Sound Off: Crank 2: High Voltage - What Did You Think?

April 17, 2009

Crank: High Voltage Review

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier than Observe and Report, along come Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, back again after 3 years since Crank first hit. In theaters this weekend is one of the rudest, crudest, and craziest movies to grace the silver screen - Crank: High Voltage. But is it all that it's cracked up to be? Or is it just an ugly waste of time and effort? Is this Jason Statham's best role yet? Did it live up to the original or was it even worse than before? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Crank: High Voltage!

To fuel the fire, I thought Crank: High Voltage was blast, I had such a great time, from start to finish. I think only guys as crazy as Neveldine and Taylor could ever think up something like this and actually pull it off. Statham's character of Chev Chelios is easily one of the greatest characters he has ever played. There are some truly crazy scenes in this, including any involving Bai Ling (see above), and the shit that goes down when he ends up in a fight at a power plant. I might actually consider calling this one of those rare sequels that's better than the original. And what better way to end this than with another "Fuck you Chelios!"

So what did you think of Crank: High Voltage? A better sequel or just a worse movie?

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i have but one thing to say about this movie. dont go see it expecting it to be amazing. it was decent at best just like the original.

PJ H on Apr 17, 2009


it was as fun if not more than the original but there are a bunch of WTF moments...also seeing the young Chev flashbacks were awesome...thought it was cool they got Geri Halliwell to play his mum..

Christopher M on Apr 17, 2009


it was fucking awesome. nothing but fun from start to finish. loved it.... especially the last scene where he's on fire (maybe that finger was directed towards critics?) and wouldn't be surprised if it makes enough money to warrant a third sequel (hint during credits).

J.J. on Apr 17, 2009


Not as good as the original. It started very good but the longer it went on it just got silly more than cool. By the end it was pretty dumb. If they make a third I see it being like Transporter 3 where it's just to absurd to even watch.

Moviegimp on Apr 17, 2009


This movie was so kick-ass, in your face that it just blew me away. I LOVE the cinematography these guys use, I love the surreal nature I love everything about it! I thought it couldn't possibly be any better than the first one, but it blew it out of the water. The most fun I've had at a movie in a very long time. 5/5

Lucas on Apr 17, 2009


This was an absolutely awful movie. I loved everything Statham did up to this point but this film will ruin his career. What was the purpose? To show gore? Did a lot of that, not very well. To show lots of T & A. Did a lot of that, not very well. Action? Lots of it, but again lousy. The thing lacked creativity. It was shocking, but the shock was so stupid, the shock ended up looking pitiful. Please, please, please save your money. Do not pay to see this movie.

nwg on Apr 17, 2009


It was good, but only because I knew what I was getting into when I went to see it. If you're looking for a movie to make you think...THIS IS NOT THE MOVIE FOR YOU! Now, if you want over the top violence, raunchy sexual scenes, BOOBS, and gratuitous use of the C-Word, then spend the money and be ready to laugh your ass off!

jmg on Apr 17, 2009


Oh my gaah! FUNNIEST movie EVER. Its gonna end being one of those cult classics. Your watching the movie which is completely UNVBELIEVABLE, but your telling youself "ok, ok, I can see under a certain condition this could be plausible a one to cajillion. Im with yeah im with yeah" you accept it because its just sooo damn funny. But then at the end *****spoiler***** there's a fucking head in a fish tank! Not only that, its breathing air? Having air filtered though it? I don't know! Their I am scientificly anazly the high in accucurious, when the head starts talking. Looooool! I stop thinking realizticly. This is a movie and I really enjoined it. Ps I think at the end it is really us the audiance that is being flipped out. Like a "pwn u."

