Sound Off: Terminator Salvation - What Did You Think?

May 21, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Back in 2003 the Terminator franchise came to an apocalyptic end with Terminator 3 and no one thought it would ever return. But it did, in a big way, with Terminator Salvation. Is it any good? Has McG pulled off a great Terminator movie and brought back this franchise in style? Or is it too loud or too messy for your tastes? Is the story the best or the worst part? Do Christian Bale or Sam Worthington kick ass or not? And can this franchise survive without Arnold? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Terminator Salvation!

To fuel the fire, believe it or not, I actually loved Terminator Salvation. I went into it expecting to hate it but walked out loving it, through and through. I really think McG pulled it off. It looks great, sounds great, the action is awesome, the effects are even better, the performances are all great, what more do we need besides that? Oh right, a good story, and you know what, it had one. Sure it had a few rough edges and some minor plot holes, but overall I enjoyed it, in fact, I had a blast watching it. It's loud and energetic and fun to watch and that's what I value the most. It really did surpass my expectations, but maybe that's just me.

What did you think of McG's Terminator Salvation? A glorious return and an epic mess?

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micheal bay could have done a better job, this movie was straight up explosions with no story. T3 was actually better than this.

Darrin on May 21, 2009


While there were aspects I enjoyed, I felt it was anticlimactic. For all the hype surrounding the big war against the machines...there really wasn't much of a war. There was so little plot development, that it didn't feel like the scenes were tied together very well, or thought out completely in the grand scheme. To make a film like Terminator, and build it up the way they did, you must be able to handle the big picture...not throw some big machines in there and add a few explosions and expect people just to say "wow, that was awesome!" - it feels somewhat insulting to intelligence. Perhaps McG should go back to Charlie's Angels.

Mattyc on May 21, 2009


Everyone hates on McG. Get over it! The movie was a blast! I loved it!!!

Timothy on May 21, 2009


i thought the plot was deep and well laid out, it opened the door to a place that no other terminator flick was able to show, which was the war itself. casting was nearly perfect, cg was spot on i enjoyed this, as a terminator fan i am completely satisfied.

AC on May 21, 2009


You know the problem Alex? These people forget Terminator is a popcorn, blockbuster franchise ever since T2. But somehow, they keep demanding something else.

Darunia on May 21, 2009


#3 as far as I understand, this is an OPINION board...I hadn't seen a McD film until tonight...didn't know anything about him. Don't tell me to get over something I didn't enjoy...that's stupid. Glad you enjoyed it - I'm sure there are enough people like you out there to give them reason to make Terminator 5.

Mattyc on May 21, 2009


I enjoyed some of it and the plot was much more fleshed out than I had expected. However, it was very forgettable. All of the Terminators had some amazing groundbreaking action sequence, even T3 with the firetruck. Here it was all very been-there-done-that. Also, the end was absolutely ridiculous with the transplant (you will understand when you see it). I also found Bale quite boring, Worthington was very good though and would have rather seen more of him. But they did do a good job at sharing the screen time.

Ryan on May 21, 2009


well i am yet to see it and regardless of what anyone says I am looking forward to it. #1 but that's exactly what Bay does but worse.

d1rEct on May 21, 2009


I think for the first time Alex I disagree with you 100%. The more I talk about this movie with friends and other people, the more I hate. @#2 I agree with you buddy! I thought the character development was horrible in the movie. Same with the plot. Connors wife and Common played really zero to no role in the movie. To be honest I thought Marcus was very under used. There was little to no action with him whooping ass on screen. At one point in the movie I was really excited to see what he could do and then barely nothing. Without giving any spoilers I just felt like (and most of the people who saw the early screening. I like to talk after the movies.) all felt like McG fell short in every single way. I can honestly say that I really barely enjoyed watching the movie. It was great to look at but that's about it. I think both of those writers are complete sh*t and I'm agreeing with #2 again. McG should go back to cheesy Charlies Angels movies. Oh and let's not talk about that shitty ending. Save your money on this one and go see Star Trek or even The Hangover. This movie was a complete letdown.

Curtis G on May 21, 2009


#6 don't get so hurt over a comment. geez. and by the way, it's McG, not McD. ha! And if you haven't seen a McG film until would you know Charlie's Angels was any better? How about you think about your comments...because so far they just seem somewhat insulting to intelligence. lol #5 you're completely right!

Timothy on May 21, 2009


I also love how dropping a car on a terminator can destroy it but pouring hot molten lava on one doesn't? That's great 🙂 Oh and a punch in the chest from a terminator would cave your entire abdomen in. It felt like Connor was more terminator than Marcus some times -.-

Curtis G on May 21, 2009


#9 - and you end yours with "lol" - ok.

Mattyc on May 21, 2009


Saw a midnight showing; it wasn't worth staying up to see. Here's some random thoughts: Great performances, fantastic special-effects, intense action... But where was the story? Regardless of it being a "summer blockbuster" flick, there should still be some kind of plot. All the others had movement; they had a beginning, middle, climax, and a denouement. Some will argue (and their arguments might be well crafted) but Salvation does not really have any of these. The PG-13 rating hurts it. I understand why they went with the less-restrictive rating, but that does not mean I have to like it. Great music throughout. Loved the scenery - believably apocalyptic. Bale would have been more successful as Marcus. His performance, as John Conner, was solid, though. Simply put, the movie is all style with little substance. I won't be recommending it to any friends.

Delvis on May 21, 2009


I thought it was real enjoyable, but it definitely didn't have much "oomph," if you will -- no "HOLY SHIT!" moments that really stick with you. But I thought the acting was solid, the action was fun, etc. Terminator is for explosions and people fighting robots. This happened. I am satisfied.

Andrew on May 21, 2009


Not to nerd out on you Curtis G, but they were completely different models of Terminators. There's definately a suspension of reasonable disbelief with that. Overall, a good movie, but the ending kept it from being an excellent movie. The cheesy villain monologue with the predictable ending did make the experience tail off for me.

Brak on May 21, 2009


@16 - I can understand that.

Curtis G on May 21, 2009


It sounds like this movie was average, just as I thought. Like I said before you can't pick up where James Cameron left off!

JussHaten on May 21, 2009


I thought this movie was a great continuation of a story we already now. However, I wasn't all to happy with the ending. It was too easy to write Marcus off and ended with a blah. It's upsetting because you know Terminator 5 won't be out till about 2011. One more thing, does anyone else feel like this story and characters are similar to the Matrix?

renny on May 21, 2009


the robots kicked ass. action was good. acting subpar, dialogue poorly written. Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin were easily the best performances and deserve much praise. I believe Bale is a good actor, I just think he was perhaps directed poorly. I liked him much better under Nolan's direction. the last 30-45 minutes made it worth seeing in the theatre though. and I think i was happier back in T2 when Skynet was an impending doom in the future vs Robot City from the Matrix.

mike on May 21, 2009


Better than t3 but not close to t2.

Cat on May 21, 2009


Im going to see it on my lunch break...why are my posts being deleted!

Trey on May 21, 2009


#22 The previous 21 comments would suggest that your outburst is somewhat unfounded 😉

Digital Metaphor on May 21, 2009


#20 What are you talking about man? The movie is out. It came out last night. EVERY OTHER WEBSITE HAS REVIEWS AS WELL!!! If you don't want to know what other people thought of the movie...don't click on the easy as that.

tiki on May 21, 2009


I'm sorry, not # 20...#21!!!

tiki on May 21, 2009


I personally thought it was great. Nothing epic, but I enjoyed it a lot. Also, #20 (tiki god) is a moron. The movie is out, go watch it.

Tom on May 21, 2009


Gah yeah, my post was @tiki god. What's going on with the comments recently?

Digital Metaphor on May 21, 2009


I loved it. It was faithful to the original movies (well the first two anyways, lol), good action, awesome special effects. I can't wait for the next two movies.

Jeep-Fu on May 21, 2009


it doesn't matter what we think, i want to hear how james cameron thought of the film. and to be honest there was hardly a plot and just a bunch of random action sequences all put together, thats my thought.

Drake on May 21, 2009


@ drake, cameron is so going to be pissed

james on May 21, 2009


I am a terminator. Model T848. And this movie represented me and my fellow machines poorly. We are much tougher than this.

Chrisbo on May 21, 2009


it seems like critics and other people want to hate on this movie just because McG is directing the movie im from the UK and im still waiting when its release over here. but from some reviews from people who watched it liked the movie but the others just want to say its crap cause McG directing it and the situation with Christian Bale and the DP. but down the line i had a feeling the story wont be amazing even Transformers had a bad storyline but its just full on entertainment and thats what im expecting from Terminator Salvation. i have to say if they is a sequel both John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris should not write the sequel and let Jonathan Nolan and another sceen writter write the whole story. its coming out in the UK June 3rd i cant wait to see it and make my own opinon about the overall movie but at least you liked Alex.

movieboy on May 21, 2009


OK folks...I'm reading some of these reviews and shaking my head. Exactly what were you all expecting? I'm seeing a lot of comments like "no substance" or "little character development" or "not believable". Here's what I think: "No substance" and "Little character development" - What exactly are you looking for? A summer "blockbuster" isn't supposed to be 3+ hours...which means you only have time to try and develop a couple of characters and part of the story. And you're talking about a 10 year time gap between T3 and, what else happened in those 10 years that we really need more understanding of? I any of us care a whole helluva lot about why the mute girl is mute? Or, were you wanting to see how John actually got his wife pregnant? Or, what gang Common was a part of before he joined The Resistance? I don't hear a lot of people complaining about not knowing more about Claire Daines' character from T3…or what college Dr. Soberman attended before becoming Sarah Conner’s “shrink”. The movie was 1 hour 54 minutes long...we already know who John Connor is (we've had 3 movies to develop his "character"), we already know who Kyle Reese is (and no, I really don't care how Kyle developed "leadership" qualities at that age or how he was educated after Judgment Day), and as far as Marcus're not supposed to know he's part machine until halfway through the movie (I'm not hearing complaints about people not knowing "how" Cyberdine/Skynet developed the T-1000 or the "Terminatrix", why do we care how Marcus came to be? Or did you want another 10 minutes added to the movie to see how he originally ended up on Death Row in the first place? Come on.) “Not believable” – Umm..which part? The part where machines are running the world, or the part where Kyle can’t die otherwise nothing is what it is? Seriously? Are we really about to complain about believability with a movie like this? Umm…Terminators are not “indestructible”, so a car falling on top of one would probably do some damage. And every time something like that happened to Arnold back in the day, he somehow got up. But guess what folks…we’re not going to sit there for another 5 minutes waiting to see if that T600 got up…BECAUSE IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER!! Were there “flaws” in the movie? Of course…there are in any movie (almost). I mean, this isn’t totally giving anything away…but, once Kyle was captured…why didn’t they just kill him on sight if he is the “link” to end John Conner instead of holding him captive? And where were the “ray guns” and “advanced weaponry” that Kyle talked about in T1? I don’t know about anyone else, but I saw a lot of M16 action in this one. And bombing a forest…you mean that wouldn’t have drawn the attention from the machines? So yea…there were some flaws. Overall…I really enjoyed the movie. McG is definitely not a good director by any means…so, let’s not let him off the hook. But there was stuff blowing up, there were loud noises, and great effects (the “Arnold” appearance was incredibly well done!)…so, in my opinion…it qualifies as an enjoyable summer movie. Just stop taking it so seriously and enjoy it!

AJ on May 21, 2009


I like Fastlane....remember Fastlane?? its was like Miami Vice...with acid....

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!) on May 21, 2009


@AJ - the directors, actors, writers and designers all take it seriously so why can't I? Films are supposed to be entertainment, yes, but I guess I'm just sad they think all people want it shit to blow up without any intelligible story. If you want action without story, go watch porn - supposedly, this was the 4th installment of an ongoing story, but instead of taking the story further, we went on a 2 hour lateral adventure that didn't really show us anything new. Just sayin'

Mattyc on May 21, 2009


It had some decent action sequences, but all in all the plot was very clumsy and full of plot holes. It also didn't feel very much like a terminator movie. I don't have much more to say other than I agree with what #9 says way up near the top.

FilmMaker2003 on May 21, 2009


Oh, there is actually one more thing I have to say: Because Terminator 3 wasn't that great, but set up for an awesome fourth movie, which they failed at, I am officially going to pretend that there are only the first two Terminator movies. Nobody will ever trump T-2. James Cameron did it right, and told the whole story as it should be in two movies.

FilmMaker2003 on May 21, 2009


was too drawn out, so they can create another one. Visuals was only good thing in the movie. The trailer w/ NIN was better than this movie. # 33 some good points. I watched Terminator Kyle explained that there weapons wouldnt be ablt to hurt them when he was in the past but they used them in Salvation? Also, In the first one they said they can only go out at night but it was opposite in Salvation and was it me or they should of gone more depth on creating the T-800? It was like boom Sam's character and thats it. Movie was ok, it was in my opinion ranked 3rd outta the 4 films.

