Sound Off: Where the Wild Things Are - What Did You Think?

October 16, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? This is a movie that has been anxiously anticipated by moviegoers for a very long time. Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, a beautiful adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved children's book, finally hits theaters everywhere this weekend, so without further ado, let the wild rumpus start! After waiting this long, though, is it any good? Is it as amazing as the trailers have made it look? Is there even a good story since there wasn't much of one in the book? What did you think? Sound off below, leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of Where the Wild Things Are!

To fuel the fire, while I did enjoy Where the Wild Things Are quite a bit, and I do still think Spike Jonze is an absolutely brilliant filmmaker, it's not my favorite film of the year. In fact, I think I'd only call it a great movie, but not an amazing one, and I've been trying to determine why it didn't hit with me on the kind of emotional level that I was hoping it would. All the Wild Things were fantastic, Max Records is great as the kid (an honest and heartfelt performance), and I felt a real connection with everyone on the island, but I just didn't love it like I wanted to. Maybe I need to see it a second time? Or maybe it just needs some polishing?

What did you think of Where the Wild Things Are? One of the best adaptations of the year?

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I was definitely quite disappointed with this film. After watching the trailers numerous times, which not only contained beautiful footage but also used one of my favorite arcade fire songs, I could not wait for this movie. And while the wild things looked incredible, and Karen O did a decent job with the soundtrack, I walked away feeling nothing but disappointment. I agree with you alex, I'm wondering what was wrong with it, cause I totally expected a moving, emotional experience. There was just nothing going on, and while some may say thats what spike was shooting for, it just left me bored instead.

FritzHatesAlex on Oct 16, 2009


Why is this guy so in love with Spike Jonze!!! Firstly, he hops into bed with the guy and now you're doing your level best to like a movie thats by all intents and purposes very average... I find it quite strange is all!!

kinks on Oct 16, 2009


Movie sucked. Do not see it.

whomever on Oct 16, 2009


I was shocked by the tone of the film, I expected was a offbeat adventure film that turned into realization for the kid in the second half. But the entire thing has an undercurrent of violence and unease from the moment he lands on the island. In the trailers the "did you eat them all?" is taken as a lovable joke. But in the film it's implied that all their past kings have been killed and eaten by the Wild Things, so the line has undercurrent of menace. Every creature in the film is in tension and unease and unsure and barely held back violence. On the positives Max Records was astounding, with not one off note in the entire film. I have no doubt Spike Jonse made the movie he wanted. Its just that, for me, the violence, danger and unease of the Wild Things overwhelm the implied feel good ending, and left for a very mixed final message as a result. I liked the film, but don't bring any kid under the age of 10 to this thing, it will scare the living shit out of them.

shadow on Oct 16, 2009


Jesus christ under the age of 10? I was that old when I saw the original Halloween for the first time and I'm fine

J on Oct 16, 2009


@J Max is constantly in danger of being harmed by the wild things. On their first meeting they literally try and eat max. And not in the "ph thats so cute" way. It's in the omg these huge things with teeth are going to tear me to shreds and add me to the pile of human bones over there (literally, they fish Max's crown out of a pile of human bones that is their past kings) There's plenty of times in the film where Max's supposed 'friends' turn very violent. To me that is more frightening to witness than a obvious killer that you know is a bad guy.

shadow on Oct 16, 2009


#5 - Apparently you are not fine. The pronoun "Jesus Christ" should have been capitalized. You further show your lack of mastery of the English language by leaving out your final punctuation in your last sentence. It's okay though, someone who saw Halloween at the age of ten can't possibly be expected to understand anything dealing with grammar and academics for that matter.

that guy on Oct 16, 2009


Hey That Guy nothing in his comment is capitalized, its a fucking internet comment not an essay. And for the record you came off as an absolute dick. Alex go see it again with these kind's of films a second viewing is required. And Shadow I get your unease, but they are called the Wild Things, even in the book there is an undertone of menace.

Xerxex on Oct 16, 2009


Jesus Christ is a proper noun, not a pronoun.

Elroy on Oct 16, 2009


so...did anyone like it?

