Sound Off: Drag Me to Hell - What Did You Think?

May 29, 2009

Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its been 17 years since Sam Raimi last dabbled in the horror genre, but now he's back and better than ever. Drag Me to Hell, his own throwback to the classic Raimi days of horror, hits theaters everywhere today. But is it any good? Has he lost his touch over the years working on Spider-Man? Or is it the most refreshing, original, and entertaining horror movie of the last few years? Is it a true throwback or just something entirely new? Does it even work well without Bruce Campbell in the lead? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Drag Me to Hell!

To fuel the fire, I really enjoyed Drag Me to Hell. It's just some down 'n dirty, Sam Raimi horror. Its got some great scenes and hilariously scary moments that are best experienced with an audience. But besides that, it's got some weak parts, mainly the actors (I didn't like Justin Long or Alison Lohman) and the story. It's not one of my favorite Raimi flicks, I prefer either of the Evil Dead movies or Army of Darkness more, but it's good to see him venturing back to his horror roots, even if it's just for one movie. If you're looking to get away from all the big-budget CGI blockbusters this summer, Drag Me to Hell is a great little escape.

What did you think of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell? Best or worst horror movie this year?

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absolutely refreshing, entertaining, and scary. Thank you Sam for this movie. and if your concerned about the pg13 rating, don't be, you"ll be shocked by what Sam got away with.

Bo on May 29, 2009


I saw this Tuesday night and it was honestly the most fun I've had at the movies in years. A perfect mixture of legitimate scares, over-the-top goo, tongue-in-cheek one liners, intentionally campy dialogue, and everything else that goes into making a fun, oldschool horror film. The soundtrack was refreshing- the use of music and widely dynamic sound effects was very effective for climactic situations. I jumped, I laughed, and I even cheered at two points (something I generally make fun of people for doing in a theater). I'll probably do something for the first time ever- see a movie in the theaters twice. I wanted to watch it again as the credits were rolling.

dqniel on May 29, 2009


What makes this movie so special? When I saw previews I thought to myself, "Meh... another horror movie." and I never once thought to see this movie. Then I heard a few good reviews, so I thought I'd check rottentomatoes and discovered the movie currently has a 95% rating from 111 reviews. I didn't think that was possible for a horror movie to be rated so highly. So my question again for those who have seen it, what makes this movie so special? Without giving spoilers of course.

Chris H on May 29, 2009


Because it's Sam Raimi. Have you seen the Evil Dead movies? If not, watch immediately.

xCloudbox on May 29, 2009


i saw this film has great reviews but i thought it was barely OK, same with other films like this year, Star Trek , wolverine and fast and furious.

Darrin on May 29, 2009


it was amazing

Jay Selis on May 29, 2009


#5 - In my opinion, Star Trek and DMTH were awesome. Wolverine and Fast & Furious were eh, but they didnt get good reviews.

FireWaffle on May 29, 2009


#7 - Agreed. How on Earth can Wolverine be lumped into the same category as Star Trek and DMTH? Wolverine was completely forgettable. Many parts were so (unintentionally) cheesy that they were laughable.

dqniel on May 29, 2009


Loved it to bits. Pure fun from start to finish - if you love Raimi it will be a slice of fried gold. Had me jumping out of my seat one minute, laughing hysterically the next, and then back to goosebumps. Incredibly difficult balance to pull off, so Sam, I salute you! The only thing that could possibly have improved it would be a Bruce cameo. Which he had to turn down due to Burn Notice filming commitments. I wonder which role he was up for? I'm guessing Justin Long's dad, perhaps.

Mathieu on May 29, 2009


Sam Raimi Sir, what took you so long! This movie was everything I wanted from a Raimi horror flick minus Bruce Campell. It was pure Raimi doing what he does best. It had the spooks, on the edge of your seat thrills and it never let down. And yet its PG and didnt need to go the SAW route and show lots of chopped up bodies. Thats not good horror. I really hope Raimi gets back to the Evil Dead series or horror after Spiderman. He really is like The Spielberg of horror and yet most of the public probably dont even realize it. I know a lot of people like Chris H who arent even familiar with his Evil Dead series. This movie will finally expose the general public to his real talent and a well done jump and fun horror flick which is so very rare.

