Sound Off: Alex Proyas' Knowing - What Did You Think?

March 21, 2009


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Director Alex Proyas is best known and loved for two films from his past - The Crow and Dark City. When he directed I, Robot in 2004, many people thought he finally hit the bottom of the barrel, but now he's back, five years later, with another edgy new dark thriller. So is this Proyas' triumphant return? Did Nic Cage make a comeback, too? Was this as formulaic and as boring as most people seemed it would be? Or was Knowing as edgy and thrilling as Proyas' two prior cult classics? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Knowing!

To fuel the fire, I actually loved Knowing, quite a damn bit. I would actually say it was more of a one-time experience that I'm sad I won't be able to go through again. Not only were there some very intense scenes (plane crash, subway crash, car crash) but it was also very creepy and very thrilling. I haven't felt that worried and that unsure of what was happening to the characters in a long while. And I absolutely loved the ending. I'd say Proyas is definitely back. In fact, he was never gone, as I even enjoyed I, Robot. But as for Knowing, despite Nic Cage's marginal acting, it really was one hell of a unique cinematic experience.

So what did you think of Knowing? Is this Proyas' comeback or another boring thriller?

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I just can't get myself to see a Nic Cage movie, just can't

Scott McHenry on Mar 21, 2009


why don't they just name his characters nic cage in every movie lol

nelson on Mar 21, 2009


I really disliked it. Nic Cage was as terrible as he was in "The Wicker Man" and "Bangkok Dangerous." The writing made me unintentionally laugh harder than 60% of the comedies that come out. Terrible movie. If the trailer sparked your interest, wait until it's in the $5 bin, watch it, and then light it on fire.

Von Doh on Mar 21, 2009


I'm with you Alex. This flick was pretty good. The writing was great, the effects and subject matter were, indeed, edgy and thought provoking. I also found myself deep into the story wondering what was going to happen next. Yes, I believe that Proyas infused this flick with his unique touch of adding dimensions to the characters and a significant degree of dreariness which culminated into suspense time and time again. Cage did a good job! I was really impressed by both Proyas and Cage!

Spider on Mar 21, 2009


I really liked it. Nic Cage was as terrific as he was in "The Wicker Man" and "Bangkok Dangerous." The writing made me intentionally laugh harder than 60% of the comedies that come out. Terrific movie. If the trailer sparked your interest, don't wait until it's in the $5 bin, watch it, and then purchase every film he's ever made, 45 times...

Vincent Van Gogh on Mar 21, 2009


I enjoyed it. It was a good afternoon movie. I think it makes up for all of those other bad movies he has made.

dave on Mar 21, 2009


the only good movie with nic cage is moonstruck and thats because he plays himself, a goofy kinda slow dude trying to be serious

RPH on Mar 21, 2009


The movie is fantastic, intense, intricate and convincing. Probably the best "last days" plot-line based movie I have ever seen, especially when you consider the director only has 90 to 120 minutes to tell the story. The movie was suspenseful, thoughtful, and heart felt with excellent biblical elements such as the Ezekiel chapter 1 (wheel within a wheel) imagery. Nicholas Cage did a fantastic job as the father struggling to maintain a strong relationship with his son, while struggling with the alcohol he uses to numb his deep emotional pain. It's as if he has lost any sense of purpose in a fallen and chaotic world. I think the theater was filled with people who could relate, there was actually a significant amount of applause at the end of the movie. I think it was because they appreciated the movie's handling of the issue of whether life goes on when this life is through. Before seeing the movie I had read a review of the movie that criticized the (computer generated imagery) as being ridiculous. Having seen the movie I believe the reviewer to be a buffoon. After seeing the movie with my wife and two friends, I called my brother and asked him to meet me at the theater so I could see it again with him. He was amazed and now he's gonna take his wife and teenagers to see it as well. Fantastic CGI work. Truly imaginative and thought provoking. The theater I was in was filled with folks who think it's a winner !

