Sound Off: Neill Blomkamp's District 9 - Your Thoughts?

August 14, 2009

District 9

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? After a year in the making (read my retrospective), it's finally arrived in theaters today - Neill Blomkamp's District 9. Does it live up to all of the hype? Does it live up to your expectations from the trailers? Is it one of the best sci-fi films of the year? How does the story hold up? Was the action exciting? Or was it one of the worst sci-fi films of the year? Was the CGI painful to watch? Was it an overdone, over-hyped waste of time? And most importantly, what did you think about the way it ended? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of District 9!

To fuel the fire, I frickin' loved this movie. It is, hands down, one of the very best sci-fi films in a long time (not just this year). It has a great original story that was very refreshing and featured plenty of awesome action, absolutely incredible CGI that made the interaction between the aliens and humans completely seamless, and a riveting lead performance from Sharlto Copley. I really can't say enough great things about this. I was able to appreciate it so much more on my second viewing, too. Neill Blomkamp has established himself as a filmmaker to watch in a huge way with a film that will most certainly never be forgotten.

What did you think of District 9? One of the very best sci-films of the year or not even close?

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1st neat.

D.Nirro on Aug 14, 2009


Great mix of sci-fi and action.

Cat on Aug 14, 2009


My buddies got a sneak peek last night, and I'm hearing uncharacteristically awesome things. Apparently I am supposed to drop everything and run, not walk... on top of a Ferrari... to go see this film.

dRailer on Aug 14, 2009


I thought this movie was great, the CGI was damn near perfect. Half the time I just forgot that the aliens weren't really there, which allowed to me to focus on other aspects of the movie, like the story, which I thought was a great, fresh, new story with good undertones of human and animal equality. The characters are well developed, and I liked how there is a very smooth transition from the 'mockumentary' style of shooting to a more traditional filming technique, back to the mockumentary towards the end. Great film all around, I am dying to go see this for a second time, so I can get a more analytical viewpoint of the movie and plot, but I loved it the first time around. Oh, and watching people getting killed with the alien weapons never got old for me, I thought that shit was awesome. Nice balance of drama/action p.s. I really enjoyed the trailers for this movie, they gave you a strong understanding of what the movie is actually about, but do so by giving NONE of the actual plot to the movie away. It seems to me like most trailers now and days pretty much just give you a synopsis of the movie, and just leave out the details for the actual movie, but not this. great job.

Cody on Aug 14, 2009


Going tonight/tomorrow! Can't wait

Nick Sears on Aug 14, 2009


Im going to see it in 2 hours on my lunch break

Trey on Aug 14, 2009


You know what sucks?! I live in South Africa, and this movie is only being released at the end of the Month?! What the hell man?! We didnt even get the option to see a sneak preview anywhere... Our local Cinema companies (Nu Metro & Ster Kinekor) Suck!!!!!!!!

RP12 on Aug 14, 2009


"To fuel the fire" Do you listen to the comments? A lot of people have noted how annoying it is that you say "to fuel the fire" about every goddamn movie you see. I would have to agree. You are in desperate need of a new catchphrase.

billybob on Aug 14, 2009


@ #8, Who freak'n cares! That's his thing, so say it all you want Alex. Damn, people can't stop bitching, I swear! If it's not one thing then it's another! Does it really bother you that much to read that one little line? Back on topic, haven't seen it yet but looks like all that I've heard about this movie are great things, so it'll be a must see over the weekend.

The One on Aug 14, 2009


THANK GOD this wasn't the Halo movie. Couldn't imagine going to see that in a million years, but this absolutely blew me away. If this makes billions at the box office (and it should, rightly), does that mean that Hollywood is going to stop making shitty movies and remakes and reimaginings? Because that would be stellar. An original concept, and original voice and fraking brilliant cgi and special effects, this might easily be the best film I've seen all year. Only problem I can think of is that the accents, most of them, tended to shift from Northern/Central European to Oceanic and back again throughout the film. But I could look past that because it was so awesome. I have a feeling this film is going to inspire a whole new generation of filmmakers.

Buster Cherry on Aug 14, 2009


Back off of Alex, billybob. He brings me badass news day in and day out. When you get an awesome and influential site like this together, you come back and tell him off. Alex, you rock. District 9 was more than great. Keep up the posts, friend!

Angry Chief on Aug 14, 2009


#9 Buster Cherry - Clearly you've never been to South Africa... We all talk like that here... We are called the rainbow nation for a reason. Most of the accents have a Dutch base(Now Afrikaans), and we have 11 official languages, which are mainly african. (E.G Zulu, Xhosa...etc)

RP12 on Aug 14, 2009


lets just say this movie makes gundam very very possible

eric on Aug 14, 2009


The movie was great. The only problem I had was the generic action shootout at the end was a little disappointing after the edgy, character based emphasis earlier in the film. Otherwise, definitely a must-see.

1-7 on Aug 14, 2009


First CGI was absolutely incredible best in any movie ever. The film not so much. I like the style but perhaps I was in a bad mood or something but it dragged on forever in the beginning. The shoot out was very good and in the end I wished for a bit more action. Incredible CGI, Great presentation and change from most flicks out there. I will see it again.. in fact in just a few more hours.. perhaps my opinion will change. Just something missing you know.

Steve on Aug 14, 2009


This movie was amazing. You really must see it.

Larry David on Aug 14, 2009


Great visuals + great story= must see , this is a great flick

splinter on Aug 14, 2009


Bravo, Neill! Well done.

Nick May on Aug 14, 2009


What an amazing movie! Just like everyone mentioned, great visuals, story & overall cinematic experience! And it's about time a movie came out where you didn't feel like you had already watched the whole thing in the trailers!

xsv702 on Aug 14, 2009


I would post my positive viewpoint, but it's already all been said in the previous comments.

RC on Aug 14, 2009


#10 RP 12, no I've never been to South Africa and was unaware of the Afrikaans influence on the speech. I stand corrected.

Buster Cherry on Aug 14, 2009


I didn't see the movie yet but I'm looking forward to..

Nicholas on Aug 14, 2009


#12. how could any action shootout be generic when there are guns that EXPLODE PEOPLE!?!?!

mcgruff on Aug 14, 2009


This movie was completely amazing. Story, cinematography, actors (including the CG aliens- wow), everything was awesome. I was blown away.

Mark Drennan on Aug 14, 2009


Not sure if it's such an original movie as everybody claims. It borrowed elements, ideas, and concepts from so many sources. We've seen such things before in other sci-fi movies, comic books, Japanese cartoons, hell, even video games. I would name these sources that the director references, borrows from, and pays homage to but I think it might spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it. It surprises me when people say that it's the most original thing they've seen because it only means that they haven't watched and read enough material in this genre. However, I thought the movie was decent, solid fun. I hated the open-ended ending though.

Steven Kar on Aug 14, 2009


well i'ma go see this movie within a couple of hours...i sure hope this will be worth to watch.

cmpunk82 on Aug 14, 2009


#7 that does suck

JEFFREY on Aug 14, 2009


Just saw the noon showing and all I can say is Infuckingcredible! Blomkamp and Jackson need to work together more often.

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 14, 2009


everything about this movie was done right. The trailers, all the marketing, all the advertisments-that was perfect. The movie, incredibly, was even better than the marketing hinted at. This is so original, so different; even for an alien movie. You felt for the main alien, and even for his adorable little son. And the acting by Sharlto Copley was outstanding. He was a bit annoying in the beginning of the film, but he was able to make you feel his pain in a way that few actors have done this year. This is my tied for 2nd best movie of the year.

rorschach90 on Aug 14, 2009


i watched the midnight showing of this movie and i have to say that it has set standards for the lame sci fi thats being but out nowadays. but i regret to say that i am hoping for a sequel...but unlike the hangover 2 this surprise sequel will make sense

canadian411 on Aug 14, 2009


this movie was awesome... I thought it struggled in its transition from documentary to narrative right after the initial 30 minutes, like when we stop seeing MNU in the slums to when Wikus goes home. In my brain it was just awkward. But I forgot about it soon after. Also, the father/daughter/husband relationship seem more contrived then I care for. But those are my only peeve about this movie. Everything else is wonderful... I mean if you're going to make an action movie you might as well make one that is as original as this one. It is all about the little elements in this movie that make it awesome... like the voodoo and the glass breaking in the city scape. The little things like that are what made me forget about the cgi because they humanized the rather extraordinary confines of the story. The marketing was beyond par. This film is worth your money and I hope it makes tons so that studios will put money behind more original and worthwhile ideas.

frazzle on Aug 14, 2009


i am surprised to see wit, some damning social commentary & good old-fashioned ultraviolence in what could become another bland el-cheapo scifi knock-off. a lot of the stuff here reminds me a lot of Peter Jackson's own BAD TASTE. it's not a perfect thing, but in one of the worst summers in memory, this one is pretty damn entertaining. one disappointment: the alien design seem like a bunch of recycled ideas from THE FLY, INDEPENDENCE DAY & WAR OF THE WORLDS. the fate of the main character at the end is both funny & tragic & open to sequel possibilities.

greg on Aug 14, 2009


just saw this here in the states...hmmm what exactly is the social commentary here...there is a nasty multi-national corporation (THE USA)who wants to make weapons out of alien body parts...oh that kind of thing happens everyday...hmmm maybe its "bigotry is bad"-damning social commentary WHERE??? the nigerans werent portrayed so well...maybe we can say the film is bigoted toward not true while the movie had some decent acting specialefx,blah blah..the movie is just a video game folks,,with nary any signs of intelligence or wit ,done fake documentary style,open ended for a sequel side 2 stars at best...

shoreline on Aug 14, 2009


lol @ 33

real talk on Aug 14, 2009


Awesome flick! I love how the whole docu(mocku)mentary approach develops into a great mesh of characterization, plot, and action wielded into an original flick! Even the aliens looked real and not cheesy at all. Sure, they reminded me of "The Fly" a bit, but were believeable and the CGI blended seamlessly. A true triumph for Neill Blomkamp Now this is what I call "sci-fi done right"!

