Sound Off: X-Men Origins: Wolverine - What Did You Think?

May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's now May 1st, which means the summer movie season has arrived, and this year's opener is another superhero movie - X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We all know Wolverine is a badass character, but the big question is if they really did the best they could've with his origin story or if this is another mess on par with X-Men 3? Were fan favorites Gambit and Deadpool just as awesome? An entertaining action extravaganza? Or was this a screw up from start to finish? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Note: Any reviews or comments on this movie based on the bootlegged workprint will be immediately removed without notification. This discussion is for the official theatrical version only, no exceptions!

To fuel the fire, I honestly enjoyed this more than I thought I would. My expectations had been lowered considerably going in, and I actually found it quite entertaining, a big dumb comic book action movie and good way to kick off this summer. The scene with Deadpool at the beginning was awesome, and although I know Weapon XI was stupid, that fight scene at the end on top of the nuclear reactor was also badass. There are hints of a great story, mainly in the first half, and it's not perfect, but I don't think it's a terrible movie. I'd say it was better than X3 and on the level of X1 for me personally, but that's just my own opinion.

What did you think of X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Any better or worse than X-Men 3?

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FIRST!! In all honesty..I felt let down...

Trey on May 1, 2009


I dunno about the movie still trying to sort it out in my head. But my first impression after getting out of the theater was meh. There were some cool moments, but the movie just did not entertain as much I thought it might. What "extra" endings have people seen? I saw him drinking to remember.

Raymond on May 1, 2009


Seriously. I request that somebody please shoot at my head with an adamantium bullet. The movie was an act of intelligence rape. was the worst of the actors. Direction and script= Hahah. And please, dont act like you haven seen da Workprint 🙂

Tom rothman on May 1, 2009


Didn't like it. It tried doing too much, too soon.

sean on May 1, 2009


And oh. Whoever at FOX thought of laughing at WATCHMEN review. Can wrap the mouth around they barrell of an adamantium bullet loaded revolver 🙂

Tom rothman on May 1, 2009


just saw it it was good but not excellent they did a good job here i enjoyed it but what about the Extra endings??? i left the theater as soon as the movie ended

greak on May 1, 2009


I like the "drinking to remember" thing because because it gives them potential with a sequel that would take place in Japan with him training to be samurai and learn to control his Beserker Rage more. The movie was alright I agree with you Alex on it being a fairly entertaining, easy to follow action flick to start the summer. Enjoyable at best and lackluster at times. With some really strong writing I think they could definitely take it to another level in a sequel. Make it a little more personal and gritty would be nice. I'm definitely just more excited on the direction this film could go because the story that follows is about a lost man with no direction to go. No memories to follow. Only nightmares as leads. It's almost a completely different character and I definitely think Jackman would be great in adding all that depth to the character. He's a pretty good actor. He's plays a lot of different types of roles and does them well. Hell, I could write the script.

Shaun on May 1, 2009


Well, I absolutely thought it WAS a terrible movie. I thought the story was a jumbled mess, the action scenes (which were literally every five minutes) were incredibly boring, the characters were so one dimensional it isn't even funny (isn't Logan supposed to be battling sort of an animalistic dark side? About two sentances of dialogue told us he was, but other than that he was almost a Superman-like boyscout), the CG was sub par, embarrassingly so at times, and the dialogue was inexcusibly bad, it's like the writers read a book of "cliche asinine things to say in an 80s action movie" and then just copy/pasted it into their screenplay. The whole situation reminds me a lot of Indiana Jones, a mainly solid series that's most recent addition should be forgotten (here's the SICK part, Crystal Scull was a better film than Wolverine). I'm not a huge X-men fan, I liked the first two, thought "The Last Stand" was crap, but this was definately worse, it's too bad really. I honestly think anyone who likes this film is being blinded by their unconditional love for Wolverine, if this wasn't an X-Men movie I don't think anyone would be argueing with the idea that it is shit. Sadly, that's exactly what it was. In my opinion the only way that this is a good way to start off the summer is it may make everything that comes after it look like gold. And that, sir, is my humble opinion. Ugh, adamantium bullets (cringe)!?!?

Matt S on May 1, 2009


This movie with all its will obviously make its money...but for the movie its was overall enjoyable. There were some obvious CG work that was horrible and easily recognizable. There was one total scene that was straight like "Smallville"/Superman throwback. I watched that scene and thought, "WTF, I thought this was an X-Men movie" anyways, that was not needed all. Deadpool there was a piece to his story that I thought was left out and Gambit, real cool CG there with the cards. The Blob, why??? Emma big boobs as I was expecting...but cool effect done with her. For a girl's perspective though, seeing Hugh Jackman as he was, wow!!!! Especially when it came to him being naked!!! That's right, naked!!! wow!!! Overall, I would recommended this movie to see to pass time.... As for the ending....what the heck!!! All the hype for the "extra" ending at the end of the credits...i thought what a waste...I saw him just like Raymond posted, "saw him drinking to remember" what the heck...that was it...

Christine on May 1, 2009


10 years ago, it would've been a fun summer movie, in 2009, it's crap.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


I agree with Alex. Granted, it wasn't spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but it was an enertaining action movie. Yes, they screwed up the Deadpool/Weapon XI big time at the end but I don't consider that to be a huge detriment to the movie. For an action movie I got my money's worth. I thought it was fairly well done for what it is including the last scene despite being disappointed with how they dealt with Deadpool/Weapon XI. All of Wolverine's backstory was interesting and I thought that was well done. Jackman and Schreiber did an excellent job playing off each other. The only real disappointments I had were with not giving more spotlight to Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Gambit. The movie could have used a lot more of those characters and a lot less of Will. I. Am. and the Blob. Bottom line: Shallow but entertaining comic book movie. Worth Seeing.

Saguaro on May 1, 2009


I was disappointed....the first thirty minutes of the movie were flawless. The movie as a whole was good, except that they destroyed who Deadpool is, Reynolds mastered Deadpool in the opening scenes. And then nothing. Note: The only ability Deadpool has a healing factor. He has a belt that allows him to teleport, and is an amazing ninja. So when they gave him Cyclops's power beam and adamantium swords in his hands I was pissed. And he had his mouth sewn up.... wtf Deadpool is the merc with the mouth. I just dont get it, of course Deadpool is my favorite character of all time so I guess that kind of ruined the movie for me. If you dont read the comics, you will probably enjoy the movie.

Rob on May 1, 2009


Here is what was WRONG with the movie: 1) Completely screwed up the x-men timeline which didn't bother me as much as it will some people. 2) It was too jumbled and had forced sequences that didn't need to be in the movie 2) Cyclops's optic blasts do NOT produce heat in anyway, it's purely concussive (just force). That may sound like a nit-picky type complaint but you'll see how they went overboard with it in the movie...and when the hell can it be stopped just by Wolverine holdin up his claws. 3) There is no way that they could have sh*t on Wade Wilson / Deadpool any more then they did. He was good at the beginning of the movie but after that they went in an entirely different direction which isn't a good thing. 4) About half of the movie had top notch CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and the other half looked like it was straight from the Sci-fi channel. 5) I have a lot more to rant about but can't seeing how they involve spoilers...all i have to say is Adamantium bullet On the other side of things...Hugh Jackman will and forever be the #1 Wolverine...He loves the character and you can tell by his performance on screen. There were parts were I actually thought Wolverine litterally was ripped out of the comics as is and put on screen. Also Liev Schreiber KICKED ASS as Sabretooth. In my opinon he is one of the best comic to film adaptations we have had on screen so far. He was menacing, intimidating and very visceral. Any parts with him and Hugh more then delivered to the fans. My favorite scene in the movie was also the dissapointing. The whole adamantium bonding sequence was incredible and you will geek out whether you like it or not....on the downside it wasn't nearly as good as it could of been. They cut it wayyyyyyy to short and it didn't stay as accurate as it should have. I was expecting him to kill way more people too.