Zappy Mike on Mar 21, 2009


i beg to differ RPH....I really enjoyed Matchstick Men... I haven't seen Knowing yet but I may go see it tonight so I hope its as good as you say, Alex.

jfc3po on Mar 21, 2009


Movie was not bad at all... probably his 3rd best movie behind the rock and face/off....its a good one to take a girl with u, she'll grab on to you a bit, trust me 🙂

ray on Mar 21, 2009


#7, you say the only good film with Nic Cage was Moonstruck. I mean have you ever even seen Raising Arizona/Leaving Las Vegas/The Rock/Face Off & Lord Of War. Those movies are F**king awesome. Have not seen this film yet and will make my own mind up when I do. Ok sure Nic has made some bad films of late, but put him in a film with a great director like Alex Proyas and maybe the film will be better for it.

Jamie on Mar 21, 2009


The movie isn't out here yet.

Fisherr on Mar 21, 2009


I'm in the "I really liked it crowd". I expected horribly bad so maybe I only enjoyed it as much as I did because of that. Aside from a few little things that bugged me and the contractually obligated over acting and yelling too much scene by Nic Cage it's probably the best blockbusters he'd done and one of the better sci fi movies this decade(although it is way behind Children of Men as the best).

Pudie on Mar 21, 2009


You mofos don't know about my Con-Air. Also, his best performance was Adaptation. Knowing just wanted to cash in on the shitty end of days genre in sci/fi and introduced some religious crap to lure in more audience.

9001 on Mar 21, 2009


I thought it was a good afternoon kind of movie. Something you see because there's not much else to do and its enjoyable. It's not a cinematic masterpiece but if you don't have a bug up your ass you might find that it's at least entertaining.

Chris H. on Mar 21, 2009


Loved the movie, Nic Cage had no impact on that though. Could have got anyone else really. A better person I'm unsure as the plot carried itself and he was a supporting actor to the whole movie. I'm not sure if that part could have been much better other than...idk. He did a solid Nic Cage performance and if anything it suited him.

Hey Ya on Mar 21, 2009


I liked it. I found it interesting and thought-provoking and felt Nic Cage did a good job. I had a couple of problems with the ending but otherwise it was definately entertaining and worth every penny.

Bixby on Mar 21, 2009


I thought is was better then Watchmen..

JO on Mar 21, 2009


My husband and I really enjoyed it, especially the veiled biblical references and spiritual undertones. It was cleverly and masterfully done. Was this based upon a novel?

Sy on Mar 21, 2009


Fun stuff. Still think Cage can do better, though.

Shane on Mar 22, 2009


To say you thought this movie was good is like saying Poison wrote great music. You have to be kidding me. This was by far, one of the worst pos i've ever seen. Our showing at the arclight in Hollywood had a decent amount of people and when it was done....eerie silence. Not the good kind. The story had potential. (spoiler) When it drifted into the 'end of the world' part it went all downhill from there. Acting was just laughable, fx were amateur at best and the ending was just...blah...just like the indy 4 ending. Just makes you wish for your 2 hours back.. Really I liked Cage. Face Off, Rock, Weathermen, Vegas...oh and Lord of War! All good stuff...he needs to stop with the scifi crap and fire his Agent. 3/10 at best

sd on Mar 22, 2009


People need to drop the whole "Nic Cage is horrible thing" please people stop following the crowd already. This guy has done crap movies no doubt, but there are way more worse actors then him out there.

r1000 on Mar 22, 2009


I think i agree with #21, I hated the movie. It just didn't work for me. The fact that there were those aliens involved really had me wanting to walk out the theater. I never really understood why everyone dislikes Cage, but after seeing Knowing i can see why. He didnt do a horrible job, but he wasn't great. He's the same in most movies and he's always trying to find shit.

big r on Mar 22, 2009


I agree with #22, somewhat. People need to stop spitting con words bout Nic ( I call him Nic cause we tight like that.). Does anyone else here have an Oscar? NO? Making millions? No? Every diamond has flaws like every rose has thorns. I am not one of those complete nut fan over Nicolas Cage. But seriously. You are all better than that. I haven't seen it yet but darn it, I will. Soon.

