Sound Off: The Oscar Ceremony - Your Favorite Moments?

February 23, 2009

Hugh Jackman Batpod Oscars

As Yojiro Takita, director of Best Foreign Film winner Departures, said last night during his acceptance speech, "I am here because of films!" The Oscars are a time to celebrate any and everything film, whether it be the celebrities and their shenanigans, or the filmmakers and craftsmen who make it all look good, or the big execs who make everything happen. I'm one of those people who has grown up with the Oscars. I've watched the show since before I can remember and have never missed it, no matter where I am. This year's new format was refreshing to see and has obviously provided plenty for us to talk about the day after.

First and foremost, I was very happy with Hugh Jackman as the host this year. He's got a great stage presence that lent itself to some truly entertaining moments, especially the opening musical number. I'm one of those Oscar lovers that doesn't critique every little aspect of the ceremony, because I just love watching it, no matter what happens. And this was a great way to kick things off, with a few of the same kind of jokes we're all used to seeing previously, and a bit more as well! Here's the entire opening again:

All of the videos have been removed by AMPAS. Sorry!

So what were my other favorite Oscar moments from this year? How about that bit with Tina Fey and Steve Martin? More than anything, their writing was the best part. "It has been said that to write is to live forever." "The man who wrote that, is dead." "Yet we all know the importance of writing, because every great movie begins with a great screenplay." "Or, a very good idea for the poster, but usually, a screenplay." Classic! This will be a bit of dialogue I'll be revisiting in the next few months or possibly next year before the next Oscars. Either way, that was one of the best comedic bits of the night. Watch that moment again:

All of the videos have been removed by AMPAS. Sorry!

And of course, the acceptance speeches, there's always a handful of them we'll never forget. One of my favorites was when Man on Wire won for Best Documentary and the lovable Philippe Petit made his way to the stage fashionably late, only to then perform a magic trick and balance the Oscar on his chin. Bravo for that little performance, Mr. Petit! And additionally, the couldn't-be-happier Danny Boyle giving his Tigger acceptance speech as well won't be quickly forgotten. Both of those speech can be watched again below:

All of the videos have been removed by AMPAS. Sorry!

I can't wrap this up without mentioning the two Japanese winners, Yojiro Takita of the Best Foreign Film, Departures, and Kunio Kato of the Best Animated Short Film, La Maison en Petits Cubes, for giving two of the most innocent and confusing, yet profoundly charming, speeches of the entire night. I'm sure Mr. Kato is going to go down in history as the only guy to ever thank Mr. Roboto at the Oscars. "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" to you, too! And I've also got to say thanks to our friends at The Playlist for finding a lot of these YouTube videos as seen above, because sadly ABC doesn't know how to put their own clips online.

So what were your favorite moments from this year's brand new Oscar ceremony?

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Slumdog Millionaire takes 8 Oscars is my favorite moment; the overall excitement of the cast and crew who made a beautiful and touching film, slightly more uplifting than the usual best picture choice. Heath Ledger's family was also a poignant moment and Kate Winslet finally winning (and beating THE Meryl Streep no less) was fantastic. She is near and dear to my heart and now an Oscar winner. Hugh Jackman is one of a kind and proved to be a fun, energetic, and memorable host. Sooooo hott too!! "Wolverineeeee!" ps, first! booyah.

Deidre on Feb 23, 2009


Hugh Jackman. Slumdog winning Best Picture. Everything else was pretty boring.

Morbius on Feb 23, 2009


Ben Stiller ripping on Joaquin Phoenix was one of my favorite parts. One of the funniest things Stiller's done in a while 🙂

Kevin on Feb 23, 2009


Phillipe Petit balancing the Oscar statue on his chin.

Cinemassiv on Feb 23, 2009


... I really enjoyed the past Oscar Winners presenting the Oscars... thought that was really good touch... Also... Hugh Jackman's opening number... just great... I really like this change of pace from the Oscars... alot more class added to it... ...

Mondo Jay on Feb 23, 2009


"Boom goes the dynamite."

Chadsky on Feb 23, 2009


I liked Hugh Jackman capping the whole montage by moving on from not being nominated to proclaiming his next role ... "I'm Wol - ver - ine ! ! !" And the Nixon/Frost romance dance was pretty cool, too. Anne Hathaways the spitting image of one of my former girlfriends.

Jimbo Slims on Feb 23, 2009


Natalie Portman

Nate on Feb 23, 2009


am i the only one who hated the opening, just seemed like a bad snl skit. anyway new format was terrible....where were the clips?

Al on Feb 23, 2009


Mr. Jackman was superb. Former winners introducing/presenting in a group was quite an ode to all who have been fortunate to attain the apex in the craft. It was amazing to see the actual love for one another. The dreaded Seth Rogen and the mockery produced by Stiller was just revolting and an attempt to draw a younger audience, and it obviously failed.

D-9 on Feb 23, 2009


"Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto" and Seth Rogan laughing out loud at James Franco's mess-up

Jmoney on Feb 23, 2009


and the attempt at singing by Latifiah was so bad. Sliding into the notes and going flat and the end of every phrase. The Memorium section is always a tear-jerker, but the cue in the camera work was bad and the live vox was an utter distraction.

D-9 on Feb 23, 2009


Ben Stiller pretending to be Joaquin was pretty funny. "You look like you work in a Hasidic meth lab." - Natalie Portman.