Dylan on May 1, 2009


Yes, Hugh Jackman continues to be great. Liev Shreiber rocked as sabertooth too, he was the saving grace of the movie in some ways, as he was the only villain you cared about. Gambit was badly handled, Deadpool ruined, not Reynolds fault. And the adamantium bullet thing, i still don't get it. I don't wanna spoil it, but yeah, i think somebody has to explain why the adamantium bullet does what it does, it doesn't make any sense, and it's in the videogame too, and i just can't understand how anybody thought that as a good idea or that it was plausible, it's ridiculous.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


I have not seen it yet, But I will compare it to the Following.... Daredevil/Electra-Worst Punisher1,2,3-Bad FF2-Ugh Xmen- Good Spiderman1 & 2- Great Thats what i want to know where it ranks

AllmightyKeim on May 1, 2009


the movie was alright not that great could not believe how they ruin Deadpool i mean come on do FOX like to ruin everything they touch. Ryan Reynolds was great as Wade Wilson but he was so under use in the film. is it me but Ryan Reynolds needs to stop doing any comic book movie for Marvel cause he had bad luck with Blade 3 and now Wolverine. i personally think he needs to move over to DC films instead that might change his luck with comic book movies or dont do any more comic book movie for along time LOL.

movieboy on May 1, 2009


How is it that people couldn't see from the trailer that this movie looked like crap. I don't get it.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on May 1, 2009


I actually think the cinematics in the Xmen game look more impressive! You need people who live and breath these characters to attempt a movie version.. this isn't the sort of thing an everyday filmmaker should attempt!

dom on May 1, 2009


WARNING: SPOILERS They need to pull this from theaters, release it direct to DVD, and rename it "Badgerman: A SciFi Original Movie". Acting: Terrible. Blame it on the writing if you must, but people just walked through their roles. Story: Ha! The convoluted and ridiculous plot makes no sense half the time, and the other half is just bad. Directing: Another lame movie that skimps on story for action scenes (see next) Action: Nothing you haven't seen a million times. I did like the Deadpool scene at the beginning, but that's about it. The rest is your standard superhero fare. Ryan Reynolds does great at the beginning, then is totally removed from the story. What they turn Deadpool into later has absolutely nothing to do with him, or the actual character in the comics. If they make a sequel, I hope that they reveal "Weapon XI" to be a failed clone of Deadpool or something, because it was the worst mistake the movie made (and it made a lot). Of course, they won't, judging by the lame ending I saw (the deadpool one). The plot is only there to make sure Wolvie gets from one spot (and one set of useless background characters) to the next spot (and the next spot of background characters). The CGI is pathetic. I know they were rushed, but still - it felt like a bad TV show, not a multi-million dollar film. The dialog (on several occasions) almost made me leave the theater - it's that bad. Everyone talks in cliche's or catchphrases, no one espouses anything of worth other than either completely spitting out information or withholding it, and the exchanges between characters felt insincere and almost mocking. If they hadn't have bashed it into our heads that Wolvie and Sabertooth were brothers (another HUGE mistake on their part as it serves no purpose to the story and contradicts decades of comic history), I wouldn't have guessed it because they don't act like it at all. Added letdown: hearing them call Wolverine "Jimmy" throughout half the movie completely annoyed me. Sure, his name is James Logan - I get it. But "Jimmy" sounds like someone who should be doing tequila shots with a bunch of sweaty fratboys at a college block party, not a tortured soul fighting against his animal nature to be a good guy. I could go on for pages and pages about all the stupid things that happen in the movie (how are you going to block, then RETURN, a Cyclops laser blast by simply crossing your claws in front of you? Especially with obvious gaps? How does Weapon XI/Deadpool have 3 ft long unbreakable swords in his arms, and yet still be able to bend at the elbow when they're retracted? Why would getting shot in the head with an adamantium bullet somehow erase all your memories? Wouldn't it just act like a normal bullet? Does adamantium break adamantium? If so, why didn't Wolvie's claws cut right through Deadpool's swords? How did they fool Wolvie into thinking his girlfriend was dead just by slowing down her heartbeat and pouring some blood on her? He didn't actually check for wounds?) but it's best to say that it was a terrible movie and I asked for my money back. Overall, I would put it on the same level as Elektra and Spiderman 3 as far as character assassination goes, and on the same level as "Mansquito" as far as story.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


Xmen game = Wolverine game sorry my mistake

dom on May 1, 2009


Was it as dissappointing as x-men 3? I'm still pissed about that entire movie. So much potential swirled around it but the movie kept missing its target.

Chris H on May 1, 2009


I have to agree with everyone here. This movie had the potiential to be great but failed in almost every direction. I'm a comic fan and I have been since I was a child. So when I go see comic adapted movies I expect some comic references. I don't blame the actors for the film but I don't understand why Reynolds, who has been wanting to play Deadpool for some time now, didn't open his mouth and make his character in the film either more permanent or more like the comic. Same goes with everyone who to part in making this film. What exactly were they going for? Were they going with the idea to please comic fans or just to make money? The adamantium bullet didn't make any sense at all. In the comics Team X got their minds whiped of every mission on the return. So all they had to do was imply that in some way. And my other complain is when they put the adamantium in Logan, I was expecting various scenes implicating that it took longer then how it was in the film which was way to short.

Marius on May 1, 2009


this was on par with x3

darrin on May 1, 2009


Has anyone seen anything other then the drinking to remember extra scene? Anything like the rumored Wade Wilson / Deadpool one?

Raymond on May 1, 2009


Ha! Almost forgot to mention the whole "E...N...G....A....G....E" part in the final fight. Really? You build a supermutant with everyone's powers and then the best way you find to control him was using text commands? You have the technology (and this is still set in the 80s or so) to genetically manipulate a mutant and coordinate video feeds from his eyeballs, but you can't make him voice activated, or even self-autonomous? If this had been the comics, Wolvie would have decapitated poor "Chatty McShirtless" before Stryker could have even finished typing.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


I thought it was a decent movie which brought comic book fans and people who don't know anything about the story together. The part with gambit running up the fire escape and wolverine chopping it down felt way to much like Tom and Jerry but I enjoyed it. It wasn't a great movie but its better than so many other comic movies.

Sean on May 1, 2009


the opening sequence was good, and i did like ryan renolds as wade wilson but after that it was crap. The story overall wasn't very interesting or involved and it jumped around in its progression. The things they changed (read the actual Origins comic, and watch 90s xmen) confound me. I honestly have to say this movie is worse than X3. Its like the people responsible just went though the story and said wouldn't it be cool if we change this, add this, do this here and even though the homogenized action movie stereotype was strong throughout the movie, it was most definately not cool. Every comic book movie needs to take a page out of the rebooted batman (and iron man, perhaps hulk as well, watchemn (but not the ending)). IF you have a source material that is dark, violent you need to stick to that. Like batman if you want to make money you can cut it to get it PG13 but wolverine and sabertooth cannot be giving each other reach arounds in the woods.

Janny on May 1, 2009


The other ending has Wade Wilson appear near the decapitated head of Weapon XI. Implying that Weapon XI is a clone.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


The people who will like it fall into a few categories: 1. They don't need a story - they are there only for the action. Usually like Steven Seagal movies. 2. They are willing to like a movie based solely on a few explosions. Usually like Micheal Bay movies. 3. They have no taste. 4. They are apologists who will say that this is the best movie they could have made. 5. They are girls who liked it because Wolvie is nude and/or shirtless throughout several scenes.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009



Rabs on May 1, 2009


^^ #28...If Michael Bay was handed the movie it prolly would have been better

Trey on May 1, 2009


I don't think that comment number 26 by Darunia is correct. There is nothing to imply that hes a clone. My theatre played the scene after the credits. Wade Wilson's decapitated body indeed reaches for his own head which happened to land right next to his body (reference to how Deadpool always picks up his limbs and heals them back to his body, didn't think he could do it with his head though). After that the severed Wade Wilson head opens its eyes and says " Shhhh". Thats the entire scene

Dylan on May 1, 2009


I can concur with #31 as to that ending (it's the one I saw). They basically make it seem like "yes, Deadpool is alive and survived the decapitation, but now his mouth is free!" like that's supposed to make anyone feel any better about how big of a dump they took on the character in the first place.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


Sorry, 31 and 32, i didn't see that ending, i was told that. My mistake. Well that sucks.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


spoiler alert for Deadpool fans deadpool/weapon xi is a clone and wade wilson see weapon xi and asked him "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" thats another ending check this info at wikipedia

terry_d on May 1, 2009


Well, we might be wrong as well - I just had a visitor to my website say that the ending he saw had Stryker being taken away and showed Wade Wilson (the actual one, no armswords or adamantium) chuckling at him, revealing that Weapon XI was a clone all along. Any confirmation on this ending? I don't buy it until someone can prove it.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


Thank you #34, so it is confirmed - Fox is only 99% crap. They at least had the good sense to tack this ending on at the last minute so that the Deadpool fans out there don't lynch them.

