Sound Off: Pixar's UP - What Did You Think?

May 29, 2009

Pixar's Up

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Pixar is back again with their 10th feature film - Up. We all know the story, we all know the characters, but is it as incredible as every past Pixar movie? I've heard other friends of mine say that Carl and Russell just haven't captured his interested the way Remy or Wall-E or Sulley or Nemo or Mr. Incredible have previously. But is that just an early misconception? Is Up really one of the best movies of the year? Or just boring kid's entertainment? How does it rank up against other Pixar movies? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Pixar's Up!

To fuel the fire, I absolutely loved Up! By the time I went in to watch the entire movie, I had seen the opening half roughly three times, and I wasn't sure there would be much beyond that that could amaze me, but I was wrong. Up falls in line with every other brilliant Pixar movie to date and is already one of top my favorites. The two times I've seen it so far have moved me emotionally in a way that absolutely no other movie this year has (and probably never will). It's heartwarming, it's exciting, it's just plain wonderful. If you're nervous about it, don't be, go in expecting another great Pixar movie and you'll get just that.

What did you think of Pixar's Up? Is it one of Pixar's best or just another animated movie?

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HORRIBLE. I walked out. I got my money back. I hate Pixar. Just kidding. It was great. Not as good as Wall-E.

That Talking Dog on May 29, 2009


I give the torch to Wall-E as being the best. Up falls between Toy Story and A Bugs Life, for me. But it was amazing!

xerxex on May 29, 2009


Love it! More than WALL-E, less than Ratatouille.

Jeremy on May 29, 2009


it's a middle-of-the-pack Pixar movie. Nowhere near as good as the Incredibles or Rataullie, but better than Cars. It's like if you took out the first half of Wall-E and just left in the second half. It's on that level. Good, but not great. It's not much of a kids movie either, it's more adult-oriented and sentimental than a lot of their other films.

jason on May 29, 2009


it is amazing

Jay Selis on May 29, 2009


to real talk: I've been debating that with myself for a while now and I keep changing my mind. My initial reaction is that any 3D movie was made to get HIGH AS SHIT for, but now I'm not so sure. When I saw Wall-E I wasn't stoned and that was a magical experience. I feel like it would be a discredit to Pixar to smoke before-hand, but maybe it would make it all the better? Also, since the beginning is said to be so emotionally-packed and heart-wrenching, I'm not sure that my fried mind would be able to quite handle it, especially since I'm always highest as the film starts. Thoughts?

kdiddy on May 29, 2009


Thought it was another great Pixar movie and puts them back in my good graces after the snooze fest, politically motivated movie that was Wall-E. Thought the colors in the movie were great and the story had a little bit for everyone of all ages.

Bee on May 29, 2009


@jason That's a good thing in my book. The first third of Wall-E was brilliant but everything after that let me down. I don't know how Wall-E got such overwhelmingly positive reviews. The humor and action of the second half were all "already seen that" moments. If Up! can avoid falling into the cliche action/comedy moments that Wall-E ended with then I should like it a lot. p.s. - Toy Story and Ratatouille are the best Pixar films 🙂 The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. are the runners up.

dqniel on May 29, 2009


I loved that freakin dog, totally hilarious!

Scott McHenry on May 29, 2009


Great movie, not my favorite Pixar film, the 2 Toy Story movies have that place, but it was stunning in some parts visually. Very sentimental, if you have or had a favorite Grandparent you're going to love the story. Although the old guy isn't the kids grandfather it plays like he is. It also plays like a Indiana Jones film, if Indy were real young, it's got that adventure vibe down great. I saw it in 3D since I haven't seen any of these modern animated films in 3D thought this would be the one to try it. It was nice but after they get to South America and come out of the clouds you kind of forget about it, at least I did. It was nice but it's a gimmick that I probably wouldn't spend extra on any other film. Overall very good, won't be disappointed. Loved Partly Cloudy, the short, too, very funny. Presto and one with the birds are still my favorites though.

