Sound Off: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - What Did You Think?

June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It only took Michael Bay and company two years to bring us a sequel to the exciting and explosive hit Transformers from 2007. Now he's back with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and it's bigger, it's longer, it's taller (in IMAX), and it has more robots than you could ever want, but is it actually better? Does the Fallen kick some serious robot ass? Does it have any story problems? Are there just too many robots? Or is it the most exciting action movie this summer? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

To fuel the fire, I actually really enjoyed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen quite a bit. I think it's a very good, very entertaining movie, but not a great one. It has a lot of problems, a lot of rough edges, mainly coming from the script and story. It just felt like there was everything in this movie - and not in a good way. I didn't have a problem with the two separate stories (Sam and Mikaela vs Cpt. Lennox and Optimus) or more robot action because that's what we all wanted to see more of in the first one (and got plenty more of in this). But it just felt like the story just wasn't refined or honed at all and that bothered me occasionally.

That's not to say that I can't at least praise this movie for its technical achievements. The work ILM did on this was absolutely amazing. And the IMAX scenes, like with The Dark Knight last year, looked absolutely gorgeous. There is no other way to experience this (or at least those fight scenes) than in IMAX. And the level of detail that ILM put into those scenes was just stunning. There is a lot to admire on that side, even with what Michael Bay pulled off. No other director out there does this kind of stuff and there were plenty of moments where I just got a big shit-eating grin on my face. That's what pure entertainment is all about.

What did you think of Transformers 2? Better or worse than Transformers? Good or bad?

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1st ๐Ÿ˜› twas bullshit...fell asleep during the movie

adi on Jun 24, 2009


it was ok. i liked the first one more.

05a88 on Jun 24, 2009


I went to see it last weekend with the missues and I have to say I struggled to keep track of what was going on. The action scenes were EPIC but there was so much going on I ended up a bit cross-eyed. That being said when I came out and thought back I actually really enjoyed it and I will definitely be seeing it again.

Kaiser on Jun 24, 2009



Ramos on Jun 24, 2009


out of all the un-realistic things in transformers the only thing i could think about was how unrealistic his college was.there is no way there would be that many hot, slutty girls in astronomy 101. it wasnt horrible but i guess it didnt meet my expectations,there was to much going on but atleast optimus was actually bad ass in this one and hella killing robots. it was tight but it could have been simplier and much better and organized and i still hate the cliche that theres hot slutty freshman girls who just hang out in the hallways at school. it was good though,but i think i like the first more. i wish the new autobots had more of a set up rather than just being here all of a sudden. i give it a 7.5 out of ten. but i dont get paid to review movies, so dont take my word on it. i wanna see it on imax though

erik on Jun 24, 2009


i dunno, i think the first one was just more.......... fun? this one kinda gave me a headache.

Brian Barajas on Jun 24, 2009


the special effects were fucking amazing though,so that alone is worth seeing it. i wish they played the AVATAR trailer before it but instead they played new moon and i said woooooooo for fun and all 250 people in the theatre started throwing shit at me and booing and some guy called me a fag. i was kidding but i was wearing a vneck and cut off shorts so shit,i would probably do the same if i was on a date with a guido gal and wearing hollister.

erik on Jun 24, 2009



Biznitch on Jun 24, 2009


#5 - Your complaining before too many hot chicks....your an idiot. This movie was packed with everything that needed to be for a summer hit, explosions!!! I loved it, and I thought the comedy was great. I wouldnt take little ones to go due to the language and sexual inuendos

Seismic Ninja on Jun 24, 2009


Bay seems to rely on base humour all the time, everything has to have a sexual innuendo. The character of the college roomie could have been removed completely, the twin autobots were annoying, didn't add anything to the story, they were Jar Jar Binks in stereo. There's a good twenty minutes or even more that could be cut from this film, they could have gotten rid of all this stuff, and used the time to explore the fallen a lot more. Megatron is reduced to a starscream servant role, and somehow even with everything that's going on, there seems to be less autobots, I can only remember seeing ratchet once, and ironhide only a couple of times.

chrisills on Jun 24, 2009


The movie was too long! Cut about 25 minutes of the cheesy acting and dialogue and it would have been the perfect senseless summer popcorn flick. Instead we have a overbloated transformers movie that didn't care about plot, editing (yes you do see decpticons fighting at two places at the same time during the pyramid scene) , and stupid jokes. Forget about all that its about the BOTS!!!!!!

ricanman on Jun 24, 2009


Lets all be serious here. Do you even give a crap about a dialogue? I just wanted to see the movie to see Prime bust some ASS. The battle sequences are much better. Now in terms of a story. I hate Michael Bay for creating a story that mixed in an all spark in part 1 and the matrix in part 2, in addition to mixing elements from the old cartoon which was great with elements for the newer cartoons ie: the all spark. There was too much time wasted dealing with Sam's parents. And as far as those people who complain about Megan Fox. Lets be serious, the girl is F***ing HOT! I wish I was that dude from 90210 that was hitting that. My point for the comment is - Better fights and bigger robots = go see this movie. The hell with the story. I highly doubt fans really care. They just want see Optimus.

R2theL-O on Jun 24, 2009


Forget the story! There is none! This is full of awesome robot fights with bot-gore. Visually mindblowing!

Dave on Jun 24, 2009


Best visual end special effects I have ever seen.

Robbie on Jun 24, 2009


The movie is great, if you're into action and great fight scenes, then go see it. It's worth the full price.

Ali on Jun 24, 2009



sean on Jun 24, 2009


I walked in expecting crap like the first one but was surprised. Some bad musical choices, messy editing, scenes pulled from other movies, and weak acting pulled it down. Otherwise, it was really fun and quite entertaining.

TomV on Jun 24, 2009


Being raised on the original Transformers. I was disgusted by the first one and wrote Mr Bay a long nasty letter. Now I am appalled that he would desecrate the Transformers name. I wish only the worst for Mr Bay and anyone responsible for making these movies.....

Dj Ot on Jun 24, 2009


#10 - I think 'you're' the idiot here. Also, do you really go to movies to watch HOT CHICKS with their clothes on? What are you, 10? We're on the internet, there's plenty of women with no clothes here.

Tim on Jun 24, 2009


hell, I agree with R2theL-O. people just want to see either more of Optimus Prime or The Fallen. Or basically, more fighting scenes and more robots. Maybe there are certain pointless scenes but if the movie is all about robots fighting each other, then it would be even more pointless, won't it? Overall, Megan Fox and Isabella Lucas are just extremely hot and I love every minute of it. And although Michael Bay's crude humors in the movie are mostly involving sex, they work great especially when Megan Fox's around and that's about it.

James Pong on Jun 24, 2009


Great movie! Every bit of it was awesome. Didn't seem long at all. Was action packed and looked great. The imax scenes were crazy! Would highly recommend it. Parents there is a fair bit of cussing, but otherwise great movie.

benlomand on Jun 24, 2009


the fallen was rubbish, sat on his arse for 2 hours then got his arse handed to him by optimus prime in 10 seconds. We brought back megatron but for what? He did nothing apart from argue with starscream. Devastator was a let down, could he not of got more into the action instead of being a giant hoover that got destroyed very easily. Soundwave, oh soooooo please you put him in the movie. He was just a satellite. Should of kept it simple with fewer robots. Other than that i enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜€

joe on Jun 24, 2009


Was the worst action film I have seen in a long time! Bring back some of the 90's films please! It's Bigger, it's longer, it's taller and all for the wrong reasons. Will we remember this flawed movie as time goes by - hell no! Its a shamble, a complete mess of a story so much of it doesn't make sense - i.e. the skin bot as discussed in this interview

dom on Jun 24, 2009


The effects were good given the timeframe - but ILM do have amazing budgets and people. They are the ones who can pull this off. Thats said.. rewatch it (if u dare) and check out the strange particle system pushing rocks out from the middle of the pyramid as the robot pulls it apart - they appear to be spraying out from the middle - from no where that has any kind of physical force. Also check out the rotoscoping on the final shot with shia in front of optimus.. look at his hairline. Some more time would have gone a long way.. but then the producers want more and more for less - so u get what u pay for.

dom on Jun 24, 2009


Michael Bay blew up the world. 8/10

DoomCanoe on Jun 24, 2009


Sucked even more than the first one. Why the hell did I go see that when I hated the first one?

Kevin on Jun 24, 2009


I give it a 2 out of 10. It was just terribly done. The editing was just all messed up. 2 teams of Constructicons? One combining to form Devestator and another fighting the Autobots and the soldiers. What the F? And how could they get something as simple as counting wrong? (the scene where the Constructicons go down to revive Megatron, the submarine registered 5 unknown targets in the water. The Constructicons kill off one of their own for parts to give to Megatron [5-1=4]. Then when they were submerging the submarine identified 6 targets instead whereas it should have still been just 5 since one of the constructicons got dismantled [4 constructicons + 1 Megatron = 5 Decepticons]) As for the humor? Fart jokes? Ive never seen a Transformer fart before (Jetfire). Nor is the twins any use to the plot. And apparently the 2 effers could take out devestator on their own. So why don't they just kick Megatron's ass instead? The opening scene was the worst. Killing off the R8 just like that. I mean wow Bay. Seriously. And stop it with the "Bad Boys-camera-rotating-around-the-room-going-thru-holes" shit and the Shia-Fox-rotating-against-the-sun-making-it-so-romantic bull crap. And the cheap shot to McG with the Robo-Terminator-Bitch? What the hell was that all about? I didn't know decepticons could mimic human tissues. Bay was just trying to pull a fast one on McG. Thats it Bay. You should stop directing Transformers. Better yet stop directing altogether. Go back to shooting car commercials. Thats what you're good at anyway. I have never been more pissed at a movie than I have at this one. I've patiently been waiting for 2 years for this movie. More robots? More actions? Nope. Just more Bay Crap.

Armand on Jun 24, 2009


I may have a better question : Would Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen win the Oscar for the best Visual Effect Achievement ? Because the story and the acting are not the point in such movies ! But CGI is .

Oscar on Jun 24, 2009


This is a film that makes me glad that I want to be a filmmaker. Yes, it was shit, but it was inglorious shit which has our attention and us talking about it and seeing it ...good or bad. BTW- I caught the midnight screening at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome, and Michael Bay was there.. before the film started he thanked us the fans and said this movie was for us.

Ivan on Jun 24, 2009


What do you expect out of the writing for this movie? On what DEEP emotional level are you supposed to be feeling from the writing/plot? ITS A ROBOT WAR ON EARTH - It's a popcorn action movie on an epic scale. You fanboys/girls put it waaayyyy too high on a pedestal expecting some highly intelligent plotline supported by the most inspiring dialogue. Sure, I could go w/o the leg humping, and some of the scenes were kinda WTF?, but that doesn't make me hate the movie for it. Its supposed to be a summer blockbuster! What else do you expect?! The roommate was perfectly casted, and at first I didn't like him, but he got better it progressed. I thought it was a solid successor to the first, so much more action packed into a time frame 3 minutes shorter than the first one! It had everything you want in a summer blockbuster - Action, Comedy, Drama(ehh, so so) - Enjoy it!!

Nick Sears on Jun 24, 2009


They certainly put all the money up on the screen - shame they didn't save any for a decent script ๐Ÿ™ It had its moments and was better than the first one (or at least I went in with significantly lowered expectations) but I still wasn't impressed. We had horrific sound problems in our showing which in some ways distracted from the true horror of the film (center channel kept dropping). Plus *way* too long. Theres some entertaining stuff floating around the net about the racist undertones of the twins though...

Dave Bullock on Jun 24, 2009


maybe..just maybe at 25 years old i ain't into robots fighting anymore. and that's why i thought it was booring. I went with my little brother...glad at least he got a kick of it. CGI was great BUT...those fights are so complex you miss a lot of shit. You need to slow-mo all the fights to see the goodness. The story/the acting was cheesy. If it wasn't for megan fox's ass, good CGI, robots talking dirty (bitch'ass :))...i would have played on my PSP till the end of the movie. Don't judge me wrong, this is my impression, i don't want to offend others that liked it..good for you. The reason for going to movies is to get that 1-2 hours of bliss, if you got that seeing this movie, good for you, money well spent. ๐Ÿ™‚

adi on Jun 24, 2009


I saw it last week when it was released over here (UK) and really enjoyed it. Is it as good as the first one? To some extent yes it is, I take the point that the story isn't that good, but that's down to subject matter, the first film was an introduction to the Transformers, where they were from, why they were here, and for me waiting to see how these childhood memories would be transformed (scuse the pun) onto the big screen. Obviously that nostalgia element has gone as I know what they look like etc. but the back story as to what they'd been up to since we last saw them was nicely done. I really didn't like some story elements, not a big fan of the Fallen, Jetfire was too comical, the twins provided nice comic relief but could have been done better and there did seem to be some poor editing in parts and I expect a directors cut to be a bit longer to smoothe some of those out. All in all I'd say the film was easily a 9/10 for me, definately worth a watch, not as good as the first one but certainly not as terrible as some are making out!!

