Sound Off: Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes - Your Thoughts?

December 26, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The last time we saw British detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson on the big screen was in 1985 in Barry Levinson's Young Sherlock Holmes. Now director Guy Ritchie and producer Joel Silver have brought him back again. But how is the new movie? How are Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law together and Holmes and Watson? Is it entertaining to watch or is it all style and no substance? How is Mark Strong as the villain Lord Blackwood? Is it a classic Holmes story? If you've seen it, then sound off, leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of Sherlock Holmes!

To fuel the fire, Sherlock Holmes is a fantastic movie. I've seen it twice and I loved it even more the second time. It's a considerably darker movie with a lot more intensity than I was expecting, but that's exactly what I wanted from a Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes adventure, so no complaints. I had a blast watching it and I was impressed with all of the performances and the story and the great visuals and everything. Hans Zimmer also used a badass bass sound whenever Lord Blackwood showed up that brought a smile to my face whenever I heard it. And just like Star Trek, I'm already excited to see the sequel (with Professor Moriarty).

What did you think of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes? Was it entertaining or only mediocre?

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After watching literally hundreds of hours of the original Sherlocks (Basil Rathbone) and the Jeremy Brett versions on PBS) this new movie is wonderful. Downey Jr. plays a rather eccentric Sherlock and shows a physical prowess that has not been a part of the earlier film lore. The story line is tight and keeps one wondering when the evil Dr. Moriarty will make his appearance--and he does in time. The sets/scenes are incredibly realistic and the detail work is outstanding. Even the gritty, dirty streets of London come alive with marvelous detail. The close ups are excellent and the camera work is sheer genius. The collection of extras is second only to Ben Hur. This is a must see movie for any Arthur Conan Doyle fan and is one of those movies I will gladly go see a second time. I had did have the misfortune to arrive at the theater at little late and had to sit in the third row which was WAY to close too absorb the marvels of the big screen. This movie may not win Downey any awards, but overall it is spectacular and the supporting actors/actresses are outstanding.

Mike Maloney on Dec 26, 2009


it was a fun ride law and downey realy made the movie

rowdy on Dec 26, 2009


Fantastic!!! The chemistry between Downey Jr and Law appeared natural and very genuine, which for Holmes and Watson is essential. The costumes and sets really gave you a sense of the period without being overwhelming as in some period pieces. Mark Strong was as always a very convincing villian, there was an opportunity to make it into a "pantomine" role, but his form kept the villain to a high sinister calibre. The extras all did a fabulous job, Rachel McAdams did a fanstastic turn, without giving too much away she's not that wholesome, but she has grown into such parts and kept my attention whenever on screen. Hats off to Eddie Marsan who as Inspector Lestrade was not as bumbling as portrayed in the past, but very endearing and a joy to see in blockbuster as always.

Michael Sellick on Dec 26, 2009


the movie was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jude law and robert downey jr make a great team πŸ™‚ absolutely loved it.

gary on Dec 26, 2009



In-Rainbows on Dec 26, 2009


Thought this movie was great. Law, and Downey were fantastic and it always kept me wondering. I didn't care too much for the way Richie directed it with the fast motion then slow motions cuts with the fighting but still had a blast. Was written very well.

Stan on Dec 26, 2009


This movie is so tight. The directing, writing, and acting are all great. The action is great and the quirky humor keeps the audience smiling all the way through,

Price on Dec 26, 2009


I really loved the movie. I know I can't compare Avatar with Sherlock, but I have to say I enjoyed Sherlock way better than Avatar. Don't get me wrong Avatar was a good movie, but the Sherlock cast really made the movie.

diazoesp on Dec 26, 2009


boring. never fell asleep so much at the movies.

andrew on Dec 26, 2009


Awesome movie, The cast made the show, Downey and Law really had chemistry with each other and the complemented each others characters. People have said that its like a Victorian era james bond and I think thats a load of shit. The way Ritchie shows how Holmes thinks was perfect yet at the same time he wasnt totally infalable. At time Holmes would be totally wrong in his fullofhimself assumptions, and Watson showing why someone like him would need even need a sidekick. Fending off the henchmen while Holmes put things together at the the same time. The cinematography and CGI is something to be admired also, overviews of victorian london just beautiful yet in someparts noticeable. I actually thought the way Ritchie used slow motion was great, slowing down time and doing a step by step walkthrough of why Holmes would make certain strikes to certain areas. Naturally it was also typical hollywood to have some cool slowmo action scenes to break some of the slower parts of the film. If your looking for a movie with lots of action or tons of laughs you will get neither, instead it was something in between but the main focus(as in any Guy Ritchie film) is the characters and there development with each other. Rachel Mcadams was a great addition to the cast as the half femme fatale half Good bad girl. She is torn between her employer and her lasting love for Holmes and she has a great presence on screen. Every movie has its flaws though like some noticeable CGI effects in the boat scene and some Overthetop scenarios throughout the film. Overall a very Entertaining and great modern interpretation of an older character, Holmes fans and people who know nothing about it alike will enjoy this...that is unless your expecting a masterpiece. It is a solid film with great cinematography, writing, casting and most of all fantastic performances by the whole cast. Especially RDJ who never seems to disappoint, if you didnt know he was american you would think hes a natural brit.