JimD on May 29, 2009


Definitely seeing it now. Thanks everyone. I have little money for movies I just want to see as I'll see the BIG ones with my dad. Big screen is how horror films should be enjoyed as well.

LSP on May 29, 2009


Please give me a break.. Do all of you that write these glowing reviews expect us to believe you are not part of the movie studio's promotions group? seriously..this movie was a HUGE let down. I was hoping I would get to see a side of Raimi that really wanted to make a horror movie..and not bring in all the cheese he mired into Spiderman. (At least spiderman in the comic had that kind of cheese as well) The casting for this was a JOKE. Lohman was horrible ..just horrible as the lead..any unknown or other actress would have been companions and i found ourselves literally angry everytime we'd see her on the screen. And Justin long sadly cannot pull off a serious role anymore..only comedies and commercials. There was NO NO NO chemistry between the two and they were supposed to be dating in the movie The Effects and Scares were a joke too. A horror movie..should scare you..and you should jump because you are scared by something....NOT because an extremely LOUD sound effect was used to force you to jump at the shock to your ears. I want you all to really think about it...the main scares in the movie..did any of them not come with a ear-drum busting sound level effect? Its such a pitiful way to force the audience to react. I caught on halfway through and started pluggin my ears when i figured a big jump scene was coming. Now though most the effects were ok...the anvil scene in the shed really made me almost walk out..the effects were so bad people in the audience were laughing. Laughs dont belong in a real horror movie...this was a huge joke Other examples of the cheese...the music. the grave digging scene ..the music was offensive it was so was as if i was watching Van least that movie didnt try to be something it was not...And scenes like when Lohman's character talks through a store window to a shop keeper..WTF? i I truly truly wanted this to be a good scary horror flick..and wanted to finally see a NON cheesey sam raimi film...but i was sadly disappointed. I encourage everyone that posts to be more truthful here.. Go see UP or Terminator..better films

Tired of Raimi Cheese--please give me a real Horror director on May 29, 2009


12# I havent seen it, but Raimi has always used those same camera effects. You damn skippy they are cheezey, but I wouldnt have it any other way. Raimi has never done "canned" horror and hell; I dont know if you can even consider Evil Dead and Army of Darkness horrors over comedy. On the rest of the material, I cant comment

L on May 29, 2009


@12 If you didnt want to see a NON cheesy sam raimi film then why did you go see a cheesy sam raimi film? It seems that what youre looking for is the ultimate of ultimate horror films and youre not going to get that for a while, so how abot you relax and enjoy what youre given! I really enjoyed it! There were alot of fresh elements brought in and a recycling of alot older elements. Still, it kept me thrilled throughout. Thing is, the exorcism scene just seemed a little too camp compared to the rest of the film. See, I understand it is Sam Raimi and theres got to be campness in the form of talking goats and guys doing riverdance over flames but it was a little TOO camp compared to the rest of the film. 8.5/10 though. Good fun indeed!

Marcus on May 29, 2009


@ #12..... I think they know that they are not getting any Oscars for this sorry it doesn't stand up to your Shakespearian friggin method acting standards... Go read a book buddy film doesn't need you!

werdnafaz on May 29, 2009


Sam Raimi has still got it. This is one of the best horror films I have seen in years. He threw all the normal boundries out and did it his own way. Great film.....I just got back and I am still in awe.

Hayes on May 29, 2009


Personally, I don't think what Raimi did with this was "creepy." It seemed to use too much "pop-out" horror to drive its point home. The shots with rotating camera and the shots with the creepy shadows were very well done but I just don't see the point in all the rest. It seemed almost wacky at times. I didn't know whether I should laugh or not. Plus the end is so depressing, it makes me wonder how people can watch this and movies like it over and over. And was their a good story? Not really, I mean what actually happened? I guess I will always be a sucker for the older horror films like the Exorcist, the Thing, and Alien, because they use the environment and atmosphere to create "good" horror.