Jake on Oct 16, 2009


I loved it. Thought it was amazing. Fully agree with Brandon's review. Going again Saturday. And the movie won't scare anyone under the age of ten. There's nothing scarier in this movie than a kid would see on television, or in any number of 3D animated films this year. The Wild Things are just...bigger. It won't give them nightmares. It's the stuff of kid's imagination. It gets intense, sure. But it's all driven from emotion, emotions kids will recognize, but not necessarily comprehend for awhile. I can't speak for everyone, but my personal experience made it an incredible film for me. You can say nothing happens, but that's not exactly true. So much happens for Max. It's just happens to not be plot-driven, it's emotionally driven in the purest sense of the word.

Fuelbot on Oct 16, 2009


More like Where the Boring Things Are...

peloquin on Oct 16, 2009


I agree that it wasn't as emotionally pulling as I had hoped, but I think that this is because it is first and foremost a movie for kids. Not a kid's movie, they don't dumb it down, but seeing Max, I a lot of myself as a nine year old. Now, less than ten years later, I can still relate to a lot of the stuff and I remember how tough that time of growing up was. I think it gets harder for people to remember that as they grow older. Also, it is important to know the difference between what the movie is about and what happens in it. That's just my take on it.

Pricetag on Oct 16, 2009


I thought it was flippin sweet. I mean come on its not even a 400 word book and its made for kids... The visuals were great. Can I has a double recracker?

Ken on Oct 16, 2009


I tell you what sucks. Your overuse of the phrase "to fuel the fire." Is it possible for you to offer your opinion without using that phrase?

billybob on Oct 16, 2009


I enjoyed it. But I also did not come out of it with the emotional impact that I thought I would. There were plenty of times where I felt unease and a bit worried. But it did not hit me in the way that I thought it would. One of my favorite parts of the film is the beginning with the snow fort and all. That brought me back to childhood more than anything that happened on the island. The Wild Things were funny and frightening at the same time. I agree with #4 that there was a very deep undertone of anger and ferocity. But I guess that's to be expected with the Wild Things. Even in the book they seem like they could snap and eat someone in an instant. So I think it was good that they had this effect. I was hoping that Max would have time alone with each wild thing to get to know them and also have each one teach him something. All in all I really enjoyed it, but it didn't do what I was expecting. But it's rare for something to live up to expectations.

Dan W on Oct 16, 2009


To fuel the fire, I actually like it when Alex uses the phrase "To fuel the fire".

peloquin on Oct 16, 2009


this movie reminded me off a family reunion gone wrong, just random mean things said to one another and back-stories that would never be explained. i left the theater thinking what the hell was that

grant on Oct 16, 2009


Liked it. Reminded me of what I was like when I was that age. When things got rough at home, I would wander away to an imaginary place for a while and then return home. It defined what a lot of kids do to get away from reality.

Dan Geer on Oct 16, 2009


Is there anyone here above the age of 30 that saw the film? Or, someone who read the book?

Quanah on Oct 16, 2009


Already posted, but just wanted to add that the movie was pretty true to the book. In the book, the wild things were anything but Barney and friends and I think a lot of people were disappointed that they weren't flawless. I like how they represent different aspect of being a kid and the end is heart-wrenching. I think that all the 8, 9, and 10 year olds who see this movie will get it. They may not be able to put it into words and talk about it, but they will have an innate understanding of the film. It'll be harder for us to get as we grow older. Some people may see this stuff in their own kids. Being that age is hard. I remember how I felt and it is harder than people like to remember. People give way too much credit to teenage angst; nine was a hard year. The darkness of the film is totally just. I respect Spike Jonze for taking it where it needed to. This movie isn't for the 20 year olds and 40 year olds. It's for the 9 year olds inside us and the actual kids going through these rough changes. This film won't get the recognition it deserves because there isn't any way it can. it isn't the best picture, it isn't the best writer or the best actor at the Oscars. All of those were GREAT for what the movie was bit this wasn't made for the academy. The academy has different standards than a 9 year old boy. The 9 year old boy isn't looking for that, but what he'll get out of it is so much better.

Pricetag on Oct 16, 2009


it was alright :/ not bad not great not in between but alright

Madnezz344 on Oct 16, 2009


I absolutely loved it. it dragged a little, and some may find it's lack of a traditional narrative hard to take, but the ultimate product is so creative and utterly moving as to make it a brilliant film. For me, it's the best film of the year so far, and an instant classic. I had (as many of us do) incredibly high expectations, and they were met. Such a wonderful, emotive, creative movie.

