Sound Off: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Thoughts?

July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The latest whimsical installment in the on-going Harry Potter series finally hit theaters today (after being delayed eight months), but is it a step up or a step down from Order of the Phoenix? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince brings back director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves, who last wrote Goblet of Fire but not Order of the Phoenix. Could this be the best in the series so far? Or is it another disappointment? How does it compare to the book? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

To fuel the fire, I absolutely loved this movie. I've been a huge fan of this series all along, but this could be my new personal favorite. Something about it just seemed more polished and refined than ever before and they brought back some of the magic that was missing from some of the most recent movies. At the same time, however, it balances comedy, a darker story, great character development, and wonderful visuals in a way that I don't think any Harry Potter movie has done before. Even the visual effects and especially the cinematography were vastly improved this time. Even at 153 minutes, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

What did you think of Half-Blood Prince? How does it rank against the other Harry Potters?

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It wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't the best of the Potter films. The pacing was sporadic at best and the overall feel just didn't feel right. The magic seemed to be missing from this installment, and with a franchise that's about to hit it's homestretch, it's heading forward with an extreme lack of momentum.

jmjtitan1818 on Jul 15, 2009


I agree with #1 except I hated it a bit more.

Farris on Jul 15, 2009


Alex, if you read the books you would not love this movie. That being said, this was my 2nd favorite book in the franchise, and this is probably my 3rd or 4th favorite out of the film franchise. It was good, but it needed a lot of work. I felt nothing for any of the characters, a lot of the mystery was gone, there was no sense of wonderment. For god's sake Dumbledore uses The Force! It lacked a lot, but still had somethings of value. It gets a C+ to a B-. I hope the next two make up for the franchises recent folley.

Movieraider321 on Jul 15, 2009


Alex love everything, regards of content. All it needs is CGI and the capacity to piggy-back off an already established fan base.

Tommy Haddock on Jul 15, 2009


I thought this was good but it was not what I was hoping it would be. The last 30 minutes of the movie was just horrible. It felt rushed and I didn't get a sense of shock or any kind of emotion at the shocker ending. I'm a huge fan of the book so of course I am going to be critical. Anyone think the PG rating hurt the movie? The way they ended the movie took away all suspense, mystery, emotion, theories that you got when reading the book. It's always a different experience from book to movie but you can still have that sense of mystery and leave you thinking maybe he isn't dead?! Where does Snapes allegiance lie and so forth. I have never been so dissatisfied with a ending like I am with this one. What a unimaginative and bland/flat way to end it. The movie was great all around but it makes me terrified to see the 7th movie.

Curtis G on Jul 15, 2009


#5 you picked the movie apart but at the end said it was great all around, so which is it? Where there tons of problems or a great movie? As far as I'm concerned you can't have a movie be both.

????? on Jul 15, 2009


Dull, is the word I'd use to sum up this one. I'm not a huge Potter fan, the films aren't really my thing (my name has even been on the credits of the last 4 films) but I'm happy to sit and watch the others when I stumble upon them on TV etc. No matter what I liked or disliked about the previous films I've never found them dull. I was genuinely bored by this one. There were so much left under developed or unexplained to fit in more of the "teenage love story". What makes it more disappointing is that after the film I sat in a bar with my girlfriend and pointed out all the problems I had with the film to which she mostly replied "yeah that was in the book, the cut that out". Its gorgeous to look at and the adult cast is simple fantastic. The rest is just kind of, average.

scotty on Jul 15, 2009


damn, Is there any blockbuster that can get positive responses lol

Blue & Orange NY on Jul 15, 2009


To be honest, I was expecting so much more... I got bored, and most of the movie felt like an episode of Dawson's Creek... The Scenes that counted were way too short... It felt like a marathon... Also, this new look of darker = blurry/hazy with dull colours doesnt really suite the series... Look at how awesome The Scorcers Stone & Chamber of Secrets looked, it had a much better tone. I'd give it 4/10

Ramone on Jul 15, 2009


the ending is too short and need more lake thing but still pretty good that it got off the lensh of the book with the scene with THE BURROW

Nerdherdfan999 on Jul 15, 2009


the ending is too short and need more lake thing but still pretty good that it got off the lensh of the book with the scene with THE BURROW

Nerdherdfan999 on Jul 15, 2009


@#6 It was a great movie, the ending just made it not be an amazing movie. It had great visuals, nice balance of comedy, good acting, good balanced story. I was just dissatisfied with the ending and the last 30 minutes. You can have a great movie and still have negative thoughts about it. Not many perfect movies are made these days.

Curtis G on Jul 15, 2009


I was totally disappointed by this film. I am a HUGE fan of the books and this just was not half as good as what i was expecting. They were a few good scenes, Dumbledore drinking the liquid was one of them but overall the film was poor. There was far too much missed out and far too much was changed. The last 30 minutes were absolutely terrible, everything happened far too quickly, there was no battle at Hogwarts which i was REALLY looking forward too and Greyback was not given a big enough part AT ALL. I could sit here for hours and complain about how they did a lot of things in the film, overall i really didn't like it. The directors should stick to the book and not add unnecessary things, such as Harry at the train station or the burrow being blown up. REALLY really disappointing.

Katy on Jul 15, 2009


From the movie point of view, it was pretty good, i enjoyed it. But from the book point of view, it was terrible. They only dedicated about half an hour to what's in the book, the rest they kinda made up on hteir own. For most of it, it's like they weren't even trying to make it like the book.

Luna on Jul 15, 2009


#14 (Katy) You Rock!!!! I fully Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramone on Jul 15, 2009


I think the first two films were amazing, the third was still extremely good, the fourth was okay and then the fifth and sixth have just been so disappointing. So much was wrong with this film its unbelievable. Sure there was some funny bits that made everybody in the cinema laugh, but its harry potter it's not about making people laugh!!!! The director should have concentrated more on getting the main plot of the book into the film than trying to make the audience laugh and trying to show the characters maturity.

Katy on Jul 15, 2009


Yeah, it's Harry Potter, it's about getting everything wrong... I'll admit, I despise the people, books, and movies (coming from a HUGE mythology/fantasy/etc fanatic) but Order of the Phoenix I saw and rather enjoyed the visuals and thought it wasn't rather bad. Tried another, I think it was the first. Don't recall because I grew bored of it quickly. I don't know how people stand this. Read a real book.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 15, 2009


EPIC FAIL. I don't even know where to start! I don't think david yates reads at all because he has no clue about the main points of these stories. First he takes The Order of the Phoenix and fails to really introduce The Order of the Phoenix!!!! After this movie they still have not been introduced(as well as the death eaters). Now he takes The Half Blood Prince, a story about learning the secrets, strengths and weaknesses of Riddle and makes it a side story along with the emergence of the actual Half Blood Prince. The movie had no energy and the acting was poor. I can't blame the actors because we've seem them do well before. It all starts at the top ..... I think Yates should step down for the last two movies! ps Can anybody tell me what was the purpose of the vanishing cabinet if their was not going to be a fight? He brought them in to run away with him????

Jason H on Jul 15, 2009


#18 quick comment, in case you're totally daft, this is a childrens' book series, and while I personally don't believe that this takes anything away from the series, you have to realize that the series is meant for a younger audience, and as such is not written perhaps, to your literary standards. The majority of the avid fanbase for this series are those people who grew up with the books.

Sean on Jul 15, 2009


In fact, I think that alot of what was wrong with this movie was the fact that the director forgot it was a kids book, and while this does not mean it should be childish, there is supposed to be a certain sense of wonder attached to it. Instead of focusing on the idea that magic is an incredible thing, Mr. Yates decided that he would focus on the fact that wizards and witches are people too. He tried too hard to humanize the characters and ended up having them lose some of their personalities and having to rush through the IMPORTANT parts of the story. I go to a Harry Potter movie and want to recapture the early wonder of my childhood, but this movie just reminded me of the awkward years of teenage life that one can find in any average highschool...

Sean on Jul 15, 2009


I can't believe that Yates put in that stupid scene at the Burrow and then completely left out most of the "memories" and Dumbledore's funeral. We were all waiting for a few minutes to grieve and the credits roll. The entire audience was upset over that. Is JK really putting up with this idiot destroying her story?

Jill on Jul 15, 2009


I don't hear anyone blaming Steve Kloves for the way this film turned out. He wrote the fuckin' script for shit's sake. How about David Barron, David Heyman, Tim Lewis, and Lionel Wigram: The producers. They approve the script and hire the director. Essentially, they're in charge of content. You want to blame someone, blame them...Not Yates. That being said: It's a film, not the book. The book was just material to draw from, but by no means anything that we were ever going to see put to the screen shot for shot. Take a film class for fuck's sake. You might start to understand it. The film was good. The acting was better in this one then the others.

Quanah on Jul 15, 2009


who's Harry Potter?

JEFFREY on Jul 15, 2009


Thanks for the spoiler alert Jill # 20 you dumb ass! God Dammitt!!!!