Cory on May 29, 2009


I think #12 missed the point. It became obvious that you didn't understand the intended "atmosphere" of the movie or Sam Raimi's intent when you mentioned not being scared by the anvil scene. You're not supposed to be scared by it. You're supposed to know EXACTLY what's going to happen next, envision the seemingly obvious outcome, and then laugh hysterically when you see the over-the-top direction Sam Raimi took. It's SUPPOSED to be cheesy. It's not a self-serious psychological thriller. It's a movie that's intentionally campy, intentionally cheesy, and funny. If you had looked at it as a comedy with tidbits of scares rather than as a deep, straitlaced horror then perhaps you would have had fun. If I went into Schindler's List expecting a comedy and came out offended that Spielberg thought Jews being killed was funny, then I would have missed the point. It would have been my fault. Too bad you missed out on the fun because you mistakenly looked for psychological terror in a place where it was never meant to be...

dqniel on May 29, 2009


Sam Raimi doesn't make scary scary horror movies, he makes fun ones that have more comedy in them than any of the mall cop movies. It's horror/comedy with real scares, but over the top performances... kind of a B horror movie with fun affects. If you liked Evil Dead and Army of Darkness more the same goodness. Fun as hell to watch.

BONO on May 29, 2009


@BONO exactly. The great thing about Raimi horror movies is that they have scares and creeps galore blended with some humor. The beauty is that Raimi's horror never takes itself too seriously. Its pure spooky fun. One moment it can be super creepy and the next your laughing and jumping out of your chair at the same time.

JimD on May 30, 2009


worst movie i have ever seen. period.

john on May 30, 2009


Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness were awesome.Sam is a special director who knows what he is doing and i am sure i will like this movie.

Fisherr on May 30, 2009


All good points by the people that responded about hey its a Raimi flick you should expect cheese...but I ask you to look at the way the movie was marketed...."Utterly terrifying and greatest horror film of the year"..."masterpiece of american horror" ...that was my problem They marketed this as something else..and hyped it up as a truely scary horror movie...not as the typical fun cheesy Raimi flick So i ask you all that are going into this movie somewhat biased with love for raimi instead go in with a measure of a true horror film that should be scary. Then you may see more of my point. I didnt watch a movie like van helsing and walk out mad that it was cheesy...i knew it was cheesy going in. #21 thx for backing me up. #15 ur kidding right. Because someone doesnt blindly agree with your personal opinion u think they arent a movie fan ? urs is the only response i have no respect for.. lol Everyone go see UP btw..was awesome

Tired of Raimi Cheese--please give me a real Horror director on May 30, 2009


I'm sorry. When I go to see a movie I infer the intended style/atmosphere from the movie itself, not from its marketing.

dqniel on May 30, 2009


this was awesome from start to finish there should definitely be a sequel

alan on May 30, 2009


first off I agree with #5 most movies this year have just been OK. This being one of them. I loved seeing what felt like a Classic Horror film. But the acting and over all story kind of got to me in the end. #7 & 8- I personally know a lot of people who despised Star Trek. It was just to mediocre of a movie, and not enough of a Summer action hit as it was sold out to be. #12- I can totally see why you disliked this movie because you listed out all your points. I do have to say though, in all of the trailers i have seen they sell it as Raimi's return to horror and that he is shooting for the feel of classic horror. I have never seen it sold as anything other then what it really is. Classic Horror

DoomCanoe on May 30, 2009


I loved this flick, it was advertised as the greatest horror film of the year and I don't think that was a lie. What was the last good horror movie? 28 Days Later in '02? Grindhouse in '07, maybe? The first truly scary mainstream movie I've seen in years. And if you think Raimi's return to horror was misleading advertisement than you must not have seen any of what he's returning to. It's exactly what me and my friends expected, being fans of the Evil Dead and its sequels. And he did it all with a PG-13 rating! I was genuinely impressed at the scares he was able to get out of me. I jumped two feet in the air despite telling myself i wasn't going to when i heard the music picking up. It reminded me most of Evil Dead II, freaking terrifying at some points, straight-up nasty at others, totally badass or hilarious in still others, and (Spoiler Alert) an ending that doesn't really bode well for our hero. In my opinion, this Christine Brown needs to be the new Ash Williams. Bring on a couple sequels to this mess.