Timothy on Oct 16, 2009


Ill have to agree with the masses. The movie started off sweet, but a bit fast. Many people including myself were so anxious and excited about seeing this movie so of course expectations were high. I believe spike Jonze let us all down a bit, WTWTA was very cute but less than 45 minutes into the movie it took an uneasy and strange turn essentially turning the wild things into, dare i say, "murderers". The end however was as an excellent close, It tugged at my heart strings a little. I couldn't believe that i had had come to care about these strange, funny, sarcastic and emotionally unstable beasts. Though I believe Jonze dropped the ball a bit WTWTA will be a favorite film of mine always.

Eddie on Oct 16, 2009


#7 that guy Man you must be the most hated person ever, i feel sorry for you. Its a comment on the internet you fool you really have to calm down. "the pronoun "Jesus Christ" should have been capitalized.".........i mean WTF???? you really suck at life man

pekypoku on Oct 16, 2009


It was just ok. I expected much more, in terms of narrative events. It was a lot more sappy and less energized than my exceptions were led to believe. Considering at least the trailers.

Carlos J on Oct 16, 2009


fav quote 🙂 "Feed me woman!"

Madnezz344 on Oct 17, 2009


movie was pretty boring I hate to say. I went in expecting an adventure film, while not as cheerful as a Pixar movie, something that just had a bit more 'umpf' and I walked away scared of that fucking emo Judy bitch. Jesus 'c'hrist her mouth scared me. and 'that guy', suck a dick.

Tarnish on Oct 17, 2009


Why do so many of us judge our movie experience based on our expectations gained from movie trailers? i'm guilty of it too. The movie was good though. i've recently been trying not to make a judgment on a film before i see it based on its trailer. Trailers have usually been poor indicators of what a movie will actually turn out to be for me anyway. So i liked it. i thought it was cool and fun to watch, while at the same time, it was dark and kind of scary, just like my life was when i was Max's age. i like movies to be entertaining first, then i can feel like giving a personal critique on what it meant to me. Movies, for me, are supposed to be for entertainment, not a reason to become judgmental. When i pick apart a movie, i usually end up not liking it, so i just try to take it for what it is.

jibs on Oct 17, 2009


This movie was amazing. It felt like i was watching a documentary about a nine year old that somehow manage to record his dreams and nightmares. Just because kids are short it doesnt mean their minds dont go to dark places. Its not a childrens film, its a film about childhood.

captnsquash on Oct 17, 2009


Im not 30 but this was my favorite book as a kid and i thought the movie did it justice. It was a great movie. To shadow you must of never read the book cause it had the theme of menace to it..I could tell that when i was 5

hale on Oct 17, 2009


I'm 33, saw the film last night and it was a bit different than what I expected. A little darker and gloomy, I was expecting something just a tad bit lighter with more adventure, (Never Ending Story)? The book's been one of the most memorable to me as a child, I guess because at the time it was different in tone and in images compared to other books that I was reading at that age. Anyhow, even though it wasn't what I expected, I still liked what Jonze did with the picture. The look of the Wild things were done perfectly and the boy who played Max did a great job. As was posted earlier, I think this film will do fine with viewers who's able to understand and relate to it. They're either going to love it or think that it was really boring. Box office wise, I'm guessing it's going to decline fast, as it's not really a family film, IMO. My wife, went with me and she didn't really get it or liked it as much, but she's never read the book before as a kid. So I guess there was a totally different emotional attachment going in.

Nate on Oct 17, 2009


I thought this movie was brilliant! So many well thought-out layers and depth that makes it possible for a child to enjoy as well as a thirty something old movie buff such as myself. I originally thought this was a kids movie much like the book. However I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this movie is a story about life, growing up and the choices that we make. It also gives us empowerment to choose our destiny and not to be afraid to take chances along the way. If anything just to live! It seems so many people have just stopped living, stopped caring about their dreams and their purpose and their social responsibility to others. I also think there is a distinction between having the power to control or eat others and then the understanding that just because we have this power it doesn't make it right. I could go on and on about this movie and it's symbolism and the ultimate realization that there is no king. However I'm just sad that Spike Jonze has created this masterpiece and no one seems to get the message. I'm already reading about how people were bored and it wasn't what they expected. But I guess that's the genius of the message, its all part of reevaluating the life you've lived and things you've experienced but now may mean something different. There is more here than meets the eye you must keep looking. I am trying to find others that got a similar message from this movie and hope that I am not alone.