Moviegimp on May 29, 2009


I can't rank it in terms of other Pixar movies yet, but it was a Pixar film - which is code for 'It was pretty great, and if it wasn't great it was still real good.' I think Wall-E and Ratatouille are probably the best films, and this is right alongside those two. I feel sort of the same way about it as I did when I walked out of Wall-E - which is, the beginning is amazing, but the end is less impressive, but if the second viewing is similiar to my second viewing of Wall-E I'll like it even more.

Timothy on May 29, 2009


My favorite Pixar film of all time is Kung Fu Panda, I could watch that over and over, incredible in blu-ray!

Gilbert on May 29, 2009


@gilbert kung fu panda isnt pixar duh.

Lacey on May 29, 2009



Fuelbot on May 29, 2009


How could you own the blu-ray and watch it over and over and not realize that Kung-Fu Panda isn't a Pixar film? I'm gonna go see this at some point this weekend. I have to friggin work all weekend, but if nothing else Sunday night I'll be there.

Squiggly on May 29, 2009


I loved this movie. Better than Wall-E.

Daniel on May 29, 2009


I loved it. I even gasped out loud more than once (along with the little tykes who came with their mommies to watch). It was better than Wall-E and a skrillion times better than Ratatouille.

giraffic on May 29, 2009


For the record Wall-E sucked balls, i hated it with a pasion. I hope this one will be good, and will it be worth watching in 3d?

dacfan on May 29, 2009


I loved it! Though I think the 3D viewing was unnecessary....there weren't many moments in which I was like "wow, 3D is awesome!" I pretty much felt goofy wearing the classes. But the actual film was great, just like Pixar. I loved it...cute, funny, and serious all in one. The execution was done very well.

Stacia on May 29, 2009


I hope to see this with my 4 year old son this weekend. I love Pixar, I am a real harsh critic of movies but they have always prduced sincerely wonderful films that I have little criticism for... except for Ratatouille, which I am simply flabbergasted that anybody enjoyed. It was straight Looney Tones for me, and I didn't find anything very appealing about the whole contrived story. I actually had a difficult time sitting through it with my son, and I usually enjoy even Dreamworks drivel as long as we are together watching it. Amazing how we all see things differently, I know Ratatouille is fairly popular for many of my fellow Pixar Fans. For me, being a single Dad now makes Finding Nemo even moreso my all time favorite, with Wall*E being a very close second, with The Icredibles close beind. At the bottom for me are Cars, and then Ratatouille quite a ways below that.

Mark on May 29, 2009


I LOVED IT. I was a little surprised how sad the first part was, my five year old questioned what happened. I am a big Pixar fan and I would place this movie top 5.

J.D. on May 29, 2009


#20 Your pretty much alone with your dislike for Ratatouille. Most people loved it, including myself.

sd on May 29, 2009


My opinion: Not better than Wall-E, but still a great freakin movie that just proves how incredible Pixar is and how amazingly well they do their jobs. DEFINATELY see this. 9/10

Ian @ MovieViral on May 29, 2009


@ 20 Looney Tunes is awesome.

Tristan on May 29, 2009


# 20 It took me three times to get Ratatouille but man, once you get it, it's great. I would even go so far as to say it may very well be the BEST Pixar film. Watch it with open eyes for once, it took me three of four views, but it's great.

Timothy on May 29, 2009


I absolutely adored it. Pixar is wonderful.

????? on May 29, 2009


I most certainly hope this film makes LOTS of money, as in more than some of Pixar's previous films, because it really, REALLY deserves it. Up is, simply put, a masterwork, mesmerizing from beginning to end. It ranks as Pixar's funniest film AND its most heartfelt- the opening sequence that shows us Carl and Ellie's lives together is perhaps the single greatest scene in Pixar history, certainly the most powerful.

Andrew on May 29, 2009


OKAY, Wall-e is no where as good as this.... i am sorry but its true... I enjoyed wall-e but no where near as this.... This is now my number 1 favorite pixar movie, then rat, then monsters/finding nemo...