Safayi on Apr 17, 2009


SPOILER- I thought it was pretty awesome, and a little better then the original. My biggest gripe is that the main villian at the end, who is a good actor, was wasted. They should have shown him through out earlier in the movie. Still a really fun movie. The power plant scene and the scene with Dennis from its Always Sunny were the best parts I think. It had A LOT of WTF moments, but thats

JackGi on Apr 17, 2009


Nothing short of a masterpiece. I loved the first one and thought that the sequel even surpassed it. Myself, I've always been a fan of film-making guts and this proves to push the envelope. There is a place and time for gore, violence, nudity, and sheer 'blow-everything-to-shitness', and this was the perfect balance of everything. I thought that Jason Statham did a superb job. His use of physical acting was at some points absolutely hilarious and others vertigo inducing. He is the epitome of the true action hero, who stops at nothing to attain his goal. Kudos Jason. Keep making action movies. If not for acting integrity or masculinity, for the girls that would rather see a man beat the living daylights out of a bad guy than romance some whiny, lonely Mary-sue for an hour and a half. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ...and returns the greatness of true sexiness. I was glad to see Cory Haim getting work besides straight to Showtime movies. Cory Haim in a mullet = sheer comedy. My only hang-up on him: He mistakenly called Amy's character 'Amy' in the street scene. As for Amy Smart, all I can say is: Thank you for beating the hell out of that guy. It's great to see an actress that also isn't afraid to live on the edge. Sex in public = Thumbs up! All in all, I loved it. As usual, it won't be received greatly by the public and it is a shame that movies like this can't hit the number one spot. Instead we have to settle for manufactured cash-crops like Hannah Montana. Let's hope that one day people will open their eyes and realize that life isn't chocolate mountains and candy rainbows. I can't rave enough. Amazing direction and cinematography, writing, and even research. An hour and a half of thrill rides. Laugh hysterically, raise your brows in shock, spit your soda on the movie-watcher in front of you, hold your chest and cringe, and by all means rub against a little old lady...

Crystal on Apr 17, 2009


This movie was so fucking absurd that it's great. But, I don't know, I've never watched a movie thats too extreme and this one is getting there.

Adam on Apr 17, 2009


it was a great movie. Amy Smart in pink hot pants is always a winner. On a serious note, this is the closest thing to a Takashi Miike movie that i've seen any american directors pull off (as in a decent, but crazy film) and it's a mainstream release no less! It reminded me of Miikes Dead or Alive series of movies. After sitting through Fast and Furious, Race to Witch Mountain and Dragonball (yes, i actually see every new release) Crank 2 was so crazy and entertaining i couldn't believe it, and the cinema was packed which also helped. Films like Crank 2 are why i love movies.

chris on Apr 18, 2009


FUN! I don't think I've enjoyed a movie like this in ages. I loved the "Fuck you Chev Chelios" song!

teh staton on Apr 18, 2009


I loved this one more than the first one. It was definately much more intense and more hillarious than the first one, with great cinematography. It was a fun thrill ride from start to finish!

Ben on Apr 18, 2009


I loved it. just as good as the first

Tim on Apr 18, 2009


worst movie ive ever seen. im just glad i still have Crank 1 to watch.

swisschez on Apr 18, 2009


Loved the Twitter coverage! better than the movie. Can you twitter the Wolverine movie while you watch that too and let us know how it is?

James on Apr 18, 2009


won't see it i thought #1 was unwatchable...i actually walked out of the theater it was so dumb

darthwhitey on Apr 18, 2009


it's crank 2. you know what you're getting, and if you liked the first one you'll watch this one. i'll probably watch it at some point but whatever. also (and more importantly) oh my god please never tweet through a showing of a movie in a public movie theater again. seriously, you should know better than that.

bfg on Apr 18, 2009


"I loved everything Statham did up to this point but this film will ruin his career." wait, did you see a dungeon siege tale? or the first crank? but you think THIS is the movie thats going to ruin his career? wtf, are you for real? movies like this ARE his career.

brian on Apr 18, 2009


In my opinion, this movie shows what's goin on in our society. You can see violence (weapon, sex, blood) everywhere, such as (TV, video games...). Nowadays, violence doesn't hurt anybody because there is no censor. Violence sells. Crank 2 ---> 4/5

alex on Apr 18, 2009


i don't need to see this film to know this is gonna be fucking shit just watch the trailer,also didn't he fall from a fucking helicopter in the first film he should be fucking dead.crank & crank should change their names to crap & crap2.

zetsu on Apr 18, 2009


About 60% of these comments seem to be made by a studio intern getting paid $2 for every positive review they can post. Shameless.