Daniel on Mar 22, 2009


I really enjoyed the movie. It was intense, exciting, and--best of all--thought provoking. I have noticed that the majority of the people who say they didn't like it didn't understand the ending (like the moron reviewer on MSNBCs website). He says " realize that everything that happened still would have happened had no one been involved." Therein lies his ignorance. There's a key line in the movie... "Those who hear the call." The whole purpose of the the 'numbers' and predictions was to get their attention and make them hear the call. Otherwise they would have missed the 'boat.' This is a movie with a very deep message and if you miss the message you miss the point and don't like the movie. I really enjoyed the ending. Now that I know what I'm looking for, I'll go see the movie again. Hopefully I'll be able to get even more out of it the second time. Kudos on the CGI, story line, and acting (for the most part). This is easily one of the better movies I've seen. I'll certainly be adding it to my BluRay collection!!! Now, bring on Star Trek!!!

lray801 on Mar 22, 2009


...and with the point that the moron MSNBC reviewer makes...that's the whole point. When the time comes, there will be nothing that we can do but prepare. And that's whole point and what Nic's character does. He realizes when he discovers it's the sun that there's nothing he can really do. He fights that realization for a time, but ultimately comes to grips with it and prepares himself for the end. When the end of times comes, there will be nothing that can be done to stop it. We all know it's coming and no matter what we do, we won't be able to stop it. All we can do is be prepared and accept it. Like my dad just said about the movie's message "...a feller should be okay with himself at any time." Ok. Now I'm done.

lray801 on Mar 22, 2009


Can no one see that the "hidden" message was not about religion, but on how everyone is ready to take something that may have not happened and make it a religious experiance! Can we for once maybe take into consideration that there is no heaven, no hell and no god! Everything we know may come from a being that put us here. We as a race are always trying to find meaning in life. Maybe for once, there is no meaning. What makes us so special that there can be no life anywhere else. I think the movie had some symbols from the bible because we as humans misunderstood them in the first place. Just look at it not threw the eyes of someone who belives, but threw someone who questions! Maybe then we will understand!

jvj590....the AGNOSTIC!! on Mar 22, 2009


This movie was damn good! I truly enjoyed it better than the inferior end-of-the -world, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I have always had faith in Alex Proyas to deliver the goods. So what if there are some peeps who didn't like it!!! Big deal! There were a few peeps scratching their heads at the end--like huh? But, the message was clear and events leading up to it were intense and gripping. This experience reminded me of when I saw, "The Mothman Prophecies" back in 2002, when peeps were asking on the way out of the theater, "What was up with the red lights throughout the film???" Anyway, I got it and most of the packed theater did too. Too bad some of the moronic critics, like the MSNBC, missed the point. Maybe they should consider a career change.

Blue Silver on Mar 22, 2009


^Actually your off int he sense that they did not make us, just possibly kept saving us. That's not mention the angelic wings. You're just interpreting as you see fit, but with no evidence to support it. Awesomely enough you contradict yourself by saying, "we may come from a being that put us here." Duh. What you should have said was that it was all an accident and life formed by coincidence like Cage said at the beginning of the movie.

Hey Ya on Mar 22, 2009


Loved it. And almost didn't see it because of the mostly bad reviews. But so glad I did. It was a very intense film going experience. The acting, script, direction and special effects were all top notch. And this will look so good on Blu-Ray. My rating is 8.5/10 Re: Nicolas Cage. I like him. The guy has turned in some truly great performances. "Raizing Arizona", "Leaving Las Vegas", "Matchstick Men" and "The Weather Man" all come to mind. I just hate it when he does CRAP like those "National Treasure" films. And "Ghost Rider".

Film Fan on Mar 22, 2009


Though I haven't seen it I just wanted to Recommend the movie "Next" if anyone likes Nic Cage. It's not a perfect movie, and he's not a perfect actor. But being a movie buff, it's one of the most original if not the most original action movie I've seen. I thought Bangkok needed a stronger ending or a better done one. I'll probably rent it but after Next I can't see myself ever hating him.

chris vu on Mar 22, 2009


Strange, when I watched the movie, I immediately thought of this: Wait and see...

Kal-El on Mar 22, 2009


Some people, when it comes to Jesus Christ and Christian undertones in blockbuster movies, can never ever bring themselves to the level of objectivity required for any analytical and prescient human being. There are too many God/Jesus haters out there and I simply cannot fathom why. It is so obvious that "Knowing" is a brilliant film (only a dunce would argue against this) but you know, some "anti-God in movies" advocate will choose to hate the movie because of its religious undertones and ending. I am a physicist and I just loved this film. The ending to me was the clincher. I agree with you Alex, the ending made the movie. At least it didn't degenerate into some humanistic schlock. I also know that any physicist worth his salt in these days of superstring theory can tell from the charge-to-mass ratio of subatomic particles that there has to be a God out there, whether we like it or not. So to all you God/Higher Being haters out there, wake up and smell the coffee. As for Nic Cage, I personally think he was brilliant. Me and my engineer and physicist buddies really loved "Knowing" and if you don't love it, I seriously doubt your taste in movies. I watched this flick because of Alex and now I really respect him. Haters, be gone!

