Sound Off: Mike Judge's New Film Extract - Your Thoughts?

September 4, 2009


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Mike Judge is back! It may not be the summer anymore, but that doesn't mean there aren't any more good movies left to see. But is Extract any good? Office Space and "Beavis and Butthead" creator Mike Judge has been somewhat out of the loop for a while, give or take Idiocracy, which Fox quietly dumped a few years back. He returns today with his new film Extract, but is it even funny? Does it live up to Office Space? Is Jason Bateman as great of a lead as Ron Livingston this time? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Mike Judge's Extract!

To fuel the fire, I certainly enjoyed Extract, I laughed a lot, but I just don't think it was as hard-hitting or as unforgettable as Office Space. Maybe Judge has lost his touch over the years? Or maybe it's just impossible to top Office Space? The story about Mila Kunis' character screwing over, well, pretty much everyone, was a bit annoying. Everything worked itself out perfectly in the end, which was also a bit boring. There are some great moments and I found myself appreciating Judge's humor, but overall I don't think it was that amazing. Though I do have to say I loved Ben Affleck's character more than any others in the movie - always hilarious!

What did you think of Extract? Is Mike Judge back with another truly great comedy or not?

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Loved it. Every bit the movie "office space" was... and it is one of my fav's.

movie fan on Sep 4, 2009


Extract was freaking awful. I couldn't have been more disappointed. Watch it on TV if you have to. It was funny but everything else about it was crap. The central relationship-intrigue plot is so stupid that it's impossible to understand why any of what happens actually happens. Every character is retarded, Ben Affleck stinks and his character is an asshole. Jason Bateman is boring and doesn't do anything interesting with a role where he could have. Kristen Wiig is criminally underused and relegated to a role for someone without actual comic talents like Jennifer Aniston or something. Worst of all, no character ever actually states what they want in the film as a long term goal. *** SPOILER *** Jason Bateman's character deciding that he actually wants to continue to work at the factory comes out of nowhere. Never in the film does it seem like he actually enjoys or wants to continue working there. He hates everyone there. Why is this a happy ending? And seriously don't even get me started on the ridiculous neighbor subplot which consisted of the exact same scene three times. Why did I waste 10 minutes of life enduring the exact same joke? *** SPOILER ***

Carlos on Sep 4, 2009


Man. It's only Friday, I haven't seen the shit yet. Gimme a bit.

Scagginsvolley on Sep 4, 2009


Carlos, Thank you for clearly writing "Spoiler" before giving your spoiler bits. Not enough of these forum comments people actually write that warning before they go an ruin a movie for someone. I like to read these forum for general audience reactions... and NOTHING MORE. So thank you. Thank being said, I read your spoiler bits anyway because I'm not that all excited to watch this. I enjoy Judge's sense of humor but I don't think he has made anything good since "Office Space" and judging by the trailers I have watch so far, I'm going to still be waiting for something good from him. I'm still going to watch it but I have little faith. I'm sure I'll laugh some so it won't be a total lost.

Hyde on Sep 4, 2009


I just want to say that people always say they are going to quit a job. It always happens and sometimes they realize themselves that the job is pretty good and want to stay. Its human for it to be like that. Not that i want to see the movie but it just happens to a lot of people i worked with and am working with now.

movieguy on Sep 4, 2009


(Still probably SPOILER territory) movieguy, I agree with that general sentiment and it would've worked if they set it up in such a way where you can see what he is failing to appreciate. The way it happens in Extract, I don't even know if I should happy for him or anyone there. They don't seem to like him very much either. hyde, It is funny, just really frustrating plot-wise.

Carlos on Sep 4, 2009


Judge is so off my radar that I didn't even know this was coming out. And I read about upcoming movies every single day on the internet, and I'm a huge fan of the movies in general. Loved Office Space, liked Beavis and Butthead, that's about it.

Mark Drennan on Sep 4, 2009


loved extract..............laughed a lot.

beavis4play on Sep 4, 2009


I saw Extract at a screening on Monday. Mike Judge was there and took questions. Cool guy, funny guy - enjoyed that part. The movie has its funny moments but is overall a disappointment. The plot isn't compelling, the relationship conflict is unrealistic and retarded, and the memorable jokes are few and far between. I hope it does well though, because Mike Judge does kick ass.

conor on Sep 4, 2009


Laughed a decent amount. Good, but that is all.

Keith on Sep 5, 2009



para on Sep 5, 2009


Enjoyed it more than Year One or Bruno, but not as much as The Hangover or Funny People.

Jay Beezy on Sep 6, 2009


good way to put it 12

dylan on Sep 7, 2009

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