Spider on Aug 14, 2009


Best sci-fi movie since Children of Men.

grendel on Aug 14, 2009


Sci-Fi is back! We have already had Moon this year and now this brilliant film. Avatar later this year and Inception next summer. I thought this movie was a spectacular experience. The characters were emotionally gripping, the story was unique and masterfully told. The CGI was some of the most realistic I have ever seen. The aliens felt real and my connection to the alien and his son really surprised him. The script was great, the acting was phenomenal, and the directing was perfect.

Jordan on Aug 14, 2009


Yeah, this movie was pretty much perfect on every level. The visual effects were astounding as expected coming from WETA. But, that isn't what makes this movie so great. I am so glad that Peter Jackson saw Neill Blomkamp and instantly recognized the potential that he held as a director. This movie was brilliant from beginning to end. The movie is paced perfectly, IMO. It has a perfect blend of character development, story, action, and bits of comic relief. At no time during the movie did I feel like it was dragging on at any point nor did I have any sort of sensory overload. I think this movie is perfect to compare to other action flicks like Transformers 2. I enjoyed Transformers 2 has a popcorn action flick. It isn't a good movie by any means, but it was enjoyable to watch giant robots fight and blow up. District 9, on the other hand, is a spectacular film and an absolute pleasure to watch. D9 is how you make a fucking action film. I can guarantee that Neill Blomkamp is going to quickly become the biggest name in action movies and he is going to make it very difficult for the Michael Bay's of the world to keep making $200 million movies. Whenever Microsoft can come to an agreement with a film studio and start on the Halo movie again, Blomkamp should be the only director even considered for the film. Did I mention District 9 is fucking AMAZING?

NamelessTed on Aug 14, 2009


Hands down the best of 09.

teyhtr on Aug 14, 2009


very good movie, character development was perfect. As for the action, Michael Bay may want to see this movie to see how its done RIGHT.

Weird-Coma on Aug 14, 2009


Fantastic movie. the undertones are real and present. #4 its not about human and animal equality you tree hugging hippie. its about being afraid of people we dont know and perceive as different than ourselves. American's especially do this to anyone of Middle Eastern's just the way of things today and this movie tackles that premise perfectly....Just because people are different does not mean they are dangerous. From a film standpoint, everything was spot on. The CGI, the story, the characters. Some of the acting was done improv, but it worked perfectly. I think we are going to hear a lot more from Neil in the future.

one on Aug 14, 2009


Am I the 43rd person saying how fucking awesome this movie was. Best sci-fi movie I've seen in many years.

ramez on Aug 14, 2009


first half boring as hell second half amazing as fuck good movie i liked it

DoomCanoe on Aug 14, 2009


I agree, the first half was sloooooow. Sure, the first few minutes were fun as we get orientated to what is essentially an arthouse/foreign film. And then it just bogs down. There isn't a human element here to find even vaguely interesting. The blacks were just like those in Black Hawk Down (who cares), the aliens were interesting for a few minutes but went no where really, the white soldiers were such extreme characters that we didn't care if they were atomized, and the main character seemed like such a nerdy, grimy twit we had no interest in what happened to him. And the transformation scenes were tedious (this is all pretty old stuff after seeing The Fly). I started to nod off, actually. And then there's the whole nonsensical logic of the aliens becoming stranded. NONE of it made even the tiniest bit of sense. I think the hype will see this open big and the the fall off will be gigantic.

RandyG on Aug 14, 2009


I thought this was the best film I'd seen in a while, but I was the only person in the theatre who clapped at the end. I was listening to everybody talk as I was leaving and they were all complaining about how much of a let down it was. A guy even asked for his money back! I think they were expecting a popcorn spectacle, and got bogged down by having to follow a plot. I loved it, though!

Jon Johnson on Aug 14, 2009


Amazing. I loved it. BEST movie of the summer, hands down.

-Peter- on Aug 14, 2009


I think its the most original and by far best movie of the summer, but i walked out of the theater feeling uneasy. I think it was just a little to realistic for me. it was impressive that a movie could have that effect on me. Just goes to show how well done it truly was.

eric estrada on Aug 14, 2009


loved it! district 9 kept me interested and excited the whole way through. the acting was great, the story-strong and the effect amazing. way to go Neil! ...but not better than Star Trek guys.

Nick S. on Aug 14, 2009


Thought the CGI was great, of course, the story was amazing, would have preferred to see more of the aliens acting in a more civilized light, like the father and son, despite their living conditions in stead of just making most of them act like the animals the humans all thought they were. I wanted to see the aliens fight back as a group. the individual view they took made the movie, and the two lead aliens, feel a lot more human.

stefan on Aug 14, 2009


Will be seeing the film tomorrow night. I was going to wait until next weekend, but with all the great comments here I wont be waiting any longer!!

last Son on Aug 14, 2009


I agree w/ 44. I HATED the beginning! I was ready to get up and walk out it was so boring. I didn't like the accents but then again it was set in Nigeria so what was I to except! I also didn't like the story. It was a roller coaster of emotions! I started out feeling bad for the aliens, then the guy, then the guy was an asshole so I was sad for the aliens again and then the guy again when something bad happened and then both were down pretty bad and then the baby alien had to go and be too cute. The story could have been a bit neater in that area in my opinion. The action and the CGI were both amazing.

Jessica Kennedy on Aug 14, 2009


I saw it last night with my dad who is a SF fan like me and we both agreed it was a fantastic SF film everything was so well done I look forward to seeing it again and maybe again

Gavin brow on Aug 14, 2009


Best movie of the Summer. Great story telling and great cg. Hopefully this movie sets a new standard to what a sci fi movie can achieve. Somebody take Michel Bay to watch this movie. Thank you Neill Blomkamp.

Almartva on Aug 14, 2009


Yes this movie was bordering on greatness just a really slow beginning. I loved it though and once he got into district 9 it was awesome.

Stew on Aug 14, 2009


To fuel the fire.......... LOL!!! I was waiting for it!

danielvutran on Aug 14, 2009


@ 50 I thought they kind of made an answer for why the aliens seemed really savage they said their leaders had died or disappeared they had no leadership and fended for themselves. I have a feeling Christopher Johnson was an officer and thus acted more "human."

Jordan on Aug 14, 2009


The best sci/fi I have seen in a long tim.Have to say I wasn't expecting much from the buget on this film.But WOW,was I impressed.The CGI is flawless,and thought the action takes a while,it's all in the building up to it.I really got to feel for the charecters.The movie ends with the gun cocked up and ready to blow.Wonder what will happen in three years.Hope the aliens have pitty on us.

Denis on Aug 14, 2009


I loved this movie. Like most movies with no reference, the beginning sets the stage for the whole movie. You get introduced to the main character, you see what the current settings are, etc. I loved it. You couldn't help but cheer on both sides. It was great because this movie isn't black and white. You get both sides and you have a hard time choosing. The CGI didn't even come to mind when I was watching it because it was great. They did milk a few of the weapons (which I won't spoil) but they were still amazing. Also, gotta love any movie that rips on multinational corporations!

PsychoKlown on Aug 14, 2009


i thought the movie was incredible. so many worldly themes underneat the sci fi and the action.

yes on Aug 14, 2009


I thought it was okay, not ground breaking. The cgi was well done, acting was pretty good but the story had its holes. 3 things I thought it overused the “F” word, people exploding, and cat food (damn they should have worked out a contract with fancy feast for some product placement) How is it that these "Savage" aliens can concentrate and craft alien weaponry in their slums and only think to use them in exchange to the Nigerians for their beloved cat food? It would seem that being able to craft weapons would take a certain mental capacity and only doing that with limited supplies and tools makes it that much more intelligent. Why did the aliens not use their weapons to just shoot the Nigerians and then take all the cat food? Or the more reasonable use defending themselves and work toward their freedom?

Catfood on Aug 14, 2009


District 9 was so good. I felt so bad for Wickers. Such a tragic case of being a victim of his own circumstances. I loved the aliens and their language. The child alien was the coolest. But the icing on the cake was the alien weaponry. So cool. I loved this movie! And the alien mech suit!!!

David on Aug 14, 2009


#61: Yes, the plot was pure silliness from beginning to end. Imagine 1.8 million of these prawns with weapons like those? They'd hardly be scratching around for cat food.'s endless how many dumb plot holes this movie has. #62: "The child alien was the coolest". Seriously, the child alien was the coolest? Did you get in for $2 because you're 8 years old?

RandyG on Aug 14, 2009


Can someone tell me what was so "open-ended" about the ending? Everyone kept telling me about it before I saw the movie, and then I saw it, and realized things were pretty much wrapped up. Sure we don't know if Christopher comes back and if so what he does, but that's about it. I hate people that need to be spoon-fed. This is the same reason people hated the ending of Cloverfield. Use your fucking imaginations!

Tom on Aug 14, 2009


intense movie... my second favorite of all time...yay...

zeldaprimed on Aug 14, 2009


was i supposed to wait until the end of the credits???? how come i didnt see the alien being interview that they show in the trailer??? i thought d9 was pretty awesome....

lupe on Aug 14, 2009


How funny i posted my comments before reading anyone else's and used awesome to describe the movie...seriously it was one of the craziest movies i have seen in a long time....definitely biting my nails a few times and jumping as well!!! just go watch it!

lupe on Aug 14, 2009


i came. enough said.

Eric on Aug 14, 2009


I don't understand how anyone could have found the first half boring -- it was fantastic, and also necessary. Def one of my favorite movies in a long time. A bit rough around the edges, but overall superb. I can't to see more Blomkamp.