CHOWCHOW on Jul 15, 2009


LOVED it... best one so far! everyone who compares these movies so stringently to the books is completely missing the point... that's what Chris Columbus did, and while faithful, they didn't work as well as films. No other fan base is as ridiculous in asking to see their beloved books adapted word for word on screen. As a film, it was brilliant. The way they handled Dumbledore's exit with the raised wands was better and more impacting than the book version would have been on screen. I had chills. And you complain about a lack of action? The best of this series have never been about "the action" and take a look at Terminator Salvation or Transformers 2, who put an emphasis on the action. I'm fully behind David Yates and can't wait to see what he does with the final 2!

CG on Jul 15, 2009


how can you possibly love it??? nothing was explained. if you have never read the books you wont be able to understand anything of the 7th film from the half blood prince!! The main parts of the half blood prince is tom riddles life and memories and ginny and harrys relationship. neither of which are explained in this film. you see two flashbacks of tom riddle, and learn hardly anything about horocruxes. If you wanna watch a film just to make you laugh and see peoples relationships then fair enough you may enjoy it but in my opinion that is not what harry potter is about!

Katy on Jul 15, 2009


It just doesn't have the magic that Ocean's Eleven does.

Steven Spielberg on Jul 15, 2009


how was the new "where the wild things are" trailer?

logan on Jul 15, 2009


@15: I agree with you. I had to learn to separate the film series from the book series in order to enjoy it. As a film adaptation (adaptation being the key word), it was truly spectacular. But as far as being true to the book, absolutely not. Am I disappointed with that? Maybe a little. But the film is not the book. If you want something true to the book, *read the book*. @21: I agree with your comment 100%, but people are dumb. They blame the director for everything because he's in charge. I don't particularly care for Steve Kloves' screenplay, but I think that the actors and Yates did a good job with what they were given, and I for one was pretty happy with it.

Jen on Jul 15, 2009


@21 I understand what you are saying, but when I go to see a movie based on a book, I would like for the movie to resemble the book. It felt like Kloves read the back cover for insight. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Why take away all the emotion and suspense that the book made you feel and replace it with nothingness. O wait, I know why he did. It's all about the Benjamins. I would love to see someone who had true passion for the story write the script.

Curtis G on Jul 15, 2009


The opening scene had our audience stifled. It felt like everyone was sitting there asking what the heck is this. I personally feel that adding this stuff to a good story cheapens the feel of the story by making Dumbledore sound like he cares about the cheap love life of Harry in a negative way, even if that was not the case. It made Harry look like he was going down a spiral path that was not indicated in the books. This was a poor addition and waste of film time in my opinion. I'm not sure who talked JK into this part, (and I am really wanting to love this film and not be rude) but shame on you. The Weasley characters and locations like the shop and home were good and the funny parts of the love stories were great. The love potion part of the film was the only portion of the film I really enjoyed and remembered afterwards. It had great humor and showed some development between Hermione and Ron. But how the love stories ended up and how the Weasley twins end up in the story was a really flat and it felt very empty. If the love stories were your main focus, (as it seemed it was) why would you not build them up and leave the relationships barely surviving at the end of the film. I understand the idea of leading the relationships somewhat subtle and hoping the audience is begging for more. However, I don't think you came close to that. It was more like an exclamation of, "That's it?!?!?" Not having the battle scene by filling so much more with the extra "unnecessary" fluff that was added was the biggest let down of any of the films so far. This was what everyone in the audience seemed to be hanging on for. We all wanted to see our heroes become brave and strong. We expected to see some development in their characters like Luna and Longbottom did in ‘Order of the Phoenix.’ That was such a let down in this film that This is the first time I have not rated a Harry Potter movie as a 10 since the series began. I sadly hit this one as a 7. I loved the scene with the Inferi. The “Golum” like creatures were fantastic and the adventure of this portion of the movie was great. I missed the smart dialogue that came in the book where Harry kept convincing Dumbledore to drink. I am not sure why that was left out since that scene went on long enough to add it without length change to the film. There are times where it seems that when making this movie, there is no care for keeping such great writing dialogue that already exists in the books. This sometimes seems a bit disrespectful from a viewer’s point of view. The end was as dull and flat as any movie that had almost no budget at all. Talk about leaving you feeling unfulfilled. I truly hope that since this director and writer are doing the last film, that they take some time to listen to how people felt about this one. I would hate to see the end of this series end this flat.

Donovan on Jul 15, 2009


Great movie. I didn't read the book, so I don't know if the movie and the book are alike. It's a pitty that the whole love-thing is getting more serious every time.. I enjoyed it: 8,5

Robbie on Jul 15, 2009


It completely astonishes me that they handed directing duties on Order of the Phoenix to a guy who'd *never directed a movie before* - much less an enormous mega-budget franchise film - and then gave that same imbecile the job of directing *all of the remaining films*. I mean - what the hell? How did that happen? How does David Yates go from being some BBC director to the guy at the helm of frickin' FOUR out of eight of the biggest movies of all time? Was nobody else available? Were there no actual real, successful, established, experienced, *talented* directors who wanted to be involved on any of the final films? Why did the producers feel they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and settle on this tone-deaf hack? Who did Yates sleep with to get this gig? Everyone?

Random Canadian on Jul 15, 2009


the lake scene was amazing and you really saw Harry and dumbledores acting skills. Tom felton was incredible, the main reason i actually stayed in the theater watching this film. The ending was awful, no funeral, no battle, harry not stunned under his cloak...just totally wrong. not enough flashbacks no development of harry and ginny MESS MESS MESS

Katy on Jul 15, 2009


I don't think I'll go to see this movie. In the past I've seen the movies but felt disappointed.

Sergio Rivera on Jul 15, 2009


As I sit on my bed at 3:30 a.m. and munch on the 3.57 pounds of candy I bought prior to the midnight screening of HP6 (something that I am sure I will regret come sunrise), I once again find myself reflective of the experience which I just went through, and so I’ve decided that I’ll write my second review of a Harry Potter film, though hopefully it won’t be anywhere near as long as my last. The length of that sentence doesn’t really reinforce my hope. Oh, well. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a great film in many ways, however after just emerging from the midnight screening, I could not help but feel a sense of—and there is truly no other word to describe it—disappointment. At the time, I could not place this sense of emptiness, that somehow Warner Bros. once again came up short of my expectations, but now, after having a bit of time to reflect (30 minutes, at that), I think I can with confidence pinpoint the reason for this feeling. If you’ve read my review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you’ll know that in my opinion, it’s really the most difficult book to deal with because Harry has suddenly changed character, and all the subplots cloud what the book’s sole purpose is: to have us discover that Harry is the one destined to defeat (or be defeated by) Voldemort. This translated into a movie that was really all over the place, the plot aimlessly wandering from one episode to the next, with us as the audience lost as to what to expect next. HBP, in contrast, has three clearly defined plot strands: the love subplot, the Draco/Death Eaters subplot, and the Harry-Slughorn-Tom Riddle main plot. The problem with the plot structure that was set up is that the love subplot takes precedence over all others in the film. Contrary to what director David Yates claims, the humor derived from the students’ traipses into teenage relationships (and their accompanying angst) does not enhance the film, but does the opposite: it mutes its emotional gravitas. Let me elaborate on what I mean. At the beginning of the film, before we even see the title screen, we are witness to a mournful scene, as paparazzi almost savagely take photos of Dumbledore and Harry who are standing outside the Department of Mysteries, the echoes of Bellatrix Lestrange’s taunting “I killed Sirius Black!” still ringing in Harry’s ears. This obviously takes place immediately after the battle in the room with the veil, and can be considered an “outtake” of sorts from the end of the fifth movie. Then comes the title screen itself. For the first time in the series’ history, the cloud-enveloped title is not accompanied by the trumpet fanfare of John Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme,” but rather a dismal chord that pays homage to the scene we just witnessed. Next, we are witness to an attack within Diagon Alley, a rather scary event that includes the taking of a hostage with a bag over his head, immediately followed by the destruction of the Millennium Bridge. All of these things make us as the viewers expect one film, when in fact we get a completely different one. The portrait painted by these opening scenes is very grim: Harry Potter, as a series, has finally grown up. Yet, once we get to Hogwarts, it’s all fun and games: people snogging everywhere, jealousy at every turn. Lavender Brown was put into the limelight for far too long, and after the first 45 minutes, Cormac McLaggen is all but forgotten. While all this love in the air does make Hogwarts seem the last refuge for wizardkind against Voldemort, it is drawn out for far too long and in the end creates abrupt shifts in plot, an emotional rollercoaster for the viewer. If only this subplot was downplayed just a smidge, the film would be truly balanced, for the rest of it is BRILLIANT. Both the child and teenage Voldemort are ridiculously intense, a much better casting than the teenage Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. While I’m on the topic, this is the first Harry Potter film where I can legitimately believe that every actor was completely on top of their game. This is especially significant for our core trio. They’ve all finally matured physically and emotionally. The moment I truly noticed this was just after Ron’s been given the antidote to his love potion: his face changes ever-so-subtly, and you can tell that he felt its effect. From just a NUANCE. Fantastic. And Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy? Gave me shivers. Could not have been a better person to play Draco’s mother and Lucius’ wife. The love subplot truly slows down the rhythm of the film. However, once we hit the point where Harry takes the Felix Felicis (and that nasty subplot goes away forever), it is—there is no other way to describe it—edge-of-your-seat intense. It was so intense that I literally had to think of other things while watching the movie to slow my heart down – I thought something bad was going to happen, it was beating so fast. I’ll sum up my feelings about the few closing parts of the movie briefly: The cave scene: PERFECT. The inferi: my precioussssssss???? The firestorm: FUCKING AWESOME. Dumbledore’s death: to-the-tee faithful to the book. (Though shouldn’t Harry have been restrained against his will??) The lack of the battle, according to Yates, was to save all the gunpowder for the last chapter. However, I found this to leave the movie on a very odd note; it felt incomplete. Every Harry Potter movie up to this point has had a battle as its climax. The climax here was the confrontation at the astronomy tower and arguably Dumbledore’s death (not really a climax… lowmax?) The lack of Dumbledore’s funeral wasn’t missed, as I felt the lifting of the wands in tribute to him was just as moving. Something to note: I couldn’t bring myself to cry at all in the theater… I wanted to, but the intensity of the scene leading up to his death overpowered my emotional circuitry… The most poignant moment was when we get a shot of the Great Hall completely empty, Dumbledore’s empty chair serving as a somber memorial. In conclusion, I give this movie a 4 out of 5. If only the love scenes were taken down a notch, this would be the PERFECT Harry Potter movie. I agree with the professional reviewers when they say this film felt like a prelude to Deathly Hallows. This sense was created by the lack of climax in the action of the film (in fact the most action we saw the entire film was during the Quidditch match). I look forward to November 21, 2010, and the beginning of the end of the film series, which promises to be spectacular.