Jonah on May 21, 2009


QUICK QUESTION: WOULD NY OF YOU GIVE TERMINATIOR 5 A CHANCE? IF MCG COULD LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES AND FIX THE PROBLEMS AND THE CHARACTERS DO BETTER AND THE WRITING GETS STRONGER AND THERE IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT YOU ANY OF YOU GIVE IT A CHANCE? TO ME I'M WILLING TO GIVE T5 A CHANCE AND GIVE BALE, MCG AND THE WRITERS ANOTHER CHANCE AS WITH SOME TRILOGY'S THEY ONLY GET BETTER...THIS WAS SPEED BUMP THAT BROKE TRACTION...PERHAPS THEY CAN DO BETTER! besides I think most critics down play Bale becuase of his rants, I mean you read some and you can just tell they hate everyting about Bale, McG and the entire Terminator series...the only opinion I give credit to is Billington, mainly due to the fact that I think he goes into a movie like me with little or no expectations and comes out with big smile...thats just me.

xerxex on May 21, 2009


sorry for the spelling errors!

xerxex on May 21, 2009


This blew hard, and i don't even believe Alex when he says he loved it. And to the guy that said the CG was spot on....did you SEE ARNOLD?! he should have been in Polar Express!!!!! It Blew.

Jimbone on May 21, 2009


Ya know, I loved Terminator and T2, but even they had their flaws. Does anyone remember in T2 when the truck comes crashing over the bridge? the windshield falls out. Then shortly after we see the terminator knocking the windshield out of the truck. As I get older I have tried to not go in with super high expectations and usually come away enjoying what I saw. I'm sure this will be no exception. I read all these reviews and people are acting like this is life and death. If you truly think you can do better then I suggest you move to Hollywood and break into the movie biz. It's like idiots that bitched about Dr. manhattans blue penis in Watchmen, as if that was all they saw. For that they just didn't get the movie. It's just a movie. Get over it.

ObiWop on May 21, 2009


Spoiler Alert: Bruce Wayne is also John Connor.

Matt on May 21, 2009

43 long of a lunch break do you get...?

JL on May 21, 2009


#21 It came out Thursday genious #33 What do you mean what are people looking for. They're looking for a good movie that warrants 9 to ten dollars of hard earned cash. I'm not expecting a real deep psychological movie from Micheal Bay but I know we are going to get fun action. From Terminator I think fans are looking for the deeper story, more psychological, real, scary, thriller type movie. I've read all the comments and it seems like the movie is just as I predicted. McG shouldn't have directed this. He's a supposed professional director with big name actors and alot of money at stake. NO ROOM FOR MISTAKES. If he couldn't handle it they should have gotten someone else.

I have anxiety on May 21, 2009


I love it when people say "If you truly think you can do better then I suggest you move to Hollywood and break into the movie biz." It's so funny!!!! If you didn't want to hear peoples opinions on a movie then don't read the bloody comments. This is our honest opinion and yes I am going to bitch about it if I am paying my hard earned money. 9 dollars x 2 + w/e the g/f wants to eat can add to a lot when going to the movies. We are sharing our opinions giving people heads up.

Curtis G on May 21, 2009


I know I spelled genius wrong. Save your comments. (ironic isn't it)? and while I'm at it, would people stop bitching at Alex for asking "what did you think" slightly ahead of time. It's so it's ready when the movie does come out? Its not like he asked it 6 months ago.

I have anxiety on May 21, 2009


I loved it. Just a great action movie with some great surprises. Kept you going. Not very many slow parts. Can't wait for the next one. I don't know why everyone has so many expections because this is basically a reboot of a series.

Tyler on May 21, 2009


oops. okay i'm done.

I have anxiety on May 21, 2009


who should have directed it? McG did it because nobody else wanted it. Besides not all the blame goes to McG it is shared blame from the studio, to the director, to the screenwriters, to the producers, to the actors; so blaming it all on the director is kinda dumb. I think most people need to understand that Arnold is currently trying to save his state from burning to the ground, so as far as acting goes, he's busy. And for the record as a kid watching Terminator 1 and 2 I was hell-bent on seeing the future after judgement day and beyond, so I'm okay with it.

xerxex on May 21, 2009


Maybe the Story is in these 30-40 minutes that were deleted.... They made the rating PG-13 and left teh action to make the children happy ? Lets hope that;s the case 🙂

jeez on May 21, 2009


thought it was very good, definitely feels like there was an hour of movie cut out.

L1A on May 21, 2009


Wait, hold up, the real story here Curtis G is where can you see a movie for 9 rats? I have to pay $11 or sometimes even 14.50 per person. you lucky dog. Look people it's a summer movie. I'm sure we would all love to see a T1 or T2 but it's not gonna happen. When I saw the first preview it didn't seem like a terminator movie. It won't ever feel like a real Terminator movie unless Cameron is doing it. You can't ask a dude to do a wack movie like Charlie's Angels and then come do a great Terminator story. But no one else wanted it, he did it, everyone here is pretty much calling this a bad movie. I will still go see it, I will probably enjoy the explosions and robots and what have you, and I'll kiss my 11 or 14 rats away and enjoy the rest of my weekend till Transformers comes out. Good day sir!

clippers350 on May 21, 2009


Oh and Mattyc, you're an idiot. Sorry.

Itri on May 21, 2009


I saw a good movie, not great but nothing horrible. The action was in your face and loud. Most of the machines were spot on. The big one was maybe to much but other than that it was fine. There is nothing wrong with the movie they made it's just that they made the wrong movie. It's the wrong story. We expected this to be John Conner's story and instead it is Marcus's story. Who is Marcus? He's a character that is brought in for this film and then will have no more involvement in the mythos that is Terminator. He is the Qui-Jon of Terminator. A throw away character that makes up the bulk of a story that no one was asking for. TS is so SW EP 1 that it's not even funny. You have the three guys, Qui-Jon, Obiwan and Anakin. They spend a lot of time doing things that don't matter outside this story and have no bearing on future stories or the ones that have already come and gone. There is a whole story here to explain how Conner got a scar. That's it, that is the only bearing on past Terminator movies that this story has anything to do with. Everything else could have been told in the credits of the next film which once again should be the first film. Are they now going to make a second film and spend all their time in that one doing more things that mean nothing to the overall story? There only needed to be one film made. The story we were all looking for is the one that ends with Reese going back in time. That could have been told in one movie. There is not a enough story for a trilogy as this film clearing demonstrated. Just like Star Wars all the elements for the story were there, every geek on the planet knows what the story should be and then the film makers come along and make a story that no one wanted or asked for and makes no sense when compared with what came before it. Good popcorn movie but not a a good Terminator film.

Moviegimp on May 21, 2009


i loved it, good directing (which we haven't seen almost all year) good enough writing, good enough acting only problem i had with it was that the story really added nothing to the true Terminator history. All this movie really did was show us how John Conner got the scar on his face. much better then all the other blockbusters that have came out so far this year. And a damn good take on the people vs machine. oh and much better then T3 #1 has no idea what he is talking about. i would give it a 7.5/10

DoomCanoe on May 21, 2009


@54 - I'm sadly from Kentucky so that might be why 🙂

Curtis G on May 21, 2009


Jesus Christ people i just read through all the comments and i got to say most of you Self proclaimed "Movie Lovers" are forgetting the entire point of going to the movies. 1. it's created for entertainment not judgment. Ha and in this case the Judgment was the entertainment. Get over plot holes, because you couldn't have written it any better... and if you think you could, then write it. Send it to me ill read it and tell you my honest opinion, but if you're not going to man up then don't talk shit. 2. Stop Complaining about CGI, especially for this film. You do realize they used the TOP of the line CGI for this film right? this means you're bitching about us not having the technology to make it look completely real. Yet when we have the technology to make the CGI look perfect you will bitch about how nothing is real anymore. It should be used as a substitute for the imagination and as long as it is used for that purpose people shouldn't complain about it. 3. Remember its not your vision you are paying to see, its someone else's. get it

DoomCanoe on May 21, 2009


I honestly thought it was a good movie. It felt like I was watching the battles described in the first Terminator, which as a kid was what I wanted to see above all else. Fast paced action, a great blockbuster. Dare I say it was better than Star Trek? I think it may be because of my admiration towards the franchise.

Movieraider321 on May 21, 2009


@ Itri - how so exactly? Because our opinions are different?

Mattyc on May 21, 2009


The CGI were really good, and the opening shot from the film was really well done with the helicopter and all. But the editing in the movie was darn awful, seemed rushed to me. The acting was terrible too, the actor that plays Kyle Reese was great, but Bales character in the movie was awful, he had no emotions, and felt really flat. It was like hearing Batmans voice, and some of his lines were said in the worst times. Like the part where he yells, "What are you!!??" , that was just awful timing/placement. The plot was pretty sub-par, and doesnt really build up much tension, can someone tell me what the most climatic part of the film was?? And the story split between Marcus and John was a bad choice, i didnt really feel any emotion towards either character, and talk about a dull ending to the film. I think the writers of this film should be banished, seriously the plot is broken and not fun. Overall i enjoyed the film for what it was, an action flick. It doesnt retain the classic horror elements from Terminator, nor does it add anything new since Terminator 2. But i liked it more than T3. I felt the film was rushed, especially because of the sound and actual reel editing, even the transitions between scenes felt too sudden. But i liked the set designs and wouldnt mind another film that is based upon this apocalyptic world, but i hope McG or the writers dont come back to make another one! Ill give it a 7 out of 10.

Nikhil Hariharan on May 21, 2009


I thought the movie was very enjoyable..but why the hell would John Conner be surprised to see a Terminator look like a human when he ran into not 1 but 4 of them when he was younger??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Trey on May 21, 2009


Sam Worthington carried that entire movie. I can't wait to see more of him. He was awesome.

Farris on May 21, 2009


59-its called expressing opinions you logic on 1 is fucking retarded, what if some people thought the bad plot holes and story development was the thing that ruined the entertainment part. Its pretty hard to be entertained by a movie when none of it makes fucking sense. Agree on the CGi though holy shit people are never happy..think i saw a person bitch about how the transformers CGI looked "too real" YEAH I SAID IT TOO FUCKING REAL HOW CAN YOU BITCH ABOUT THAT!!!?! Like above said i enjoyed this as an action flick cause it was fun to look at but as a old school terminator fan I am deeply DEEPLY let down after all that shit talking MCG couldnt even pull it off transformers better be good or D9 or something cause my expectation for summer movies compared to what ive seen is very shitty if ya ask me.

Cody on May 21, 2009


It was plain horrible. I watched a guy walk for 2 hours with random explosions. It seemed like they just thought some stuff was cool and decided to do it. It made me miss the good old days where we could just complain about T3. T3 looks like a epic compared to this... I think McG was high during the movie and sitting there asking himself.. "Where can i add motorcycles.... and a crotchless Arnold"...

Medicine on May 21, 2009


I'm trying to not concern myself with what everyone else has to say about this movie; could really careless about plot holes and what not. I left the movie feeling good about myself; happy with the world I live in, and ready to take on whatever comes my way. I understood Marcus's need for redemption, his feeling of misplacement, being duped into becoming the enemy; I was there with John as the fate of the world rested on his shoulders. I don't know, call it emotion connection with the Terminator franchise, but I loved this movie.

jerms on May 21, 2009


i thoroughly enjoyed it, i loved every minute of it. yes in reality all they did was find kyle reese, but it was one hell of a ride to get there. And im excited just thinking about whats left to do! time machines! liquid metal! awesome......

brian barajas on May 21, 2009


Sorry, guys. My bad.

McG on May 21, 2009


Haha, its funny how much does people ask from hollywood but how little they ask to their government or life itself.

hombrezoo on May 21, 2009


Well I thought this movie was completly Unnecessary. The sad thing was I already knew the ending before it even started. It had the exact same ending as the first 3. The only real reason on why I wanted to see this movie was because of Sam Worthington. I wanted to know how good of an actor he was and what to look forward too with Avatar and Clash of the Titans. And I can say he didn't dissapoint. In fact he was the only good thing in the movie. Oh and did anybody else notice how many time McG put his name in the credits? Saying, "Directed by McG" You only need to put it in once dude. Same with the title...

The_Phantom on May 21, 2009


#71: Your statement is rubbish, you cant compare hollywood with the government. #72: lol, i was laughing when i say the pre-titles with "directed by: McG", then the movie started and he had to overlay the job titles once again with "directed by McG", then once again in the end in huge letters. And yes, i didnt think this film was vital for the franchise.