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


Question. Is there a comic book movie that the fan boys like without complaining? I mean cmon, one guy said Cyclops vision is force and not heat! Lmao. Another says Weapon X mouth was sewed shut and shouldn't have been. LOL another said he wanted a chick boobs to be bigger! Cmon guys & girls y'all trippin!

Black Dynomite on May 1, 2009


I thought that it was an enjoyable film. If you had to ask me for a rating, I would rate Wolverine 6 out of 10. This puts it, in my opinion, on the same level as X3 (yes, I liked X3), but below X1 (7/10) and X2 (8/10). It was definitely flawed. Wade "Deadpool" Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), Remy "Gambit" Labeau (Taylor Kitsch) and Chris "Bolt" Bradley (Dominic Monaghan) are all underused, something which is made harder to bear by the fact that Reynolds, Kitsch and Monaghan are all fantastic in the small screentime that they are given. Concerning Deadpool and Gambit, if you can't find a significant role for a fan favourite in one movie, wait until another movie where you can! Deadpool and Gambit suffer the same fate here that Venom suffered in Spider-Man 3. Time to learn, Hollywood. Also, the script is littered with plot holes. The plot twist which involves adamantium bullets is an incredibly lazy way of linking this to the plotline of the original trilogy. Along with the fact that the story is nothing new and there are a few dodgy special effects, there is plenty here to criticise. However, there is still a lot to like. As the big man himself, Hugh Jackman is top-notch. He not only captures the internal struggle between Logan/Wolverine's human and animalistic sides beautifully, but he also manages to capture some genuinely poignant moments in what is essentially a big, loud blockbuster movie. Liev Schreiber, an actor who I've liked for a long time, is also great as Wolvie's brother Victor Creed. Schreiber is vicious without going over-the top, witty without being pretentious. Both Jackman and Schreiber are the glue that holds this film together. Probably the most successful aspect of the movie is the love-hate relationship between Wolverine and Creed, which somewhat reflects the relationship between Batman and the Joker in The Dark Knight. As the scheming Colonel William Stryker, Danny Huston delivers an intriguing portrait of determined villainy. Lynn Collins gives a memorably vulnerable yet sensual turn as Kayla Silverfox, Wolvie's romantic interest, whist rapper is surprisingly good in his movie debut as teleporter John Wraith. Overall, Wolverine doesn't let the side down when it comes to above-the-call-of-duty acting in comic book movies. In terms of action, Wolverine doesn't disappoint. All of the action sequences are exciting, with a thrilling chase sequence which involves Logan being pursuited by jeeps and a helicopter a stand-out. Aside from a few slips, the visual effects are brilliant. The cinematography is wonderful (a large portion of the movie was shot in New Zealand, which, as Lord of the Rings proved, is a beautiful landscape for movies), whilst Harry Gregson-Williams creates a solid musical score. And the final question that I have to ask myself is; iss the direction good enough? I think that it is. Gavin Hood doesn't make his own mark on the material, but he still does a decent job at over-seeing this movie. Despite some moments where his talent shines through (such as the exquisitely crafted opening sequence which sees Logan and Creed battling their way through four major wars), Hood's direction is strictly workmanlike, but still good enough to ensure that the movie doesn't collapse completely. So. Wolverine is a well-made, terrifcally acted movie. It's just a shame that its flaws drag the movie down, as the best moments show the potential for a movie which could easily rival X2. Still, it's a good slice of comic book entertainment. So, Wolverine is a well-made, terrifically acted

Ben Lee on May 1, 2009


Yo la encontre bastante buena. Pero no extraordinaria. Pa´pasar el rato y entretenerse es bien buena, podria haber sido mejor, pero mala no es. Yo la recomiendo.

wenselao on May 1, 2009


The cgi was terrible in this movie. I was expecting way more.

Bridget on May 1, 2009


On the level of X-Men 1? Are you kidding me? Really? And you say GI Joe looks bad? I am astonished at your complete lack of critical sensibility when it comes to movies. The script is disjointed to a point where it's barely stitching the actions scenes together. The acting is terrible across the board, except for Jackman and Schreiber, who came to play but are totally dragged down by the script/actors around them/cheap production values/direction. I loved Tsotsi, but either Gavin Hood was hamstringed by Fox or just is not a good fit for a blockbuster.

Nick on May 1, 2009


I haven´t seen it but I am pretty sure this sucks. Tom Rothman said that Wolwerine bootleg was 20 minutes shorter.But actually not . I´m not going to see it because this is going to be a complete waste of my time.

mflauri on May 1, 2009


This movie is LAUGHABLE. It's horrible. Period. And I for one couldn't give a rat's ass if they ever made another one, Wolverine, X-Men, or otherwise, because I am certain that it will only taint the image I have of the Marvel characters I hold so dear to my heart. .... I am so, unbelievably frustrated with this entire film that I can't even pin down who's fault it is that it's so shitty. I think anyone on the creative team should be completely disappointed in themselves. This includes Gavin Hood, David Benioff, Skip Woods, and every actor who agreed to this monstrosity of a movie. Hugh Jackman, please just answer me one question: Why on EARTH would you agree to do a movie like this? Is it because it was all about you? Is it because you were forced to (contractual basis)? Or is it because a dump truck full of cash is too hard to turn down? Because there's NO WAY any actor WHO READ THIS SCRIPT would say it was worth making... He may not know a whole lot about the TRUE origins of his character, but to think this was grade 'A' caliber stuff is absurd. A movie like this is definitely straight to DVD.

Dan the Fan on May 1, 2009


I had several problems with the movie but overall I still liked it. 3 out of 5 stars. The reason I think this movie was made as it was is the studio had forsaken everything to get money. They really didn't care how this movie turned out as long as it pulls a profit for them. So anyways... *spoilers ahead* *you have been warned* The things I liked... Hugh usual he rocks. Liev Shriber...awesome as Sabertooth. (But does he ever take his coat off? lol) Ryan Renolds what little time he was (actually) Deadpool I loved him. The opening sequence (showing all the wars and stuff)..sweet! The surprise cameo at the end of the movie...AWESOME! (The fanboy in me squealed.) The problems I had were... Jumbled scenes. How the fudge does Gambit go from being knocked out on the street to running full speed on the top of a building?!? And why did he want to stop the fight anyways!?!? The other one was how does Logan go from outside to inside and without his overshirt and ready to kick ass in 5 seconds? Can he teleport too now? Some of the CGI was horrible. Logan in the bathroom checking out his claws for example. (...Wow, that sounds dirty) They slaughtered Deadpool. Deadpoll is my second favorite marvel character (right behind Wolverine) so I was miffed (but I can understand why) that he didn't get more screen time. But doing what they did with him...I hated it. Deadpool's does he bend his arms when they're retracted? How can sabertooth take a point blank optic blast for like 5-10 seconds and not only have no scratch but no damaged clothing? Adamantium bullets...(how the smeg do the holes get fixed?) Decapitated head "shushing" us? Umm...can't happen. No lungs and such. (But here I am talking about how a living decapitated head can't shush us...lmao) I'm sure there's more but I can't remember them right now...

Jeep Fu on May 1, 2009


People make it sound like it's the worst movie ever. Have you guys all forgotten Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, or the 2003 Hulk? It wasn't the best but it wasn't horrible. I think Iron Man and The Hulk spoiled us.

Paul on May 1, 2009


Man you guys are all acting surprised that it sucked I mean really like someone else said, you couldn't tell from the trailers this was gonna be a disaster? God people are retarded.

Cody on May 1, 2009


Man where to You know what I'll keep it short, it could of been great, it was ok(if you are not a comic book fan you might say it was enjoyable), I love Reynolds like everyone said but his potential was not use. Thank God for that Deapool ending I tell you lol, I was ready to join the mob of Deapool fans and lynch FOX down. I don't if I should cry or laugh about this. Oh so many mistakes, my head is still pounding from this movie I tell you, I'm at a lost I really him...

Rudy on May 1, 2009


Also, how in the hell do his claws go from being thin and boney like skewers, to being coated with metal and suddenly becoming perfectly flat, sharpened, and all symmetrically shaped like knives? (to be fair, this is a problem I have with the comics as well)

Pete the Geek on May 1, 2009


#43, Exactly!!! Alex, sometimes you just talk out of your Arse. How can you sit there and say that you enjoyed Wolverine but think that GI Joe looks bad? The action scenes in Wolverine were some of the worse i've seen so far. Compared to what I saw in the GI Joe trailer, those action scenes look a lot better. At least you know what you're getting, korny over the top action. With Wolverine, they didn't know if they wanted to be serious or campy. People seemed to like the Deadpool action scene in the beginning but I hated it, it was korny as heck! Slashes Bullets with his sword? N*$$@ please!!! As everyone stated above, bad story, bad action, bad references, it was a mess, the only good thing were Jackman and Schreiber. Wolverine deserved a much better treatment than this, it's too bad.