Cody on Dec 26, 2009


It wasn't absolutely horrible, but I expected it to be much better. The plot was at times a little too convoluted, it just didn't grab me, the jokes weren't really funny and Robert Downey Jr... I love him but I don't think he was the right choice for this particular role - his accent sounded unnatural and his overall detective/Sherlock attitude wasn't convincing either.

Vic on Dec 26, 2009


A great cast and one slick villain makes for a HOLMES of a very high caliber! I can't wait for the next installment! HOLMES is back? ELEMENTARY! Action packed and the humor is wonderfully placed. I totally bought Robert Downey as Sherlock and he channels the character excellently!

David on Dec 26, 2009


Dr. Anne glew Revolting. The anti Christian innuendos are blasphemous Lord Blackwood was reading the book of Revelation in jail He is aparody of the Son of God rising from the dead Lord Blackwood, gthe villain is type of Jesus. The sharing of the cup of wine is a parody of communion Lord Blackwood is a son, very much the son of the Grand Master of the Lodge, jsut as Jesus is the Son of God At the end cricifixes are seen in gthe crowd, making the unthinking crowd Christian Even the evil villain's talk of staring a new world is a pardoy of the Christian talk of a new world to come Quiet quite revolting Thbe symbos of the occult are taken from tghe book of revelation Sickening

Dr. Anne glew on Dec 26, 2009


Rrrrooby rooby rooooooo!

JL on Dec 26, 2009


#13 - are you fucking serious?

Brian Ricci on Dec 26, 2009


I heard from two different sources that it was a dud. Boring was the word both used.

Andrew on Dec 26, 2009


Loved every second of it ... Chaplin, Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac and now Sherlock Holmes: Downey is like Depp, simply one cool fucking genuis no matter what movie he is in!

Sam on Dec 26, 2009


#13 Dr. Anne Glew If you're going to try and make an intelligent comment about the occult and Christian themes in the film, please spell correctly and use punctuation. Otherwise it just looks like crazy talk.

Quanah on Dec 26, 2009


Just got back from watching it and it was a fun movie.

Joseph S. on Dec 26, 2009


I was entertained the first hour. I really liked the banter between Law and Downey. I also thought the sets, costumes, etc., were good. I was somewhat disappointed by the plot though; it didn't capture the cleverness of the original stories. Plus, I think they should've shortened it by half an hour. Still though, I hope the movie does well, because they could easily avoid these faults in sequels, and I think it has potential as an entertaining franchise (and welcome relief from the glut of uninspired superhero movies). In the end, I have mixed feelings about it, but if you like movies enough to post on this site, it's probably worth seeing just for the performances of Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. By the way, what's up with all the crazy reactionaries on this site (re: #13)? I had no idea fundamentalist quacks even went to see movies outside those starring Kirk Cameron.

Petoria on Dec 26, 2009


#13 needs to chill out. It was a fantastic movie. Very enjoyable!

Eric on Dec 26, 2009


Disappointing. Could've been far better. If it weren't for the excellent set design and costumes I would've walked out of the theatre. The story was just really, really bad. All over the place. Downey Jr was fun as always, I really enjoyed his take but just couldn't accept him seriously as Holmes Thank goodness we still have Tony Spark.

Hercie on Dec 26, 2009


#13 Dr Ann Glew That rambling nonsense just made you sound like some crazy old witch-woman. I bey you dont have an effing clue what a good movie is. Save your sickening illiterate garbage for people that get off on that stupid meaningless cr@P. Dont post here witch-woman.

Tix on Dec 26, 2009


Stark. Not Spark. You make him sound like a lightning bug or a pyromaniac.