NIce on May 29, 2009


My favorite Pixar film of all time is Kung Fu Panda, I could watch that over and over, incredible in blu-ray! GILBERT on May 29, 2009........... YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!! I did like Kung Fu Panda though

SHANEDAV on May 29, 2009


The thing is Pixar creates such a genuine feeling of emotion in the audience member that I almost believed it to be a REAL story, then had to stop and remember oh my gosh this is a "kids" movie. Maybe not the best Pixar film as far as an fun epic escape from reality, but just the oposite. It actually made me feel for the characters more than 99% of films that are released, and it did it all in the first 5 minutes.

SmartGuy on May 29, 2009


I loved Up, but my theater didn't play Partly Cloudy beforehand. Does any know about this? Did it not play before the 3D showings or was my theater just stupid?

Andrew on May 29, 2009


This movie should have been a short. Once the novelty of the environments wore off it degraded to completely cliche and predictable action. The initially hilarious behavior of the bird and the dogs that could talk was driven into the ground when they couldn't think of new ways to make them funny. They took a great idea for something that could have been about ten minutes long and tried to stretch it into a feature film. It suffered from the same problem as Wall-E. Fantastic development and first act followed by generic, entirely mediocre drama, climax, and ending.

dqniel on May 29, 2009


Personally, I hated it. It looked amazing visually. I thought the first love montage was amazing and it should have just gone with that, instead of introducing annoying little kid. I have an inexplicable urge to kill all obese children now It felt really shallow, with repetitive jokes that screamed Dreamworks rather than Pixar. Partly Cloudy was enjoyable though.

Dhruv on May 30, 2009


I am hyped about this movie i had and still have a good intuition about it,will watch on release here.

Fisherr on May 30, 2009


@32 , you are so right!

pipo on May 30, 2009


#18, I think YOU suck balls. WALL-E is easily the best of the Pixar movies.

Kevin on May 30, 2009


I still can't understand the appeal with was so fucking boring and didn't spark any interest into the robotic lame and definitely close to, if at the very bottom of Pixar's films.

Cmurder on May 30, 2009


#31, your theater was stupid. I saw it in 3D and saw Partly Cloudy. I would complain since I believe the short is part of the overall movie.

Moviegimp on May 30, 2009


I live in the UK and will not be able to view this movie in the cinema until october. Thank you very much pixar nice to know you didn't forget us. P.S. Toy Story 3 is dated june 2010 in the trailer I can only assume this means December 2010 in the UK. If this continues expect a boycot. P.P.S Rataouille, Wall-e and the incredibles were terrible. From your angry limey!

link1983 on May 30, 2009


Absolutely adored the film! I was completely taken away by the montage at the beginning, and from that point on i knew i was going to love it. Also, i thought russell was hilarious, he didn't annoy me at all. and to #31, yeah we actually got a note at our theater (i work as a projectionist) and they said it was against some agreement they had to not show partly cloudy with the feature, so thats very strange that it was not attached.

FritzhatesAlex on May 30, 2009


The real question is WHY THE HELL IS IT NOT OUT IN THE UK UNTIL OCTOBER? FIVE MONTHS AFTER ORIGINAL RELEASE? There is absolutley NO reason for it and I hope a DVD Rip hits the market because its pathetic. I don't support piracy, and sure I can wait the two weeks between releases of Terminator in the US and the UK but five months is an absolute joke. Had that been annouced at Comic-Con i would have walked out, i LOVE pixar but this is beyond a joke.

Stuart Mellor on May 30, 2009


it was a good movie, but i think it was probably the saddest pixar movie ive ever seen. there were a few too many dumb laugh out loud jokes, but they weren't too bad. this movie was probably the least sweet pixar movie out to date. academy award for voice acting for ed asner though.

allen sharpe on May 30, 2009


I loved the movie! It was super funny and it did get really sad though. I LOVE DUG!

Catz2 on May 30, 2009


Have yet to be disappointed by Pixar. Not the best, but still worth it.

Puke on May 30, 2009


It was very good but not perfect. Better than Cars and The Incredibles, but not as good as Wall-E or Toy Story. Don't get me wrong though, it was great!!!

Tom V on May 30, 2009


I love Pixar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya on May 30, 2009


Loved it! So touching. I laughed, I cried... and I abhor Wall-E.

