife is in development for a September 2010 release. They've actually gotten confirmation from Sony that it is indeed happening. And that Paul W.S. Anderson is at least writing the script and that Capcom is on-board. As for other details, well, no one knows, but at least it's confirmed that the CG Resident Evil: Degeneration wasn't the real sequel to Extinction.

A year ago, in June of 2008, Anderson had said that, "there's a possibility it might happen," though no one thought it ever would. "If we could find a good Resident Evil 4 to make, then we would do it. But I wouldn't just do it for the sake of it, that's for sure." Our writer Kevin pitches some interesting ideas for where it could go in that piece, although it's likely they're to take it somewhere that no one expected, just because they can. I think we have enough zombie movies in the works as is, though I will argue that the Resident Evil franchise stands on its own. With that said, is anyone looking forward to Resident Evil: Afterlife?

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Degeneration was a cannon sequel to the videogames. It was far and away from the live action movies. Personally, I was disturbed at how extinction played out. The clone thing has been overdone in hollywood lately and the last thing we need is 100 Millas running around killing zombies.

PatAbs on Jul 2, 2009


Oh NO not another RE live action. Don't hollywood know by now making a live action from a manga or game adaptions can never happen. Although like Alex said, Capcom is on-board, they need a director who knows or is a fan of RE franchise. Also wasnt this going to get a reboot?

Fearl3ss on Jul 2, 2009


Great news. Mila Jovovich is great in this movies. And Zombies are somehow cool... 🙂

MILLUS on Jul 2, 2009


I think it is nice to have the sequel cuz they showed another part where the umbrella Corp ended up in japan so yea and I love milla doing these movies I mean it's not like really bad ,it's good enough but not over the top .any ways I guess people don't like it that much but I like it so don't really care what others say so yea bring it on.

Alan on Jul 2, 2009


Degeneration was so fucking awesome, they nailed what a RE movie should be. the live actions are just god awful in my opinion. Max Payne was more like the game then these movies.

DoomCanoe on Jul 2, 2009


I've had bad experiences with all of these live action video games movies. I was disappointed with the RE ones. I remember sitting there with my sister and screaming a lot when she played the game. >.< I wanted the same reaction with the movie, but lol. I've been known to give more chances though.

Sabes on Jul 2, 2009



Xerxex on Jul 2, 2009


It's ok as long as they bring back hottie Sienna Guillory and her 'Jill Valentine' character!

Spider on Jul 2, 2009


Degeneration was awesome! Better than that Batman crap that came out. I'd love to see a fourth one, I'm addicted to these movies because I loved the game series so much but they allowed the movies to stand alone very well. It's fun zombie killing. Now we need more!!! MORE ZOMBIES!!! Not too many Millas. I love her to death, but I only want more than one in my dreams, not acting on the screen. I'll get too distracted.

w00t!!! on Jul 2, 2009


their certain movies that should have died after the first one...Saw Die hard and now resident evil!!!

tankmaster on Jul 2, 2009


HOW did you not know there would be a 4TH????? it gave a hugeeee clue at the end of 3...... 3 was good so was degeneration bring it!

zach on Jul 2, 2009


the ending of #3 made it obvious they wanted another one, but 3 wasnt very good with her superpowers, remote control milla and the cloning bs a fourth would make money but i doubt it could get any better and warrant a fifth

harrison on Jul 2, 2009


I, personally, thought RE3 was the best. I liked how it was all horror outside (not really horror, but . . .). But RE1 was BY FAR the most intense. Bring on RE4!! <3 Besides--Milla is so hot

eatingpplFOO on Jul 2, 2009


Milla kicking ass and looking good ??? Bring it on ! P.S. The japanese release of RE3 was heavily censored. Realized that after buying US Blu Ray.

Shige on Jul 2, 2009


WOW so retarted. wtf capcom, why the hell do you let these movies go to hell? The entire story from the first movie till the last is fucking retarted and the closest thing to the game was the 2nd and jill was barely in it and they used that horrible slow motion shots and the film stock they have in bad lifetime films. i remember reading the original script by george romero when i was like 11 and it was the sickest thing ever cause it was just like the first game and then for my 13th birthday i went to see resident evil and was like WTF? what is this. i hate this whole series honestly, but maybe its cause im a fan of the game. i guess to the casual movie goer its just another action film but to me its garbage. Im being an annoying fan boy but this is how i feel about the whole series and i wish they got a new director and writer or just used the original script that was written for the first film and a new director. : (

erik on Jul 2, 2009


OR they just made all there films like Degeneration. Atleast that was based on the game and i wouldnt mind seeing a series of movies if they were CG.

erik on Jul 2, 2009


good. the 1st was really fun, the 2nd kinda sucked but passable, 3rd was awsome and i dont like zombie that says a lot (just feel very "meh" about the genre). Hopefully they do something good. They always had fun action and a twist ending.

Buggy166 on Jul 2, 2009


I remember reading they were gonna do 4 movies anyway so it is no surprise to me. Why not do another anyway they they r all good movies and r getting more violent as they make them. After all they r zombie movies they av 2 av a bit gore dont u think.

Donza. on Jul 2, 2009


Yikes! I was sooo afraid something like this might happen. A has been said before, Degeneration was no sequel to the live-action movies and is imo in no way connected to them at all as it represents the games which is - again imo - the only real RE out there. I mean, the character of Alice (Milla does a real good job, too) is alright, but it doesn't fit the RE universe at all. I mean, there we have normal people (Special Forces maybe, but still human without any super-powers) fighting against bioweapons. That is exciting. It makes for supsense. But a super-human against bioweapons? Nice to look at, but not RE, sorry. Anyway, I didn't watch the third and I'm definitely not going to watch the fourth. They should just stop, but if wishes were horses...