Nikhil Hariharan on May 21, 2009


#66, your so right dude... haha i was so stoned when i wrote that. I guess i wasn't really thinking about what i was saying.

DoomCanoe on May 21, 2009


I feel like it had to be cheezy action on principle because of its roots in 90s action flicks. Christian Bale, better as Batman. More of Arnold would've made the ratings higher but he's too busy dealing with the Cali he wished he'd stayed in showbiz...

Jess on May 21, 2009


Hopefully the movie will be released here next week, as soon as the movie is released i will definitely give it a go.

Fisherr on May 21, 2009


I enjoyed it....The scene with the robots on motorcycles chasing Marcus, Jacob and the kid was pretty cool.

billybob on May 21, 2009


Did the scene with Sam Worthington covered in mud and screaming for a bit too long remind anyone of the screaming scene in Raising Arizona where John Goodman and his friend escaped from prison?

Gordon on May 21, 2009


I was looking for the deep plot that Bale insisted on there being before joining the wasn't there. Overall, a no-brainer summer action flick that will not be remembered as anything special. The transplant at the end ruined it for me. Completely ruined the suspension of disbelief. Am I to believe that Connor's wife (a veterinarian, staying with continuity of T3) could perform a transplant in the field AND given who the donor was?!? I can take the giant robots, but don't insult my intelligence....

TNo on May 21, 2009


@ #5: If you think the first two terminator flicks were just popcorn movies then I'd say that on the contrary, you were just too dumb to pick up on them. It's one of the reasons the third flick pissed me off so much. The third terminator took a huge, sloppy shit in Cameron's face by totally undoing all of his themes and ideas in favor of a load of bullshit and stupid action. There should never have even been a third movie in the first place, and that was kind of the whole point of the second movie's ending, but blah... They might look like big dumb action movies, but watch them more closely and you might be surprised to find a lot of meat on those bones, and that's why Cameron's films are considered classics while putrid garbage like Transformers is regarded as pandering to the lowest common denominator. i was hopeful for the new one, what with at least a halfway decent actor being involved who seems to choose his scripts and characters wisely, but the director and just about every other aspect of the film I've seen thus far have lowered my expectations to nearly zilch.

Squiggly on May 21, 2009


#78, the writers were the same one as T3, what else did you expect? The story was very bad to begin, J Nolan only just polished it up a bit...

Dean on May 21, 2009


I have just came back home alittle while ago, from seeing terminator salvation, and o my god!, it was that best terminator movie i have ever seen!. The whole movie was just completely explosive "litterally speaking!". I was shocked at how amazing it was!. There is even a serprise scene in this movie that has arnold swartzinagor in it as the terminator!. oops was that to much info for you?!, o well too bad!=). If you have not seen this movie yet, and have just read my comment here, go and see it anyway. Nine times out of ten, people get unexpectingly spoiled by other people and i'm one of those people telling you exacly what i saw in this movie, but go and see the movie anyways!, because you will be blown out of your seat!, thats how great this movie is!!!.

SONYFANATIC on May 21, 2009


Just came back from a showing. I don't know what all the negative fuss is about, it was an entertaining movie and that's all I could ask for. I wasn't expecting Schindler's List or anything, so I was happy walking out. In the famous words of Maximus, "Are you not entertained?" and I was... so I'm not bitching. Few things to note, Bale's role was limited and I mainly blame that on the script. They should've gave him more to work with. Story wasn't as good as the first two but I thought it was decent enough. Action was great, and CGI was great. Loved the Arnold Cameo, but wanted more. The reason why I think they focused on Marcus a lot is because he's replaces Arnold's role in this film. If it was just all about John Conner with no Terminator lead then that would kinda stray away from the previous films.

Sho' nuff on May 21, 2009


This is a popcorn flick. no more and no less. Got the theater, buy some popcorn, sit near the front and be prepared to get blown the f*** away. The action is some of the best you'll ever see. The characters are fairly shit but the action sequences are up there with Transformers and some of the best action I have ever seen. Dont let Rotten Tomatoes fool you, this movie awns and i cant wait for the next two.

Scott on May 21, 2009


#63 - i don't think he was surprised that there was a terminator that looked human, i think he was surprised because marcus thought he really was human.

Tom on May 21, 2009


I'm going to give it a big 'meh'. Wasn't bad, wasn't great. The acting was pretty solid, just for me it was missing something.

Rick on May 21, 2009


I just got home from seeing it. It sucked. McG sucks. Let this be the end of the bullshit. I want my money back.

Dave Lister, JMC on May 21, 2009


#32 AJ; When Kyle was talking about the Ray Guns In The Terminator, his character was from the year 2029, and Terminator Salvation is set in the year 2018. So maybe the Ray Guns have not been invented yet, just like the T-1000 and T-X have not been invented yet either. Have not seen the movie yet and won't be comparing it to Terminator 1 & 2. Those where time travel films and this is the future War that I have wanting to see since I saw the beginninging of Terminator 2. I don't expect Shakespeare, I expect Action and lots of it.

Last Son on May 21, 2009


At least you don't have to wait until June 4th like I do. Man, fuck Australia.

Merc on May 21, 2009


i was let down a little, the movie had it's parts but the movie lacked emotion in the characters and the plot. personally i think there should have been more than a handful of machines watching the complex and the mono tone feeling that the movie gave off contradicted christian bales acting. if you watch the trailer than the movie implies an epic struggle between man and machine but im willing to give MCG the benefit of the doubt and say i hope it was just a building block for the next one.

jake on May 21, 2009


In my opinion this was an excellent addition to the terminator story. It did a great job of bringing all the elements of the other movies together. For all the people complaining about the terminators being weak in this one, its because these are crappier models than the arnold models. The arnold model is a much more durable model and Mcg did a good job of bringing that out. I loved this movie, i would recommend it very much to anyone that wants to see an awesome action movie.

xero on May 22, 2009


There was definitely something missing from this flick. Heart, character development, and storyline. The action was good and the long extended shot was pretty cool with Bale in the chopper. Sam Worthington saved this flick and common's acting was horrible! Anyhow, it is worth a matinee in my book. Star Trek is the movie to beat this summer!

dee on May 22, 2009


Last Son you forgot to mention T3. why dose everyone hate it so much, its nowhere as good as the first 2 i agree but it is a good and different Terminator in its own right. waiting for this one to come out in the UK ( Cant Wait ) but it better not be made for the wee kids

David on May 22, 2009


I still didn't watch this movie... As I read in some posts it is really worth watching, but I wonder is it as good as it would have been if Arnold was in it? I'll never now till I watch it 🙂 I'll give it a try.

Lanyard on May 22, 2009


NOTE TO MCG: LEARN HOW TO TELL A STORY!!! I cant believe nobody has mentioned how the entire movie we're waiting for something exciting to happen, and it never does. The trailer shouldn't have shown marcus' charachter is a robot, THAT WAS THE CLIMAX!!!!! y did they show it in the preview??? What an unbelievable let down, way to much hype for what it actually is. MCG is simply good at action but every scene seems like its missing something and at the same time the scenes dont seems to match up with eachother as a whole making it a very dull movie that SUCKED!!!

Adam on May 22, 2009


#32; Thank you for taking the time to say what most reasonable people think when they read these reviews. Lets face it, most of these people probably live in their moms basement. It's an action movie morons!!! "It lacked substance." Are you kidding me with that? You want substance, wait for the remake of On Golden Pond! It is so easy to be a critic. I would love to see what some of these people do for a living. That is, the ones not living in their moms basement. You people are a joke.

Kelly on May 22, 2009


I honestly dont know why this is even up for discussion? This thing was horrible, and I'm a huge terminator fan. Christ in a cadilac what the F@#% were they thinking? I felt like I was waiting for something to happen the whole movie and it just didnt. McG is worthless what kind of retarded studio head allowed this to be viewed by the public, I have nothing good to say about this. Hollywood has gotten so go at making sweet trailers and hyping movies that every movie looks fanominol. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SEE STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


I echo #91, it was just terrible. Whom ever the movie editor is should be hung from a yard arm. *Spoiler* when the guy tried to climb up the fence, terminator shot him and 1 sec later we are in another scene. Very bad editing, I really hated the abrupt (spell) change over to Conner kissing his lame wife, who failed miserably in her acting skills. Everyone crying at the end why the hell did they have a reason for caring, I sure didn't. Conner takes a damn Rome Column throuth the heart and he's able to detonate bombs and talk!?!? Who's the cyborg here? How is it possible Marcus is as advanced as he is? Did someone go back in time and make him?? Hello! Nuclear bombs disable all kinds of vehicles including HELICOPTERS when in range! I get that I'm supposed to suspend disbelief but at least be consistant. Very disappointed.

nktwrk on May 22, 2009


I understand that this is a movie and not everything has to be "realistic" but this movie just had so many holes and lame parts, It's hard to try and like it for what it is. The scene where Connor jumps from the helicopter into the ravage ocean was completely f**king retarded. Or that they say the terminators are better hunters at night time but yet Connor can break into Skynet at night without anything seeing him? There is a great movie there, and you can see it! You are waiting for it to happen, but McG just never capitalized when he needed to the most.

Curtis G on May 22, 2009


biggest disappointment ever they failed to bring the series into the future BIG TIME this was so extremely cheesy, why, why do movies have to be so cheesy? I don't require deep thoughts, but lets not make it this bad 🙁 give me back my money!

Smok on May 22, 2009


To #32 I love how you have enough time to write a novel on a T4 forum. Go outside.

Shanaynay on May 22, 2009


Hey # 45, you can always save your hard earned money and wait for video. You may be sharing your opinion, but you're not really giving people a heads up because some will love it and some will hate it. If someone doesn't go see a movie based on someone elses opinion then they don't have a mind of their own. I don't decide whether I'm going to see a movie or not based on what you call opinions. This looked more like a lot of folks bitchin about stupid shit. while your at it why don't you debate who would win in a fight, a terminator or Robocop. That would be the icing on the cake.I think your post was the truly funny one, bitching about having to pay 9.00 dollars times 2 plus snacks for you and your girlfriend. Priceless...

ObiWop on May 22, 2009


It resembled a very expensive television show. In other words, terrible script with neat props.

steve on May 22, 2009


His girlfriend #99? Also known as his right hand.

Kelly on May 22, 2009


Seems like there's a lot of bitching about nothing. Are you people that stupid? You're given everything you need to know about the movie before you decide to go and watch it. Director, producers, writers, actors.... what more do you need? Everyone's here bitch'n about how it's not like the first two Terminator films... well guess what, It's NOT! Because it's NOT directed, written, or produced by Cameron you idiots.... I knew what to expect going into this movie with all the names involved... It's simple match people.... McG doesn't equal Cameron, simple as that. If Michael Bay was to direct a Terminator film, I wouldn't be expecting anything like the first two films either,.... Dumb ass wannabe fan boys bitching about nothing.... There was no Excitement! there was no Climax! Well if you want excitement or Climax, trying having sex with a woman for once you Nerds!!!

The One on May 22, 2009


Looks like the critics weren't too thrilled: I wasn't happy with the McG pick from the get go but them I thought Christian Bale is so consistently good that he would save the movie. But I gotta say Paul Worthington steals the film.

Sarah Connor on May 22, 2009


@104: Did you really just write a whole paragraph, on a movie site's talkback board, excoriating people, for commenting, on the merits (or non-merits) of a movie? What exactly do think goes on here every day? You railed against the previous posters, saying they overlooked important facts. It's obvious you suffer, from the same malady, you are diagnosing, in everybody else. Sites like this exist, for the sole purpose, of letting people comment, complain and even spleen-vent, on any new film that comes out... It's what the site is here for. Are *you* that stupid?

Dave Lister, JMC on May 22, 2009


I thought it was pretty good for what it was. You cant compare it to the first 2 films. Period. And it was MUCH better than T3. This movie needed Arnold as a leading role to make alot of fanboys successful.

Ak on May 22, 2009


to #95 OMG really!!!! that was an action movie??!?! holy shit thanks for clearing that one up. Guess what none basement dwelling kelly there are action movies that have substance and story on top of the special effects. I'm glad you liked the movie, I wish I was as down syndrom and easily amused as you. Unfortunately I can actually think for myself and don't agree with everything the critics say, face it, it DID NOT live up to the hype at all, and this has been hyped for over a year. Thats what everyone is pissed about. "I would love to see what some of these people do for a living" What the fuck does that have to do with someones critique of a movie, you are the fucking joke!!! You're one of those douches that just got out of college, got the sweet new job the aparment down town, and the new ride daddy got you for graduation, you are the coolest and the smartest person ever. Do us all a favor and end your life as quickly as possible.