Paul on Jun 24, 2009


I absolutely hated it. Here is my 2 out of 10 review:

Jordan Raup on Jun 24, 2009


This movie blew chunks! I love Transformers, have all the G1 comics, and this sucked balls and ass. No story (think of all the great ones in the comics, heck even the cartoons), characters I could care less about, robots that are too complex to make out in complicated scenes (there were Citroen ads I think shown in Europe that had their cars turning into robots a la Transformers......why couldn't that model be used??) and the bloody army in every second scene (I paid to see transformers, not a recruitment ad for the army Bay!). So, the 1st was much better than this, but seriously, Mr. Bay, you really haven't a bloody clue. Sorely underused Devastator, 0% care factor for all the robots bar Prime, a nutured Megatron (and whats this Apprentice shee-ite.......he's MEGATRON!!!!) and a whole load of random robots, most of whom you didn't hear who they were nor did you care. So, to sum up, I can't wait for oooooh 10 to 15 years time when someone who can distinguish arse from elbow does a re-do on Transformers.

jb on Jun 24, 2009


What are some good Michael Bay movies? I dont know of any.

Frank Booth on Jun 24, 2009


Im sorry but this movie was f'ing awesome. Ok granted there were some holes that go to me. Like the fact that Long Haul and Rampage were off fighting the Autobots but 2 seconds prior to that they just transformed as a part of Devastator. Other than that I thought it was a fun summer movie. Plenty of action and comedy. And Im sorry but the Twins were funny as shit. Even though they were walking talking racial stereotypes, me and all the people I went with were cracking up at their antics. They couldve done some more character development with Arcee and Jolt (who had no lines in the movie by the way)....And Soundwave couldve been alot better. The final scene was extremely anti-climatic but they did pay homage to the original cartoon ( where Megatron gets his ass kicked by Optimus and screams for Starscream) lol that was classic Oh and #27 if you paid attention throughout the whole movie, they found the Decepticons by energy signatures. When they went down there were 5....Until the Doctor was introduced...then he ordered the others to kill the small Decepticon for parts to revive Megatron so technically there were 6 when they came back

Primo1 on Jun 24, 2009


this movie was FUCKING GREAT. i loved it much more than number 1. i think people are expecting way too much out of this movie. if you are, take your ass back to your transformers cartoons and party with those, bitches. as jay-z would say, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, GO KICK A FREESTYLE. anyway, here are my minor problems w/ the film: maybe too many robots (too many to keep up w/), the latin roomate for comic relief, the decepticon-turned autobot taking too long to get to the point, some of the crappy comedy period, and didn't it seem like it took FOREVER for them to get to optimus and the drop point in the end sequence? (optimus kicked ass those last 5 or 6 mins, but damn son, run faster, lol). oh, and TEENAGERS. a great film and i'm glad i spent my money on it. mr. bay paid tribute to the series in the first one. this one seemed like he was aiming for bigger and badder, which it was.

JL on Jun 24, 2009


Even with bad comedy it was sweet and it didn't feel like 2 1/2 hours at all. Second viewing in IMAX for sure.

Cat on Jun 24, 2009


I don't know, I'm conflicted on one hand I really liked it (or at least wanted to like it) based on the previews. I was excited to see Devastator and the Constructoncons, but they weren't really used. There were a lot of bad racial stereotypes (the Twins (Black), the little Joe Pepsci robot (i guess Italian). The special effects were good from a distance, but when they were fighting in was hard to see. Maybe at the IMAX theater it would be better, but who has money for that. Now, I kind of disappointed this summer because it looks like G.I. Joe will be crap. So far I would say Star Trek been the best movie this summer. I am definitely looking forward to Public Enemy's. I guess I am just getting to old for this, "blow up the white house, blow up new york, blow up paris" stuff. 2012 looks terrible. Anyway just some thoughts. Would I see it again? Only in IMAX. Would I recommend it, I guess hesitantly.

JB on Jun 24, 2009


#34 no one is reading your dumb review. Alex, good review bro. Can we get a spoiler thread so we can talk about shit without ruining it for people who haven't seen it? When I buy chicken I don't expect to get beef and that's how I feel about going to the movies too. I knew what to expect going into this movie and it delivered. The forest scene was just epic!

Cat on Jun 24, 2009


wow i thought it was the best movie i seen all year but im starting 2 think that g.i. joe will be better

quez on Jun 24, 2009


I probably won't see it, since I hated the first one and some of the shit people are saying makes this one sound like a bigger, louder, dumber movie than even the first one, which is saying a lot. So instead of a robot pee joke there's a robot fart joke? Is there another awkward scene where they discuss masturbation for five minutes? Is it explained why Bumblebee didn't say anything in that scene they showed, when he got his voice back at the end of the previous film? Does Bumblebee speak at all? Bumblebee has tear ducts? If there are this many stupid questions popping up from one clip they showed, how dumb must the rest of the film be? I think it's kinda funny that I'm seeing a lot of people who liked the first movie but didn't like this one for some reason, tho. Usually when 'those' people dislike a movie it means the film is actually not that bad, but in this case the people who hated the first one hate this one even more. This must be one awful fucking movie, and I don't think I could sit through it. If 'those' people are hating on the second transformers movie, then god help anyone with half a brain who attempts to see it. In fact, just reading some of the 'reviews' by the people who like it, it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with them. How can you people watch a movie that is utterly pointless? Why is watching big CGI things beat each other up so entertaining? It's not real or believeable or plausible or anything. It might look pretty, but to base an entire LONG film around nothing but that? I don't get it... Are you all afraid of thinking too hard? What the fuck is wrong with the people in this country? Why are so many people so willingly fucking stupid here? And every time I bring this up, some douchebag says something like "Not every film has to be some cerebral thing. Sometimes it's good to watch a big dumb action movie" and I will agree with that. I LOVE big dumb action movies and I watch a few of them every year. But just about every major motion picture that gets released in this country is made for fools. They make movies for stupid people here, and you stupid people eat it up without even realizing how insulting it is. It's ok to watch a big dumb movie occasionally, but EVERY FUCKING MOVIE HERE is a big dumb movie. So why does every fucking movie have to be a big dumb movie? Why can't you people watch something more cerebral once in a while? Have some meat and potatoes to go along with all those french fries and cotton candy. Just saying. I've not even seen the thing. I guess I'll go see it this afternoon.

Squiggly on Jun 24, 2009


I seen it in the Imax and it was a terrific movie!!! Like one guy said there's a little cursing but aside from that it was much better than the first. Optimus Prime had mad hand skills. He was holding it down in the forest! It's best action film so far this summer. 5 out of 5 absolutely loved it. I'm going back today!

Black Dynomite on Jun 24, 2009


I liked it, it didn't move as fast as the first one or as smooth, but it was good flick for as it is. Prime kicked some ass ninja style and they could of had more of a story, but this is what happens when you rush a sequel. ( Same thing happen with Matrix 2 and 3). Hopefullly it works out that Bay will take a year or so off, and everybody comes back and write a good story. move foward with things. On the lighter side: the Cars used were Cold as hell!!!!! (<== Really, Really Cool in Republican langauge) The Audi, Camero, The bikes, Sting Ray corvette... This movie was eye candy for the summer and when it comes out on Blue Ray its going to look sexy on the flat screen.... 8.5/ 10 and ranks 3rd on the summer movies... 1st: Star Trek 2nd: The Hangover

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook Me!!!!) on Jun 24, 2009


This is "Transformers"! Now is Transformers 2 and all of our expectations about it are done right by Bay! I don't mind people who gave it 5/10 with any reasons they had!

Mavis on Jun 24, 2009


Ranks 3rd on the summer movies? Stan, you obviously have only seen three. Remember Pixar's Up? Drag Me to Hell? Terminator Salvation? Sheesh, even the Proposal was more exciting then this migraine-inducing, pile of garbage.

WhatISmynameanyway? on Jun 24, 2009


So the CGI in this movie was spectacular for the most part, but did anyone notice the crappy bit of CGI they had when devastator was throwing bricks down. The bricks looked like they were sliding instead of rolling. It bugged me that it was so bad when the rest was so good.

Jordan on Jun 24, 2009


Was everything that Transformers had and more of the same. In other words good summer popcorn flick. All early bad reviews seem to point out the absolute minor flaws as something huge. Ok, so there were 2 bots acting as gangstas... who gives a crap. T1 had same moments. #5 are you for real ? A giant robot farting is totally ok with you but hot chicks is NONO ? You are going to a Bay movie and expect to see ugly chicks ? This will gross enough to spawn a 3rd and a 4th.

Shige on Jun 24, 2009


people are complaining about the story and script, did anyone watch the original G1 series? it was so cheesy, and the plot was very mediocre, every episode was here's megatron, her's something he wants, watch the autobots stop him. and the formula didn't stray from that. So why do us transformers fans want to watch these films, simple, to see our favorite characters battle on screen, and I wasn't disappointed in this film. we actually got a film where the story revolved around the robots, and the humans were merely side story characters used to meld the action scenes together. I loved every second!

Bo on Jun 24, 2009


Just saw Tom Clancy's an army of one Transformers on IMAX, it looks amazing, yes, a technical achievement no doubt, but it is a horrible horrible movie, It felt like the script was written by a jock and an 8 year old boy. The racially portrayed twin robots, the slapstick mousetrap on the foot comedy, the whole join the army because we have cool toys and no one else in the world can kill robots like we do, robots that cant aim at ALL, oh and lets not forget the Indiana Jones part. We have to accept, Bay killed the transformers, I loved the first film, this was just good special effects with robots, thats it.

Malday on Jun 24, 2009


caught this last week when it came out in the uk first. really enjoyed it, popcorn action flick. i am quite sure that in a couple of weeks Harry Potter will destroy it though, in terms of quality and money.

Stuart Mellor on Jun 24, 2009


How could you guys have liked this? Do we not have standards. Yes it was an action popcorn movie... but there is a way to make excellent popcorn action movies! I actually went home and grabbed the nearest good movie- that being The Godfather- on my DVD shelf because of how much of an awful piece of shit I thought T2: ROF was.

Bahumbug on Jun 24, 2009


I wouldn't say that I hated it but I certainly wouldn't say that I liked it. I loved the first one for all of the reasons that this one was lacking. Bay probably only kept his insanity in check in the first one because he didn't have the budget to bring in A-10s F-16s tanks missile launching platforms helicopters commandos from two goernments a B-2 for no aparent reason and have it literally raining decepticons all to blow up a set that he already blew up in the first one. Am I the only one that was bored by the end of the 45 minute long cluster F at the end there? when is hollywood going to realize MORE IS NOT BETTER IT'S JUST MORE

kiran on Jun 24, 2009


No comment....simply just no comment....I'm a Transformers lore geek and I was not all...and I'm not hard to please when it comes to movies....Oh well...Iron Man 2 / The Last Air Bender / 9 / Avatar / I'll see you soon... (p.s.: I know I said no comment and left one...Irony is a bitch huh!)

Lazarus on Jun 24, 2009


#49 Bo is right!!! The humans were a side piece to the action. This was very very good. All them Harry Potters is garbage! It should be called Herminy Ranger cause she's the one who knows all the spells. Harry lost in every film. Boo to Potter! Transformers kicked ass. As fans we're always gonna want to see more of something but Bay gave us nearly everything we wanted. Stop complaining about robot personalities, hot chicks and the number of robots that went down to Megatron! The hangover and star trek were good but Transformers was much better. Bay didn't give away all the action scenes in trailers! or the funniest parts. Star Trek & hangover did! Transformers best movie of the summer, unless Avatar can hold up to its high expectations.

Black Dynomite on Jun 24, 2009


"Oh my lanta"!!! this was AWESOME! how the hell can a person say it sucked? this was an intense movie. It had a few points that i was not totally pleased with but as a whole the movie was SICK!

Yaten24 on Jun 24, 2009


After all that number 42 will still see the movie.

big r on Jun 24, 2009


#46 you got me, but i did see the proposal, and my girl cock blocked Terminator for me, and I'm a see Up this weekend, so the list can always change, but it was still a fun film tho, it could of been could of ben Wolverine again..... R.I.P Child hood Cartoons

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook Me!!!!) on Jun 24, 2009


I liked the comedy in the movie more than anything. A few continuity breaks , Aka, Tazer in car? and 2 much slow motion other than that. megan was hot as fuck and i enjoyed it.

SkyNet on Jun 24, 2009


Enjoyable movie over all. my biggest problem is that the action scenes were a jumbled mix of poor super fast editing and a camera that was stuck on zoom the whole time. you could hardly tell who was fighting whom. I got a headache trying to separate the visuals. somehow hollowood has decided that they have to mash the action right onto the screen. they need to take a clue from all of the great Hong Kong coreography and move the camera back so you can see the action. there were a few nice slow-mo shots but not enough. the super fast editing gives a roller coaster thrill but prevents any distinguishable sequences. this appraoch to action is the lowest form of audience manipulation, but I guess that is Micheal Bay's specialty.