Jess on Oct 17, 2009


I haven't seen it yet, but want to. I just wanted to add that if you "Expect" a movie to be something you are setting yourself up. I find that the most moviegoers who expected a movie to be funny,sad, adventurous,etc. never get what they want. I try my best to just go see the movie with a broad view of what it is about, most of the time I come away happy. Sometimes being suprised is the best part. I would find it boring if I had expectations for a film and they were met. What's the point of seeing it if everything you thought was going to happen, happens? Just my two cents.

theotherbluth on Oct 17, 2009


Ok I have to ask this question, as I am a lover of cinema and a father. My son is only 2 and a half but loves movies, and although he enjoys the disney/pixar stuff he's also very into more intense movies. For instance some of his favorite movies now are is King Kong (Peter Jackson's), and Transformers (both). I obviously don't let him watch R rated movies, and I screen those that are PG-13. My wife and I have been debating whether this movie will be entertaining enough, without asking whether this movie would be too frightening. Is this movie appropriate for a young child who doesn't scare easily? If not is it too scary or too slow? Thank you for your time.

Topher on Oct 17, 2009


Man- I guess I must be the odd one out, because I thought it was fantastic. I don't know how anyone could have done the book more credit. The correllation between the loneliness, longing and rage that Carol struggled with and the same emotions that Max struggled with was done SO well. The fact is that the book WAS dark and scary. It wasn't just a fantastical romp, it wasn't a neverending story, it was a childs book about the emotions a child feels and how those appear even in his imaginary places. I'm not ashamed to say the last 10 minutes of the movie had me with tears in my eyes. For every kid who finds it hard to get the attention he wants from his family without acting out, for every kid who is longing to feel loved and taken care of and to live in a world where only the things we want to have happen, happen, this movie will mean a great deal. I think it's a masterpiece. I find it strange that it didn't emotionally connect that way for many people.

Illryion on Oct 17, 2009


Topher - take him and find out. I don't think he's going to be scared by it by any means, I don't know where that "don't take a child under 10" comment, but I left the theater at midnight alongside many teary-eyed young kids who loved the movie.

Illryion on Oct 17, 2009


@theotherbluth, I agree with what you are saying to a point. I like you try to not walk into a movie biased, but you HAVE to rate your expectations to a certain extent to choose which movies you will or not be seeing. I need something in me to realize I should see Inglourious Basterds instead of All About Steve. and, well in this case it was Quentin, which brings up another valid point, when you become a fan of a Director like Mr Tarantino, I find it very difficult to tell myself, "expect it to be shit." Which is what I try to say to give the movie the benifit of the doubt. Anyways thats just my two cents. Just wanted to say I agree with you, but I think we all know its harder to actually practice what you preach.

Topher on Oct 17, 2009


@Illryion Thank you Im sure my son and I will have a great time. With your comment on the movie I think I can sense we have a similar apriciation in movies, like these at least!

Topher on Oct 17, 2009


@Topher - I hope and bet you will. It's a great movie.

Illryion on Oct 17, 2009


It wasn't as good as it could have been, but certainly a fine flick, and in my top 5 of the year.

Al on Oct 17, 2009


I absolutely LOVED it!! I've never actually seen any of spike jonze's other films, but this showed that he had some great potential. The characters were fun, the backgrounds and areas were beautiful, and Max, the main character was just so...imaginative and inspiring. I would defiantly pay to see this again!!!

Mark on Oct 17, 2009


considering this isnt a big acting year, Max Powers (max) being up for best actor oscar doesn't seem to far fetched.

Al on Oct 17, 2009


I thought the film was really touching, and was really great. I agree with what many people said about having high expectations for it, watching all the trailers and stuff, imagining how it was going to be like in my head. While I really liked the film, it wasn't as amazing as I would have liked it to be. It was gloomy and somewhat scary. I saw some kid crying, but she was like 4 years old so that explains why. lol I think I just would have liked a more heart felt tone to it. I wanted the creatures to be happy, and I felt bad for them. Many parts were rather odd, but funny. It does remind me of those difficult times as a child, and seeing my mom with a new guy. Playing, being "wild" being a kid. And I appreciated all the creatures symbolizing Max's feelings and the beautiful scenery and idea of creating this crazy fort! So Overall the film was interesting and I enjoyed it a lot! I feel like I want to watch it again. Max did great, and the ending was my favorite part with his mom falling asleep watching him eat. btw the music went extremely well with the film! <3

Angie C on Oct 17, 2009


I sat in the theater and just didnt know what to think. I was disturbed and unsettled but didnt know why. It wasn't bad but it just remind me of a weird dream in which I want to wake up but don't know if I can. It was just strange.