Melissa on Feb 23, 2009


"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto," tied with Philippe Petit's magic trick as the best moment of the night. Actually it was sort of witty on Mr. Kato's part, because his production company is actually called ROBOT. There was never going to be a more perfect opportunity to reference that Styx song, and he took it.

Mary on Feb 23, 2009


Agree with 10 and 12. The Rogen laughter at Franco in his mistake was class-less and proved he did not belong. Think where you are, and what your doing. The Oscar stage is not a place to display your ignorance and lack of public skills reverting to your 7th grade humor. Terrible, ruined the whole presentation.

Tim "Clovefield" on Feb 23, 2009


mayn i wud chief on sum kill wit rogen mayn

MAYNHOLUP! on Feb 23, 2009


"Don't fall in love with me" Steve Martin to Tina Fey. Funnier than the 2 Pink Panther films right there! Also liked the bit when one of the techs was heard saying "open them up Steve!" when the curtains failed to open at the beginning.

jdslater on Feb 23, 2009


Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix, especially when he walked towards the big screen when the clip was playing was one of my favorite parts, along with the awkward moment between saul silver and dale denton after the scene between franco and penn in Milk. Steve Martin was funny as hell also, although he shouldnt have shown his face in public after the pink panther 2 debacle

LeeMan on Feb 23, 2009


Justin Lance Black acceptance speech and sean penn's speech... kate winslet calling out to her dad to wistle so she would know where they were... the mega stars all looking (hopefully geniunely) teary-eyed when ledger's family accepted in his honour... beyonce walking down the stairs... 😀 and steve martin to tina fey "dont dall in love with me" jackman hosting was good... but it was more like him hosting the tony's... in my book the guy can do no wrong... if fey has another top year i think she will be hosting next year... and i like how they are not completely politicall correct ( the scientology joke was not lost on anyone... curiously enough did tom cruise show up? i couldnt see him or travolta... was it the scientology convention in roswel?)

viral on Feb 23, 2009


sank you, sank you.

Matt Suhu on Feb 23, 2009


fuckin' zac efron

Dude on Feb 23, 2009


I loved Hugh Jackman's stuff, and i hope he keeps coming back because he really owned it. And i found the Pineaple express stuff hilarious. Also i loved the new format, i really think the Academy hit a homerun with this new format, it was awesome.

Darunia on Feb 23, 2009


P.Express spoof was AWFUL! Immature at best. Ben Stiller should be banned from any public appearences from now on. Disrespectful and I would sue if Iwas Phoenix!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 23, 2009


I think that Rogen was hilarious, and I like that he doesn't change who he is, even if it is the Oscars. So fuck you whiners. Also, I have to ask this because my friend keeps mentioning it: IS THIS WHOLE JOAQUIN PHOENIX THING A SET UP FOR HIS DOCUMENTARY? A CHANCE TO PROVE THAT HE CAN BE "AN ACTOR" IN REAL LIFE AND FOOL US ALL? KIND OF LIKE AN ANDY KAUFMAN JOKE? IF SO, A LOT OF IT MAKES SENSE....SUCH AS LETTERMAN, STILLER HELPING INCITE THE SCENARIO, THE RAP CHOICE, ETC. Just a thought to chew on....

Tyler on Feb 23, 2009


The best moment was when Koni Kato recited Styxx lyrics and said domo arigato, mr. roboto during his speech.

Craig on Feb 23, 2009


I laughed my little head off when Jack Black cracked the "taking his money from dream works and betting it on pixar for the Oscar" joke! Hugh Jackman is a real champion!! All class! Snubbing Micky...not so good.

Grant on Feb 23, 2009


Hugh Jackman was brilliant as this years host, as was Anne Hathaway! Steve Martin and Tina Fey were extremely funny as was Stiller and Portman! The Magic trick for "Man on Wire" was awesome! All the awards for "Slumdog Millionaire" were incredible! Kate Winslet winning was beautiful! Heath Ledgers win for Best Supporting Actor was great and his family's speech was good too! Penelope Cruz was good as well! The James Franco and Seth Rogen spoof was actually very funny, laughing at the dramas! All around the 81 Academy Awards were great! minus a few thing (i.e. the political pundits.)

Xerxex on Feb 24, 2009


Any reference in including the BRILLIANT Andy Kaffman and Stiller or Rogen is unacceptable. PERIOD!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 24, 2009


Hugh Jackman is the best! "I'm Wolverrinneee!" That was cool! 🙂

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

30 can't sue someone for making fun of them, it's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Movieraider321 on Feb 24, 2009


24, i've felt this from the beginning and still feel it today, joaquin is indeed faking. of course there isn't any proof, but to change that drastically in a matter of months is impossible, especially for someone who was so normal and down to earth.

Al on Feb 24, 2009


Every other year or so we are promised that the Oscars this year are going to be different, with lots of surprises....this year, they actually pulled it off! I loved the opening, I liked the way Jackman talked to the folks in the audience, very informal, but very intimate. The opening number was a triumph of imagination and humor...I swear, Mel Brooks came to mind when I was watching it! There were some boring parts, of course. They really need to do away with all the tech awards except cinematography and editing! Will Smith did a good job with that part, though. Queen Latifah was just fine, #12! The musical number with Beyonce' was also great. It says a lot when the production numbers are actually watchable. The segment with all the nominated songs was also good...Peter Gabriel should have re-considered...he would have been better that John Legend. Just one question...WHERE WAS JACK?

kitano0 on Feb 24, 2009


That first vid was awesome. Man, maybe I do need cable... naw youtube FTW.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009

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