Kurt on Mar 22, 2009


#32, History channel did a special on the different ways the world could end. The one way I found the most fascinating was the possiblity of a powerful solar flare. I had never heard of the possibility until I saw that special and have been encouraged to do more research. Fascinating stuff.

Chris H. on Mar 22, 2009


#21. Poison did write good music. Every Rose Has It's Thorn is a classic. But it might not be to your tasting. I'm sure Kris Kross's Jump Jump or maybe Hanson's music would be a better suit for you.

Jamie on Mar 23, 2009


I also loved the movie. The ending was brilliant. I'm not really religious or anything. But what I loved was the idea that these aliens or higher beings might have once been interpreted to be angels 2000 years ago. And that there appearance and technology would easily suggest deity-like beings. The idea that ancient sightings of angels, God, etc. might actually have been people witnessing alien beings and thus their interpretation was that of divine intervention is fascinating. I think the movie works for both religious people and those who seek evidence through science and who might believe we are not alone. Brilliant movie.

Kenna on Mar 23, 2009


I got free tix, only reason why I went. What a terrible film. Typical , predictable, The ending was the worst part. Proyas knows how to make an action film. however with bad writing and a worse actor it fails. 45 minutes in you could see it coming. Cage was at his worst as usual. He is the same in every film. His Uncle is responsible for him being in this industry and it shows. Just terrible. Should be in the the "10 Worst Films of 2009" at the end of the year. You heard it here first. $24.8 Million at the BO, thank God I did not pay for it.

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Mar 23, 2009


Hey # 22 !!! Ok smart guy. Name one, just one actor worse than Cage. Stiller and Rogan are already listed. Name one! Dare you!

feohatestheworld on Mar 23, 2009


Kenna you're right on the money. I research this kind of shit.

chris vu on Mar 23, 2009


While it was by no means a great film, it certainly is not the worst of the year. I found Proyas to make the best of the low-budget CGI and make a harrowing subway sequence. Nicolas Cage did not bring down the movie, but the script. The script was quite dumb (who will run into a plane wreckage just after it crashes???) which I think had to do with the multiple writers. There seemed to be no consistency if the film was a sci-fi, horror, action, or drama. The ending was odd, but what else could there have really been? Though if that is the only plausible solutiion to a film, you know it has problems. Rose Byrne who is great on the TV show DAMAGES also helps prove my point at the script problems how she over the top yells every. single. line. It is a decent rental for those who are already enticed, but I would not urge anyone to see it.

Ryan on Mar 23, 2009


@ kenna, coming short of brilliant this was a decent movie. It's only faults are in the human interactions & its dialogues, but the plot and ideas were solid and very interesting. Cage was reigned in by Proyas and made to try to act, but he shouldn't have been cast. @Ryan, Although to some degree you're on the money, don't you think you might be a bit too harsh? Plus some of the scenes need a theater experience to be taken in properly.

Johnny Neat on Mar 23, 2009


Someone trying to prevent a disaster/ save lives would run into the crash site. The EMT's were there right behind him, remember? Cage was at his manic, freaked out best! The big scenes were awesome! The theater experience DOES enhance them! The dialogue was just fine for what was happening. Peeps should just see this film and then make judgments.

Blue Silver on Mar 23, 2009


This movie was a big pile of steaming poo! Worst movie ever! it wasn't Nic Cage, you should know what to expect by now, the writing was terrible. There were so many stupid things that didn't make sense. Lame! Plus the beat-you-over-the-head religious references were just dumb as hell!

Rudy on Mar 23, 2009


From Kurt #33 "As for Nic Cage, I personally think he was brilliant." My God Man, please pass over what ever you are smoking. UGH!

