Sound Off: Do You Want to See Pixar Make Marvel Movies?

August 31, 2009

Pixar Animation Studios - Marvel

Being a Pixar fanboy myself, I keep getting into discussions today about Pixar's involvement in the big Disney-Marvel acquisition. Not only is the relationship between Disney and Pixar being referenced as an example of the kind of relationship that Marvel has with the Mouse House (as in, they still remain in creative control over their own company). But, of course, everyone is bringing up the possibility of seeing Pixar make Marvel movies. In fact, John Lasseter, who now works specifically at Disney (and not Pixar) supposedly met with Marvel last week and was jumping up and down and got "pretty excited, pretty fast."

I say no. Every last movie that Pixar has made so far, all 10 of them, have been completely original ideas. Their current line-up between now and 2013 includes two more original stories (Newt, The Bear and the Bow) and three sequels to their earlier original stories (Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Monsters Inc 2). I really don't think they're all of a sudden going to start adapting comic books. Especially because Marvel won't let them make movies off of an A-list characters (I doubt we'll ever see a Spider-Man Pixar movie) and I think Pixar would rather just come up with their own original stories than just adapt B or C-list characters instead.

However, on the flipside, here are some ideas that I think could work for Pixar. First off, I've got to state the obvious - I could see them including some Marvel characters in an Incredibles sequel when/if that ever gets made (many years from now). Why not? Additionally, there seems to be some industry buzz (read here) about Ant-Man becoming a potential Pixar property. He is pretty much an A-list character and he's part of The Avengers, so again, why not? But if Marvel Studios, under the direction of Kevin Feige, wants to eventually include him in a live-action Avengers movie, I don't know if he'll end up in a Pixar movie first?

One thing is certain, for those who remain skeptical about the acquisition - Marvel will still remain in control. During the conference call this morning, Bob Iger used a "if it ain't broke" phrasing to reference that they're not going to mess with the way Marvel works nowadays. But, of course, when asked about Pixar, apparently "sparks will fly." Other sites have considered the possibility of Pixar adapting Marvel material - SlashFilm questions their readers; CHUD presents a list of 10 Marvel properties Pixar should adapt. It's a fun list, but I just can't see Pixar adapting any of those. It just seems way too far-fetched for that studio.

Getting back to the question at hand - would anyone even want to see Pixar make Marvel movies? It seems like too much of a pipe dream to hope that we'll see Pixar make a Spider-Man or Iron Man or Avengers or Hulk movie. That just won't happen. Maybe some crossovers with The Incredibles, maybe an Ant-Man movie, but even with those, I'd rather have Pixar remain true to their original stories and original ideas. Maybe I'm just too much of a Pixar fanboy to let them get watered down. Or maybe everyone is just making too much of this acquisition news. Either way, it's worth discussing, so have at it! What do you think?

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Marvel sucks. Nuff said.

In_rainbows on Aug 31, 2009


I personally think a well thought/ taking the time to get it right/ great voice acting cast - spider man pixar film would smash all of raimi's spidey films. Spider Man 2 was great but the others sucked, aspecially 3, should have never been made! The same goes for X - men ... I hope pixar gets it on with franchise re - boots and we get to see trilogies for fantastic four/ Spider man/ Avengers & X-men! Pixar is the shit and they have the talent and work ethic to really bring the potential out of these amazing marvel characters! "GO PIXAR"

WHO on Aug 31, 2009


I want a re-boot for everything. I have yet to be satisfied with a single Marvel film. Let Pixar do it because FOX sure as hell can't.

sean on Aug 31, 2009


Its a sad sad day.

dac on Aug 31, 2009


There is no way you can't be satisfied with Iron Man... I can see your argument with other movies, but Iron Man was a very good movie.

branden on Aug 31, 2009


It's something I'd hope could have been done years before, but Pixar is all about they have interest in doing Marvel Comic story's is the question we she be asking. I know I got excited when I heard about an all CG Justice League that never came to fruition. I think there are a ton of comic stories, not just Marvel ones that could benefit from it. As for who, what I'd like to see first, that's tough...for me the whole Spidey thing is over, and we have had two Hulks now, I'd like for the first one not to be a reboot of something recent...