Da Man on May 30, 2009


#2, you obviously havent seen crank 2, the most fun i had in a movie in years. But the movie was good, funny and scary. Casting sucked tho.

LARRY DAVID on May 30, 2009


It was fun.

Sean Kelly on May 30, 2009


The scariest thing about this movie is the horrific marketing. It seems like, from the trailers, Universal marketed it as straight horror but what people got was lots of humor, almost a comedy. Very misleading. Since Raimi's Evil Dead series didn't do well at the box office they must of thought it was safer to market it as straight horror. They chickened out and disrespected Raimi. Isn't that always the way? The studios always mess things up. Why can't they just stay out of it? Luckily the reviews are fantastic so I don't think this marketing error will hurt it much except to piss off a few people who were looking for an super serious dramatic "Exorcist" type of movie.

Michael Shipley on May 30, 2009


Okay here's what I thought: I have yet to decide whether this movie was bad or good, so please read on and I'll make up my mind. Me and my friend were deciding what movie to watch today, and since Up was sold out we decided to go see Drag me To Hell on the advice of a friend who called it "hilarious". And here's where I guess #18 has a very good point. Regardless of whether or not the film itself is intentionally supposed to be hilarious, we brought in a very different perspective of "funny". In our case, this perspective was reinforced by my friend's opinion on the movie being "hilarious", as well as our experience watching Raimi's movies such as Army of Darkness (which is arguably not a horror movie whatsoever, just pure comedy). And as far as I could see most of the audience who saw it with us entered into the theatre expecting funny as well. But despite this prejudice, I don't think I can honestly make the argument that this film WASN'T FUNNY. There was so many ridiculous moments I can remember. *SPOILERS* Like when the goat gets possessed by the demon and starts talking, and if I remember correctly when the demon posses the Mexican assistant dude, and he starts cackling maniacally and dancing in the air over the fire, some guy near the front stood up and started clapping. THAT was hilarious. Also WTF with some of the scenes, like when Lohman sees the black cat at her boyfriend's home, and when asked about her cat, gives this very strange stilted response. Like I'm sorry was that ab-libbed or something? Did they do 30 takes and that was the best they could get? Also can anyone say haunted handkerchief, LOL. * END SPOILERS* I honestly don't know if I can say I liked this movie as a horror movie. But I did love it as a comedy. That is all.

jman571 on May 30, 2009


THIS WAS THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS!! didnt go in expecting much, but this was horrble. Packed full of scenes that u dont know whether to laugh at or take serious. anyone who took this movie serious or enjoyed it as a film is out of their mind!

phil on May 30, 2009


That was honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Most of the funny parts were supposed to be serious. Goddamn I wasted my money. Piece of shit movie. Wowwwww, everyone, save your money.

really? on May 30, 2009


Oh and #28, Crank 2 was even worse than this, and that's saying a lot. Crank 2 was EXACTLY the same as the first one.

really? on May 30, 2009


what a great piece of fun this movie was. I think it takes a certain mindset to enjoy this sort of thing - you can't really be going into it expecting quality, that's for sure. Also, you can't really take it seriously... if you just watch it and take everything in stride it's such a FUN movie to watch, and although the casting is admittedly out of the blue and not that great, and there are definitely many "scary" parts that are more silly than scary, that's just part of it. One should watch this having the mindset of someone who rents an old crappy B horror movie to make fun of. And #12, you're absolutely right about the scares being based more on gimmicky audio blasts rather than genuinely scary content (a distinction that marks a truly GOOD horror movie) but, that being said, Drag Me to Hell is still a great ride if one tries not to be critical and just lets it in or whatever. Also, terminator sucked. Everybody go watch UP.