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


I loved it...Sam Worthington is to be watched for the next 10 years....McG did respect the Terminator lore and infused it with life and the franchise is alive and well...People should stop over thinking movies. It was better then the trailer let on and it is as good as T2. And the T-800 never looked so menacing as before. It gave me chills and was a great homage to Stan Winston. It was the crown jewel of the movie. Bale IS John Connor. Nuff said!

Lazarus on May 22, 2009


@ 106, Are you that stupid yourself. This is a forum where i can express my opinion towards other people's opinion/comments on the subject matter, is it not? if so then that's my opinion towards some of these comments in here. Am I not entitled to my own opinion/response as well? As you're entitled to your own opinion towards my comment. My comment is geared towards the people who were expecting a "James Cameron" Terminator Salvation type movie, which I clearly stated that it's stupid for them to expect that when James Cameron has nothing to do with the movie. I wouldn't go into an Uwe Boll Terminator movie expecting James Cameron quality. So unless you consider yourself part of the Dumbass wannabe nonsexual fan boys that I'm referring to, then shut the Hell Up!

The One on May 22, 2009


@#110The One you're bringing up the sex talk an awefull lot are you sure you're not the one who's needin some pootie? Why does being a fan boy mean you dont get pussy, cant one be into harry potter, lord of the rings and si-fi action shit and still be smooth with the ladies?

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


110: The idea is supposed to be discussion; not the suppression of it. You don't have to agree with anyone if you don't want to; but your dismissive remarks are indicative of your inability to understand any ideas besides your own. You have no idea what I may or may not have been expecting going, into the film, as my previous statements gave so such indication; so your Uwe Boll argument is pointless. I am well aware that this is a forum,as my pervious statement actually established that, for you. (And you insist on calling everyone else a dumbass.) Disagreeing with you would hardly qualify anyone as a "dumbass"; it's rather quite the opposite. As to your very eloquent request to... how did you say it? "Shut the hell up?" My answer is: no; but nice try at making me all scared, with that whole amateurish "non-sexual fan-boy" thing.

Dave Lister, JMC on May 22, 2009


Wow 108! I really hit a nerve with that "moms basement" comment huh? Weapon XIII? Are you fifteen? You are so cool. As for it not living up to the so called "hype," get a life, oh, and don't be bagging on the car my daddy bought me... your mom really likes it (especially the back seat). One more thing Weapon XIII, I don't think I'm smarter than everybody... just you. Weapon XIII! I can't stop laughing about that. Can't wait to get your in depth take on G.I. Joe.

Kelly on May 22, 2009


Why are people so concerned about Character development for someone like Marcus? Do we really need to know how he went to jail? Kate Brewster was probably the dumbest character introduced in the previous movie, thank god she didnt speak. I dont like McG but I think he did a decent job, the writers were ok as well. They had alot of junk to deal with based on that last debacle that was T3.

Ak on May 22, 2009


kelly is a girls name

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


Actually Weapon XIII, if you have to ask that question about getting the ladies, the answer is no. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go end it all.

Kelly on May 22, 2009


"Actually Weapon XIII, if you have to ask that question about getting the ladies, the answer is no. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go end it all." Actually your a huge doucher. I hope you take my advise to heart and end it quickly.

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


I didn't like the gay theme in it. Made me spill my popcorn. And I was surprised to see Batman show up!

well on May 22, 2009


@111, man you're right, it has been a couple days since... Well, if you're all that and you're still smooth with the ladies then obviously that doesn't imply to you, does it? @112, I can disagree and think of what I want about other people's comments, that's my opinion and my 2 cents for this discussion. If I think that someone's opinion is dumb then who are you to tell me otherwise. I can take comments and opinions, I just think that some of them are dumb, am I not allow to think that? Thinking that a comment is dumb is part of disagreeing with it, at least I'm being honest and explaining why I think it's dumb. You're the one who's having a problem with my opinion, and you're lecturing me?.... Please... and to make one thing clear, if you would've read my post clearly, I never called or implied that everyone is a dumb ass.... but only to those that it applies to. So if you feel that it applies to you, then it does, but if you don't, then it doesn't. Yes, this is an open discussion,... but i can't help it if people make dumb ass comments once in awhile. If I respond back with something that you don't like then that's your problem. You don't have to like my opinion, I don't care. You can even call me a dumb ass because of my comments.... I don't care, that's your opinion.

The One on May 22, 2009


@119: I'll repeat from my earlier post, and I quote... "You don't have to agree with anyone if you don't want to..." I never said that you had to agree, with me or anyone else. That's the consideration you didn't seem to be willing to offer. As for your opinions, I actually don't have a problem, with them at all. The problem is that you seemingly tried to end any further discussion, by saying anyone who disagrees, with you is a dumbass who gets no sex. It was a juvenile thing to say; and as I had some free time this afternoon, I thought I'd exchange potshots for a while.

Dave Lister, JMC on May 22, 2009


I think I might be the only one to mention this. Now, I did know that it would be PG-13 and I didn't mind that. But I think the rating toned down the violence to the point that I felt no threat from the machines. In T1 and T2, the terminators brutally murdered everyone in their paths. There was reason to be scared. It created real suspense. In Salvation, I can remember only seeing ONE person get shot. The rest are just massive explosions. Now...I'm not a gore-lover in movies. But, in T1 and T2, the threat just seemed much more real. In fact, in the future war scenes from T1 and T2, people were getting mowed down. In T1 the terminator even mows down some dogs. Where is all this now? Now the terminator just tries to box John Conner instead of '' ripping his fu*king heart out'' like Kyle Reese claims they will do in T1. So, for me, it was a fun action movie, but lacked the suspense that made the others great. The machines just felt beatable.

Neil on May 22, 2009


@120, I never implied that I didn't consider other people's opinions. Again, my comments were geared towards certain "dumb ass" comments only and not necessarily towards every comment that was made. Yes, I know that was a juvenile thing to say but sometimes you just have to let it out like that. Lol... though I hope that doesn't apply to you. Alright, thanks for the "potshots" as it was slow at work today and it surely helped pass the time. @ weapon XIII, as a reply to your "live up to the hype" comment. No one made you believe in that hype but yourself. This is a movie, they're suppose to advertise and hype it up so that they can get your $10 or however much... You had the choice to fall victim to the hype or not, and obviously you did... if you would've just done your homework (as I've mentioned above) then you should've known to not set your expectations so high, then maybe you would've been able to enjoy the movie a little bit more. Possibly....

The One on May 22, 2009


Anybody who might of disliked this movie after seeing is clearly not normal!. I saw this movie with the entire audience all excited at the end of the movie, not just because of the ending surpise scene at the end with arnold s. but, because of the whole entire movie!. So you can just imagine how much money this movie will make being bought on blu ray!.

SONYFANATIC on May 22, 2009


@the one..I get what you're saying but these days you cant base a movie being bad just on who's directing it, take for example peter jackson, now you cant tell me that you thought the guy who did dead alive and the frighteners was going to take arguably the greatest novel ever written and make a master piece out of it but he did. Same goes for Rami and evil dead = spiderman. All i'm saying is you never know these days and since ive seen others do it why not McG, I wont make the same mistake again. by the way i liked dead alive and evil dead but you dont really see a connection between frodo and Ash

weapon XIII on May 22, 2009


Actually Weapon XIII, when you tell someone "your a huge doucher" you should spell your, (YOU'RE) as in you are. Luckily I have that college education. I'm here to help. I only bring it up because I know the X-MEN don't tolerate bad grammar. Wouldn't want you to get kicked off the team Weapon XIII.

Kelly on May 22, 2009


How did Chekov become apart of the resistance?!?!?

Medicine on May 22, 2009


#6 McD?..what the...was McDonald's sponsoring the movie? ...the rest of you negative ned's, it was a great apocalyptic sci-fi following the story line to a tee...lots of action, great cgi...awesome popcorn-movie experience...take that to the bank...'nuff said. Copy? Over!!

Birdman on May 22, 2009


All i read is 98% of people bitchin and moanin it didnt have this or it didnt have that. They didnt do this or they didnt do that. FUCKIN get over it its only a movie. People take some shit to serious its just a good fun action movie. Christ even i think Mc G is dick but its an awesome movie and thats wot counts dosnt it.

Don on May 22, 2009


I do love the fact that he was so shocked that the terminators had skin, when one saved him when he was 12 and he saw two of them when he was an adult. I would think he would be like... "shit you pussys, i saw one made of liquid metal before my nuts dropped!" I wonder if his first reaction was to hug the terminator when he saw him since its been such a long time since he has saw Arnie...

Medicine on May 22, 2009


When i have to take on a Hunter Killer futuristic flying machine, i choose the aircraft of choice... a Huey with no gunners. Thats John Conner for ya... the Stedman of the future...

Medicine on May 22, 2009


I definitely liked it more than T3 (it helped that the film from the beginning set out to do something different), and as a summer action film it was excellent. Still, unless you're very immersed in the franchise mythology, you can easily find fault in the thinness of story.

Andrew on May 22, 2009


mc g eat shit and die this movie was horrible

dylan on May 22, 2009


I want to thank all of those people out there who trash this movie. I hope you all stay loyal to me and go and watch my colourful funny talking robots movie. Who the fuck wants to watch robots that can't dance, be funny and have no color. Man you are gonna love the scene where Bumble Bee cries when sam tells him he can't go to college with him, plus I have a transformer who is old and walks around with a walking stick. That shit really cracks me up Ha! Ha! Ha! I am the shit!!!!!!! believe the hype! Join the Bay wagon now you little bitches.

Michael "Fucking" Bay on May 22, 2009


I loved this movie, Join the Resistance and Fight the Machines!!!!! I went in expecting to hate it too, but I loved it, loved it, loved it! I really hope they make a 5 and 6. So far from what I've heard about a number 5, I've liked it! I think the only people who hated this movie walked in with expectations, and those who walked in thinking they would hate it, walked out loving it.

TK1649 on May 22, 2009


just got back from my second sit though. i got to say, see it again and get over your problems with it, realize this is the new generations terminator and its a hell of a way to start. Because in my opinion Terminator is back. everyone's talking about it. everyone's thinking about it. its every where and I'm stoked!

DoomCanoe on May 22, 2009


helicopter scene in the beginning was kinda sick....nice cg throughout the movie...I went in not expecting much, I enjoyed it..

me on May 22, 2009


Well....Well....Well what's the score for the summer 0 - 3 (XMen, Star Trek and Terminator) or is Star Trek at least good enough to be dashed on the win side lol

Blue & Orange NY on May 23, 2009


@129 are your seriously that dumb? Pay attention to movies instead of fiddle'n with your popcorn. he was surprised that marcus had a real heart and brain and that he thought he was human. When he saw the Arnold model he clearly freaked as i would have in that situtaion, know that it was a much tougher model than the rest. Honestly, ill send you money to watch it again and then feel stupid about yourself.

xero on May 23, 2009


Cameron's 2 min clips of the future in the previous films were darker and more entertaining. There were way too many plot holes; I mean above ground bases with fighter craft? SkyNet would obliterate them in a heart beat...

JM on May 23, 2009


@138, xero, that was mean-spirited reply to 129. it's just a movie, we all miss things at times. i know i do. i enjoyed the movie... i will not see it again until it's on DVD, but it was certainly enjoyable.

Will on May 23, 2009


138 - if you send me the money, i will just concider it a refund. So Please do! Its 9.50. I dont expect a refund of the soda tho, since i enjoyed that. Im glad you can relate to a naked Arnold coming at you... 140 - i dont know why Xero is so angry. He takes things so personally. Hugs not drugs man... Actually, i thought it was horrible, but ya know.. people can like it. Its just a movie. Have fun with it...

Medicine on May 23, 2009


The Good: 1. Good Action Sequences. 2. Over the top special effects. 3. Excellent casting. The Bad: 1. The Acting was hindered by a poorly written script. Many good actors had extremely brief dialogs. 2. The music score was lame; most noticeable in the title sequence. 3. Many aspects of the film seem unoriginal. An example is the trap set by the children, which brought memories of "I Am Legend." The Ugly: 1. Terrible storyline. John Connor is a mythological character that fans have been waiting for a long time to see him shine as humanity's hero. However, his role was diminished by an unknown and now irrelevant character. 2. Almost nothing new. I mean, take this film out of the franchise and the struggle between mankind and Skynet has not advanced very much. Yes, now we know how John Connor got his scar, and that humanity destroyed one of Skynet's bases. But we have not seen Commander John Connor in action. We saw him being trolled around by a terminator. 3. Terrible writing. Having such great actors delivering such terrible lines was pathetic. Helena Bonham Carter was given such crappy lines. Same with some of Christian Bale's lines. 4. Horrible ending. They really expected fans to accept that a pregnant veterinarian could perform a heart transplant in a field hospital with mediocre equipment? The writers really did not seem to understand the Terminator universe.