Kamish on Aug 31, 2009


Um....yes. As long as they maintain the creative control and integrity they thrive on, you could put any creative in their hands without worry.

André on Aug 31, 2009


As long as they do what they do best and tell a good story. And be faithful to the characters, of course.

SUPER X II on Aug 31, 2009


will sony and fox still own spidey and x men or what iron paramount and so on

jono on Aug 31, 2009


There is no doubt that this union is exciting for any fan (marvel or Pixar , in my case both) . I don't exactly see though how the two giants blend their work but as you can see Here the insentive is always $$$$ David

david on Aug 31, 2009


Pixar should only go as far as helping out with the CGI effects to Marvel movies. I don't want to see any crossover of Marvel characters in Pixar movies or vice versa.

Webomatica on Aug 31, 2009


Sorry,but I dont Like IT ,Not One Bit..

Cameron on Aug 31, 2009


All movies in Pixar? Fuck NO. That makes ALL the hard work every LIVE actor for Marvel has EVER done go completely pointless.

Corey on Aug 31, 2009


Marvel's story and characters are definitely not "B-listed". Maybe their movie adaptations are, but they themselves are not. If they can somehow manage to actually successfully combine these two companies and help each other by not interacting their characters, then I think this will be a huge success. And a whole 'nother level of action - animation will be unleashed. The unique story telling of marvel vs. the creative interpretations of morality of pixar, if combined successfully, I believe they will be able to achieve perhaps a new superhero or franchise that will set a new height for superheroes.

danielvutran on Aug 31, 2009


i dont want to see Pixar make Marvel movies that wont make sense at all. that mean we will have all the Marvel characters movies turn into PG films that will piss off everyone. Marvel should only do live action films thats it. if Marvel and Pixar wants to work together they should do cool animated tv series. look at WB and Imagi when they did TMNT cgi animated movie it was successful but something did not feel right for it to be a animated movie. now WB wants to do a live action reboot movie of TMNT and everyone cant wait to see that.

craig on Aug 31, 2009


And if not they can just hire me and I will be glad to help. keke :>

danielvutran on Aug 31, 2009


Don't forget, beyond Iron Man and Spidey Marvel Entertainment produces tons of straight-to-dvd animated features about their characters these days. I haven't seen them, but I don't hear the best things from people how have. Maybe what we'll see are these animated films actually getting top-notch treatment and theatrical releases.

André on Aug 31, 2009


This is the worst f*****g Idea ever. If mickey mouse appears in any of this stuff I am gonna be pissed!

link1983 on Aug 31, 2009


OKI, let's see1 Marvel-Pixar movie first, before we start the boicot, it might work out

David Banner on Aug 31, 2009


An Incredibles/Marvel crossover. No thanks. Do we want PG comic book movies? Hopefully Disney will stay smart and let Marvel be -- though honestly Marvel hasn't done that well on its own anyway...

Jamdolin on Aug 31, 2009


"Do You Want to See Pixar Make Marvel Movies?" No, and you shouldn't either. Pixar and CG in general has already f*cked up animation as is. Please, don't add Marvel characters to the list of casualties. Ugh.

Nick Gligor on Aug 31, 2009


I have only one thing to say. Next year when TRON LEGACY comes out I think it will give Disney an excellent chance to showcase the new direction their heading in. I mean you gotta admit you would have never have gotten Disney to okay Daft Punk 10 years ago (something happening to Disney)...I am very curious about what lies ahead and for all you haters remember this "The future is no place for the faint of heart"...KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!

JEFFREY on Aug 31, 2009


Nope. I'll pass. CGI animated films and TV shows are only good in small doses. Comic book characters derive from traditional hand drawn art, which is why I prefer them to stay that way when they're on the big screen or TV. Nothing beats the nuances of traditional hand drawn art IMO.