Jill on Jul 3, 2009


They raped the Resident Evil franchise with every single one of these films, they could have just as easily called it "A Zombie Movie" and changed the character names, and no one would have even thought it was related to RE. You can like these movies if you're a kid who thinks they're into games, but if you at all like or care for the RE series, you know these movies are stupid garabge that give the game a bad image. So no - no one i know is looking forward to this film.

Jimbone on Jul 3, 2009


sorry jimboob lol resident evil films and games are absolutely awesome and i fink you are watching a different film series to all the resident evil fans out their. much love

Diana Emerson12 on Feb 1, 2011



erik on Jul 3, 2009


Will someone please boot off that no-talented hack known as Paul W.S. Anderson and hire somebody who can write a story?

Original Zombie on Jul 3, 2009


Sorry, but that last film nearly killed me...

Daniel Craig on Jul 3, 2009


i wouldnt mind seeing a new r.e. movie but i think they should change it up a bit. maybe with leon or chris redfeild as the main role. and they dont even have to be zombies anymore cuz theyre not in the newer games and it works.

jay okane on Jul 3, 2009


hey i really am a fan of all da REgames nd da movies r cool bt make it more lik da games. i also heard dat da guy frm supernatural (jensen ackles)is goin 2 play leon in Resident Evil afterlife so reALLY EXCITED. bt please make it jus lik da 1st game where dey at da manson it wud b freakin awsome nd den a tyrant wud b cool nd u c wesker die in during da credits u c dey take weskers dead body nd make him who he is n resident evil nd code veronica.

kye on Jul 3, 2009


I can't wait for the new movie, but hopefully they do change the main characters point of view to a different character(s). Making things more Interesting rather than it being through Alice's point of view, which i caught word that they may do so, with different characters, but returning characters from RE:Extinction.

John Enriquez on Jul 4, 2009


I really hope they can pull this off. There was nothing good about the other live-action RE movies. Yes, Degeneration was a good animated film and by far the best thing they have done. As much as I love staring at Milla, she is a useless character as are the rest. P.S, Paul Anderson should just give up with these. Bring on a talented director. 😀

Silence on Jul 5, 2009


I have never meet a person who loves the Capcom RE games who happens to love Paul WS Anderson's RE crap, i mean 3 RE craps.

SowYau on Jul 5, 2009


Please no more superhuman nude Milla(s). They should just reboot it. While Degeneration may have not been the best of a movie.. it was closer to the video game then these live action movies could ever get.

ocnj179 on Jul 5, 2009


to #25 please learn to type and jensen ackles is HORRIBLE.this movie is gonna blow. reboot the whole series with a new director,writer and stick to the original concept and people will actually be somewhat happy and the series would be respected by fans, the people who matter.

erik on Jul 5, 2009


the first one, bueno. everyone after that. suck fest.

mrmr on Jul 5, 2009


You know I tried. I really did try to like these movies. But the RE movies just have been one disappointment after another. Milla is pretty, but really? Especially after Extinction...I'm sitting there thinking...okkkaayy. Totally overdone with the clones and all that nonsense. Can we please just have the original concept from the games, because I'm thinking that's why people loved RE in the first place right??? lol (well for me that was the case) And Jensen Ackles would be terrific for leon. If anyone has seen his role as Dean Winchester on's pretty much the same smartass Leon S. Kennedy. So yes he would definitely be a wonderful pick. But who far...i just wouldn't be surprised if this was another letdown =(...sorry.

Shiba on Jul 6, 2009


Ok the live action films sucked, no where near the storyline of the games.....and Duh about Degeneration isn't a sequel to the live films cause it was actually made by Capcom and actually followed true to the games..... and to Shiba if you actually watched the films there is actually reference in the second film saying that Leon is dead....I would have rather watched George Romero's version of RE it seemed alot closer to the games then this bullshit

Sid-itego on Jul 6, 2009


this is gonna be freakin awsome

armando on Aug 10, 2009


why is everyone so surprised there making a new one did anyone see the last one, how did it end? everyone was happy. they discovered the cure good triumphed over evil right . i say why wouldnt the make another after they invested so much in the others.

sam on Aug 15, 2009


RRRR UUUUU READY...I'm really looking 4ward to the new Resident evil movie & have been for sometime it's gonna KICK AAAAASSSSS:-)

Jordan on Aug 15, 2009


man fuck you haters if they made the live action movies like the games we would know everything that was going to happen if i wanted that id play the game again . i think they have done a great job with the movies its called creative license you pricks.

Rmfw on Oct 20, 2009


I just found out that they are thinking of making another RE, and even though I hated the live action movies, I still can't wait to see it. First things first, they need to bring back Jill and the actress who played her, she did a very good job in capturing Jills character! Next they desperately need to make it like the actual game, they tried Hollywoods version and we know how that turned out....BS!! Finally they need to get a different director and/or people who have actually played the game. Please please bring back the old RE characters and forget this Alice Bio weapon garbage because its ruined the first 3.

KG on Feb 24, 2010


Look,everybody has their own opinion,and I love the 1st ones with Alice in it,Milla is awsome,I mean she is ok looking but thats not why I like her,she just is AWSOME playing the part! I hated Degeneration,but if you are a teen and like playing the game and want a movie to look like the game,then I'd say you dont like the 1st ones,and thats fine,thats the way you feel,but as for me,Bring on another 1 with Alice in it!!! She can kick some zombie butt,and I love it,I also liked her powers,I thought it was really cool.

Ken on Mar 7, 2010

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