YK on Aug 14, 2009


I loved the movie, great acting, story, violence, action The CGI was not impressive, I don't get how anyone would have to ask Neill Blomkamp if there were any practical close ups or etc. At no point in the movie did the Prawns register as anything other than just good CGI, it wasn't great, and nowhere near impressive, one of the few things about the movie that I didn't really like. I get it had a $30 million budget, but still, people were comparing this to CGI greats like Gollum, King Kong, Davey Jones, and its nowhere near those films...nowhere near incredible or meeting the accolades that have been used by some to describe the prawns.

Chris G. on Aug 14, 2009


This was a great scifi/action flick. CGI was good. I had to take an $h!+ during the movie but it was worth holding it to the end. I like how the whole set up of the story was done. If a sequel or prequel were to be made I hope it tops of this one.

Madnezz344 on Aug 14, 2009


A Great sci-fi film. totally into it. glad it was not a halo movie like originally intended otherwise i would have skipped it. It show that every god damned video game doesn't need to be made into a movie. It's just to bad such an original movie had to come from New Zealand. Definitly worth the admission price.

Salber on Cinema on Aug 15, 2009


All I can say is WOW!!! I did not know what to expect but the buzz was good so I thought I'd check it out. This absolutely makes up for Transformers 2, Wolverine, and GI Joe. If you haven't seen it go check it out, you WON"T be dissapointed. by the way, my new favorite work is FOOK! (see the movie you'll get it)

matt on Aug 15, 2009


Damn, I still have to wait to the 28th day until this comes out here in Finland. But gotta say, after reading all these comments, I'm really looking forward to this now! 🙂

D6 on Aug 15, 2009


@66 That interview was either made for promotional purposes (trailers, etc.) or it was cut of the final edit. If it was indeed part of the movie, it will probably be part of either an extended version or deleted scenes.

notalent on Aug 15, 2009


#52 Jessica Kennedy. I am South African. We are so looked down by the rest of the world as 3rd world an uneducated. Well for fuck sakes you dumb idiot. Go back to school or just Go look at a map of Nigeria an tell me, no better still - I bet you a million fucking bucks u wont find that Johannesburg is located in Nigeria. ITS IN FUCKING SOUTH AFRICA. An i think we got pretty cool accents here. So if u an your American wise ass friends think u r so bright, Think again. Am so aggravated by people who see themselves so superior above others.

Shade on Aug 15, 2009


@ shade, cool down she wrote except instead of expect so you already got proof that most of those americans dont speak or write their own language well enought to get a job in another country^^

yojoe on Aug 15, 2009


I think, before this film, JJ Abrams and Michael Bay were lazily hamfisting big, CGI-driven, uninteresting "thrillers" at one another in a vague competition to become the next Spielberg. But Steven Spielberg can do something neither Abrams or Bay can: in addition to pumping out blockbusters, he can make a film like Schindler's List or Empire of the Sun. I've seen enough of Bay and Abrams' overproduced, bewildering remakes, all full of confounding continuity gaps, empty characters, and the emotional capacity of your average tween. I don't need to sit through another Mission Impossible sequel just because JJ Abrams thought of another cool spy weapon. These movies can be fun, but don't come at me with some notion of "content". What we've been offered by Neill Blomkamp with District 9 is something rare: an action movie with great acting, stimulating (as opposed to overly slick and boring) visuals, and emotional gusto. The beginning of the film seems to run a bit slow, but maybe this is because we aren't used to seeing a fictional universe fleshed out as completely as it is here. We're forced, for once, to spend some time getting to know the world in which the story lives. The action, then, is all the more impressive because the characters involved have real value for the viewer, and because the audience is pulled so deeply into this fully realized sci-fi Johannesburg. I'm so, so glad to see that there are still directors coming into the spotlight and putting something worthwhile on the table. I like coming out of a big-budget action film and not having to feel guilty about how many brain cells I just killed. It's something I'd like to be able to do more often. Also, I think I can safely say this is the first movie in cinema history to feature aliens covered in their own shit.

Phil on Aug 15, 2009


Really enjoyed this. It felt gritty and raw...I will certainly look forward to Blomkamp's work in the future. Beginning was a little slow, and I don't think the story elements were necessarily "unique", but the film overall was fantastic. It was certainly the most consistent CGI I've seen in quite a while.

Mattyc on Aug 15, 2009


The secret is out. D9 is real.

Vic on Aug 15, 2009


Am I the only one who was slightly underwhelmed? I do think it was a very good movie, but it wasn't great. Can't put my finger on why exactly, I just left the theater feeling kinda underwhelmed. Maybe it was too much hype for me.

Shail on Aug 15, 2009


@70, did we watch the same movie? I have heard a couple of other people say that the CGI wasn't that good either and it really confuses me. I think there is a lot more CGI in District 9 than you and others may realize. WETA is pretty much at a point where their computer animation is so smooth you sometimes forget that you are looking at CGI. The only time that King Kong doesn't look real is when it is holding the one chick in his hand. It is only in cases like that where a real person is in direct contact with CGI that you can notice it. Also, Gollum is amazing but half the reason he worked so well is that he didn't look real in a certain sense. He had dirty brownish green skin, a few strands of hair, dirty clothes, crooked teeth, and bug eyes. Don't get me wrong, Gollum is brilliant CGI but he is made more believable because he isn't human and has his own unique features. This is also why i think the CGI works so fantastically in D9 as well with the aliens. They aren't human so we can't judge them by standard based in reality. But even still, the level of detail of the aliens is amazing and never once did they look out of place on the screen.

NamelessTed on Aug 15, 2009


#61 and #63 Did you guys not understand that the 'prawns' were peace makers and just wanted to go home?? Imagine a militia that kills and plunders for unlimited food and such. Then what?? The conflict rages on, etc. Both the humans and the prawns needed from one another. Use your heads, guys. After getting pissed off at the end and in defense of Wikus, the prawns ripped the bulky bald guy apart! They could have defended themselves throughout the film, but all they wanted was the government to let them leave in 'peace'. The prawns were practically in their own concentration camp and were constantly bullied and harassed. The film played out awesomely. I loved it!!!

Blue Silver on Aug 15, 2009


This just shows how A list actors aren't as important to a successful movie anymore as a unique concept is. Every popular film from this year featured relatively unknown performances, but incredibly unqiue stories and film making techniques. The older generation becoming mentors to the younger generation is the only way that the reboot trend will be killed in Hollywood. The problem being that studios won't give a massive budget to an unknown film maker regardless of how great the story sounds because it's too big a risk. If Del Toro, Jackson, and Burton keep this up then there might be a chance for some unique films in the future after all. This movie was amazing and by not paying for an A list star they were able to spend the money to refine the story, tweak the effects, build amazing set pieces, and market the film in a revolutionary way....bravo Blomkamp!

peloquin on Aug 15, 2009


The movie succeeded my expectations by 100%. I knew it was going to be a great movie but I didn't know it was going to have such an impact and have a great cast of characters and really make you feel for the humans and the aliens as the movie did. I have to see this again. Also did anyone notice that Neil was in the film?? I'm pretty sure it was him. It was during the scene where Wekus and the alien broke into MNU and those special forces guys are about to enter the room where Wekus and the alien found the liquid. There's a shot where the camera is on the gun and you are looking down the gun at the guy's face. I'm pretty sure that was Neil (the director). He is also explodes from that gun the Wekus is wielding. I might be wrong but it certainly looked like him.

Dan W on Aug 15, 2009


I have some mixed feeling on this one, it was a pretty good movie, in the end, but the first part was a bit of a struggle and there were so many things that didn't make sense, sure I could rationalize things to myself but whose doing that for the rest of the audience or does no one care about the plot holes and all the things that didn't make any sense? I'll list a few unexplained things in my mind: 1) Why were some of these things super-smart, even the baby one and others were crazy and anamalistic 2) Why did we understand them and them us? That seems like a huge plot hole, if they are that intelligent then what the shit.. 3) Why, if there was fluid anywhere on the ship to begin with didn't it leave earlier, why was the fluid on the ground... strange/dumb 4) Why did the main character go from hating aliens to blowing up every human he saw. these are just a few things I found irritating about the movie, its like ok guy lets make a lot of cool effects with a kinda weak story and no one will care! I also thought that the acting was pretty weak in quite a few places, and the main character was pretty much always a jerk up until the very end, it was almost karma that made him into an alien I think, because he didn't seem to give a shit about them unless they could help him out. I think the CGI was fantastic, I didn't care THAT much for the documentary style camera, in fact my wife and her friend had to leave me and my friend to finish watching it, do yourself a favor if you haven't seen it and sit up high. I guess in the end I enjoyed it but it wasn't as good as I was hoping, yes the CGI was amazing.. but I wanted more.

Richard on Aug 15, 2009


At #82. Blomkamp confirmed that there were only about 600 or so CGI shots in the film, the Prawns(closeup and full body) the mech suit, the ship, certain explosions and etc. It simply wasn't impressive stuff. Also, Weta didn't even do the CGI, if they had, it probably would have been better. Peter Jackson stated his discouragement that he wasn't able to use his own effects company because they were so busy on James Cameron's Avatar.