Frank N. Stein on Dec 26, 2009


Hey Dr. Glew, if you haven't noticed the Monomyth (often known as the Christ archetype) is prevalent in pretty much every aspect of Western lit (including myth, lore, novels, novellas, short stories, television, and movies). The Christian Bible is one of the earliest forms of the Monomyth, which basically tells the story of a hero (or anti-hero in some cases) being faced with a problem, struggling with it, descending into chaos/death, and rising to either defeat it or be defeated by it. The Christian Bible is one of the earliest examples of this structure, but it is seen throughout pretty much every story in Western Literature. To say that a story or work of fiction is atrocious because it plays negatively on this formula would be to discredit a huge amount of brilliant work. Take off the blinders and learn to think outside of the box. This movie's obvious aim was to provide action-packed entertainment, not discredit Protestantism or bash Jesus. Thump your Bible elsewhere and/or stick to the Veggie Tales.

Hey #13 on Dec 26, 2009


Great movie. Very stylish. Music was amazing, as well.

Brian on Dec 26, 2009


The beginning was awesome. The middle got kind of "eh" for me. And the end was awesome. OVer all, I kind of liked it. XD The biggest things I went out of the theater saying were that (1) RDJ and Jude Law make a very, very nice team, and (2) the music was absolutely epic. That's my favorite score next to Bear McCreary's Battlestar Galactica score.

Lar on Dec 27, 2009


I really enjoyed this movie it was a very fun movie to watch. Downey Jr was very convincing as Holmes and Jude Law was fantastic as Watson, Mark Strong was brilliant as Blackwood. I hope they continue with a sequel very soon this deserves at least to be a trilogy. I would also like to say to #13 what the hell are you smoking you sound like a total lunatic seriously get a life.

Anti-Fox on Dec 27, 2009


lol guys. #13 is an obvious troll.

Vinnie Cipollone on Dec 27, 2009


I loved the movie, if you found it boring you may have missed a lot of the details. Great cast and good story. As for the bashing of #13 guys leave it alone, if that is his/her conviction great, at least they stand for theirs, maybe you should consider getting some convictions yourself (or just follow others blindly and pile on as a group). Just review the movie and leave others alone. Again loved the movie, I hope there is another.

give your review of the movie on Dec 27, 2009


Toss in some Lovecraft in the next one, and I'll be hooked πŸ™‚

David Banner on Dec 27, 2009


This is NOT Sherlock Holmes It's too '' modern '' and doesn't follow the story at all It's fake , artificialized and '' modernized '' No intelectuality It should be a mixture of intelectuality with drama and mystery with a side of action Not an 'action' film )= The gay thing that the director put in sucked as well and everybody in the audience could see it Just google '' Guy Ritch gay twist '' The director seems a bit off and loony these days in his last movies The whole thing with black magic and bla bla bla sucked as well Here's the deal Sherlock Holmes is generally asexual and intelectual and thought his only love is Irene Adler Irene Adler here SUCKED and well I just couldn't take him and his love interest seriously ... Sherlock Holmes was too gayish in his relationship with Watson for my liking as well It seems like Hollywood cannot produce platonic friendships and brotherhood for men , makes relationships between women far too modern and sexualized as well and sometimes crude or lesbianish when it should be platonic , close and sisterhood And the relationships between men and women ? Equally worse Fake and poppy love It should be mature , pure , passionate and compassionate love instead Next time in Sherlock ( here's my advice ) : - Great Story , visuals and dialogue - Intelectuality , drama , mystery , thriller and some action - Sherlock Holmes is generally asexual ( so PLEASE do NOT sexualize his relationships ) , has a great friendship with Watson and his one true love is Irene Adler BUT do not be too obsessed about it - Irene Adler has to be IT ... this Irene Adler in this movie ? Didn't like it - Watson has a wife and has great platonic relationships with men and women alike This movie was a travesty and merits a 2.5 out of a 10 No seriously It should have never been made

This movie sucks and everything is bastardized on Dec 27, 2009


And when I say gayish I do not men Sherlock Holmes in the nude I quite enjoyed that πŸ™‚ When the maid ran I was grinning =) I mean as in pathetic twist that Guy Ritch ( the director of this movie ) created If you think I'm paranoid then you're quite naive Everybody in the audience and many other saw it Plus if you google it '' Guy ritch gay twist '' then you can see it ( or google '' Guy ritch seething hunger '' )

This movie sucks and everything is bastardized on Dec 27, 2009


#33 'intelectuality'--not a word also, 'intelectual'--correctly spelled 'intellectual' finally, hard to believe anyone that repeatedly mispells the word, 'intellectual,' actually wants to see an intellectual film or would recognize the value of one. why didn't you just abbreviate your post to?: I'm a weird Glenn Beck nut that hates gay people and searches for pro-gay rhetoric everywhere. jesus christ, how pathetic.