Karl on Jun 24, 2009


A gold tooth? Obviously I haven't seen it, but thats just retarded. and yes the little things bother me. I was thinking, everytime I watch T1 on DVD I fast forward through Shia's terrible Ad libbing and go straight to the battles. So maybe it's good that part 2 is most action. Plus you should expect that for pt 2. Pt 1 set it up and then as soon as pt 2 starts the action continues. I loved the first one but I honestly could barely stomach the terrible comedy. From Anthony Andersons LOUD unfunny mouth to John Tuturro "criminals are hot" WTF? And last but not least Shia. I honestly cant stand him. and I honestly dont understand what hollywood sees in him. I've never met anyone who says they love his acting. he just doesn't possess that certain something, that charisma. That bein said, I'll sit through it because I do wanna see the robots, and I do want to see the action. But goddamnit, I hoped Bay was gonna fix the nonsense from the first one. Lastly I'm reading people saying they probably wouldnt take kids. Well shit, It's giant robots fighting, of course kids are gonna see it. I just feel bad for whoever.

I have anxiety (and depression) on Jun 24, 2009


Alot of people are just justifying reasons for the shitty script i.e. the special effects were good, the show didn't have a good script so why should the movie, etc... but why should we justify this? this piece of shit, i will say, had some crazy action scenes that i was able the behold myself in IMAX which was done beautifully at times. But even the CGI wasn't perfect as the pyrimad scene had some fucking terrible CGI. not necessarily the transformers fighting but even the rocks falling down looked like their was just a green screen behind them. However that was met positively by that fucking bad ass fight between Optimus, Megatron, and Starscream, which was teh best scene of the movie in IMAX. but back to the plot thing. I'm going to compare this chance for a good script with Star Trek which i loved. Star Trek had great visuals and a great plot. I don't see how Kurtzman and Orci who produced something as great as Star Trek follow up with this piece of shit. And while they are different movies they share many of the same circumstances. Spoilers below: Now just to list some of the wtf moments i had in that movie and some questions so if any one could answer these for me that would be great. I thought that the movie actually had so much sexual references and material particularly the first 30 minutes that it was way too much. im not gonna bitch about it too much cuz the girls were smoking hot but just the sexual conotations in this movie were right out in your face and overwhelming. What the fuck happened to Sam's parents during the middle half of the movie? they just disappear for the entire middle of the movie. Their used relentlessly as comic relief in the beginning, then dissappear, then show up in fucking egypt to run away from explosions and attempt to have a emotional moment about growing up with sam. How do sam, mikela, and leo fall some 80 feet in the car and just hit the airbags and survive? that was a nuclear fridge moment for me. How is the fallen that much a pussy that he gets ass raped by Optiums in about a minute. My friend who i saw it with said "But optimus had like super armor." Do you really think the Fallen, the baddest mother fucker from Cybertron, who has all the Decipticons as his bitches, can't beat Optimus Prime? and if not, can't last for maybe 5 minutes? How is Devastator, who is portrayed on the level of the a Megatron or Fallen, get raped by a single rail gun round. How has the military not even tried something on the level of a fucking rail gun in the entire first movie, and not untill the end of the second movie? ok that wraps it up. if you are one of the horny teenagers thought this movie was "epic", try to defend it.

Jim on Jun 24, 2009


What I thought about the movie is pretty much what Alex has already stated. A few bumps here and there with the story and pacing, some un-needed scenes and whatnot but I still had a very good time! I also agree with what #49 Bo said. You can't really expect anything from a Transformers film aside from robots beating the crap out of each other. It felt like an extended episode of THE TRANSFORMERS imo. And I thought that out of everyone, these so called "fans" would be the ones who would better understand that. But then again, you can't really please everyone. I'm a bit concerned though with the some cussing and sexual inuendo in this film, knowing that kids will go see it.

solider on Jun 24, 2009


It was a pretty epic/bad movie! It sucks that groundbreaking and amazing effects are wasted on such a bad script. I realize the animation is amazing but I kept getting bored when they transform (took forever).

Byonic on Jun 24, 2009


shit compared to the first

eric on Jun 24, 2009


So much for the feud between Micheal Bay and McG about having bigger Robot Epeens. They both should wrap their dicks together in a knot till they turn blue and some sense comes out into their heads. Then maybe they will make a good wrothy movie for the budget they both been given. REVIEWS: McG: 1 - 33% on the tomatometer MBay: 0 - 20% on the tomoatometer BOX OFFICE (so far): McG: 1 - $321 Worldwide to date Mbay 0 - (pending totals and will change in weeks to come) FAN BASE: McG + Mbay: Seems split down the line. Besides the Box Office totals, McG is winning the Epeen battle. I like neither and take no sides. And I havent seen either movie. But it looks as if McG is taking the early lead now that both movies have come out. Whats your take? McG's Terminator or Mbay's Transformers? or C? Both suck cock balls at making movies?

Ken Masters on Jun 24, 2009


Good, not great.

Brian on Jun 24, 2009


I need a tin opener :o)

LV 426 on Jun 24, 2009


Well I think the first movie was one of the great action/guy/summer movies ever....My only problem with the first one was Optimus Prime got his ass kicked a bit too much by Megatron in the end fight. Revenge of the Fallen made him a fucking BAD ASS, like he should be....I agree with Billington...Too much jumbled into the movie....could of used less comedy, a few less Decepticons....allow us to know some of the new Autobots like Jolt and Sideswipe, instead of focusing on the stupid ass twins Skids and Mudflap...too much comic relief from that goofass College roommate of Sams that unnessessarily tagged along in the story....and not enough developement on the Fallen to make him more of a menace....all in all it was a pretty good action flick.....and in no way should it be compared to Dark Knight for story....But I will say this....TRANSFORMERS 1 was twice as good, the only thing the second movie had better was a better representation of Optimus Prime and better fight scenes BUT TFROTF is still a must see this summer, if not for the visuals alone.....The fight scenes are EPIC

OPTIMUS DEVINE on Jun 24, 2009

71 actually think Michael Bay gives a shit about what you think? He has made loads of money from these two movies, and he will continue to make money with the 3rd one (once it comes out). I don't think it matters what one pissed off 30 year old man who lives in his mother's basement thinks about Bay's films. Go back to wacking off to World of Warcraft characters. On a lighter note, if anyone liked the original tv show, you should like this movie. It had a lot of references to the original show, and had a lot of the aspects of the '80's movie in it. Sure the script may not have been that good, but neither was the '80's film's...and everyone who likes G1 Transformers loves that movie. Look past the script, and watch the movie for what it is, a science-fiction movie.

imarapyeyermom on Jun 24, 2009


PS....Dare I say Isabella Lucas may just be hotter than Megan Fox ????

OPTIMUS DEVINE on Jun 24, 2009


I enjoyed the hell out of it. Maybe its just because I busted my ass to get off work early, and catch the first showing, and hadn't slept in a couple days... I mean, some of the scene transitions seemed off... But, other than that, it was a fun flick to watch. And I think I'll go watch it again. Those of you who didn't like it... Well, just don't watch it. I freaking enjoyed it. Had some good laughs, and got to see Optimus kick ass. Money well spent.

nate on Jun 24, 2009


Yeah, #42 will see the movie, because #42 is a total film nerd. He's also a very low-budget film-maker, animator and writer. I might never get a major release for any film I ever produce, but I can live for 100 years and die happy knowing I never made anything as bad as the first Transformers movie. I'll watch this pile of ass because knowing what NOT to do is almost more important than knowing what works. @62: The first film seems like it would be fun for kids, but it was so crude and low-class I doubt many parents were too thrilled. I keep mentioning the masturbation scene, but it was a fucking masturbation scene in a movie about giant robots fighting each other. What business did that scene have in the movie, and why in fuck's name would you write anything remotely like that into the script in the first place? You get handed the Transformers - one of the highest profile scripts going around at the time - and masturbation and pee jokes creep in? It just shows the level of intelligence the filmmakers are shooting for, and man did they ever hit the nail on the fucking head. People are apparently fucking stupid. I mean, why not give the thing an actual plot? An earlier post mentioned that the show didn't really have much of a plot. Fine. But why not at least make an attempt to cram a plot in there. The original show was just a fucking half hour advertisement for toys and nothing more. What they did with the movie was basically just make a two hour advertisement for crappy, low-quality toys and a bunch of other tie-in merchandise bullshit. If they wanted to they could have made a halfway decent film out of it, but nope... lame one-liners, bodily function humor, random explosions and big shiny CG held together with only the barest of plot threads "OMG big machines are here, and other big machines came to fight them OMGWTF" for no reason at all.

Squiggly on Jun 24, 2009


Ken Masters: How can you even have an objective opinionon about Terminator and Transformers if you have not seen either? So, you base your opinion on what other people have to say? Very nice. Also, I'm amazed at how many people hated the first Transformers and hate Michael Bay so much, but still went opening night to watch it TF2. Then, they come here and post their hate comments. BTW, the visuals, action sequences, and optimus prime were mind-blowing. I was kinda bothered by the excessive humping, mikaela and sam's relationship, and useless characters (like Leo). Overall, a very entertaining movie.

GTO on Jun 24, 2009


The only thing I know is that I would have beautiful robot babies with Alice

Self on Jun 24, 2009


It was pretty bad. They attempted it add way too many robots and overdid the comedy roles in this one. I always enjoyed remembering the robots and seeing them on film, but this time you bairly saw any of them and they just popped up to shoot a few times. and boy, did they fuck up Jetfire. The most badass guy in the whole series and they make him scotish and annoying. Seriously, thats enough for me to never forgive him.

Medicine on Jun 24, 2009


I still don't get what people are saying that "there is no plot". What do you mean? There IS a plot. Maybe you just didn't like it, but I think that's totally different from saying there ISN'T any. I honestly think that the script would have gone alot smoother had Bay not insist on some of the other things to include. I'm no Bay hater, I ENJOY his movies, but I think he went trigger happy with this one. But I'm not really complaining either. It was just more on the excessive humping and some scenes that I think could have been eliminated. You guys should read/watch Alex's previous post about the interview with the writers. Will shed some light into the whole overloaded thing that I think most people agree on.

solider on Jun 24, 2009


@71 GTO Apart from what I said about having McG and Mbay given millions to make a good movie the rest was based soley on their feud. If you look at TDK, it was very good reviews thats why it made millions, a billion + worldwide. Good reviews bring in viewers paying money to see a good movie resulting in big box office numbers. And by the way, I havent stated my opinion about either movie so maybe you should go back to grade school and read more caerfully before making a witty remark. Or maybe you could join them pending yours is large enough by the remarks you made. That would be very nice, aye GTO?

Ken Masters on Jun 24, 2009


Great summer fun, non-stop action and lots of laughs. The language gets too much for all the little guys there (Leave the kids at home and go on a thrill ride for two and half hours). This is exactly how I wanted this movie to be, fun and exciting with lots of robots, you really can't be too critical of a movie based on a line of toys. j

Jeremy on Jun 24, 2009


As Luke skywalker said, "what a piece of junk". For 200 mil. I expect a well-made action flick not this total mess of a movie. And will all you closet cases stop going on about how hot you think Megan fox is - you're not fooling anyone.

Brown Moses on Jun 24, 2009


I don't understand everyone's beef with this movie, you knew what you were all getting into when you saw the trailers and with Micheal Bay helming the film. There was never really a story in the old transformers tv show it was just week after week of throwing Megatron and Optimus at each other and the autobots and decipitcons battling it out. Thats the whole point it Transformers big ass robots fighting each other in epic battles, i think Bay and ILM did an amazing job, fight scenes where a big improvement over the first, they were panned out and you could actually see what was going on most of the time and they were much longer. Overall i loved the movie a great sequel to a already great film, best blockbuster of the summer hands down. I do agree with some and say the toilet humor could have been stripped down some and it could get a little annoying but i found myself laughing most of the time. Though it seems like a little bit of an insult to the hardcore transformers fans. Surprised there isn't a shit load of ranting about Jetfire.

Curtis on Jun 24, 2009


I'm probably in the group that Transformers 2 aim at, I may have grown up during the "prime" of the Transformers franchise (with the animated series ofc). I'm not a fanboy, I've never bought a toy Transformer, I did download the series and enjoy that universe but I can't tell every single thing that happens in those series, nor do I know much about the history. I am, however, a fan of sci-fi and technology counter philosophy. Transformers RotF was great. It contained everything you'd expect. Only thing I can complain about was that the joking got slightly out of hands, it drew too much away from the action and made it slightly unserious. Don't get what people complain about, if you didn't like the first movie - why bother with the sequel? The plot was better and more inline with the Transformers Universe, essentially they switched it abit (The Allspark = Vector Stigma and The Matrix, well... = The Matrix of Leadership). And stop fucking complain about acting - I'd like to see you do it better, it's not "bad" acting, it's just you who are fucked up because you're trying to find faults in a good movie so you can sound good. I'll leave it as that, I may not be a professional critic, but I'm the average, therefore my vote > your vote, because it's not meant to be an oscar-winning movie, it's meant to entertain.

