Sound Off: James Cameron's Avatar - What Did You Think?

December 18, 2009


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? This truly is a movie more than 10 years in the making. It was 1997 when James Cameron directed his last feature film, but now he's back with the epic new project he's been working on ever since - Avatar. Does it live up to all of the hype? How does all of that CGI look on the big screen? Does the story hold up or is it bland or problematic? Are the performances, even those shot entirely with motion capture, still exceptional? How does it compare to James Cameron's other great movies? If you've seen it, them sound off, leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of Avatar!

To fuel the fire, I completely loved Avatar, every last second. Not only is it a completely gorgeous movie with some of the most amazing visuals I've ever seen, but the story is so brilliant, even if it's simple and something we've seen bits of before. I've heard some people complain about the story and dialogue, but I still felt all of it was top notch. It's exactly what you'd expect from James Cameron and I loved it (what can I say?). Yes, it's similar to Dances With Wolves, but seeing that kind of story play out on an alien planet was exhilarating. My only gripe was the score, Cameron should've chosen someone other than James Horner.

I can't finish without mentioning a few of my other favorite elements of Avatar. Col. Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang) was one of the best parts of the entire movie. He was such a frickin' badass, I loved all of his scenes where he would go outside without a mask just holding his breath. After seeing it the first time, I was with Drew McWeeny of HitFix and he said that he knew he loved it because he kept thinking of so many great moments. Same for me. I loved the scene near the end where Neytiri finally "meets" the human Jake Sully face-to-face. Cameron is brilliant at crafting these great moments and there are so many in Avatar.

What did you think of Avatar? A glorious new sci-fi masterpiece or a cheesy waste of time?

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Haters are now doubting themselves. It was great. Cameron delivers again. 8.5/10

JakeTheSnake on Dec 18, 2009


This isn't sci fi. Its space opera

moif on Dec 18, 2009



Solo Dolo Polo on Dec 18, 2009


I liked this movie, it was a unique experience, the action and the actors were good ... I was not very fond of 3D before but now I'm conquered ... But you gotta say, the story is a bit "nice and easy" ...

megazok on Dec 18, 2009


I'm still speechless. Make no mistake, it's a game changer.

kayle on Dec 18, 2009


I found it more like an experience, a pure cinematical experience, as opposed to just watching a movie. Beautiful Amazing Thrilling Tragic Truely a timeless tale. Amazing!!!!

Avatarad on Dec 18, 2009


The movie was amazing. The special effects are groundbreaking, serious groundbreaking, groundbreaking like King Kong or Star Wars. A beautiful visual experience that was really fun and cool. Trust me, you've never seen anything like this before. It was a pretty good film too, a little long though. I can't wait to go see it again. The movie was so much fun to watch

BRose on Dec 18, 2009


It was fucking amazing. I wear glasses, and had no problems putting the 3D-specs over 'em! The movie was excellent beginning to end. There's only one James Fucking Cameron! I saw this at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, just the perfect place to see this epic picture!

Ivan on Dec 18, 2009


This is the next Star Wars, the next Matrix.... As original as Lord of the Rings and I am not talking about the movie but the book written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's a masterpiece...

N. Mohan Singh on Dec 18, 2009


It was VERY GREAT movie...The message of this movie send very clearly to us.... some part make me touching and excited.... LOVE IT

Maxen on Dec 18, 2009


I have watched it twice in IMAX and would go again pretty soon. JC is God.

N. Mohan Singh on Dec 18, 2009


Avatar was awesome.Hats off to James Cameron. I love every parts of the movie... simply amazing...Bravo!

Faizol on Dec 18, 2009


I fell asleep after the first ten minutes, I'll see it again tomorrow.

Crapola on Dec 18, 2009


Alex Billington is crazy for saying "Cameron should've chosen someone other than James Horner". I couldn't stop listening to the score of the film since the moment I walked out of the theatre. And do I have to remind anyone about the Golden Globe Nominations to James Horner for the Score and Song?

N. Mohan Singh on Dec 18, 2009


Crapola go take loads of sleeping pills and die... for insulting the film.

NA'VI on Dec 18, 2009


@13 Lol. At least you want to see it again. That says something.

lamb of pierre on Dec 18, 2009


it was good. highly enjoyable.

benjoi on Dec 18, 2009


"I have watched it twice in IMAX and would go again pretty soon. JC is God." Yes and Jesus Christ is alright too 😀

tyrascilee on Dec 18, 2009


A sick imagination from a great mind!! Seriously how does he think of this stuff. I know James always borrows from ideas from other movies, but wow, just wow. He really made a 3D movie! I felt like I was there and the how the facial expressions from the Navi's made by the new camera effect that Cameron used. I think James Cameron could have pulled off Halo the movie. Seriously not since The first two terminators did I think his imagination would grow wild!!!

C on Dec 18, 2009


I've come across alot of people on the web giving the movie shit but I think they are narrow minded.

d1rEct on Dec 18, 2009


As Jodie Foster says in the movie "Contact" when seeing a quad star system and being unable to express the beauty of what she sees: THERE ARE NO WORDS..... This movie is a generational shift. When grandkids take holographic movies for granted, you will be able to tell them, you saw the midnight showing of the movie that changed how things were done. It is an experience that no words allow you express to others what you have seen. It must be seen in IMAX 3D to understand this!

Christian on Dec 18, 2009


Anybody not like it? Think it was over-rated? uninvolving? SFX were good,where the aliens {Na vi }as convincing as a Stan winston creation - no way,liked 3d,yes its a cinematic spectacle {Cameron's point},yes I liked the eco message,yes Cameron is a progressive director,but is it a good film? I didn't think so. Its not up to his previous sci-fi films which are masterpieces.

tir na nog on Dec 18, 2009


Seeing it tonight in IMAX...let's do this shit!!

Winston on Dec 18, 2009


masterpiece, it almost felt like I wasn't watching a film, it was a different experience unto itself. Of course one can be aware of the limitations of the story or whatever else but as a whole this film was incredible on so many levels. as number 5 said, ''a game changer''. wow.

chris on Dec 18, 2009


It's 7:30 am, I'm @ work, and I just can't get Avatar out of my head. I feel like I need someone to just talk to for hours so I can try and make sense of how I'm feeling. I connected emotionally with the CG characters in a way that only Gollum even got close to. Yes the story is "familiar". but when something is done this right... making it feel real is that much more difficult, and that much more impressive when it is achieved. I'm an avid movie goer. I love them, but very often you leave out the theater feeling like something else could have been done. Not with Avatar. I saw it at the Ft Lauderdale I-Max. The 3-D never felt like a gimmick. It was part of the story. It made Pandora feel like it was plausible. It made the Na'vi real. At the end of this experience I wanted to know more about them. I wanted to wiki their habit, Google their culture. Alas... they are only part of James Cameron's amazing universe. He is great at making big movies, and I believe Avatar will be his opus.

rquile1 on Dec 18, 2009


Effects were amazing. Rest of the film was a bit dull. I give it a year and some of you will start see it isn't quite the classic you all currently claim it to be. It's like The Dark Knight, great starting reviews but that will fade, it won't hold up on multiple viewings. Still a good movie, but too many visuals and not enough decent story. Get these visuals with a decent story and thats when you have your game changer.

Ben on Dec 18, 2009


Effect were beautiful but definitely not groundbreaking. Story was kinda dullish like #4 said. I was skeptical about this movie and didn't understand what all the hype was about. I still don't think it's that great. Worth seeing in the cinema in 3D but I'm prob. never gonna' watch it again. I completely agree with what #25 said. So many people complain about bad stories in movies and then they praise this one? :/

gabs on Dec 18, 2009


Like Blade Runner, Avatar has to be viewed in a bigger perspective. Scott brought a simple story, but it was the creation of the world around it, it's credibility, photography and the credibility of the characters, that made it a monument in movie history. Avatar can to be seen just alike : a mediocre and predictable story in an alien setting that has so much realism that it practically takes you among the Na`vi. Now to set thing straight, I am a total Blade Runner fan, and Avatar doesn't have the depth that BR has, but what it does do, is create a 'whole new world' in the tradition of great off-world scifi literature, and that is something even George Lucas has not achieved in Star Wars. I have read over 300.000 pages of Scifi literature, and what I saw, was Jack Vance, Harry Harrison, Brian Aldiss, Frank Herbert and other great writers' stories come to life in a wonderful mix. For the first time in my life, I have seen scifi as I have imagined it during all the hours that I send reading, and believe me, they were plenty. I can only but rejoyce about the achievement called Avatar, which already gained its place among the great Scifi movies of all time, a place in movie history. As for someone here calling the movie 'space opera', it's time you recheck your definitions. I suggest you run a wiki on it, because it seems you don't now what you're saying. Well, eighter that, or you didn't like this movie.

Peter T'Sas on Dec 18, 2009


The technical execusion of this film makes it worth watching in of itself. The story is good, nothing super unique or fresh, but engaging enough to hold your attention while your senses feast on Pandora.

Knawx on Dec 18, 2009


why do people always say "to fuel the fire"?

samuel j on Dec 18, 2009


I really liked it. It was nothing that I didn't expect and there wasn't too much tension, but it was really well done (as I'd expect of JC). Wrt the magpie-like story, so what, I don't think it's presumtious to say that many of us were expecting anyting avant-garde (the script has been on line for years for crying out loud)?!? It was a good story excellently executed. I loved the skull island part of King Kong and always wanted to see it in a sci-fi setting, and now I have. I was truly transported and that was all that I hoped for from this film. I and a few of the people at the showing I went to (Imax Glasgow) were having issues with the 3-d in their right eyes at around the time where they destroy the tree. The background elements seemed to be in the foreground and the subtitles were in double vision. I thought it was just me having a bout of 3-d fatigue, but my wife said the same thing and the guys either side also mentioned it. (I'd be interested to know if anyone else had the same elsewhere...) Other than that it was amazing. The initial scene where they emerge from stasis blew my mind. All in all, I was totally satisfied by it, although like I say, a bit more unpredictability in the story would have been welcome. Haters; get a life!

Danapoli on Dec 18, 2009


Visually beautiful movie and Cameron did an amazing job on that end .. But the story just didn't live up to the look of the movie .. I can't describe it other than say that I when I left the cinema after seeing District 9, I was more excited. Something is missing in Avatar and I just can't put my finger on what it is ... I wonder if there hadn't been so much hype, I would have enjoyed it more ... Now, before your Fanboys call me every name in the book for saying something negative against your god, remember, it's just my opinion and last I looked I am entitled to that. I enjoyed more Aliens more.

Freddie on Dec 18, 2009


Story was predictable and uninspiring. But the visuals, my fucking god the visuals. I felt the same sense of awe as watching Jurassic Park for the first time. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing on screen, the amount, the SCALE of the imagery just left me winded. I think everyone should see it just for that, because this tech is going to be the next big thing. Couple that with Cameron's film making ability, its a definite watch, but don't expect any story surprises.

shadow on Dec 18, 2009


I could repeat many of the words said before was beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I have never even been tempted to go to a movie in 3D until last night and I think that was the perfect first experience. I was overwhelmed at first and did not know what to focus on; there were just so many things on screen demanding my attention. I felt the first half worked best. It felt like it dragged a bit transitioning into the final act and then somehow the final scene felt rushed...despite taking forever. Haha, I don't know how else to explain it. It does get pretty cliche, but the experience alone made it for me. I definitely believe that JC followed through with his promise. I doubt many other 3D experiences (or just movie experiences) will live up to this for some time to come. Hopefully people open up to it as there are too many people against it for the sake of being against it...they have no idea what they are missing.

Atrus4 on Dec 18, 2009


Pure eye candy, but the best eye candy you are ever going to see on a screen. Merry Christmas Mr. Cameron!

Sam on Dec 18, 2009


The story was simple, yes, but the way James Cameron told it, well, that is the real achievement here. I saw it in 3D and it's a moving experience. People used in ther comments the words: "beautiful", "gorgeous", "stunning" or "amazing". Every one of those words fits perfectly. I was a detractor of the whole thing based just on the trailers, but now I take back all my negative comments. Great work, definitely the production of the year. 2009 will be remembered as the year when Avatar was released...

leinergroove on Dec 18, 2009


Cameron has broken new ground for special effects, but even so I felt I had seen this same movie a hundred times before. Oh those greedy awful humans and there nature-hating ways... God please deliver us Ironman 2.

GoodSir on Dec 18, 2009


I loved the experience and will be gong back at least one more time. If Cameron had put a little more effort into the story Avatar would go down in history as the greatest all round movie in history. But nobody's perfect. I once heard a blind man say that a great movie is one that a blind person can enjoy such as Citizen Kane; one without the need for FX. Unfortunately, he won't be able to call Avatar great. But for those of us with vision, make sure you see Avatar for that alone justifys a need for vision.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 18, 2009


Loved the movie. James Cameron did an amazing job creating an alien race that is integrated into their planet. The culture and interactions between the Na'vi and their environment is where I think this movie shines. Is it a simple story? I thought it provided much food for thought in the relationship the Na'vi have with the world around them and the ideas of returning back to the earth but still continuing on within the energy of the world. This movie is not just about fighting for land and culture it's about fighting to preserve a spiritual form of life that I think is an amazing realization that we're allowed to take shape on screen. I think it's worth watching again just to analyze the Na'vi and their relationships to the world around them and what that means.

Conor on Dec 18, 2009


it's a movie for americans ... it's like jeez we did the same to the native americans we are gonna do it again to some savages on a planet ... but oh no worry the hero of a hollywood movie is here this time, he will change their world and save it, and all that in a few months ... yeah right ... in reallity we all saw how it ended, massacre and reserves ....

Bob on Dec 18, 2009


FUCKING AMAZING...but im just really tired now haha!! i completely enjoyed the movie and it's true, that this was more of an experience than a movie. james cameron is a genius and this movie was beautiful! i want to be a navi! haha

ben chacko on Dec 18, 2009


Is the film suitable for a ten-year old? Any excessive blood, is it too dramatically heavy in parts? Bad language throughout? He has seen the new (excellent) Star Trek...

Mike Kingscott on Dec 18, 2009


First off, I will admit I was a doubter before and after seeing the movie it was pretty awesome. It looked AMAZING, although the Na'vi still looked a bit cartoonish at times. However, in regards to the story line...old and tired. How can whoever wrote the original article on this page think the story and writing were so amazing. It's Dances with Wolves in space (only DwW didn't have an awesome scene with the Native Americans stickin it to the white people. That would've been sweet). The writing was also terrible. Very blah. All in all though, the graphics completely made up for the shortcomings. 80/100. Would definitely see again and recommend it to everyone.

thisguy on Dec 18, 2009


I don't know if there was something wrong with how the cinema I went to showed it, but it seemed really dark in parts and hard to see! So I couldn't enjoy it at all. The script was really weak in parts to be honest. Stephen Lang was absolutely incredible and held together the whole movie for me. He deserves a best supporting actor nod.

Kenco on Dec 18, 2009


Effects were awesome, no doubt; however, the story was aweful - completely boring and unoriginal. The graphics are the only thing it really had going for it. Meh...

Antioch on Dec 18, 2009


How does James Cameron think of this stuff? Wel.....

Dr. Gonzo on Dec 18, 2009


For #41: Absolutely suitable for a ten-year old. It's just a visually stunning, simple action-adventure movie. And I bet both girls and boys will love it.

The Leo on Dec 18, 2009


"Dances with Smurfs"

Live for Films on Dec 18, 2009


LOL at binary comment. I translated it. I think yes, yes he will.

Price on Dec 18, 2009


@43's binary comment. He said "I bet you that Mr or should i say Sir Cameron has a full on robot chubby in his pants going on just now with this movie, wonder if Sir will beats it till he is blue in the face!!" A very strange comment indeed. I cant wait to see this in imax

BB on Dec 18, 2009


I haven't seen it yet so I can't give my opinion but only go based off everyone else......I hear people keep saying it's like Dances with Wolves / Last of the Mohigans (excuse the spell check)......let's forget about the technology JC used on making the movie, the visual effects....Is the story line that good? i'm vary of watching it because like #48, I have a feeling it's a bunch of Smurfs running around...I also heard the last 1/4 of the movie fell apart and that's why some are giving it a B just curious on your opinions on what i said

blue & orange ny on Dec 18, 2009


Loved it! I went in with fairly high expectations, but this blew me away. We saw the midnight showing and I only got 3hrs of sleep before work, but it was WORTH IT. I will DEFINITELY see it again. I haven't seen a movie this good in years. The story was fine. I didn't get to see it in 3D yet, so that's my next encounter. 🙂

JeRrYFaR on Dec 18, 2009


i completely disagree with people who say that the story has already been told many times earlier...theres much more to the story than what people are talking even before watching the movie.... i recommend everyone to watch this movie in 3d...the movie lives every bit of its hype...its a whole new experience watching Pandora and its creatures...nothing can be commented about the CG...its too awesome and as real as it can get... @13 you dont even know how to lie and for all those who are criticizing the movie, you are just too jealous to appreciate JC's work......

Hellboy on Dec 18, 2009


I always read "Cameron created a whole new world...", which one do you mean? It's a big jungle with 5-6 kind of colorful animals and some flying islands (yeah, never seen before....). What's wrong with you guys? Come on, the SFX were great with few exceptions, but the world, the script, the characters? Are they really groundbreaking? And please don't compare it to blade runner, that hurts. I'm a huge Cameron fan, but Avatar is a big disappointment.

deckard on Dec 18, 2009


i am a big fan of this website and have never commented on here before but felt the need to now. i've been looking forward to this movie for the past 2 years because of this site and it did not dissapoint. the IMAX showing was sold out at midnight so i just watched the regular digital 3-D but i still blew my load. i managed to get tickets for the 7PM IMAX showing for later today. yes, i plan on watching this twice in 24 hours. sidenote: every time i saw that guy from Grandma's Boy i was expecting him to talk like a robot. that would have been hilarious slash awesome

bambizzle on Dec 18, 2009


I'm sorry to say this but D9 was more emotionally involved than this movie. I think the film may have lost it's edge somewhere in the editing. Sigourney weavers last scene is spineless and it suppose to really hit an emotional cord that just doesn't achieve. Jake sullys last scene does the same, I needed more hu anity from those actors, give me some hard core emotion if you want to grab me; subtlety and moments of almost absolute silence achieve alot sometimes.