Chris G. on Aug 15, 2009


"I'll list a few unexplained things in my mind: 1) Why were some of these things super-smart, even the baby one and others were crazy and anamalistic 2) Why did we understand them and them us? That seems like a huge plot hole, if they are that intelligent then what the shit.. 3) Why, if there was fluid anywhere on the ship to begin with didn't it leave earlier, why was the fluid on the ground… strange/dumb 4) Why did the main character go from hating aliens to blowing up every human he saw." #86 these are not good plot holes to bring up other then story other than the unexplained black fluid. I would guess that blomkamp wanted to make a comparison to humans by creating a variety of aliens instead of just assuming they are just smart. Keep in mind it had been 20 years since the ship had landed and an entire generation had grown up in a humanized segregated environment. That was clearly the point to your first two questions. About the 4th remark, he wanted to change back to human to which Christopher had promised. Not only that, but his character went through a change because of the situation, he even says it himself when he tells Christopher to not make him go through all this shit for nothing.

mike on Aug 15, 2009


#88... -there wasn't fluid in the ship b/c they ran out. it took them over 20yrs to synthesize more. the whole goddamn reason they were stuck there to begin with.... -why do we understand them? again they'd been on earth for over 20yrs... we can teach chimpanzees sign language but you find talking to an interstellar species capable of space travel hard to believe? really? -and why were some smart and others "ferrel". well they've been trapped in a slum for over 2 decades. like a concentration camp, that can tear down on someone's psyche. it doesnt mean they're dumb or anything. just that some of them had stronger wills than others. -and regarding why Wikus has a change of heart... well im going to let you figure that one out for yourself.

Nick S. on Aug 15, 2009


Ya, the only hole i felt was why they didn't sedate wilkus before trying to take his body apart. I tried to answer that in my head like the prawns couldn't be sedated but idk, just a little hole.

Stew on Aug 15, 2009


Interesting... But COME ON, who didn't see at least 80 % of the plot coming from a mile away? That being said, I wish we could have watched this movie when we were studying South African Apartheid in 8th grade.

SUPER X II on Aug 15, 2009


@ 90 My explaination for that is that they did try to sedate him but it had no effect on his mixed DNA. @ 89 I think the reason some were smart and some were savage was because a few (Christopher and friend) were possibly alien officers while the rest were just ordinary workers. The officers acted much more civil while the workers fended for themselves and thus acted more "ferrel."

Jordan on Aug 15, 2009


There is popcorn sci-fi (Independence Day, Transformers, etc.) and there are movies like Cloverfield, District 9 that go beyond entertaining us and dive into the realm of great storytelling. Nothing wrong with either one. One means to simply entertain, while others try to teach us something more. I appreciate both types.

Dan Geer on Aug 15, 2009


Soooo fing good

Scott on Aug 15, 2009


I'm kinda looking forward to a possible sequel. I hope it's setting is the "Prawn" home planet.

Zac on Aug 15, 2009


To #93 and everyone else: what did District 9 teach you? What point, if there is one, was it trying to make?

RandyG on Aug 15, 2009


first i would like to ask why people spout off with stupid comments about 'going to see it tomorrow', 'my friends say i should go see this movie' or 'can't wait to see it'? who cares. look at you posting on the interwebs whee.... this is what twitter is for, not the comment section of a blog that specifically asked you what you thought having SEEN the movie. second, it appears i am not still in high school because action for action's sake does NOT make a great, awesome, crazy, fucking incredible, or any of the other aforementioned accolades movie to me. i will agree with some that the idea was interesting, but not original nor well developed. as stated in the posts that aren't gushing praise for this movie, i agree the plot holes are huge. who wrote the screenplay for this a twelve year old? that would maybe explain all the prepubescent adoration that is seen in most of the previous comments. stuff that didn't make sense: 1.) humans 'rescue' aliens from spaceship, and the aliens bring with them a crap ton of weapons and NOTHING ELSE???? and the humans LET them bring their weapons?? 2.) why didn't anyone stay on the spaceship??? MNU does all this testing in their labs, but NO ONE is checking out the alien technology of a SPACESHIP?? 3.) the aliens are completely passive, yet they have AMAZINGLY destructive weaponry??? if they don't even use them for their own protection then WTF are they for??? i suppose that's why the humans let them take them.... 4.) reverse engineering folks. look it up. 28 years and humans can't figure out how ANY of the alien technology works means you've been hiring the dumbest engineers on the planet. having said all that, i enjoyed the action and special effects, but that's all it is, a promo for some PC shooter game.

really? on Aug 15, 2009


this movie completely blew me away! by far the best I've seen this year. the visuals and animation is outstanding. #97 it's a movie, enjoy it or never watch it again. or maybe you should write a perfect movie and make it for us?

Caleb on Aug 15, 2009


No detailed paragraph needed. loved the film, official fan of Blomkamp, looking forward to more of his work. Would definitely see this again.

The dude on Aug 15, 2009


#97: I have long had the feeling that most of the comments posted at FirstShowing are made by the bottom rungers in film marketing departments. Nothing else would explain most of the moronic praise (and comments like "The movie succeeded my expectations by 100%". No one is that dumb).

RandyG on Aug 15, 2009


I'd give it a 9 or a 9.5 out of 10. My only real complaint is that Koobus was a bit too stereotypical.

Ian @ MovieViral on Aug 15, 2009


the collective supercilious ignorance and overall ineptitude that people possess flat out astonishes me. the endless nit-picking put on display here is flat out ridiculous, i do not understand how can you be so dismissive about a movie over such minute elements. for all of you who were "unimpressed" by the CGI work in this movie and those who cant talk about anything else then negligible plot "holes" you all need to shut the fvck up with your ceaseless nit-picking persiflage. its a goddamn movie for christs sake. its not some doctorate thesis paper, so dont expect for EVERY minute detail to be explained to/for you. this is a MOVIE, a fantasy tale, an imaginary story presented to YOU, the viewer, with the intent of transporting you and your perception of "the real world" into another world, an alternative reality, a re-imagining of the world as we currently know and understand it. movies, especially the sci-fi genre, are all about "what if..." and it amazes me that such a large number of people get caught up in such trivial details such as "why didnt the aliens fight back?" "why didnt the humans investigate the ship?" "why were some aliens super smart and others 'stupid'?" "it's endless how many dumb plot holes this movie has." "why did they like cat food so much?" WHO THE FVCK CARES. this movie wasnt made for a scientific journal with all its sources cited in some bibliography nor is it a movie based in fact, hence the genre science fiction for god's sake. this movie and every other movie ever made are for ENTERTAINMENT. and if you get caught up in such mind numbingly inconsequential details, well, i pity you. if you cannot suspend your own disbelief and let certain things slide, i do not know how you can ever enjoy a movie for what it is on its most basic level. with that said, for all of you who CAN suspend your disbelief for 2 hours, go see this movie. it will not disappoint.

swisschez on Aug 15, 2009


^ thank you so much for that #102... that really needs to be directed toward 97. What a fukin idiot.!

Big r on Aug 15, 2009


# 102: Wow, with standards like that, who goes there? Obviously not John W. Campbell, Jr. No wonder we get so many bland, forgettable films.

RandyG on Aug 15, 2009


I walked out of the theater feeling like I had just watched history. I feel that district 9, is a movie, that is going to be copied for at least the next decade. I'm going to wait 10 days, then go watch it again. Can't wait, would love to see it in HD.

teh staton on Aug 15, 2009


Saw it this afternoon. Absolutely the best movie of the summer. I don't understand the people who stated the beginning was boring as I did not find one minute of this movie boring. And to #87 who states "Weta didn't even do the CGI," I always read all the end credits and it clearly showed Weta Digital with about a thousand names listed.

EJP on Aug 15, 2009


thanks 102 Movie - awesome! Acting loved it - have to also add it wass a relief to not be distracted by a "star player" in the lead role. His acting was great and the evolution of his character was key. I found it leant to the ability to get caught up in the reality of this film (not to mention CGI etc) Hugely entertaining and a big screen view for sure.

rossiegirl on Aug 15, 2009


Saw it this morning and i liked it very much. Didn't like it as much as Moon, but it was a damn good movie. Special effects were very good, way better than G.I., which quadruple the budget.

discojellyfish on Aug 15, 2009


I saw it last night, and i thought the movie was great. I thought it would be more like Cloverfield in the sense that the camera would be following the main guy the entire time, but oh well. I thought the movie packed a more emotionall punch than Cloverfield and it was definately grittier and more badass than Cloverfield. I enjoyed it very much.

Ben on Aug 15, 2009


Thought it was fantastic. By far the best movie I have seen this year. Finally and original story, topped with plenty of action and gorgeous CGI. Will be seeing again in the theaters for sure.

Sam on Aug 15, 2009



Shaun on Aug 15, 2009


I love how this film only hints at some details. Many here have interpreted them as plot holes, but I think it creates a larger world that simply cannot fit within two hours. To be more fair and accurate, I think we should classify these instances as suspension of disbelief. The first two paragraphs of the Wikipedia article should provide enough information for my purposes: With this in mind I don't think anyone here should be asking why something could or could not be done. Contrarily I think it would be more fulfilling for all of us to just make up reasons why. Try to make your reasons fit within this imagined world. What I will expand in this discussion is a quick statement one interviewee made after Wikus' arm was revealed: That Wikus was the first successful hybrid. The distinction of "first successful" made me cringe. I imagined all the failed attempts MNU could have made. Just imagine all the terrible things they could have been doing to humans and prawns in the 28 years leading up to Wikus.

prestron on Aug 15, 2009


Im not sure if anyone insulated #33 yet, but the social commentary is on apartheid in south africa, how the africans had to live in concentrated slums, and were treated very poorly.

Al on Aug 15, 2009


It was an incredible movie. But I was watching " The Fly" starring Jeff Goldblum at 2 o'clock in the morning the night before and I kept noticing the similarities between Wikuss transformation and Goldblums transformation. Thought that was kinda odd.

CLZ on Aug 15, 2009


Simply fantastic. Brilliant script, terrific writing and story arcs that work on every level. One of the best movies of the year, hands down. Kudos to all involved.