Florian on May 30, 2009


Many people who don't like this movie are similar to the same type of people who complained about the TV show Boston Public because they expected it to be a smart serious law show and yet it had some twisted humor to it. Boston Public was brilliant for being smart and hilariously funny. Full of fun wit. Drag Me to Hell succeeds at being spooky and funny at the same time. Some of you need to loosen up a bit. Raimi horror is not intended to be so serious.

JimD on May 31, 2009


I'm an idiot. In the above comment I was referring to Boston Legal not Boston Public,

JimD on May 31, 2009


It was great I cant wait to see it again

Trey on May 31, 2009


Awesome and like what was said refreshing BUT Raimi could have turned up the intensity a bit more in some areas. Meeting with the Mexican lady in the house, too short and could have used more suspense ++SPOILER++ (also, if this lady was waiting 40 some years to finally redeem herself from her first encounter, why would she insist on having $10,000 to perform this ritual thing?...splitting hairs I know but anyhoo..)

Tedious Ted on May 31, 2009


I actually found it disappointing. Everything was too predicatable and unlike Army of Darkness, it didn't quite mix the comedy and horror that well - it felt like it was aimed at younger audiences and it had a lame score that kinda gave it an odd atmosphere. When I left the screening I wasn't alone - people were voicing their opinons and they thought it was silly.

dom on Jun 1, 2009


Unfortunately the box office didn't do so good: $16,628,000 (Estimate) I think they estimated it would do around $24-26? Hopefully word of mouth and good reviews will help it next week. 🙁

Michael Shipley on Jun 1, 2009


i didnt know this was a spoof, as the preview never said it was. fair enough if you like spoofs, but if your thinking its gonna be this big scary movie, think again. its stupid obviously, what a let down, what a waste of money next time at least let the audiance know its a spoof ruuuuubbbbiiissh

gemma on Jun 1, 2009


@23, Despite the marketing attempts, you should've known that this is a Raimi film. Marketing is marketing. That's their job, to make you go see it, over hype it... if you've seen any of his Evil Dead movies then you should've known what to expect going into the movie rather then to base it on the marketing attempts. Granted if you've never seen a Raimi horror flick then I can understand your dissatisfaction. If I were to base every movie I've seen on Marketing, then I would be unhappy 90% of the time. For example, over used marketing ads... "Funniest movie of the year", "Scariest movie of the year", "Best movie of the year", etc..... how many times have you seen this on every new movie that's coming out? Obviously you can't believe that every movie that's coming out is the funniest, scariest, or best movie of the year. Sorry but in the end, it's your own fault. I went in knowing what to expect from Raimi, and wasn't disappointed. Though I thought that this wasn't as good as his Evil Dead films, mainly because the Evil Dead films had Bruce.

The One on Jun 1, 2009


Saw this film last night best movie of the year so far....Very funny and entertaining totally more body fluids than I thought a pg-13 would ever allow b movie all the way.....Thanks Sam love spiderman but this is the bomb!!!

Patrick on Jun 1, 2009


@42 Spoofs are making fun of other movies retard. This movie is classic American horror and contains all the stuff that you don't want happening to you, but still contains cheesey and satirical tidbits. Black Lagoon and The Mummy might be considered along the lines of Raimi's take on TRUE horror.

Posers Are Fags on Jun 1, 2009


drag me to hell lol stupid kid movie sam ramini is the worst director ever first spiderman1 2 3 now this tel sam to quit while hes ahead you will love drag me to hell if ur 10