Victor on Dec 18, 2009


Alex, you are spot on about the small moments. I really think this is what Cameron does best and it makes for memorable scenes. I too liked the moment Nitraya saw Sully in human form, and I also loved the (SPOILERS AHEAD) fight scene at the end - creature vs machine). P.S. ALEX, YOUR REVIEW GIVES AWAY DETAILS OF THE FILM - PERHAPS A SPOLER ALERT IS NEEDED. 😉

dom on Dec 18, 2009


Looked cool (not as cool as I'd hoped). Plot was like eating leftovers. I can see where 10 years ago this film would have been a marvel. Not today.

Nick on Dec 18, 2009


Bad movie. The visuals and the world of Pandora that Cameron created were mindblowingly incredible....but, the script sucks balls. The story-line is dull, cliche, and formulaic. The dialogue was cringeworthy and the characters couldn't have been any flatter. The film never is able to get the audience emotionally invested in the characters, so when one or two of the main ones die, nobody cares. Also, the 3D was pulled of terribly. With many of the scenes, I felt like I was cross-eyed, but I learned that you can counter this by closing one eye. If you see this movie, bring an eyepatch and lots of energy drinks to keep you awake through all the long, dragged out flight and battle sequences that go nowhere. I'll say again though that truly, Cameron wasn't kidding about the technology involved. The visuals are beyond stunning, but in no way are they able to redeem the film's down-right embarrassing screenplay.

FancyMonocle on Dec 18, 2009


1 of the BEST MOVIE EVER in the REEL WORLD!!! Amazing Beautiful Fantastic Incredible Thrilling Tragic Expectation This movie is more Expectation!!! Go to See it now before too late!!!

aCtDeltAS on Dec 18, 2009


yes, a very pretty, amazing "dances with wolves" set in a gorgeous awesome paradise instead of the wild west aliens instead of indians mecha instead of cowboys groundbreaking cgi

furstrated on Dec 18, 2009


I agree with #31 ... Distrtict 9 was a better movie and on top of that, it cost almost nothing to make. I'm not knocking Cameron, (well I am I guess) but hey, with the budget he had for Avatar, it's not even in the same league as District 9 quality wise. #34 called it eye candy. That's about the best description of Avatar that I have read yet.

Anzo on Dec 18, 2009


Conservatives will not like this movie. But who cares? Conservatives are a joke. Everyone else will love this movie.

tyrascilee on Dec 18, 2009


Conservatives will not like this movie. But who cares? Conservatives are a joke.

tyrascilee on Dec 18, 2009


Avatar was just infuckingcredble! As good as Transformers 2; I kid you not! Don't walk to see Avatar: Run! Run as fast as your little legs can carry you!

Dandy Andy on Dec 18, 2009


I thought it was great. I'm not sure why conservatives wouldn't like it. The effects were great, but I really liked the story too. Yes, it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't nearly as bad as people are saying. I think it definitely drew people in and carefully developed the characters. I thought it was a fun, compelling ride.

houghton on Dec 18, 2009


By the way, my last comment was sarcasim ... It's not as good as Transformers 2 LOL

Dandy Andy on Dec 18, 2009


Meh .... It was okay ... Beautiful to watch but in the end it was just .... meh.

John on Dec 18, 2009


It was Pocahontas in 3d, but it was pretty.

Douglas on Dec 18, 2009


Me and Bernadine liked it, but then again we likes booger dogs!

Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel on Dec 18, 2009


This thread is getting too silly now.

Monty Python on Dec 18, 2009


First of all it was To long 2 hours 40mins, it starts to become boaring up till 90 mins in to the film it lack luster you are wanting some action and there none, the VFX are brill and E Capture is good by WETA digital it got in the first 90 mins in the film the feller in the seat opersite me was falling asleep and snorring. the Real D 3D is good it immerse you in to the film, when the action come i was Expecting more from JC, to sum it up for me you will like Avitar if you are a ECO Worrior or in to Climate Change, Greenie, i still think JC should have done this film for the Discovery Channel. i was abit Disapointed because im sutch a JC fan. Ps. Sigourney Weaver is brill as the Doctor Sam Worthington not Bad as Jake Sulley. 😉

Cineprog on Dec 18, 2009


Well, I really liked the the Lord of the Rings Theatrical versions and will be first in line to buy the trilogy on Blu Ray when they come out in April and will double dip when the extended versions come out.

Inca on Dec 18, 2009


#30 your right eye thing may just have been as you said "a bout of 3-d fatigue". I get this problem all the time with 3D. I have to really relax my eyes, or my stronger right eye ('Shooting Eye') just takes over and messes it all up for me. I'll be hitting the Glasgow Imax aswell this weekend. So if it is a problem with the film there, I'll let ya know.

Marty on Dec 18, 2009


"To fuel the fire"... it was great!

OkeyDokey on Dec 18, 2009


It was a total rip off of BATTLE FOR TERRA.

Eric Shook on Dec 18, 2009


This movie was amazing. It just was.

Kevin on Dec 18, 2009


Someone help me...#'s 30 & 58 have me concerned...i'm nearly blind in one right eye...I have always just used my good eye which of course is the left is this going to affect my viewing this movie in 3-D? Can a person blind in one eye get the effects of 3-D. #58 gave me hope re: bringing an eye patch, but really, that shouldn't be how 3-D works. Any one have an answer on this blind in one eye thing please respond. I really like all Cameron's movies and am interested in what he has done, but fear will not be able to enjoy the full effect of 3-D because of the blind in one eye thing. Thanks to any one who knows more about this and responds.

Bo on Dec 18, 2009


It's as good as the hype, definitely. Only some minor special effects issues - namely with the light tree and the dog things. But the first scene in the movie - when he comes out of the hyper pod - and one of the last scenes, when the girl navi is holding Sam Worthington, are the two best sfx scenes in a movie that's nothing but amazing scene after amazing scene.

jason on Dec 18, 2009


Avatar was nothing but short of amazing .... the story, plot, 3-D, CGI ... everything! James Cameron done another epic!

Riz on Dec 18, 2009


@80, sorry to say it, but if you are nearly blind in one eye, I'm pretty sure that will affect your ability to see 3D images. I would recommend not seeing this in 3D, though not just to you, but to anyone. There are very few scenes in which the 3D worked well anyway, so you really won't be missing out on much. Hope you enjoy it more than I did.

FancyMonocle on Dec 18, 2009


Should I see it in Imax or AMC 3d?

Mander on Dec 18, 2009


Nikki Finke is reporting that the midnight showings only made $3 million.

EJP on Dec 18, 2009


Must watch this in Imax 3d. It's a pretty crazy and UNIQUE experience. HH

Have Hope on Dec 18, 2009


Enjoyed the cg and visuals, but weak on dialogue. One part dances with wolves + two parts Pocahontas + half part the air up there

funnytunney on Dec 18, 2009


it was good, but not the experience that BLT made it out to be. the story? basically what the "white man" did to the american, it's ok but nothing new. kind of a sci-fi take on "dances with wolves". it's entertaining but i certainly wouldn't call it "brilliant". the look? VERY beautiful. the visuals/effects are a real treat to watch..... but i found the enviroments in the LotR movies to be equally beautiful. i liked avatar much more than i thought i would. BUT.... i don't see it as the "game changer" that some are making it out to be. i certainly don't want all movies to be made like this. as far as being a "moving experience"? yea, i felt for the Na'vi, but i've seen other movies that were more emotionally involving than this one. as i've said's a good, solid movie with great visuals. i never felt bored and i liked the jungle locale very much. i don't see why some people are worshipping this like it's the first movie they've ever seen.......but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

beavis on Dec 18, 2009


Saw it last night(Midnight show), and all I can say is Cameron is the man. The movie was amazing. I'm seeing it again Sunday morning.

ObiWop on Dec 18, 2009


just got back its perfect 😉 i can tell you this and as cheesy as it sounds its not a movie your watching, its something amazing. any hater should realize that you saying anything bad about this movie instantly makes your opinion mean nothing. enjoy movie buffs! this one changes everything!

DoomCanoe on Dec 18, 2009


#11, if JC stands for Jesus Christ then I guess you are technically correct if you believe in that sort of thing. But if you mean James Cameron, there's no way the dude that unfortunately shat out True Lies, Titanic, & the first half of T-2 into our cultural zeitgeist should ever be mistaken for god.

Kevin on Dec 18, 2009


@ BO I have 40-15 vision and the 3D was great for me. I did get a headache this morning, but I think that was from the 4 hours of sleep and general eye fatigue of watching the entire film in 3D without blinking.

shadow on Dec 18, 2009


Hmm...just have 3 main points to make about this mobie. 1)The visuals are excellent even though not very original.Have a look at the artist Roger Deans' work..floating rocks..etc..He created many Yes album covers.. 2)The story was Dance with Wolves in space and poorly scripted.Felt like 85% of the time was spent on the visuals and 15% on the story/script....pity. 3) The irritating ' on the soundtrack.Very cheesey indeed and the music generally was overused and distracting. So in all I wouldn't go out my way to see it again...maybe for the fun of a 3D visual treat but thats all. Not Camerons best work...Aliens is a superior product.

peter parker on Dec 18, 2009


If you didn't like this movie, go watch Transformers 2.

Fuelbot on Dec 18, 2009


avatar was a stunningly brilliant peice of eye candy. and i like the story because the indians won this time. also the colonel was such a badass, wanted to keep the scar son. it didnt seem like two and a half hours to me, and to be honest most of the time i was just in awe of what i was seeing, also see it in 3-D, worth the money, also, i liked sam worthingtons acting, he does the whole identity confusion well in my opinion. go see it again

austin on Dec 18, 2009



AKM on Dec 18, 2009


Without any doubt I can say that tonight I saw the best movie of 2009. It’s good to conclude that, because what’s been offered to us this year has been overall weak. And to end the year this way, makes me only wonder which productions will follow by using the same technique James Cameron has developed during the past 12 years. This movie is perfect in every way. Sure, you will always have people that can bash about something in the movie, but it’s entertainment! In contrary to others which pursued this same goal (remember those tin robots back in June?!), you are entertained with mind-blowing visuals and sound, story and characters. And that’s what I want to see; I want to be emerged in a movie. I want to forget everything and everyone around me and back home and be pulled into the world which the director has created for me. And that’s exactly what happened! The planet of Pandora you see on screen looks and feels so real that you actually almost can smell the plants, trees and animals. You watch this movie as if you’re really there with the Na’vi. The creatures are fabulous and fantastic. And then the scenery; the huge (and I mean HUGE) tree; it’s flabbergasting! The 3D-usage adds to the experience, by adding depth to the surroundings without overusing its power. The action scenes are impressive; not only was there put a lot of detail in effort in creating the planet, but also on the ships and human technology. It’s as if it’s real, like a common thing you see daily on the TV-news. Every movement and mimic can be seen on screen during the action scenes. It’s all there fully in motion on screen, unlike the “in-your-face-moving-metal-which-transforms-into-a-robot-in-the-next-shot-without-actually-seeing-a-car-transform-into-a-robot”-movie earlier this year. I could go on and on, but I just want to say that Avatar (in IMAX 3D!) is in my opinion a movie not to miss. You have never seen anything like this and I think we won’t see something equal in the upcoming year. This is a masterpiece and there are not enough superlatives to describe this experience. I will now go to bed a happy man, knowing that I’ve seen something that will keep a smile on my face for a long time… My rating: 10 out of 10

Vitor on Dec 18, 2009


Avatar for me was possibly the Best Movie i have ever seen, I hope that with the sequel he conquers the world of Film once more(: Thanx James Cameron for making my decade, That movie was a Universal Cinematic Breakthrough(:

Tony on Dec 18, 2009


I walked out speechless to what I saw. I think a lot of critics are so focused on plot and character development that they can't see how beautiful this movie is.

Duck on Dec 18, 2009

98 wtf is the matter with you, i mean the movi looks ok but not good enough to have wet dreams over, just calm down dude

guh on Dec 18, 2009


I commented on another Avatar post just last night after I saw it, but seeing as this is the "official" sound off, I'll say more. It was freakin' AWESOME! I saw it in IMAX which was beautiful! There were audible gasps in the audience during so many of the visuals. It truly is an experience, something you have to see, especially in a real IMAX if you can. It made me feel the excitement of going to the film as a kid and truly being transported. Cameron did an amazing job!

Andrew on Dec 18, 2009


I like the part where he was hitting the plants...I would have done the same thing I was strangely attracted to the female Navi...some of her facial expresions were turning me on

Trey m on Dec 18, 2009


Dear tyrascilee, Fuck you. Sincerely, The Conservatives

Rumpart on Dec 18, 2009


apsolutly beautiful truley emersive but i was hopeing not to expect the ending and there was cliche after cliche i hate to sound like everone who keeps ranting on about story but what really makes a truley great movie isnt what the director shots but what the writer dedicates to paper

rowdy on Dec 18, 2009


worth the wait and worth the pay saw it in 3D(my first 3D experience) was amazing iit had no flaws i would like to know what that material the humans were after actually does though. they never went into specifics. all they said was it was worth 20 mill a kilo. never really explained anything about it after that. that's something that was eating at me on the ride home

Key on Dec 18, 2009


beautiful movie cameron delivers once again.the only problem for me is i had to see it in regular 3d,but this saturday or sunday im watching it again,but this time in imax3d (desert imax).

judas on Dec 18, 2009


People are comparing it to Dances With Wolves and Pocahontas, but there's something else there as well. The first half of the movie is Dances with Wolves. It also has a lot of war movie cliches and shit as well. That said, the story is basic and not original, but the execution of the story is solid. I didn't notice any plot holes or anything, and the film doesn't talk down to you. This puts it on a much higher level than something like Transformers or 2012. So with the plot being fairly simple and not too demanding, you can feel free to sit back and enjoy what you're watching. To be honest, I think this is the smartest thing Cameron could have done. The characters are all basically archetypes. There's some depth to them, and most of them evolve, but it's not massive, life-changing evolution (for most of them). The Na'Vi easily give some of the best performances. The female lead was just fantastic. I was completely in awe of the movie. Some of the scenes are just orgasmic. I'm also going to be booking a screening in IMAX 3D, but I'm unfortunately going ot have to wait until next weekend. I feel pretty confident that this movie is going to give Titanic a run for it's box office record. Few movies have ever gotten me to plant my ass into a theater multiple times. Jurassic Park. Lord of the Rings. Pulp Fiction. Saving Private Ryan. This movie is up there with all of those in terms of spectacle and pure entertainment value. The story IS simple, but the resulting film is more than satisfying to watch. There are some people out there who are reading too much into metaphors and shit. The only negative reviews I can find of the film are from people who thought it was some anti-american / anti-human diatribe or something. These reviewers are just sad. Yeah, there are a couple of quick lines in there that are absolutely a comment on current middle-eastern conflict, but it's not like it damages the film or the spectacle in any way. If I had to fault the movie for anything, it would be for two simple lines of dialogue that felt out of place. That's about 20 seconds worth of the movie. 20 seconds of the film kinda kicked me out a little. The other 2.5 hours were incredible in ways that I've never before experienced. TL;DR - Go see this fucking movie in 3D immediately. If you're thinking about waiting for the DVD, you will be missing out on a LOT of the fun.

Squiggly_P on Dec 18, 2009


This movie wrecked it a bit for the movies in the near future. Avatar has set a new bar. Anything I watch for the next couple years, until studios embrace this technology, will just be average. And bloody hell, it just won't be the same on home video. But this movie rocked the body that rocked the party that rocked Pandora.

mike on Dec 18, 2009


Here's my take, from a huge Sci-Fi/James Cameron fan: Although you could argue that the story was weak, predictable, and been done before... I would agree. BUT. I was sold! I am a sucker for old fashioned story telling and that is just what this was. By the end of the movie, even though it was predictable I was cheering for the good guy. I went along for the ride and had a great time. I will be back! Trip

Trip on Dec 18, 2009


Best movie ever. Period. I really have no other way to describe such a masterpiece. It made me want to be a Na'vi. Haha as sad as that sounds...

Aaron on Dec 18, 2009


It kind of reminded me of Halo a bit. The feel of everything. One hundred percent eye candy from start to finish. Even scenes that didn't take place on Pandora were still awesome in 3D. Watch this in 3D trust me.

Magnolia Fan on Dec 18, 2009


I almost cried watching that third act war scene. It was the most amazing thing i have every seen put on screen. Oh my James Cameron it was devine. Better than sex. I have never seen anything like Avatar and will have to wait probably another decade for Cameron to make another one. I hope it's not that long.

JP on Dec 18, 2009


tyrascilee you are the joke... I'm conservative, I smoke dope, I recycle and I loved this movie dumbass.... Have to give it A- not perfect, but very well done....he created a world all his own, not too many have done it... I did see a lot of other stuff in the there, I'd seen before, in flims like...Dune, Dances with Wolves, Ferngully, The Abyss, Cameron stole from himself...Final Fantasy, etc.... It was predictable, and though the dialogue was weak at times there were still memorable lines....Can't wait to see again in about a week on IMAX...Congrats Jim, well done, Bravo....

Kamish on Dec 18, 2009


It can be compared to many other films / writing / works of art.... However, never have I seen a movie put together so many amazing ideas and concepts and use them in such a beautiful way. Cameron is an incredible director and it's so good to see his work back on the screen again. Bring on Avatar 2!

Brandon on Dec 18, 2009


This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I actually caught myself several times staring at the screen with my mouth hanging open. Yeah, the story has been told before, but who cares? This theme is as old as mankind, and Cameron sold it perfectly. Everything looked absolutely beautiful, and the Na'vi, as off-putting as their appearance was when I saw them in that very first teaser, really pulled me in. I completely forgot that they were just pixels generated in a computer. There were quite a few moments that had me on the brink of tears. Some because I simply suffered with the characters, and others because the sheer beauty of certain scenes was just overwhelming.