D-9 on Mar 24, 2009


"It is so obvious that "Knowing" is a brilliant film (only a dunce would argue against this)" #22's quote! This was a Blockbuster? I GUESS I AM! Jesus Christ, I agree with the other dunces. 43,23,3 and 37. You are in a word Kurt. An IDIOT! I guess common sense and the ability to see talent has nothing to do with science.

DUNCE on Mar 24, 2009


Of course I avoid anything with Cage in it, and this tripe is as usual his style. But since The Crow, Proyas has been a favorite ( even I, robot) Sorry....but will not waste my jake on Cage. But can I weigh in on this Kurt 33 thing? "You...are a poor scientist Dr. Veckman"

Tim "Cloverfield" on Mar 24, 2009


Sorry I meant #33. But 22 is an IDIOT as well!

DUNCE on Mar 24, 2009


Yea 33 is a physicist, and I am the Bloody Queen of England. Ye Christ!

scrooge on Mar 24, 2009


That is what I thought 22 ! You have NOTHING!

feohatestheworld on Mar 24, 2009


Yari, yari, yari, there goes the hate brigade. D-9, Dunce, Tim Cloverfool, and Scrooge, you are all, to put it mildly, MORONS. You have nothing better to contribute than cry like little sissies about Kurt 33 as you call me. Sometimes, it's better to hold one's peace than duel with imbeciles that have half my brain capacity. My prediction is you are probably going to start hurling EXPLETIVES at me after this because you're all obviously uncultured. Keep it coming, CRYBABIES.

Kurt on Mar 24, 2009


Proyas hits bottom again! I cant believe this crap....and the ending?!!!? Gon't even get me started on that!. Proyas needs better scripts and producers or something. Cage was actually good in this compared to Bangkok and Wicker. Proyas disappoints again...:(

Vagrant Pistol on Mar 25, 2009


10 minutes in and the story intrigues me, 30 minutes and im really getting into it, an hour passes and i have already decided that i love this film, 10 minutes of the film remain and in the blink of an eye im choking on my own rage at the diabolical excuse for an ending and am seriously wanting my money back. why bother having such a good idea for a film only to bottle the ending just because they couldnt think of something clever? i dont go to the movies to be pi***d off when i come out and thats exactly what this film did. oh and #33 shut up you preachy little girl.

Barry on Mar 26, 2009


Oh Barry Barry little hurt Barry, grow up please you kid! LOL!

Kurt on Mar 26, 2009


"Funny! Funny!"

the funny man on Mar 26, 2009


I am going to write spoilers so don't read if you don't want to. The ending of this film makes no sense at all. They through the biblical references into the film too late in the game for it to really work at all. And those guys are creepy as fuck, aren't they supposed to represent angels? Or are they just creepy ass aliens. So these aliens/angels are the ones who make the one kid hear voices and write down all the numbers, because aliens can see into the future, apparently. And then the aliens/angels know that teh solar flare is going to destroy the earth so they pick a select few children to go to a different planet? that doesn't make any sense AT ALL. why would they choose such a small population? The aliens/angels obviously want the human race to continue to propagate or they would have let them all die, so why not give them a better chance of survival by saving more of them. They obviously have the technology. Or why didn't they just protect the earth from the solar flare? Or is there some grander message about how the aliens/angels decided the rest of the characters don't "deserve" to live because humans pollute or are immoral or something? because that whole string of logic is just completely shit. It basically comes down to this. The movie starts brilliantly and follows the story of one man finding the numbers and learning what they mean and then deciding that he needs to try to stop them from happening. The ending of the film where all the children are brought to some other planet makes the rest of the film completely meaningless, everybody dies.

NamelessTed on Mar 27, 2009


I agree with those that liked the movie, but mostly with #33 AND #36 AND #55. While it is true that the movie poses a somewhat unsettling feeling for those of the agnostic persuasion, I agree that this blockbuster will bring together all the quasi-religious for a feel-good end of days flick where we all agree there is something after life (although the film leaves us hanging as to what exactly it will be except for maybe the 'new heaven and new earth' - not to mention a new Tree with Adam and Eve with their clothes on)? The 'aliens/angels' #55 refers to may or may not be the 'good' kind of angels. Supposedly, there are also fallen angels that would just love it if the whole world got on their side for the end times main event. Because this is 'just' a movie, I wouldn't take anyone that might make it into Gospel truth for them. It never really did answer the question if the "whisper people" that channeled all these numbers back in 1959 were benevolent or not. Just in case one of the Aryan guys comes up to you kids, you might command them to get away from you by the 'Blood of Jesus Christ' - works every time, I hear.

ecumenical on Mar 28, 2009


To all the people who disliked the movie, its evident that you didn't understand the concept of the movie. At the end of the movie it left a biblical setting in place which had me startled. Was that tree the tree of life? And if it was, the graphics was amazing. The only thing the movie did was contradicted the bible a little bit. Mankind didn't start with 'aliens' or if you might say 'angels' bringing forth humans. Humans were created by God. But over all the movie was spectacular.