sam on Jun 1, 2009


look i didnt no it was a comedy ok, why should i have known its a raimi film, i just watch the trailers i dont go away thinking hhhhmmmmm lets just see, what can i expect from this film. seriously if id have known it was the makers of army of darkness i would have left it to people who enjoy them films. and i do not agree i should have known it was gonna be a comedy, as it never once said anything of the sort in the preview. i no all about evil dead films, but i dont no by gospal the director, you obviously no your stuff not every one does like me, i watch a trailer and go from there, just gutted it wasnt anything i wanted it to be. like it said it would be on the trailer. obviously i dont expect every film to be exactley like the trailer, but if it had said its tongue in cheek, (army of darkness) etc, maybe i would have not thought i was gonna be scared out of my wits, i love scary films, i just think they could have made a really really frightning movie if all the comedy was cut out. but i agree the one your are 100% right. the next time a movie comes out, i will take no notice of the trailer, i will rush home search the directors name on the net, check all the films out produced by this director, then i will no exactley what to expect. maybe not. when that time comes ill get a life

gemma on Jun 2, 2009


posers chill bill its only my opinion. maybe you should get out more. geek. if you can dish it you can take it

gemma on Jun 2, 2009


@47, Obviously you don't have to do any research... from what I remember some of the trailers specifically mentions Raimi's name, the director of Spiderman and the Evil Dead. Maybe you didn't see the same trailer I did, but I thought they made it pretty clear who was making the movie. Now, if you at least consider yourself somewhat of a movie buff, my guess is that you would know who Raimi is and what kind of horror work he does... (since you're on this site, i'm guessing you like movies enough). Now, if you didn't know what type of horror films Raimi makes, then I guess you know now and maybe the next time he decides to make another horror movie, you won't be bitch'n as how it's not what you expected. But according to your statement "seriously if id have known it was the makers of army of darkness i would have left it to people who enjoy them films." So you obviously have some knowledge of his past work and what trailer is going to list every single movie that the director every directed? It's a trailer, not an encyclopedia. Again, the trailer I saw even listed Raimi, Spiderman, Evildead..... if you're too stupid to figure it out, then you're stupid enough to get Gipped and be disappointed. Also, if you base your decisions on which movies to watch solely on a trailer then I say to you that you will be disappointed a lot! Take it as a lesson learned.

The One on Jun 2, 2009


Hey guys =) I havn't seen the film yet so wanted to know something.. I get scared really easily..i'm a complete friends want to go see this movie should i go? Please reply Xx

star71 on Jun 2, 2009


Excellent film. Best time I have had at the theatre in a long time.

frank booth on Jun 2, 2009


I don't know if I'm surprised at the positive reviews this movie has gotten on here or just dissapointed. This movie was garbage. Not funny, not scary, and the special effects left a ton to be desired. Kind of lame how he used the speedy camera special effect once again.

Rob on Jun 2, 2009


for god sake the one im not a movie buff just enjoy films, is that ok wiv you i only came on this site to leave my review didnt realise i would get slanded by movie geeks knowing every director known to man. i think you, well we think you should get out more. xxxxxx

gemma on Jun 3, 2009


Evidently you need to get out more too, since you seem to be on here A Lot! Sorry if you're offended, but I'm just pointing out the obvious... if you can't take criticism towards your comments, then don't post. I'm not applying that you should know every director, I'm saying that you should get more info before hand. Don't base everything on a trailer, cause as we all know the trailer is never really accurate. The point of a trailer is to make you want to go see the movie, that's it! It's not suppose to explain every detail of the film to you. Jesus!!! Get it through your narrow headed mind, and maybe next time you won't be so shocked that a film wasn't exactly like what the trailer made it out to be.

The One on Jun 3, 2009


#12 okay so i dont normally write up on sites like this, but you're just absolutely retarded, maybe the button should've been handed to you, so i felt the need to address that fact. this movie was meant to be cheesy. period. i'm sorry you went to a PG13 movie about a crazy grandma and expected the scariest horror movie you've ever dreamed of seeing. okay, maybe i'm not sorry. you're retarded. wait and see a rated R horror, everyone knows those are more of a thrill. as you were speaking with such intellect and supposed knowledge on stuff like this, i would think you could take in and absorb the cheesyness of the movie. idk what else to say really haha i guess you just missed the point.

