Sony Wants Gary Ross to Write and Direct the Venom Movie

October 7, 2009


And who exactly is Gary Ross? Ross is a writer, producer, and director, who last directed Seabiscuit and Pleasantville before that. Those aren't exactly two movies that make me think he's overly qualified to bring one of the great supervillains to life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have some tricks up his sleeves. THR's Heat Vision reports that Ross has been hired to write the Venom spin-off for Sony "as a potential directing vehicle." You might also remember that Ross was hired back in July to write the Spider-Man 4 script. They must really like his take on that and want the Venom movie to feel the same way so they hired him again.

Oddly, THR doesn't mention that Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote at least two drafts of Venom as well (they've talked about it a lot before). I'm guessing that Ross is working off of their script in order to tweak it for the studio and potentially get it ready for him to direct. The studio also wouldn't confirm whether or not Topher Grace would be returning, whether Spider-Man would even be in the movie, or anything else besides Ross' involvement. But at least it's moving forward! Even though we don't know anything else yet, I'm just excited to know that this is getting closer to actually happening.

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I hope they get some other actor to play Eddie/Venom. Some buff badass or something.

Erwin on Oct 7, 2009


I hope topher grace is in it

daniel on Oct 7, 2009


get topher grace to f*ck offfff venom.i dont want to see his friggin face again as venom. i agree with #1 we need a new actor.the venom in sm3 was a disgrace to the spiderman universe and the name.

Spider94 on Oct 7, 2009


@1 and 3, you guys said it all

CLZ on Oct 7, 2009


Topher Grace definitely needs to go. This is good news though.

Dan W on Oct 7, 2009


regardless of Sony Wants Gary Ross to Write and Direct the Venom Movie, I hope Gary Ross will accept this offer and definitely it will be a box office hit.

ZoeChastain on Oct 7, 2009


I'd be happy with Topher...Just Change the Venom suit...

zeldaprimed on Oct 7, 2009


topher is probably the gayest version of venom possible. venom is supposed to be big and menacing, not a clean cut little bitch boy.

Epic on Oct 7, 2009


When are people going to learn that spin-offs don't work? I literally can't think of a single successful spin-off from a successful franchise. Oh except Caravan Of Courage: The Ewok Adventure. That was frickin' awesome. Neechawawa!

The Incredible Suit on Oct 8, 2009


the incredible all know you enjoyed "joey" after friends ended..(sarcasm to the max)

AC on Oct 8, 2009


Anybody else than Topher is fine with me a guy more badass, i hope Spiderman makes a cameo appearance in this one would be cool.

Fisherr on Oct 8, 2009


sam raimi was quoted as saying he absolutely hates venom thats why we got pretty much no screen time and venom was created after his generation of spidey villians. i like raimi but its what the fans want not what he wants. i thought the sandman kinda sucked. ijust wasn't interested in his character but at least harry was good.they should make this movie and have the story so venom can possibly be tied back into spidey 5 or 6.

subcelsious5g on Oct 8, 2009


venom movie would be fucking great if done properly this time,the only good bit of venom in the fucking terrible spider-man 3 was the transformation in the church.who would play him ?who would be the villain ?very differcult all i can think of is ........DEADPOOL VS VENOM.

zetsu on Oct 8, 2009


I actually think Topher Grace was perfect as Eddie Brock. The version of him in SM3 is an amalgamation of the normal 616 universe and the Ultimate universe. The problems lie with Raimi not liking the character to begin with and his treatment in the story. Venom in SM3 could have been an interesting foil for Spider-Man; being him if he used his powers for evil instead but they made him a henchman instead of a menace

Otacon on Oct 8, 2009


This movie will fail. Venom started sucking hard in the comics when they made him more of an anti-hero than a villain. What made his character interesting was his interaction with Spider-Man as a villain.

SlashBeast on Oct 8, 2009


why are ppl still obessing over spiderman movies we all seen the first three and u guys still want more the only good thing from those movies were the first 40 minutes of part one. sam ramsi and sony ruined spiderman for profit . ill stick to the comics and leave them kid movies to the kids

sam on Oct 14, 2009

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