PJ H on Oct 17, 2009


I agree with #45-Angie C's comment. While the movie was not plot driven, it did a great job doing what it needed to do. Maurice Sendak's original book consisted of about 10 sentences but was primarily a picture book. I have to commend the writers of the movie for taking a picture book and turning it into a full length feature film. The "wild things" and Max were perfect and straight out of the book. The storyline was great. In the book, Max get punished and goes up to his room where his imagination grows the sea and a wid forest and his wild side is released. Max becomes the "Wild Things" king and after getting to know them, finds himself lonely and homesick. He returns home to his bedroom with his supper still hot. The film is mostly similar. The story serves the purpose of teaching Max how to deal with his feelings of anger, fear and comfort the best way he knows how. I loved the movie and the music. I felt like a kid again reading the book for the first time.

Jesse A. on Oct 17, 2009


WOW! I thought I was the only one that had an empty feeling leaving the theater. Some parts did kind of shock me, but I don't remember which ones and why, which supports my argument about it being disappointeing. I'm pretty sure the everyday movie goer would love this movie. Bleh.

giraffic on Oct 17, 2009


Not worth you money guys. Watch it for free when its out on DVD at a friends house or something. Or AMC has the $5 matinee for the first show of the day M-F. Other than that I dont think even a directors cut will save it. Only fanboys will love this movie like the Watchmen fanboys. Terrible in my opinion.

Mark Schafer on Oct 17, 2009


I thought the movie was great... one of the best of 09 after Star Trek in my opinion. I also don't get why some folks are saying it wasn't 'emotional' because I pretty much got choked up at some parts. I read this book as a child and I related to it... now as an adult and watching the actual movie, there were some things that hit close to the heart. There was a little bit of me inside every monster and that's supposed to be the point.

teyhtr on Oct 18, 2009


....................sounds kinda lame.

U2Rlovebirds on Oct 18, 2009


The movie was great. Jonze did well by making each monster have some relation and personality that related to max's life and people who are in his life. as well as emotions that he was feeling towards his mother and sister.

jacob on Oct 18, 2009


2.5 stars out of 5. Entertaining but shitte

smacky on Oct 18, 2009


@ #48 - "everyday movie goer"? what are you, some kind of superhero movie watcher? douche...

Illryion on Oct 18, 2009


The movie was far more dark than I care subject my kids to. They could watch it, but they would need a caffeinated drink to stay awake and Ambien at the end of the movie to lift their spirits. Why did every monster have some sort of psychosis? I interpreted this as each monster representing Max in some way. If that's true then Max needs some serious emotional help. The entire film had me looking for a metaphorical island with which I could rest my mind on but even WT, which I had hoped would be that bright spot, ended up being a horribly depressed whack job too. Max's home which also suffered from dark lighting didn't provide a sense of of rescue or shelter either. I can understand the dark overtones in the beginning but why after finally getting home is it still dark and uninviting?

Boonstra on Oct 18, 2009


I took six kids, ages 6 to 15, to see this yesterday. Our verdict was unanimous: It's not an enjoyable film. None of the kids was deeply frightened, but they also found nothing really to like in it either. As others have pointed out, the threat of violence and death is in the background throughout the film. What makes this most disturbing is that the greatest threat comes from the creature (Carol) with whom Max has the closest and warmest relationship. Indeed, in a fit of rage, Carol rips off another character's arm. While only sand, and not blood, spurts out, and the now one-armed character makes a joke about Carol's having torn off his "favorite arm," I was somewhat shocked to see this. I understand that "dark" can be cool in a creepy, arthouse way. However, this ostensibly "family" movie had the feel of having been directed by someone who doesn't care much for kids.

SNS on Oct 18, 2009


Was I the only person who loved this? I thought the movie was incredible and did live up to most likely the best trailer I've ever seen. Max Records was amazing in it, such a awesome actor at only nine years old. The direction was incredible too, not to mention the soundtrack. If I was to point out one flaw it would be the voices of the wild things were a tad distracting, but I got used to it after a while. Overall incredibly well done.