Dre on Mar 31, 2009


I've read a number of comments on here about the religious elements of the film. Another pastor went and saw the film and said that it leaves enough ambiguity that the viewer doesn't know if these are aliens or angels. The CGI was phenomenal, though. Here are the messages I, as a pastor, found in the film: -- Three major religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are based upon a lie. Human beings were placed upon this planet by guardian aliens, not created by God. The "visions" of Ezekiel were actually a visitation by extra-terrestrials, not visions of God. As such, anything written by the Jewish "prophets" was actually whispered to them by these aliens, whom we humans misinterpreted to be angels. It therefore follows that anything based upon these writings and beliefs are lies, as well. -- Human beings, as a whole, are unredeemable and deserve to be destroyed. The selection of elementary-age children as those who could "hear the call" implies that innocence is the core value worth saving, an element which is necessarily lost as one grows up. The fact of the matter is that I found the film to be excellent, right up until the appearance of the crystalline spaceship, at which point I realized that what could have been an excellent film had dropped into pure mediocrity, at best, because of the utilization of a "deus ex machina" cliche and the associated futility of every one of the main character's actions throughout the story.

Pastor Larry on Apr 9, 2009


I loved it myself. Then ending may not have been note perfect but Proyas didn't take the typical Hollywood everything's coming up roses. Yes the human race lives on but not for the rest of us at least on earth. I understand that the line was ridden between alien or angels but if you noticed the wings behind them as they ascended I think it leaned toward angels. Were they ships? Maybe but Revelation and other prophetic scripture deal include machinery of a sort and even horses. And if you noticed at least the "cabin" part of the "ship" was a wheel within a wheel (within another wheel?) I took the tree as a tree of life if not THE tree of life. Obviously other "couples" were chosen and saved as well. I wonder if each of them brought at least one animal pair with them as well? Loved the look of the film. Loved the writing & directing. Liked Cage (could've been someone better most likely) I wish M. Night Shyamalan's "The (NON) Happening" had been 1/10th of this movie. Alas it wasn't and whatever he puts out next will be the first MKS that I won;t go see in the theater.

Zmster on Apr 10, 2009


Technically,God and angels are extra-terrestrials in the sense that they are not human.Elijah the prophet was transported away from earth in a chariot of fire(spaceship,anyone?).If you read biblical description of angels,they are actually scary beings.The movie also did not state that it was angels that put man on earth.It only said they had been protecting them.The Book of Revelations talks about the New Jerusalem coming down from the sky,which sounds pretty technologically advanced to me.My personal belief is that if man is so techy,imagine what God is capable of. Atheists and agnostics don't need to have a problem with God/Jesus if they examine the evidence without emotional bias.Science and faith are two sides of the same coin.Science examines the nitty-gritty while faith ponders the purpose of it all.Yes,religion has caused a lot of bad things on earth but does it mean it's core is evil or deluded? Again,it's a movie and just because it has some(not total) Christian undertones doesn't mean you should hate it.It's a story and a good one.

olah on Jul 10, 2009


Too bad they couldn't afford the sunshine team.

AprilCoolsDay on Jul 18, 2009


If you watch it one more time, you'll find many forshadowing of the last disaster. For example, when the creepy guy walks into Caleb's room and points at the round window, you see the sun with solar flares and the alien ship. I liked the bell ringing sound of the space at the beginning.

AprilCoolsDay on Jul 19, 2009


Very interesting at points - but all the time I was begging it was not going to turn into a stupid sci fi ending. For all the interesting and scary parts that could have been developed to end the movie - the ending made me feel like I wasted my time. All three of us who watched were WAY disappointed with the last 30 minutes. yuk.

JK on Aug 8, 2009

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