SHIZ on Jun 5, 2009


oh my god . I loved this movie best movie of the summer season i havent screamed in a theater in years sam rami is back with his boomstick in hand its not just him either the cast a wonderfull job no flaws in the entire if only mcg would quit that would be a miracle since all of crazy cats saw that souless movie that he did 10/10 go to hell and ill see you there!!

john vanderslice on Jun 5, 2009


who needs spooky scenes when shit is jumping out the screen at you every 5 seconds. at the end of the movie I felt like I had just gotten off a roller coaster from holding my breath the whole time. Honestly, spooky scenes aren't what make a movie scary. I could stare at a graveyard all day, but when things pop out at you, even when you expect it, it makes for a thrilling ride. But maybe thats just me. Personally, I find scenes scarier when they happen in a place you don't expect it. Such as the toolshed.

Moneybags on Jun 16, 2009


I liked the movie. There were times I actually screamed and hid behind my hands but then there were times when I actually loled my arse off. Maybe I'm just messed up. Also SPOILERish I GUESS seriously though the old lady said "YOU SHAVED ME?!" in the beginning instead of "shamed". Made for more fun anyhoo. The effects were cool. I didn't really think of it as a parody but after re-watching the Evil Deads, I can totally understand the type of horror genre.

danielle on Jul 29, 2009


Trash. Absolute trash. If I wanted to say all the bad things about this movie, it would take 3 hours to type, and you would be reading a book longer than the script itsself. First, I should not have to KNOW who the director is to know what to expect, THATS the ENTIRE PURPOSE of TRAILERS!! The posters here should KNOW that already. Second, I saw the evil dead movies when they came out as a kid. I liked them, but they were a horror films FIRST, with a comedy AFTERTHOUGHT. Shes doing somekind of speech lessons in the car at the begin: never explained. She was fat girl when young: so what, wheres relevance? trying to give background attachment? plz There is no chemistry between the lead actors Cursed becaused she 'shamed' the woman? How? cause she fell on her ass? Retarded. Bank employees are not allowed to leave alone at closing. Even most restaurants have this policy. Oh no! Not the Evil Handkerchief!! That why you NEVER forget to say 'bless you' when someone sneezes!!! And of course after the incident in the bank, and a violent assault resulting in a totaled car, the police have no ryme or reason to find this nutjob, and arrest her?!?!?! She smashes the window then the door seems to be unlocked, or she certainly knew how to get it open ON THAT PARTICULAR CAR in the heat of battle! Oh no! Not the Evil Wind!! Some contrived stuff from a medium, and no one believes her 😛 They what do you do when someone has been violently attacked that day? Leave them at home alone with no protection. The old clanking pot scene. Didnt they do that in Amityville? some evil shadows from them panning a light outside, and the camera inside. spooooky. OMG she grabbs the flshlight and it flickers and dies? You MUST be joking? Never seen that before. She doesnt wake when a bug flys up her nose? c'mon this guy has a fetish with something nasty being sprayed out of one persons mouth into anothers. Its recurrent, stupid, and gross. Of course its RIGHT back to work the next day. Then she screams out loud about the hand in the bank, and no one is wondering what the hell is going on? And just when you think the bank manager is there to say WTF? He is already holding a handkerchief when her nose bleeds, no sprays blood everywhere. Which BTW she would have been to light headed to walk after the (estimated) 8-10 oz of blood that came out. But she just runs off. So she just strolls around in her bloody shirt, and dont think I didnt notict the license plate '99951' cliche' The picture of the lady at the wake is from her OLD age, they almost ALWAYS use a pic from peoples YOUTH!!! Then she gets the tuberculosis french kiss from the old lady?!?!? 10 seconds later she seems cleaned up and composed. Dude tell her to make a blood sacrifice to appease the demon. What does she do? Kills the kitten!!! For this alone I would mercilessly beat the writer to an inch of his life!! I mean why not kill a damn chicken, and cook it for dinner???? Oh, no, kill the companion cat? WTF? Demon dog, kill it, demon cat kill it, but the damn cat was doing nothing but sleeping in the laundry basket. I better never see this boy, or I will show him REAL pain that will make him wish HE had been dragged to hell! Then the medium tells her he knows someone that can help, but they want a buttload of cash. Later you find out she has a vendetta aginst the demon?!?! WTF is the point of the cashe then, shes been 'waiting for years' didnt look like she had much time left, you would think she would be chomping at the bit!! Silly seance. Thegoat never dies but the cat does? WTF??? The anvil scene made more sense than anything, since EVERYONE has an 100 pound anvil suspended at the celing by a rope in their shed. Thats on everyones list right? 