Lola on May 30, 2009


#42, I thought the ending cinched just how moving and sweet the story really is, not to mention the discovery (SPOILER!) of the second half of the scrap book. It really touched me, moreso than other pixar movies... and I generally only go see a movie if it has at least 5 deaths, 2 if they're really really gory. Good movie, thumbs up all around.

Chris H on May 30, 2009


I think it is a really good movie. =)

JPanther on May 31, 2009


48 it was weird how only the ending was sweet tho. I was sad for pretty much the other 70 minutes. there really wasnt a happy character of the bunch.

allen sharpe on May 31, 2009


I thought it was really good. It wasn't as good as The Incredibles, which to me is the best Pixar film. I was especially impressed with the short preceding the film though, Partly Cloudy. It was completely original and well done.

Maria on May 31, 2009


Although not as good as Wall-E................. I liked the film allot

SHANEDAV on May 31, 2009


I went 2 times today to try to see this in Digital 3D and both times were sold out so I got pissed off and left.

Richard on May 31, 2009


AFter the huge let down of Wall-E, I was in fear Pixar would let us down again with another Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson rip-off. In deed that was the case, but it was truley an enjoyable experience. With the obvious flaws and horrible message in Wall-E, Pixar did make up for it with UP. #37, good job!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 1, 2009


was not brilliant and was rather uncomfortable at times with the opening introduction to the characters. I was happy to see the 3D presentation was one not filled with obnoxious things flying out at you, instead was properly used as a means to depthen the field and provide reference for the 'size and scope' of the place that the characters were visiting. Nothing phenominal, except Asner and Peterson for their voice work, but is a good film for the family UNLESS... *** SPOILER*** your child has trouble with concepts of death and/or has lost a grandparent and that still impacts them.

Dusty on Jun 1, 2009


Every so often there comes a film that truly touches you and reminds you of the power and magic that film possesses. "UP" is one of those true gems, a true masterpiece and a film that not only is a masterstroke in animation and 3D technology, but truly the best film of 2009 so far. Quite simply "Up" achieves perfection in all the major categories or disciplines involved in the film making process. It is beautifully written, directed in masterful fashion, it's cinematography, animation, CGI etc, is flawless and in many instances mind bogglingly incredible, and it has tremendous sound editing and tremendous voice over work. Quite simply this film knocks it out of the park in Mickey Mantle fashion. I won't get into the story itself but I will say this, the film had me hook line and sinker in the first fifteen minutes. Rarely have I seen such a beautifully crafted, heart warming and emotionally powerful beginning to a film. And most of it is done without very much if any dialog. It amazes me that Pixar can convey so many human emotions, feelings and intentions in this manner while Hollywood is so insecure and so pedestrian in their film styles that their directors would have loaded that fifteen minutes with nothing but dialog due to their inability to convey their message the way Pixar does time and time again. Frankly, Pixar just get it. "Up" is quite simply the best work Pixar has ever done and the greatest work of animation ever. They truly amaze me at how they can continually up the ante and push the envelope to better their previous work. I didn't think it could get better than "Wall-E" but it has. This film is a true work of heart in not just animation, but in writing directing and acting. Yes acting. The voice over work is just outstanding and I for one am regressing to childhood because I must have a talking Dug plush toy. I can listen to him say "Squirrel" all day long. This film has heart and soul and above all, it has craftsmanship. Amazingly, it also finds innovative ways to actually make the 3-D experience worthwhile and not just a gimmick. See it in 3-D folks, you will not be disappointed. This film will live in our hearts for many a decade and it will resonate with millions who understand the human condition and the meaning of love for one's family and one's neighbor and our environment. And to Star Treks quint director JJ Abrams, guess what? Not one jittery camera, not one wooden performance from animated characters and only one lens flare in the entire film. Learn from this you useless hack. Up is an uplifting experience not to be missed. It is sheer Utopia.....................SQUIRREL>>>>>>>>>>>