Sho' Nuff on May 1, 2009


Any Deadpool is good Deadpool

Motu on May 1, 2009


I agree with you Alex. I just feel it needed more Deadpool. Also the adamantium bullets was the worst idea ever.

Farris on May 1, 2009


This looked bad from the get go. Don't now why, but all the trailers made it look cheap. And I'm a fan of X-Men 1&2 and to some degree part3. But this didn't feel like the same series at all, except for the look of Hugh ofc.

Ryderup on May 1, 2009


Didn't stay for the ending. Hated it overall, would not go see it again even drunk to make fun of it with friends. (It was a plan) I will say that the fight scene at the end with Weapon XI was pretty sweet. Good choreography and all but I was really really let down by the limited use of characters. Obviously they had the main ones but could have used them so0o0o0o0 much more. Loved Wade Wilson for the 2 seconds he was there, or so it felt. I think I see where they are going with the XMEN: First Class idea now. It's scarier than I imagined. Never the less, I won't see it again and only watch it on TV if that one scene was on. Also, anyone think the CGI on his claws was worse than the XMEN movies?

Hey Ya on May 1, 2009


I left the theater feeling confused............. Good thing I only paid $5 to see it!!!!

SHANEDAV on May 1, 2009


The problem with this movie, is that it does nothing to buy back some of the faith lost after X Men 3.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


As I said before true believers on other links on this site regarding Wolverine and other movies....over hype a movie...add a bad script and half ass action scenes with bad dialogue....can & will kill ANY movie....

Lazarus on May 1, 2009


I say that it was pretty good with the exception of the horrible raw CGI on his metal version claws especially in the bathroom scene. When I saw that I wanted to pluck my eyes from their sockets. Zero was not how I was expecting him to be at all and Blob was nearly completely wrong. I was just glad that they didn't completely screw up Gambit. Throwing Cyclops in there was kinda cool but not a necessity. I found the bullet to the head for the memory loss was kinda crap. I started asking myself at parts of the movie why I paid $8.50 3 weeks in advance to see it.

Dan on May 1, 2009


Where to begin... I don't even feel like diving into what made this movie so bad. A Wolverine origins story had so much potential but it was all thrown down the toilet. Horrible characterization, set pieces laced with shoddy special effects, soap opera level of drama and tension, mutant cameos (Deadpool turned into Deadpoop) used as vehicles to progress a terrible story, the Weapon-X scene was visceral and fantastic in the X1 & X2 flashbacks, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine its terribly anti-climactic, Wolverine being a pansy throughout the movie (He's not an "animal" but more like the guy who stands around and looks concerned). This movie was an all out mess. The video game honestly does more justice to the character than this Fox product could ever achieve.

Craig on May 1, 2009


I didn't like it, but that's just me. Wasn't much looking forward to it in the first place, so I don't really feel letdown, but okay.

aaron on May 1, 2009


The movie was sub-par...Sony and Fox should give all Marvel characters rights back to Marvel..Let Marvel studios make the movies and they just get a cut...

Blaccx251 on May 1, 2009


Screw jumping the shark or nuking the fridge. the term should now be blowing up three mile island or jumping the helicopter

PJ H on May 1, 2009


i'm glad to hear everyone hated it as much as i did (when i saw the work print).

wolviefan on May 1, 2009


the story sucked, the action was weak, the marvel universe was torn to shreds, the special effects were lame, ............. anyone know when Marvel gets the licensing back from Fox? I always thought Wolverine was under 6 ft, hairy and mean as his namesake. they have gotten so far from what made Wolverine an interesting character it boggles the mind. the writers and producers should all be water boarded until they swear to leave the industry. as much as I like Hugh Jackman I look forward to the reboot of the Wolverine character. anyone looking for a good Wolverine fix should watch Hulk Vs. Wolverine instead.

Karl on May 1, 2009


sucked! End of story

Matthew on May 1, 2009


I'm glad my friend paid for my ticket, because if I had paid I would have been very angry at myself. This is just another Non-Marvel Studio film. It was not bad, but it was not good either. I have said this with alot of other non-marvel films like Daredevil/Ghost Rider/Elektra/Fantastic Four etc. These films should be left in the hands with the people at marvel who really love these characters. Ironman and The Incredible Hulk where great films because marvel made them. I can't believe how bad Wolverine really was. Dead Pool looked so bad at the end there. I couldn't keep myself from laughing. I hope that Fox lose the rights to X-Men.

Bizzaro on May 1, 2009


is anyone getting fed up with the x-men movies all being the beginning of something heres all defaults in my opinion put simple X1. focused too much on wolverine, cyclops(fav character) portrayed as a fagget which he's not X2. cyclops gets raped wtf, focused on wolverine once again, ice man didnt do crap when he's like the 2nd coolest person in the movie X3. cyclops gets ultra raped for good, focused on wolverine again, epic battle in the ending not so epic when theres only flipping six x-men, collosus never got any good fighting scenes, iceman iced up only once, phoenix was definitly never portrayed like that, Origins, choppy story, asian guy gets one cool part then raped, the trailers were basically dead pools only part in the movie, blob never actually fought, Bolt was basically fucking useless, cyclops was thrown in there for no reason at all oh did i mentioned he gets raped in this one too, gambit only got one fight wtf, emma frost in origins with cyclops? once again wtf also quick silver was a random easter egg wtf, and finally weapon XI or what they called dead pool the biggest WTF non of that happened in the comics and he gets raped really hard don't know wtf went thru the directors head ALL THE X-MEN MOVIES ARE EPIC FAILS AND SHOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED, I VOTE WE MAKE A REBOOT X-MEN FIRST CLASS.

eric on May 1, 2009


Everyone's jumping on the bitter bandwaggon because some blogs said so. The movie wasn't that bad and was infinitely better than X3. The weak points were Gambit, Deadpool and some special effects rush jobs Overall it was good but not great.

Jim on May 1, 2009


Just bring on Star Trek. Fast.

Chris on May 1, 2009


Y'all are all movie snobs. I was entertained. More corny than I'd have liked (like the mega fat dude and the old couple ruining the seriousness of the moment by their comments) but still a great movie. And check out deadpool at the end. Haaaaa. He got is lips back. 😛

Agent Manders on May 1, 2009


I really enjoyed the film. It wasn't perfect but it was enjoyable. I had some complaints about some of the special effects, otherwise it was a decent movie. I would give it a 6.5 out of 10

big r on May 1, 2009


truly awful!!! so bad it was actually funny.

Len on May 1, 2009


oh and by the way anyone who thought this was decent/good/great has no idea what they are talking about. in no way possible was this any decent. enough said. whats next?

Len on May 1, 2009


You guys are some picky, bitchy, whiners. I love comics, I collected them and enjoyed them, then I grew up and moved on with my life. Now I can go to the movies and thoroughly enjoy a movie like Origin: Wolverine and be completely satisfied. Sure some bits were cheesy and a few CGI scenes were obvious but seriously there was good stuff in there. I really liked it and no I dont like every comic movie, I hated X-3 the first time I saw it and like it after multiple viewings, I hated the first Hulk, Elecktra was no good, the newest Punisher was shit, etc. This film is good, it gives a VERY solid origin of what we (as movie goers, not comic nerds) know about Wolverine and it ties it all up nicely in the end. It was solid, enjoyable and if you are not a picky, bitchy whiner you will enjoy it.

Richard on May 1, 2009


OK so after reading all of the abopve comments and there are a lot of those I am only going to say a few words........ YES the movie had its mistakes...... but then so do all movis if you have to go into them all??? But being a South African, I have to say that I am very proud of what Gavin Hood and his team did in this movie and considering that he has not made that many movies I think he did a great job!!!!! Personaly movies are suppose to take you away from reality for the two or so hours that they are normally and just let you relax while you watch the film...... this movie did that for me. Wolverine is an awesome character and I think that he always will be and too all of those people who are complaining about certain characters not getting enough screen time then just remember that the movie is about Wolverine and that is what we got to see the most so it kinda makes sense then??? There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to making comis book movies as each story is going to be something different, each director is going to have there own take on what they like and dont like and yes they may add or take things away but then we have to remember that it is there version!!!!