Jellybean on Aug 15, 2009


My favorite thing about the movie is the role-reversal In the beginning the aliens were seen as scum while Wikus was seen as oblivious and weak [Spoiler] In the end the aliens were relatable while Wikus became a short-lived badass (albeit for mostly selfish reasons). [End spoiler] I've heard people say this was Jackson's replacement for a Halo movie. Well I was reminded of Gears of War. Odd, that

Jaf on Aug 15, 2009


more praise than hate i like for most of the people on this board with all your "unexplained" plot holes, its a fucking movie, and science FICTION one at that, get a life if you have to justify whats fake. other than that, i loved the movie, the filmmaking was amazing, i love how people can compare alfonso cauron's camera work in children of men to district 9, it was really gritty, and real for the most part. the CGI was i thought seemless, and i love a good cgi flick, what guy doesnt. i love the aliterations to aparteid and mistreatment of those who are different. everyone thought that indians were savage, think of the prawns mistreatment and non use of lethal force in that context. all in all i thought it was a really good movie, the improvised acting made the people in the movie seem real, i mean come on, brad pitt or any A list is in no way an everyday person like you or me, hence sharlto copley, an actual south african, played the role or wikus i think brilliantly. and for the technology and us not being able to use it, did anyone but me hear that their weapons were biologically altered to be used by only the prawns, anyone not catch that, you have to be a prawn to use any of their technology. come on people, dont knock a movie you didnt care to pay attention to, just shut up and go see another movie, one you might like.

austin on Aug 16, 2009


Finally saw it and wow. What a cool sci fi movie finally. The thing I really liked was that the CGI wasnt over the top. There was a realism to it and yet it had some of the coolest effects Ive seen in a Sci Fi movie. Even more amazing this movie cost 30 Million to make holy crap. Does that not tell you how much wasted overhead costs goes into movies like Transformers. Well Done Neill Blomkamp. Sharlto Copley is frickin awesome in this movie. This proves why I love movies that have new faces (actors, actresses). It makes the movie even more fresh and genuine.

JimD on Aug 16, 2009


I love all you goddamn nitpickers here. Grow a pair. it was a greaty movie and the CG was sick. Better than fucking Avahype.

Han on Aug 16, 2009


I left the theater excited, in love with the movie, but on the drive home, I asked myself, why? Was I following the hype? Was it eye candy for me? I can honestly say that I fell in love with EVERY aspect of this film. The Trailer The Viral Campaign The way it was shot the way it wasn't shot. I dont want to ramble, the point is, not everyone is going to like the same movies you like, but also not everyone came in to the theater with the same mind set. I had some chicks behind us that had NO idea what this movie was going to be about, and thought it was another Independence day. If you saw the movie, expecting an action, explosion, gun driven Monster, you left disappointed.

Josue on Aug 16, 2009


Holy crap Edward Norton Bruce Banner/Hulk added to IRON MAN 2's IMDB LOOK

John on Aug 16, 2009


@97 "3.) the aliens are completely passive, yet they have AMAZINGLY destructive weaponry??? if they don't even use them for their own protection then WTF are they for??? i suppose that's why the humans let them take them…." In one of the early documentary style shots an entemologist (scientist who studies insects for those who don't know) theorized that the majority of the aliens are worker drones who's leader is gone thust they're passive because they're used to taking orders. Also explains why they had no concept of eviction or theft. They're a hive group where everything belonged to everyone. "4.) reverse engineering folks. look it up. 28 years and humans can't figure out how ANY of the alien technology works means you've been hiring the dumbest engineers on the planet." Clearly you missed the part where the scientists said: "There is a biological component to their technology which makes it only work with alien DNA." That's why they were after the main character. Seriously if your gonna criticize a film, then actually pay attention when you watch it!

jasonmd2020 on Aug 16, 2009


I thought the movie started off a little slowly. However as time progressed it got interesting. The last 45 minutes was fantastic. It certainly leaves it open for sequel. I wonder if that will happen.

Ezza on Aug 16, 2009


Saw this gem yesterday. All I can say is, it was the best SciFi movie I've seen in at least 15 years, maybe more. Incredible. It amazed me what they did with only a 30 million dollar budget. Hollywood can't manage this kind of content and story telling with a 200 million dollar budget. Now we have to wait for District 10. I can't stop thinking about the movie and that rarely happens to me. I have to go see it again.

ObiWop on Aug 16, 2009


I think people are being blinded by the movie, yes it was kinda fun, and looked outstanding but it had a shit story Its been 20 years blah blah blah, so what, maybe they live 500 years in a lifespan, they have weapons and just trade them around... for cat food... sure, because we humans are too mean to even give them the one thing they can enjoy (for who knows what reason) on earth... catfood. I guess Niel B really thinks people are assholes huh.\ These Aliens can understand English and tell us stuff like fuck off or whatever but they cant communicate anything else, like hmm, getting some descent housing for maybe a star-map of the galaxy or something lol. They are a species that travels intergalaticaly, but yet we put them in concentration camps and they become feral, WTF! That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Maybe he was trying to make a comparison to the Holocaust or to how stupid humans are, or maybe he assumes people are stupider then they are and wold put Aliens who have obviously more technology in a concentration camp and abuse them so that when they find out how to leave they can come back and annihilate earth... yeah. You can rationalize stuff to yourself all you want but the more I think about it the stupider it is.

Richard on Aug 16, 2009


Also sure I can suspend disbelief and let myself go to another world/time etc, I love sci-fi but its gotta work with me a little.

Richard on Aug 16, 2009


@125 and 126. Richard, if that is your name, your knowledge of World History is simply stunning. Oh, wait, no it isn't, I'm being facetious. You're and idiot. Google apartheid, read everything you can find, and come back here and try again. Dumbass.

Buster Cherry on Aug 16, 2009


it's pointless arguing movies after the transformers 2 post. i will say this movie was great. i expected alot, and did receive alot in-return. i didn't concentrate on the social message(s) the film was delivering, however. (i know the comparison, but the CGI and action was spectacular, and enough for me to focus on solely). i loved the building raid. could have been longer though. all-in-all, a great film. obviously we will be getting another film, and i expect a studio to fork over more money and force their writers upon the sequel's production. taint the 1st movie's legacy like '28 weeks later.'

JL on Aug 16, 2009


it's great to see so many people like this film. I hope it kicks ass at the box office.

Salber on Cinema on Aug 16, 2009


jasonmd2020: Maybe you'd better watch D9 again: the prawns were marking their buildings with human kill Xs like fighter pilots mark their kills. There was absolutely ZERO support for your justification why the otherwise aggressive, murderous prawns didn't use their weapons against their oppressors. NONE. Regarding bioengineering, are you an idiot? The aliens were being dissected in human labs. Mankind has mapped the human genome. Do you really think there is even the remotest possibility we couldn't figure out how to use the alien DNA (which we had in unlimited supply) to activate their weapons/technology? Fucking feeble thinker.

RandyG on Aug 16, 2009


LMAO AT #125, they can understand "ENGLISH"?!?!?!?! They weren't speaking English, dumbass. If they were speaking english, then that wouldn't be subtitles. Ignorant american........

Al on Aug 16, 2009


@ RandyG Right I'm a fucking feeble thinker for going along with a fictional theory in order to enjoy a movie. "Maybe you'd better watch D9 again: the prawns were marking their buildings with human kill Xs like fighter pilots mark their kills. There was absolutely ZERO support for your justification why the otherwise aggressive, murderous prawns didn't use their weapons against their oppressors. NONE." Wasn't my justification, I was paraphrasing from the film interviews. The Prawns marked their buildings with human kills. Did ALL of them do this? Most of them were dumb workers. Christopher Johnson however wasn't, maybe he was higher up in their hierarchy. Along with a few of them with enough sense to keep some weapons, kill some of their oppressors & post a warning sign. And one more thing, we're debating a movie. A piece of fiction. So the insults really aren't needed. Maybe I do need to see it again. And maybe you need to leave your troll cave and learn how to act like a civilized. person, and not a brain dead prawn.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 16, 2009


AMEN jasonmd2020!...I agree with you completely, too many bloggers have forgotten how to have a civilized conversation because they feel like big men hurling insults from their mother's basement at anonymous individuals (like yourself). Your reply was pleasant and I've enjoyed reading your posts and opinions, there's no need to use expletives and insults to convey your point about a subjective body of work. You should take some lessons on debating RandyG, people will listen to you more if you back your observations up with film related critiques rather than brute force opinionated-attacks.

peloquin on Aug 16, 2009


I was very disappointed

David on Aug 16, 2009


I'm in the minority here, but I thought it sucked.

Joe on Aug 16, 2009


Remember guys, Christopher made that bomb on-the-fly out of scraps. This is also how they made their weapons. Why did they need to make the weapons? Well, the illegal arms dealers wanted them in exchange for their meat and catfood. Why did the arms dealers want weapons they couldn't even use? They believed by eating the Prawns they would one day be able to use their weapons and gain ultimate power.

Zac on Aug 16, 2009


jasonmd2020: Your tone in the post I was responding to deserved nothing more than vulgar admonishment. Take your stricken feelings and blow them out your ass.

RandyG on Aug 16, 2009


Did anybody else think this is exactly "ALIEN NATION" remade?

Walker on Aug 16, 2009


RandyG: Take your smug superiority complex and shove it up yours.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 16, 2009


splendid movie, when I watch this I wonder how they haven't turned the most popular animes into live actions yet. They technology is there and this movie isn't a bad watch at all. For me it was a tear jerker, I felt so bad for the aliens. But i really liked this movie because the events weren't forced to fit, they seemed as if they would have happened naturally. I can't explain it well. My only thing was in that large mother ship you are telling me that only an alien and a half could have fit? Maybe I just have to watch it again.

Nuika on Aug 16, 2009


Wicked good! Anyone who hasn't seen this and who can appreciate a good sci fi film, go see this. Support this movie. SEQUEL BABY!