Felix on Jun 24, 2009


^Who cares if isn't Oscar material, this was a poor execution of a medium that can bring us art and emotion. If T2: ROF is what you want in a movie then I suppose you just don't expect as high of quality entertainment as others.

Bahumbug on Jun 24, 2009


Schindler's List it wasn't but a great action packed movie nonetheless. That's the whole point - grab a bag of popcorn and get ready for a crazy fun filled rollercoaster ride for your eyes!

Sam on Jun 24, 2009


It can't be entertaining when it fails on story and character (the two things an average person looks for in a movie). And have us do better acting? No, there is a reason they hire "actors" to "act" in a movie, not for us to go... well I can't do as good.

Bahumbug on Jun 24, 2009


My anticipation transformed into disappointment. Bay put out a prime example of a Hollywood "revenge of the fallen"... sequel. The second Matrix. Pirates of the Caribbean. Replacing plot points and story with crude jokes, gags, and sex seemed deceptive from the first movies positive experience.

Paul Hickernell on Jun 24, 2009


I will just take my own judgement and see the movie.

cj on Jun 24, 2009


lolz im number 10,gosh everyone hates me. oh well.

erik on Jun 24, 2009


Kristen, I agree with you regarding Megan Fox. Even while running, she looked like a laminated barbie doll! LOL Sorry Bahumbug, but I disagree with you. Maybe its just that your standards are more higher now than average folk. Alot of people (myself included) still seem to have had a great time with the movie despite the "poor execution of a medium". I still found art and some emotion to it despite what you say. I still can't get over the fact that the movie brought back alot of feelings and nostalgia with regards to the 80's movie! I thought I was way past the phase of elbowing my friend and exclaming "did you see that" after an awesome scene, but I found myself (and my friend also) doing the exact same thing lol. SPOILER ALERT! Did anyone else kinda feel the same in the forest fight scene with Prime dying compared to the 80's movie version? I was like, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"...

solider on Jun 24, 2009


I think you guys are whining way too much. The movie was everything I expected it would be and more. I don't know how you are all complaining about how you liked the first one but this one sucked. This one is pretty similar to the first one as far as action and explosions go. I mean maybe this one was a little pumped up on action steroids, but isn't that what people desire and expect when going to see a Michael Bay flick? The only problem I have with this movie is Megan Fox. Sure she is super hot according to guys standards. I think she's very pretty, but her whole point in the movie was basically to ooze with sex. My boyfriend made a point that her lips are so big and glossy she can't even close them. lol

Kristen on Jun 24, 2009


People who didn't like this movie probably didn't watch Transformers or read the comics. It combined alot of different things. 80's Movie with Optimus getting slayed and the Matrix. The Armada Series with Jetfire and Optimus combining. And Ravage, Insecticons, and Scorponok from Beast Wars. That's really the only way they could do it. And for all the people talking about glossy metallic limbs as poor action, then explain how you can choreograph 30-60 feet tall transforming robots in a fight without those things. Sure the acting was bad, but everyone says the acting is bad unless it's up for an academy award. The Matrix and All Spark was a bit much but hey, im not complaining to the point where I want to ruin the movie. Most of the douches on Rotten Tomatoes are old and angry and don't like any movie they see. Overall this movie was a great sequel. Standalone it was a thrill ride but as a middle point in a trilogy it was exactly what I wanted and needed to be. And to 91 I totally agree about the Prime Dying thing. I was so depressed and shook by that, I didn't know howt to feel LOL

Mike on Jun 24, 2009


i totally called that optimus dies in this movie!!!!!!!! not that i'm happy about it may he rest in peace... ๐Ÿ™

zach on Jun 24, 2009


*What I posted in a forum It was robots, Fox, robots, robots, Fox, robots, some hot chick, robots, credits. haha. I still enjoyed it. Definitely a summer flick. Would have been better if the bots were more badass than smart ass or "hip and cool" like the first one. It's such a shame they have to appeal to a young crowd. Movies get ruined by cheap jokes.

crAziemutant on Jun 24, 2009


FUCK ALL THE HATERS. Prime kicked ass. Why would you go see a Bay movie for script and/or story? You go to a Bay for violence and explosions. So those of you that are complaining, stfu. You're the retard.

CLZ on Jun 24, 2009


Visuals were awesome....but Bay was all over the place and the "Twins" were really....REALLY lame. And what about the aircraft carrier? When is Bay going to quit teasing us about that!?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 24, 2009


transformers revenge of the fallen 1.big fucking robots fighting(amazing cgi,maybe to much going on in a lot of the scenes,like the robots actually transforming to much detail & the fight scenes.)2.fucking hot babes(great,fuck me all of them totally fuckable.)3.over fucking use of(sun glare & slow motion shots)4.big fuck me explosions(yeah baby yeah.)overall best popcorn of the summer 8/10.

zetsu on Jun 24, 2009


It was the motherducking ship! It was better than the first!

Jeep-Fu on Jun 24, 2009


I saw what I expected. It was Micheal Bay at his craziest. When that guy goes big he goes way BIG! I liked it, wasn't bored at all, didn't think it was to long. Does it have problems, sure, the humor is pretty crude for a kids film. The audience I saw with loved that humor though. Huge laughs every time. Leo was pretty hilarious. I noticed my friend looked at his watch once, it was long. As far as Leo, Sam's roommate. I guess I was the only one who went to his website on a regular basis after Alex told us about it. It was fun to see how he a Robo Warrior traded insults back and forth and trying to figure out who the posters were. I'm still not sure if those guys were real or just part of the viral campaign. I always thought that Turturro was either Robo Warrior or Methusalen. P. S. If you didn't understand how that many hot chicks could be in one dorm you weren't paying attention. Leo's hacker buddy changed the dorm assignments to get them in. From Leo's latest blog entry. But now things get real interesting. Operation Hot Freshmen 55. โ€œWhatโ€™re you talking about, Leo?โ€ Iโ€™ll tell you what Iโ€™m talking about. Me and the guys are gonna fill our dorm hall with hot chicks from the incoming class. Sharkatron3000 is already working his computer hacking magic to make the arrangements! Me, Fass, and Sharkatron are gonna be surrounded by the hottest frosh babes in the whole school. Weโ€™re gonna get our freaky-freak on! College is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Moviegimp on Jun 24, 2009


Epic for horny pimple faces that don't know any better - that was a total crap fest! god I miss those Predator (1st) and Aliens days -

surfertd on Jun 24, 2009


I thought it was an over-inflated special effects extravaganza that couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a family friendly adventure movie or an epic sci-fi war movie. It had too many "wacky" comedy moments that contrasted too harshly with the serious moments. Many scenes were unnecessary, and the plot was cluttered and drawn out. It's funny that Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2 had such a ridiculously rivalry, when in the end both films had terrific robot effects, but both ended up being not very good. ---

DRM on Jun 24, 2009


USA Today gave it a star and a half...without using profanity they called it a steaming lump of sh*t...about what I expected....

moldybread on Jun 24, 2009


I can't help but think of a story Kevin Smith told once. In a discussion with Ben Affleck, Kevin mentioned how he liked to have Ben Affleck cry in all of his films. Ben: Wtf, Michael Bay doesn't make me cry Kevin: Really? He makes me cry. After reading all of the mixed reviews, I'm almost dreading going to see this. Of course, I'm not expecting something it's not. For a summer block buster/popcorn escapism I should be safe with my low expectations. Think I'll make a game out of finding the plot holes and inconsistencies =D

Tether on Jun 24, 2009


hi will i havent seen it but i'm seeing it today!! and if anything if they do a part3 they should do it in XD super 3D and anyone have the flatscrean as HD 3D it going to see it in hd3d it's very cool

daniel on Jun 24, 2009


I give it a 2 out of 10. Don't get me wrong I definitely checked my brain at the door before watching the movie. I'll be honest though. By the time the film ended I was exhausted. I believe that having a battle followed by another and another gets pretty old pretty quick; regardless of how BIG the fights are. I'm a big Transformers fan and sure there were some moments in the film that were fun. I loved the fact that Prime really did kick some ass in this film as opposed to T1. However, it did drag. My opinion is that if this was just a film about robots fighting robots and didn't have the Transformers name on it would all the people that enjoyed or disliked it.... dislike it more? Or like it just the same. PS: Damnit why is Megan Fox so perfect.

Bryan Zuluaga on Jun 24, 2009


WTF! Why are most of you guys going to this movie just so you can analyze it and pick it apart? Any asshole can do that to any movie. Even your precious Dark knight, Iron Man, or any great movie out there... You guys are dumb! This movie was amazing and very entertaining! And I will see this many more times! Especially in IMAX!

The_Phantom on Jun 24, 2009


this movie was made by 13 yr olds at Hasbro. I was surprised by the reference to Pres Obama going to a undisclosed location, what he wouldn't put on a press conference?? Come on, he did one for his Dog?! Flying robots and Pres Obama goes into a mountain ...of what Shit? Bay is known for 200 million dollar blow up scenes and a complete copout on the script...uh word to everyone... Terrific Tuesdays at your local G rated theater (here its Cine-lux me thinks) $4.50 a movie that is all this movie goer will pay to see another one of Bay's blow up movies Can't freaking believe Harry Potter was pushed back because of this pos.

mebot on Jun 24, 2009


106 the_phantom - you must 13 or 14 y. old, so smart hey? - feel free to blow your cash on this POS more than one time, that would be very intelligent...

tms on Jun 24, 2009


Went for Megan Fox and robots fighting robots and was more than satisfied. Can't wait to see it in IMAX, also the twins were a great comedic release.

imthinking.tyler on Jun 24, 2009

110 was a damn fun and exciting movie. if you expected more, then you're simply a dumbass.

Matt Suhu on Jun 24, 2009


I just saw it. Now I can scratch yet another retarded movie of my list of supposedly "must see" films of the year. Seriously... half the time they'd show a shot of a robot getting shot or blown up and I couldn't tell if I was supposed to be happy or unhappy about it. They all fucking looked the same, save for Optimus Prime because he has 6 wheels on his legs, Bumblebee because he's bright yellow and Starscream because he looks so retarded. The rest of them all blend together. The Twins were total fucking stereotypes... They're apparently the black transformers (do they have ghettos on cybertron?). Bumblebee was mute for no fucking reason at all (His voice was fixed in the previous movie) and... I dunno. I was in awe at the other people in the theater. People were laughing and saying shit like "DAYAM!!!" and "HOLY SHIT!!!!!1" at some of the action bits, and I can't figure out why. They're fucking CGI robots. WHY IS IS SO AWESOME WHEN THEY HIT EACH OTHER? The effects were fucking terrible. Nothing looked real at all, everything looked like a giant CGI Robot. In fact, the CGI was the only thing that made the movie spectacular for these people. Replace the CGI Giant robots with stick figures and the film would be laid bare. You'd see how fucking stupid it all is. The first one even more so. And there's no plot. It's not that I didn't LIKE the plot... it's not fucking there. Wait, I'll recap the plot of both movies here in just a couple sentences: First Movie: Aliens come to earth and attack, so other aliens come and fight them. Second Movie: ... oh, and there's another evil alien, btw. There. That's the whole fucking plot. There's no twists or turns, nothing unexpected happens. It's just an excuse to rig a few thousand pounds of explosives to some mud huts and fly cameras around it as it goes up. To cap it all off, there are actually people out there who loved and raved about the first movie who hate this one. WTF!? Why? Why do you hate this one? It's the same fucking movie! There's even more action. Isn't that the point? It was the point when I bitched about the first one. People were all "no one gives a shit about plot in a movie like this lolololol~!". Explain this paradox to me. I can understand why so many people are creaming themselves over this if they liked the first one. Is it because it's a sequel? Is that the only reason? Or is there too much action? Not enough character development? Too much racism? I don't understand at all. I don't understand how any black person could watch this and not be offended, I don't understand how any woman could watch this and not be offended, I know parents are bringing their kids and I can't believe they wouldn't be offended. The only people I can think of who might want to watch this is really dumb white male teenagers and college frat/jock types. And if that's you, then you need to go see this movie right now omg it's fucking great you'll love it roflcopter. Remember when action films used to be fun without being insulting? Even the newest Die Hard movie was a pile of shit. What the fuck happened?

Squiggly on Jun 24, 2009


I don't know if I was too drunk or if the sheer mass of teenagers ruined it for me, but I just thought the movie was OK. I never thought I'd ever say this but the movie really went overboard on the action sequences. In the final fight seen I found myself saying, "that was it?" The movie really peaked in the middle and tapered off in the end. I will give it another chance. I have a feeling that the combination of alcohol, lack of sleep, and teenagers warped my appreciation of the movie.