Bounca on May 1, 2009


Isn't Deadpool supposely, "Cursed with life" so technically he can't die. Perhaps when he falls in the nuclear reactor his regenerating powers of his skin healing get F-up from nuclear waste. Dawning the mask. Boom, the start of Deadpool!

The_Phantom on May 2, 2009


Anyone get any secret endings? I know one was him in Japan. What were the others? Any sign of Deadpool still being alive?

Farris on May 2, 2009


79, the one I got had the deadpool ending. Overall this movie yes, had flaws, but you all finiky bastards can't see that it was still a good movie. It was a great adapatation of the origin story. While some parts were missing overall I loved it. And hope there will be another one.(more than likely there will be one) My only issue with the movie is that the claws and some cgi scenes were rushed and a bit sloppy, but I got over that.

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


67..........something tells me you don't know what deadpool looks like under the mask.

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


*types DECAPITATE* enough said.

Calum on May 2, 2009


Wolverine failed big time. I think both script writer and director should have been changed. To say that this is Gavins first blockbuster movie and should be given a break is immature. Jon Favreau? Sam Raimi? I would have at least expected a solid unfolding of the story considering Gavin is a new guy at action. But the drama should have been at least decent. Rating-2/5.

Ostilad on May 2, 2009


I can't believe on how screwed up the origin story was and the characters. Mainly Deadpool and Gambit. A total let down this movie was. The best part was when it was over. I hope they don't do a sequel. A terrible start to the summer movies. I mainly blame Stan Lee and the director Gavin Hood.

Andrew on May 2, 2009


And i was so looking forward to this movie!! After the slight disappointment of X-3, i thought ok, new movie, new characters (cept for the obvious!) this could be pretty good what with all the hype over it..... WRONG!!!! Was such a let down!! Actually the opening titles were class... oh and Gambits cards... but thats it... the movie is called Wolverine and i have nothing good to say about him?? well there you go! was quite possibly the greatest waste of screen space, the whole script and acting was diabolical, serious plot holes (eh could you not SMELL your wife was till alive DUMB-ASS!!!) and for the love of god PLEASE do not make a sequel! I never really liked Wolverine as a character in the comics and cartoons but redeemed himself in the movies, but sorry this has just made me hate him even more! If there was going to be a proper Origins movie (lets talk story here and less hack n slash...) it should have been Magneto and/or Professor X!! As one of the main discourses of the original Xmen comics is about the struggle of mutants in society as opposed to the trash that is Wolverine: Origins, these stories would have so much more dept and respect... but then again when has Fox ever done deep and meaningful!

Jason on May 2, 2009


ok...cunts! stop complaining about the movie! did every movie critic ended up on this site? FFS! it's an action movie...(a cheesy one) ofc it gets fucked 100% so retarded viewers can enjoy mindless action. Let's be REAL..action movies are made for KIDS! not too complicated story, much action, explosions, CGI and boobS! Ofc you liked it, otherwise you would just go and see the fucking mall cop movie. It's not the perfect action movie...there AIN'T a perfect action movie out there with the PG13 rating what the fuck don;t you understand, and complain about how fucked up this movie is. Even the fucking Terminator Salvation gets a PG13 rating, so YOUR COMPLAINS DON'T MEAN SHIT, SHITTY MOVIES WILL STILL BE MADE. and yeah..Wolverine/Deadpool/Sabretooth rocked...i liked the actor that played Sabretooth..his voice, his acting...amazing stuff. Now piss off, we'll meet again at comments on GI JOE.

Jimmy on May 2, 2009


So jimmy, you are basically telling us all to fuck off, just so you can feel better about yourself, for the fact that you liked a shitty movie? lol That's not how it works bub. And a critique can be positive and negative, just because yours is positive doesn't wash away you belonging to the "did every movie critic ended up on this site?". Anyway, action movies can be mindless fun, sure, but they have to be good mindless fun, like Transformers or Bad Boys 2. If you wanna make good action movies you make something like Jason Bourne. And if you wanna make a shitty action movie, with shitty action, shitty story, shitty characters, and dumb ass writing (adamantium bullet), you make a piece of crap like Wolverine, which btw, was not trying to be cheesy at all, taking into account the amount of violent and dark characters it tries to throw at you. So kindly stfu

Darunia on May 2, 2009


I thought Wolverine was an absolute disaster. After the opening scene, I thought to myself: "It can't possibly get any worse than this...can it?" - and sure did. I Think Hugh Jackman is a fantastic, but I'm confused as to why he would have thought this film was a good idea. Outside of a few average fight scenes, the CGI was weak, editing was lazy, script was horrendous, and the ending was laughable. Even the scene after the credits was silly - everyone in the theater laughed because they thought it was a joke...sadly, it was not. I think Gavin Hood needs to stick with what he's good at...his film, Tsotsi was fantastic, but after this film, I'm convinced action is not his thing.

Mattyc on May 2, 2009


Told you so. It's on par with Spiderman 3. You love it or you hate it.

yeah on May 2, 2009


Typically, I'm the sort of guy who likes to read the posts on this site from the bleachers and never really get into the game but I felt so strongly about this that I couldn't help but get my hands dirty. I reserved my judgement until I saw the movie myself in theaters because I thought it was the respectful thing to do. That said, this movie was an absolute abortion (no offense to any of you posters who might have been aborted yourselves). The CGI was of such low quality at times that I seriously wondered how this movie could be deemed a "big budget" movie at all. The storytelling was, at times, incomprehensible, and at other times just bland and predictable. At the end of the movie, the terms "corny" and "cheesy" peppered the air as just about everyone in the theater seemed genuinely disappointed with the film. Even if one went in hoping for a mindless action movie I don't think Wolverine would have delivered (though I might be wrong). I've only walked out of a movie once in my entire life but maaaan I was tempted with this but I kept hoping I was going to be surprised and the film would redeem itself. Well, I'm still hoping.

Imperial on May 2, 2009


I liked it! It was a cool flick! I know the CGI was a little lacking in some areas and it appeared rushed in that department, as well as, the editing and directing. I did enjoy it, though! At the end, the character was NOT Deadpool. It was called 'Weapon XI'. This was clearly in the 'Deadpool' line leading up to the real Deadpool we all know and love. This was just a teaser. I sure hope the filmmakers step it up next time.

Spider on May 2, 2009


which ending did yall see? I saw the one with dead pool, did they ruin his character or what? how many screaming scenes did we see off wolverine? his claws looked terrible, it was just alright

Jonah on May 2, 2009


I've been reading FS for a long time now, but I was finally moved to make a post after seeing Wolverine. I read the previous posts and could rant again about the uber-shitty CGI (especially in the bathroom scene), or applaud Liv for giving what was probably the best performance in the movie other than Reynold's [what I'm calling a] cameo... but I just have one new thing to add. I'm a medical student and just couldn't get over the use of the drug "hydrochlorothiazide" to slow Kayla's heart. In reality, it's just an Fing diuretic, which means the only real side effect is she's going to piss a lot, not have her heart rate slowed. at. all. I'm not on a medical high horse saying everything in film needs to be 100% accurate, but it just felt like a slap in the face (like most of the rest of the movie) as the director probably just thought "pick some long, fancy sounding drug that the audience won't know about" when in reality, there are some more appropriate drugs. That said, now I can go back to watching "Howard the Duck"...

Travis on May 2, 2009


90, you are absolutley correct, let's also not forget that this movie was not about Deadpool, it was Wolverine with WADE WILSON NOT DEADPOOL. The ending was one of Deadpool's many clones, if you remember, Victor(sabretooth) says he killed the original Wade), so Weapon XI was a clone, and not the deadpool we know and love. But it's a possibility it will lead to that.