Magnolia Fan on Aug 16, 2009


i think the alien in the interogation scene is WIKUS!!!!!!!!! thats why we dont see it in the movie. all the dialogue of the tralier fits his and the alien intentions. they just want to go home.

robert on Aug 16, 2009


made me sad :[

Dr Robotnik on Aug 16, 2009


Eureka!!!! #142 you nailed it! That was what the prawns wanted all along. I posted that a ways up and yet some peeps just have to nit pick at this intelligent piece of fiction. If the prawns wanted to get aggressive they'd have just blown up the planet 20 years ago and voila---no movie!!!!

Blue Silver on Aug 16, 2009


I agree 144. I also think a lot of people missed that mention in the opening that most of the survivors on he ship were "workers" and the leaders must have died because of some sort of illness. I am guessing along with the insect like morphology they were also supposed to have a "hive" type relationship. I think Chris was probably one of the higher castes and probably one of the last remaining, him and his son. The reason they seemed animalistic and savage was they were the simple grunts. Not exactly capable to design and fly or fix a spaceship, but as warriors or farmers, or some other pawn like task. Chris probably left with the shuttle and had been spending the last 20 years to slowly fix it and prepare to take it back. I loved the movie. It almost scares me, because I really wonder if the response in real life to an alien ship might not be so different. I don't know about everyone else, but I was cheering for every soldier explosion. I was hoping for the movie to end with an armada on its way to earth. Too many scumbags run this world and I honestly believe this is one of those movies that truly show human nature. I think South Africa is probably the absolute best place for this to take place, and I am not the least bit surprised that a South African wrote it. This is how Afrikaans treated blacks for hundreds of years forcing them to live in horrible slums, which were filled with vicious gangs and warlords. It took riots and murders and eventually some white reporters who escaped and told of the horrors for it to end. Absolutely amazing movie.

Stevo on Aug 16, 2009


Movie. Awesome.

Izzy on Aug 16, 2009


This movie was so good, I hope there is a sequel.

NHOZ :) on Aug 16, 2009


SO FUCKING SWEET....I cant for the life of me find a flaw in it. Thought I found a couple of holes when I saw it again just seals them up. Blomkamp has truly proved and outdone himself, Bravo to you sir. May your career be long and full of more body exploding weapons.

Cody on Aug 16, 2009


#127 Yeah its my real name... Cherry, I have probably forgotten more about World History then you will ever know. Why dont you intelligibly say what you didn't like about my post, then, if you can make any valid points we all won't think your just a fucking idiot, good luck.

Richard on Aug 16, 2009


Rick, the next time you try to insult someone's intelligence, remember to get the usage of "your" that you want correct. moron.

Buster Cherry on Aug 16, 2009


Yeah everybody's mentioned apartheid but has anyone mentioned yet how the prawn harvesting mirrors real world albino harvesting in Africa?

Jaf on Aug 16, 2009


to all those who think Wikus is the alien in the interrogation scene, that doesn't make sense to me, they wouldn't be questioning him 28 years later as to why the aliens have arrived.

Al on Aug 16, 2009


I love how the super intelligent haters pick on plot and technical holes, yet they worked their brains so hard they didn't want to waste their cerebral powers on such insignificant suspensions of belief as how a broken down hunk of metal the size of a mountain was suspended in mid-air over Joberg for 20 years! lol I see why foreign accents are difficult for some people too, seeing as how there have been numerous questions asked that were answered in the film for those of us who could understand plain English. Seriously people, it's our belief we need to suspend when we go watch these movies, not our concentration/listening/geography/history.......... Anyway, awesome enjoyable film, and at the risk of being a hypocrite I'll add my little negative. I too was a little disappointed in the cliche "Save yourself, I'll hold them off!" shoot-out at the end. All I could think is "Wikus! Turn, face and obliterate the bastards with the superior weaponry, then get Chris to the ship to bumbling idiot!!"

watu on Aug 17, 2009


....but I guess I was actually having a reaction was because, unlike so many movies I've seen this year, I actually was sucked into it. Loved it.

watu on Aug 17, 2009


For all of you who think it was Wikus being interrogated, I am quite sure you're incorrect. On the MNU Spreads Lies website, which is managed by Christopher, he makes a blog post about his interrogation under the heading, "See the Real Me". The video shown is a link to the D9 Trailer. Check it out

Korm on Aug 17, 2009


Finally saw it and although it is not bad it wasn't as great as hoped. I still think Blomkamp is talented but needs a bit more experience and funds. I think the film would benefit from a proper sequel & trilogy treatment as Blomkamp has shown he has a good imagination.

Johnny Neat on Aug 17, 2009


#156 I think you seen a different movie.... The movie didn't need more funds. And please no "hollywood treatment". This is exactly why the movie is so good. And 154, yes I cannot remember the last movie when i just felt completely immersed. You totally forget that the aliens aren't "real". 10/10 Will see again...

sd on Aug 17, 2009


This was by far the worst movie I've ever seen. I walked out after 15 minutes and demanded a refund. Worse than Blair witch project. Hard to believe that Peter Jackson could produce such crap Disappointed!

Andy Hall on Aug 17, 2009


CANNOT WAIT. Thank you 2009 for introducing us to Nieel Blomkaff & Duncan Jones!~ We so BADLY need some new talent to shake Hollywood's re-do machine up. And yes, thank God he made this instead of HALO. Let's just hope he doesn't let it get to his head & he continues to push envelopes that aren't exclusive to whiz bang CGI. Aliens that we're compelled to CARE about? I'm SOLD all over again on this Movie Magic thing... 🙂

Django on Aug 17, 2009


Loved every minute of this movie. They did the film style right with the reporting. Great story, a pretty original one at that considering how not original most everything is now a days. CGI was AMAZING. Made even more amazing by the fact that their budget was $30,000,000. For crying out loud. Time Traveler's Wife had a budget of $39,000,000. Harry Potter was $250,000,000. Thank god for no-name actors and african settings is all i gotta say. BEST MOVIE OF '09

Jared H on Aug 17, 2009


Holly Shit!! Amazing Film. I mean it was near perfect. My only complain is that the aliens were a bunch of panzis. Other then that Story, Characters, Cinematogrophy, Action Sequences and special effects were great this movie was sooooo.. fucking good. I mean I was completely immersed I felt as if I was in the movie. And that hasnt happend for a long time with a movie. SO great fucking FILM. If u havent seened it go see it right now.

A-B on Aug 17, 2009


I really enjoyed this movie. It was incredibly uncomfortable to watch at times, and the "hero" was hardly someone I felt like rooting for for the majority of the story, but I have to agree that this is one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen, and the weird part is that the reason it hits that pinnacle is because of how HUMAN the story is. I loved that so much of the movie is intuitive--I always appreciate a story teller that relies on my own intelligence to tell the story--and also how much of it is really just unexplained. Instead of worrying about "filling us in", the story gets straight to the point. The hows and whys of the aliens is not even explored, and instead their story is told through the eyes of the humans around them, leaving the audience to fill in the blanks. Some of my takes on the situation: The aliens obviously had a different social structure than any on Earth, making them seem very fractured and almost child-like in their interactions with humans, but in the same circumstances, you wouldn't see our front-line space people being the innovators and designers and creators of our culture. Those are not the people you send away from home to explore. Instead, you send the adventurers, the wanderers, and the soldiers. Thinking about it, even if they wanted to, there's no guaranty the aliens would be ABLE to explain their technology to us. They can fix it, they can use it--but they didn't develop or create it. People are f*cked up to each other. This was so realistically and so viscerally portrayed there were a couple of people (obviously expecting a "date movie") that left our theater. This was awesome. And I'd like to note at this point, too, that I think the setting of Johannesburg was brilliant. Americans would end up leaving the theater thinking "We wouldn't be like that" if it was set in Manhattan or something, and I know for me in particular, immediately when I think of Africa I think of all the societal and cultural problems there, which highlighted immediately the problems humans have dealing with each other, compounded by dealing with an alien race. I could go on. Wonderful movie, and I am SO impressed with how the whole movie came together. I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

RStewie on Aug 17, 2009


@158....How can you say its the worst movie you've ever seen if you only saw 15 minutes of it, you douchebag?? You obviously don't have the mental capacity to sit through a film which requires you to think and keep your brain turned on. Go back to watching Michael Bay films and the next time you criticize something, how about actually wacthing the entire thing?

Cmurder on Aug 17, 2009


i'm sorry, generally i like sci-fi but this wasn't much more than spectacle. the effects were spectacular and the visuals were seamlessly tied to the live action throughout, but so was transformers 2. and with all the buzz D9's storyline was getting on sites like these, i guess i was expecting more from the plot. unfortunately, this movie's message was about as subtle as a cockroach crawling across a white rug. the story was heavy handed and predictable – south africa being the setting; the "aliens" and apartheid; (one) man's redemption – it was trying too hard and in too many ways to tell the same message: people can possess the ability to be both good and evil – just like our "alien" neighbors. i guess we (earthlings) are not so different after all! *wink* sure this is certainly a distinct way of telling something that's been said before, but really who gives a shit? pixar does the same thing with their films and it's done in a much more clever and entertaining fashion. it wasn't the worst movie i've seen this summer (i'm looking in your dircetion "year one") but for something that was hailed as being a unique voice, i found it to be grounded in very familiar territory.

FarmerTed on Aug 17, 2009


I *want* to like this film; it's a bit strange and edgy and comments on social issues. But I can't. The plot holes are just too enormous. Maybe if a sequel came out explaining away all the plot holes, I could look back upon this movie and give it an A. As it stands now, the best I can give it is an incomplete. Half way through the film the father alien tells his son they can never go home. Then, at the end of the film, they go home. Their weapons are made of materials so durable they cannot be disassembled and reverse engineered by the country's top engineers, even after 28 years of study. Their weapons are so incredibly advanced that they incorporate instant DNA scanning trigger locks (which can also detect if the hand is "alive"). They're so advanced that they can stop bullets in mid-air and fling them back effortlessly, and can be remotely operated by alien children--but the aliens refuse to use them. And, with all this enormously complex technology, the aliens are (with the exception of the 'scientist alien') dumb and savage? They trade their super-weapons for cans of catfood? It doesn't make sense. The mothership has an anti-gravity drive that appears to use very little power (since they say they cannot return home), but they don't bother to put one in their shuttle-craft? The 'fuel' that takes 20 years to make is also a chemical that can transform humans into aliens? That does not make sense. The discrepancy between the apparent intelligence of the aliens and their technology is just too broad to gloss over.