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 18, 2009


My brain exploded. Blade Runner is better in plot, script, has a more tangible world, I prefer the visuals but thats just a matter of taste, whether you prefer "dark" sci-fi or not. And Aliens has better action. Avatar has trademarked the phrase "like nothing you've ever seen before" in the same way the Wire has "best television series ever", it is really very hard to argue. Visually it's un-freaking-believable, it's a technical game changer for sure, and although the story is very good, and has some solid emotional scenes, (particularly when the home tree... well, if you've seen it you know what I mean) it isn't brilliant. Not clichéd, but falls short of true originality. To talk in terms of scores out of five; for visuals Avatar deserves a six, simply because there are many films before it which deliver five out of five on visuals, but still fall short of the spectacle of Avatar. To contribute to a collective broken record, it really is like nothing you have ever seen, or are likely to see again for quite some time. Worth seeing. Over and over again, in 3D, on the biggest screen you can find, as soon as you conceivably can. Because it's only available in it's true heart stopping glory for a matter of months (the DVD will be the equivalent of watching King Kong '06 in black and white).

Square Shaped Softness on Dec 18, 2009


Saw it in IMAX 3d and was blown away! Only flaw was too many flashbacks! Got tired after the third or fourth time of him transitioning back to his human body. They could have limited this, also wouldl have been nice to see a bit more of earth scenes. Anyhow, movie was flat out amazing, it was a popcorn flick and I didn't think the dialougue was bad. The colonel stole the friggin' movie! Mr. Lang is a major player!

dee on Dec 18, 2009


2nd best film of the year (1st being I.B. of course)

me on Dec 18, 2009


I've been looking forward to Avatar for a long time. But I left the theater disapointed. First of all this was my first 3D film and I can honestly say I will NEVER see another. I wear eye glasses and the damn 3D glasses were uncomfortable over it. Not to mention everything seemed darker than it should be and blurry. The trailers on my computer looked better, I am not exaggerating. Maybe it's bad luck, but damn. Secondly, the script is HORRENDOUS. Please, people, open your ears. The story is worse than Transformers 2 or G.I. Joe. Again I am not exaggerating. The only saving grace was the last 45 mins. The action was spectacular and made you forget about the story. But it's not quite enough to save the entire film. Overall, 5/10. Last 45 mins were so amazing that it gets a 5 instead of 3.

Ugh on Dec 18, 2009


this movie is epic. by itself it stands at the top of movies along side other truly amazing movies. Avatar has changed movies, James Cameron has changed movies. he has the right to say he is King of the Movie industry. He is a captain of industry and this is all his. (i just watched Avatar in Glorious Imax in Chicago ) Read more:

???? on Dec 18, 2009


I thought it was ok. Didn't really Blow my mind away. I laughed when everything went to hell for the Na'vi...I mean the terrain visually was simply stunning (the battle scenes, WOW)...but the Characters themselves...lets just say I twitched everytime they showed As for the 3D, maybe my Eyes are retarded or something, but I still think it is gay...apart from the two times I thought something was going to strike me, everything else was flat...I have yet to see it in IMAX...but I still think 3D is gay, until someone makes a Movie Theater that totally envelops you (kind of like how the Monitors were shown at the Beginning of the Movie). Only then will 3D be successful I think.. But I am getting kind of tired of the type of film it represents..."oooh we are the best, we can kill them, lets take them off their land (which I am pretty sure The Humans will do. They will be back of course)" I think that a Halo Movie will be far more Better...I kind of like how we are always the bad asses and whatnot, but give me a Movie that allows me to think and fear...Avatar kind of made me think "oh no, we did this to the Indians." But what would happen if another Race did that to us? I think the Halo Movie needs to be made Soon. Covenant giving the Human Race a good Ass-Kicking would be wonderful.

zeldaprimed on Dec 18, 2009


It was simply awesome. This proves you cant judge something by a few trailers. The story, is typical but executed well. The 3D on top of it was just amazing. Now I know why Steven Spielberg and Pter Jackson were drooling over the camera tech.

JimD on Dec 18, 2009


And yes I'll be the next person to say it. Cameron is God.

JimD on Dec 18, 2009


Movie was phenomenal in my mind, but I'm not saying anything new. Everyone is comparing to dances with wolves/Pocahontas, but what about the machines the humans have that run around on the ground...(don't know what they were called, but the General guy was running around in one at the end...) but weren't they used in The Matrix:Revolution? Weren't they the exact same thing, just a little more beefed up in Avatar? When I saw those I thought, wow, JC is throwing an homage back to Sigourney in Aliens and her end fight scene. And also, wow, The Wachowski's must be kinda pissed. But then again, maybe THEY copied JC in the first place with their design in The Matrix Revolution, stealing from Aliens. Who knows. Just a thought I had during this brilliant movie.

Steven on Dec 18, 2009


It was a great tech demo for the improved technology. Visually impressive, but the rest was completely by the numbers. I understand why Cameron waited so long for the tech, because without it this movie would have been a big grey box of mediocre.

name on Dec 18, 2009


I got bored after the first 30 something comments that raved about the movie but never mentioned the plot and the few that did said it sucked or was dull. So, as predicted, the movie was riding special effects the whole way which IMO, makes the movie suck because the I saw the 15mins and I can't stand the blue people. I'll catch it later this week though. No, that does not mean I'm paying to see it. Doesn't mean I'm stealing from it either. I'll just see it so I can give a proper review. So far, not thrilled by the comments. There are a lot of awesome special effects movies without annoying blue people.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 18, 2009


We all know the story is nothing special or unique. But the story will appeal to a larger audience. Regardless, the tech is amazing and this is a groundbreaking next step in cinema. I think the story works for introducing the tech to the world in an entertaining way. Star Wars seemed amazing to someone who is 12 years old but the story has been retold endless times and its quite corny. Still the technology and visuals in Star Wars made it so enjoyable. Give Avatar a break with the story. It was kickass enough that it doesnt matter. And for being the same sappy theme I think the story was executed well.

JimD on Dec 18, 2009


So I saw the movie and loved it but thats not why im here Im a huge fan of this site and i just started my own movie blogs which ill be doing a different movie very week and I dont have any views or comments would some of you guys please come over to it and check it out and leave a comment or 2 and become a follower please I would really appricate it this is the link alright thanks guys!!!!!!

N. on Dec 18, 2009


People here are also neglecting to mention that besides the amazing tech, the movie was also shot incredibly well, and that makes a world of difference in the final quality of the piece. I would never in a million years watch a Michael Bay film in 3D.

shadow on Dec 18, 2009


Visually... extremely stunning in 3D Storyline... 300 million dollar Fern Gully.

Jason on Dec 18, 2009


I posted this over at my blog ( ). 1995. In 1995, James Cameron wrote a treatment for a film called "Avatar". Avatar was supposed to be on the cutting edge of special FX. And as we all know, the 90's weren't the best years for special FX. Yeah, we had Jurassic Park, but we also had Escape From L.A. James Cameron went onto doing a little film called Titanic. Was the film any good? Barely. But it didn't matter. It made James Cameron (as he said at the Oscars) "King of the World". Afterall, he was director of the highest grossing film of all-time (and that still stands). Fast-forward 12 years and two land-mark films (in photo-realism special FX) later, he's back with Avatar. And without those 2 land-mark films, I dont think Avatar would have hit screens as soon as it did. And what are those two films? Neither he was involved with. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Now, I love Peter Jackson, but Im not a fan of Lord of the Rings. They're just too bland for my taste. But WETA Digital did an incredible job on Gollum. And what WETA did for Gollum in Lord of the Rings, ILM did for Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. And those two films are what proved to Cameron that the technology was almost there. All he had to do was push it. And that he did. As James Cameron said, with Avatar, they pushed the technology, it pushed back, and they pushed harder. And it shows almost 100% on screen. A couple years back, when I first heard about Avatar I was totally sold. And all I knew was "James Cameron" and "science fiction". There were no pictures, no plot, no interviews, nothing. All there was, was a director, and a return to form. Fast-forward a year later, Avatar's release date was announced. Summer 2008. That wasn't the case. The film was pushed back over more than a year, and there was STILL nothing to be released. Still no pictures or anything. And then they released a couple pictures of James Cameron on set. Which I guess was cool, but really... Who wants that? Show us some stills. And then of course, the Na'vi design leaked online. It looked like... Blue cat people. What the fuck? My anticipation went down a bit, and then the talk of a teaser trailer was circulating. Anticipation went up. The teaser trailer came out. Anticipation went down. Then 20th Century Fox did "Avatar Day" in August, where they played 15 minutes of the film in IMAX 3D. I went, and my anticipation went back up. And then the theatrical trailer was released, and I was fucking ready. Avatar has been my "gold at the end of the rainbow" for this week, so to speak. I mean, Ive been waiting for this film for 2 years now (despite my fluxuation in anticipation-levels), and it was finally here. So the day finally came, and I finally see it. In IMAX 3D no less. And all I have to say is fucking A. Well, actually, that's a lie. That's not all I have to say. I mean, Im not going to write two paragraphs leading up to the event, without writing about the actual event. So here it goes... First of all, I already expressed my new profound love for 3D after watching watching A Christmas Carol in 3D, in my last blog. But within the first 20 seconds of Avatar, you really understand what the movie is going for, in terms of 3D. There are 2 kinds of 3D. There is the gimmicky "comin-at-ya" 3D, and there's the "looking-through-the-window" 3D. Avatar is the latter. When the first 10 minutes of you being amazed as to how fucking incredible the 3D, when that goes by, you are totally immersed into the film. You honestly dont even notice the 3D (and I say that in the best possible way). I saw this in IMAX 3D, and I say this with 100% honesty... There is NO other way to see it. This film was made to be seen in IMAX 3D. It's unfathomable to me, to see it any other way. I wouldn't see it in 2D, I wouldn't see it in a regular theatre in 3D, I wouldn't see it in 2D IMAX. IMAX 3D. And when it's out of theatres, and on DVD, I have no idea what Im going to do. Of course Im going to buy it. This isn't just a film, it really is an experience. And yes, there are some of those "gimmicky" shots. But to be completely honest, they're really not gimmicky at all. When an Amp-Suite is smashing down a tree, it makes sense that wood shards would fly towards you. When bullets are flying through the air, and their target is past the camera, it would make sense that the bullets would be flying past you. It all works, because most of the "comin-at-ya" shots are literally 45 minutes apart from each other. And there's only about three or four noticeable ones. Now due to the 3D technology really not being inhanced, and just being used correctly, Ill get to the main focus of the movie. The FX. As I already mentioned, I wasn't too fond of the alien designs before. And it's not that Im not fond of them now (because they're nothing spectacular), but the difference between what I thought of them now, and then is... I understand WHY. And it's the story. This movie is a lot of things in one. It's a message (without being too forceful), it's a commentary (without being to direct), but most of all, it's a love story. Now Ill get into the whole story originality later. But for now, I want to go in depth as to why the alien designs suit the story. You'll find a lot of producers and people who are trying to sell a movie always talk about "it's all about the story...". And 9 times out of 10 they're leaking sacks of diarrhea. But the alien design actually does suit the story. In a nutshell, the synopsis of the movie is, an ex-Marine joins a program in which his brain and consciousness is linked to a synthetically-grown Na'vi body to learn from the inside. Except, he falls in love with another Na'vi, and realizes the true soulless intentions of the corporation that he's working for. Now had the Na'vi and his synthetically-grown body had been this cool, badass-looking alien, I dont think the emotion-factor would have been there. I honestly think why I felt emotionally-linked with these characters, is because they shared a physical resemblance. And that is why the special FX are known as "ground-breaking", "game-changing", and "revolutionary". It's because they are photo-realistic. Now there is a difference between "real-looking-CGI" and "photo-realistic". The T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park is "real-looking-CGI", but the faces in Avatar are photo-realistic. Now, not all the shots and scenes in Avatar are photo-realistic, but when it comes to all the close-ups of Jake and Neytiri, they are so unbelievably real. And the fact that they can put Davy Jones to shame, it makes me wonder where we'll be at in 10 years. To venture further into the movie's FX, Id like to compliment another aspect of the film. And that was the bioluminescence scenes at night. James Cameron created a world that was very familiar, in terms of science fiction and fantasy, but he twisted it. And one of the most beautiful touches he added was the night time bioluminescence. It was fucking gorgeous. And that is the one prime example that I would give, as to why you NEED to see this movie in IMAX 3D. It's a prime example that proves that the movie doesn't rely on IMAX 3D, but it sure as fuck enhances the experience times 100. To avoid any minor spoilers, Im not going to go into all beautiful sequences that occur in those scenes. But they are fucking incredible. Now Ive read plenty of reviews on Avatar, and I think, in terms of story, theyre either giving it too much credit, or not enough credit. The movie is not completely original... Like at all. But it doesn't lack a story, that's for damn sure. It's a combination of stuff you've seen. But it blends it in a way that it works enough for you to give a fuck as to what's going on. Like I said previously, it has messages, it has commentaries, and it has a love story. All of which work. The score. One of thee most important players to any movie for me, is the score. The score to this film is really good, fluent, and overall, well-written. But what would the fuck would you expect from James Horner? Now eventhough James Horner had worked with James Cameron before Mel Gibson, I still think James Cameron gets Mel Gibson's sloppy seconds. In 1995, James Horner did the score for Mel Gibson's Braveheart. Braveheart had those unforgettable and trademark bagpipes. Come 1997, James Cameron used Horner for Titanic. What was Titantic known for? It's use of bagpipes. In 2006, Gibson used Horner for Apocalpypto. And the one key element that stood out on that score was the native's vocal track. It was almost a sigh/hiss. Well... Come 2009, what is one of the most re-occuring sounds? The native sigh/hiss. But you know what? It doesnt distract me too much from the score itself. Because the main theme is fucking beautiful. It has a sci-fi sound to it, but it's predominantly fantasy. As queer as it sounds, it's got a sense of "wonderment" to it. I hate that word. Like, a lot. But it's the first and only word that comes to mind when I hear the theme. But overall, the whole score is great. Though, I did hear a few ques from Braveheard and King Kong (2005). Also, the battle themes are blood-pumping. Id love to go into all the battle themes, but there would be too many spoilers revealed (one of which involves a Na'vi jumping onto an aircraft carrier and destroying all the Marines). The end battle. Dont cunt at me, you knew there was going to be an end battle. That's hardly a spoiler. The battle is fucking KILLER. Im not going to give too much away in this 20-minute radically awesome battle, but there's: guns the size of school buses, Amp-Suits (Mother-Loader-like suits), dragon-on-aircraft action, dragon-on-helicopter action, 3 dragons-on-aircraft action, animal-on-Amp-Suit action, fire, more fire, dragons-ripping-out-Marines-from-Aircraft action, 3 dragons-ripping-out-Marines-from-Aircraft, and a lot more. Also, Col. Quaritch is DIRECTLY from Aliens. This dude is BAD. ASS. And I dont mean in a "oh-this-a-new-guy-trying-to-become-an-action-icon" kind of way. This dude is genuinely badass. Stephen Lang, look into him. He auditioned for Aliens back in '85, FYI. All in all, Avatar EXCEEDED my expectations. Was it a flawless movie? No, it wasn't. Has Avatar changed movies forever like they said it would? No, I dont think so. But is it a landmark? Yes. A giant landmark. Also, you ever notice all James Cameron's films either start with the letter "T" or "A"? The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies, Titanic, Avatar. Piranha 2 doesn't count. Fuck off.

Branden on Dec 18, 2009



Chris on Dec 18, 2009


I enjoyed it but also felt the story was nothing special. In a few years when every other film surpasses the effects in this, what will there be left to be amazed with? Don't get me wrong, I was very entertained, but it won't stand up over time as well as T2 or Aliens. One serious complaint I have though. I'm ghearing all these people say "The effects were amazing! Visually stunning! James Cameron is God! He created his own world!" Correct me if I'm wrong, but James Cameron wasn't the one sitting in front of a computer for hours animating characters. The effects supervisors and animators deserve all the credit for this movie. You wanna give credit to Cameron it should be solely based on the storytelling, not the effects.

Colca on Dec 18, 2009


Someone said Conservatives won't like this movie but I don't see why. Conservatives, like myself, are pro war because of people like the N'avi, not like the ruthless evil of the humans represented in the film. That being said, i hated the movie. Not because of the reasons some idiot guessed that I addressed above, but because it had no emotional core, the effects were great, but not game changing. The 3D as a matter of fact was both unnecessary and gimmicky as ever. We didn't really get our hearts tugged on, or is that only for those of us who have already seen Dances With Wolves. We get it, the setting was changed. But the plot points, the training scenes, hell even the narrations were all recycled.

Al on Dec 18, 2009


amazing, simple and yet detailed, magnificent, cant wait to see it again.

troy on Dec 18, 2009


I really think that the score/style of music in parts of the movie really undermined the emotions of the story sometimes. It really needed some milder, more dramatic music and sounds instead of epic music the whole time, it got very, very bland. That is basically my only main complaint. Using silence in key parts would have been very effective as well.

Scott McHenry on Dec 18, 2009


Just got back from Avatar, not in Imax but in 3D, and I have just one thing to say. This film breathes. If you don't get what I'm talking about, go see it.

Matt G on Dec 18, 2009


wonderful 🙂 "I see you"

Madnezz344 on Dec 18, 2009


I had high expectations going in, and still, I am speechless coming out. Can James Cameron do anything wrong? My only concern is how long this will be in Imax, because I'd like to start planning to take people who haven't seen it just so I can experience it with them!