PG on Aug 31, 2009


Pixar is amazing at what it does, which is create rated G to PG animated movies that both kids and adults can appreciate. That said....we have no idea how something like this would turn out, but my guess is not that good. Pixar should stick to what they know and do best. So should disney as a whole.

kreig70 on Aug 31, 2009


No, I want to keep seeing original properties from PIXAR.

shadow on Aug 31, 2009


NO! I want Marvel to make their own movies. PIXAR go off and do you traditional dull animations.

Scott on Aug 31, 2009


not really cause disney will make them tone down everything

Urban on Aug 31, 2009


I think it would be cool to see marvel characters in The Incredibles but Pixar going off and doing marvel movies by itself is too much. One of the things Pixar is famous for is coming up with original ideas and I would rather them not make any exceptions to that rule. Maybe I'm just unwilling to make any risks but I just don't want Pixar to lose it's good streak.

Caitie on Aug 31, 2009


Personally, I'm worn out concerning action hero comics - the serious stuf, that is, like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ironman, etc. I like an actor's movie with real live people playing human characters. So the idea doesn't appeal to me. Of course, if they were to cross over to the brandname that made Metal Men, that would be fine. That comic would lend itself to adults and children both. It had a lot of humor.

talltree on Aug 31, 2009


Pixar Marvel Projects must have their own continuity. Something like "Ultimates". That's how I would do it. That way Marvel and Disney can look at what Pixar try... See what works, and see what doesn't without really damaging or causing "tidal waves of change". In keeping with that idea, it isn't far fetched that Disney will setup Pixar "Marvel Adaptations" under a different releasing banner (so that Pixar can continue working with original material while probably setting up "B-Teams" to work on adaptations). Touchstone Animated Pictures anyone?

SS on Aug 31, 2009


Fuck yeah. Pixar has, to date, not made a bad movie. Not one. Apply that with the amazing creative teams at Pixar plus their lack of studio regulation in the creative process, and we might actually see a good Daredevil movie.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 31, 2009


I like the idea of Marvel characters being in an Incredibles sequel. Should they make any other type of movie? I don't think so. With the Wolverine prequel and the Hulk movies, Marvel has shown that they don't always have the best people developing their movies. And really, besides the first two Blade movies and Iron Man, Marvel doesn't have a lot to show for themselves. This is coming from a DC fan, so I obviously think DC is far and away the better universe. If Pixar could take control of Marvel's script writing process, I think that would help them a lot since Pixar movies always have great stories.

Rorschach90 on Aug 31, 2009


I cant believe this is a serious topic! Jesus christ

Ramez on Aug 31, 2009


No. I'm not 12. I want to see comics move into a darker older setting. More like Marvel Max. Once more because I'm not 12.

D on Aug 31, 2009


Even pixar animated movies have a serious tone so I definitely think they'll do great things with marvel characters.

Cat on Aug 31, 2009


merchandising 101

Buggy166 on Aug 31, 2009


They could remake "Howard the Duck"! Yes. That is sarcasm.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 31, 2009


why do some peopple write 10 paragraphs, nobody cares about your input

LittleAsianShlong on Aug 31, 2009


Everyone keeps mentioning that all Pixar projects are original, but the one I am interested in is not; John Carter of Mars. I think they're handling of that property will go a long way towards showing us how they might handle any Marvel projects.

art seike on Aug 31, 2009


Yes, Pixar should make Marvel movies.

Eli on Aug 31, 2009


Spiderman 2= Best superhero movie ever , The Incredables = in the top 5 of superhero movies. Im down for seeing a collaboration

PJ H on Aug 31, 2009


Worst idea since the Hindenburg.

Dreckent on Aug 31, 2009


@ #9 YES!!!

NeoSlyfer on Aug 31, 2009


Pixar should stay away from Marvel,fans want to see live action hero's not Saturday morning cartoon's.

Adam on Aug 31, 2009


Zounds! Pixar has made a name for themselves with original and fresh animation. It would truly suck to see them kowtow to the cash cow. I'd bet Stan Lee had a 24-hour orgasm, though.... Viva Viagra!