inspiredefined on Jul 15, 2009


I can't believe how many people on here didn't enjoy this. The film was fantastic. A huge improvement over The Order of the Phoenix. @#33: David Yates has done an exceptional job. The last movie did not measure up to the previous installments but it was still a good film. Not a great film, but a good one. He has obviously learned a lot since then because The Half Blood Prince was incredible. By far the darkest, funniest and most entertaining film of the franchise. If he was a bad director, he wouldn't have been able to draw out the performances he did from the three leading actors. And the midnight showings wouldn't have sold out faster than The Dark Knight. So grow up. You just want something to complain about and of course you're entitled to your opinions but many of you are voicing them in an immature manner. This is my favorite film in the series

wow on Jul 15, 2009



N. on Jul 15, 2009


I enjoyed it no matter what it was missing, it's just a enjoyable film 🙂

Gavin on Jul 15, 2009



Dissapointed Fan on Jul 15, 2009


i agree with #38, it was entertaining, enjoyable time...did it have everything I translated into film never do. take it for what it is..the build up to the finish of a series we have loved/hated depending on the book/film.

mama3 on Jul 15, 2009


I really enjoyed the movie!! I think it's one of the best films so far. I honestly don't think the absence of Dumbledore's funeral detracts from the film - I agree with #35 about the raising of the wands being just as moving. I actually think the missing battle at Hogwarts wasn't a bad thing - after the huge scene at the cave, I don't think the movie needed to go into an all out battle sequence. I would've liked to see Harry under the cloak and unable to move in the astronomy tower, I would've liked to have seen the proper development of Harry/Ginny and the burrow scene should probably have been replaced by something that was actually in the book, but overall, I loved the film. Was very impressed with Tom Felton - he delivered a much better performance than I was expecting. And the trio were all great - best acting of the series so far. Can't wait for Deathly Hallows!!!

Hannah on Jul 15, 2009


very ENJOYABLE, not mind boggingly good, but enjoyable, a few laughs, a few wows, but i certainly wasnt enraptured by the whole thing. and yes, the last 30 minutes are very unsatisfying, for me, someone who has never read the books, and for my friends, who have read the books.

Brian Barajas on Jul 15, 2009


@22, exactly

CLZ on Jul 15, 2009


@35 you thought the cave scene was perfect? Guess you where watching something different than the rest of us.

Curtis G on Jul 15, 2009


the movie wasnt bad but wasnt the best it was really entertaining throughout the movie even though there were some boring scenes through the movie but still entertaining and was i the only one that saw harry wasnt wearing any lens in his glasses when they were staring at the weaselys house on fire? well i think that was the scene anyways when did tonks start dating wolf dude i kinda forgot his name but still wat the hell and no i didnt read the book i never really had time do actually go to my bookstore and get it well i really hope the next 2 movies will be incredible and i think snape did not betray albus i think he was told to do that because 1.he made a promise to dracos mom 2. if albus trusted him i dont think he was that stupid he probably knew he was going to die that way he wouldnt give away him being a spy or something for albus so yea this was my first ever comment on any movie because i think it was really necessary so i give this movie 8/10

chino on Jul 15, 2009


I felt that the editing was lacking. There was hardly any of the magical and dark music that encompasses all the other Potter films. Also, this was supposed to be a very dark movie, and only the end was truly dark or unforgiving. Even though I read all the books, I felt disconnected from the story because some things were not explained well. The filming was well done, and the details were marvelous, but if this film(with the 8 month delay it had) could have had better editing, then it would have been much more entertaining. As it stands, I prefer the Order of the Phoenix.

Somni on Jul 15, 2009


ok... I've read all these comment... SO is it worth the IMAX? I just hate the fact that we have to wait 'til the 29th for IMAX... ugh!

Tony on Jul 15, 2009


@44 when I say the cave scene was perfect, I mean that the set and the acting was spot-on... Dumbledore's pleading with Harry was truly heart-wrenching... the only irk I have with the scene was the inferi, who looked more like Gollum's long-lost family than reanimated corpses...

inspiredefined on Jul 15, 2009


also, curtis, in response to some of your other posts, yeah, I mentioned that in my review about the lack of emotional impact created by the thrill of the cave scene... and I have a theory that since we all know what's coming already (SPOILER: Snape's actually good) we couldn't possibly have the same feeling of mystery/suspense that we had after reading the 6th book... I should also mention that I haven't read book 6 since 07, just before the last book came out; I plan on doing that as soon as I get through book 5 again, so my review doesn't reflect much on the quality of the adaptive screenwriting

inspiredefined on Jul 15, 2009


never actually got into all this potter shit,for me their is only one fucking wizard & his name is gandalf.

zetsu on Jul 15, 2009


I think something that people should know is that when you go to see a movie based off a book, you should NOT compare it to the book at all. Because OBVIOUSLY is will NEVER be as good as the book. It is a wonderful series written by Jo Rowling and that is why it's being made into movies. Because it's an excellant story. That being said I would like to say that I truly enjoyed this movie. Before this movie only One and Two, I believe, could stand on their own as movies. I was very much dissapointed with 3-5 as I feel that the acting was poor[not the trio's fault, they are only children] and the script even worse at parts. I feel that the 3-5 are only to be looked at as 'Companions' to the books. Because if you did not read the books you had no idea what was really going on. My greatest example of this is my brother who has not read the books but whom I always go to see these movies with. I always discuss with him at the end how he felt because he is there for the movie. He's looking for a story on screen because he's never read the books. And after movies 3-5 he always would ask me, "So..what really happened?" And I would then have to explain what he was missing and then it would piece together for him. This is not how a MOVIE should be made. WB should not be assuming each person in the audience has read the books. I feel this movie, though there was some irksome changes, was the best MOVIE thus far. It told a real story, the acting was far better, it set up the next installment[rather than some cheesy ending with Dan's face plastered to my screen] and flowed very wel. Back and forth from action to fun/romance so I was never bored.

Ashley on Jul 15, 2009


Also, I want to add, even though there was changed made I like their version of the story. Of course they need to change things to get a message across where you aren't reading it. If it was exactly like the book the move would be almost 24+ hours long.

Ashley on Jul 15, 2009


I didnt see it but is it just me or is every "AWESOME SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER" turning out to be total shit to everyone...only one I thought that has came through is Star trek and I guess T2 but not really. Dont know I am just really disappointed with the movies lately. Really hope District 9 and Avatar come through but those are ones that seem like they just cant fail.

Cody on Jul 15, 2009


David Yates needs to step down, along with Nicholas Hooper. Bring back Cuaron, bring back John Williams. Fix it. I was dissappointed that there was no funeral.

Cody on Jul 15, 2009


I learned a long time ago to judge adaptations not on how faithful they are to the material but to let them stand away - as long as they're basically faithful to the book and its themes the filmmakers need room to find their own ways of expressing things and adjusting the story so we end up with an actual film and not a scene by scene rendition of the book. I think this is a strong contender for the best Harry Potter film - along with the 3RD and 4TH films. Yates didn't do much with Order of Phoenix and we ended up with a film that was both bland, unengaging, AND unfaithful. Half Blood Prince is, at times - more unfaithful than people who've read the book would hope -, but it's for the most part a great adaptation. A five star production and a four star film, I'd say. And it makes you want to walk out of the theater, take a few steps down the hall and sit down again to watch the two Deathly Hallows adaptation. Bravo Yates, bravo Hooper! (Although if Williams returns for the last two films that's fine by me, but Hooper's score is very good this time.)