Sweigh on Dec 18, 2009


Rumpart and Kamish you really are a couple of morons aren't you? What tyrascilee was try to say is that conservatives throughout history have been responsible for some of humanities most horrible atrocities. That's not to say that liberals haven't had their fair share of blunders. Conservatives just tend to have much less of conscience. Sure they could appreciate the film but their level of sympathy for the N'avi would be very short in duration. The needs of the few would never out weigh the needs of the many in the conservative mind. Especially corporate military types who that place very little value on human life except their own. Of course people like the N'avi aren't exactly people in the eyes of the industrial military complex. They could represent Native Americans or Iraqi Freedom really doesn't matter, Tyrascilee comment was simply trying to illustrate that Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world. Rumpart's F..You statement illustrates his ignorance and immature behavior. Life under his aristocratic domination would be horrible. The United States is blessed to have little notion of what this horror is like. Europe, for example, staggered under the weight of its aristocracies for thousands of years. European aristocracies are in decline, and Europe certainly has its democratic heroes and its own dawning varieties of civilized life, and yet the psychology and institutions that the aristocracies left behind continue to make European societies rigid and blunt Europeans' minds with layers of internalized oppression. People come to America to get away from all of that. Conservatism is as alien here as it could possibly be. Only through the most comprehensive campaign of deception in human history has it managed to establish its very tentative control of the country's major political institutions. If Rumpart and Kamish can't see this, than as stated earlier, they truly are retards.

jknovelli on Dec 18, 2009


There are some films that come along in a lifetime that really grab a hold of you and never let go. This is one such film! I have never had such an amazing expierence going to movies like this since the first Lord Of The Rings film came out back in 2001. Totally amazing stuff. My hat goes off to you Mr. Cameron.

Last Son on Dec 18, 2009


HAHAHA...GO #101..Rumpart Avatar was an amazing movie.. as good or better than district 9....but hey im a conservative and i liked it... i did not like that they made the military the bad guys, but hey someone has to be the bad guys eh? haha.... its just a movie, unless u are hardcore conservative and dont like movies, u should like this movie hahaha...

John on Dec 18, 2009


it was a traditional Hollywood story coated with some stunning visual effects. it bridges the gap between incredible video game trailers and movies. visually blew me away enough to overlook its many flaws. saw it in digital extreme and will see it again in Imax. I am excited about the movies that will be made in the future using this style. I am a little disappointed that JC didn't take the same amount of effort that he put into visual effects and do the same with the script. if he did it might have been a masterpiece.

karl on Dec 18, 2009


Here is my man card, I teared up a little at how awesome it was

OCP on Dec 18, 2009


@ 132 Take your conservative morals -- and shove them up your right-wing ass!!!! AVATAR ROCKED! 10/10

Jimbo on Dec 18, 2009


John #140 you truly are one of the flock. That's it, conform to mob mentality. Awu! Awu! GO Military forces..kill the blue people or was it brown or black? Never said conservatives wouldn't like the film, just said that Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. Of course conservatives would like the film as it shows the N'avi being slaughtered by Space Marines. You must have been salivating at the carnage. Awu! Awu! Kill..Kill..Kill...little sheep. Avatar was an amazing movie but you clearly missed the message.

jknovelli on Dec 19, 2009


@ 132 Conservatives, like yourself, who are pro war have no emotional core. You can't get your heart tugged on if you don't possess one. Therefore, I must concur with #143. Take your conservative morals — and shove them up your right-wing ass you dumb son of a bitch! Rumpart and Kamish can do the same.

jknovelli on Dec 19, 2009


amazing film 10/10

sinema on Dec 19, 2009


It looks like a self-contained story such that there will never be a sequel. I don't think a movie like this ought to be tainted by potentially less-than-worthy sequels, because the movie itself was quite good if a bit derivative. All I can think of is suspension of disbelief, because the whole planet was so seamless that I never second-guessed the visuals (even though I knew they were wholly computer-generated).

Jaf on Dec 19, 2009


I really enjoyed this movie, like many others have said ahead of me, the story was kind of bland, and I'm not really a fan of Sam Worthington's acting. But what I saw on screen was mind-blowing, Pandora has got to be one of the greatest things i've ever experienced in a theater. The planet was just oozing was cinematic 3D goodness, though letting the movie sink in and thinking about it......I dont really see how this will succeed by itself as a movie once it works its way to DVD later this year....but until then you can bet I'll be doing repeats at my local theater and hopefully at IMAX.

Redstrine on Dec 19, 2009


This movie was absolutely fuckin amazin probably 1 of the best movies i have ever seen so c it as soon as u can.

Donza. on Dec 19, 2009


Outstanding... The film really takes you away into an alien planet for 3 hours. Even if story sounds familiar it was focus in a different way unveiling some truly beautiful moments. Fantastic

Xav on Dec 19, 2009


What people need to understand, is that using 3D in film adds NOTHING to the experience. Visuals are there to enhance the story, not enhance the image. Give it a few years and this slew of pathetic Imax/3D/CGI buggery will be over and we can at least get back to real FILM experiences. 3D should only be used on rides and videogames. Most of the feedback towards Avatar is exactly what I expected - a migraine-effects driven graphics engine with no substance to justify, and the majority of the audience are being blinded by computer-imagery and forgetting what it takes to make an engaging film. Avatar belongs inside a 3D ride, not in the medium of film.

Dr. Gonzo on Dec 19, 2009


Absolutely loved it:) Glad that the people at my theater loved it as well and gave symbolic applause after the movie! I just can't wait to see it again, to witness the magical experience that Mr. Cameron enabled us to go through!

mawerikas on Dec 19, 2009


I was a hater when I first saw the trailer. Didn't like the way those long,blue characters looked and thought it was just gonna be another poor attempt at trying to make CG act and move like actual humanoids. I was wrong (somewhat). As far as the movie itself, INCREDIBLE!!! Beautiful story and vision. The best 3D yet and the best use of it. It was more about using it to convey the depth of the characters, adventure and more importantly, the world then having crap jumping out at you. Although it was the best done CGI of humanoids yet, it's still far from perfect (for me at least). Still, the movement is too rubbery and the facial expressions and all is too over the top. It always seems like they make CG characters overact and that bugs the hell out of me. I don't know why this seems to be such tough thing for animators to nail. Overall though, FANTASTIC movie and kudos to the genius that is James Camron!

Superhaus on Dec 19, 2009


I was on a high from the first thirty minutes, then it slowed down for the next hour. At the halfway point I was utterly bored. Weta did a good job, because that world is amazing, but story and characters were terrible. I felt embarrassed for James Cameron ripping off Dances With Wolves, FernGully, even his own films (Aliens most frequently). And James Horner's music, for all his efforts was forgettable. I was even shocked in two sequences to hear him lift a cue from A Beautiful Mind. It was tragic, especially because I really wanted to like it.

Mark on Dec 19, 2009


a poll would be cool. 🙂

Michael P. Shipley on Dec 19, 2009


One of the most beautiful movie i have ever seen. This is not just a movie, but is an experience, an emotional journey, an adventure like no other. I got tears flowing from the beginning right till the end of the movie. Then I got really sad when the movie was over as i would have wish it would had continued forever. Really hope to see a sequel to Avatar and I hope more see more from James Cameron. Thank you James Cameron... Long live James Cameron..... 🙂

Men of Honor. on Dec 19, 2009


One of the most beautiful movie i have ever seen. This is not just a movie, but is an experience, an emotional journey, an adventure like no other. I got tears flowing from the beginning right till the end of the movie. Then I got really sad when the movie was over as i would have wish it would had continued forever. The Na'vi character Neytiri was really beautiful even though she's an alien in blue color. Really hope to see a sequel to Avatar and I hope to see more from James Cameron. Thank you James Cameron... Long live James Cameron..... 🙂

Men of Honor. on Dec 19, 2009


this was a great movie ... master peice

scott on Dec 19, 2009


Avatar is set for a 3 movie trilogy so all you Lovers of the flic will rejoice! honestly, Ive always felt Cameron is a great visual artists with great ambition and great intent!! however his storytelling always tends to fall short for me..kinda flat and unbelievable. This time around the story was very simple and straightforward, no twists, no unexpected plot turns..nothing confusing and IT WORKED! unless you've seen this tech a million times and are over it, you will be forced to notice all the impressive details in every scene! a complicated storyline in THIS CASE, would have really conflicted and overloaded my brain competing to pay attention to this alien world. In real life, on a planet like pandora, I would have a hard time even carrying on a conversation with someone while my eyes and ears would be focusing on my environment and that is the case here. Perhaps the second and third movies will get more complex and thats fine, but I was so happy just to spend time on pandora watching dust particles float through the air that I didnt mind the simple story. avatar is a beautiful movie that needs to be EXPERIENCED, it reminded me of the awe I felt back in 1977 when I finished watching star wars and walked out into a world different than the one I lived in only 2 hours before..props to James Cameron, an artist with intent!

replicant on Dec 19, 2009


A lot of this praise sounds extremely similar to what people were saying when Peter Jackson's King Kong first came out. Just an observation. Maybe this will be different, but I still have a feeling in a few years something more visually stunning will come along, and then Avatar won't be nearly as impressive. Who talks about King Kong anymore?

Colca on Dec 19, 2009


Cool...but overall nothing revolutionary at all. Way to much hype...o well.

one on Dec 19, 2009


I couldn't get into it. The visuals felt so cold and clinical. The light and fire just lacked warmth, water still felt a little plastic. 3D is not that amazing, foreground->middle ground->background is not that different to focal planes. Worst part is that it constantly reminds you how far away you are from the screen physically, so it makes the screen (at least from the 3rd from the back) seem really small. I wonder how many of the above comments are real...

nick on Dec 19, 2009


Straight to DVD.

Greedo on Dec 19, 2009


Absolutely amazing, freaking epic and revolutionary...

Nightshade on Dec 19, 2009


@ 163 and 164 The definition of polarization?

Avatarad on Dec 19, 2009


There's no doubt that the money is up there on the screen, but it always comes back to story. So much time spent on realising an amazing world, but storywise we've seen it before, it is Dances with Wolves but in different clothes. This isn't a spoiler but the bit where they're all gathered around the tree of souls, chanting and moving in unison I can't take seriously.

chrisills on Dec 19, 2009


Just watched Avatar 3D here in Singapore, in packed cinema. Very good show, impressed all the way. I thought I wouldn't like it THAT much when I watched the trailer, as the colour and everything seems a bit bland and faded, but I was blown away in the cinema. Think the colour was more vibrant in the movie. Very good job, Mr. Cameron!! Love it!!

speedlight on Dec 19, 2009


There were enough holes in the story for any critic wanting to find something to bitch about to latch onto, but overall, the immensity of it, the epic feel, the emotion, was just awesome.

Richard on Dec 19, 2009


i loved the movie and actually just watched it a second time in IMAX 3D (well worth it and will probably do it again). One of the only qualms i had was that the score sounded a little too generic. just realized part of it totally sounded like the fight scene in Troy when the horns blast that three note queue when they are charging the beach and when achilles is killin it. oh and for some reason the most memorable line for me was when that guy screams "TRAUMA KIT" lol

bambam on Dec 19, 2009


I agree with what others have said. Visually, it's stunning. Absolutely beautiful. But I don't buy into the relationship, I agree that District 9 had a lot more character development. 3D is definitely the way to go, though, otherwise I don't think you'd really get the experience. Oh. I'm with #167. The chanting? Laaaaaame.

Shannon on Dec 19, 2009


Visual Feast, Eye-Candy, Eye-Popper, Amazing experience. I was a little sceptic about this film when I saw the trailers. But when you see it in 3d on a big takes your breath away. Get up and go see it.

var2apo on Dec 19, 2009


I was doubting this movie. In all the previews I did not think that the Navi blended well with the backgrounds. Boy was I wrong or maybe it was just seeing it in 3-D, but it worked fine. The jungle and the world looked beautiful and very real, just amazing. Sigourney Weaver is still a bad ass, she was great, as was Michelle Rodriguez who my wife has always hated before this movie. Although the dialogue is not always great, the characters do develop and you get a feel for who they are. Especially the asshole colonel.

Mark on Dec 19, 2009


Avatar is my new Star Wars. Thank you Lucas, you gave us your prequels and launched us here, on Pandora. Loving it much better now!

m4st4 on Dec 19, 2009


jknovelli I don't need you or this movie or any other lefties to tell me how to think, thats the real difference you fall in line with the mob with what is popular and easy. But when the going gets tough, who are you going to turn to dickhead....?

Kamish on Dec 19, 2009


visuals are there, acting was amazing, execution overall was well done, however, the score was meh -- nothing memorable, action was good, not outstanding. and boy the char/story at times is cringe worthy, just too cliched and been done before. for a movie this big, you would expect some good writing and story. feels like it was written to just hold the action and effects together. i think star trek this year and district 9 were better movies overall mainly because the writing was top notch

eddii on Dec 19, 2009


My girl cried the complete second half of the movie - and i really enjoyd it, although i wasn't photorealistic CGI and i hated the creature design (especially those "dogs" at night). Guess it IS a boys' and girls' movie. Will definitely definitely see it again.

badeboom on Dec 19, 2009


Avatar is great, but Star Trek was better.

Zim on Dec 19, 2009


First off I went to see this movie because sooo many people were talking about it, I honestly didn't think that it would "change cinema forever", I thought this would be another movie that I would come out of the cinema thinking that's two hours wasted... However, I came out of that cinema shocked, for the wonder that is avatar. This movie honestly blew me away, the story was epic, action packed, tragic. The 3D was extrodinary also, it's very hard to concentrate on understanding the plot when you are emmersed in this extrodinary world flung out of cameron's imagination! This movie was the best movie I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of movies. If you haven't seen this film yet, then go and see it because you'll come out of that theater thinking that movie was worth two hours. You did it again cameron! 10/10 🙂

Pie9566 on Dec 19, 2009


"The stories unoriginal!" ---bullshit! There is no original anymore people, just a bunch of different story lines being repackaged as something new. What James Cameron does is take a done-and-done-again story and puts a fresh twist on it (a marine transmits his thoughts into an alien body on an unexplored world to learn the ways of the alien tribe) and makes it AS EPIC AS EPIC CAN GET. The story is, in fact, different from all the other stories you all keep bringing up.

JP on Dec 19, 2009


145 I have absolutely no idea where you are coming from, did you not read my fucking post? I said that I agreed with the Nav'i people, that they are the reason I support war, not just to "kill anything" that the villains in this film. Again, I didn't like the film just because of the fact that it felt off balance, not because Im conservative, if anything being pro war was what helped me like it, because, again, its the NAV'I people that I rooted for, because I only support wars that are fought for defense. If you don't understand that, god help you kid, you're the only one who wants a problem to exist.

Al on Dec 19, 2009


It isn't that the story isn't original. You're right, to an extent, we've exhausted all literary devices. To expect something completely original on a writing front from a guy like James Cameron? Man, look at Titanic! Half the lines in that movie is sappy shit that no guy OR girl in their right mind would actually say. Nobody structures sentences that way. They never have, it's not even a time-period thing. It's just bad writing. But then again, the same bad writing plagued the entirety of the Star Wars series and nobody seemed to care. Yes, this is a visual feast. But it's so predictable from the get go that, by the end of the film, you are probably rooting for the gunship dude if you've ever even simply heard the plights of any indigenous people. Does that make the plights less potent? No, but it makes this movie one hell of a superficial joke. And one of those long jokes that are only amusing in how long and detailed they are at that. Suffice to say, Cameron has been a visual director. He has never been a terribly talented writer. His films are simply fun to watch. And I will give Avatar that it is really intense. But between movies like District 9 with similar plots, and Star Trek with different but still dazzling special effects coming out this year, it really kinda fades into the woodwork. On a scale of 1 to great, this movie just merits an "Okay, cool."

Jon on Dec 19, 2009


I saw it in Imax and 3-D, by the way: That's where that review came from.

Jon on Dec 19, 2009


James Cameron gone out of wildest dreams of movie making. I don't have words to describe my experience watching this movie in IMAX 3D. My chest was heavy even after 4 hours I came out of the theater, Overwhelming, Heart pounding, experienced the unexpected. Unbelievable..., extreme creativity & imagination of movie making, gone above and beyond the standards of movie making if any existed today. James Cameron challenged the whole world if anyone can make a movie close to his standards......God bless you James and need more from you.....! --Kondal Kandregula

ML on Dec 19, 2009


@138 - you're right - we conservatives must be retards because we only believe in killing terrorist nazi's who want to kill YOU just as much as they want to kill me. We can't FEEL anything because we're too busy tracking down evil people while you Libs do everything you can to make sure as many babies are murdered as possible and that gay behavior gets sanctioned by the federal government. But, of course, I'm the crazy one.

Rumpart on Dec 19, 2009


What 184 said. The Nav'i are actually conservative btw, fighting against an evil as a matter of defense.

Al on Dec 19, 2009


Its also worth noting that those villains, the marines, they weren't really marines. Marines aren't gun-ho, and they don't have a "HORRAY LETS KILL EVERYTHING" mentality.

Al on Dec 19, 2009


EPIC!! GLad i only watched one trailer for this because I was blown away. 4 stars and two thumbs up!!

Matthew on Dec 19, 2009


it was amazing! watching this new world with its entire harmonly composed pictures - great! each tought coming up since i've seen the movie, all this great scenes - i'm loving this movie more and more. what i've got to complain is about the 3d-goggels. we had some crapy onces so you had to concentrate more on the centre of the screen because the googles are in your view. i think better and bigger goggles, once who would wrap around your face instead of just been plain in front of your face, would result in a better experience watching 3D movies. all these cgi-scenes looked real the first time for me. cameron and the creators of this 3d-world did a great job - it was the best thing of imitated nature i've seen so far. i'm looking forward to watch avatar in IMAX again - need to see it on a bigger screen 😉 geetz from austria - avatar rocks! smo

smo on Dec 19, 2009


The movie was absolutely stunning! I can't help but think they hired very tall blue people to play the part of the Navi. If there isn't an award for "best animated actor" there should be! I'm a little sick and tired of the politically correct eco friendly "save the earth" message that is so incredibly prominent in today's culture, but that's my only complaint.

Luke Keith on Dec 19, 2009


Whats the difference between FAKE IMAX and REAL IMAX? I have an IMAX near my place but I dont know whether or not its real. Can someone enlighten me on this topic thanks! And BTW, is there much of a difference? Im not too into detail on things just as long as fake IMAX does the job done. I cant see myself driving to another city just to watch it with extra 10ft of screen or whatever. Also is FAKE IMAX just an enlarged normal WIDECREEN screen? TY!