Chris on Jun 24, 2009


Best film of the summer by far... Transformers 2 kicks ass!!

Jason on Jun 24, 2009


2 WORDS....... FUCKING SHIT!!!!!

DannyBoy on Jun 24, 2009


...Somebody better refund my fucking 12.50 for this pile of crap.....True, no one forced me to see it.....but come on cocksucker Bay - don't insult people's intelligence with that unbelievable bullshit (a la AIRPLANE!)......

DannyBoy on Jun 24, 2009


Alex, can you let me know how many movies released for the summer thus far? This would rank 10 places behind the the very shittiest of 'em.....

DannyBoy on Jun 24, 2009


An entertaining movie, great action but... they did wrong in this one what they did wrong in the first one: they did not presume or show the complexity and gorgeous designs of the robots!!! Everything happens so fast that it is impossible to perceive what each character is all about. The Audi R8 was a joke! I know they are not willing to give free publicity to foreign companies but it was just a shame!! I loved Sideswipe but I wanted to see what the Audi was capable of. Another thing... what the FUCK with Sam's dream! too cheesy! 8 out of 10, a semi-fan talking.

Galethog on Jun 24, 2009


Saw it in IMAX this morning. See it in IMAX. Im 34 and an old fan of Transformers. This movie was great. I a tough critic, cynical as they come, but not everything has to be shakespere to be quality. And when you factor in the insane schedule, writers stike contraints, etc, you have to give a lot of credit for what is here. Go see it. It delivers.

Mark on Jun 24, 2009



Jay Selis on Jun 24, 2009


Best action movie of the summer, and that ain't sayin' much. The plot was a bit rough around the edges and I was a tad disappointed that the Fallen dies so fast. Optimus must have been lifting weights between movies because he was much tougher in this one. All the fight scenes were incredible though. Great achievement by ILM. The big problem with the fight scene special effects is that the robots are rendered so incredibly detailed it's hard to make anything out in the fights unless you pause/slow-mo the action. (Other than having the two robots different colors.) But there are still so many parts that go into each of the robots they can easily give someone fits trying to discern what is actually happening. It is, unfortunately, a side effect of the amazing job each robot has put into them. For composition, if there is too much detail surrounding you, you lose the focal point. Maybe IMAX would make those scenes easier to watch, but I doubt it. Still a great summer movie. Not gonna win any Oscars though. For a third, I'm hoping the story will get a bit more work. (Though, didn't we hear a while ago that the writers probably won't be back for a third?)

TNo on Jun 24, 2009


Felt like G1 a bit but was still exciting. I enjoyed the movie and loved it. Laughed, had fun, and loved the explosions. I could have done without the twins but aside from that, nothing to complain about except Soundwave was a freakin' satellite. I wish he had more action time.

w00t!!! on Jun 24, 2009


This movie sounds great! I can't wait to see it. I think I'll call my buddy Ultraman and ask if he wants to go check it out with me this weekend.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jun 24, 2009


If everyone put their ages next to their names....I think we'll see a pattern developing in who liked it and who did not!!

DannyBoy on Jun 24, 2009


The gags went on way too long and the object racism of the two robot twins made this film in my opinion worse than Wolverine.

Chris on Jun 24, 2009


Loved it!!! 32. Can't wait for part 3! Remember its a fucking movie!

jvj the Agnostic on Jun 24, 2009


Movies are supposed to entertain us people. If you aren't entertained by robots fighting, go do whatever you do then. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I was a fan in the 80's, and I am a fan now. And for #111, Squiggly, I would kill myself before reading your entire blog. If you didn't like it, fine, but you don't need to write your life's work for every one to be bored by.

the Mikenificant1 on Jun 24, 2009


And #123 Chris, it's not racism you jackass. They were young bots. Didn't you grow up as a kid and learned slang words or whatever? They were comical relief of an action movie you schmuck.

the Mikenificant1 on Jun 24, 2009


"And for #111, Squiggly, I would kill myself before reading your entire blog." Don't go doing us any favors.

Squiggly on Jun 24, 2009


also, I do remember using slang when I was a kid, but I don't remember having gold teeth or acting all ghetto. Those things were meant to be 'black' transformers. The only thing that would have been worse would have been a rastah transformer with dreads and a bad engine (you know... so it would smoke all the time...). How much you wanna bet that'll be in the third one? I called the humping jokes after the first one. Third one will have a stereotypical pothead rastah transformer. It'll be a VW Bus or something.

Squiggly on Jun 24, 2009


I just came back home from watching this movie at the movie theater, and i have to say that this is the best movie i've seen this summer and nothings going to beat it!, no other movie will stand a chance of beating it at the box office what so ever!. No other movie this summer has the chance of beating it at all!. If you have not gone to go and see it at the movie theaters, i would definately advise you to go and see it because i know people are mostly fans of octimous prime, who that dies at the end of this movie, but luckily comes back at the end too, soon after!. And yes, megan fox is HOT!, - o and did i mention HOT!!!!!!!!!...



Was LOL numerous time. Very entertaining. Better than 1st movie. Action is too crazy. Too close to camera. Very uncomfortable viewing experience. IMAX scenes seemed to be wasted. The IMAX trailer to Harry Potter did a better job of making you feel like you were IN the picture by having the camera push in and fly through the scenes.

R. on Jun 24, 2009


it was good, but there was too much wise talk from the twins.

ray on Jun 24, 2009


great movie...not hard to follow at all...I thought it was a great experience to see it in IMAX because it made the fight scenes much more better and drew you into the movie more. I also liked the addition of the new robots like the twins who had pointless but entertaining dialogue.

david on Jun 24, 2009


hahaha Squiggly, i just read all your comments. you bitch more then that Leo character did the entire movie, and all he did was bitch. and remember they insulted the "really dumb white male teenagers and college frat/jock types" oh and Live Free Die Hard owned face. so glad you could vent a little. and if you hated the first? why go see the second? especially since you are just going to sit in the theater and try to find things wrong with the film. instead of watching it with an open opinion. you wasted your money bro, and it seems like you did it only to talk shit. please go sodomize your self with an old school Beast Wars toy ๐Ÿ˜‰ least that would be worth your 10$ time and give you something to really complain about hell it would even give you a reason to hate Transformers a little bit more.

DoomCanoe on Jun 24, 2009


I love Transformers I had been waiting since the first one to see he second one. My 3 year old loves the first one.I loved the first one cause my 3 year old can watch it and there's not to much sexual references and cussing.I was disappointed with how hey added for cussing and the dog humping what was that like it took away from movie and the whole theme. I was hoping my son would be able to watch this one but i guessed wrong. The twins were funny but the language was unnecessary.

Ione Hainline on Jun 24, 2009


They spent all the budget on the ILM's visual effects and Bay's ego and didn't save any money for decent writers, so they got Kurtzman and Orci. This is the result.

snickers on Jun 24, 2009


this was the equivalent of a movie abortion

hatesthismovie on Jun 24, 2009


I enjoyed Transformers 2, it had a lot of corny scenes but I really did enjoy it. I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the first one. If you hated the first you'll most likely hate this, because Revenge of the fallen is Transformers 1 times 20. Hopefully this short review was helpful to anyone indecisive over the film.

KenDoll on Jun 24, 2009


In hindsight why all the stupid balls/cock/hump jokes? Is Michael 13?

Mark on Jun 24, 2009


It is true #91 that my standards are very high. The fact that a piece of excellent cinema such as The Hurt Locker came out the same week makes T2: ROF look lame in comparison. The film was just an amateur sort of deal. I mean the fact that Bay wants to remake stuff like Rosemary's Baby and The Birds scares the living shit out of me. Guys like Peter Jackson and James Mangold know how to remake shit and stay true but I'm so scared of what Bay will make Polanski and Hitchcock's stuff look like.

Bahumbug on Jun 24, 2009


The fight scenes alone made the movie great!!!! The progression of the story was also well done. Did I mention that it was also funny aswell....a few things could have been different...they didn't show sideswipe/rc/rachett/Iron Hide a lot, devestator died to fast and mikayla should have used RC as her bike to show her more. In the end the comedy, action and personality shown in the robots makes this better then Terminator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next one....maybe dinobots?

don esco on Jun 24, 2009


@127 - I'm sorry I couldn't get past the fact that the gold tooth wearing robots were speaking ebonics and didn't read were for comic effect. How lame of me not to know the irony. My bad!

Chris on Jun 25, 2009


I enjoyed it. You guys are a real tough crowd. The visuals were spectacular, Megan looked awesome throughout, jokes were (for the most part) on point (sure the twins became obnoxious and humor redundant at times, but they were for good 'muse). It was sure as hell greater than Terminator Sal. I had fun. Once again, tough to please the masses.

BinYe on Jun 25, 2009


Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen: bigger, longer, more explosive, more Megan! & alas the epifany of stupidity!

Kenneth on Jun 25, 2009


I loved this movie! Sure, some parts dragged on a bit, and sure there were nano-like machines that would logically render all of the explosions and large transformers obsolete, and sure it doesn't make sense that only the older robots can teleport with advanced technology, BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT. It was a summer movie, and for it to succeed, it needed to appeal to ALL audiences, including the majority mass of Americans who are walking bags of dumbshit consumerism! Which would explain why the new corvette had one speaking line and was only really there for envious gear heads and special Olympic enthusiasts. All-in-all, the movie delivered everything for a good modern classic action movie. JUST BE GLAD THE ROCK WASN'T IN IT, YOU FUCKING KNIT-PICKING ELITISTS!!! THERE IS ENOUGH BAD MOJO FLOWING AROUND OUT THERE, FUCKING CHILL OUT AND ENJOY (until Avatar comes out.)

Angry Chief on Jun 25, 2009


transformers Revenge of the Fallen it just Entertainment i liked the twins Robots it just Escapeism the film should not be analised for mistakes what was crap and what was not just Robot kicking arse romp it the best thing iv seen all year for pour entertainment factor its far better than terminator salvation which was a big let down.

Allen Reeve on Jun 25, 2009


@144 - "You guys are a real tough crowd." Yeah, I mean wanting a good, coherent story, decent dialogue and believable acting is simply too much to ask these days...

snickers on Jun 25, 2009


@148 snickers seriously, those things are really a lot to ask to have in one movie. really. if that were the case, then every single movie would be oscar worthy.

Matt Suhu on Jun 25, 2009


How can so many of you hate this ???? its a great movie, action packed, Robots armed to the teeth, MEGAN FOX!, Shia Labeouf one of the best actors out there, aliens, and more action only a bunch of old hicks that have no brain would dislike this movie REAL men love EVERY thing i listed above in a movie And Transformers 2 brings all of it Shame On You! Did you all loose your balls on the way to the movie theater was there i giant Eunuch party i missed???? or did you just castrate yourselves and replace them with a vag??? seriously he made more money than ANY of you will EVER make sad huh? think about that

zach on Jun 25, 2009


The first two hours sucked donkey balls (and i nearly loved anything Bay did before, even PEARL HARBOR). Racist, stupid comedy of the worst kind, not very well directed all-cgi-crap instead of big bangs, worst characters in a Michael Bay movie ever, especialy mum and dad as well as there dumbass teeny boy in the lead role where realy urging me to leave the theatre. But i stayed and have been rewarded when for the last half hour the movie totaly changes style and finaly became the realy big thing full of carnage and madness, cheese and destruction i was so hoping for. But boy, what a wholefull crap u have to go through before they finaly starting to do Michael Bay's version of how the irak should have been won.

Sebastian Selig on Jun 25, 2009


Went to see it in IMAX with my 10 year-old son. We were loving the first 2 hrs and 20 minutes of the movie and then the theater had a power outage and we didn't get to see the end. I thought my son was going to cry. Will be going back on Sunday to see it again. As for the movie, I think many people reviewing it are expecting too much. It is a dumb, explosion-filled, blockbuster summer movie aimed at the teenage/early twenties demographic. Any critics who expected a "Dark Knight" caliber movie from Michael Bay were surely disappointed and always will be. The plot was thin and the story weak, but the CGI (way to go ILM, breath-taking as usual) was exceptional and seeing it in IMAX was the way to go. Michael Bay is, as much as I hate to admit it, good at what he does. He consistently delivers top-notch action scenes, great visuals, and ridiculous explosions, with a healthy dose of beautiful women in all of his movies. After seeing so many of his films, that is what everyone should expect to see, nothing more. I recommend it if you modify your expectations and just want to have fun for 2.5+ hours, in that case, it delivers. 6.5-7 out of 10.