Timothy on Jul 15, 2009


Easily the best Harry Potter film to date and the only one that has met my standards thus far. The first two were utter rubbish, suffering rather badly from being too slavish to the material and also being the beginning of a story they didn't know the ending to. Third film, well directed, poorly written. Fourth, possibly the worst written of the series, coupled with a competent yet reckless director. Mike Newell made a fine film, but he never thought of his film as a part of a series. He removed anything that wasn't relevant to his film (this also happened to a lesser extent in film 3) so that Order of the Phoenix was burdened with three films worth of exposition. Obviously that hurt film 5 pretty badly. Order of the Phoenix, not a favourite of mine, but a lot of its faults were inherited. It was better written (all things considered) than the previous films, and finally there was a director that understood these films are more like a seven (or eight) episode TV series than a set of lossely connected films. (You'll note David Yates is the only director to show strong visual connections to previous installments. He litterally shows what's on the character's minds and reminds the audience what has happened in the past with a simple visual cue. Sadly with the sound designers and composers changing from film to film, these moments aren't as powerful as they could have been). Film six was the first Harry Potter to realise it is a film, and exposition needs to be carried closely with a strong visual or aural moment. A lot of Horcrux backstory was cut out, much to the disappointment of fans, but that will be carried over into films 7 and 8 where they will be present much closer to the action. Film functions very differently from books in terms of set-up (which is why they shouldn't have started making the films until the final book was written... that's just stupidity). The earlier films stuck too closely to the books and were limp, lifeless affairs. Yes, it's dark and brooding, but it's also book 6. It had to get darker. There was a comment from above complaining the film didn't remind him/her of their childhood, but rather their teenage years... The characters are 16, not 10. For those who haven't read the book, that's kind of the point. Book 6 is my favourite and I love the series. It's nice to finally see an acceptable (and that's all it is) Harry Potter film. It's not great by long shot, but this one gets a lot more right than wrong.

Mark on Jul 15, 2009


To me the film felt much like POTC 2, I left the cinema feeling numb. But besides that everything was excellent. The acting was top notch, major kudos to Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint they carried the film beautifully. And major Kudos to Bonnie Wright she came out of nowhere from more of a side character to a bigger and much more strectched character. Gambon really proved to be the right fit for Dumbledore and Alan Rickman was stupendous yet again. Tom Felton was amazing in this much larger role! My only problem with it was the pacing, to slow honestly but usually I can over look that issue. Which brings me back to the Pirates 2 comparsion, to long and left feeling a bit "numb" but I loved it. But to be frank Order of the Phoenix was better this is much like Goblet of Fire just a way to continue on to a better film, which I hope the last installment will be. In simpler words go see it! It is wondeful in its entirety. Form you're own opinion! 8 1/2-10! 3 1/2-4!

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2009


Random Canadian, Yates is the bomb. Way more in the vein of Cuaron than Nichols, Goblet of Fire is the worst in the series. Order of the Phoenix was the best since Azkaban. His choice of cinematographers is impeccable. Yates has worked in British television before and in fact helmed the BBC mini- series State of Play, which is way better than the Hollywood adaptation. No need for a established "director" when you have one with natural talent you can get for cheap. After his run with the Potter franchise, he won't be such a bargain for studios. So far he is two-for-two in my book! Save the complaints about "missing scenes" for another medium people. This is a film adaptation, not an audiobook! Why bother going at all. Every scene and bit of detail from any book will NEVER make it into a movie. In a book, you can take all the time you want. In film, you are restricted by the nature of the medium. The placement of the camera itself is a edit choice, get over it people!!!!!!!

Drew on Jul 15, 2009


Oh and a minor note for those complaining Dumbledore's funeral was cut, I'm pretty certain that's the opening of film seven. Once again, it's to help the people who haven't read the books remember what happened in the last film. Personally, I think it was a wise choice.

Mark on Jul 15, 2009


I loved it because it combined the charm of the first few movies with the tension of Voldemort's return. The acting was solid but the visuals were magnificent. I don't remember a movie where I was so consistently in awe of the cinematography. My only problem is that the entire story felt incomplete. I never saw the significance of the Half-Blood Prince. That's the title - I'd think it would be important. I mean, we find out who he is, but why does it matter at all? Also, the end had no real closure, but I guess they're trying to set up the final chapter. Aside from its plot's problems, I thought that the movie had enough to be another great addition to the series.

Billy Soistmann on Jul 15, 2009


Loved it. I think it's my favorite, with PoA being a close second.

Sam on Jul 15, 2009


#9 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 89%

L on Jul 15, 2009


It was very boring. The trailers had *almost* all the actions and the rest was very talky. I guess it was all set up for the next ones.

John Moon on Jul 15, 2009


Say what you will about Half-Blood Prince and its director but I don't think anyone can disagree that this is possibly THE most stunning looking film ever shot. The cinematography is simply stunning from beginning to end.

Underscore on Jul 15, 2009


too different fromn the book, you barely see most of the characters, hagrid like what 2 times? the burrow DOES NOT get destroyed in the book, and in the book there is a funeral for dumbledore, which would have been great in the movie.they just left too much out , you wanna talk about character development, the whole 6th book harry is training to become an auror and the whole class is learning how to apparate, you saw none of this in the movie.i dunno, i think they botched this one

dylan on Jul 15, 2009


To #35, I don't think he had to sleep with anyone. He turned a turd of a book, Order of the Phoenix, into the best movie of the whole series. After doing that, it was pretty much a given that he'd be handed directing duty for the rest of the movies (oh, and that he comes cheap didn't hurt his chances either).

Kevin on Jul 15, 2009


Not bad, but a tad disapponting. The whole love angle was fun at times but took focus away from the real story. But, the action scenes were excellent and the actors are getting better with each movie. It just falls short of greatness.

Ajax on Jul 15, 2009


You've failed to report that it beat Dark Knight for midnight box office sales -- by almost $4 million.

Sarah on Jul 15, 2009


Watching it tonight no spoilers please LOL............................... Anyways the books are great the movies never have enough of what I want. They should be longer and darker. Enough of the political Bull Shit that must be in every movie to appease every damn muggle out there. If the Movies were page to page from the books then we would have 8 hour movies and 1 billion dollar budgets. Face it if you want to enjoy Harry Potter, Quit wasting your money on the Movie and go READ the best damn books out there. I will watch this with a open mind atleast I still got to read page by page of the books and I have that for my pensive in the future....................................

SHANEDAV on Jul 15, 2009


Contains SPOILERS. I thought it was good, very good in fact. However so much of what makes HBP a brilliant story is missing from the film adaptation which is a great shame, and I am appalled that the decision was made to cut the funeral, as for me, it was one of the most powerful chapters in the entire FRANCHISE let alone HBP.

Stuart Mellor on Jul 15, 2009


Also, to the people who say 'it can't be exactly like the book' i would like to point you right into the direction of the 'un-filmable' WATCHMEN.

Stuart Mellor on Jul 15, 2009


Like someone said before, the trailer showcased all the action, but the rest of the film was all the love stuff and talk. Another point was the bridging of each scene; most of them were rather disconnected. Even though I read the book several times I found it hard to understand where it was going. Things were hardly explained well.

Somni on Jul 15, 2009


Is there any kind of news about the funeral being in the seventh movie?

Cody on Jul 15, 2009


It was certainly no Prisoner of Azkaban. That will always be the best of the series.

snickers on Jul 15, 2009


I agree w/ #76. Prisoner of Azkaban was my fave oof the series. HBP was still good. I rather enjoyed a slight break from the epic action and this also served to setup the last two films.

Zac on Jul 15, 2009


I have enjoyed the last three the most and think this one was really good in spite of all of the bad comments here. It was true to the book but you can't ask for it all, the funeral scene wasn't necessary for a film to me. Sure a few things were changed and added here and there but at least it wasn't severely butchered like The DaVinci Code....

Ken on Jul 15, 2009


I enjoyed it ... quite a lot. But, there was too much missing from the book. And, too much to go into detail here. Suffice to say, they REALLY have to stop worrying about the length of their films, I think we'd rather have 3 1/2 hours of a solid film that brings out all the good things in the book, rather than dropping stuff so it can fit into 2 1/2 hours. Hell, I'd even sit through 5 hours. Which brings us to HP7 ... and it's 2 parts. Ugh, that sucks.

Hilander on Jul 15, 2009


I loved it, but can someone explain this to me: what was the point of the scene where the Death Eaters blew up the Burrow (Weasley house)?