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


I read the comics a little in the past (my brothers were the fans, I just read them once in a while) so I'm not a fanboy, but I do know the slightest bit about Wolverine's origins (your basically middle school level). I've been continually disappointed with the FOX Marvel movies, because it really seems like they just... don't... "get it". They change stories and characters around and put people together that are totally inaccurate and serve no purpose together (like Rogue being a kid when Wolverine joined the X-Men, etc). So, in order to be okay with watching these films I've adopted a simple mantra that I think will help people out when they see X2, X3, and Wolverine: "It's set in an alternate universe.... it's set in an alternate universe...", and so on. As long as you do this, it doesn't matter that none of the characters are like what they should be. It doesn't matter that barely anything makes sense. It doesn't matter that the heart and soul of each character has been completely removed for the movie's sake. You just go with it and can watch it like you would any other "action" movie. That being said (and coming at this movie not from a comic view, but from a basic moviegoer viewpoint)... this movie was bad. Really bad. Everyone keeps saying that it needs to be looked at like an action film, and I wouldn't even rate this up there with Steven Seagal movies. The dialog is friggin' bad and I've seen Arnold Schwartzenhogger say lines with more conviction. The "Tom and Jerry" fire escape scene with Gambit? The crappy CG? I didn't see any character development at all - Wolverine is basically the same exact person he is at the beginning of the movie, only now he's killed (bloodlessly, of course) a lot more people. Basically, you could put Steven Seagal in this, give him the mutton chops and fake plastic or CG claws, and it would go up on the shelf with all his other films. I don't care that it's a bad Wolverine movie (only comic nerds care about that stuff), I do care that it's a bad action movie. Why did I pay $7.50 to watch something I could have downloaded weeks ago? I feel gipped.

FinneganAgain on May 2, 2009


Oh, and did anyone else find it really annoying that EVERY single fight in the whole movie boiled down to a stupid video game tactic? Every fight it's just Wolverine waiting around until he finds the bosses' "special area" to end the fight. He gets his butt whupped by Blob until Blob's head turns red (figuratively, not literally), then he hits that to drop him. He fights Deadpool/Baracka until his neck turns red, then he chops it off. They must really have wanted to make some money off the video game tie-ins (or maybe the fights were coordinated by the same guy).

FinneganAgain on May 2, 2009


We can rant on and on about Wolverine and all the problems, but let's face the fact it was a solid B movie. Nothing more or less. It had its moments and was somewhat a big letdown. But hey, thats FOx for you. Just wait till next week when Star Trek comes out. Or in two weeks when Terminator Salvation is release. There are going to be plenty of summer movies better than Wolverine.

Sean on May 2, 2009


Good old-fashioned Charles Bronson revenge thriller. But with claws. This is the first real guy's movie I've seen in quite a while. None of the BS political commentary from the first three. One problem only: Deadpool. WHAT?!?!

WEAPON X on May 2, 2009


I thought it was decent. The editing was iffy at points, same with the CGI. The directing was average. I liked the story but it was predictable. I'm still not sure of a rating.

TomV on May 2, 2009


Agreed, terrible movie. I saw the bootleg version and i refuse to watch the full version which is apprently 20 minutes longer. Geez deadpool couldda been soo much cooler that ending sucked, i got the worst of both worlds shitty CGI and terrible acting. liked the beginning scene of all the wars and when he decided to stop being soft with those shitty claws

ari on May 2, 2009


Only question I have is what HGH/Steroid is Jackman using? Seriously. I don't care how dedicated the man is to physical fitness. I know enough about working out to know you don't get like that doing pull-ups and curls. He's WAY juiced up.

Jack Dupt on May 2, 2009


I really enjoyed this movie. It is not at Iron man or Spidey's level, but I actually thought it was better than the other marvel movies including the previous 3 xmen movies. I gotta say after making a few horrible movies like Hulk, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Elecktra, etc...Marvel has learned what not to do in a comic book movie. So Marvel has now regained my trust with Ironman, Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine (havent seen Punisher War Zone yet though). Im pretty sure they would do a good job with Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America, Avengers....

Timo on May 2, 2009


103, you are my new favorite person

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


Saw it last night, its was a pretty good movie nothing extraordinary had some great fight scenes. I loved the opening cinematic and the first 30 minutes was flawless and then it started going down hill from there. They fucked deadpool royale which cheesed me off. The whole story seemed rushed to me and if they were given more time to span the story out more it could have been better. Hugh Jackman was perfect once again and Liev Schreiber was an excellent Sabertooth in my opinion they were what held this movie together. All in all it was an alright movie that was a good way to start off the summer, i just hope next time they stick with the source material and not fuck with it in the sequel.

Curtis on May 2, 2009


I thought the movie was alright, but it did let me down. The story with was well written with his brother and his fake/real lover. I just think that it was a little cheesy and corny at times. For example, instead of just killing zero with his claws he had to start that fire and walk away so their could be and explosion behind him as he walks away.

Stewie on May 2, 2009


OK I said I would rate it per the other Marvel Movies....It was better then FF2 and Daredevil and Electra and The Punisher.... I liked the first half of the movie. The second half seemed a bit rushed. And what the hell is Weapon 11? I dont get that. And how does he loose he memory? A bullet? I really liked it to a point. It was not horrible. But with all movies like this we all want and think we can do better.

AllmightyKeim on May 2, 2009


wolverine movie was alright,better than daredevil,elektra & ghost rider i know thats not saying much sabertooth was really good best thing in it,wolverine was ok, i liked deadpool a little at the start,emma frost was good if not in the film enough,also all the mini cameo's from the other mutants,i liked the cyclops & helicpoter bit towards the end. over in england we had the logan japan ending.what are the other ones ?the stuff i didn't like weapon 11 sucked ass,since when as silverfox been the sister of emma frost,gambit didn't really like him as much as i liked the comic version,wolverine memory lost by a bullet to the head was shit as well.overall 7/10 i want to see x-men origins deadpool/x-men origins sabertooth.

zetsu on May 2, 2009


First off, I HATED all the other X-men movies(yes, even one and two). I felt that Wolverine was the only character that they portrayed correctly. Needless to say I was apprehensive going in to see Wolverine. however, I can safely say it is BETTER than ALL the Xmen movies. First off, It actually presents all the characters as being pretty balanced power wise. Second, it has Deadpool, third, Hugh Jackman is one of the greatest actors ever. The only thing I hated was Will. I. Am's character John Wraith, mostly due to his acting. I also was not happy with the opening as it left too many questions about Wolvie's dad. Hello? this is an origin movie! we're supposed to ANSWER questions....

Joshua Cookingham on May 2, 2009


I thought the movie was better than what the negativity pointed to because it just sounds like all you guys lost money just cuz the movie had it fleas people stop looking for (tdk) yea it had fleas but it is about wolverine and hood did showed his origins and did a decent job. stop whining you guys sound like your lives were depending on the movie being perfect it's anaction flick treat it like one .nough said

Alan on May 2, 2009


Disappointed...Hugh is the perfect Wolverine...I've said so much negative stuff about FOX before...they screwed up a lot of stuff in the past...I saw the ending with Deadpool. Just let go of the X-Men franchise and sell it to WB, Universal, or Paramount...FOX just can't do anything any justice...keep Hugh as Wolverine just give the property to another studio...please...

the dude on May 2, 2009


Honestly, a good sumer movie, brought in 35 million on the first day, so fox was able to get their money from it. Hugh and Liev were the best parts of the movie, and im not sure who the guy playing gambit was, but i thought he did an excellent job as well. Also, I really enjoyed Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, wish he was in it more. Alas, the problem with this movie is that it was not the dark knight. We were all spoiled by the dark knight, and now people will use that as a measurement for all other comic book movies. Well if that is the case, every comic book movie that comes out will be just like wolverine and watchmen, a huge letdown. I enjoyed it immensly, as long as i use other movie as my comparison outside of TDK

midnightlight on May 2, 2009


So, when someone disagrees with you its now considered whining?.. ok.. Seriously people have to stop giving this movie more credit than it's worth, I'm not talking about people who genuinely liked it. I'm talking about those who are on the fence, "ya it was decent," "good summer movie," "stop expecting tdk." No one says it has to be TDK, just something with a good story, character development, actors who can properly portray these characters, and decent directing especially for action/fight scenes. How many times can you subject the audience to the same fight scene over and over again. The Helicopter scene seemed liked they gave a kid some action figures and allowed him to choreograph the whole thing while they took notes. The negative comments are a good thing, the more bad ratings the movie gets by word of mouth, the less likely people will spend there hard earned cash on this garbage. Then maybe Fox will stop releasing crap like this expecting to make a quick buck. A couple years down the road, the series can get a reboot and be done properly by a studio not in it just for the moolah. I think Roger Ebert summed it up the best, "Why should I care about this guy? He feels no pain and nothing can kill him, so therefore he's essentially a story device for action sequences."