Caitie on Oct 18, 2009


each Wild Thing represented a different emotion that a kid goes through. hence them being called "the Wild Things" as emotions are wild. Also, I felt that Carol at times represented both his missing father, and his anger and frustration over feeling left alone by those he himself cares for. The Wild Things themselves for me were the best part of this movie, as they looked so real and magical in a way I haven't seen since The Neverending Story. This was a darker film, but #37 gets it too. in the end, I enjoyed the film and thought it was beautiful and a true depiction of being 9 years old. I do wish though that I had been able to get more emotionally involved with it, but somehow it just didn't manage to connect with me on quite the level I expected. Yet still, I tip my hat to Spike Jonze.

dave13 on Oct 18, 2009


also, it is the best adaptation of the book that could happen. It was true to the book, and I feel that the academy is ignorant if they do not see it as a runner for best adaptation to screen or costume design at the very least!

dave13 on Oct 18, 2009


All you sourpuss adults raining on the big kids inside us parade be warned: the 9-Year Old Inside Us Army is coming to EAt You All.

Django on Oct 18, 2009


saw it at midnight. But I don't see how people are saying its being marked wrong, when ever i saw the trailers i thought "I'm going into a movie that is going to be completely different from other movies, neither good nor bad, but completely different" and that's exactly how it was. I can see how people would not like the movie, and i can see how people would adore the movie. but In my best opinion i can say its a new generations Never Ending Story. And today's group of kids are going to turn this movie into a timeless classic.

DoomCanoe on Oct 18, 2009


#20--Dead on. That IS the film. I thought it was brilliant. Every "Wild Thing" represented something in Max's conscience: Whether it was his anger, his fear, his loneliness, or his mother--They were all there. This has quickly become a personal favorite of mine, and I'm sure I'll see it a few more times as well. I think if people were expecting something different than they surely didn't understand who Spike Jonze is as a director and they certainly never really understood how the "children's" book was different from all the rest. Classic. Brilliant.

Quanah on Oct 18, 2009


lol @ #60. spot on. i loved it. WTWTA was completely refreshing and really captured every raw emotion you go through as a kid. that's what spike jonze does better than pretty much anyone else. sure, so many parts of the film were uncomfortable, tense and dark. and yes, it doesn't have your standard, traditional narrative. it was supposed to be that way. this was a film about being a kid, both the good and the bad. i don't think it was a film FOR kids (i.e. shrek, toy story). i would say that this is a movie that doesn't require multiple viewings to "get". from the responses i've gathered, it's something you either get or you don't. for me, it was an emotional experience all the way through. for others it didn't hit them the same way.

gary on Oct 18, 2009


oh and one more thing: this had to be the easiest paycheck mark ruffalo will ever make. what was it, 3 lines?

gary on Oct 18, 2009


The movie was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. And I'm 10!!! Max goes to the island and ruins everything. I would think he would make it better, make the wild thing's life more happier. I have no idea how you could like that movie. I'd like to see the real ratings on it. If it gets a good rating, I'm gonna be very surprised. Oh, and they even said something about global warming. I have noticed that in the kids movies so far, they talk about global warming. Lay off! We are just kids. Quit scaring us! (SUCKED)

tyler on Oct 18, 2009


#65 That is the worst impression of a 10 year old I've ever seen.

Quanah on Oct 19, 2009


People will hate this movie, and that is fine. I will say, simply, the people that don't like it are the people who have lost the imagination they had as a child. I watched it and was taken back to when I was younger, playing with toys and building forts. It was nostalgic. It was beautiful. It was wonderful.

jaminpaul on Oct 19, 2009


Superbly crafted, an authentic expedition into the mind of a 9 year old. The only real fumble comes in the second act, where Max's desire line and obsacles in his path aren't clearly outlined, so his arc is deminished, as is the ending's payoff. Otherwise, a fantastic, "unHollywood" romp of imagination and whimsy.