Max on Jul 15, 2009


It was good, but not great. I keep hearing that the movie adaptation isn't supposed to be exactly like the book. That is a load of bull if I ever heard that. Honestly, that is why Harry Potter movies has been so good. The movies are so close to the books, it's like literally seeing the book on the big screen. Sure, there are are scenes, whole scenes, clipped out of the movie, but in the whole, the movie stayed true to the books, and best of all, they did it seamlessly. They meshed together long scences in and clipping out minor distractions (such as idle convorsation) for the sake of the story, and the results show as a seamless, easy to follow story that flows like a river. That is why I went to this one with such high hopes. However, this one didn't do that much. They focused far too much time on their relationships. They could have easily meshed that together and ship it as a subplot, rather than a huge driving point. Comment #21 said it perfectly. One particular plot not even seen was the part where Harry wanted to learn more of the Half Blood Prince. Where, excatly, did he play in this movie? Harry became a huge alchemy wiz because of that book, only to be found out by Snape. That is a huge subplot, and I don't believe subplots should be taken out. Hell, it could have easily fit in as a side plot, if we forgo most of the love scenes (and most of the movie, heh heh). As I said, I don't mind the occasional big scene cut out, but the scenes that were cut (the final battle being my prime target) were huge, and part of the story. Fleur had a wedding coming up, didja know? If you watched the movie, you wouldn't. All in all, for what it was, it was a really good movie, and I do not regret seeing it. However, I want to hear the story of J.K Rowling the way she told it, NOT the way Yates wants it to be told. If you are going to do that, change the title. The X-Men movie did it with Wolverine: EVolutions.

sims796 on Jul 15, 2009


The net of it is that this movie was a very good movie. I would like for you to name a movie out this year that is as good. I read reviews, I read reviewers' thoughts and I read the public commentary. Honestly, you really are spoiled to think every movie is going to be as epic as a "Dark Knight", these movies come along once in a very fine while. This movie when compared to the others in the Harry Potter universe was in the top 2 for sure. The teen angst, pratfalls, love stories, etc made for quite a few laughs and were very much entertaining to wit. Sure there are plot holes but really, how are you going to fit every lousy thought JK has into a movie timeframe (answer: not going to happen). This is the "set up" movie for the grand finale, there is no doubt that is how it was viewed, these are the hardest types of movies to make because you know there is a grande finale to look forward to in the last book. I thought Yates did a FANTASTIC job of cinematography, mood, and direction. The kids have grown up before our eyes and their acting is improving leaps and bounds, you can feel the chemistry. The action was good and the effects nice as well throughout, it still felt magical without smacking you in the face with it, it was not overused this was a movie about the characters and dealing with strong emotions. The ending was what it needed to be, i thought the way it was presented, the silent moments, etc, were perfect and the small conversation at the end was just as it should have been. In short, if you would like to be entertained with a good family movie, that takes you to a magical place, with laughter, fun, and in turn has dark elements of suspense and foreboding... you should take this ride. People were laughing and crying at what they saw on the screen and what that tells me is that they really did have a great experience at the theater which is what we are all looking for. Looking forward to the last two.... Peace... 5 out of 5 ( for me it ranks in top two Potter films)

midas777 on Jul 15, 2009


first off, box office sales are not a reflection of a movie's quality, and if you believe they are, then you're just another casual cinema moron. I thought the directing style was interesting, and while I do not think it fit as well as it could of, I do give Yates kudos for having the guts to try and alter the way the story is portrayed. My real issue is with the added scenes (which were unnecessary because the book is already well written the way it is), and the fact that they left out a few minor, but potentially problematic aspects of the story. JUST TO BE CLEAR, i never expected this to be a dead on adaptation, I was just irritated that as I was leaving the theater, I felt like the screenwriters and producers had not read the SEVENTH book, where the reader realizes that a lot of these seemingly unimportant things are actually relevant to the stories conclusion. Several of these things wouldn't even have required any extra effort to fix, (simply placing a specific object in the background of a scene or two would have done the trick), and yet they weren't done, why? I was also dissapointed with the ending, just because we all know that if harry had been free to act in the tower, he being his reckless self, WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING. He wouldn't sit around and wait for the death eaters to just run away (which was also quite odd...)

Sean on Jul 15, 2009


Definitely one for the fans. It's a bit weaker as a standalone film, but once again, I really have to give props to Mr. Kloves (was it?) for compressing a 600+ page book into one that made some sense, if only a little. I noticed a ton of little things which people who've read the books picked up on, laughed about and started a chain-reaction throughout the whole theater. I also noticed pockets of people - the hardcore fans, most likely - chuckling about even more minute details...yeah, we know you've read the book, who cares? This was the only thing that detracted from my experience. Otherwise I will remember Hero Fiennes as the youngest version of Tom Riddle to appear in the series. I felt chills listening to him talking to Dumbledore. Sure, they missed a few scenes, fusing certain parts together (SPOILER: Why have a funeral in a separate scene for a funeral when you can have a makeshift one in Dumbledore's area of passing?) but the idea they tried to convey came through. It's a good film if one watches it with some knowledge of previous films and/or books. The special effects were awesome, as always. They gave Quidditch an awesome send-off, as it probably won't be in the next two films (save for a producer-fan pushing for a scene). The final confrontation and following scenes were really heartfelt, and all of the intentional comedy delivered.

Jaf on Jul 15, 2009


Well first off, I liked the movie. 3 out of 5 stars. If there are added scenes in the Imax version I will go see it again and I will buy the DVD as well. Plus I will go see (midnight showing if able) both of the movies for The Deathly Hallows. But I did have problems with this movie. Keep in mind though I am a huuuuuuuge Harry Potter fan and I could sit through a word-for-word translation of each and every book. Yes, I'm a nerd like that. (There be spoilers from this point so watch out.) The problems I had with the movie... ...Leaving out the back story of Voldermort...It was really needed for Harry going into The Deathly Hallows. (Makes me wonder if they’re going to leave out Dumbledore’s backstory in The Deathly Hallows.) ...The whole movie was rushed, like all of the HP movies. In my opinion they should have been making two movies per book since The Goblet of Fire. (I know that would be impossible though.) ...The ending of the book leaves me in tears every time I read it (it’s my favorite book series of all time so I’m allowed :P). The ending of the movie is sad, but nowhere near as emotional as the book. I felt let down at that because it’s the most emotional point of the entire series. That being said, they should've kept Dumbledore's funeral in the movie. …It seemed like they edited out the Dumbledore death scene because of “violent content”. (Example: Dumbledore getting hit by the Avada Kedavra curse from behind a glass globe thingie) ...They didn't need the scene of the “Burning of the Burrow”. It just seemed to me like whoever was responsible though "this movie needs more action!" so *boom* goes the burrow. Yet then they leave out the action that was in the end of the book. 0.o??? ...They could've focused less on the love aspect of the movie. It seemed like it was there only for comic relief when the movie really didn't need (that much) comic relief. ...the movie should've been PG-13. The books at this point aren't for little kids (J.K. was not writing them for little children at this point) and the movies shouldn’t be for little kids either. (If The Deathly Hallows isn’t at least PG-13 they will definitely lose something.) …They left out “Weasley is Our King” (Yeah I know, its not that big of a deal but they had the opportunity to put it in but left it out for some reason). Things I like about the movie... ...The movie followed the plot of the book (just about) spot on. ...Loved the cave sequence (I almost lol'ed at the army of gollums coming out of the water). ...awesome special effects. ...great acting especially from Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). (Although I thought Harry would be...ya know...angry after Draco broke his nose and left him on the train...go figure…)

Jeep-Fu on Jul 15, 2009


acting was good. the tone was excellent as it is a darker story. the screenplay however, sucked. they missed out on key information and added a scene (the weasley's house at xmas time) that did not make much sense. you would only fully understand it if you had read the books.

Tim on Jul 15, 2009


It could have been alot better! It seemed to skip and not ever really get into detail, they focused way to much on the little stuff that had no meaning, I mean, I was hoping for the long thrilling action packed part of the movie, and for most of it all I got was the little gitty things, to me they should have had at least 30 more min in depth in the most important parts! It seemed a touch and go the whole time. Someone who hadnt read the books would be like, what? Please next movie, I want a heart racer with much , much more,anticipation.

tarah on Jul 16, 2009


mindas (comment #82), are you a flippin' moron? Whether this movie is a prelude to the next or not, it is still a MOVIE, and will be judged accordingly. If it is a set up for the next movie, therfor making it subpar, then it is STILL a subpar movie. The problem isn't that they left out scenes. It is that they left out important scenes relevant to the entire plot. They hardly made any correlation or emphasis towards the Half Blood Prince, and that was the entire point of the story. I'm sorry, but it is not Yates story, it's J.K's. Felt like I was watching Degrassi: Hogwarts Edition.

sims796 on Jul 16, 2009


@ 88, you're right on the dot to how i feel. i was mostly disappointed with the harry/ginny kiss scene. i mean honestly, wtf was that? and why didn't harry get a detention for what he did to malfoy? dumb dumb dumb. did the script writer even read the sodding book?

jules on Jul 16, 2009


While not the best movie I've ever seen, and not even the best Harry Potter, it was a pretty good movie. I think most people that aren't really that high on this movie have read the books, as I have, and that's clouding their judgment. Yeah, I know this is based on a book, but I thought it was a good movie on its own. The only things I thought the movie was really missing was the rushed ending (***spoiler*** why dd Harry just stand down there when Dumbledore told him to wake Snape...oh, there's Snape. WTF? *end spoilers***) and the ***spoilers I guess*** blowing up of the house ***end spoilers***. I really wish I could have gone into this movie without reading the books, and seen how I would have reacted to the things I thought were weird.