Chris on Jun 25, 2009


To quote #150 "...Shia Labeouf one of the best actors out there...". That just sums it all. The fact that you think Shia is a good actor makes you inept to comment. I don't want to sound my mouth off again as I did earlier ( entry number #27) seeing as there are hardcore Bay fans who were absolutely delighted watching Revenge of The Fallen. All I can say is most of you keep saying its a popcorn summer blockbuster and we should not expect more from it. I sincerely disagree. I won't use The Dark Knight as reference seeing as it is in a different league/class altogether as ROTF, but I will use Ironman. It was a popcorn summer blockbuster. It had comedy, romance, a bit of slapstick humor (the robotic arms and Robert flipping back hitting the wall when testing the thruster boots) and drama. There were a lot of explosions, heavy on CGI and a pretty straight forward storyline (the storyline has been done to death). And I loved every bit of it. So did 585,133,287 others worldwide. So how come Ironman was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than ROTF? Isn't clear yet? Michael Bay. But. You can't blame the dude entirely. I also believe Paramount is to be blamed. They might have been rushing the production and were on Bay's ass to complete the movie by 2009. So both Paramount and Michael Bay should bear the burden and face the wraith of those who didn't enjoy the movie. If any of you would want to comment me personally or just straight up diss me, feel free to drop me an email. My mail address is there, just click on my name. Thanks.

Armand (age 28, happy?) on Jun 25, 2009


I went to see it last night, seeing it in IMAX is the way to go. I have to agree with a lot of ppl out there that say the plot/story was just out there and it was most of time it didnt make any sense, the humor portion of it was good; a lot of sexual inuendo which is always good specially if there are tons of hot chics like Megan Fox I wouldnt recomend taking kids to see this. Overall I wanted to see more action and more Transformers kicking ass and that's exactly what I got, the CGI was awesome (thank you ILM) just seeing the Decepticons being beating to death and seeing their robotic guts come out was fucking awesome.

Del on Jun 25, 2009


Just wondering why Soundwave didn't go to Earth. He was flyin in space hacking satellites the entire time. I also don't remember what happened to the piece of the AllSpark which Ravage had taken. The Fallen battle was lame (I expected more from The Fallen since it IS his move). I don't get why there were twin Constructicons (the ones that formed Devastator, and the same ones which fought a separate battle). Also.. the RC cycles were kinda lame. They should have made just 1 RC. If they make a 3rd movie, they should make Soundwave hit Earth, use the All Spark, fight with Megatron and Starscream (like in the classics).

Sparkz on Jun 25, 2009


@153 - "The plot was thin and the story weak, but the CGI was exceptional..." So this is the intelligence of cinema audiences today? Sad, very sad.

snickers on Jun 25, 2009


Geez the haters are out today!!!!!!!!!!! Megan Fox, Huge awesome explosions, and giant alien robots fighting with sweet robots swords and teleporting onto pyramids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats not to love about this? If you didnt like it you're just one of many Michael Bay haters and shouldnt have seen it in the first place. Sure the movie didnt have much substance but who gives a fuck its based on the Transformers cartoon, its main focus should be robots fighting...........................

weapon XIII on Jun 25, 2009


I really liked the movie. Many parts could have been removed. Megan Fox being humped by a robot, the jokes that the twins were making were pointless and the mom with the brownies were pointless as well. It wasnt as bad as some comments ive read as far as the jokes. Im glad it was long, i didnt have a complaint there. Overall i really enjoyed the movie. I didnt expect a crazy story and plot, yes some movies are like that and should be, while others are not, especially one by Michael Bay. Megatron and Starscream go at it more which is good i forgot to mention. Im seeing it again today on an ''offcicial'' IMAX screen. Apparantly the IMAX i went to wasnt ''official'', it was just Digital IMAX and nothing more. How isn't that false advertising? One commenter up here, i forgot which post, posted a link to a website to find out which theaters have a ''real'' IMAX.

big r on Jun 25, 2009


I liked the cartoon movie better. They even took some of the plot from the cartoon. Rated PG = Pure Garbage! A generous C-

JussHaten on Jun 25, 2009


typical, typical's unbelievable how so many people are really nitpicking every single fucking detail....are you serious, are you sitting here and nitpicking on a movie that is based on a cartoon series from the 80's? you have to be kidding me....wait no that's funny....I see there's a lot of writers and directors on this comment board.....It will be interesting too see if given a chance what these people will do if given them helm to write and direct a movie based on a 80's cartoon.....people this isn't meant to be Oscar Award winning, those flicks come out majority after the summer, this is a summer blockbuster popcorn flick.....which should include sexy women, action, sexy women, explosions, corny jokes, sexy women, fight scenes, sexy women......

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 25, 2009


I'm with Alex Billington on this movie. I really enjoyed it. Ultimate robot carnage is what I wanted to see, and that is exactly what I got. And I didn't think the plot was any more thin or underdeveloped than the last movie. It was a basic, but perhaps a little convoluted plot - perfectly fitting for a movie like this. I did think some of the jokes got a bit out of hand towards the end, but it did not ruin the movie for me.

Dan Geer on Jun 25, 2009


156: Spoiler Alert: I believe the allspark that was stolen was used off-planet to create the baby Decepticons.

Mike McRorey on Jun 25, 2009


A total mess of a film. Far too many robots, far too little character. There were more than 40 robots in the film and only 3 characteristics divided between them, good, bad or annoying. Optimus Prime is dull, Megatron just argues with Starscream, and the Fallen just growls for 2 hours then gets beaten up in a couple of minutes and those are the main robot characters. Shia LeBeouf is a good actor and a very good action star but he is awful in this with so little help from the script. Megan Fox is hot but cant act and Sam's parents are two of the most painfully unfunny comedy sidekicks I've ever seen. Or at least they would be if the film didn't also contain the twins. Too long, too stupid, too confused. It feels like they started with a page entitled "Michael Bay's awesome ideas" which contained phrases like "robot genitalia", "a robot that looks like a human", "guys in thongs", "robot made out of ball bearings", "Megan Fox in hot pants" then the writers got told to make it into a film. At least this film should FINALLY kill the idea that Michael Bay is a film maker, hes not, hes a 13 year old kid with an inflated budget and the latest toys from the Pentagon.

Meelo on Jun 25, 2009


THIS MOVIE WAS EVERYTHING IT NEEDED TO BE! I am sorry about the capitals.... But i am going to have to speak my mind here. Critics should not be worth anything to you and your own decision and reaction to this movie, and it won't carry into mine. They can bash it for it's over the top robot gangsta' duo, or its ridiculously fake college and stupid love story..... all they want to. The fact remains that this movie is not and will never be about the story. Shia LaBeouf gets his point across, and in my opinion plays the role to the "T" once again. Megan Fox is just as smokin' hot as she was in the first... actually even hotter.. and the robot battles in this one........ WOW, absolutely everything you want them to be. Michael Bay makes big films, and this one is absolutely HUGE! The first movie had drama that was actually quite well done (most of it), because it was required to set up Sam's story and love interest. The second is about robot's owning eachother, and basically battling to the death, and it is all done well. There is a place for action movies people. If you go into the theater to watch a "TRANSFORMERS" movie and expect some sort of an epicly moving drama war movie reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan.... You are a fool. Take it for what it is worth.. sure it isn't perfect... there are some shaky spots here and there (like the cranky old man bot), but for the most part... this movie DELIVERED! I loved it, am going to see it again, and will be buying it on Blu-Ray, just like the first.

ethermay on Jun 25, 2009


oh and by the way.... rail gun was SICK

ethermay on Jun 25, 2009


I have not even seen this yet and it sounds like most people were expecting Godfather or Forest Gump. I am going to go in expecting BOOM! CRASH! Hot Fox!...and not much more....The first one was the same way.....I will respond what I think later tonight. Keim

AllmightyKeim on Jun 25, 2009


isn't it a little strange? megatron laid the SMACKETH down on prime in tf1 megatron rebuilt as a tank, with Blackout and starscream, getting tossed around, countered prime had NOTHING in tf1 was it me or did starscream and megatron's voice changed? megatron got ressurected very early in the movie, and we saw him for like less then 30 minute's in the movie fallen was barely in the movie aswell, and got his ass handed to him.

luke on Jun 25, 2009


# 43 You are rule! I think so too

Dim_one on Jun 25, 2009


This is a great movie if you're 12 years old and really get off on seeing a) stuff blow up, b) really hot women running around fully clothed, or c) more stuff blowing up. It's a dumb little popcorn movie with no taste for dumb little popcorn audiences with no taste. If you loved X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you'll love Transformers 2: ROF(L)

Pete the Geek on Jun 25, 2009


Wolverine is absolute rubbish...... i loved Transformers 2.

ethermay on Jun 25, 2009


Not sure why everyone is hating on this film? I absolutely loved it and it is on par with the first one. For those that said there is no plot, I'm sorry you don't have the brain capacity to follow along.

Mark R on Jun 25, 2009


I think it was an ok movie 7.5/10! I didn't have the feeling I wasted $20 like after leaving wolverine and watchmen!

Jason H on Jun 25, 2009


I'm sorry. Let's steal the sun! Let's look for a pyramid! let's blow up devestator in one human artillery hit! Let Megatron kick around starscream/harass him while some of us don't know there cartoon relationship and what starscream really want's! yes that's right #172 people who don't know the cartoon's would have no clue about starscream wanting to be leader/ wanting megatron dead. bay need's to give them more personality and less..human time a.k.a killing off devestator with human artillery.

luke on Jun 25, 2009


Alex I got a great Topic for you : Which one you like more : Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen or Terminator Salvation ? Which one was better ? I really like to know what your readers think is better and of course if they can explain the reason too ! Come on fuel the fire ! hhhhhh

Oliver on Jun 25, 2009


I'm just glad i got to see octimous prime with his extra parts he got at some point in the movie, and the devesator and got to see megatron die too!. In transformers 3: rise of the dinobots, the dinobots will be the new thing for the next big transformers movie in 2011 or 2012, when it comes out to movie theaters!. Other then that, i have got to say that this movie is going to kick the other current movies in the theaters, out of there because of how intensely awesome that this movie is!, i went to go see it yesturday, and o my god!, it was, - well it was so good, that theres just no words to discribe how good it really was! =).



This movie is going to be the big summer movie blockbuster hit of 2009, lets just leave it at that!. Thats how good i thought it was after seeing it yesturday!. I might even consider that it might as well be the best movie of 2009 too!.



i thought it was wonderful... i teared up when prime was killed....brought back so many memories and nostalgia and holy crap he just died..... but regards to the lame acting and stuff...this is are not going to get much acting done cuz you are going to be screaming and running away most of the time (we are fleshlings, lol) would like to see anyone else try and pull an academy award out of this situation. as for the comedy, i thought it was great...people seem to forget that these actors know and treat this the most logical way...this is transformers nobody is going to care about the fleshlings history much....soooooooooooooo oh and as for shia, he has been great so far...people keep demanding a oh-my-god super performance or whatnot....come on people, he was on even stevens for a good while...his screaming out of the dorm reminded me of that....

zeldaprimed on Jun 25, 2009


I love how people are more concerned about their kids seeing sexual innuendos than violence. Makes a whole lot of sense, mmm.. killing or creating life?

Jack Nappier on Jun 25, 2009


I think the review i just read jon AICN sums it all pretty much. Go and check out Harry's review, fucking hillarious!

dexter on Jun 25, 2009


I Don't understand why people don't like this movie.. i mean this movie is not dialoge driven and i know that the acting was barely ok (except for shia he is great in this one) but the scene tells you enough story. I'm pretty sure that when bay wass making this movie, he thought he must combine the action sequence with a good story, and i think he did a good job!! The story is not confusing it's simple but bay managed to put some extra story there, shia and megan, shia and his parents, and my favourite one shia's relationship with optimus. The good thing about this movie is it's a sequel! so the introduction of the character was done in the previous film so in this one we are already emotionaly attached with the character (especially optimus) i had a goosebump when megatron killed him, plus how much pressure does he have when he was told to leave the earth. yet he still sacrificed his life for sam MAN! you gotta love that. Ok to summarize things up, good story, bad dialoge, EXTRAORDINARY FIGTHING SEQUENCE AND CG, human touch on the robot characters, for me this film was pure entertainment, think about it like this a good story combine with EXTRAORDINARY FIGTHING SEQUENCE AND CG, what's not to like maybe this one is not a masterpiece in a cinematic way. But in entertainment point of view this one is a MASTERPIECE

angga on Jun 25, 2009


#157, how is what I wrote or my opinion in any way unintelligent? The story was weak, dialog was lame, humor juvenile, but as I said before, the CGI was very good. Some of ILM's best work. I went in with no real expectations for a well-written movie with strong plot, just laid back summer fun. I do agree with your comment at #136, this had to have been an effects-heavy budget. Especially since they kept the rendering farm at ILM busy for months, that had to have cost a fortune.