Geoffrey D. on Oct 19, 2009


I think I figured out my beef with the film. The wild things represented all the negatives of his life and his worries, fears, and insecurities. That great, but his happiness, joy, and caring side where not represented along with them, thus the film feels very negative to me.

shadow on Oct 19, 2009


SPIKE JONZE SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT BACK AND EATEN BY THE MONSTERS HE CREATED AND THE BULL5HIT UNDERTONE OF "HELLO, YEAH IM PSYCHO, NOW WATCH THIS AND DEAL WITH IT" The whole film was uneasy and unsure, all the lines from each monster had doubt. Almost as if the people doing the overlays werent sure about how the script made them feel when they read the lines. And why does the chicken get his arm ripped off!!!!!!

THERBLIG on Oct 19, 2009


This movie was a pile of horse sh8t. Wait for the DVD or for it to be played on PBS. Shoulda opted for Law Abiding Citizen.

Rod Tidwell on Oct 19, 2009


Wait. Is this Spike Jonze's new music video?

Matt Larner on Oct 21, 2009


#69 But what you felt was negative, I felt was spot on. I have a 10 year old son, and although he is loved and cared for he still harbors a lot of insecurities about life. He's at that crossroads I remember being at when I was 10: He's starting to understand life doesn't follow exactly what you want it to. When Max boards the boat for the voyage home he is beginning to let go and accept those fears and insecurities. He's also starting to realize that maybe he has been out of control. In fact, he tells Carol during HIS tantrum that "You're out of control!" Which is what Max's mother told Max that caused him to run off. He's begun to see his errors, and he's ready to face his mom again. I think you need to watch the film again. His caring side was displayed more than once. His hope for KW to stay. His quiet moment with Carol looking at the flowers and giving him a hug. His sweet conversation with KW when they were trapped in the pile. His affection was all over the place, just not obvious, but subtly...As it should be in a film of this nature.

Quanah on Oct 21, 2009


As well made as I believe the movie is, I don't think it was particularly entertaining. Fun at times, slow at others, and really kind of a downer the whole time. I GET the movie and I still don't really care to ever watch it again.

Shaun on Oct 22, 2009


this movie was terrible. it was very emotional a a guy got his arm ripped off. i did not feel good after the movie. a guy got his arm ripped off, sand came out of the hole, and they put a twig in it's place. i would not reccomend this movie unless you want to feel icky.

anonymous 11 year old on Nov 4, 2009


Well i haven't gotten around to seeing it yet. But #17's comment is awesome lols =P

Lighting Toronto on Dec 24, 2009


I found this movie to be mellowdramaticlly boring. i gues i have to read the book again to figure out if there is an actual storyline plot. I kinda feel semi-retarted now after watching this flick.!

Jared on Mar 4, 2010


I absolutely loved this movie and was blown away by the performance of the little boy who played Max! I'm so glad we caught this on the big screen and didn't wait for the DVD release. Though better suited for children ages 9 and up, it is a beautiful and imaginative story that all three of my children (9, 16&19) could relate to since each of them have known friends with big, out of control emotions. Even if your child doesn't have a classmate with ADHD, I'm betting there isn't a school out there that doesn't have at least one student with similar issues. Through Max, everyone (students, neighbours, parents, teachers etc.) is treated to a glimpse of what it's like for a child who rebells against being harnesed in by rules and structure. Just imagine for a moment, being a child who fits in better with a world "Where the Wild Things Are" ... that's what this movie so beautifully accomplished. Even in his escaped to, imagined world, Max knows the difference between right and wrong, his heart is in the right place even when his actions are out of control. I was never really a big fan of the book but I sooooo enjoyed this movie!

MooVbuff on Apr 9, 2010


i really love this movie. it still isn't my best or most fav movie but i just love the emotions in it, i love the way spike naturally captured fear, unsecured, and contemplation that a little kid, if we could remember ourselves were, exceeded. i actually think it's more like a real psychological moments that happen in age 9-11. i did the same as max in the movie did. i decided to run away from home, not by running or wearing wolf suit of course, but i recognize the emotions that max felt in the movie. my father then found me and took me home. but i still could feel the unsecure feeling that my parents won't understand my contemplation when i got home that night, plus that i had still to go to school the next day. lol. sorry for my clumsy english. btw, i bought the dvd box set with a nice carol doll in it. i really love it. let the wild rumpus staaaarrrrt!!

alf on Jul 17, 2010


This should have been titled "Where the Emo Things Are". Jonze drastically overemphasizes the negative qualities of the characters (they're there in the book, but this is wrist-slitting levels of negativity) and the movie becomes a vat of self-loathing.

SlashBeast on Sep 25, 2010

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