Michael on Jul 16, 2009


I was very disappointed with this film. I am a huge fan of both the books and movies, but I think David Yates by far was the worst director of the serious and now we are stuck with him for last 2 installments. He changes way too much of the original story that is already a GREAT story. He did this with the Order of the Phoenix a little but the Half Blood Prince might as well been a completly different story. Lavendar Brown got WAY too much screen time and Harry and Ginny got none. I think their romance was more important then the insignificant romance between Ron and Lavendar. He left very important information out, I mean he could of at least added the fight scence at the end like they had in the book, if he had done that I might of been able to overlook the nonsense he added throughout the rest of the story, not to mention completly leaving out the funeral. Very disappointed and I'm not even sure I want to see the last 2 installments in theatres..I might just wait to see them when they are released on DVD. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! I just can't even put into words how disappointed I was with this movie. I actually laughed when they all stood there with their wands lit in the air, I mean come on that's suppose to replace the emotions felt during the funeral, not to mention the fact the Harry actually breaks up with Ginny in an attempt to save her from Voldemort. I don't know I'm just very upset!

LauraLeigh on Jul 16, 2009


I saw the film yesterday and was really excited before hand, but tremendously dissapointed afterwards. It was a good film by itself but is missing huge chunks of the book which I consider very important to the next film. For example harry was meant to hide the potions book by himself in the room of requirement and use the diadem to make its position. How will Harry find this crucial horcrux in the next film if he has yet to come across it. In addition, I hated how harry and ginny finally came together as in the book it was a more comical or light-hearted experience. I have many problems with the film such as no mention of Fleur or Bill, but my main problem comes with Dumbledore's death and the scenes that follow. I would have prefered it if Harry had been stunned by Dumbledore like in the book making it much more emotional and frankly better. Finally, how can they just take out an entire battle, it was the one scene i was looking forwards, to: Death Eaters versus the Order. I realise there is a big battle in the final book, however it would have been nice to see the battle described in the 6th book. All in all I think it would have been much better if I hadn't read the book as I was expecting much more.

annoyed on Jul 16, 2009


An episode of Dawson's Creek, that was perfect. Lots of uncomfortable teenage, coming of age pieces included here, and the director was clearly intent on capturing all the confusion that the main 3's age experiences. The story as a whole was very one dimensional, it was all about Harry. Sure, it is called Harry Potter.... but what has always been interesting to me as a reader is the other sub plots and secondary character development. Further, I was aghast when I looked at my watch and realized that they were intending to cram the cave and Dumbledore's death into a 10-15 minute window! Seriously, the death of Dumbledore gets crammed into the end almost like they just needed to get it in there. Also, and perhaps this is due to reading the book and knowing the ending, but I really wanted to hate Snape more and I just couldn't. I guess the battle that was covered in the book when the Death Eaters entered the castle just wasn't worth showing, I heartily think that was a pisser of a decision. So will Charlie be a werewolf? I also was looking forward to watching Hagrid charge across the lawn, getting hit with spells, and not being slowed down a bit, but alas, I just got more snogging. The only bright part was they spared us the overly indulgent funeral of Dumbledore but even that in the book left the reader wondering if perhaps Dumbledore was really dead! Too much cut out, too many storylines left unexplored, too high of expectations set by a brilliant book.

Alara Fortuna on Jul 16, 2009


Must say that Fenton did a nice job of bringing the real suffering out of the Malfor character. I did feel bad for him. Super lame that Dumbledore didn't freeze Harry and that there wasn't a climactic battle at the end, when did Hollywood ever avoid a perfectly crafted scene of violence? I certainly hope that there are about 63 deleted scenes that will make the DVD, if not this Yates bloke has really effed this one up.

Jungus Diddleyweed on Jul 16, 2009


Best movie ever! Who needs to really understand the relevance of Snape, or Horcruxes, and who cares that there was a huge battle at the end and that JK wanted us to wonder if Dumbledore was still alive...all poppycock. Kudos to the director for flipping the bird to the readers.

Oliver Smellybuns on Jul 16, 2009


Sod off Smellybuns!

Penelope Pindlecook on Jul 16, 2009


Alara, it was Bill not Charlie. Learn how to read.

Billibus Boobychips on Jul 16, 2009


Hmmmmm....went to the midnight show. Lots of "what the eff, that's it" comments when the credits came up. Left everyone wanting more. How can they put this film out with a straight face? There is plenty of teenage drama on Disney or Nickelodeon, we don't need to focus our cinematic efforts on these minor details when there is a brilliant plot, and several sub plots, that more than carry the story. Hopefully lesson learned and this director and screen play writer don't carve that one up also.

Dalarius on Jul 16, 2009


To all of you Potter Heads (I'm one too), I agree with all the comments stating the movie was good -wouldn't have missed it for the world - but VERY disappointed. Critical scenes not present - no emotion evoking anything! And what's the deal with how the inside of Hogwarts just didn't look like Hogwarts? And the Burrow, how did it get in the middle of a corn field? Not the Burrow we all know and love.. I admit I did get misty eyed at the end of the movie - only because I knew what I was supposed to be feeling, but just wasn't.

Misty green on Jul 16, 2009


Well I really liked "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". But it being rated PG instead of PG-13 like the 4th and 5th film made all the difference. There was a little more comedy, but the most of the story lacked. I thought it was more of an introduction to Deathly Hallows. Since the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" film will be split into two films,(Part A and Part B) I thought HP6 was okay, since most of the story will be in Deathly Hallows. The cast got to show their true colors by actually acting and playing the roles of their characters and not letting special effects do all the work. I'm really excited for "Harry Potter and the Deathly-Hallows" and expect way more from it than any of the "Harry Potter" movies. Check out my Blog at

Rsoe91 on Jul 16, 2009


I'm really surprised that the fans are giving Harry Potter such a hard time. I thought the sixth installment of Harry Potter on the big screen was GREAT. It showed what it needed and felt more mature than the previous films. It seems all the negativity is directed at how scenes were left out of the film that readers enjoyed in the book. Really? This is where I would compare other film adaptations such as Lord of the Rings, but we all know films are a different media then novels. Everything Yates and his writing staff did makes the most scents to covert the book into a film.

ArchAdams on Jul 16, 2009


seems like some people are disappointed in harry potter...when will people realize that no earthly movie will live up to our imaginative rendering of these great books...quit complaining and be happy that there is at least some physical interpretation of Rowlings publication...

zeldaprimed on Jul 16, 2009


Alex, i think your critic sense has gone, the movies is not bad, but it could be so much better!! Geart book, weak story.

paulina on Jul 16, 2009


it's not good movie . what i was expecting from it, it does't deliver that.lots more could be done in this fails to carryout the emotion of one when headmaster got dead. horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

surya on Jul 17, 2009


I haven't read the book yet still feel disappointed. I thought this movie was supposed to be darker, not funnier/dumb. I simply walked out of the theater with a weird feeling. After the last two movies, I felt cheated. HBP looks good, nice FX, loved the music, even the acting was good... but the story seemed vague and incomplete. Hope they come out with a director's cut or something... wait, that ain't gonna help.

Christ on Jul 17, 2009


I feel true disappointment with this film. I was looking forward to all of the great things that the Half Blood prince had to offer. I understand that you are not going to get everything from the book onto the screen but try to keep it as true as you can. The whole start of the film was a mess. There was no climax leading up to the battle with in Hogwarts that led to the Headmasters death. There was no real look into Tom Riddles past. They didn't even explain how Dumbledore obtained the ring. I was looking forward to seeing the memories and seeing that come alive on the screen. There was no look at how Harry tailed Draco through out the film to try and catch him. There was no real look into the new characters that popped up on the screen. What about Bill's big scene in the hospital? I feel like this film was a true let down. I don't blame the director alone for this but the writers as well. The actors were great, they have grown through out the films. The movie scenes were clear and beautiful yes but I would much rather pay to see a movie based on the book and stick to the actual story line than add all of this extra garbage that was not needed.

Ann on Jul 18, 2009


Just got back from the film. What a boring movie. I thought it would never end. It seemed like it went on for six hours. The kids were either kissing or crying. If it wasn't for the fabulous Michael Gambon I don't think I would have stayed to the end.