Movietweeter on Dec 19, 2009


I'm usually overly critical about most movies and I suppose, if I really wanted to, I could pick out all the flaws of 'Avatar' if I really wanted to...but the finny thing is, I don't want to and I don't ever care to. I had tears in my eyes the entire time watching this beautiful film reveal itself --- something about re-connecting to my childhood 'wonder' is the only way I can describe my experience. I think, as humans, we lose something as we get older and this film reminded me what it was like to be in awe at the world; to be hungry; to want to touch everything around you, to feel everything around you. Thanks you for reminding what many of us have lost, Mr C.

mjb on Dec 19, 2009


just seen the movie and as pretty much everyone else has stated its amazing, #25, and #28 have put it in words where i don't need to go any further, this has brought to life only what i have always imagined in scifi literature. I can't stop thinking about the movie, and need to discuss it, as it has brought different emotions, and thats when i know a movie has been successful to me. James Cameron did a great job, i want to to go see it again because i am sure i've missed some things while enjoying the story. And yes its something we've seen before, as said before in Dances with the wolfs, and Pocahontas, but that just means he succeeded by bringing a new look on the same story.

malinK on Dec 19, 2009


To simply put it, Avatar might just be one of the greatest films ever with respect to a amazing combination of CGI, acting and storytelling. I find the only movie as groundbreaking as this was the first LOTR when it first came out in 2001. What Peter Jackson did in lotr, James Cameron has outdone by far. The blending of the story and the special effects was absolutely breathtaking. By far one of the greatest films ever made.

Laker on Dec 19, 2009


@177 yeap!

zeldaprimed on Dec 19, 2009


I do have to say...THANK GOD Neytiri worked as well as she did. For me, she was the emotional glue of the movie.

mjb on Dec 19, 2009


@190 It has to do with the proportion of seats to screen-size. The bigger the screen size is in proportion to the number of seats, the more immersive of a movie experience you get. What good is a huge screen if you are in a huge theater sitting far away from it? That's no better than a small screen up close. That's where it matters, but I don't know how you would be able to determine "fake" IMAX from "true" IMAX. Apparently, most IMAX theaters don't create this immersive atmosphere that they initially set out for anymore.

FancyMonocle on Dec 19, 2009


A great movie. Full review at First paragraph of my review: "Avatar has been almost hyped to death. Does it match the level James Cameron talked of? Nearly. Script and nature of the story aside, Avatar creates an essentially real world. Did I pay for a movie ticket or a trip to Pandora? By combining top notch CGI, incredible motion-capture, and engrossing 3D, Avatar’s world is second to none." I really liked it. I really felt like I was on Pandora. Can't wait to see it again. I hope Cameron gets his money back, because I want sequels!

TomV on Dec 19, 2009


Absolutely loved it.. every second of the movie.... I spent over 200 $ to travel to another city just to watch this in IMAX 3d... it worth every penny and I can wait for another 10 years if he gonno come up with a movie like this... You really cant describe the experience of Avatar in words... You really cant... Everybody should experience it.. Its not a movie.... Its an experience Jim give it to you.... planet Pandora he created is simply amazing ... and I wanna visit it over and over again.. All I can say is.. if you Missing Avatar in 3d... then you are missing a life time opportunity ...

suresh on Dec 19, 2009


@Kamish 174 and Rumpart 184 All conservatives aren't retards, just the Rumpart and Kamish kind. Your ignorance comes from thinking that there are some how two rival teams that play by some sort of rule book. The philosophy of conservatism is passe but that's not to say that liberalism doesn't have its faults. However, liberals never fall in line with the mob or what's popular and easy. They tend to be independent thinkers and unlike conservatives won't do anything in lock step fashion. There inability to stick together is what causes them to usually loose support. Just like Conservative Politicians, Liberal Politicians also get dumb asses like yourselves to fight for their cause. They're really the same party and keep the masses at bay with their make believe rivalry. What you fail to understand is that it's not about the Red team or Blue team or Blue people and White People... It's simply about the haves and have nots. The rich want to hold on to what they have and continue to steal as much as they can. The poor can't seem to ascend the ladder because the rich keep knocking them down a rung. Conservatives want to kill anyone that threatens their pocket book. The Terrorist Nazis... are the conservative, Jackass! You can't FEEL anything because you're too stupid to think for yourself. The truth isn't always handed to you on a silver platter, you actually have to use your brain and know where to dig for it. You're not crazy, just misinformed. Unless you're a multimillionaire, you have no business being a conservative because you're fighting against your own interests. At the end of the day, you're just as expendable as the N'avi. You're being used and deceived by the very people you support. Don't put your faith in political ideologies but instead, believe in yourselves! Frankly, you're both starting to bore me. I've already wasted enough time trying to give you seeds of wisdom. If you can't see beyond the smoke and mirrors, then I guess you'll continue to be blind sided. What can I say, ignorance is bliss. In some ways, I envy you guys. Sweet Dreams. -jknovelli-

jknovelli on Dec 19, 2009


It's probably the best family friendly movie ever made, I think its a film that the whole family could enjoy.

Ed on Dec 19, 2009


LOVED IT!!!!! 5/5

Kelton on Dec 19, 2009


#159 please say you are joking and there is not going to be a trilogy. Also does anyone know if the DVD will have a 3D version? I really dont care to ever watch it in 2D.

OCP on Dec 19, 2009


7/10 = 2D well, the 3d imax was packed, was either watching it in 2D mid roll or first role 3d imax, easy choice, hopefully 9/10 once iw atch in 3D

PinkSushi on Dec 19, 2009


i wish i could close my eyes and travel to pandora ...loved the movie its a masterpiece!!!10/10

roger that on Dec 19, 2009


When we were waiting in line at the Imax all the people were funneling out from the previous showing, they all had overwhelmed, almost blank looks on their eyes. I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing but when the movie was over I understood what the expressions were all about. This movie changes the expectation level for the cinematic experience, simply put, brilliant!!!

Huey on Dec 20, 2009


As the effects go they are quite something to experience, which was expected and doesn't really make for a surprising cinematic adventure. But film making has always been about storytelling and Avatar lacks a great deal of plot ingenuity, character depth, and lively dialogue. What's so unfortunate is that Cameron has blatantly ripped off Poul Anderson's "Call Me Joe," and has put his name on the script as original, which is despicable in my opinion. A director with his standing with all of Hollywood at his disposal with a project 12 years in the making that costs around 300 million dollars shouldn't have a blatantly ripped off story. Also Cameron's political slant is preachy and undeveloped trapped in a Rousseau utopia of ignorant idealism. He's a bundle of intellectual ontradictions and personal egoism.

KB on Dec 20, 2009


Where i'm from (Wellington, NZ) all the digital 3D cinemas are booked for the next week! I can't wait a whole week to see this film again, i can't get it out of my head and re-watching the trailer just doesn't cut it! Avatar = The best movie I have ever seen!

Budbud on Dec 20, 2009


Good film but not a great one, not by a long shot. amazing vfx sure but story is pretty basic and obvious where things are heading. i think Cameron has made better films. in fact, i would put this towards the bottom really. Aliens, T2 and Abyss are way better for story, action and emotion in my opinion, and those films really blew me away at the time. I'm not sure Avatar will stand the test of time like his earlier films. Life moves on... what's next to look forward to?

Jimmy on Dec 20, 2009


Not by me:................ "It is kind of ironic that people pick Avatar to gripe about originality. The overwhelming majority of movies that are released have about 1/10 the originality that is in avatar. It's not a remake, sequel, or an adaption. Hell it's got a brand new language, brand new culture, brand new complex and connected eco system, and so many brand new ideas. Look at the way they rode the animals by connecting that thingamabob. when has that ever been used? when have we ever had a movie about futuristic humans going to another planet to force native extra terrestrials to evacuate their native land? Instead of going the easy predictable route with overpopulation or we need a new planet to live on because we destroyed our own, Cameron went for something new, while connecting it to today's problems by making it about mining for an energy source. It's something we can all understand because of our relations with the middle east being corrupted by oil. He made it even more interesting by making their atmosphere toxic to humans. Cameron could have copied dances with wolves and just sent a human with a human body to learn the ways of the Navi. But he instead made the atmosphere toxic to humans, so the main character needed a Navi body to accomplish the task. He added emotional depth to the character by making him paralyzed from the waist down. It made his experience in his avatar body even more liberating, because the character went from a helpless criple to a powerful man who can jump higher and run faster than any human could ever hope to. How is that flying right over people's heads when they say it lacks depth or originality?"

OCP on Dec 20, 2009


Great flick! This is a thrilling, fantastical, epic adventure that will leave an indelible impression! James Cameron has knocked this one WAY out of the park!! 🙂

Spider on Dec 20, 2009


This is by far the best movie I have seen in a few years now. I loved what James Cameron did with this movie. That man sure has quite an impressive imagination. I don't think I blinked once during the movie just because I didn't want to miss a second of that wonderful picture. Agree with #210 GRAND SLAM!

Mike on Dec 20, 2009


I thought the movie was incredible! Best movie of the year for me, if not at least the most entertaining and visually inspiring movie since LOTR trilogy. Of course the story is nothing original as was said with numerous other posts, but I just look at it as an old story retold by a different story teller and that person is James (Freaking) Cameron. To me it was a mix of Ferngully and FF: The Spirits Within. Graphics wise, it's top notch. It wasn't as real looking as the aliens in District 9, but I'm not complaining. The visuals that really took me was how JC created the world of Pandora. I couldn't believe that whole planet, every stinky plant was CGI, it made me feel like such a place really existed. As for the downside... if there was a downside.. I would say that the 3D aspect of it was a let down from all the hype. I was expecting something groundbreaking, but it wasn't... I've seen my share of 3D movies and didn't really see anything new in Avatar that made me gasp. Again, Over all this movie is Great! For all the nay sayers... you're entitled to your own opinion, but in all respect, maybe you're just one of those people who can never be pleased. The sad thing about Avatar is when it's no longer up on the BIG screen. Home Viewing will not do it justice.

The One on Dec 20, 2009


@199 you're having an argument with yourself, from what I could tell, those guys including myself, supported the Navi in the movie and didn't want this to turn into a liberal vs. conservative thing until some dick (probably you) brought it up, and all they did was defend themselves saying they liked the film. I personally didn't like the movie, but it had nothing to do with party affiliation (as ive stated, if anything the Navi are conservatives because if they were liberal they would have sat there like pussies and let themselves be killed) My dislike for the film came from merely the fact that it was a less than thrilling epic, one that seemed 90% cliche, 10% blurry 3D. Again, it had absolutely nothing to do with politics, and when i stated that before, you somehow managed to ignore that entire message and still suggest it was otherwise. You're the one on the full on offensive side, the other conservatives merely tried to defend themselves and you flipped out at them. Maybe you think conservatives just support any war but we dont. We support wars of freedom, and wars of defense, wars like the Navi fought in this film.

Al on Dec 20, 2009


Ben Affleck made a great Navi.

Unseen on Dec 20, 2009


This movie was a bitter disapointment. It was hyped as the greatest movie of all time, and clearly it was not. The special effects were great, and it was the best use yet of 3D, but the storyline has been used so many times before that I quickly became bored with it. Not worth the money, not worth the effort and not up to the hype.

Scott on Dec 20, 2009


After seeing this movie, I was extremely surprised to see nearly 95% of these comments to be so positive. The visuals were incredible, there's no argument there, but the story-line was completely cliche and predictable. Everyone seems to be praising the movie with blinders on, in denial of the film's actual crappiness. It's cringeworthy dialogue and piece of sh*t screenplay should count for something. I won't lie, it pisses me off to see this film on the imdb top 250, where it currently ranks 25. Even you who praise Avatar I don't think could ever say that it's the 25th best movie in the history of cinema. I'd give the movie a 6 out of 10 at max. Avatar is the same sort of over-hyped mediocrity as was every other James Cameron film.

Come on people on Dec 20, 2009


no need for HALO Movie anymore....

AL3X on Dec 20, 2009


first, i would like to say how much i enjoyed the film. I left the theater feeling the exact feeling i had for Inglorious Basterds. Great movies imo. The originality aspect is true there is nothing new in this. You can not say that the bonding thing is original i have see it before in the matrix. Many people can say originality is dead i have said so my self, but the thing stories sell. look at others that show the same thing storywise as avatar. Dances with wolves, and The last samuri to name a few. Unoriginality sells nothign more nothing less. I believe if a movie has great characters, idea, (the whole world is a living organism= awsome) and great direction then it is a good movie. Just to show u how people read/ watch the same things over and over again. Look at superman. He could be heruclues. Um star wars and Eragon series. just to name a few.

Movieguy on Dec 20, 2009


just came back from my second viewing...great movie

Trey on Dec 20, 2009


I really, really enjoyed this movie. It absolutely blew my hair back! The story was pretty good. I liked the idea of having actors playing 2 roles in the movie, as well as, a sense of history with 'The People' and 'Pandora' (which is actually a moon, by the looks of it). The score was very good also, but could have been toned down a little in some areas of the movie. For those who are saying it was a story from another movie like, 'Dances with Wolves'? I didn't hear them say "John Dunbar" once! Obviously, the visuals in this movie make it what it is, in that any rave review will never do it justice. This movie is now the benchmark for all CGI and 3D movies, and you just know that when a better movie does actually come along, the critics will be whinging, nit-picking and comparing it to Avatar. I will be spending my hard earned money to go see it again, and spreading the word to anyone who will listen to me praise 'Avatar'.

just... 'The Doctor'. on Dec 20, 2009


It would be a shame to let Cameron's Pandora remain as a background. I hope he'll release it in a way for the homeviewer to just wander around. Is there any news about the future of Pandora?

Siesta chair on Dec 20, 2009


This movie was beyond epic. Screw Star Wars. (Can't wait to get feedback on this statement) A whole new planet, new species, awesome airships and weapons, ridiculously cool animals, and a badass villian. Stephen Lang is one of the most badass villians ever. Running out without a mask, punching a cripple(lol), running around calmly while his arm is on fire, and that thing with the knife in his machine's "boot" was awesome. It was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. Not my favorite movie ever but damn near the top. Gladiator is my fav BTW. Can't wait for a sequel.

Ronald on Dec 20, 2009


Also I would like to add that the scene when they blast down that tree was so awesome. I felt bad for enjoying it so much as the Navi were suffering. I didn't even see 3-D.

Ronald on Dec 20, 2009


Technically very, very clever (I'm reluctant to declare anything beyond that...) the story appears to be a cliched amalgam of a number of themes, but that does not make them any less relevant. The whole "humanity takes what it wants & damn the consequences" is more than applicable, and certainly true. As heavy handed as it my be at times, the message rings true.

L'il Matt on Dec 21, 2009


I can't help the see the similarities between AVATAR and THE ABYSS -both movies pit people of science, benign intellectualism (Mary E. Mastrantonio, S. Weaver) against people of military leanings, aggressive militarism (Michael Biehn, Stephen Lang) -both have people contemplating military aggression/nuclear armageddon on mystical beings -both have characters that start out as mercenary (in it for the paycheck, a pair of legs) and end up completely altruistic, in defense of non-human, non-terrestrial angelic beings -both have the hero going into near death-like trance/dream state (drowning in THE ABYSS, "sleeping" in AVATAR) in order to make contact with mystical beings -both movies really really love BLUE -both feature an alien environment where breathing is impossible -both feature near-future scientifically plausible gee-whiz hi-tech gears -both conclude with the mystics triumph over science, corporatism & militarism 🙂

greg on Dec 21, 2009


Come on people stop sucking JC's sack. This movie was complete crap! The story was bad the first 100 times it was told and it stinks even in space. Some how in a world where Navy Seals get court marshaled for punching a terrorist in the face humans of the future can murder thousands of aliens without any problem? Heck I cant even curse at my corporate job but in JC world anyone looking to make a profit is burning down alien houses? I get it humans are all bad, evil and incapable of being good unless we decide to see things from the hippie point of view. Visually pretty amazing, I could only tell half the time I was watching a cartoon. I watched Ben Hur this weekend and saw the chariot race seen....please Hollywood bring back live action.

Frank on Dec 21, 2009


**SPOILERS AHEAD** I have to say that considering the length of time I was waiting for a James Cameron film I was a little disappointed. Yes it was visually spectacular but it was also desperately predictable. I mean it is basically Dances with Wolves meets Apocalypto but not as good as either of those. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Cameron fan and Titanic is my all time favourite film but whereas as in Titanic the effects served the main story, ie that of the sinking ship, in Avatar they controlled the story. You felt James thought of the 3D technique and then thought what would show it off best. I remember some saying ‘why would I want to see Titanic when I know what will happen’ but Avatar was so much more predictable ticking all the big budget family action films. Half way through I was still being blown away by all the wonderful neon colours and far reaching vistas but then you felt the air of predictability setting in. The ostracisation of the main character, him having to win everyone back by taming the wildest horse (sorry dragon thing), doing the ‘Braveheart’ motivational speech that lacked a little oomph, then the battle which unlike the ones in Braveheart or Last Samurai lacked tactical invention, the 2nd in command buys it, the main female lead gets into trouble, the animals come to the rescue in a Jumanji meets the stampeding cows from Zulu and you get a final standoff between the two main adversaries. It felt so Disney with the age classification really preventing you witnessing anything that might shock you or keep you on the edge of your seat. Who would live, who would die? – You pretty much knew what was happening right up to the sugar coated ending. I think what happened was that Cameron was surrounded by too many ‘yes’ men. It’s understandable really. When you’ve had the fight that he had with Titanic and been proved so comprehensively correct nobody dared challenge him or question any of the story elements for Avatar. And that’s the problem. Having a single minded idea is fine but without refinement or additional input it can be either spot on or wide of the mark. No different really from George Lucas with the three Star Wars prequels, Quentin Tarantino after Pulp Fiction or Peter Jackson after Fellowship of the Ring dropped. It’s like Cameron hasn’t been watching films or playing games for the last twelve years. Even worse he assumes that his audience hasn’t done the same. When you’ve got the likes of Moon and District 9 pushing sci fi in interesting fresh angles, King Kong doing fantasy islands with amazing flora and fauna and computer games such as Halo and Mass Effect weaving fleshed out futuristic stories then Avatar doesn’t come across as that ground breaking. An example would be the heavy handed environmental angle. 5 – 10 years ago it might have seemed fresher but with Hope-enhagen in the news all the time and every negative rain drop attributed to climate change, one does get a little tired of the endless tree hugging. Being one with nature and respecting the fallen animals is nothing new and once again was covered in Dances with Wolves but without the hammering environmental guilt. Ultimately it was an entertaining film. The 3D was good and the CGI was breathtaking but it wasn’t the revelation that I’d been expecting or had been mooted. The idea that it will revolutionise cinema attending and that Lucas wants to re-do some of the Star Wars films with this technique leads me to think, don’t bother. It might be impressive but it doesn’t elevate it to the next level. Yes, it’s nice to look at but an OK film isn’t elevated to brilliant when shown in HD and likewise this technique doesn’t patch over a poor story. For me Avatar didn’t have the power or emotional resonance of Titanic and was nothing more than a glorified Disney film that could have been made by any number of other directors. The mantle of best sci-fi film (and overall film) of the year for me is now securely in the hands of District 9 for it’s creativity, freshness and excitement and Avatar unfortunately slips way down the league of Cameron films.