Petoria on Dec 27, 2009


Guys, honestly, i walked out of this movie. Way to shit on literature.

Angry Chief on Dec 27, 2009


right on #31, it was enjoyable better than the summer films this year by far.

Jonah on Dec 27, 2009


LOVED IT! Guy Ritichie can do no wrong, well unless you count the Madonna phase. Is there any truth to the Brad Pitt as Professor Moriarty rumor?

Xerxex on Dec 27, 2009


#33 why is it if two men are close, they are considered gay?

Xerxex on Dec 27, 2009


I loved it to shreds. I also really enjoyed the accuracy that Ritchie approached it with in terms of the times and the behavior of real people in real London during the 1890s. We always tend to think that our ancestors didn't know how to be cool or have a riot. Every era that's passed was 'most modern' in comparison to the ones before--everyone seems to forget this. And that graveyard they opened the coffin is right by where I live! I walk through there all the time! I never heard about them shooting there! My favorite shot was when we pan away from Blackwood hung from the unfinished tower bridge. The music was cool. As was the opening with the logos formed in the cobblestone streets.

George on Dec 28, 2009


Like... 14 million times better than Rock n' Rolla. wtf happened with that one anyway? Ah well. Glad to see Mr. Ritchie back on track.

bozoconnors on Dec 28, 2009


First of all I have to say if someone is a die hard fan of Sherlock Holmes and another just merely knows his name and that hes a detective they are both going to perceive the movie differently. I've been in love with Sherlock Holmes (not literally) since I was 10; even before I had even read the book. I actually made out with the thing I loved it so much (creepo yes? haha I was 10 give me a brake!) The series made me laugh and was the 1st to make me cry (A study and Scarlet). Holmes and Watson felt almost real to me so when I heard the movie was coming out two years ago I was really excited! Knowing of my own obsession I knew I was going to be a bit disappointed. However I liked it a lot more than I thought I would've! The story line was very interesting, I loved the Watson/Holmes relationship (I thought it was cute how Holmes didn't want to lose his buddy to Mary). I was a bit anal with the details though-but I expected that. However I was really disappointed with Irene Adler-The writers completely butchered her character! I wanted to throw her off a bridge (haha). I did not like how obsessed Holmes was with her. I think there should have been just a Watson and Holmes dynamic. I think the gay thing is quite foolish as is how Irene was used as a love interest. I agree with the whole asexual thing along with Homes being Homosexual. It is made quite clear in the book-stated by Watson that Holmes has no interest in relationships with women..or them in general. He had just admired Irene Adler for outsmarting him. If he is Homosexual (which I dont see the big deal) he isn't flamboyant with it, which is understandable for those times. If this movie were made 30 years ago no one would even think if whether he was gay or not Overall a good movie just no more love interests!

Hannah =] on Dec 28, 2009


I have been a big fan of Holmes and Watson since I was a boy of seven years old. I loved Jeremy Brett's potrayl of The Detective, showing his eccentric side was what was best about Brett's Holmes. And so, also, is Robert Downey Jr.'s. Right down to the ginger midget, and the gun shots in the shape of the VR: Victoria Regina, this felt not only like a very good movie but like one of those cases that Watson and Holes talk about in the books but are never in the books! It was that good, in my opinion. This is a great companion piece to The Complete Sherlock Holmes and the Jeremy Brett collection. An accurate depiction of Watson and Holmes' Martial prowess! Brilliant! #33 and #42 are horribly wrong. It is implied, if you read all the stories, that Watson was married multiple times and was not gay. Now having said that this movie makes a great companion piece and each piece of fiction is able to be it's own take on fiction...There was no Homosexual subtext in this movie, at all. None. Jeremy Brett's Holmes, the Episode "A Scandal in Bohemia", is implied--at the end of the episode-- that Holmes fell for Adler. And there is an opinion among many Sherlockians that Holmes LOST to Adler because he was at least taken with her and infatuated with her, if not in love. A master Criminal and Co-nartist and a The One and Only Great Detective--a forbidden love but a perfect one. I'd give this film a 8 or 9 out of 10 , if not for the possible disappointment of there not being a sequal this would have been a perfect film to me. As for everyone who said this was boring...I think a Michael Bay movie is calling for you. Cheers!