Eric on Jul 18, 2009


What a horrible movie this is and American media is all over it praising only the cinematography..the screenplay writer needs to be fired, the editor needs to be fired, the producer, David Heyman should learn to stick more to the book and Chris Columbus should be brought back. I just can't imagine how Jo Rowling allows doing this injustice to her books, when in fact she gets to see the film beforehand through its making and surely has a say in every scene shot. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is all about discovering the Dark Lord and why he turned dark, it's about exploring the special relationship Harry and Albus Dumbledore have, it's about the mysterious half-blood prince and leaving us angry about Snape, it's about HOGWARDS f***ing damnit and the serious atmosphere at Hogwarts as we approach the final battle, (instead everyone is shown in their own world in the movie). HP6 is about the special lessons Dumbledore gives Harry and their O.W.L.s, and how they learn to apparate & disapparate; where is the vampire at Slughorn's party? Where is Fenrir Greyback. Much of Hogwarts classes and atmosphere which was covered brilliantly in the first 4 movies is lost. This film should be re-made. I'm fine with watching another movie 6 and the 2-part movie 7. This movie is an abomination to the book (the acting is superb, special effects and cinematography is excellent). Music is poor, and missing Hedwig's theme at the opening. O is this what David's team has done (a very lousy job) to the wonderful books? As a Harry Potter fan, I've every right to expect the movies to stick to the book and to expect them to be based on the book. This is so loosely based on the book and takes too many WTF liberties (Harry flirting with the Muggle waitress? WTF? Dumbledore asking Harry about his shave WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! at an extremely inappropriate time, dropping so many characters and Snape already sort of giving away that he's on the positive side by telling Harry to remain silent instead of coldly arriving there and killing Dumbledore. O what non-sense this film is. Technically perfect but soul-less, it left me totally dissatisfied and wanting for more at the end, constantly feeling this is it? Book 6 was THE dark book about the DARK LORD, it was my favorite for the coverage Voldemort, Harry, Dumbledore and the dark magic and horcruxes get. The dark magic is missing from movie 6, all we get is constantly smogging teenagers who seem more concerned about their love life than their safety and threat to their lives. Why does Lavendar Brown get more screentime than Severus Snape, Remus Lupin or the Weasleys?

HarryPotter&theDisasterbyWarnerBros on Jul 19, 2009


Also, isn't introducing the Gaunt family of zero importance to the film makers? Lavendar Brown is more important than showing the Gaunt family and the tragic and eerie memories?

HarryPotter&theDisasterbyWarnerBros on Jul 19, 2009


I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Guess there was less thrills here compared to the last installments. Plus the ending is very predictable.

*** on Jul 20, 2009


They could have at least given it a good ending. Everything I liked about the movie was overshadowed by the lame ending with its cliched one-liner; no one who hasn't read the Deathly Hallows is going to understand it, although its meaning was alluded to near the middle of the movie. As with the past few movies, they left out many crucial and interesting details that would've given the audience a little more perception and and attachment to the characters and the story.

Reesa on Jul 21, 2009


Say what you will, it was the most accurate movie to the books since the first one. There was the Burrow incident, but other than that Good job.

millerhawk166 on Jul 22, 2009


Best movie so far. The acting was better by leaps and bounds than any of the others (esp. Dumbledore) and the cinematography was insane. Cant wait for the next two.

Six Three on Jul 23, 2009


Disappointing for someone who loves the books and as a Youth Services Librarian believes in the power of reading. When the name of the movie is the Half Blood Prince, and someone who didn't read the book leaves the theater and has to ask: how is Snape the Half Blood Prince?, the movie has left out a crucial detail. When a movie leaves out whole important scenes, especially about the villain of the whole series, and charaters, there is a problem with the writing and adaption. 107, 109 and 110 make great points. If JK felt the battle was important to the book, why leave it out? The feel of the book for me is not in this movie. There are great performances, fine cinematography, but I am left fearing what the next two movies will leave out and wondering whether I should bother seeing them. I don't want to be this disappointed again.

David on Jul 26, 2009


Being that this is the second to the last installment of the series of books..I had expected so much more from this movie that was not delivered in the film at all...being that they could have fit so much into a 2 1/2 hour movie..everything seemed lacking in the movie...the magic, the action, the emotion...everything was missing...It seemed like it was all a big blah of nothing important..I was very disappointed and would hope that the next director...whomever it may be...does a better job for the last and final book.

Mai See on Jul 26, 2009


I totally agree with #28. The important parts of the book which should have been explained were not. I do know they have to cut out scenes, that is fine otherwise you have an 8 hour long movie, and not everything is relevant in a book, but why add scenes that were never in it to begin with? Throughout the entire movie I almost screamed at the top of my lungs WHAT?!@$%# WAS THIS? One it was not in the book and two not even relevant. Explain more about tom riddle's. More about the memories and the horcruxes. The battle scene and the funeral. Rather than turn it into a cheesy teen movie and put so much emphasis on romances at hogwarts. Yes there are romances: harry/ginny and ron/hermione, but I think and yes this is just my opinion, too much emphasis was put on this and not enough on the main plot of the books. No I never took a film class but this is the very first time where I find myself so disappointed about a series that I love more than anything in the world. Almost made me want to cry. I am not saying I hated everything. I loved that they showed that it is also affecting the muggle world not only the wizarding world. But is it just me or they failed to introduced rufus scrimgeour's character as he was in the books and I think a little relevant perhaps not as important as the horcruxes or riddle or the main battle at hogwarts. Speaking of the "added" Burrow burning scene... I read the book and re-read it before going to see the movie and the burrow burning scene was when they were away from hogwarts for christmas right unless I missed something? From what I read there was no such thing that happened for one thing and second, rufus scrimgeour shows up with percy, pretending that percy missed his family but it was scrimgeour trying to get harry on the ministry of magic side. Again perhaps not as important as the horcruxes or the main hogwarts battle but at least IT IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. As I read some comments, perhaps 30 minutes of the film was true to the movie the rest seemed like they made it up thinking it would be better, to me, again only my opinion, it was not better. At the beginning you hear draco as a task to complete from voldermort and he bothers to get the vanishing cabinets to get the death eaters into hogwarts and what happens when a lot of us expected the climax to be this great battle scene, they cut most of it to possibly make room for the teenage lovey dovey crap. As I said I feel really sad right now, it is the very first time that I felt so disappointed about my ultimate favourite book and movie serie. That they cut most import things to give too much, in my opinion, precedence to the teenage lovey dovey stuff. I do agree with the people on here saying harry potter isn't about being a simplistic little comedy or teenage movie with relationships and teenage hormones. A little of it, I wouldn't have minded as it was int he movie but in my opinion again, they could have cut some of those scene to give more importance to the main plot of this book. Hate me if you wish for saying this, but that is only my opinion, I respect anyone's opinion of the film. I mean I saw a lot of people laugh and perhaps enjoy this movie greatly, but my guess is they hadn't read the books. I don't expect movies to be EXACTLY word for word like the book, but at least take the time to read and re-read the books if you are writing the script to make sure you are grasping the most important parts of the story. True the books and movies were originally intended for kids but as the fan based grew and more and more adults started to read them and show interests, the series got darker and I am afraid with this film, I think it was a step down. And One thing that so bothered me is when dumbledore says to harry out of the blue "harry you need a shave" or something like that. Why was this relevant? Did they just want to make this film into a light comedy. It would be appropriate in a starring steve carrell (like in 40 year old virgin), the guy is funny. But I am sorry, I don't agree with turning harry potter into some type of comedy, teen drama thingy. if you want to see teenage love stories and drama you can see the miley cyrus movie or anything of the sort. But that isn't how harry potter was meant to be at least in my opinion. I didn't mind the scenes they allowed for that in goblet of fire, but it did not take up most of the movie. In half blood prince all I remember from this movie is the stupid bimbo that was lavender brown with her idiotic line "WON WON" . Yes that was in the books but could have been toned down a little to allow more time for the memories and dumbledore to explain the horcruxes a little more, or the battle scene to actually be a battle scene, etc. All in all I loved some things in this movie, but was quite disappointed, not what I expected. And It makes me sad.

SweetGirl on Jul 27, 2009


What I expected to see or thought was really important was: 1- Show that what is going on in the wizarding world also is affectign the muggle world. 2- The unbreakable vow. 3- Show Harry at his uncle When Dumbledore came to get him to take him to the Burrow. 4- Dumbledore and Harry tryign to persuade Slughorn to come back to Hogwarts and resume his post as potions Master. 5- More on Diagon Alley, the Twin's joke shop was great to see, keep that. I think harry, ron and hermione going to madame malkin and seeing draco and his mother would have beena good part to show since it gives a little clue about Draco's death eater mark on his wrist. And would explain why they decided to follow him and believe he was up to something. 6- Get the story right, the person who found Harry under the invisibility cloak WAS NOT LUNA LOVEGOOD it was Tonks. I believe tonks is more important of a character since she is in the oerder of the phoenix. 7- Limit the teenage lovey dovey stuff to a minimum. 8- Show more of Dumbledore teaching Harry about the memories he has collected, and explaining more about the horcruxes. 9- The battle scene... make it a real battle scene otherwise what was the point in draco's mission gettign the vanishing cabinets to get the death eaters into hogwarts if you are going to cut the one of the most important part. The climax scene. 10- Dumbledore's funeral. Show way more about this, I mean he has been one of the most important characters into this in my opinion. I could be wrong, I am not a film maker or a screenplay writer but I am just going with what I read and re-read in the book and sharing my opinions. There were great things about this movie but it wasn't what I expected and I am truly disappointed. You can make comments and share your opinions about what I said, I respect your views, everyone's views. I mean I don't pretend to know everything or have the absolute truth when it comes to how the film should have been. It is more what I was expecting according to what I read and re-read.