SciFiFan on Aug 18, 2009


Someone who saw it last week called it "Political Science Fiction". I think that holds - b/c when you add altogether what was portrayed on screen, you're left with a simple thought (which you either accept or you don't - I'm pointing in your direction, SciFiFan): Watch One Broadcast of BBC and tell me - Is Humanity Really Ready to Handle the Arrival of an Alien Ship on Earth? Or are we too brutal. (Check) Are we too savage. (Check) Are we too xenophobic (Check) I thought it was brilliant, brilliantly executed, and welcome a fresh new voice to the directorial chair. It's a movie that gets you thinking. If that hurts for some people, well - GI Joe is still in theatres for like a week or so (thanks to District 9's TKO at the Box Office - Score!). 🙂

Django on Aug 18, 2009


#165 u need to watch the movie again... *SPOILERS* He tells his son they cant go home and have to go to the new tents because MNU have the liquid and they the main characters tells him its a suicide mission. They go home, well because they are able to retrieve it. The reason they trade the weapons and dont use them is because they are workers mostly with very few exceptions like christoper...They need to eat to survive and well they know humans cant use the weapons so they trade them for food that they need. Remember they are held in a camp by a military company! they cant go rambo! Its a movie and i'm sure ur not a biochemist to know what a liquid can and cant do, and besides, they are aliens! Awesome movie...PERIOD! lol

ME on Aug 18, 2009


One of the best Sci-Fi movies to come out in a decade, primarily because you forget it's a Sci-Fi movie so often when watching it, that it's easy to lose yourself in the story. As far as those who isolate discrepancies, such as the aliens not being intelligent, but having amazing technology - this was addressed numerous times in the movie. They are often referred to as the 'workers' of the species, and not explorers or scientists. It'd be as if you were stranded on an alien planet and expected to work am American tank that was dropped there with you. It doesn't mean you aren't intelligent, it's simply a skill you have never needed or been trained on. Also, the complaint about the same fluid powering a ship and changing a person's DNA is also addressed... but I won't go into that. Point being, I really think some movie goers are severely challenged in the 'paying attention' department. Hell, I even heard people walking out of the theater asking what happened to the main character ............

Cozener Grymm on Aug 18, 2009


So as an objective movie watcher I love this movie. It was brilliant, captivating and engaging. The role reversal was smart and witty. I like the use of mockumentary type fliming. All in all I give it a 9/10. Now as a Nigerian bristish american ima say fuck this movie. Like Nigerians shouldn't dipicted as being so notorious that we can go into an entirely different country and run shit. Especially, in a slum where there are bound be South African gangs or warlords with far more credibility in their own country then nomadic Nigerians particpating in innerspecie prostiution, 419 scams and gun running. Not to mention, the juju or witchcraft aspect. Like yes, africans are into witchcraft but man, why must it be such a strong influence within the movie. Like I can't be mad at Jessica Kennedy for thinking they were in Nigeria because the movie use of the Nigerians is dominate within the movie. I would think Nigerians are a tribe in S.Africa if I was ignorant. I don't over sensitive but they really did make us Nigerians look extremely bad and/or bad ass. Eh, whatever! Jus my 2cents!

Nosakhare on Aug 18, 2009


Bloody Brilliant....and the ending could have not been any better.

Clover on Aug 19, 2009


It wasn't a disappointment at all, I sorto thought the hype might be too much, but I am still blown away by what they managed to do, I don't think the underlying story was pushed too much, that humans are capable or horrific acts against each other. As for people 'not getting' this film, it wasn't like it was a highbrow brain movie, it just needed you to look at what was going on and process the information and what some idiots thought was dragging on, was story development, there was enough action to balance it out, and if there was too much then it would dumb down the story really. I agree though with Nosakhare that the Nigerians seemed a little odd and almost a little Mad Max-ish, but they were a good balance to the military. I'm pretty inspired by this film, it's a great achievement, I think it shows that ideas go a lot further than giant budgets and explosions or highly paid actors doing mediocre work, it wasn't perfect but I'm not interested in it being so. Neill Blomkamp rules, Sharlto's performance was great too.

Crapola on Aug 19, 2009


All I got to say is great movie, a very interesting on the alien invaders concept. However, I would still say FUCK NEIL BLUMKAMP for his racist portrayal of Nigerians. The asshole even had the audacity to say it reflects reality in JoBurg today. How the hell would he know as "White Flight" emigre to Canada (PRICK). Looking forward to the sequel as long as he doesnt attempt to portray Blacks as either dumb subordinates to Causcasians or as blood thirsty, irrational, superstitious cannibals.....

James on Aug 20, 2009


I wanted to like this movie but in the end I just couldn't. They had a great theme and storyline going and then about two-thirds of the way through they sacrificed all of it to make a typical gore filled hollywood let down. Honestly how many times do you need to show someone get hit by a bolt of electricity and explode. As soon as Wikus started developing alien appendages I felt like I was watching someone play a video game. They even had a scene showing him try out a bunch of different guns like its the start up training level in a first person shooter. Someone might say "Well its just to show that he can use the alien technology and that MNU is going to exploit it", yeah well how many pigs and various dead animals do we need to see getting mutilated before we realize that. Another point I would like to bring up is that the Wikus character wasn't even consistent. At the beginning of the film we see him joking about turning a shack full of baby prawns into popcorn with a flame thrower and then later as soon as someone tries to make him shoot a single adult prawn he starts to cry about it. Sure you could say "He had a change of heart because he was turning into one" but why would that change his view on violence toward humans. If he realized that prawns are innocent and didnt deserve harsh treatment then you would think he would feel the same about people. But it doesnt stop him from killing over 50 people in the last 30 minutes of the film. You could say it was self defense but ultimately it starts to feel like hes going out of his way to kill people. I went into District 9 excited to see what all the hype was about and I ended up disappointed. The film started out great and lived up to what I thought it would be, an allegory for the way our country treats immigrants, but then all of the class and quality that the premise had to offer was cast aside for a blood balloon filled plot targeted at what I like to call the G4IGN generation.

Alex on Aug 20, 2009


Screw Transformers, screw GI Joe, screw Terminator Salvation. District 9, 500 days of Summer, Moon are some of the best movies ive seen this summer.

Nikhil Hariharan on Aug 21, 2009


"District 9, a Sony pick-up, which is down a larger-than-expected 60% from its No. 1 debut last Friday." Who would have predicted?

RandyG on Aug 22, 2009


great cgi and OK story, goofy acting and average script. it's really a mix of a few different films and ideas and executed well due to cgi alone. although I understand why the aliens are so dump i just couldn't suspend my understanding of human nature enough to really believe how humans acted in many scenes. it's just not how it would go down if they arrived, but yes we'd sell our grandma for the weapons.

shawn on Aug 22, 2009


District 9 is exactly what's missing in today's movie. ORIGINALITY. Loved it!

Armand on Aug 23, 2009


#165 "The discrepancy between the apparent intelligence of the aliens and their technology is just too broad to gloss over." You should have paid more attention to the movie, because there was commentary stating that the majority of the prawns were worker drones - not the most intelligent of the prawns!

Chhai on Aug 24, 2009


#178 How would paying more attention explain why the humans had ground-to-air missile launchers guarding a camp of aliens? Or were those tiny missiles supposed to be guarding the mothership (dumb, considering they couldn't even bring down the command module). Or during apartheid did the white South Afrikaners encircle the blacks with ground-to-air missiles and D9 was just nonsensically following the apartheid example (like it did when it showed the 'No Aliens' signs OUTSIDE the camp even though aliens weren't allowed outside the camp)? Or were they part of the story just for convenience as a fairly lame threat to the ascending command module - the surest sign of lazy story telling.

RandyG on Aug 24, 2009


They werent ground to air missiles dude the mercenary picked up an RPG...and gun runners you honestly dont think they would have a stinger or two? come on use your head. Hes right you need to pay more attention to the movie....and is apartheid your favorite word?

Cody on Aug 26, 2009


#180 Dude, watch the movie again. There is a shot with ground to air missiles swirling around on a rocket launching platform.

RandyG on Aug 26, 2009


I thought that D9 was incredible, it definitely gets my vote for movie of the year, when I was expecting the new Harry Potter to be my favorite (and it totally let me down as a new fan of the series). Part of what did it for me I think was how brilliant the way the movie was written; it really made you hate yourself. But above all, it was the prop details throughout the entirety of the movie. Everything from the trucks to the body armour the mercs were wearing and the alien weapons to the exoskeleton used at the end. Real or CGI didn't matter because it was done so well I didn't even think about that once during the movie. I also liked the enlisting of unheard of actors, it made it much easier to get into knowing nothing about the types of roles they would typically play.

case on Aug 26, 2009


Quite an astonishing movie. Its semi-documentary style made it very effective. Its reference to the apartheid system iin South Africa years ago was done in an unusual ,yet applicable and efficient way. Easily the best sci-fi and alien movie i've ever seen.

sherlon tidd on Aug 29, 2009


You know what's ironic for me - Nigerians depicted as worse than the Aliens themselves! Stereotypical, but you know what, true too

Dan on Aug 31, 2009


I enjoyed this movie emencely. While internet fanboys were bitching because Peter Jackson produced this instead of the Halo movie I was actually looking forward to this. District 9 is with out a doubt THE best sci-fi movie of the year, dare I say, the best I've ever seen. While a slight spoiler on the Escapist revealed some of the plot I seriously enjoyed it never the less. Mainly, because it wasn't like EVERY OTHER sci-fi movie which follows a plot like "ship crashes in America, high school student finds some peace of alien technology, big battle at some point, high school student saves the day and makes peace between humans and aliens" District 9 dipicted the humans as the bad guys, and I was slightly shocked to find the main character was just as xenophobic as the next guy. And seeing him suffer as he was forced to become what he hated made me feels sorry for this poor bugger. The special effects were top-notch as well. When I first learned of this movie I thought it was going to be some low-budget sci-fi flick based is some slum. Then I saw the special effects, and oh how I was wrong. This isn't some Micheal Bay film that beats you over the head with CGI, these effecs actually look real... although that might be because some of the effects and stunts ARE really. All in all, this was a brilliant film and I will be buying it on DVD the second it comes out, just like I did with Watchmen (another movie I really enjoyed) Also, I don't think not making a Halo movie is a bad thing. A movie of that game would be terrible.