Yorick Brown on May 2, 2009


That comment wasn't necessarily a direct response to midnightlight, sorry if it sounded like it, but towards the general attitude of most comments. Oh, if you've seen the leak, don't bother going to see it in theatres. Tim Rothman is a egg sucking piece of gutter trash, it's the exact same with only a slight, barely noticeable improvement in cgi, and save for post credit scene.

Yorick Brown on May 2, 2009


It's pretty nice to see so much high standards now placed on super hero movies. I haven't seen Wolverine yet but plan to go into it with an open mind.

Scott on May 2, 2009


What the hell were you guys expecting? It's better than the other X-Men movies by every metric.

Motu on May 2, 2009


what can i say.... huge x-men fan. I am not gonna say it was terrible. Although i was disappointed. Nobody should be saying it was extremely crappy, and terrible and one of the worst, the only people saying that were looking for a movie straight out of the comic. If you want that from x-men, it would be hard for everyone to like it at all, characters would be left out. The Bad Stuff: 1) Some of the effects were crappy (mostly the bathroom scene). 2) They didn't have to rape Deadpool, or make "adamantium bullets". 3) Yeah, weapon 11, good for the people that don't really know about x-men. The Good Stuff: 1) Wolverine was portrayed pretty well. Also Sabretooth. 2) Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is genious. That first action scene with him was plain out amazing. 3) Some of the effects were good. Like i said that deadpool scene was amazing. My jaw dropped. 4) Agent Zero was also pretty tight. I wish i had his aim. Altogether the movie started off really good. I was so happy for the first 30 minutes or so......then i cried a little. Whatever my opinion

Sunfire's du shi* on May 2, 2009


Yep yep! This was good. I agree with the handful of posters above that mentioned it was a 'Wolverine' film and NOT a 'Deadpool' movie! IT WAS NOT DEADPOOL! IT WAS WEAPON XI. This was a clone of DEADPOOL. Let's cut the bitchin' already! It is what it is! Fox got your money anyway!

Blue Silver on May 2, 2009


Yorick, you dissapoint me. A lot of this is nonsensical whining. You knitpick so much at it, it seems you wanted it to be bad. You went in, expecting something godly, and when it was not delivered, you decide to disect and destroy it

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


I was only disappointed in the fact that his claws were CG the whole time! In X-Men 1 and 2 his claws looked fantastic. why couldn't they apply the same method to this movie?! Also... WHERE WAS THE BLOOD!!!! Im thinking that if they were to put ANY blood int he movie it would have had to be R, and not PG-13. BUT COME ON!!! NO BLOOD?! on the claws or on Wade's Swords when he clearly says; "OKAY... people are DEAD!". I give the movie a C. and big SAD C.

Samantha on May 2, 2009


Sunfire, dude, Ryan Reynolds was not playing deadpool, HE WAS PLAYING WADE WILSON! come back to me when you learn comics. 😀

Movieraider321 on May 2, 2009


Movieraider321, they combined the characters, if you didn't know that already. Come back to me when you have your info in order. And Samantha, i totally forgot to put that, i agree, and i think it was left out to keep it PG-13 also.

Sunfire's du shi* on May 3, 2009


"Note: Any reviews or comments on this movie based on the bootlegged workprint will be immediately removed without notification. This discussion is for the official theatrical version only, no exceptions!" that's retarded.

Jimbone on May 3, 2009


First thanks to #36 for that link. I didn't know who half these characters were, having not read any modern X comics. I kept thinking who is this guy who has Nightcrawler's power? I never read team X comics, I'm old school. Anyone remember back when Wolverine didn't know the claws were part of his body and believed they were added during the weapon X experiments and it wasn't until Magneto removed his adamantium from his skeleton that he found that out? That bullet in the head, WTF!? Is that like a bone bullet would penetrate and normal skull? You're making the bullet out of the same material as the skull, how does that make sense? I guess that is like Homer having the crayon up his nose but instead of causing him to be dumb it makes Wolvie lose his memory. Weapon XI, worst villain ever. Just completely stupid. This being said though. We knew it would be bad, I did and you did. We hoped for the best. We went and payed our money. The movie made lots of money and now they think it was a great success. They will make more horribly bad comic movies. We need to stop seeing these movies in the first weekend. That is the only way we will show Hollywood we don't like what they are doing. Let it tank the first weekend then if you want to see it go later. We can yell and scream all we want but if we don't voice our disgust by withholding our money they won't listen.

Moviegimp on May 3, 2009


Such a horrible, nonsensical movie...

Pinkhair on May 3, 2009


A letdown is the best way to describe it... Don't want to repeat what most others have said, so... You know what ticked me off most about this movie? I always eagerly anticipated the introduction of Emma Frost into the Marvel movie world (in the way a lot of people apparently looked forward to seeing Deadpool). I felt that she could be used in a number amazingly fun, sexy, dark ways. So what do they do? Turn her into a teen mallrat. And how in the hell is she sisters with Native American Silverfox? Granted the diamond skin effect was cool but that's the least interesting of her powers. I use this as one example of many forced situations, *severely* altered from the comics to gratuitously throw in extra characters and/or fill in plot holes. And for those who say "you're a geek, who cares if it's true to the comics" I say sorry but the comic book movies universally regarded as the best are the ones that follow the original source material the closest. The awful ones (The Hulk, Ghost Rider and yes, Man-Thing) are the ones that stray too far. For the love of God film makers, please the comics fans by sticking to the story and you'll make a ton of money. It's not that hard.

Mr. Pibb on May 3, 2009


I understand that a lot of people were disappointed with this movie but, you have to take it for what it was. This was years of comic book thrills that they tried to cram into 2 hours. There were parts of this movie that catered to the die hard comic book fan and then there were the parts that were dedicated to the rest of the viewing public. You will never be able to make everyone happy. Not every aspect of the comic book movies are going to be exactly like the comic books. I too was disappointed in parts of the movie but it is exactly that, just a movie. If people can't accept that then go make a movie yourself and make it the way you want.

Inkme74 on May 3, 2009


# 98...bronson movie...gotta love that!.....wolverine was a solid summer popcorn movie....not all comic movies can be dark set very high......if you want a think piece...see watchmen......hugh jackman....great wolverine!........this movie was better than the spirit.......but not as good as iron man........can't wait to see if FOX learns their lesson...probably won't

nacho on May 3, 2009


Don't you people get it? Anyone who is annoyed with all this negative feedback clearly doesn't realize fundamentals. This movie got 40%, which means, as a whole, for every 2 positive posts, there are going to be 5 negative ones. Whoever liked this movie - YOU ARE THE MINORITY. It's fine if you liked it, but the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DID NOT LIKE THIS CRAP. Just deal with it! Not everyone liked The Island. But I got over it... I still think it's cool (cept for the rehashed highway scene, Bay you hack!) You cannot argue ratios, I don't care if you're bloody hell Stephen Hawking. At least he has a respect for mathematics. 92 - Your post just made me laugh. The fact that they just abused that area of the movie (the ignorance of the typical movie goer) just aggravates me further. Good tip though.

Dan the Fan on May 3, 2009


what are all of the different endings ? i know the japan ending & i've seen the severed head there any more.

zetsu on May 3, 2009


#127 How many people went to go see it then posted here? I think you need to learn some "fundamentals". The majority of the viewers are not comic books geeks, they are people who have an affection for the characters from their past/childhood/teens, whatever, so the movie doesn't have to have every detail right to be good for most people. When I went I went with 4 people and I'm the only know who knew almost everything about the story in the comics, I liked it, and they all liked it and the crowd cheered when it was over and about 1/2 stayed to watch the end scene. I think you are in the minority when you look at the big picture friend.

Richard on May 3, 2009


No spoilers...I loved the beefcake factor. It's about time somebody thought about us girls. 🙂 Shirtless dudes, pant-less dudes (at times), explosions and fight sequences...I enjoyed it. The script..was lacking and the story was not like the comic..but ah..he was shirtless! Dang! Guys get to gaulk at Megan Fox and those girls need Hugh Jackman to gaulk at every now and then. 🙂

Bry from Chi on May 3, 2009


@ 128 Zetsu, The only other ending I know of is Wade Wilson walking amongst the rubble and sees the head of "DeadPool" he picks up the head and says "Who are you supposed to be," but there is no evidence supporting this ending, if anybody knows for sure let me know. The Deadpool in the movie is not the Deadpool in the comics, so I really don't get why people are confused about it! I really liked the movie, good not great! overall 7/10. "I'm a Cinephile FEAR ME!"

xerxex on May 3, 2009


Okay the only thing I didn't like about the movie was the whle "Deadpool" character. I know that Wade Wilson was a merc who had cancer, he went into the weapon x program to cure the cancer, but something happened, the cancer fused with his body and f'd his face up, so he wares the mask and all, right? So why did the screenwriters insists on making this "new" Deadpool? If there is a spin-off please follow the ending that was originally in the end credits of X-Men Origins, where Wade is still alive and picks up the head of his clone. I could be wrong and odds are I am, If thats the case can someone please set the record staright!?

xerxex on May 3, 2009


Ehh, I didn't really like it. The action wa choppy, the CGI was horrible at some points, and the overall story progression was not very engaging. I nearly fell asleep. But, I think this would make an excellent Rifftrax.