SweetGirl on Jul 27, 2009


okay. did noone see Harry pick up the ELDER WAND from Dumbledore's desk???? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?

jc on Aug 3, 2009


You guys are just unappreciative. Okay, so dumbledores funeral could have been in the movie... but who cares? What wasnt said in this movie that was said at the funeral in the book could be in the next... You guys just like to tear harry potter movies to shred.. If it was supposed to be exactly like the book then the only people who would have enjoyed it are the people who read it. Take it or leave it. You all know the next two movies are going to be the best and that this movie was just to build up to the next one. As for everybody complaining about the sappy love going on.... ITS EXACTLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE BOOK. Granted... you old farts may enjoy harry potter but regardless its still a book intended for a teenage audience. You cant have possibly avoided the love scenes in the movie. by the way.... I KILLED SERIUS BLACK!

RJ on Aug 4, 2009


@117 - Stop comparing the movie to your precious book. It's your own fault for reading the book before going to see the movie. Did you really expect to not watch the movie picking at every missed detail? You sound so ridiculous! Rambling about how much they ruined your favorite series. Go hang yourself! So they missed a few details and cut some things short... it doesn't make it a bad movie. Your comments are so ignorant. Who cares if Dumbledore tells Harry he needs to shave? I bet you are the same idiot who got upset that Harry was in a diner talking to the black girl. WHAT RELEVANCE?! It's ignorant people like you that get ppl to not see movies cause you tear movies up when you review them forgetting that they are just there for entertainment.

RJ on Aug 4, 2009


Did I miss a book in the series? This latest offering wasn't even loosley based on the copy I read - It's the first film in the series that I been REALLY disappointed with - verging on bored. There were a couple of high points, the lake and the love potion but far far far too many low's to say nothing of the irrelevant bits - the opening scene & burning down the burrow to name just two. The last three books had been hacked about a bit but at least they left in most of the important parts. This one was more of a complete re-write & I wonder how it's going to impact on the last two instalments? I know you can't fit a book into two hours but some of the missed scenarios will affect what happens later on. So, is it just that the screen writers don't get the information or that they think they can do a better job? I hope it's the former but suspect it's the latter. Overall it scores a generous 3/10 from me.

GL on Aug 7, 2009


i stopped reading the series after the 4th book (too childish for my tastes) but decided to check out what potter was up to in his newest flick. i had no clue what was going on. i sat there at the end did i just watch? for a big budget/hype movie, this sucked. the love stories are largely undeveloped and the characters just dont have any chemistry...but they are kinda limited as they cant recast. if you havent seen it, wait till the next one comes out and watch it together. maybe it will make some sense. or just read the book as it seems most think its better.

Stevie on Aug 7, 2009


Give up the book hehehe, i love to see the movies even there is some missing part from the book, but its ok 😀 IMHO

MMORPG Movies on Aug 8, 2009


i read the book(about 3 years ago), and seen the movie. I am very dissapointed with the movie. There was no back story of how dumbldore got the ring, from voldermont's mother. And no funeral for dumbledore. My guess, because the are splitting the last book into 2 movies(which i think is a bad idea), these sceens from 'thbp' , will be shown in 'tdh'. my guess is the whole production team, only looked at the cover of 'thbp'.

steve on Aug 11, 2009


I didn't read the book but I was a little bit disappointed with the movie. I mean, the trailer gave us a wrong idea that this potter movie would be huge but when I watched the film, I realised that it was more focused on the romance between the caracters and lacked some important parts of the story. I actually hoped for more battle scenes and more visual effects and was disappointed with the ending: Has Dumbledors died for nothing?

Mk on Aug 11, 2009


did anyone think that leaving out the part where he finds out that snape was the one who took the prophecy back to voldemort important. the part where trelawney gets thrown out of the room of requirement while harry is on his way up to dumbledores office and she says that she heard someone whooping, [which was malfoy]. what about the part where he gives the felix potion to ron and hermione and ginny to keep the safe while he is the one that faces the real danger. they left out the gaunt memory completely, also the memory where riddle takes the treasure from the old woman and the one where he asks dumbledore for a job. how the hell is harry going to even know where to start finding horcruxes if dumbledore has not explained riddle's mentality and how he collects trophies?

k on Aug 11, 2009


I dont know where to start at the moment. I have read the books little over 6 times and didnt get the same feeling at all from the movie compared to the book. For a start I felt they were too heavy on the comedy, they definately could have came from it at a different angle. For instance simply including the scene where dumbledore went to pick harry up at the dursleys, this would have been funny yet subtle for those who truly know the relationship betwen wizards, particularly dumbledore and the dursleys. Instead they decide to have a strange train station scene in which harry asks out a random girl. On the topic of the fight scene I think they thought it might have been a bit repetitive to have a big hogwarts fight scene in the sixth as well as the seventh. Possibly wanting it to save it as the big finale. It would have been nice to have a small preview though!! On the whole I was slightly dissapointed with the half blood prince. David Yates better sort out his act in my opinion!!!!!!

kenco on Aug 11, 2009


When you leave the theater, you feel sort of disappointed. Th movie was a bit dull and thye should have cut the romance scenes. The cave scene was awesome in my opinion. It would have been nice to see the battle at the end of the movie. Basically this movie is set up for the next one. I don't see why the PG rating was an issue. Prisoner of Azkaban was also rated PG and was a good film.

Unbookable on Aug 11, 2009


did anyone else pick up on the invisibility cloak FATAL ERROR? A) The cloak is a Deathly Hallows B) A Deathly Hallow is impervious to magic SO C) WHY could Luna just whip it off with a spell? In the Deathly Hallow's book, Ron, Hermionie, and Harry escape from the Death Eaters because of the fact that it is impervious to magic AH! After this point in the movie I was just pissed, I cannot imagine how much they are going to change in the upcoming movie.. My Review:

Zack on Aug 12, 2009


I hated it it was boring and not attention grabbing if you ask me i say she should have combined half blooded prince and deathly hallows..I mean she could have summed half blooded prince in an hour, then spent another two and a half hours doing the last book it wold have been way more interesting....

Carmen on Aug 18, 2009


I was rather disappointed in this movie. Well, yes, I'd sit through any Potter movie again and again, and will for this one, but this particular book to film creation was missing a very great deal in plot lines. The name, 'Half-Blood Prince'. The Big Three spend a lot of time in the book worrying about the Potions textbook Harry has and agonize about who the Prince could be. Very little if any of this showed up in the film, and that's the NAME of the dang thing. Then at the end, Snape yells out he's the Half-Blood Prince. Without some of the revelations made in the book, this makes little if any sense. I saw the film in Imax, where only the first 15 minutes were in 3-D. Through the entire film there were moments that looked very clearly to have been staged for 3-D but the effect was no longer there, as if they had run out of either time or money to complete the process. This was another disappointment to me. And as others have said, the ending felt very rushed. I'm glad that at least the last installment will be made as two movies rather than try to compress the biggest book of the series into one film. But despite my complaints, I'd sit through this film again and again, just to spend a little more time in the world of Harry Potter.

Zenman on Aug 18, 2009


#51 Why the HELL did you have to give that away!! I have been holding on to Deathly Hollows like a fine bottle of wine. How dare you even speak about ANYTHING from the next installment? This is a review about Half Blood Prince, not Deathly Hollows. Screw you and GFY!! As per the movie, and nothing about anything outside of the movie, I was pissed about the battle being left out, the addition of the burrow getting destroyed (WHY!!!!???), and Harry not being under a spell when Dumbledore died. Those are HUGE changes to the book. Yes, books get adapted, but books get made into a movie for a reason. They are good on their own. You adapt a movie to fit 650 pages into a two hour movie, so things are usually left out. But changing such important things is just absurd. Looking forward to reading the next (and last, sniff sniff) and watching the last two films (bring back Cuaron!!)

drnknjbbrsh on Aug 18, 2009


Okay this was a very good movie. If you compare it to the book it sucked ALOT. But come on people you obviously know that they can't copy word per word from the book. It's copyrighted. Hello!! In my opinion all of the movies have been a major bummer and have brought down the books, but this one is truly my favorite. I mean sure it's total bull that Snape tells Harry to shut up before killing Dumbledore and Harry not having the Invisibility Cloak but overall it was the best movie of Harry Potter. If you don't compare it to the book you'll see that it is a very good movie. It is more than obvious that the director tried as much as possible to change the movie from the book. I mean where does Bellatrix come chasing after Harry in the Burrow and afterwards burn the Burrow down? Where does Ginny go running after Harry? And for the love of God where was the White Tomb!?!?! It was an EXCELLENT movie. the best so far. I can only hope the other two movies (if they split up the Deathly Hallows) will be as good.

Monica on Aug 21, 2009


Simply put this movie (like every other movie in the series) does not do the book justice what so ever. Voldemorts past experiences and memories are left out, the sequence to dumbledores death is incorrect, plus tons of other aspects I can not remember off the top of my head. I read the 6th book the first day it came out and have not touched it since so I can not elaborate as my memory is foggy. I do remember the book had a much more serious shock to the ending however.

Koko on Dec 22, 2009

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