Chris on Jun 25, 2009


i already posted my comment i'm @ 97,but i forgot to add am i the only one who thought soundwave wasn't used a fucking enough,in the animated show and toy line he was my 2nd favorite transformer 1st being starscream,also the female autobot motorcycles weren't used enough they looked pretty fucking cool.

zetsu on Jun 25, 2009


watched this movie first night ,loved the first ,ok not perfect but what entertainment fantastic action who cares how long it takes for optimus to kill the fallen,or getting involved in all that deep story stuff . i understood what was going on and who was who, more action,battles,babes,and kick ass prime thats what we wanted, and thats what we got role on number 3

steve on Jun 25, 2009


My rating would be 5/6 out of 10. Good things: Awesome effects, thumbs up for ILM, they have done it again, buy the way, i think, that the artist who creates transformer's visuals, worked on Star Wars III, and II.....simply beautiful CG, amazing battles, robots and explosions.....and that's it. Bad things: Zero plot, it is so messy, underdeveloped, and simply is a bunch of other movie storylines, like Indiana Jones, terminator, star wars.... Amercing pie!? (WTF, it is SCi Fi not college frat movie) put together - and it is a mess, with tons of continuity mistakes (like why there are constructions fighting at the same time with devastator being assembled....why 2 teams of constructiconcs etc.) Characters are simply underused, actually only 4 transformers get more speaking lines than a yard bench - optimus (luckily), Wheelie and 2 fucking twins!!!! thy are two jar jars, fuck..., and rest of them are there only for some seconds or minute on screen, being killed, or killing others. If i want to see TF movie, i want to see charecter development of main heroes from the classics, like optimus, bumblebee (who doesn't speak...why???), megtaron, starcream, soundvave and yes - arcee, because she is the only female transformer! (alice is not a transformer, but just a rip off on terminator), but instead, i got to follow stupid teenagers and 2 fuckin jar jar cahracters -- WHY??? To sum up - movie can be rated as 2 from 10, but brilliant visuals makes it 5/6 - -ILM has tallent, Bay simply wastes it! My advise for Paramount - HIRE JAMES CAMERON or at least Roland Emercih ad FIRE BAY, for the 3 sequel!

KR on Jun 25, 2009


I prefer the first one. Was not too happy how the two twins were portrayed. Good action of course and hot cars, but I wish this one would have gone to the next level.

Bry from Chi on Jun 25, 2009


I thought it was ok. the first one was less confusing and had a better plot. this one was like "lets just hurry up and get throught the acting and dialogue so we can see prime kick some ass"

Six Three on Jun 25, 2009


There was no plot at all! I was bored and angry most of the time. It had some cool effects and funny lines, but it didn't make up for it. Could have done better if the story was told better. I wouldn't recommend it to people who like a good plot. If you like action and want to be amazed on how technology has evolved, go see it.

daniel on Jun 25, 2009


one question: What the FUCK happened to Soundwave? We saw him, and he didn't come back?

d on Jun 25, 2009



mattie on Jun 25, 2009


It was complete shit. Nuff said. first one made actual sense and was good solid movie. This one was stupid shit on every level.

reeo on Jun 25, 2009


Is it worth the money?

A_well91 on Jun 25, 2009


I really wished that Bay would have kept the semi-serious tone from the original. This film just slips into a bad comedy with stereotypical characters....and John Turturro. There were no formal intros for neither the Autobots nor Decepticons. If any, there names were called out just once. This film seems rushed on so many levels. There was NOT ENOUGH Sideswipe, Arcee, Ratchet, Ironhide, the Constructicons (i.e. Devastator)and WAY TOO MUCH of Mudflap, Skids, Wheelie(the little remote controlled truck/bot) and a scraggly, old Jetfire (he was young, tough, and was named Skyfire in the cartoon). There were so many unnecessary little 'bots like the kitchen appliances, the microbes, and the mosquitoes. Too much screaming and rambling from the entire cast almost gave me a headache. The real redeeming qualities were the AWESOME fight scenes involving Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! The Optimus Prime and Bumblebee characters are, no doubt, the heart and soul of the film. They even emote and act better than their human counterparts. For the third one, I really hope the writers take their time and really flesh out a better script to go with the action....and PLEASE, no more thong wearing John Turturro!

Blue Silver on Jun 25, 2009


All this overanalysis cracks me up. I saw it, thought it was kick-ass. I go into it understanding that Michael Bay is not setting out to make the next Citizen Kane or Casablanca. He's doing what he always does...making larger than life movies meant for 2 purposes. 1) Entertain 2) make a ton of money. Given his track record (we'll leave 'The Island' out of it), I'd say he's pretty good at what he does. I don't want to go into a Michael Bay film and have to think about anything, or become engaged with the characters and feel for them emotionally, or have to follow any elaborate storyline...I want to see big-ass robots blow shit up and that's exactly what I saw. I'm always amazed at the inverse relationship of the reviews for a Michael Bay film, and the film itself. It seems the more they shit on them, the more kick-ass they are. I see Bay films purely for entertainment value. The only Michael Bay movie I'll never see is the one that gets stellar reviews. But that just ain't his style.

rock on Jun 25, 2009


It was ok! Not on par with the first one! The first one was classic. This one was all over the place! A lot of spread out stupidity and a WAY different tone than the original. It would have been way better if they would have done away with Mudflap and Skids and used Sideswipe more in their place instead. The amped up fights were awesomely spectacular.

Spider on Jun 25, 2009


Ill post it again just because i know you all agree with every word! How can so many of you hate this ???? its a great movie, action packed, Robots armed to the teeth, MEGAN FOX!, Shia Labeouf one of the best actors out there, aliens, and more action only a bunch of old hicks that have no brain would dislike this movie REAL men love EVERY thing i listed above in a movie And Transformers 2 brings all of it Shame On You! Did you all loose your balls on the way to the movie theater was there i giant Eunuch party i missed???? or did you just castrate yourselves and replace them with a vag??? seriously he made more money than ANY of you will EVER make sad huh? think about that oh and saying Shia Labeouf isnt a good actor hmm Disturbia, Transformers, Tranformers 2 ROTF, Indy 5, he's like 23 and made more back to back hits than lebron in the 4th quarter (i realize its an exaggeration) DONT pick at the little ass things ppl Just because it doesnt match up to the old cheap ass cartoon?!? come on you all make the film gods dry

zach on Jun 25, 2009


The effects were amazing, of course. I can't say the same for the acting, the cheesy dialogue, or the stupid camera-rotating romantic scenes, though. I will say this, I thoroughly enjoyed the Optimus asskicking in the forest and the Bumblebee Mortal Kombat-style fatalities on Ravage and the other Decepticon in the desert. Those elicited a "holy shit" from me both times.

RC on Jun 25, 2009


To cut this short there was no that epic story... but the visuals were amazingly stunning. I enjoyed the movie and i t was one of the blockbuster movies of this year. My Rating 8/10

Fisherr on Jun 25, 2009


Ok the things I didn't like, the hot girl in Sams domitory that turned into a robot, seemed a lttle unbelievable. So now robots made of metal can transform into flesh. That long robot appendage to have a human tongue on the end of it looked rediculous, ok ok metal turning into metal worked in Terminator 2 and 3. I just don't like that it's in a Transformers movie. I found it strange that the autobots at the end were taking orders from Major Lennox, it just seemed weird, the Transformers should be the generals! All the girls at Sam's college were hot, it just took me by surprise, I wonder what women seeing this movie think of that? Prime seemed a little cynical and darker in this one, Optimus is usually the one who has hope! Other than that I enjoyed the spectacle that is Transformers 2!

Dan on Jun 25, 2009


Megan Fox is insanely have to love the gratuitous shots of her in really tiny outfits.

billybob on Jun 25, 2009


I agree with #199. I wish they did away with the dorm girl robot gig. In Alex's interview with Orci and Kurtzman, they said that there was supposedly some more explaining on how the robot got into the college and all that but it had to be omitted. It just poses more of a question as to if the Transformers can copy human flesh, why not disguise as humans instead of cars? Or at least I wish that they made her more "manequin" type, like you wouldn't be able to tell from far away (or something like that). But I guess that's why Sam's dialogue with Mikaela in the library said something like smelling/tasting like Deisel. Maybe to give a hint that transforming into humans in not "complete"? I dunno...

solider on Jun 25, 2009


whoa, look at you guys and your infinite chain of sharp comments. What's it mean when the discussion is smarter than the movie itself? Billingtonians 200, Autobots 0

Ryan Adams on Jun 25, 2009


Megan Fox has once talked about how she would fart nonstop when she was shooting Transformers 1, and how she would leave giant shits in the toilet and forget to flush them resulting in her co-workers and friends yelling at her, there are other nasty things she has talked about herself. She's not hot, she's not sexy, she's a disgusting human being. Don't believe me? Google it.

nem on Jun 25, 2009


I used to think she's cute, but after reading that interview, I will never see her the same again.

nem on Jun 25, 2009


Where the fuck was soundwave?!?!?!?! was bay leaving him in outerspace just incase ironhide would fly up?!!??!

luke on Jun 25, 2009


to the haters: btw people I know the numbers donโ€™t mean much when it comes to quality but Revenge of the Fallen did in one day ($60 million) what Terminator Salvation did in a couple weeks. RotF has already made what half of Terminator did. Get prepared for the third installment because the Transformers franchise isnโ€™t going anywhere.

cat on Jun 25, 2009


@ luke # 204 I was pretty pissed about Soundwave too. He was pretty sick looking imo but he should have brought him to Earth. He wasn't much of a fighter in the G1 days and what not so I can understand it. The 3rd movie will definitely showcase Soundwave or Bay is just out of his mind!

cat on Jun 25, 2009


Alex, what's up with the review bro? let's see what you got?

cat on Jun 25, 2009


Please let Transformers 3 just be the FUCKING ROBOTS. Please. That's all we want. Like the TV show. Let the transformers be great characters like they used to be. And how about making the deceptions different looking so we know who is who. I didn't like the movie much -- but I did love Optimus kicking major ass. And I'll keep going to them as long as they make him. Optimus and Transformers are part of my life. Forever.

BONO on Jun 25, 2009


Ok the Movie was awesome. I could follow the movie. I am 31 and I loved it. Only bad parts was the Twins.....They were stupid. 9 out of 10 from me. Can't ask for much more......Great movie.

AllmightyKeim on Jun 25, 2009


I loved it. There was a reason it was rated PG people, it was meant for audiences of all ages. I found much of the humor hilarious, and the fight scenes where pretty good. There was a reason most of the decepticons blended in, they where never on Earth until then and since they didn't have to hide or blend in they still looked like they would have on cybertron. However I think the fight between Prime and the Fallen was cut a little short, I mean seriously...punches his hand through him and it's all over?? Overall I think it was a great summer flick. And to the people saying the movie was for teenagers and a younger crowd....let's face it in the summertime it's mostly that crowd who goes to the theaters.

Sixx on Jun 25, 2009


#154 well said. A lot of us are complaining the plot, the comedy, the action, etc, is not because we are expecting Oscar material, Casablanca, Cannes festival stuff, etc. We are saying a good popcorn summer action movie can be done in a beautiful way. Ironman is actually a perfect example. Everything hit the spot and do not drag on!!! in TF2, everything was overly used. I know it's Bay but what the heck with the overused circular dolly shots and the low angle-coming out from a vehicle shots...How can they make this a family movie? I would not let my kids watch all this sexual innuendo stuff!!! The only moment I did enjoy was the fight in the forrest. OP did kick ass. Spoiler below That one scene with Megatron and Star Scream on the row of some building....the camera was just going on circle for like 30 sec ohhh wait same as when Sam was flirting at the beginning outside the garage. What's with the fight at end? They waited so much time on the US Army stuff. It was like an ad to attack people into the US army. They spend like less then 5 min between the fight of OP and Fallen. How can Simon not get crash by any of the stuff rolling down the Pyramid. I'm so disappointed with what they did with Devastator. He was just a huge vacuum monster.??

Joe C. (28, dont live in basement of my parents place!!) on Jun 25, 2009


Oh and from what I've read the 3rd one will be great as well. Read a few different sites saying there has been talk of it focusing on Starscream being a traitor. I'd like to see more of Sideswipe as well, you see him fight once in the movie and that's about it,along with Jolt. I'd like to know what happened to the twins after their fight at the end of the movie though, kinda just left us hanging with that one.

B. on Jun 25, 2009


One more thing Why can't Devastator look like this?

Joe C. on Jun 25, 2009


Loved the movie, will go see it again just to catch anything I missed as I do with any movie that excites me in the least. Things that left me hanging- Devastator vs The Twins-what happened to the twins, before the camera left the fight they seemed to have the upper hand, but then we see him climbing the pyramid with them nowhere in sight? OP vs The Fallen- the fight lasted less than 5 minutes and ended with a fist through the body. Ok here's my question, the fallen showed off some pretty neat skills against the tanks and such, but he basically ran from OP and got killed. The "college girl" decepticon- a little over the top, and the tail with a tongue was ridiculous. RC-well the way I understood it she was supposed to be a combiner, but I never actually saw the three motorcycles combine throughout the whole movie.

hmm on Jun 25, 2009


that with with OP and fallen was rubbish. 5 minute's of fallen getting his ass handed to him..and megatron. #211 that's just what fans want..starscream betraying megatron..i want that aswell haha.. to be honest i thought starscream was going to pierce megatron when he said 'i would call you a coward' instead he continued his sentence and ended it with sometimes coward's survive'

luke on Jun 25, 2009


#214- Haha yeah I kinda thought the same would happen, and then we'd end up seeing Galvatron in the next one, but I read on a site about that. The director chose not to call Megatron that in this one because he thought it would confuse viewers.