Andres on May 23, 2009


+1 with #78. The original Terminator has a great story and script and very memorable characters. I don't think McG's Terminator will be remembered in the same way 25 years later.

avoidz on May 24, 2009


All of you here who that are complaining about this movie in any way, shape or form is completely wronge!. This movie is way better then all of you here are saying it is. McG, keep up the great work you did in this movie and use the same concept you used in this movie in terminator 5 and 6 !!!.

Terminator on May 24, 2009


Well, McG couldn't pull off a #1 opening; and now the fade begins. Not a good outing for the beleaguered director. Here's hoping that Warner Bros. will hand the reins over to a more capable director, if they plan to continue the series. @#142: Great post! You covered it all.

Dave Lister, JMC on May 24, 2009


I saw this movie last night and I have to say that I am very impressed. McG pulled it off. this movie has it all and it also has a great story for the people that think not then you are just retarded and should not go see it. everyone needs to get over james cameron too. for real though thus was a great movie and all you people bad mouthing McG go to hollywood and do better. oh wait im sorry none of you can because your all retarded.

yanz on May 24, 2009


#146; You are a big man for calling everyone here who bags this film retarded. Grow the fuck up and realise that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Saw the film last night and enjoyed it for the most part. The effects and action where great, but the film did feel like it was missing something. In my opinion this film felt like I was watching a trailer to better movie out there somewhere!!!!

Jason Lister on May 25, 2009


hey for real if you didn't like this movie something is wrong with you. it was a great movie and if you think it wasn't then you are retarded. like I wrote before if you think you can do a better job then go to hollywood and do it.

yanzi on May 25, 2009


They should have used the original Jon Conner from T1

Chris Diepdael on May 25, 2009


1st half of the movie - good. Last act - horrific. The story made no sense whatsoever. John Conner is going on a lone mission to save the hundreds of human prisoners? In the Skynet factory there is only ONE WORKING T-800? Really?! There was NO FACE to the bad guy. Who is the villain here? Skynet - ya we get that. But this needs to be embodied by someone or something. And the ending? Wow. Do over please, or let's pretend this never happened.

Franco on May 26, 2009


It seemed like the best parts of the movie were copied in some cases right down to the costuming and set dressing from James Cameron's T2 and even the elevator scenes from Aliens. It was disconcerting seeing the steel factory scene all over again. I enjoyed the homage, but it got to be a bit much. Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin and Jane Alexander all did wonderful. They completely stole the show. I'm not sure if Christian Bale understood his role or if he was trying purposefully to play the confused and dissapointed would-be hero that hadn't had a chance to be one yet. His performance was disappointing. If you go to see it enjoy the 'remember when' moments and eat a lot of popcorn. It's not one you go to for any kind of deep thoughts. Predictable plot and wooden acting even from the extras really make the movie seem tedious in spots. Special effects made it cooler than the bad script job.

Kitty on May 26, 2009


Can anyone explain to me why the machines didn't kill Kyle Reese when they had the chance? OR, is this a huge plot hole?

Capers on May 27, 2009


Finally, somebody had some guts to take on a project like Terminator and gives us the war that we have been waiting for. I will give McG his due, I was impressed with what I saw. While many people are upset over character development, I say there is not much we need to know about the characters. We have had three movies that go on about John Connor leader of the human resistance. So for all the talk, it is great finally seeing how it is done. Are there problems with the story? Yes, of course but every Terminator movie in known for this. Christian Bale performance is solid, I don't know why so many people think his raspy voice is so bad for the character. Personally, Bale was an excellent choice because his temper in real life actually help. Edward Furlong and Nick Sthal couldn't pull this off, because they are both cry babies while Bale is a real man. As for everybody who is bitching about how Salvation is not T2, your right. T2 is and forever will be classic so please stop comparing every Terminator movie to T2. In my book The Terminator is the best movie. But anyways, on to the review. If you are a Terminator fan go see the movie, because if you saw Rise of The Machines, then Salvation will do you right hopefully. As for McG, I think he should stay on board with this project and see it through. I don't know why many people are upset with him and saying he sucks, because Terminator movies could honestly be 3 to 4 hour movies then.

Chano on May 27, 2009


It was a great popcorn flick. I was thoroughly entertained, and came out of the theater with a better experience than I thought I would. Sam Worthington was great! And I think there was only one part of Christian Bale's performance of John Connor that I did not like. When he is negotiating with the character Marcus at the river he yells out "What are you!?" when he could have just said it normally like the rest of the dialogue. I think that might have been more of a direction-related issue though instead of acting-related. But that was just a small thing in my humble opinion. Otherwise, I thought the movie was overall great! It was well worth the money.

Bjorno on May 31, 2009


Let me make this clear this the first Terminator movie I have seen, if you got a problem with it bite me. I for one thought it as a overall great movie and better than Star Trek which I did see. I saw Terminator Salvation on my birthday and its one of the few (of 5) movie I see in theaters. I watch only a few movies each year in theaters and rent few more before buying any of the years movies. And this made it for me a one to worth buying the tickets to see and the movie itself on special edition DVD. This is one of the spare monumental movies I will add to my archive. I am willing to say it was strong enough to compete (but not win but not too far of either) against The Dark Knight. And that is saying allot. Great performences by the main characters and top of the line effects, and story holes there for a reason. Marcus is down but not out just yet, you need more movies (sequal) to be accurate. The story fit so that the origins will come to light, no time technology is seen in the Terminator franchise just yet. And the story tampers with time, meaning the past changes the present and the future, while the present affects the past and future. Confusing, so get it right before arguing. And for once will all the critics think from the characters perspective for once in their lives. It makes a world of difference, so learn and don't deal out what you can't take. For all the complainers out there, make the movie yourself and fall face-first in your own trash talk. I watch how they make movies so no one complain about effects unless you do them yourself.

Arcanus on Jun 1, 2009


#152, the reason they did not kill Kyle Reese in the movie is revealed leter on in the movie. They machines used Kyle Reese as bait to kill both John Connar and Kyle Reese in one strike. Thats why there were two terminators trying to kill them near the end. The more advanced Termintor was meant to kill both or either. Killing John Connar and Kyle Reese would have ended the resistance more or less. The time technology is not yet present in the Terminator movies, Terminator Salvation is setting it up to show the origins of the entire franchise.

Krane on Jun 2, 2009


It was a compelling examination of the difficulties we face, being human in an increasingly inhuman world, revealing the underpinnings of our failings as a democracy created by humanists as opposed to evangelists. Christian Bale lives up to his name and might as well have been James Cavaziel in the Passion of Christian Bale... McG deserves a franchise of food named after him, for his heroic directorial efforts! The struggle continues! (Just kidding. Haven't seen it yet.)

Django on Jun 3, 2009


T4 was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! From Sweden!

R.S on Jun 3, 2009


IT ROCKED!!!!!!! after T3 i was compelled to actually write to C2 pictures to express my disgust, but this... the mythology is back on track. Well done to all concerned 🙂

drannev on Jun 3, 2009


Who cares if it was directed by McG, Bay, Cameron, Spielberg or the bloke that did that soppy film you went to see with your girlfriend? Who cares if its not as good as the original? There'd be more to moan about if it hadnt been made! As a blockbuster action film T4 is ACE. Its not got the depth and feel of Terminator but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great performances, great pace, fantastic special effects. Sometimes reading too many reviews is a bad thing as I didnt expect to enjoy this film as much as I did. 8/10 and bring on the next McTerminator instalment!

Lee on Jun 3, 2009


Lee i have to quite honestly say, that i totally couldn't agree with you more!. Everything you just said is absolutely right!. I'd be completely pissed too off if it was never even made and released at all too!. At least the terminator fans are not complaining that a terminator 4 was never made, which it was so there we have it, there it is so yes!, lets all enjoy it!=). Lets just all just leave it at that!.



nicely packaged, good actors. but compare to the previous movies, nothing's in new in Terminator Salvation (except Marcus Wright character). even the Terminator character has lost its attraction compare to the T-600, T-1000, T-X & the other T's variant when it's first introduced.

Ri.Sa on Jun 4, 2009


Oh Darrin you have no idea what you are talking about. First of all T3 was soooo shit it was way to comical and the only reason people saw it is because James Cameron did so awsome with the first two. This movie was done so well weather it would be the intense action scenes or the amazing sound. Im such a Michael Bay fan and the new transformers looks so fucking aswome but Termenator has given it a run for its money for sure. Mc G brought the termenator franchise back bring on the 5th one.

Raygun on Jun 5, 2009


As a life long fan of the original film I can say i liked it. For me T2 was the worst of the films and T3 didn,t fair much better. Before I die under a barrage of abuse, the reason I feel that way is because the sequels never captured the dark chilling feel of the orignal. T2 was just a stage for the studio to show of the latest CGI FX and promote Guns & roses, and T3 was just a cash in on the latter; not really what its supposed to be about. This film has gotten closer to the original than any other entry. My only critiscism is that I didn't like the idea of a terminator 'for all occasions' Terminator fish and terminator bikes or terminator scouts. Done for the sake dumbass movie goers that want to see something new, rather than appreciating a good script with whats gone before.

mellodge on Jun 5, 2009


*************This movie is full of wrong information. If u are a die hard fan of the terminator, then u should already recognized what was the fault.... 1) How come the first revelation of the arnold played terminator in T4 was a T-800 and not T-101?? Check out T1 & T2... 2) How come a skynet machine "Marcus wright" didn't know his mission/objective?? Maybe he can pretend he is innocent to fool John Connor but how come his doesn't know this right from the beginning till the end?? An enemy terminator who doesn't know his mission?? Thats odd. Looks like someone.... "McG & Friends INC" forgot to do their homework..... 3)How come the machines didn't detect or recognize Marcus Wright in the beginning??? When Marcus Wright shows up at the Skynet operation centre then they do. Skynet knows he has a mission to accomplish yet the Harvester bashed him on the hull of the transport ship like its kind a HQ didn't update it machines on the current situation or something. 4) COME ON!!!, everybody knows that its scrap that!!! DAMN HARD to bring down a terminator... Don't believe?? Then check out the previous installments to find out just how hard it was to kill just one machine. Then thats the case,.... how the heck John Connor and his friends easily take down not one but several terminators at a time. Its like John connor as Rambo giving him a 50mm caliber machine gun with unlimited ammo and swatting hundreds of those deadly machines down like flies. Piece of cake for them ah don't u think?? And thats not enough, he becomes SUPERMAN by going into Skynet Operation centre alone.. no friends ... no backup... no nothin.. against thousands of deadly cyborgs for a rescue mission. B4 this he used to run away from them...but that was just one... 5) Haaa!! By jamming a control signal that Skynet HQ use to control all the machines movement like a remote toy car, the Resistance thought they can deactivated those machines for some time till they take a shot at them... When u come to think off it... its stupid and it doesn't make sense cause those machine are artiffical intelligence and can execute tasks on its own. No need for skynet to have full control over them... They just need to receive the lastest info's, tasks, new and current info's on the situation and updates.. Thats all and they can execute work orders on their own. That why they are AI with built in processors. And when the Resistance jams their control signal, not only the control but their power too gets cut off.. Thats ridiculous cause the machines hav their own power supply and the Resistance is only cutting off the control not their power. Notice how the H-K drops like a dead fly like its power switch is turned off!!! There are still alot of funny and stupid things in this movie but my fingers are aching from typing. If ure a die hard fan of the terminator, u would hav already notice that McG and his friends made this movie for money, not for the art of the Terminator. Bad cast, not Christian Bale but Sam Worthington. He thought he can step into the shoe's of the legendary and only Arnold Schwarzenegger played terminator and his soooo wrong!!!!! &***@#$$ to MCG & FRIENDS INC, not all viewers are dumb and stupid as u think. It's the year 2009 and we have evolved into a much better audience. We know when your lie for cash!! 🙁 !@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!$%^&*(

Men of honor. on Jun 5, 2009


#165, I am not a die hard fan but a fan none the less of the "Terminator" franchise and I know things that DO add up you commented on. I did check and Skynets experimental test added up as to why a T-101 was sent into the past and not a T-800. Skynet was careful when they sent Terminator's on lone missions. Don't forget the technology from the factory never left the factory nor was the info or materials neccessary for a T-800 sent to other facturies, it was in its experimental stage. And its was a smart play for Skynet have Marcus Wright not know his mission so he could succeed in his mission. Skynet knew once Marcus realized he was a Terminator he would return to and go after Kyle at the factury base. Skynet explains this near the end of the movie after Marcus is restored and healed. Skynet wanted the resistance to believe Marcus as on thier side so the Harvester bashed him so they know they attack him as well. Skynet was fooling thier enemy by attacking thier own so thier enemy would think the Skynets ally is thier ally. It was a trick, it also knew the attack would not reveal him as a Terminator. The Terminators John Conner attacked in the begining we low class on purpose, they we bait. Skynet bombed it to kill the resistance attack force. And in the furture human technology can become more advanced by working with Skynet destroyed tech for better weapons. The mission into Skynet was a in-and-out. Marcus made room for him to sneak in and most Terminators were not built yet. Only 4 seen for crying out loud, not counting the two sentry units. Some defense. And as for the jamming, put two and two together. All Skynet units are unlinked to the network, making thier signals vulrable. And for updates, no signal no updates or info. Cutting the machines power cord, giving the resistance the on/off switch on them. In a way they can then gain control of them. Ever played against A.I. on the computer? No computer aid, no fuctioning A.I. The signal CAN turn off the A.I. power becuase it has no connection with a central system, off the systems charts due to the signal. With these A.I. much like our own in games, cutting the connection IS cutting the power. The movie "I,Robot" shows this when Will Smiths character rips the neck cords from a robots neck, no connection/no power=shut down. In the Terminator factury John tells Kyle the Terminator power supply, meaning all other units are Skynet powerd. Without a Skynet connection automatic shutdown on unit that gets hit by the signal. I an new but I'm not stupid. I did my homework, I payed attention. Connect the pieces and they fit, but when you alter time tech changes becuase of it. You change the past tech, destroy the future tech, whats left is what isn't caught in the cross fire. If you thought these actors roles were played horrible YOU do it. Get your can kicked around and see if you can still hold your character. If you hate them, you can go ahead and make them. Its far harder then its looks. 2 or more years for 2 or more hours of film, allot of effort NOT easily spent. If you want the cash so much, work for it in THIER business. Lets see how far complainers go.