Filmguy297 on Dec 29, 2009


To #13 and's a movie. It's created for entertainment, and it's far more engrossing than listening to self-proclaimed intellectuals waste entire pages complaining about it. Seriously, I stopped reading about 3 sentences into your raves. If you're truly that smart, perhaps you could devote your time to the ills of the world rather than that of the cinema. Let's see your "intelectuality" (hahahahahaha) at work then.

Oh Please on Dec 29, 2009


It was great... while not stupendous or superb, it was great, it was entertaining, and that's exactly what I was expecting and hoping for. The screen chemistry between Downey and Law made the movie for me, I saw myself and a good friend of mine transported to the big screen and placed in an outrageous world, which is what it is all about, being taken somewhere else and enjoying the ride. I'd give the movie a solid 9/10, due to some very few short-comings in regard to the performance of a particular leading lady in the film being less than believable.

case on Dec 29, 2009


hey #1 Mike Maloney thanks for the fucking spoiler.

Hemulen on Dec 30, 2009


Well, let me see.. saw it today, and it's very reminiscent of the 1985 movie Young Sherlock Holmes. The evil cabal, making it look like it's black magic when it's really technology and science, etc etc etc. However, I enjoyed the movie overall. Even in spite of Downey's occasional loss of accent, and the fact that everything I have ever read about these 2 suggests that Holmes is the tall one and Watson the not-so-tall one. With that aside, I thought the movie overall was a solidly entertaining little bit of fun. Yes, Rachel McAdams is a bit out of her league as Irene, but otherwise a fine cast. Downey certainly has been on a hot streak with his choice in roles, and the whole Watson/Holmes friendship didn't feel forced at all. Overall, a B+ (I am taking some points away for the aformentioned story rip and wandering accent).

Jim in California on Dec 30, 2009


Could have been edited to improve the pacing - the dialogue and story were great, but the fast and techno like camera moves were off putting and unnecessary. The authentic look of London was great and the sound fx really stood out as a winning factor. Downey was as good as we come to expect and I warmed up to Jude Law, but his voice was a little annoying.

dom on Dec 31, 2009


here's another interesting article on Sherlock Holmes

Dead Man on Jan 3, 2010


I thought the movie in general was phenominal. can't wait to go see it again and view the sequel!! Even though the story was not one of the original Sherlock mysteries, I still enjoyed it and felt like it was up to par with modern day, more people could warm up to it. I usually do not like Jude Law in anything, but i enjoyed his work as Watson, and the work between him and Downey Jr. was just great. and there's not much you can say about Robert's role... It was just too awesome, go see for yourself if you haven't already... The only character I didn't like in this movie was Rachel McAdams, she's beautiful to look at and all, but I just wasn't feeling it. Of course who doesn't like a little romance in a movie? yes, the Irene Adler thing was completely wrong but I say let's all just get over it. #24 haha, like it, good one # 33, get a life #13... OMG just omg

Lexi on Jan 4, 2010


I can't wait the 2nd sherlock holmes!! pelase do it fast!

Mica on May 2, 2010


I and my family absolutely love this movie! Everything is brilliant from the beginning to the end of the credits. And thank you Guy Richie for making a great film without the unnecessary sex, violence, and profanity. We anxiously await the next installment.

Mona Snyder on May 11, 2010


I absolutely loved the movie and I think Downey did an amazing job. Me and my friends are filmmakers ourselves and we loved the movie so much that we are making our own sequel to it. I've watched the movie maybe 50-80 times already and I have to say that honestly, it never gets old!!!!

Thomas on May 18, 2010


Brilliant! Seen it dozens of times - now got it on blu-ray and keep watching it. I really seriously cannot believe that anyone thinks it is boring!! I mean - what are you looking for in an action movie? I hope the next two sequels - and there will be two more, I'm sure - will keep up with the high level set. The banter's great, and I think they should push more of that in the next films and less (if only a little less) of the action. Just great fun - first went with my whole family, all different ages, and all came away feeling really entertained. RDJ just gets better and better, and Jude Law gives such a physical and determined Watson - not the buffoons of the Rathbone era. 9/10. Would have been a straight ten, but got doubts over Rachel Tar macadam!

GB on May 25, 2010


I just hope that all the people involved in Sherlock Holmes gets to see this, I can honestly say that out of all the blockbusters in the last 2 years this film has it all. What more can I say, its a great film, its a long time since I watched a film twice over within 48hrs ! Please make more !!!! and dont change the cast, its perfect. Bravo !!! The games a-foot !!!

Rob Geary on Jul 20, 2010


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