RandyG on Apr 18, 2009


I am continually amazed at how easy it is to sell pure garbage to people these days...I guess I should start collecting manure in buckets and head to Hollywood and make my own pathetic....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Apr 18, 2009


The movie was great, kept my heart beating with adrenaline through-out the entire duration. Its interesting fight scenes and seemingly never-ending barrage of beautiful, not to mention naked, women seemed to aid its simple minded plot. I mean, who doesn't like sex, drugs, gore, homosexual bikers, and FBT. Wait, let me revise that, what GUY doesn't enjoy that subject matter. On the other hand, there was some questionable scenes that made me lose interest. Whoever had seen the film knows what I mean (attack of the 60ft bald english actor). There's only so far a director(s) can go without approaching the "I was stoned" line and directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were far beyond that thin line. If we're basing these reviews on entertainment rather than pure artistic "creativness" (if that's a word) then Crank 2: High Voltage was a clear 9/10, but on artistic views it is 8/10. P.S. Hey, "Randy G." Guess what!?! This might surprise you, are you ready, are you sure? Those "studio interns" that you are so quick to judge are actual people capable of expressing their own opinions without consealed motives. Honestly, they have worked harder than anybody in the entertainment industry, (excluding certain job titles) even you! So, before you shoot you're mouth off, step back behind your ignorant tone and considered other peoples jobs. 🙂

ChaseA on Apr 18, 2009


My only complaint is there was wayyyy to much [spoiler] Disgusting violence, like the girls boobs getting shot or the cutting off of the nipples. What the fuck man? Aside from that, like I said, I fucking loved it.

Adam on Apr 18, 2009


Fucking awesome movie man! Arguably better than the first! It was everything I expected. I'm unsure why people are complaining about it. If you saw the first, you knew what to expect and if you didn't you're fault. It was everything the first had and then some and I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but something that I could thoroughly enjoy and know I would paying the ticket price without question. Can't wait for the third, he opened his eyes!!!

Hey Ya on Apr 18, 2009


Was good up until the Godzilla sequence. Then it got all fucked up and trippy.

Heckle on Apr 18, 2009


Ok jackoffs 1st off if you liked crank then your gunna f'n love crank2....seriously your gunna f'n love it or i'll shoot ya though your boob implants! Yeah thas right I have a plastic heart and still cant be stopped because i'm one bad motherfu...shut your mouth...but really what does this movie have? excessive violence...yup excessive T&A...yup gay bikers...yup crazy asian hooker...yup great Godzilla type fight...yup Hottie Amy Smart...yup Unstoppable Chev Chelios...yup what more can you ask for?

Chev Chelios on Apr 18, 2009


this movie is tantamount to something that would be force fed to Alex from "A Clockwork Orange." it is a prime example of modern day "ultraviolence." you could tell the directors tried way too hard and that is reflected in every joke that lands flat throughout the course of the film. dont get me wrong, i LOVED Crank 1 and i knew what to expect, but the final product that is Crank 2 im pretty sure was just made to mock the everyone who paid to see this movie, myself included, and is capped off with a flaming jason statham giving a huge middle finger to the audience. all in all, this has to be the shittiest movie ive paid for, but it is one hell of a marketing scam. well done neveldine/taylor

cameron on Apr 18, 2009


I liked the first film, however I found this film at bit gratuitous (also the up-close cinematography was jarring).

Sean Kelly on Apr 19, 2009


Haven't seen it yet but i really want to.

Fisherr on Apr 19, 2009


It was enjoyable///nut then there were moments where I was very confused

Trey on Apr 19, 2009


Fuckin' awesome movie, I've never had so much fun at the theater. This was one of those rare movies where the sequel is better then the original. You either love it or hate it. I Loved it.

Z-man on Apr 19, 2009


this is pop art at its peak. Decadence at its best.

me on Apr 19, 2009


Thought the first was better. Near the end, this one just got really absurd.