Arcanus on Jun 6, 2009


I cannot understand all the negative comments on T4. It was brilliant. It was a movie that I went in to watch for some great action and good fun and I walked out blown away. The action was bloody brilliant and some comments above called it "been there and done that". Maybe some of you should get a life and stop being crittics. For once, just go and see a movie for its worth. It really did'nt cost u much did it? If u were thinking ahead of time going headfirst into T4 just for the sake of slandering it, u could've maybe stayed home for something else like maybe "Revenge of the killer tomatoes" or "High school musical" or some other shit out there" I now genuinely believe that @least 90% of u are like this because u've have been breastfed up until the age of about 10. Honestly, u negatives out there really suck big time d**k. I've seen Charlie's angels (all of them) and I really f@#$ng hated it. Then I saw We are Marshall and thought that it was one of the best dramatic stories ever. All directed by McG and I was absolutly afraid hearing that he was going to helm T4. That was until I saw the trailer 2 with the Nine Inch Nail soundtrack. Man! I was so blown away that I hated having to wait 2 more weeks than u negative bunch of cocks just to see it. McG Pulled of one of the best damn action movies ever. I also cannot believe that some of u try to compare Micheal Bay with McG. I love all of Micheal Bay's films, and for me he is good at what he does best, delivering good pop corn fun with just enough drama surrounding it. McG on the other hand is also now one of my favorite director's out there and I wil support every project he's doing from now on. I hope that he can complete the trilogy of The war against the machines, because just maybe handing it back to someone like maybe say ?James Cameron? or ?Jonathan Mostow? we will have some more Terminators entering earth (always at night) from the future around some or other serious biker tipe dudes wearing black leather (always the perfect size) and then running around L.A wearing sunglasses (always the right fashioned sensed ones being broken of the face) carrying one of the lamest weapons of all (sawed of shotgun. there really is better killing stuff out there with further reach) and best of all just losing the right part of it's face every single time in some or nother confrontation.. Then these dudes above me say it was just another been there done that movie? or Maybe u guys stepped into the wrong theatre showing that other weak assed low budget shit movie also called ironically "The Terminators" Go SA 2010

Shade on Jun 6, 2009


I thought it was very well done. The effects were good, including the Arnold cameo. The action was good. The pace was good. Sam Worthington is a good an actor as I've read about. Christian Bale is the best John Connor there is aside from the John Connor that didn't talk at the beginning of T2. McG impressed me with this movie. What is with people who watch movies with no intension of being entertained? Just enjoy it for what it is. I honestly hope the same creative people who were involved in this one come back for the next one. And the one after that. It was wierd just seeing Terry Crews just being a dead guy in the beginning though.

Morgan Messersmith on Jun 6, 2009


"This is not the future my mother warned me about" No#152; I don't know, if the Terminators are clever, they'll never kill Kyle Resse nor John Connor. The effects it would have on time are not totally predictable, best for the Terminators to do is lock up Kyle forever, and (maybe) kill John. But that was my thought aswell, why not just smash Kyles head ASAP ? Infact, why would the terminators in this time, the time TS is set in, go after John Connor and Kyle Reese in this way? It could mean that in the future they have sent info back(dont know where in past-time) that John and Kyle must die. But, between the horrible T3 and TS, there is alotta room for for story, and leaks where JC's transmissions from the bunker have been caught, and the Terminators pieced it together? Hmm. Not likely, because then they could keep sending Terminators back to kill him, but he was hiding in a bunker, and Terminators sent back in time, are not as clever as Terminators linked up to a grid. Hmm Also, just to note it somewhere, there is no time-travel in TS's time. Time travel is confusing, very confusing. everytime 1 terminator or 1 human goes back in time, the timeline is changed. Before anyone or thing was sent back, that is Timeline no#1. With the first Terminator sent back in T1, Timeline no#1 goes on, and Timeline no#2 starts the moment the terminator arrives in T1. This makes T2 abit odd, because there's 2 time travels, Arnold and the T-1000. They must have happend at the exact time(they do enter T2's timeline pretty close), or else we have yet again a Timeline no#3 and #4 (!?). Same in T3, 2 time travels. Mmkay, what year did Skynet take over? Cant remember. TS is set in 2018, so sometime after they took over they must have gathered intel that JC must die, they have understood he is the messiah that saves mankid threw his actions, or somehow gathered intel from transmissons where humans have talked about him. It seems implied the leaders of the resistance know whom he is...or do they? Having Bonham Carter as the "Face" of the AI was odd, there's something odd in the traps set, the gloating I understood the AI/Terminators had over this plan of letting the humans attack, getting JC trapped and killing all of The Resistance in 1 action. Sorta like Bond Villans delaying the kill, to torture their victim. This could have been handled in a different matter. TS was entertaining, alot of plot(time?) holes, but it's the start of a triology, so there's alot of room to patch over these holes, fill in the blanks ect. Also, don't forget theres something called "Director's Cut", "Extended Cut" ect. TS will improve with an added 20-30mins, if fottage exists. It's not a Epi 1 disaster like many feel, but it's not a movie where if u watch it again you'll get that "aha-that-explains-that" feeling to the various plotholes. Why has there gone so much time before the Arnold model is made? AI is not fully developed, it is based on what humans have told it in the past, and it has had limited connection to data, mostly because humans have not given it much access to intel, data, and primarily because in the nuklear holocaust maybe as much as 95% of all data in the world, on the net, computers, were lost. Due to the fact time has been set to zero with the nuclear holocaust: there is no net, most books are burnt(Terminators dont read books), the AI has to develop on its own. It has a kick start, some machines to base new models on, some data on storage and ofc, the hand of Arnold. Well, data on the hand we can assume, it was melted in T2. Why would the "bikes" have a USB-port? Why would the bikes have handlebars? They were made in our time, by human controlled Skynet? Mmmkay. Maybe little or no need to modify, or Terminators still like USB-ports in the future. Why does noone show signs of radiation sickness? They stayed in bunkers for along time and waited years before entering the surface again. Problem here I find, is that all bunkers are moslikely in some sort of connection with USAF(owners of Skynet) and Terminators could have had the ability to find the humans hidden in them. Where is JC's mother? Did she die in the nuclear holocaust? We don't really know this, do we? Or did she die in T3? Can't remember. Where did JC get all those tapes of her telling him about what to do? Does it matter? How do the Terminators get ore to make steel to make more Terminators? Do they mine? With setting off a nuclear holocaust, it might take time before the machines could build themslves up like they have in TS. And having data on the Arnold Terminator has set them off in only 1 path, to make the Arnold Terminators, and it takes time. I'm sure I can rant on and on. Plz correct me, debate the issues (if any) I have typed out. We dont need another 50 "it was excellent" "it sucked deadmanscock" posts. Well done McG, now go and cover all the po(l)t-holes and make it perfect

David Banner on Jun 6, 2009


#169 read comment #166. It explains many of the questions. Also check Internet Movie Database site for info on "Terminator 2:Judgment Day" and "Terminator Rise of the Machines". Don't forget a sequal of "Terminator 4: Salvation" will come out to explain many of plot holes which where there in the story to begin with. The movie would have been at least 3 hours of more to explain many of questions the franchise has had in the begning. And do not forget T-1000 is not out yet, and in "Terminator 4:Salvation" and they just got to the T-800 used in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". And the T-101 sent in the first "Terminator" is experimental terst by Skynet still exspecting success in killing Sarah Conner. Skynet is smart but not very smart. Think of the "Terminator" in "Terminator", its a slow learning experimental A.I. and even after 10 years and more can still make mistakes. And also people MADE Skynet, so it still is learning how to manage its units. Even much of Skynets machines were made by humans, meaning humans can still defeat what they created. Destroy our own creations and save us from ourselves. Its in truth a human-made war against machines, our idea of tech defending us for us turned into tech having a mind of its now wanting us all dead.

Syron Feles on Jun 6, 2009


I dont assume to understand the massive effort that is actually making a film so its hard to knock those who have. This wasn't a "bad" movie by any means it just was missing the intimacy of the first two films. Intimacy in terms of the characters and preying on our fears. There was nothing special about it. I think when you have an arsenal of material/interesting characters/ sci fi mythology to build a story upon then you cast stellar actors but you still fall short thats just near impossible. You have everything going for you then... nothing. McG was not the person I would have chosen to direct since nothing he has ever worked on is story-driven only CGI spectacles. This mini rant isnt exactly linear but I do have one huge gripe with this movie that if any Hollywood big-wig reads this blog please listen..... Stop with the random cute kids. It makes absolutely no sense. What was the point of the little girl in the movie? Ugh! Supposed gritty apocalyptic war scene... cut to pointless kid. You dont need to toss in a cute kid for us to get the human element of it all. So annoying. Imagine if the first movie Sarah Connor had a little "side kick"? Knock it off.

Alisha on Jun 6, 2009


@169 - A few answers: "The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn, at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. eastern time, August 29. In a panic, they try to pull the plug." - from T2 (1991) "In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Sarah Connor has died, having succumbed to terminal leukemia in 1997, after the events of Terminator 2, following a three year battle with the disease." - from Wikipedia Sarah Connor began recording audio tapes for her son at the end of the events in The Terminator (1984).

avoidz on Jun 7, 2009


To 'MEN OF HONOUR' #165, In response to your rethoric to my previous post, let it be known that the biggest plot hole of them all was blundered by the Terminator franchise' very creator: James Cameron himself. The T101 was scripted to be an INFILTRATION unit, and was built to be an assasin; able to pass as human in order to carry out missions. This is confirmed in the first film when kyle Reece states in the Tech Nior club 'I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him' each T101 was supposed to be unique. Also in a dream sequence of the future war it shows a T101 that isn't Arnold! Bringing back Swartzenegger back for the sequel was a monumental cock up, because once you've seen one T101, you seen them all, rendering the T101 useless. The risistance would know eventually what they look like because they all look the same,so whats the point in making them look human. But because Cameron wanted his star (Arnold) in T2, rather than explain this blatantly obvious flaw, he simply ignored it! I think in an interview, the only person to actually answer this question when challenged was Stan Winston (RIP) who said: 'Oh. erm. yeah. they all look like Arnold coz they're all made in the same factory!..... Yeah right.... If Cameron can trounce over his own philosophy of 'Terminator art' as you call it, then McG can be forgiven for taking a little creative liscence. It was a good effort, even remembering such small detail like the string around the arm of the shotgun to tie it in with the first film. I think its a tall order for any director to acheive perfection for any franchise thats endeared by fans.

mellodge on Jun 7, 2009


Oki, thx guys. I think it's just that the page here is 'slow' at times, or #166 posted a few mins before mine, I didnt see his post. But...the Tv-Series? Is it a part of the mythos, or should not be 'included' in the storyline?