Sixx on Jun 25, 2009


Megatron became a starscream man servant and the scene between him and the fallen just made me think of conversations between vader and palpatine. they made Megatron out to be weaker than optimus, who was just as good as he was in the last one, when in the first one Megatron constantly had the upper hand when they fought. twins should have died. otherwise the fights were sweet and the jokes between the humans were still kinda funny this time around. but less humans and more screen time for the robots we all go to see next time.

Steve on Jun 25, 2009


I had actually thought about that during the movie, Optimus takes on Megatron, Starscream, and another before he is killed in the forest, and for a while he has the upper hand. In the first movie though Megatron was totally whooping OP's ass by himself, why the huge change?

Sixx on Jun 25, 2009


Screw all the complains...get out of the house and see an entertaining film!

Marqwest on Jun 25, 2009


transformers 3: more action away from earth soundwave must transform into robot mode megatron becomes galvatron no more revivals because no more shard of allspark and no more sun harvester superion and trailbreaker must be in it more plane battles in the sky like in the first movie show us a good 30 minutes of footage on cybertron way more screentime for sideswipe (badass) have a couple new epic autobots and decepticons like primus and unicron less human interaction oh Alice is as hot or maybe hotter than megan fox, too bad she died they should call it: Transformers: The Battle for Cybertron peace, Cat

cat on Jun 25, 2009


less human interaction more starscream + megatron no to galvatron this is what was so stupid in tf2 as what #217 said I had actually thought about that during the movie, Optimus takes on Megatron, Starscream, and another before he is killed in the forest, and for a while he has the upper hand. In the first movie though Megatron was totally whooping OP's ass by himself, why the huge change? bay made megatron look like jazz in tf2, very sad.

luke on Jun 25, 2009


It's boring plot, expected story flow and full of silliness scenes exploration is good but CG editing is poor. 5/10

Ryanmu on Jun 25, 2009


I absolutely loved the first Transformers film; that said Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen had a real promising start and about 40 mins into the film it all fell apart for me. The action sequences at the beginning where a little hard to watch because of Bay's real fast editing and crazy camera handling, but from the forrest scene it was almost near impossible to watch the rest of the movie. You could not tell the diffrence between each robot. I was totally pissed off that I did not like this as much as I wanted too, and even in the end I was looking for maybe a kickass ending. Prime's fight with the fallen didn't last very long, and how the hell was prime able to almost defeat Megatron when he got his ass kicked in the first film? Not long ago we heard that Bay had screened the film for Steven Spielberg and he said that it was Bay's best film so far. I should have known that something was wrong then, as I also heard Speilberg say to George Lucas that Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones was the best Star Wars film since The Empire Strike Back. Spielberg makes great films, but a film critic he is not!!

Last Son on Jun 25, 2009


that is what i thought..the beginning was so promising right until the forest scene

luke on Jun 26, 2009


eh - entertaining. Sound design/fx Oscar nominee.

bozoconnors on Jun 26, 2009


Everything I wanted to see was worth 20 minutes, more or less, of my time if edited correctly. Otherwise, this is overindulgent insulting trash. Anyone who harps on this movie's effects should really get their eyes checked and expectations reevaluated asap as they are half-assed or unfinished. Imax did not help the visuals any as well. The cinematography was to close and film focus in many scenes went blurry and it was not the Imax theatre's fault at all, it was all in film. This will look like 80% shit on Blu-ray. At Last Son, on Spielberg's praise I agree, not a source to take without a grain of salt.

Johnny Neat on Jun 26, 2009


everyone can bitch all they want....fact is, you paid the money to go see it, and even though some of you hated it, you're going to pay to go see it again, and you'll buy the dvd when it comes out. it said 'a michael bay film', not 'a martin scorsese picture' so what did you expect?? hate all you want because they're laughing all the way to the bank.

johnson on Jun 26, 2009


What a piece of sh*t movie. Convoluted story line desperate for editing. The best way to describe it is Michael Bay's salute to Michael Bay. 2 hours and 40 min of run-on 360 camera pans, slow-mo, cheesy dialogue and crude sexual inuendo and unneccessary attempts at humor. And I used to be a Bay fan.

Ryan Blackmore on Jun 26, 2009


a love it or hate it movie. i remember the mission impossible reboot garnering the same kinds of opinions from people.

ethermay on Jun 26, 2009


#228, I couldn't agree with you more there!, i bet everyone who commented here has seen this movie, and they paid to go and see it, so yeah!, its like yeah!, we know their gonna go and see it again!, so its almost as if, there no point in people getting all upset about the film, because yeah!, we all know they are going to go and see it again, and again and again!!!. Thats why its making so mcuh money aready!, i mean duhhh!!!!!.



I'm not a fan of the director by any means. I've met him personally on one occasion and hope never to do so again. That being said, TRANSFORMERS was a guilty pleasure for me. Not a great movie, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The sequel, sad to say, is a mess from beginning to end. I enjoy a great popcorn movie as much as anyone. But this was convoluted, dumb, excessive and simply a waste of my time. End of rant.

scott on Jun 26, 2009


#154 your a dumbass.....everything u mentioned about ironman was in transformers. did u not see the movie.

HostleNCombat on Jun 27, 2009


THIS WAS SIMPLY FAN SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST ORDER, I mean they have the death of Prime , PRIME BEING A FUCKING BADASS, DEVASTATOR and MEGATRON ACTUALLY GETTING HIS REVENGE TWICE! the humour used to fill the gaps wasn't all that , but the pluses waaaaaay outnumber the minuses!

NeoSlyfer on Jun 27, 2009


Ironman (8/10) Transformers 2 (3/10)

Dim_one on Jun 27, 2009


I hate it when people say "Well, what did you expect" - I expected a Michael Bay movie at least as good as the first Transformers. A movie CAN be a Sci-Fi CGI popcorn blockbuster without being horribly written. Look at blockbusters like Iron Man and Star Trek. It doesn't have to be deep or meaningful or anything like that, just have decent humor and somewhat good writing. I actually didn't mind the direction, even the editing was decent, typical Bay whom I enjoy - I liked Armageddon, Transformers, The Island, all good movies (Bad Boys not so much), and the fights and CGI was obviously Bay at his best, but WHY the horrible writing / story - it was just dumb...

Vic on Jun 27, 2009


what up people, Ok first off, people, alright we all get it half of you do not like Bay....get over it, he will continue making movies, his numbers talk so enough move on....if you don't like it then don't go.....but wait even if you do put up a STRIKE line in the movie theaters he'll still hit the numbers so it doesn't make a difference....every director has their own mojo let it go.... regarding the plot, what do you want....the 1986 cartoon movie or the 2nd and 3rd episode from the first season cartoons anyway.... I love the movie, I'm even feeling it better then the 1st just by a little.....I give it a 9.25....I read a lot of previous comments, pls let it go, fine Mega' seemed a little less weaker to Prime then the first one! ok they're even the 3rd would have them both badass, who gives.....yea there was a lot of stuff going on but f' it, let it be as well shit we won't have a 3 for a few years so this will hold us up Now here are my the top of my head 1. Prime battling the Decepticons, Prime was pulling off a Braveheart / Gladiator moment...for a min' I thought he screamed FREEEEDOOOM lol 2. Megan.....damn she's fine! not bad to have on your resume 3. The slapstick humor was decent, they might be corny but it was enough to get a laugh in Now my dislikes..... 1. Bay did it again, he did it in the first one and now in this one.....when the humans were around the Autobots, running around or what ever, the autobots just seem to sit there in their car shape.....shit have they transform do something well shit is going on, make then talk at least....don't know if people have caught that.....there's scenes in both movies where they would just sit there and look pretty... 2. SOUNDWAVE needs to be more in it, he's a bigtime right hand man to Megs 3. The end when the Decep's, when Soundwave told them to mobilize.....shit rather then have them shoot from out of space and have them all look like each other, have them mobilize from where ever they were hiding out in forms of cars, planes, etc etc like the 1 st movie 4. Mud & Skids were another version of Jaja Binks, don't get me wrong they weren't that annoying, at least some of their moments were funny......I believe it's the goldcap that was bugging me lol Now Destructicons need to be a little less complicated, I feel they were trying to hit a homerun with that one, they should kept that one old fashion besides that it was a great summer flick.....

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 27, 2009


BTW the whole decep' turning into a human fine piece of bootie, that was need for that

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 27, 2009


I'll say it, I saw it again and I still have to see it in IMAX!!!

w00t!!! on Jun 27, 2009


It was not perfect, but I found the film entertaining.

Sean Kelly on Jun 28, 2009


@235 Ironman was good but didn't have enough action IMO.

cat on Jun 28, 2009


I'm going to be honest. I just saw it today and I almost didnt watch it because of all the negative reviews I read. First off I loved the first minus the stupid jokes here and there. In this one, the jokes were actually funny. Except for my only complaint about the movie is the twins. Their camera time should have gone to Ratchet and Ironhide (like in the first movie). To me they took away from the realism. I thought the first half of the movie was perfect until they showed them two. They werent that bad, but totally unecessary and it would have felt more real and epic without them. Other than them I thought it was funny. My only other minor complaint was Arcee. "Hey, she speaks" and then WTF? If you liked or loved the first one, go see it. You'll love or like this one too. I was actually very impressed because I expected so much less after reading all the negativity. I've learned not to listen to other peoples reviews. I think people are just hating Bay because he's on top. I guess the numbers speak for themselves. Can't wait for this on DVD, and cant wait for part three. 9 out of 10. Would have been higher if it werent for the twins. Transformer fans go see this and have fun.

Cold Cut Combo on Jun 28, 2009


while there were lots of explosions and shouting i went out and bought some krispy kreme donuts. when i got back there were still lots of explosions and shouting so i took a nap. then i woke up when shia and megan had a tender moment. then came lots more explosions and shouting. the next time someone shouts "Incoming!" I want it to be because someone threw a grenade in michael bay's trailer.

Daisy on Jun 29, 2009


The Good: 1. More action scenes 2. Optimus finally got to kick some @$$ as oppose to getting his @$$ kick. The Bad: 1. How is it that in part one, Optimus couldn't even handle Megatron alone but here he's kicking Megatron's @$$ while battling other decepticons at the same time? 2. Devastator Sucked!!! Barely even did anything besides swallow up some stuff and climbed a pyramid, what a waste of a good character, hated his look also, couldn't even stand up. 3. Hated the look of Jetfire, an old robot with a walking stick??? 4. A lot of robots but hardly even get to see any of them, too much screen time for Sam and not enough for more robot character development. 5. I would've prefer that they went with Soundwave's original voice or something similar to it, that's what made him cool. 6. What's with the Species/Terminator chick? 7. The final battle with the Fallen was a bit short, should've made it a bit more dramatic. In all, it didn't live up to my expectations but I still found it to be an enjoyable summer flick. The first one was better, imo. 7/10

The One on Jun 29, 2009


Awesome movie and I'm not even an action type of girl....loved it!!!

Karen Frederick on Jun 29, 2009


Michael Bay is sucked in his own world when it comes to movie making and its completely played out. The movie was entertaining with the action but some of the character and dialog scenes were really bad. Horrible attempt to make this a action comedy.

tankmaster on Jun 29, 2009


this is all EXACTLY what I expected to hear about Bay directing yet another one of these.. That guy can make money from a steaming turd on a hot summer sidewalk by taking credit for it. robots transforming and fighting, second time around for a love interest, the relationship will be threatened, conflict with folks, blah blah boring!!!! predictable unimaginative crap he knows will do well so why bother with a solid storyline? ...

lando on Jun 30, 2009


I hated Leo Spitz, he needed to get squashed like a bug under Devastater's big toe, the female form decepticon after Sam looked lame as hell in robot mode, Optimus looks strange with lips, and the plot holes. Redeeming factors were Sideswipe, Devastater and Demolisher. The rest... ๐Ÿ™

John on Jul 1, 2009


the girl was so hot

jhon on Jul 4, 2009


It's incredible! My wife is a BIG Harry Potter fan, but after coming home from seeing Transformers last night, she was absolutely out of herself and proclaimed that Harry Potter can NOT top it! Now THAT is saying something! The plot may be rather thin, but as long as you can switch off your mind and just enjoy the vehicles it's just gobsmacking!!!

David on Jul 8, 2009


Boring robot porn. I actually nearly fell asleep a few times.

Crapola on Jul 13, 2009


Transformers 2 was so bad, the worst movie of the year. A great grinding garbage disposal of a movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen isn't so much a narrative film as a cacophonous series of explosions intermittently interrupted by needless dialogue. Call me old fashioned, but I like a little side story and character to go along with my order of big, loud special effects.

George on Aug 22, 2009

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