V Wilson on Jun 1, 2009


what 56 said it was great im getting it on dvd as soon as it comes out so i can watch it again and again and share it with everyone

neonblue120 on Jun 1, 2009


first 54, for a man named Tim "Cloverfield" you obviously loved that piece of shit called a film. A monster movie shot on handicam, here is what the movie was Blair Witch meets Godzilla(the american one) A waste of my 11.50 to see that film. Wall E while it may not have been a truly amazing attention grabber and seriously gets more credit than it deserves is still better than some of the Pixar films. List of Favorite Pixar Films: 1) Ratatouille 2) Up 3) Monster's Inc. 4) Toy Story 5)The Incredibles 6) Finding Nemo 7) Wall E 8) Toy Story 2 9) Cars 10) A Bug's Life While you can argue with my list this is my opinion. I thought that Up really was Pixar at it's prime. It is actually tied with Ratatouille but I need to watch both again before I decide which is possibly better. This is a great film with every element needed to create one of the most fun cinematic experiences I have had in a long time.

Movieraider321 on Jun 1, 2009


Shove the pixar yanks!!! nuke the bastards

angry UK on Jun 2, 2009


This was just horrible. Sorry to all you who drank the Pixar kool-aid, but there was very little humor here. Unfullfilled dreams, death, miscarriage, bad guys who want to destroy his home, retirement home goons, an Apocolypse Now type antagonist, packs of evil dogs. There were lots of people in the theater (myself include) with children and most were sobbing at the end. The rest were subdued. The commercials make it look sweet and funny and child friendly. It is NOT. My 5 year old, who has enjoyed Spiderman movies, was traumatized and kept apologizing to his father and I for hating the movie so much. The child behind us shrieked "This is the worst movie ever"! I suppose you could consider it an adult themed cartoon, but I found it depressing overall. Like Pixar, hated this one.

Tini" on Jun 3, 2009


"Up" is my favorite Pixar film. Their best one yet.

Joe on Jun 7, 2009


I agree with 60. I believe the problems with Pixar started with Cars. I appreciate an animated film that is intelligent, thought provoking and funny however recently Pixar has been way to "heavy" for it's own good. It's lost of lot of it's playfulness and seems to be leaving kids out of the equation with every new movie. It's like they really want to play to an adult audience although they continue to market heavily to the kids. The Incredibles was the last enjoyable Pixar movie for my entire family. Myl 3 kids of different ages enjoyed The Incredibles, Toy Story 1 and 2, Bug's Life, etc. When it comes to films like Wall E, Up, kids could care less about seeing those movies again.

sb on Jun 14, 2009


Firstly I agree with #58 in that Up was Pixar in it's prime. I think Up is up there with Pixar's best. I'm a 13-year-old girl and I never ever cry while watching a movie. Now in Up, I was so emotionally connected to the characters I wanted to cry and, a few tears did leave my eyes, 5 times, no more no less. It is the best of the best along with Toy Story's 1 & 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille. I loved Up, it was excellent, Pixar has done it again! Here is my opinion in how Pixar's movies measure up over the years, in order. 1) Finding Nemo 2) Up 3) Ratatouille 4)Monsters Inc 5) Toy Story 6) Toy story 2 7) Cars 8) The Incredibles 9) Wall-e 10) A Bugs Life 1st, I need to say #'s 1-5 are all basically tied as the best of the best. Finding Nemo is great fun for kids and adults and its just hilarious. Up had some good comedy, but was more of a drama, hence the great emotional conncection, but yet adventurous, which should appeal to kids. Ratatouille was very original, had some great laughs for all audiences, and a nice story. Monsters Inc was very funny, another original story, and had good connection like Up. Toy Story's 1 & 2 had great humor, fun for kids, and the 1st Pixar classic. Cars doesn't measure up to the other yet is better than the ones below so its in the middle, quality wise, but appeals to kids because the characters are, well, cars. Not a lot of depth, but thank goodness for adults, there is some. The lesson that theres more important things in life than fame and Mater takes care of the humorous parts mostly. The Incredibles appeals to kids because their super heroes, even the kids have powers, so kids love it and for adults the lady who does their costumes is funny. Wall-e got way more credit than it deserved and it not all that. Still, the little robot is cute. A Bugs Life, their talking bugs and who likes bugs? But Pixar did some magic and its ok.