David Banner on Jun 7, 2009


Bringing back Arnie was not the biggest cock-up. The central premise of T2 and T3 concerned itself in preventing judgement day, with John Conner leading the charge in both instalments. However, and this is where most time travel movies cock-up, is if Judgement Day never occurs, then there is no war, Skynet does not exist, and Kyle Reese is not sent back in time to impregnate Sarah Conner. If John Conner was to be successful in stopping judgement day in T2, then he would cease to exist. What Conner never failed to realise in T2 and T3, is that his continued existence is proof that Judgement Day has happened in his fathers past, and must be a part of his future in order for him to exist! T4 is the first of the sequels that actually seems to at least attempt to maintain the time-line and fully understand cause and effect.

cinemabandit on Jun 7, 2009


@174 The show isn't considered when it comes to the storyline. I'm not positive though. They may flirt with using bits and pieces but I doubt it.

Cat on Jun 7, 2009


I thought it was ok. Although I expected to see more commercial icons in ruins-it would have been very entertaining to see a Macdonalds golden arch precariously hanging off it's hinge and swinging in the wind making a creepy rusty sound then crashing down on a Robot!! That would have been fun hey? Nothing beats Termiantor 1 and 2. Where were all the tough chicks? Like one critic said Connor's wife was wringing wet. And where would you get designer fighting kit after the apocolypse that worn by the unconvincing(although very beautiful) Monn Boodhound or whatever her name is! I would have love to have seen Conner's wife tough and pregnant protecting her unborn child as any mother would in a fight with a machine. That's what made the Terminator 2 film so awesome when Sarah Conner had that injured arm and was loading that gun with one arm fighting off the bad robot whilst protecting her son- who wouldn't have wanted to see that! I would call this film a war film, not a sci-fi film. Oh yeah, according to the first films John Conner was using laser guns!

Asiah on Jun 7, 2009


Laser guns. It's comming, some hints of it on the 'ships'. But TS is 21 years, ca, after the Terminators freaked out and bombed all, should have been here. A bit odd they have 50mm rounds, but maybe they wanted to use it all up, and it was a part of the 'suprise'. Gunna check out T1 and T2 soon and see i there's a date on the 'flash-forward' bits in the future where we see the T-800's firing 'laserguns'. But, it might be that Kyle is a dumbass, and doesnt really know what they are firing, might aswell be 'plasma', but thats just nitpicking =) Any brains out there? I'm correct in my Time line statements in post no#169. Not that its uber importent, just fun to know Cheers!

David Banner on Jun 8, 2009


With regard to the Laser-Guns. The battle scenes in T1 are set at a time some time in the future from the events in T4. T4 is set in 2018, and from memory, the T1 flash forward is set in 2027. It would not be unreasonable to assume that energy weapons were developed in the intervening years. The fact that the large walking machine seemed to be using a large energy weapon would be an indicator that these are likely to feature further down the line! Also in T1, Reese refers to John Conner as the leader of the resistance. In T4, while he has a position within the resistance, he is not the leader of it at first. They seem to be making an effort to tie things together quite well and the story seems to be aiming to a completion of the timeline circle with an eye firmly placed on the films that have come before.

cinemabandit on Jun 8, 2009


Too much bullshit to read but I'll keep mine short and sweet. Yes it had action but the slower parts make you wonder too much about the plot holes. An action blockbuster doesn't give you time to think. This did and you couldn't help but ask yourself stuff especially at the end... SPOILER!!! How the fuck did they just land in there so easily and take their time doing whatever? It's fucking Skynet and they had no other defenses? Marcus took down one robot or was it everything? Skynet even knew that so??? Exactly. Also, the very very ending was LAME! There are like hundreds of people ready to rip their hearts out for him and Marcus is a machine, on their side! Keep him alive! ' None the less, it was worth the money for Arnold, even if it wasn't him. When the camera went up, over the shadow and there he stood ready to kick ass, so awesome! lol As for the timeline, it's fucked up because they messed with t so much before so people trying to explain are lame and people arguing it are stupid. Just accept that it has changed. Remember, Judgment Day was suppose to be in 1997 or did we forget that?

LSP on Jun 8, 2009


Great movie which actually works well with the Terminator background, its a shame that the film is being panned just for the sake of it. A few points which people are getting hung up about. 1) Why didn't Skynet just kill Reese, instead of waiting for Connor? Well I would suggest that your not thinking like a machine, something which none of us can really guess at their behaviour. However is it possible that Skynet wanted to be 100% sure that the threat to its future was taken care of and would thus use Reese as bait, kill two birds with one stone.... 2) What is with Marcus? Marcus is a prototype and during the film it is clear that Skynet does not have full control over him, hence it has a new model in production. Anyone recall Arnie's chip in T2 being switched on, to allow him to learn. Clearly Skynet chooses to restrict its infiltration units, Marcus's model is not unpredictable for Skynet, and is proved correct at the end of the film. 3) No laser guns? Clearly the machines are still developing these systems, which is hinted at in the pre-novel. The flash-forwards in the previous films are around the end of the war, T2 shows T800 with laser guns and we've only just got to the T800 in Salvation. 4)Why didn't the T800 melt with the molten metal poured over him? In T2 the molten metal was in a vat constantly heated, were as is Salvation the molten metal would be cooling the moment it was released from its container. 5) Connor not seen as the leader of the resistance... Its been said that Connor does not show leadership qualities, and yet this film clearly sets up the reason why he becomes the leader and why everyone admires him so much. They went it alone into a Skynet base, against orders, saved a number of people and destroyed the base. Just look at how Reese looks upon him when he's on his deathbed. Conner has become the leader at the end of the movie. I personally think that a lot of the complaints are misguided, this is a war film and not a sci-fi horror that was T1. The lack of character depth is due to the running time and is covered by the current trend of filling in the blanks with novels, cartoons, web episodes, etc. Which is perhaps the reason for the lack of depth? The film was enjoyable and could be compared to SW Episode 1, in that it is setting up the main characters, though that film was a cringe worthy experience. Yet need to be a stand alone film, in case the sequel (trilogy) in never made. Thought I would leave with something for you all to ponder. What if Skynet does not send back the terminators in time, after all it knows that it fails in the past from records (must have some since it knows Reese is Connor's father). Does this mean Connor himself sends back the terminators to make sure the timeline stays the same?

Steve on Jun 9, 2009


I would say however that the film would of been better without the Reese as bait plotline. Would of been better if it followed T1 in that in Reese's description of the world he lives in the machines had disposal units running night and day, using Humans to help in this grim task, hence his very own barcode (similar to the concentration camps of the Nazis). Reese says that Connor teach's them how to dust the machines and climb the wires, suggesting he leads the breakout from the DU. All the film needed to do was have Connor find out that Reese was in such a place, show Reese being barcoded and having the grim duty of loading bodies into a furnace. Have Connor turn up, as in the film, and have him rescure Reese without the notion of him being used as bait. This simple change would of made the film far darker and more in line with Reese's description from T1. Which contary to Salvation, the orginal Reese says that its to dangerous to go out during the day, but you still need to be carefull at night as the machines use infra-red.

Steve on Jun 9, 2009


T2 was a sci fi drama with some action this was a scifi action movie with a bit of drama.. watching it as a action movie i really enjoyed it ! the chat with the evil computer screen was rubbish and the end heart bit but so far i would say this is the better of the action movies released this summer

rep6 on Jun 9, 2009


@181 - "The lack of character depth is due to the running time..." That's complete bullshit and a piss-poor excuse for lazy writing.

Shockwave's Ghost on Jun 10, 2009


Great movie... Held up to expectations of what the 4th movie could have hoped to have been. Had a different story which is thankful, as all the previous films had basicaly the same story although like this movie, it keeps you glued to a climatic ending. Looking forward to the 5th and 6th part.

Mark Farnell on Jun 10, 2009


Umm...good movie. But words like AMAZING and F@*&ing Fantastic escapes my view of this movie. It seems to be a trend...they make up such a big hype of a movie and at the end when you walk out you feel somewhat cheated. The story started good but the big war?? Come on they got into Skynet so fast without any trouble?? Too many holes in the story…and too few machines fighting.

Gerhardt on Jun 10, 2009


Great intro with the one shot scene flying the helicopter and an amazing dog fight in the canyon. The rest was rather poor and more predictable than ever.

pipo on Jun 10, 2009


Friend of McG, #187?

Shockwave's Ghost on Jun 10, 2009


I meant, #185.

Shockwave's Ghost on Jun 10, 2009


184 I think that its the current trend of using other mediums which is the main problem when exploring characters in movies, and the running time would also have some effect. The only lack of development is perhaps in Connor, but do really need to see Blair, Barnes, Kate, Star, the man at the communications desk in the hanger, etc, background explored in the movie.

Steve on Jun 10, 2009


I also found the "no fate but what we make for ourselves" speach. It was said by Sarah Connor in T1, in a scene that was cut from the movie. Though I still belive the film should of been darker, see my post in 182.

Steve on Jun 10, 2009


I enjoyed the film, not the best movie ever but still a good flick. The kid who plays Kyle Reece is brilliant, spot on actually. Looks a little bit like & sounds exactly like Michael Beihn, I even waited until the credits to see if it was his son or something. Some of the fan boys on here are being a little too picky while at the same time, messing up by not taking timelines into consideration. BUT, if we are gonna be picky, I'll throw this one into the ring, sod the weapons & the fact that they have motor bikes (big whoop, they have jeeps in T1 & T2) what I want to know is where the hell did that old lady get milk & a crate of carrots from? The nukes dropped in 1997, this is set well into the 21st century, are you telling me cows survives & that they are able to grow veg in a nuked wasteland?

AndyLees on Jun 10, 2009


I like movies about robots. There was no story in 1, 2, or 3 so I didn't expect it here. Oh I the future machines take over the world but one man fights back by sending a robot to the past to protect his mom. Wow, very deep. I needed more development of that like I need another chapter in the Star Wars trilogy. This movie needed more nude robots and shallow, retarded one-liners that only a mongo like Arnold could pull off. I want to see a metallic tit that explodes.

Lokiluvcocky on Jun 11, 2009


@193 - You're a complete idiot.

Snickers on Jun 11, 2009


The thing is, you need to spend the weekend watching T1, 2 & 3 before you walk into the theatres to watch Salvation. You'll then understand all of the connections- Kids who think they can write a review on this movie without having watched the previous T's, don't even bother!

Snacku05 on Jun 11, 2009


it was brilliant,probably why io9 criticizes it so hard

gon on Jun 14, 2009


I have seen T1, 2 and 3. recently. This movie was terrible!!! McG has destroyed this franchise. I loved T1 and 2. T3 was ok. TS is RUBBISH Avoid

link1983 on Jun 14, 2009


I've been a T-Fan from the beginning and saw the first Terminator in '84 in the theater. This was a great movie! It met all the criteria I was expecting of a future war film. Can't wait for parts 2 and 3 of this future war trilogy! I went in with very low expectations after T3 and this film improved on that one! Heart? I don't know how one can have more heart than to lay down his life for another person. You people who don't think this film has heart need your heads examined.

Bishop on Jun 14, 2009


Just the three word review: A nonsensical clusterf#ck.

Tevin on Jun 14, 2009


@199 - Best review so far.

snickers on Jun 15, 2009


#32 asks if the movie would have been that much greater if we would have learned why Star was a mute, why Marcus was on death row, what gang Common is (which is f'ed up because just cause he's a minority, doesn't mean he's in a gang). And to be honest I believe the movie would have been a lot better with scenes like that. Perhaps presenting them as flashbacks a la Lost would have made the movie better.

Puertorro on Jun 15, 2009


Hey snickers, Tevin, and other critics with mental issues. If you don't understand the story, shut your can for other peoples sakes for crying out loud. Ever heard of a site called Internet Movie Data Base, you might actually learn something there. You got a brian don't you? Use it. I didn't even see the Termintor, or Terminator 2: Jugdment Day and I understood it better than you lot. Think, you were given a brain for a reason. Complaining doesn't help it learn. If your going to see a movie whether you would like to or not do your homework on it. That way you actually know why anything it happening in a movie, rather then complain about what you don't know. And #201 Marcus explains during the movie why he was on death row. Watch the movie again, he was responsible for at least 3 deaths, one of whom was a cop.

Eclipse on Jun 15, 2009


True, very true. I strongly agree with Puertorro's comment. Homework is essential for the Terminator franchise. Other than Star Wars its on the same line as the Terminator series. Also if you want to just enjoy a film and have fun, then stop thinking to hard about it. Just have a few pints of Coke and a smile and lighten up.

Mark Farnell on Jun 15, 2009


Eclipse: I know the MENTIONED the reason why Marcus was imprisoned. But I feel robbed from powerful and interesting scenes that could've made the movie darker, more depth. Perhaps with that scene the audience might have hated Marcus from the beginning and towards the end sympathize and even root for him. Also I had the same feeling after the movie that I got when I saw Hancock. There was much dialog of Hancock and Charlize's Theron's character together in an earlier time in their lives and I feel that if those scenes would've been portrayed, the movie would've been better.