Frank N. Stein on Aug 31, 2009


Dont care, as long as they dont fuck with the Avengers and all the coming marvel awesomeness I couldnt give a shit less about all this. But if they do and totally pussy up the Avengers, Iron man, the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman and Captain America. I think I speak for every Marvel fan when I say I will utterly boycott anything with disneys name on it. and hey #42 if you dont care so much whyd you even post are a troll sir.

Cody on Aug 31, 2009


I'll watch anything made by Pixar. "Pixar can do no wrong" still rings true. Ad for the whole Marvel thing... I really don't care. They make comics right?

Brandon on Aug 31, 2009


silver surfer would make sense and any other movie in a direction that would need expensive use of cgi.

yojoe on Aug 31, 2009


Alex I totally agree with you. Once I read about this I started scratching my head with confusion. Pixar have always made movies with original ideas. What's next Pixar will be making movies with Hannah Montana!

last Son on Aug 31, 2009


Pixar make cheese, Disney make cheese, Marvel make cheese, big cheesy heaven.

Crapola on Sep 1, 2009


Maybe it could mean that Pixar could get into a more adult/mature market as well as their current "general public"/family type image. I've been waiting for Pixar to create some more mature/"darker" type movies. There's that many different people involved at Pixar, I think they could have a division that handles a mature audience. Pixar have creative story telling, imagination, ideas, scenery, direction and cinematography, and that's what comic books are all about. Bring it on I say!

Steve on Sep 1, 2009


Oh god no! Pixar would never do this unless they were desperate for cash. There is no originality to be had from doing this, and PIXAR movies are all about originality.

dom on Sep 1, 2009


NO, NO, and... HELL NO. i love live-action marvel films.

JL on Sep 1, 2009


fuck me the way tron 2 looks it could be quite intresting to see what pixar could come up with with a couple of the marvel films,but i'm all for live fucking action movies.

zetsu on Sep 1, 2009


Still skeptical about this, I mean I like most Pixar movies, but I just don't see Spiderman teaming up with Mr. Incredible, they are from two completely different universes, it would be like making a crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars, even though they're both sc-fi movies that are on space they just don't got together. I just hope that Disney, Pixar and Marvel keep in mind their respective boundaries and keep their characters and ideas separated. But who knows maybe Pixar will come up with a much darker and adult oriented animation for Marvel movies, I can see that working but not for a blockbuster, maybe for a direct to video movie...

Frankie "The Bat" Niagara on Sep 1, 2009


I'm not liking Pixar as of late. I think they are gonna run Marvel into the ground. Tarnish the name of geekdom.

Branden on Sep 1, 2009


Yes! Pixar does great work with everything they make. But I think if they are going to start making Marvel films, they need to make them dark and graphic. Every since I saw TMNT, I've been hooked on the idea of a whole movie done in CGI. Especially comic book movies. I'm all for it!

Lee on Sep 1, 2009


disney has destroyed my comic-book childhood when they brought marvel FUCK YOU DISNEY FUCK YOU

big789 on Sep 1, 2009


Interesting to see how this turns out

TediusTed on Sep 1, 2009


and #61 "disney has destroyed my comic-book childhood when they brought marvel " I'm pretty sure if you want any studio to bring anything back from your childhood Disney would be the one to do it right. I don't get what people are complaining about. First we haven't seen Pixar take on anything other then there own work... so for all we know they could crank out something Amazing and comic true. I say its a toss up until they branch out from there own stories/movies. And why not give it a chance people, Marvel movies suck... here's a list of every Marvel movie made and over all i think them having a solid production company behind there back will definitely help them stray from producing so many shit films. Now i liked a lot of these movies but some of them are just crap 1944 Captain America 1986 Howard the Duck 1989 The Punisher 1990 Captain America - reviewed as one of the worst movies ever made (super funny) 1998 Blade 2000 X-Men 2002 Blade II 2002 Spider-Man 2003 Daredevil 2003 X2: X-Men United 2003 Hulk 2004 The Punisher 2004 Spider-Man 2 2004 Blade: Trinity 2005 Elektra 2005 Fantastic Four 2005 Man-Thing - Straight to video 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand 2007 Ghost Rider 2007 Spider-Man 3 2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2008 Iron Man 2008 The Incredible Hulk 2008 Punisher: War Zone 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine i count 17 movies out of that list of 26 that i wished they had never made, or need to reboot. and I bet when Disney does touch up on them, it will be much much better then time around.