V. Mac on Sep 2, 2009


WOW! Beautiful, I loved it Fresh ideas into sci fiction flick. Simply beautiful This film is about many things at the same time and is one those films that proves you dont need sky high budgets to make an incredible sci fiction movie In this film, Sci fiction is just a tool to tell the incredible journey of a simple flawed man. Great Film. Hope many hoolywood producers take notice of how things have been done in this movie.

Xav on Sep 6, 2009


The best film in a year of great films. I thought the latest Harry Potter was amazing, I loved Watchmen and enjoyed Star Trek, but D9 was beyond any words. Haven´t catched Inglorious Basterds yet, but I don´t think I will enjoy that more than D9. It´s now a week since I saw it and I´m still thinking about it. The greatest effect of all in D9 was how everything looked so frickin real, from the alien weaponry to the aliens themselves to the news footage. The best sci-fi in years and one of the best movies period.

Martin on Sep 6, 2009


i thought the movie was great. I even work with a guy that looks exactly like "Mr. Sweety"! Hahaha! "Why dont you teach that kid some manners. He almost took my eye out with a fucken lollipop, man"! Now that was classic!

Ray on Sep 6, 2009


My concern about this movie is a simple one, How in gods name is the sequel going to come within 3 feet of this masterpiece? I'll tell you how The prawns send there diplomatic unit to have a word with Mr Obama about the behavior of the human race. I'm still annoyed I had to wait 3 weeks longer than everyone else (it was released here on the 4th of september) but the wait was worth it. Like most of you above my comment I implore all who can see to watch it, Those who can't get the dvd/blu-ray and enjoy the audio description. This is worth everything it costs and more.

link1983 on Sep 6, 2009


#52 - "I HATED the beginning! I was ready to get up and walk out it was so boring. I didn't like the accents but then again it was set in Nigeria so what was I to except!" - Proof, if ever there was, at the value of paying attention to the 'boring' bits. How you could watch the whole film and come away thinking it was set in Nigeria is beyond me! Anyway to the film I saw District 9 last night and was blown away. I had high hopes for the film after seeing the directors work in the Halo short film and had deliberately avoided all but the first teaser trailer to avoid ruining any surprises. I left the cinema pumped as I was after the likes of Rambo, Ong Bak, The Last Samurai, T2. Hands down the film is just plain fantastic. Eschewing the normal stars and glamorised locations keeps the audience on your toes as does the showing the aliens from the very beginning, instead of shrouding them in darkness which would be the normal route. It’s documentary style makes the events so grounded in reality that you easily engage with the story. It’s matter of fact presentation allows you to take it on board on a more visceral level as opposed to the usual A, B, C of movie exposition. The main character is an engaging, average chap who clearly is from the mindset that working hard and fulfilling the quota of appraisal forms and quarterly reports etc is the way to proceed in life. Hence why he has a sense of duty and doing the right thing by his employers and people until the evidence of their betrayal of him becomes too much. The films structure to me just seems to be so fresh and creative. Polished to a very high standard but so different to the normal big bang, no substance fare that we normally receive (Transformers 2, GI Joe, Star Trek etc) The reality feel to the film is so strong that when they came to cut him open and harvest his organs I genuinely thought he was a going to die as that would happen in real life.. Then when the film moved into the ‘action’ element it had me even more hooked. There was just so much mind bendingly clever stuff in it that had me rooting for the characters, whooping with delight and continued amazement / wonderment at what I was watching on the screen. The final hour or so of the film when it has Vickers breaking into the MNU facility, heading back to the ship and the battles between the mercs and Nigerians was amazing. Only surpassed with my joy when he clambered into the mech suit and laying down some hurt. The scenes when he was protecting Christopher whilst they shot at him and he desperately tried to respond reminded me of Robocop, Rocky and other scenes that I’ve always loved. That fighting valiantly onwards against impossible odds and not giving up. The music used worked brilliantly. Never intrusive but always perfectly complimentary. The sound effects gave everything a real world tangibility that was breath taking. The FX were outstanding. The acting from the relevant players was wonderfully executed and proof if needed that with a good story and direction, you don’t need million dollar actors. Such a gob smackingly good film. Truly wonderful. It’s a crime that there must have been only 30 or 40 people in the cinema last night. This is a fantastic film that needs to be seen at the cinema and which needs to be a success to show that bravery, creativity and a different vision of film making can succeed. Certainly the best film that I’ve seen this year if not longer.

Payne by name on Sep 7, 2009


I really thought that District 9 was an good movie. Technically superb; the editing being especially brilliant, it managed to convey a realism that is extremely rare in most alien movies. I loved the lead performance and was stunned to see that he had not previously acted in a feature-length picture, he should go on to be a star. My only gripe with the film was that it did at times bend towards action movie cliche, most frustratingly in the shape of the Nigerian warlord character and the main army guy that was tracking Wikus down. I felt that these created sticky patches in the film that made it feel like it was coasting along for small sections of the time. Whilst I do think that District 9 can be placed at the very top of the action movie genre I did feel that at times you could feel a Hollywood studio presence too strongly in the background and that bumped it down from something that could have been truly great to being just very good indeed.

Ed Gutteridge on Sep 8, 2009


wake up hollywood look at this film $30million on budget but earn $120million, all of u capitalistic BOD don't see this as an oppurtunity for profit? with your kind of promotions this film could earn a lot more. this film was FANTASTIC compared to g.i joe, fast and furious, star wars(I,II,II) these movies were crap well known directors such as rob cohen, michael bay,stephen sommers,bret ratner should ask themselves how the hell a newbie direvtor like neil blomkamp can make such an amazing movies? Hollywood should realise not all crap movies earn billion of dollars, look at dark knight, iron man, and titanic c'mon man make a good movie, dont think a movie with lots explosions and cg guarantee you lots of money.wake up hollywood and have some dignity please,movie fans deserve better than this

angga on Sep 10, 2009


As a gaming and sci fi geek it really did it for me, seemed really close to how i felt the Half Life games went!

ChrisUK on Sep 10, 2009


Enjoyed it, except for the fact that the bald mercenary dude didn't die just kept hopping, weaving and giving himself cover fire to evade EVERYTHING... plus the cheese delay when they are facing off before the truck hits the mechwarrior

Jon the Rob-ot on Sep 10, 2009


You know guys I think this movie looks something like the Hitler and Nazi times, dont you think? Aliens = jewes, black people and the other percecuted( or whateva u spell that) persons. MNU: The Nazis You can see that there are places like parks for children, bars, and other public places that are forbiden to non-humans (What does that reminds you?) The Aliens are used for medical experiments ( Another coincident?!) District 9 (Doesnt that sounds like a concentration camp?) So...Thats my opinion District 9 makes us remember what happened in these years, and it makes us also remember how horrible that was. Sorry for my bad English since I live in France and English there is horrible xD, and tell me if you think Im right or wrong.

dinizithu on Sep 12, 2009


pretty good movie the action was cool, but the only word I could think of to describe some of it was "jeez!" . . . and that's the first thing I said when that alien weapon made people friggin explode into a gory mist...poor soldiers, but I wouldn't have continued to fight that thing if I saw what it did to people anyway, good movie a sequel would be awesome oh yeah, one thing though: we really need to get more creative with these aliens I think; the aliens in movies always look too human-like (2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, a mouth, overall humanoid shape)

thanespade on Sep 18, 2009


This movie was simply epic to an extent that i sobbed by the end of the movie. Sharlto Copley have started his Hollywood career through something remarkable.

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2009


District 9 movie was okay. The only time it is original is in it's first act, even then, the premise has already been used before in Alien Nation. The second act was just a rip-off of The Fly and the third act was just out of hand video game nonsense. The themes the film bases itself on (aliens as Apartheid blacks) is almost entirely ditched after the first act and even in the first act it is not addressed with any incisiveness or poignancy. The lack of consistent camera work is annoying as it switched from documentary to narrative haphazardly and drains the energy in every oversaturated shot. Unfortunately, this film starts off with a good idea, but descends into ridiculousness (gasoline that transforms you into an alien?) and is more concerned with showcasing explosions and gore than any challenging social commentary.

SlashBeast on Feb 16, 2010


Response to #195 and to everyone in general - this movie made a parody of Apartheid and other aspects of South African society. Nobody should just see the surface; there's tons of satire/parody underlying the entire movie, not sure if anyone got off lightly (Apartheid, Afrikaners, English-speaking South Africans, Nigerians, SA blacks, multi-nationals - all got parodied). I'm a South African who believes that there's a great future in this country, and I can't help feeling that Blomkamp has done his bit to put us on the map (note how one viewer confused us with Nigeria, etc.) Now, at the dawn of the 2010 FIFA finals, I think South Africa is becoming appropriately visible.

Cedric on Jul 10, 2010

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