Puertorro on Jun 15, 2009


It was okay. However, the movie was poorly edited.

Chris on Jun 16, 2009


This movie was awesome............Acting was superb by both bale and sam....the story was also kind of good......Not a classic,but definitly a watchable summer flick

Rojagegeo on Jun 18, 2009


Exactly... Summer blockbuster fun, what more could you wish for. Although personaly i'm getting bored with it all just being about "John Connor" we already know his story. The franchise should adapt and follow other peoples storys, such as other soldiers etc.

Mark Farnell on Jun 18, 2009


Like I said with Rambo 5 and the earlier Rambo's. Terminator Salvation? Story line better than the others, Graphics better than the others, Acting better than the others. Overall? Terminator Salvation is the best out of all the Terminators so far. Out of Terminators 1, 2 and 3? Terminator 1 was the best. Overall as stated above Terminator Salvation kicks ass!

T101 on Jun 18, 2009


micheal bay could have done a better job, this movie was straight up explosions with no story. T3 was actually better than this.

rubbish on Jun 19, 2009


Come on!!! The feedback which was given by others to *165* is totally ridiculos and down right funny! Its like you have to attend the Terminator college and get a degree in cyborg engineering to understand whats goin on in the movie.... look how people justify the mistakes that Mcs did by providing scientific explaination to comments on *165*. thats really absurd!!! It was a entertaiment movie which did not provide any blue prints and engineering designs and yet it is damn funny to actually read those comments wrote by those who can really come up with this kind of explaination.... As far as i seen these movie, there isn't any calculation,equation or logical explaination given ... And i don't think the movie is that complicating as how it is decribed. I don't think even James cameroon or McG himself would have come up with these informations and idea's... U guys should direct a movie instead of wasting time commenting and explaining cause u guy can really come up with damn good make ups...oh and of course, explaination to justify whatever the hell you guys throw at the audience. What the heck will smith's I Robot has to do with these??? That movie has nothing to do with terminator *166*???? Elogical link ups.

Robert G on Jun 22, 2009


The comments made up by 166 sounds like he worked in this movie and can't take critisim for their lousy production. My good guess is he is the camera man who Christian Bale throwed his temper at. Impressed by John Connors life like portrail of acting anger as it seems.

Paul Russo on Jun 22, 2009


There was a lot of kids that actually liked this movie cause it has big robots and explosions. Don't tell me even the mature adults liked it too?

Louis Stevenson on Jun 22, 2009


Alert!!! Aleart!!! Skynet!!! we have an enemy kid gone emotional on 167!!!!

Bierer Lien on Jun 22, 2009


#211, I have never worked on a movie in my life. I buy movies that include features of how they are made and then try to figure out how a movie is made simply by watching it. I can tell the effects used on occasion and how they pulled it off. I haven't even been to a studio or film festival, or even a effects office unless you include video shown in making-of feature. I don't even own a camera of my own. Is that enough clarification for you 'Paul Russo'? I may not be film maker, but I give due credit for the effort put into it. And to be honest I would have liked to work on the film but I am not in the industry yet. And yes, I will agree there are plenty of so called 'lousy production' movies, but this is not one of them. If you want to find that, just check your local movie store and your bound to find many you didn't even know about that are'lousy'.

Arcanus on Jun 22, 2009


Terminator: Salvation: It has enough pace and excitement to keep action fans switched on, This is Sam Worthington's movie, and he steals it, decent action film, far superior to the awful Terminator 3. Despite some laughably silly plot elements, McG has created an overall entertaining movie experience. Being a rabid fan that grew up on the franchise created by James Cameron, the idea of McG getting behind the camera for this sequel was slightly nauseating, and yet, by some miracle, the fourth film in the franchise is (barely) passable.

George on Aug 22, 2009


I'm pissed, do you want to know why? Because everyone I talked to said it was horrible, so I didn't bother to see it on a proper big screen with surround sound and digital perfection for the special effects. Instead, I saw it on my laptop with no surround sound, ARRRGGHH!! After hearing so many negative reviews, I (like many others here) fully expected to hate this movie, but it was EXCELLENT! Especially for someone like me that was a faithful follower of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that was just canceled on FOX (f*ckers for cancelling it). If you had watched that show you wouldn't be confused as to the timeline of events, it all fits perfectly together. Kudos to McG, he did a fantastic job. As far as people saying there's no plot, I have no idea what movie they were watching. It's NEVER much of a plot for the Terminator series - a) machines take over the world and b) humans try to stop them!!! DUH!!! Oh sorry, subplot - machines try to kill John Connor and continue to fail. The brilliance in this moive was the introduction of Marcus Wright as an Infiltrator (again, if you had watched TSCC, this would make a WHOLE lot more sense!). Everything worked together, the casting was splendid. People complain that Connor's wife didn't much of a role in this one and well, yeah, she didn't, but who's to say in the next one that she doesn't have more of a role? She is having his baby for cryin' out loud!! That should lead into a whole other era of Connors kicking ass. While I am a huge Christian Bale fan, I have to admit that Sam Worthington stole the show (along with Anton Yelchin who I adored in the Star Trek movie as well!). The only thing that was pretty far fetched was the heart transplant at the end, but I'll let slide as it showed the full extent of Marcus's humanness. Fantastic movie overall and I look forward to renting it again to watch it on my future roommates huge flat screen along with surround sound! Arcanus - You rock! Thanks for taking the time out and explaining the minutia details that most people missed. We're definitely on the same wavelength. Don't let the haters get you down! 🙂

Na on Aug 23, 2009


@216 - You can't have seen many good, well-plotted movies, then. T4 was shit. If the "brilliance" of this movie was the character of Marcus, ask yourself why Marcus didn't just kill John Connor when he first met him. Why didn't Skynet just kill Kyle Reese instead of capturing him. Why does Skynet need to have prisoners? Why didn't the humans hear a giant machine approaching? This movie was so dumb, and the audience who loved it is even dumber.

snickers on Aug 23, 2009


#217, you really need to brush up on your tech and story consistency. Acanus again; 1. If you weren't paying attention, Kyle Reese was used as bait in a trap to kill Connar. Skynet wanted to kill both but needed Reese alive long enough to kill Connar but in the movie a terminator taken out near the end was used in a trap also on Reese. The Terminator used to try and kill Reese gets ripped in half by the Arnorld Terminator. 2.Skynet took prisoners to make Marcus, Connar explained this to the leadership about taking prisoners replicate human tissue. Using prisoners as lab rats for the Terminators used in the previous films. 3. As for the not hearing the machine approaching, well timed pacing or dropshiped in Mech would be quite enough to land and not be heard becuase it wasn't in view. We have silencers on our guns, they can apply the same technique on their machines. A machine that big can be stealthy simply by being slow. Work it out, it had very flat feet so that would help it be quite. 4. Critics can be dumber then the audience so don't think your exempt.

Arcanus on Aug 23, 2009


#217 Wow snickers that's a lot of hate for just a movie, perhaps you should direct that towards the person in your life that let you down and is responsible for your childish behavior. I don't know why I'm wasting my time on you, but as an Infiltrator, he was gathering information about the Resistance which he then could relay to Skynet (information that could not otherwise been retrieved). I mean I know according to you I'm dumb for liking this movie, but perhaps you're the dumb one for not giving it a chance and for obviously not doing any research into the Terminator series. sigh...Thanks Arcanus (once again) for taking the time out to explain to snickers what most of us already knew.

Na on Aug 23, 2009


Love the movie, do not waste your time with the haters!!!!

George on Aug 26, 2009


If you don't want us wasting time with the haters, then how do you shut them up?

Kroe on Aug 26, 2009


@219 - You idiots will never get bored of trying to explain the story inconsistencies and dumb goofs in this movie (even Sam Worthington admitted he missed the huge Skynet robot approaching goof). I don't bother with useless explanations from fanboys who claim they are Terminator gurus but can't even spell John Connor's name correctly ("Connar" - really?). Thanks for wasting your time replying.

snickers on Aug 27, 2009


Hey, snickers. If you don't bother with the explanations, how come you did? One mispelled word seems to be all you need to call someone an idiot, meaning you have been one plenty of times yourself. Stop wasting time trying to be a disclaimer. If you can't explain it any better, shut up. If you are so smart how come you had questions and about you think is trash? No one learned from negativity and no one said otherwise. Do you even understand why the storie is PURPOSELY inconcsistent? When you meddle with time of course everything gets screwed up! Its one of the key things about the movie. Honestly, how stupid do you have to get to think that things time is supposed to go the way you think?

Vectis on Aug 27, 2009


I think that the movie has lost its luster over the past Terminator films. The first one is still my favorite, and it seems they just keep getting worse and worse. I think it is time to wrap up this series.

Vending Machine on Oct 7, 2009


If people think these movies are getting worse or not as good as the ones previous, they could at least explain why. They also need to remember that becuase the directors which many series vary makes a big impact on them. Blame the director if it makes you happy, the Alien fanchise had several directors making each movie very different.

Veratis on Oct 7, 2009


@225 - Bad writing, bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, bad writing. Did I mention the bad writing?

snickers on Oct 7, 2009


Well there is no surprise, #226. When was the last movie you liked you commented on? Is there are movie you like that you will point out? Why repeat yourself as your explination sounds like from as someone not even out of high school. It shouldn't hurt to be thorough and beside the point as to again why? Why is it bad in the ways you say? On another note, if it is so bad how come you didn't understand it? There was a thorough explination and if needs be another to explain to people how everything fits in the movie, as it does. Should we compare this to Transformers 2, then? I would be happy to tell you the difference if it meant people would catch on.

Vectis on Oct 8, 2009


Wrap it up... The Terminator franchise was complete after the third movie. We are all aware of each and every character in all of the movies...from back story to the present. And we were all introduced to the leader of the future resistance - John Connor. Although, I didnt think the first movie needed a sequel. It kept it all almost life like and not diverted to being absolutely redicularse. The franchise has been done to the point of death now. They should stop making them, as they are only weakening the comic-book like point of what it was intended to be. The first Terminator rules above all...

Mark Farnell on Oct 9, 2009


I think that this film was pretty good but it wasn't as good as the first two. The third was interesting but I would've rated it last among the overall series.

Ip pbx on Oct 13, 2009


I wasn't a big fan of this one, terminator has lost its luster which usually happens when you have so many sequels.

Stamped Concrete Columbus Ohio on Nov 21, 2009


The effects were excellent, acting was good, and the sets were very good, but the plot was vague, and tried to fit too many subtleties into one strory line. The movie just plain seemed confused, and like it needed a more forceful central plot, rather than "..we gotta kill these machines...". Consider "Terminator", which was pure art; its central plot was rock solid, and its side story was both very well conceived (no pun intended), and beautifully integrated. The music was absolutely genius, and perfectly set the mood from the scene at Tech Noir, to the love scene in the hotel, to the blanching terror of the denuded CSM-101 limping after Kyle and Sarah in the CAM factory. That movie will simply never be matched.

Tee One Thousand on Dec 7, 2009


i really don't know how some people on this forum say that this film is an over-do and things like that... i honestly enjoyed the film... ok there were sections that could have been removed / been less techy but overall i enjoyed the film and i think all terminator fans would prolly agree 🙂 I was going to make a youtube video about rise of the gumball machines 🙂 hehe...

Gumball Machines on May 15, 2010


Terminator Salvation in my opinion was an outstanding movie.....There I said it. Granted Arnold wasn't part of it, I thought overall it was an very entertaining. Special effects were awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend checking it out.

Best Headphones on May 22, 2010


Not a bad Terminator entry, as long as it can be eventually viewed as an "Act I" or beginning segment of a larger (yet-to-be-seen-on-screen) storyline. *What must be kept in mind (I had to keep remining myself of this as well, or I'd simply have hated this movie & agreed whole-heartedly with each preceding negative opinion on this topic), that this post-apocalyptic world seen in this movie & the history pertinent to its creation differ from what has come before & that which we are all familiar with, DUE TO THE CONTINUINGLY FLUID ALTERATION OF THE "Terminator" time-line that has been a result of & taken place since the VERY FIRST TERMINATOR in 1984 (ie: original "Judgment Day" date changes, Sarah Connor's age & ultimate fate continually vary, & Connor himself is horrified to realize that Terminator development & Skynet's tactics differ from that which he's experienced for himself in the past & for which Sarah's recordings have prepared him.]) Overall: Good & fun movie. I enjoyed it & the low ending, which left me on that "just fires a desire for a more profound Finale to the "Terminator"'s proverbial "storm on the horizon" & if that "Fate" is that which can ultimately be averted...

kane on Aug 14, 2010


I think it was ok but i like action movies though, id give it about a 6 or 7 out of ten.

vending machine combos on Oct 1, 2010

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