DoomCanoe on Sep 1, 2009


correction... i count 19 movies out of that list of 25 sorry i cant count =D

DoomCanoe on Sep 1, 2009


im very sad that disney bought marvel i swear 2 god if they ruin some of the good superheroes movies and make them PG ima be sooooo pissed off and marvel just gunna be a figure of our imagination by 2013!!!!

quez on Sep 1, 2009


#45 Dreckent wrote: "Worst idea since the Hindenburg." Actually, I think that the Hindenburg was a MUCH better idea. At least we got a Led Zeppelin album out of the deal.

Nick Gligor on Sep 1, 2009


I choose to look at this as a good thing. Disney and Marvel only want to extend their fanbase. Marvel movie I believe are seen more by adults than kids. Marvel is also very successful so it would be smart for them to buy Marvel. Maybe a pixar marvel movie wouldn't be so bad.

Rance on Sep 2, 2009



Tom on Sep 3, 2009


I would love to see Pixar's take on ANY Marvel property.

chrishaley on Sep 3, 2009


i'm gonna keep on ramming it into people's heads, pixar should do an adaptation of runaways. it caters right to their strengths. PIXAR and RUNAWAYS. it's a match made in heaven!!

andrew on Sep 3, 2009


I'm on the fence I don't know if I would like to see the best animation studio make something based on a comic book since their original stuff are masterpieces, but then again I wouldn't mind seeing their take on something like spiderman.

DiR3ct on Sep 4, 2009


While I can't see Pixar making Marvel movies, I can see the people at Pixar working on it. A lot of family friendly studios have two branding logos; one for family films and one for family unfriendly films. Disney has one, I don't remember the name, though, and has made many descent mature films over the years. I don't think Pixar would want to confuse their audiences about the child appropriateness of their films too much. The Incredibles was quite controversial when it came out because it dealt with mature themes (divorce, cheating on a spouse, death, etc), but it did so in ways that children wouldn't really catch unless they were familiar with them from other sources. Marvel's action would probably be a bit much for a Pixar film, but they could easily make up a new name to produce Marvel films under using the same incredible staff that they have.

AFred on Sep 8, 2009


Well...for what its worth.... for me the appeal of the superheroe movie is that you are impressed by how well the live action and CGI meld together to bring life and a sense of realism to totally improbable and physically impossible events.... not just the adamantium claws popping out of the knuckles type events but the much smaller impossibilities like swinging on a web hundreds of feet long (the forces would rip any humans arms right off). I find myself in awe of how the film company made me believe that these things can be "real".... as soon as there is a totally CG Marvel then I dont see how anyone will think it is still "clever" to make a man fly or walk up walls.... As soon as Marvel goes CGI then all you have is animated comics once again..... the fact that the real-life movie industry has finally developed the tools to bring superheroes to life will no longer thrill us!

FOOM on Sep 9, 2009


marvel makes great comics but their movies and animated movies always suk(bad). andd with pixars track record and originality i dont think theres anyway possible they can make them worst, but i wish pixar would make them brutal bloody gory and g rated. but disney can completely change marvel forever by ending this marvel makes corny stupid movies talk (which they do except for blade2). i believe they way they can do that is by making-the-marvel-movies-rated-R

sam on Sep 30, 2009


Who says this is worth discussing? Who the fuck even cares? Whether they do or don't, all of you morons will pay to see whatever they shit out.

Lokiluvcocky on Oct 1, 2009


What a great idea. Pixar has always been about creative storytelling. Then Disney raped it and we'll see endless sequels. Now Marvel. Man, just shoot me.

gern on Oct 1, 2009

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