Fac on Jul 16, 2009


I finally saw it today, with my 4 year old son. Pixar never ceases to amaze me with their ability to tell a simple story with emotive passion. They have done it again with an emotional roller coaster that had me laughing, gasping and struggling to hold back tears, lest my little boy think he has a big softie for a dad. (He does, but I'll keep that bit of information from him for a wee while yet! 🙂 ). I thought the standard of animation for 'Up' was just staggering. Paradise Falls was rendered with an attention to detail that had my jaw dropping. The attention to continuity was also fantastic. Carl's stubble growth as the film went on is one example. Given the central message of the film, Pixar can look back on what they have done and be proud of their achievement. It may not be what everyone wanted, but what they have is one hell of an adventure that should be enjoyed for what it does. The boy thought it was awesome, and now wants a dog that talks.

cinemabandit on Oct 5, 2009


I thought that this movie was pretty good actually. I was a little skeptical about this film at first but the chemistry and comedy between the old man and the boy was great to see.

Sport events on Oct 10, 2009


It was a triumph! It was amazing! (Not as good as Toy Story and Toy Story 2, but those get a million stars.) It was sad, but thats okay! It was amazing!

eli on Dec 14, 2009


This movie is fucking boring. You people are fucking all retarded little poser whores.

pixar's up sucked c0ck on Dec 26, 2009


I have to agree 100 % with the people here who HATED it! I hated it myself. The bad guy should of died a long time ago after Carl grew up-to have Munsen be an old man while Carl is an old man just doesn't make ANY sense. Russell was stupid and wouldnt shut up,Carl should of died along with Ellie,the dog breeds were stereotyped as being evil, the FEMALE bird kept her strange name of Kevin, and old people were offensive and stereotyped as senile,denture wearing prune eaters. This movie also constantly ran the same jokes into the ground over and over and over again,and had a so called story that was hastily slapped together by bored Pixar writers. Munsen was suddenly plunked into the story,which made me feel like Pixar wanted 2 completely different stories mixed in with eachother. Munsen himself doesn't even deserve to be a Disney villain; unlike Maleficant,Dr. Faciller,Zurg and the evil grass-hopper Hopper,.Munsen came off as just some cardboard villain wanna-be. This whole movie screamed the usual hurried-through Pixar story and lack of Pixar creativity. If I hadnt of been with my family,I would of walked out on the movie and demanded my money back. Pixar only turned out a few good movies: Toy Story series,Bug's Life,Bolt and Dinosaur. The rest-such as Incredibles and Cars-were pretty bad,stupid and boring,. Dont even bother to watch "Up"-it's the worst Pixar movie ever,andi considered it to be the worst movie of 2009. Go watch animated DreamWorks movies instead-you'll see REAL CGI movies.

Spider Pig Simpson on Mar 19, 2010


It was okay. Not great or anything. It had touching moments of course and I liked the idea of promises to the living having to > promises to the dead. But the flying dogs (?!) were incredibly stupid (what were they SMOKING when they came up with that?!), and the villain failed to be a big impact at all. It's rather disappointing given the fact Waternoose in Docter's other film Monsters Inc and when HE was revealed to be a bad guy it was much more of an impact on the audience given the father-son relationship with Sulley and the fact we saw him at odd moments throughout the movie so we never forgot the CEO, and it was a bigger impact on the audience (or me at least) when it happened. I actually forgot Muntzs existence completely for a minute or two in Up. Gah. Somehow an old childhood hero kind of really pales to a boss/father figure turning on you. Not really their worst. Far from their best though. Plus the fact that the ONLY good dog from the beginning was a golden retriever was annoying as hell. What was the point in that?

ultimate_weirdo on May 14, 2010


Carl, a former balloon salesman at the zoo, decides to hoist his house high ... I could say this year, but I've only seen four films so far and it being ... bringing in $1 million a week,

webguru on Jun 22, 2010

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