Payne by name on Dec 21, 2009


Hey AL! Go FUck yourself. You being a self proclaimed Conservative.....YOUR an IDIOT! Typical right winger. If you hated it, you just don't get it, or how ground breaking it is. YOU don't get the tech so do us all a favor.....shut the fuck uP!

cinematruth on Dec 21, 2009


It wasn't bad but I don't see how 3D is a game-changer, I feel that it cheapened the film if anything. It was a decent flick but nowhere near as good as Cameron's other films.

Nick on Dec 21, 2009


#227: lol. Bad story? That's funny considering was a *TRUE* story the first 100 times it was told too. The white man goes to Africa, calls them monkeys, destroys their home and culture, demeans their beliefs, take what they want and leave. Look it up, it happened. Right here on earth and nobody did anything about it, how could they do something about it in space. Oh, and fuck Ben-Hur.

Ronald on Dec 21, 2009


Well, it's no Ghost Rider. : )

damnudumb on Dec 21, 2009


Loved it. I wrote an Avatar review here: In a nutshell, fuck yes. and more.

Branden on Dec 21, 2009


BAM!!! The movie of the Millenium. First there was Silent to Sound, BnW to Color, Special FX, CGI, Bullet time and so on... MOTHER FUCKING CUM IN MY PANTS Amazing. I came watching HOT BLUE ALIEN SEX! too bad we couldnt see more haha! If this doesnt win best picture, may the blue gods rain destruction on earth.

Movietweeter on Dec 21, 2009


I don't know what it was about this movie...I can't say the story was amazing; I can't say it was just an FX spectacle --- I really don't know. All I know is that it pulled at something inside me...there are so few movies that have ever done that for me. Does it matter why? Maybe it's the sheer wonder of it all...maybe it's Netyri's eyes...maybe it's the ethereal blue water, the pulsing glow of the forest floor...I have no idea and for the first time I walked out of the theater not caring.

mjb on Dec 21, 2009


#229 theres a number of things wrong with your statement: 1) Im not abrrasive about being conservative, i never brought it up and was randomly attacked 2) The technology was one of the few things I praised 3) Being a right winger doesn't dis entitle me to an opinion. 4) I never claimed there was a correlation with my dislike for this movie and being conservative, just the opposite really So, for the last god damn time: I NEVER SAID I HATED THE MOVIE FOR POLITICAL REASONS: I WOULDN'T LIKE IT IF I WAS LIBERAL AS WELL, IT JUST DIDNT INTEREST ME, THATS IT. I dont get why you guys dont get this.

Al on Dec 21, 2009


It was definitely a spectacle. The visuals were incredible, the story was sorely lacking. it's a shame that such innovation was wasted on a mediocre story. you can tell that cameron wanted this to be his Star Wars or LOTR, but the cliched action especially in the 2nd half of the film took me right out of the movie. and seriously, why do aliens always have to be just like humans, accept with different skin color and greater abilities? why did they have to act just like tribal clans? so unoriginal and unimaginative.

red923 on Dec 21, 2009


*SPOILERS* Just a quick comment to add a piece of trivia that some (most?) seemed to have missed. That wasn't the "Military" on Pandora. It was NO countries army. It wasn't "America" or "Whites". It was a _company_. They were MERCs providing security. Just wanted to remind everyone. It's easy to think back on it and think "military". One additional comment. I have heard that the scene with Neytiri's mom letting Jake and Grace loose was unbelievable. "She wouldn't have done that!". Same comment about Neytiri forgiving Jake for knowing of Hometree's destruction and not telling them when he returns with the Turuk. "She just forgives him?!? No way!" My comment to that is, you are thinking just like a Human would. A native culture so in tune with their surroundings could very plausibly be much more prone to forgiveness. The Na'vi have remarkable patience and trust that an individual can change, as shown by their repeated offerings to "fill a cup that is already full". Simply put, you are responding with your from your own perspective. Just grasp that the Na'vi have their own, quite different perspective.

Andrew on Dec 21, 2009


Liked it lots. Two thumbs up. Fx were stellar. 3D was distracting and I think had a negative impact on my less than stellar overall score of 8/10.

bozoconnors on Dec 21, 2009


Hey, Alex... I think you guys should do a poll for articles like this. It would easily show the percentage of like vs. dislike for a movie and would make wading through the comment section less of a chore for some. That said, I loved the movie. I can't wait to see it again.

Golgo 13 on Dec 21, 2009


The lauding this movie is receiving is way beyond unnecessary, yes, it was a visually engaging movie and the Na'vi civilization was very well thought out. But the story? Severely lacking. And for those that compare it to Star Wars; I suggest you go watch the original trilogy again, you've been duped if you think this is even close to what Star Wars will ever do for cinematographic storytelling. Overall this movie was like a sunset, pretty but predictable.

ben_w on Dec 21, 2009


Ben_W #241, if Star Wars gets the original Trilogy, Avatar gets two more movies to compare. =)

Andrew on Dec 21, 2009


@dee what flashbacks? Are we talking about the same movie?

JakeTheSnake on Dec 21, 2009


Wow. I just saw it in IMAX 3D and it was amazing. I felt very connected to the characters in a way that not many movies achieve. It was visually spectacular but I expected that. What I didn't expect was the emotional punch that it packed. I will be returning to see it again....

Jay-z on Dec 21, 2009


I saw it twice in cinemas in 24hrs last weekend and cant wait to see it again next this week Cameron is genuine artist

Nader on Dec 22, 2009


Well, this particular conservative and his conservative wife loved Avatar to death. Saw it in IMAX 3D (ok, LieMAX, but it was still awesome) last night. All the political talk is crap. @227 - You said "Some how in a world where Navy Seals get court marshaled for punching a terrorist in the face humans of the future can murder thousands of aliens without any problem?" Did you not catch the part where this is set almost 150 years in the future? On a moon that takes nearly 6 years to reach (not sure at what speed - near light speed likely)? This is not set in our world or our time. There is never a mention of America. The marines are really just mercenaries hired by a greedy corporation. Of course they're going to get away with whatever they want out there in the middle of space. I can't wait to see if Cameron makes a trilogy. I would love for this to become the new Star Wars. Who cares if it's better or worse than Star Wars. It's new, and has huge potential. They both have a place in my heart now. And for all the people complaining about the story and the cliches, blah blah blah, go read #159's post. He said it perfectly.

Pete on Dec 22, 2009


The scenes on Pandora at night were, for lack of a better word, BREATHTAKING! I didn't get to experience this in 3d the first time around, but my best friend is going to take me to see it again, this time in IMAX. I can hardly wait. My heart was in my throat the whole time..... Tree of Souls..... so many moving scenes. The symbiotic relationship between all the living creatures on Pandora was such a mystical idea. I loved every minute of it. I'm glad that Cameron waited until now to make this...... Someone said trilogy???? OMG that would be amazing. Bravo Avatar.

KelliAnn Cullen on Dec 23, 2009


I hope this puts all the pre-hype HATRED to bed... Now that we've seen it we can draw our own conclusions. For me it was Dances with Wolves, meets Gorillas in the mist, meets chakka zulu, meets fern gully, meets aliens (stylistically with the suits and guns), meets simply epic... I didnt come away unimpressed with the finished product. we can all kinda see the influces and I think that what the Liquid Terminator did for CGI, this will do for 3D.

wHiskey Tango... on Dec 23, 2009


meets the matrix too. (forgot to add that) 🙂

wHiskey Tango... on Dec 23, 2009


I went in to this film after been let down time and again by the hype of the next amazing film that will blow you away. Top of that list will eternally be The Phantom Menace. But I should have known better Cameron has never let us down. Terminator, Aliens, Abyss (Special Edition of course), even Titanic was an amazing spectical (if you take out the romantic crap). Like most people have said after about half an hour you truely start to feel amazed and it keeps it up to the very end. Yep its not perfect (unobtanium and the spiritualistic overload which in a lesser film would put you right off), but its been two days now since I watched it and I just cant get rid the urge to see it, to walk along side them in the forest, to experience life on Pandora again.

Cable on Dec 26, 2009


Please everyone, shut the FUCK up about Dances w/wolves! It's one of my all time favorites, but you guys act like it was the first movie ever, that had an outsider fight with,then get accepted byAliens,Indians, etc. All of the complaints regarding the script are pointless.(i.e. cliched,heard it before.) If you are going to see a movie that has been touting it's Special effects for three years. Don't be upset or complain that it's not the greatest script of all time!!! did you really go to THIS movie thinking you would be blown away by the fucking DIALOG?? This was written by the guy who wrote "Titantic" one of the worst scripts ever! If you want to be jerked off by words and have your heart strings tugged, don't see a special effects-laden event movie. Go read a fuckin book! Avatar was a awesome movie. I kept all it's promises(giving your eyes a boner) and was truly an Experience.

TheotherBluth on Dec 26, 2009


If Avatar wins best picture, I will shoot myself in the face.

Come on people on Dec 26, 2009


Fantastic experience. Loved it. WOW!

Ambient on Dec 26, 2009


loved the alien world connection thing, loved the new planet, loved the movie i havent said this in a decade about a movie but i want the dvd

sam on Dec 27, 2009


I never get out to movies and I've seen this twice. I felt like this was what people watching Star Wars must've felt like. There was no way to prepare myself for the world that was created. While it isn't going to be my favorite movie I've ever seen it might be the best film I've seen. Not a Cameron fan at all and yes the story is nothing new, but the script was well written and the actors were top notch. In no way do I see the "dances with smurfs" thing that people keep talking about. Both movies have guys that enter into another group that is unlike themselves, but that's it. After that, the reasons for why they are in that position are completely different. I never would've put those movies together without all the doubters and haters saying that. That sort of close mindedness is going to make them miss a movie of a lifetime that should be experienced on the big screen and in 3D.

BadAndy on Dec 27, 2009


this is amazing movie ! come on guys, no doubt about it

affilrev on Dec 27, 2009


IT WAS SO AWESOME. Gosh. I've seen it twice and I can't wait to see it 3D. I'm going to own this movie and watch it once a week. It's definitely one of those movies I wish was real. I want to be a Na'vi!!!!!!

katthunder on Dec 27, 2009


Oh and it was definitely so much like Dance With Wolves. I just saw that for the first time recently (as in a couple months ago) and now that I think about it, it's almost like the same story... kinda. A man going into a different culture, falling in love with it while they begin to trust him. And then fighting against his own kind and falling in love. Blah blah everyone knows that I'm just saying. Lol. I LOVED IT. (:

katthunder on Dec 27, 2009


Avatar is probably the best looking movie ever. And they did an excellent job with blending CGI characters with their human actors, seamless. The story is good. Not as good as Shakespeare, and not as bad as Michael Bay. Very enjoyable to watch, and the 3D is totally immersive.

Andy on Dec 27, 2009


Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Possibly the best movie going experience since I saw Terminator 2 or Star Wars. I can't wait to buy a 3D projector for my HT and play this bad boy round the clock! 😉

Geoff on Dec 27, 2009


I find the Dances with Wolves comparison comical. Did Kevin Costner fly across the galaxy? Did he have a twin brother who died? Did he get to download himself into an Avatar body which was basically an alien/human hybrid? Did he get to explore a jungle with animals the size of dinosaurs? Did he fall in love with an alien who taught him how to "bond" with animals and fly around? Was he 10 feet tall with carbon fiber reinforced bones? Was their a group of scientists helping him? Was their a colonel trying to blow up the village with aircraft? Did Costner get to talk to trees and the dead? Need I go on? Oh that's right. The two movies are really nothing alike when you think about it. Sort of like how Star Wars is similar to Greek mythology when you remove every plot point and reduce it down to a vastly oversimplified premise. Dances with Wolves is about a man in the middle of nowhere who out of boredom begins to interact with his neighbors. There is no antagonist in the movie other than the other Native Americans who attack them AND the looming presence of history where we know that eventually the white man will come. The finale consists of like 8 Native Americans fighting 8 soldiers. that I think of it, it sounds exactly like the MASSIVE battle at the end of avatar that involved 2000 thousand Navi and 10,000 animals. Seriously...the Dances with Wolves meme was strained even before the movie came out. Now it's the official motto of the Avatar Trolls who hated the movie before it ever came out and refuse to admit they were wrong. Read more:

Geoff on Dec 27, 2009


love this movie my only hate on it is the very ending. I would have liked to see him open his eyes just for clarification that he had passed throught the eye and came back to live with her. beautifully done. truly the best film of our time.

m on Dec 27, 2009


#262 That's exactly how the movie ends....the last shot is of him opening his Avatar's eyes. Did you zone out or blink?

Geoff on Dec 27, 2009


just saw it yesterday at the imax in noblesville indiana and i live in fort wayne indiana...normally i 2 hour drive but it took 3 hours cuz there was a huge snow storm and traffic was going 45 on the highway...but definately worth the drive to see it in was an experience ill never forget...and yes #262...that is exactly how the movie ended hahaha

elyk1887 on Dec 28, 2009


this movie is what all the other 250 reviewers said and all that but im afraid i sat next to a very odd fat guy in the cinemas who fell asleep and started snoring like thunder. i couldnt hear a ****ing thing! lol!

yumyumfish on Dec 28, 2009


Avatar is to Dances with Wolves what Home Alone is to Panic Room. Would you say Panic room is Home Alone rip off where a defenceless person deals to home invaders? Of course not. While Avatar may use themes that have been used before, and remind you of other movies you may have seen in parts, I can only say that I found it to be highly original in it's execution and it left me buzzing for hours afterwards. I saw Avatar last night in 3D. This is more than a movie, it is an experience which is hightened by the inteeligent use of 3D to draw the viewer into the story, as opposed to previous 3D outings which tend to try to throw the movie at the viewer. To those who were expecting deep plotlines and corresponding subplots with character development, may I remind you that Avatar is directed by James Cameron. His trademark is a simple story, told well. If you look at his body of work to date, (Titanic, Aliens, True Lies or The Terminator) you won't find any deep narrative there. Subtle is not in Cameron's vocabulary. My one gripe, and it is only a minor one, was Giovanni Ribisi's role. I like Ribisi, and find him a versatile actor, but it was hard to believe him in that role, and I feel he was just wrong for that role. I would have loved to see Bill Paxton in that role. I mean, what is a James Cameron movie without Bill Paxton?

cinemabandit on Dec 28, 2009


If there's anything I can't stand, it's people receiving praise who don't deserve it. It's this sort of thing that, for instance, turns my distaste for Dane Cook into a hatred for Dane Cook. Right now I've got this same thing going on with Avatar. What this film tells me is that if a studio is able to spit out enough cash to make a film visually stunning, then the film will succeed. People will ignore the screenplay in the presence of pretty graphics. I assure you, if this film were made with the graphics of a movie like Delgo, everyone would be condemning it for it's shit story-line. The visuals create a convenient distraction from the bad dialogue and predictable outcomes. There is nothing to love about Avatar BUT the visuals. The visuals are stunning, there's no argument there, but the screenplay is the most dull, predictable, corny thing I've seen all year. (Trying not to give away spoilers) At the end, the death of a main character is met by the audience with apathy. The scene looks built as though to be touching, but nobody gives a crap. I know I didn't. All the characters are flat as paper and a five year old could have predicted how the movie would end. To me, it just seems that people are all placing way too much weight on the visuals, but great visuals don't make a great movie. I know wants another great iconic movie to praise, because there hasn't been any such film in a looooong time; but let's think a little before saying things like "Cameron is God." I mean really... I can't stand hearing this constant bombardment of undeserved acclaim and it certainly doesn't help that Cameron is a pompous asshole. If you've seen any interview with him, it's quite plain to see just how much he loves himself. To me, Avatar is yet another example of America's shallow nature when it comes to watching movies.

Come on people on Dec 28, 2009


#267 I, like a lot of people, appreciate the film for what it is. A simple story, amazingly told. If you try to read more into it than that, you will be dissapointed. It ain't Shakespeare, and we all know it. Stop wishing it was and you will enjoy the experience a whole lot more. After all, is it possible to drown a movie with character and plot development, for example Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

cinemabandit on Dec 28, 2009


Well, to be fair, the effects were great - not exactly ground-breaking; Davy Jones in 'At World's End' was just as convincing as the Na'vi and passed by somewhat unnoticed in comparison. Though the effects were well-done, it was still obvious throughout that they were CGI, and by no means photorealistic. Obviously incredibly directed by James Cameron - that's to be expected - but not really the BEST FILM EVER like everyone seems to be saying. More an overhyped, mega-budget film with a good director and an average script...*cough* Dark Knight *cough* It has to be noted that Zoe Saldana's performance was hilariously weak: surprising considering how good she was in 'Star Trek'. A weeping woman should not make people laugh, but Netiri's grief at her father's death sent everyone in the theatre into hysterics. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ignoring the effects, as a film, it's probably an 7/10 for me. Jimmy's done much better.