Thomas on Apr 19, 2009


bai ling is a bit bizzare... i find her to be very disturbing.

viral on Apr 20, 2009


What's the average age of those who liked this movie, 15?

avoidz on Apr 20, 2009


So, they started with this premise: "Guy falls from a helicopter a mile up and lives... how far do we take this?" ALL THE WAY. It was violent, absurd, hysterical and crude - and WONDERFUL! It didn't say "we're going to shock you" it just did. No apologies, no regrets. Seriously, if you didn't enjoy this movie, you took it too literally. This goes up there with Cabin Boy as one of my all-time favorites! F*** YOU, CHELIOS! Awesome!

Heather on Apr 20, 2009


F You, Chelios!!! i had the best time of my life when i went to see this, just krazy with the "K" the only thing i hated was toward the end whn chelios is kicking other guy s in the power plant and they had that studio scene... [yehh that one, i didnt like it] but overall had fun... once more FUCK YOU CHELIOS!!!

Kev on Apr 20, 2009


This was one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. I knew the movie wasnt going to take itself seriously and with that in mind the movie had enough of everything, the theatre couldnt stop laughing at some of the scenes in the movie. The sex scene was great, the flaming finger was great, the terret syndrom gay revenge seeking brother was hilarious, the chinese prostitute was funny, and there wasnt a point in the movie were I said this is boring. The movie was so over the top and fun I couldnt get enough of it.

Shawn on Apr 20, 2009


great movie,intense and way better than the first one.

dice on Apr 20, 2009


Where the fuck is my Strawberry Tart! Every thing about this movie I loved untill the end. FBT!

MiKeDeEz on Apr 20, 2009


I guess the people whining about blood and violence didn't notice that big R next to title when they bought the ticket? Or the warning for continous blood and violence throughout? Or they didn't see a trailer? the WTF are you whining about?! If you fail to notice the skill and creativity that went into this movie, go watch some more Brady Bunch or those Hannah Montana movies. Some movies don't have to be clean and child friendly to be good. They don't have to make sense and follow the laws of the universe. It's FICTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT, take it for what it is. In my opinion, better than the first and hopefully a third will be made. I've seen it twice already and will be watching it many more before its out of the theatre.

077 on Apr 21, 2009


what a waste. the 1st two acts rocked. bai ling's stock just went up again from this. here is the big fail of the movie. in the third act, "the big reveal" is outstanding. you have the head of the bad guy from the first movie, the head is alive in the fishtank, and the screenwriters miss the ultimate payback? the entire audience(the intelligent part) thinks theyre going to 1. behead chelios, 2. reattach his body to the head in the tank, 3. preserve Chelios head alive in the tank?? which would only be the greatest cinema 3rd act twist/trilogy setup ever?? screenwriters fucked up bigtime. and the whole "you killed my brother thing" ? .. seriously hwood...

Harrison and Steve on Apr 23, 2009


Most retarded movie I have ever seen. It was so stupid, I was laughing at it.

john on Apr 30, 2009


that movie pissed me the fuck off.... strawberry tart? and the turrets could have been funnier it made me snicker but it seemed like they just gave up on the fucking sequel and didnt give a crap and slapped the movie together... it was like a terrible rendition of Robot chicken.... im glad i saw it for free.... thats the only plus i give to the movie is that i didnt have to pay for it....FUCK YOU HIGH VOLTAGE!!!

semaJ on Jun 2, 2009


SPOILER - What was that? Trying to be shocking for the sake of it? Peoples elebows being cut off, holes being blown through a chicks implants, a Godzilla scene and that ending...? If you are an individual that went to see this, after knowing what crank was like, you're stupid. I'm kinda pissed I even watched this because of the ending. My feeling is that they knew the film would bomb, cause only "special" people would actually go, and so they just didn't care... Lets have the most pointless fucked up ending possible and flip off everyone who downloaded this shit. Well I agree, Fuck me for downloading that garbage...

Edworld on Jun 17, 2009


@48 - You watched it, so that makes you stupid by your own definition.

snickers on Jun 18, 2009


Half of you are just Cunts, and the other half are mindless for paying to watch this. Horrible structure, but sure did look good on Bluray with my 7.1 DTS. oh and like 47 said, way better when you watch it for FREEEEEEEEE

Mmurf on Sep 16, 2009


@50 - Takes a cunt to know a cunt. I'm sure all your gear is stolen or paid for by drug money.

georgelucassucks on Sep 17, 2009

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