'Be CEO of fortune 500 company' Check, 'Own a 5 million dollar yacht', Check, 'Heavy anvil suspended from ceiling in shed', Check. Then make sure you leave her alone again that night then shes digs an ENORMOUS hole to dig the lady up. Now you CAN dig up a fresh grave pretty easy, but I have dug a hole that big (bigger really) and it is many hours of hard labor. I doubt this skinny girl could tough it out. You notice all that expensive headstones (which take about 2-4 weeks to get engraved BTW) and that expensive plot they are in? The the old gal is burried in a pine box crappy enough that you can rip it apart with your barehands? c'mon then more gross slime kissing (I think this guy might be a necrophiliac) Yeah, she talk normally to someone through a shop window, anyone who has tried know its usually VERY difficult. I was Soooooooooo happy she died at the end. Bitch. Killed a kitten for NO reason. Burn ye in hell forever! I would gladly go there to help stoke the fire. I could go on and on. But I do agree with another poster, alot of these reviews seemed hammed up. They seem to also be the ones telling the other people that 'they are not REAL horror fans' or whatever. And while I'm on it there is NOTHING classic about this film except what has been regurgitated from OTHERS work. Classic Horror films are either phycholical thrillers, or hack and slash, this is NEITHER. AS long as I'm on the classic topic in most horror films theres a little tit. Look at Friday the 13th etcetera. At least three good opportunities in this flick, NONE are taken. You shouldnt even be marketing this to 13+ anyway, so the rating argument NOT withstanding. Just when you thought I was done, let me recap. The script is bad, the acting is between luke warm to poor, the production.... so-so, the directing... I'm between poor, and so-so. Probably the best parts of the film were, when the demon possed the guy at the seance, and he does a little dance over the flaming table, THATS evil dead kinda funny. When she tells the waitress get her some more coffee or she'll get a tip she doesnt want, and at the end when she found out it wasnt the button, but the quarter. Too bad I was totally hating the movie by that time. I had no idea who this writer/director was. I saw the evil dead films when I was a kid (not Army of darkness of course) but they are much better in comparison. In fact stabbing yourself in the foot with a fork to have fun on a friday night is more fun than this film. Trash. Absolute Trash. People will catch on to your fake reviews too. Dont think you invented that. Just for killing the cat I am boycotting all this jerkoffs films. Glad I havent seen that spiderman crap either.

Colt1911 on Oct 11, 2009


dont forget that she could have just given the button away to one of the thousands of horrible people in the world all along

Getty on Oct 11, 2009


A totally campy visual experience. The visuals were hilarious and the small touches like the "hang in there" cat poster made the movie work. A fun film to watch.

Doug on Oct 19, 2009


No. 59..Thank you, thank you, thank you. I came on here to find out what people thought of this movie expecting most to be similar to yours. But astonishingly people loved it, "typical Raimi" etc...etc... I was dumbfounded, HOW can anyone say this was a good movie. And don't say "you didn't get it"... I got was meant to be a horror with a darkly humour element to it. But it sucked so bad on so many levels. I felt like cheering at the end when she was finally dragged to hell...funnily that's where I felt I was for the whole movie. it wasn't scary(not once, not remotely) it wasn't waste of time and effort. As for Lohman.....I sincerely hope she was actually dragged to hell....along with Long and Raimi.....

Japes on Oct 26, 2009


Bizarre all of the invective over this movie. No one is making you watch this stuff...personal choice and all... I bought the BluRay and loved it. Brought back the old Raimi and even gave us some new stuff to enjoy. The production diaries are cool, too.

Kieran on Oct 28, 2009

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