Andy on Dec 28, 2009


How is Davy Jones in 2D as groundbreaking as an entire world in 3D? One character vs. a world. Were there people in 1977 claiming that Star Wars wasn't groundbreaking?

Geoff on Dec 28, 2009


#269 The more I read your post the more issues I find with it. There were tons of scenes that were photorealistic. If you're expecting every frame to be photorealistic then I'd say you're being hopelessly unrealistic. Zoe Saldana was amazing as Nytiri. Another strong female character in a Cameron movie. She was easily every bit as heroic as Jake. Beautifully rendered and well acted. And spare us the "sent everyone in the theatre into hysterics". I've seen the movie 5 times at different theaters with different people and not a peep from the crowd. Why is it when ever anyone dislikes a movie they always LIE about the crowd so as to reinforce their opinion. I'm so sure the entire crowd laughed at just your showing. Trolls try so hard but still fail epicly.

Geoff on Dec 28, 2009


Outstanding special effects! Saw it at an IMAX in 3D. Excellent plot. One problem, I am sick and tired of being lectured to by politically correct Hollywood narcissists and Avatar was one big PC lecture fest! Totally spoiled the experience for me. A pox on you, Mr. Cameron, blast you!

John B on Dec 28, 2009


Yes, the story was trite, but so what? Star Wars New Hope was the same way: all the characters were common archetypes, the acting was somewhat shoddy, and the basic framework of its plot (The Hero's journey) was 3000 years old. Yet, it was still cinematically groundbreaking, people loved it, and Lucas eventually made two sequels that gave the story much more originality, earning the films recognition as some of the greatest in history. Perhaps we just have to wait for Avatar's sequels for the same to happen to it. There could even be an entire expanded universe for Avatar, who knows? Meanwhile, I can't wait for the age when all movies have graphics as awesome as this one. 🙂

avispartan117 on Dec 29, 2009


#272 Pretty sad that such a blatantly obvious message as "don't rape the earth" is being dismissed as Political Correctness. I thought it was common sense myself but if that were true Cameron wouldn't have to include it in his movie hence why we have environmental problems to begin with. Noone wants to hear about it because then they have to address why they're not doing jack about it.

Geoff on Dec 29, 2009


I agree with the statement in # 223, "Screw Star Wars". This movie kicks Star Wars' ass. I hate how people feel that they can just compare other movies to the "original" trilogy only and disregard the pure shit that was the prequels and crappy video game stories(I'm looking at you The Force Unleashed). You can't ignore any of the movies that take place in the Star Wars universe because they were all written by the same man. I would see someone's point if the prequels were written by someone else but they weren't. You have to look at all the Star Wars movies as a whole and as the good as the original trilogy was the prequels, the clone wars series, and video games brought the quality of the series down. Overall the Star Wars series is mediocre. So far all Avatar has is one great movie so its track record is a hell of alot better than Star Wars'. That's not to say James Cameron could drag it all to hell in the future, but its James Cameron so I really doubt that. I have a hell of a lot more faith in James Cameron than George Lucas.

Alex T. on Dec 29, 2009


A great movie for all ages, a chance for us to dream and hope that right will always win against might in the end. A lovely storyline for our troubled times and amazing animation that really surprised me and I'm sure the many other filmgoers who packed the cinema.

james staniland on Dec 29, 2009


I saw this movie, and was completely satisfied with the outcome. I tried to explain this movie to some co-workers of mine. I compared it to 'Dances with Wolves' in the sense that an outsider must learn the ways so they'll be accepted by the natives. But seeing the movie I've come to the conclusion that my comparison is null and void. Avatar is in a league of its own. I took a friend of mine to see this movie, and she was confused at first but eventually she understood the story. Story and visuals aside my main motivation for seeing this movie was the fluidity of the AMP Suits, being bored and tired of seeing such fluidity in robot anime. I was glad that the AMP Suits moved unlike most robots portrayed in movie (i.e. slow). My only fear with such a movie is that other directors will bastardize this technology to satiate their own needs (e.g. Michael Bay, say what you will but I hate him). James Cameron is right to share this technology with people like Steven Speilberg, George Lucas (yes him) and Peter Jackson. In closing 16 years ago I saw 'Jurassic Park' I walked out with a smile and felt happy seeing those beasts come to life, 9 days ago I got that same feeling walking out of Avatar, if more movies were made like this I'd feel like I did 16 yrs. ago.

Sergio R. Rivera on Dec 30, 2009


people, Mech suits, armor suits, AMP units, mecha, exo skeletons, etc.. have been around in stories WAY BEFORE TRANSFORMERS, this and Aliens etc..Robotech had them and so have a million other comics, videos and games!!! Why do people keep talking like this is where they were invented and shouldnt be used anywhere else?? and that tech that JC is so GRACIOUSLY sharing with others WOULDNT EXIST without the likes of LUCAS and SPIELBERG!!! and yes, even Jackson advanced the tech for his own means so why do you all act like cameron had a dream one day, woke up and created special affects? thats like saying Lucas invented FX or something like that, they all advance the form forward in their own way! sheesshhhh

Slushbeast on Dec 30, 2009


Ok so yeah, it was the most visually spectacular movie i've ever seen, but it'll quickly be replaced with a prettier movie. Effects don't make up for a dull story that devolves into a green, anti-war presentation of James Cameron's political views. It was great for the first half, but just became worse and worse after the halfway point. The story also felt like it just clumped together borrowed storylines from other movies. Needless to say, I had high expectations that were seriously let down. But it was worth the $13 price tag if only for the special effects.

Jackson Isaacson on Dec 30, 2009


the story might have its cliches and there is more than you can count on your fingers. this film tho was the most entertaining film i have seen in a long time. it really is the most visually stunning film i think i have seen of all time. i dont really care for james cameron,but this movie really is amazing and worth seeing.

bill on Dec 30, 2009


#277- RachelReplicant, I'm talking about the Star Wars series overall. You would know that if you knew how to read. If I'm in elementary school you must be in preschool. By the way, what the hell is iCarly? Yeah I understand the first Star Wars film was a huge deal at the time, I'm not doubting that. I'm comparing the quality of the Avatar franchise to the ENTIRE Star Wars franchise. Not which has been more important to popular culture. I also understand that Star Wars is responsible for opening up the genre and pushing new technology forward but just because one thing is a predecessor to another doesnt make it better. You wouldn't say the first telephone is better than an Apple Iphone based solely on the fact that it came first. By the way what exactly makes you think George Lucas is such a better storyteller than James Cameron? Are you suggesting that Star Wars isn't as predictable? That's a joke if I ever heard one.

Alex T. on Dec 30, 2009


#282 LOL!!! Wait, did you just compare ONE movie to an entire franchise? That Womans right, you are a dumbass!! Hate to break it to you junior but THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE still books theme parks for annual celebration days, enjoys celebration events that last all year (per film: New hope anniversary, empire anniversaries, etc), has been pumping out collectible toys consistently for over 33 years and is constantly expanding its titles (clone wars series and upcoming Live Action TV series) not to mention has an immensly strong presence in EVERY MEDIA, tv, movies, video games, novels, art books, comic books, etc..Oh and within that, happens to tell a pretty involved and twisting storyline that continues to unfold! "what SW has changed is all around you and is an integrated part of our culture psyche!" this is absolutely TRUE!! its like Citizen Kane, you may not like it, but its advances and contributions to film are undeniable and part of everything you see nowadays! now, I do think some of the tech he's created for this film will serve that same purpose! JC has contributed to the expansion of film tech for production, absolutely! JOKES ON YOU! American Graffiti, THX1138, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the SIth, (Director) Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (WRITER, Producer) Not to mention the TONS of amazing movies he has executively produced (Including work by AKIRA KUROSAWA!) thats what makes me KNOW Lucas is a better storyteller than Cameron!! I dont know about replicant girl, but I enjoyed Avatar very much, infact Id like to see it again.. but young man, avatar is no star wars and as you can see, you cant compare one movie to a 30+ year old franchise! Look at the joke that was the matrix trilogy! kids foamed at the mouth talking about how it was gonna take star wars out! lol... let avatar be avatar, time will decide what is what..

Bill Williams on Dec 31, 2009


#277 "James Cameron is a great visual artist, he's a great conceptual artist, he has great ideas..but his storytelling has NEVER been his strong suit!!! " Agreed!! Ive always thought Jim makes entertaining movies but they are mostly eye candy! terminator 1 and 2 were fun action rides, the abyss was fun, cheesy but fun (except for that horrible ending, I expected the 7 dwarfs to come out singing the end credits), Titanic was more eye candy, I enjoyed the documentary realness of the sinking but did he really have to throw in a chase scene with a shootout? Wasnt the event horrific enough as it was without having to make shit up?) Aliens so far has been his best work for me..its his best character development yet, I actually cared for those space marines more than any of his others.. I enjoyed Avatar, but I went in expecting to be blown away by the graphics and not expecting much in terms of story (Look at the over 200 comments here complaining about the simple and flat storyline, - I dont need to illustrate the point further) and with that in mind, avatar delivered! for once, I think his lack of involved story telling worked, he introduced his world, its characters and its conflicts, no doubt he will expand on this in the coming two sequels! Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope he spends more attention in his story next time and less emphasis and gouging our eyeballs out with special fx! Lets also keep our fingers crossed that this doesnt follow the matrix route and drags it all down to cheeseland...

Montag668 on Dec 31, 2009


# 283- Bill Williams You guys still dont understand what I am saying. I dont care what has more toys. Who gives a shit about that? I don't care that they are gonna make Dawson's Creek with Boba Fett and Jedi. No serious Star Wars fan likes the Clone Wars series. Oh God they have theme park days. All the existence of Star Wars Weekends proves is that Lucas is a better at taking advantage of little kids and people that refuse to grow up than Cameron. Nothing more. Yes I am comparing one movie to an entire series. The quality of all the Star Wars MOVIES put together is lower than the quality of Avatar. If you could put an average number on series quality( and no, not how much money it made or Rotten Tomatoes bullshit ), Star Wars gets pulled down by lackluster prequels even if you consider the original trilogy perfect. As of now Avatar only has one good movie without anything dragging it down. As I said before that could all change. Listing a bunch of good movies made by one person doesnt automatically make them a better storyteller than another. First off Lucas has been in the business longer so of course hes got a longer list, but you can't tell me Cameron doesn't have a list of his own. And once again quantity does not equal quality. I'm not saying Avatar is gonna "take Star Wars out". Thats impossible. That's the same as saying we are gonna switch from oil to 100% solar power overnight. It can't be done because the oil companies have a monopoly over the energy industry like Lucas and all of his companies have a monopoly over the entertainment industry. Calling someone you don't know a dumbass isn't justified by the fact that they have a different opinion than you. Especially when they give sound reasoning that led them to their conclusion. If Anyone is the dumbass its you because its pretty obvious that you didnt read any of my other posts all the way through before you started writing your little retaliation. Your whole section:[""what SW has changed is all around you and is an integrated part of our culture psyche!" this is absolutely TRUE!! its like Citizen Kane, you may not like it, but its advances and contributions to film are undeniable and part of everything you see nowadays!"] is pointless because I said it was true in my last post. You're just repeating what everyone else has already said. By the way Lucas didn't even direct The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. Look it up.

Alex T. on Dec 31, 2009


I have seen it twice now and think it was the best movie of the year.3D at imax was good.i remember my first 3D movie Jaws 3 and that was funny compared to and now im hanging for alice in wonderland 3D.

luke on Jan 1, 2010


Avatar was the greatest movie I've seen in the last few years. It was a brilliant film with unbelievable visuals and effects.The film was beyond my imagination and I felt part of the film when I saw it. Avatar is probably movie of the decade. James Cameron proves to be a genius once again, and in my opinion Avatar was his best film he ever directed. There was a lot that was left out of the movie that fans are aching to find out, Cameron wouldn't end a movie like that unless he plans on making a sequel.

Dave on Jan 1, 2010


too long; too much "relationship building"; didn't feel the "connection" was there like Titanic. the last 30 mins. was kick ass, but it took too long to get to that point. i'd give it no more then a 5/10.

Chad on Jan 1, 2010


Quite possibly the most beautifuly worked and inspiring movies of our time. It's the perfect balance of action and romance, the experience keeps you in your seat at all times begging for more. 20 out of 10, James Cameron pulled off a work of pure genius. Cudos my friend.

Eric on Jan 1, 2010


Truly magnificant. A wonderful story (and yes, we've seen it before, but so what?) with appealing characters. Every time there has been an advance in CGI technology I have thought "Well, it's almost impossible to tell the CGI from reality. This is about as good as it is going to get." Well, wrong again! 🙂 Another huge leap forward. I've seen it three times now. Once in Imax 3D and twice on regular screens. I do have to say that the 3D did NOT add anything to the experience. That is one part of the technology that still has a long way to go. Still, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Scott on Jan 2, 2010


My God people. Stop over thinking the movie. It was a great story. Told before but who cares? I actually had a tear in my eye a few times during the movie. Fantastic job with the visuals and the creation of the world, the animals, vehicle and everything else. My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Saw it in 3D but not IMax. Would like to see it again. The time went so fast. We were both completely involved in the movie. Not a dull moment as far as I am concerned. Great job, Mr. Cameron. Wish you the greatest of success with this movie. Keep up the great work.

OlympiaWA on Jan 2, 2010


I just watched from a pirated CD on sale for 40 pesos but man, tell you what I got it all HOOK, LINE, and SINKER I just can't help myself from watching it again, again and again.Man do I wanna have a head like James'. What got me the most was the romance twist. It was so touching of how 1 man betrayed humanity just because he saw the light in Pandora's box... ^__^V J.C. U ROCK I WISH YOU MORE GREAT PROJECTS TO COME!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel on Jan 2, 2010


This film was the same story of how white people invaded other people's space and ruined it. It's this sick mentality that spawned racism. Yes the movie was beautiful but you cannot mask this evil Eurocentric storyline. Oh yea, let's conquer the "savages" with guns and run them out of their land. Pandora was clearly the "Motherland/Africa" for those that read. All native people are connected to their respective land, it is the way of the world. Dumb ass Amerikkkan ways ruins everything by saying that it is okay for you to take what isn't yours. Amerikkkan's all need serious mental help if you think that this film's story was good. Just more white supremacist propaganda.

TP on Jan 3, 2010


This film was very well made. With good actors, great direction and reasonable use of graphics and 3D. The plot stank like old gym socks. How many times have we got to watch this 'American saves native savages''s worn so thin now that you can see through it.

Replicant-5 on Jan 3, 2010


For a director withholding a thick script for 12 years, collecting dust and finally made the film, and NOW it's here, i can say is..... This was an Extraordinarily Awesome film, especially for a PG-13 film for a moment i thought it would be a rated R film, due to the violent and brief nudity content, not to mention a little brief "sex scene" which i'd rolled my eyes in the back of my head thinkin' damn can i watch a film without seeing a couple, or love scene get "bucket nekkid?!" lol (hell reality is never like that, but that's a whole 'nutha story) ;P Overall, there were some (little) tear-jerkin scenes (dayum allergies!) lol but, Best believe i am ready to have this film in my movie collection. Now i do not have a PS3, nor a blu-ray player, i have an ordinary DVD player, (100% of my movie collections are DVDs).... but FOR THIS MOVIE AVATAR!! I WILL MAKE THIS AN EXCEPTION!!! James Cameron's Avatar....I love this film! YESS SUR!!!

MDstatus on Jan 3, 2010


MOST THRILLING FILM OF 2009 possibly, the decade. By far the most advanced, envormentaly positive sci fi flick I have ever seen. The moive's content about the power of bacteria was very impressive to my Microbiologist friend. I admired the visual content as well as the captivating storyline. As well as the mix of live actors/animation. It's very hard to come up with any real negitive about AVATAR. There just arn't any except, I am ready to have my own fitted pair of 3-D glasses. The loaner ones at the theather just don't fit right. Europe has 3-D televisons alredy,How long does America have to wait for this Tech. to arrive in middle American homes? I can hardly wait. BRING on 3-D Televison! MAJOR CONGRAD.S TO ALL WHO CREATED AVATAR!!! 5 star work from all involved truely shines through to the viewers. Grab all the OSCARS, You deserve every Oscar + all other film awards out there.

Vickie M. on Jan 3, 2010


All the haters on this site who said the movie wouldn't make any money were wrong. Too bad they don't have the balls to actually show themselves and ADMIT they were wrong. Avatar is already number 4 on the top grossing movies ever. Haters were wrong.........again.

Mike on Jan 4, 2010


it was the crappiest movie i have seen since "the postman". i know it made tons of money but i hated that movie it was so, soooooooo bad. nothing original or thoughtful about it. you can tell he wrote it when he was fourteen. pure garbage.

sullivan gang on Jan 4, 2010


read #25 and #95. His review is so accurate! And hey am I the only one who wants to bang Neytiri? C'mon fellas, doesnt she have a great ass?

dude on Jan 4, 2010


It was great. Everything that James Cameron is amazing and he didn't disappoint me. A beautiful movie.

Mara on Jan 4, 2010


The haters obviously didnt see the movie in IMax, or they just wants to get some attention online. The movie didnt have the greatest plot, nor the best fight scenes, nor the most original ideas. But the combination of the glowing colors, the 3D efx, the IMAX experience, the lovem or hatem characters, the tempurpedic seats, the 2hour40minute movie length, the storyline, the hype, etc.. the combination blew me the FCUK away!! NOBODY who's seen this movie in Imax can say it's bad. Its either good, or breathtaking. If you can keep in mind that this was written over 10 years ago, then can forgive the dejavu plot. I understand when everyone is singing praises for anything in life there has to be at least one person who feels the total opposite. That person is usually referred to as a hater. The best advice I can give anyone who has not yet seen it is to check it out in Imax, and judge for yourself. Worse case scenario, you spend a few dollars. Take your girl or guy, and even the kids to see it, and they'll definitely remember this day for years to come. I'm a real dude, and I'm not easily impressed. But I left this movie experience feeling like I WAS actually on another planet. It kinda made me feel like a kid again. Like beating Mario Brothers for the first time, but actually being Mario. Like that feeling after watching the original Star Wars, E.T., & The Dark Crystal. When the movie ended and you're walking out with your parents, you keep looking back at the screen to see if something more is going to happen with the look of hope in your eyes. Then you go home and have one of those fantasy type dreams about it... well that's the closest way to describe my experience. Lets just say, for the sake of delusional haters, the #'s are inflated, by 100%, it would still show that this movie is selling better than anything else right now, and that has to account for something. BTW you can take the kids to this one. Its not rated R. This movie obviously has to have a sequel in the future. Now is the time for James Cameron to be reading reviews, and seriously taking viewers advice. I would suggest more sexy female characters Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian (no problem with that, just kills any ideas), Sigourney Weaver is an Oscar worthy actress (but she's like 60). The blue alien chic Ney'tiri was pretty much it. ps. a nice ass looks so much nicer in 3D 😉 There should also be more aliens and humans on screen at the same time, not just in their respective environments. More human to alien combat scenes to show the size and strength advantage of the aliens. Much deeper story line, more creatures, space ships, weapons, etc.. but I'm sure all that and then some will be added to the sequel/prequel some day. I would also look into deep color if it hasnt already been used in this film, and the next gen 1600p resolution. Also when the DVD releases, PLEASE get the 3D effect right, and give Blueray owners some ground breaking special effects to show off our expensize tv's capabilities.

Slim on Jan 4, 2010


It was like watching someone else play a video game. Awesome, if that's your thing. But seriously, Titanic had a less obvious plot.

Jeremy on Jan 5, 2010


Cameron's Leaving his Mark in Movie film history. Period! The guy knows how to make blockbuster Movies! And Takes his time making memorable films instead of cashing paychecks every week. Bravo!

james on Jan 5, 2010


James Cameron did it again, this is great movie magic in it's finest hour. I love those futurist Scorpion Gunships in the movie, they hold real life aircraft probabilities. With today's demand on safer skies we need new types of Helicopters and airships that can come in close quarters with minimal risk of rotor blade accidents. These smaller craft can also be made with a civilian model versions and have two ballistic parachutes placed in center top for emergency landing in case of engine failure. It would make future helicopters safer than they have ever been. Ralph Martigani, Jr Future Director/Writer Science fiction/Time travel

Ralph Martigani, Jr on Jan 5, 2010


3-D t.v wonderings... I wonder how they will do the DVD? Will it even come out for home use before 3-D t.v manages to make it across the Oceans to the United States... Many counties the Europian Union and other techie nations already have 3-D t.vs on the market for home use. Again the U.S.A market is dragging behind the times. darn. Even the 3-D advertisements look cool over there. They are expencive but, this is a very cool 3.D movie and I wonder what they can do for those of who don't have 3D t.v's stitting on the T.V stand at home. Will it even look like the awesome film we all just saw in the Theaters? Will the movie package come with those big black glasses? Still wondering.

Toria on Jan 5, 2010


I read the first 100 comments - so if this was said between 101 and 304, oh well... Anyway - the comments on the plot/story being thin or weak, I wonder if those people are considering the average person. I read a lot of scifi and fantasy, and there is tons of ink spilled just to develop a rich setting and even more so a rich CULTURE. That is what the real writing behind Avatar focused on. If there was too complicated a storyline, one that wasn't so 'predictable', my feeling is that the real 'story' - the culture and realism of the Na'vi, would have been lost in the plot. That's the immersive experience this movie holds (along with the amazing and engrossing visuals). A movie like Memento, or even the Darkknight have room to weave layers of plot - because the setting and culture are so familiar. Do that in most other movies and you stand a good chance of losing the audience (think Dark City - a good movie, interesting plot, and unfamiliar world/culture - and most of the average audience was lost from the start...but perhaps that was what that particular film was going for). As a writer/storyteller myself - way more intellectual gas is spent writing a convincing culture/world than goes into a plot line - so I would suggest weighing the plot & the setting/culture together when you consider the depth of the story.

phyrr on Jan 6, 2010


Really enjoyed Avatar, thought it was an hour too short. The 3d and sfx apart the acting is not its greatest strength. Stephen Lang's character is so tedious and one dimensional The plot is not very original the dialogue is aimed at a "certain age group" which means a great many adult themes are bypassed. Still will look forward to the next one as it is undeniably entertaining. Will still await THE film of 2010: Robin Hood, in 3d or not.

macatae on Jan 7, 2010


I'm a bit confused here. Supposedly, this had a horrible plot, because it wasn't totally original. Seems like bullshit posturing to me though. I don't hear any of the movie nerds on here bitching about Up in the Air, whose plot had been done countless times before (certainly more than Avatar's plot, minus a contrived little twist in the last five minutes), and was certainly more dependent on having an original plot than a fantasy movie, like Avatar. It also seems ridiculous too, because I doubt many of these people complained about Star Trek's plot, but that was certainly nothing to write home about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of blockbusters--I hate movies like 2010 and Transformers 2, but this wasn't either and it seems like bullshit to act as though as it was. Just seems like pretentious crap at its worst.

Petoria on Jan 9, 2010


The long rich decades stale Cameron is obviously laying cover for his 'fave' creditors -and mass market wet-dream ---across the Pacific. -You know the place ---where they murdered 70 million people ---in 'peacetime' ---for 'progress'. Anyway ---SEE AVATAR ---and support the direct heirs of the most awesomely genocidal monsters of ALLLLL time. ---------cool

bunyan 10 on Jan 9, 2010


Amazing! To think I waited so long to see it because I didn't believe the hype boy was I wrong. This film shows exactly why James Cameron is the greatest of all time!

Justin on Jan 11, 2010


I loved Avatar. As others have said, it brought back a childhood sense of wonder and I am old and cynical enough to make that a very hard thing to do. I didn't care that the story line was predictable. I knew exactly what was going to happen and enjoyed watching it when it did. As a response to 277. How old were you when you saw Star Wars? I'm guessing in your teens at the most. Don't you think that someone seeing Avatar at the age you were when you saw Star Wars might feel the same way about Avatar. I sure would. And yes, I saw Star Wars first run way back when. As an aside. These are the current top 10 grossing movies of all time 1 Titanic 2 Avatar 3 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 5 The Dark Knight 6 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 8 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 9 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers How many of these movies relied more on visual spectacle than an original, unpredictable plot with brilliant dialog... Studios aren't going to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a movie that appeals to a small group of (pseudo) intellectuals who place plot and dialog above all else. Movies are a visual medium. Want great plot and dialog, read a book. Interesting to note that almost every movie in the list falls into the sci-fi/fantasy/comic-book category which is generally considered a niche market for geeks. Must be a lot of closet geeks out there.

O.G. on Jan 11, 2010


"I didn't care that the story line was predictable. I knew exactly what was going to happen and enjoyed watching it when it did." that is pretty much what I said and agree with! my comments was towards the youngling talking about one movie (avatar) being better than the 30+ year old star wars existence! and how you cant compare one movie with no track record to a worldwide cultural phenomenon. my words exactly: "I didnt mind that it had a simple storyline that never challenged never had me guessing or worrying about any of the characters but that was the trade off for long as there was something for me to experience outside of my usual then it worked and QUITE WELL AT THAT!" "Movies are a visual medium. Want great plot and dialog, read a book." WOW! I know a lot of new and old school film makers and producers and WRITERS that would disagree (IF they would even acknowledge that statement). WTF? Even silent films had great plots and minimal dialogue! YOU WANT MINDLESS VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT? Go play a video game, go watch MTV (Empty-Vision), go watch politics, but dont confuse MOVIES with Video game trailers and short attention productions!!! Movies are MORE THAN VISUAL ESCAPE!!! its more than eye candy!! Im not saying every movie needs to be "Children of Paradise" (fav movie) but I cant buy that "less plot, less dialogue, more eye candy = a better movie!" and all you JC lovers, go ask cameron what his favorite movies are, I can almost guarantee you its nothing like The Matrix or the transfofmers, more than likely its works with great plots and dialogue!! EVEN the movies he's cited as influences in AVATAR would fall into what all the kids here are calling boring movies (I.E, no CGI, no transforming robots, great plots, lots of emotion and dialogue, shit that makes adults think) anyone here watch "emerald forest"? "At Play in the fields of the lord" hell, how about that really uncomplicated and simple storyline of "Dances with wolves"??? "Studios aren't going to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a movie that appeals to a small group of (pseudo) intellectuals who place plot and dialog above all else" Please dont tell christopher nolan that! dont tell copola that either, dont tell scorcese, dont tell Tarantino, dont tell....the millions of creatives out there disgusted by the dumbing down of america or the people out of high school who demand more from media than to be entertained!

rachel on Jan 11, 2010


"but I cant buy that "less plot, less dialogue, more eye candy = a better movie!" I understand what you are saying but that is not my point. "Better" is a subjective term and determined by each person's check list of what makes a movie worth watching for him or her. My point is that, in concrete terms of box office dollars, all the films in the top 10 list have "less plot, less dialogue, more eye candy". Studios know this. They aren't going to green light an expensive production if it doesn't have mass appeal. I'm not saying that movies should place visuals above plot or that one type of movie is better than another. I'm saying don't be surprised if you never see a production that is both visual spectacle (i.e. expensive to make) and contains plot and dialog that's not "dumbed down" by your standards. "Please dont tell christopher nolan that! dont tell copola that either, dont tell scorcese, dont tell Tarantino, dont tell….the millions of creatives out there disgusted by the dumbing down of america or the people out of high school who demand more from media than to be entertained!" There are lots of movies that meet your criteria for people "who demand more from media than to be entertained!" The problem is that these movies are relegated to film festivals and such because they are not economically viable and cater to a niche market. If there were as many people clamoring for a better grade of movie as you claim, you would think you would see more support for the "better" movies that ARE being made. It's supply and demand; the movie industry will only support what people are willing to pay money to watch. There was an article in the New Yorker about James Cameron and it included a snippet from a rebuttal by Cameron to Kenneth Turan, a critic for the L.A. Times who panned Titanic as "hackneyed" and "derivative" and continued to criticize it despite its success. Here it is: “Poor Kenny. He sees himself as the lone voice crying in the wilderness, righteous but not heeded by the blind and dumb ‘great unwashed’ around him. It must be a great burden to be cursed with such clear vision when your misguided flock bray past you, like lemmings, unmindful.” Well said. Comment 308 also puts it well, if bluntly.

O.G. on Jan 11, 2010


Yes the visuals and the sfx were really cool but the story line was typical cheesy and BORING as many others have also stated here. I found myself constantly hoping it was over soon but it went on and on for nearly 3 hours. Wow. It was a 1x viewing only for me.

Lani on Jan 11, 2010


Just apsolutelyAmazing!!!I loved it.Wonder what he could do to top this??as the rumours start of a sequel!!!

Marcus on Jan 12, 2010


comment 308 and 313.....I don't recall any hype on the movie Up in the Air you are referring to and comparing to really there IS no comparison. With Star Trek I was expecting lots of cheese therefor it was tolerable and it did not have the hype of changing movie history and all that jazz either. I just expected less cheese and one liners and a bit better of a plot in Avatar. Again the spx were great. The dialog just was not enough to keep me interested. Apparently it had that affect on many. I was expecting to have my socks knocked off and instead I couldn't wait for it to end. Sfx only carry a movie so far....I do agree with your opinion on the other films you mentioned. Seriously. I wanted and expected to love this movie but I truly found it just OK.

Lani on Jan 12, 2010


While the visuals were amazing the story line bored me to tears. All I could think was when is this going to end!

Marie on Jan 12, 2010


"There are lots of movies that meet your criteria for people "who demand more from media than to be entertained!" The problem is that these movies are relegated to film festivals and such because they are not economically viable and cater to a niche market" The Dark Knight was not a film festival only hit, neither was Inglourius Basterds, there are tons of movies that fit my criteria that ARENT relegated to festivals, its not like im saying fantasy/comic book/CGI movies suck and need to have plot like "Inherit the Wind" my arguement is that you can have BOTH and still have a kick ass much BETTER film!!! look at all these comments on this thread, now imagine if you kept the amazing fx of avatar and infused it with some good old fashioned development (im not talking about the stitching between fight scenes) more involved characters, plot development, etc ...would it be worse? would it be better? would it have achieved a higher level of story tellilng??? I think so!!

rachel replicant on Jan 12, 2010


To me watching Avatar was like watching Starwars eposode IV for the first time.Sure their stories were predictable but the special effect were awesome.For 1977 standards Starwars was groundbreaking in every aspect of movie making except for the story ( its typical good vs evil ).But the people love it.Sometimes the story doesn't have tobe complicated, some time we just need tobe entertain with other aspects of life that was included into the story (like love,good vs evil and nature vs industrialism).And that works for both Starwars and Avatar. I hope in the sequel (if there is one) we get more darker story,more tragedy and more explosions enough for a Trilogy.

AngryDemon on Jan 12, 2010


Oops forgot to mention this.If James cameron can make Avatar,maybe just maybe its time to create a Gundam movie.C'mon James cameron and Gundam franchise.Defenitly a winner!!

AngryDemon on Jan 12, 2010


The movie was pretty good. The visuals lived up to the hype and I have no complains at all. The story its self was weak. Sorry guys, but we have all heard, seen, read this exact same story before... An arrogant/power hungry corporation gets the military to level a so called savage land to rape its resources. A couple people learn about the culture and try and change things so the "savages" survive. I thought the story of the handicaped marine and the voiceturous scientist were nice political touches, but other than that I was disappointed in the story.

Marcus68 on Jan 13, 2010


avatar sucked. end of story

sully on Jan 14, 2010


3 words: I LOVE IT. Period.

Ralph on Jan 15, 2010


AVATAR is magnificent,amazing and brilliant! James Cameron is king of the world again.i always believe in him and his work, thank you james thank you!

Babak2029 on Jan 15, 2010


that great one, i love it =)

wowhlg on Jan 15, 2010


While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I couldn't help but feel it was just a bit too stupid when it came to the details... I know I'm being pedantic, but I'm kind of getting tired of Aliens and and Alien planets being so human. Even with all of Avatars lush images and incredible detail, so many of the creations seemed actually kind of unimaginitive. Like those horse like creatures, with the extra set of front legs (in fact it felt like a lot of the creatures were just panthers, rhinos etc with an extra set of front legs - which just looked unnecessary). The other thing I had to suspend my disbelief for was the strange mix of contemporary and futuristic technology. Why, for example, have humans mastered space travel, genetics, robotics etc, yet need to drop daisey cutters? Again, I know this is being very pedantic, but the military is already exploring how to develop space based weapons systems - energy and projectile based - so one can only imagine the kind of systems in place in 200 years. Ultimately though, I did enjoy the movie when I decided I to view it as a fantasy film as opposed to a sci fi one.

Dan on Jan 15, 2010


If you're over 21 ---and you think 'AVATAR' is anything ---anything at all -you are definitely suffering from an acute case of 'screensaver worship while living at mother's' syndrome. See a doctor ---and don't be taken in by the five times corrupted, long rich, decades soldout Cameron who routinely sucks-up to the direct and unrepentant heirs of the most awesomely genocidal monsters the world has ever seen ---across the Pacific. ( 70 million exterminated in 'peacetime'. FACT ) ---Ahhh! -but then Cameron and Hollywood have been spinning anabling fantasies to cover our own 45 million 'peacetime' exterminations of the unborn for years. ---What's to worry about? ---------------------------------------------------------right.

gill 12 on Jan 16, 2010


@ gill 12, I don't get what you're trying to say. I think you might need some help. If you really think the movie industries are responsible for anything you say why would you be on a movie related site?

Alex T. on Jan 17, 2010


Was not a great movie and the 3D did give me a headache but it was a very good movie that has reinvented the medium like the Jazz Singer, the first color film and Star Wars did. Whatever happens or whatever the reviews, Avatar will always be remembered as a seminal moment in the history of motion pictures. I am sure that other action directors will make far better dramatic use of the 3D technologoy to blow away the minds of audiences. To Cameron's credit, he used the technology largely to envelop the audience with the world rather than employ cheap gimmicks to shock and awe - gimmicks surely to get overdone in the forthcoming 'Piranhas 3D'. I won't be too excited to see Avatar 2 but what a great movie it would be if Cameron did a modern day action movie like True Lies or Terminator with this technology. Can't wait.

Steve H on Jan 17, 2010


It is a brilliant, visually stunning movie with a magnificent heartwarming story that you should see in IMAX 3D. I am not going to try to convince the sceptics, suffice to say that after only a couple of weeks it is on the fast track to the best grossing movie in the history. So go see it if you haven't already.

Peter on Jan 19, 2010


On a technical level I thought it was pretty amazing.

IP PBX on Jan 20, 2010


Absolutely brilliant movie. 2 minutes in as Sully was coming out of cryosleep I nudged my friend and gave the thumbs up! The rest of the movie just continued to be amazing... loved it. I heard lots of comments about 'its an old story' and they were right BUT the way the old story was told and how it was told was brilliant. 'Titanic' - everybody knew what happened at the end but what Cameron did with that movie was awesome too. My friends and I were captivated from beginning to end and we intend on going back to see it again although next time I will take my 6 and 8 year old boys because they will love it.

Mata T on Jan 24, 2010


funny how avatar won the PRESS awards but wasnt even nominated for ANY of the SAG awards! Golden Globe is judged by foreign press, basically on what money is made and what mass audiences were "entertained", Whereas SAG is judged by actual screen actors and those involved in every aspect of the production industry, the ones who know what it takes to make great movies...hence amazing eye candy like avatar takes the clueless prize while REAL shit like Inglourious Basterds takes its prize from its peers, not popularity contests!!!

ranxerox on Jan 25, 2010


I enjoyed it and it's definitely one of my favorite movies. Was the story a little generic? Yeah, but I still think it was a great movie. Before I saw it I was extremely skeptical and thought it was going to suck, but I was wrong. A lot of people focus on how beautiful the graphics are, and while they are, to me the message was even better.

Alexa on May 5, 2010


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Capricorn Compatibility %0A on Nov 21, 2010

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