Ajax on May 3, 2009


#127 Numbers don't say anything!!! 1) The ratio for people who drink alcohol before the legal age crushes the number that is able to resist. Saying that, does that mean the minority should just go with the flow?! Or admit that the morals they live by and for are wrong? I don't think so. This just shows the number of idiots overshadows the number of people who have the ability to contemplate and make a wise decision. 2) Yes, #92, that slapped me hard. But i don't really care about infinite knowledge. It doesn't make them more intelligent, but very very condescending. This movie was average, if they fixed the CGI, it would make it slightly better than average. NOT TERRIBLE. A lot of people said it was amazing, who cares if they don't know comics, a good movie is a good movie, even though it wasn't amazing in my opinion or even that good. Butt oh man was that deadpool scene amazing!!! i just had to say it again, it was freakin' awesome and not corny.

Sunfire's du shi* on May 3, 2009


oh and i agree with #125

Sunfire's du shi* on May 3, 2009


Oh, and X-Men is probably the most difficult comic to handle in a movie. Iron man is pretty simple, that's why it came out pretty good, not amazing, just somewhat good. The timeline is so twisted that characters would be left out. There are so many characters in x-men that are popular and they can't cram them all in. So that's why they can't really run x-men according to comics, butt honestly, it would be interesting to see them do that. I think this movie was action based though. X-Men 2 was the best. Best opening scene for any comic based movie: Nightcrawler poofing around the whitehouse, genius. and also it had it's overall moral. i like that.

Sunfire's du shi* on May 3, 2009


sunfire 132 told us one of the other endings CLEARLY STATING that they did not combine characters. While they combined powers they did not combine who they were essentially. Remember deadpool has MANY clones.

Movieraider321 on May 3, 2009


I don't think I'm a nut about comic continuity, I can live with artistic license when it comes to the movie adaptations. This one really pushed the envelope though, deviating drastically and frequently from the source material with no discernible benefit. Having said that, if it had been a more interesting movie I could have lived with it. I don't want to come out of these things liking them by the way, I want to come out loving them. When my kids are underwhelmed at the end of the movie I know there's problems. One final gripe. We get no fewer than two action movie cliches; walking away calmly while something behind you blows up and holding your dead/dying friend, looking skyward and screaming "nooooo!!!", camera pulls back above the scene and you still hear the echoing scream. *Sheesh* OTOH, Hugh was perfect as usual, Liev S was no less than brilliant, the Gambit action scenes were awesome, leaving me wanting more. Not a horrible adaptation by any stretch but pretty disappointing considering the potential.

Mr. Pibb on May 3, 2009


Worse than X-3. There were shots out of f/king focus for christs sake! IN A SO CALLED "HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER" that is 1000000000000000% un-acceptable. The CGI was schoolboy. Absolutely terrible. How can they not make wolverines blades look realistic? Its a joke? They have the technology to do it, so they should do it. No bullshit about running out of time, if its not finished, you delay the movie. The story was over-simple, elongated and boring. I feel bad for Hugh Jackman, because he was beyond-brilliant in Australia, but this is just a bad move. Will they EVER make a worthy enough X-Men? Bring back Iron Man thats what I say. Last years summer blockbuster season started with an explosion which really laid down a gauntlet for the rest. This summer Star Trek, Terminator, Transformers and Harry Potter will rip it to shreds.

Stuart Mellor on May 3, 2009


@ 129. The point is, you CAN make a movie JUST FOR Comic-Book fans. You can make it amazing. It might not make as much as The Dark Knight, or Iron Man, but it will be respected. Watchmen proves this.

Stuart Mellor on May 3, 2009



Dan on May 3, 2009


$87,000,000 first weekend, USA alone. Havnt seen international no# yet, but maybe Wolverine has allready earned in it's costs....yeah, that "leak", that 100-200K people DL'ed really ruined Wolverine cost $150,000,000, the CGI could have been better then what you can see on a kids show, saturday morning. Bad CGI was really strange, where did all the money go into? Lumber? I thought Wolverine was good. It's been a while since I read the comic(s), so many were un-known to me, but hey, thats ok. Maybe there was just too many characters(?) but I'm not sure that was a big no-no. A final "boss-fight" is silly, Wolvie goofing around was prob to smooth out the edges/comic relief, some CGI I know I can do better, all in all I smell a extended version that will cover up some plotholes. I worried most about Wolvie's new leather jacket. Big plothole, or? Maybe Gambit and him hooks up again, in part 2 or 3, and he gets it back or maybe he finds one in a store somewhere =) No really, the bullet thing was lame. But...wasnt Wolverine supposed to be a bad-ass berserking goon back in the day? He seems to be the one who holds his cool and chills out his bloddthirsty (step)brother all the time? I missed some more of this madness he suffers because of his mutant powers/the adamantium inserted in him. Maybe there's more of that in part 2 (and 3-9). Overall, well worth seeing, and not as bad as some of these whiny kids have posted above. "My" version ended with Wolvie (mostlikely) in Japan, thats a great story, can't wait. Go see it, you won't be too dissapointed, ALOT better then X3

David Banner on May 3, 2009


Ah! 1 more thing, where was Stan Lee? Was he not in Wolverine??

David Banner on May 3, 2009


Movieraider321, that's not what i meant, Deadpool is Wade Wilson, the name was later adopted as a sort of joke in the comics, butt he was first created as Deadpool. #143 Banner, you bring up a good point, lol #139 Mellor, honestly, Iron Man was pretty good, X-2 was better. Iron Man was so miniscule, it just left no impression whatsoever. And i'm not into Potter, butt that movie preview looked good, butt that's how it is for all movies. I think Terminater will be good, and possible transformers, butt i have a slight doubt about that one.

Sunfire's du shi* on May 3, 2009


my biggest concern was deadpool. he is an amazing and interesting character and he didnt even do what he was most know for breaking the fourth wall. the ruined him and he was barely involved with the story. the left no room for anything else to do with him and that was a huge mistake. The movie was completly ruined because of it. i dont know where the writers of these movies think its okay to completly destroy charcters. all of this is bias though because i personally think deadpool is a cooler superhero than wolverine.

sam on May 3, 2009


Everyone went to see it. Everyone has a comment. Studios plan the multiple endings so you talk about it, so you go see the movie multiple times. No one thinks the leak was planed?Why did so many people go see it, because they wanted to know if the leak and the actual movie were the same. Almost everything seemed wrong with the movie. Just like nothing really fit together. It was kinda poorly edited and yes the animation was not so good but did it ruin a Character forever for me....the last three x men movies did that. I think people did a good job marketing this movie for sure but in the end you could wait for dvd. Everyone should go see drag you to Hell when that comes out this summer and not go see movies that you know are probably going to suck.

Schwartz on May 4, 2009


I don't understand how they could have gotten this so wrong! In my opinion, this was an example of a movie that would have been very hard to screw up, getting screwed up. You have decades of material written, actors who obviously care about their characters (Liev Schrieber was awesome), and an audience that would guarantee a return on a large budget. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the movie, but I don't like it either. It's one of those movies I could live out the rest of my days and never go out of my way to see again. I guess I can sum up my feelings towards this movie with two words: missed oppurtunity.

Nathan on May 4, 2009


for all of you who didnt like the movie, all ya'll mutha fuckers are stupid. of course the movie isn't going to be accurate. what you dumb fucks dont realize is that they have to make the movie so that the people who have never read a comic, watched the series or even know who the fuck is wolverine can understand and enjoy the movie. you try fitting all of wolverine's history into a hour and a half of sreenplay and see how you do. the movie was great. it was entertaining.

THE TRUTH on May 4, 2009


I like most people thought WTF! Yes movies aren't perfect but you would hope they would at least pay some kind of homage to the comics? For a movie that got so much hype, this site included I just thought it kind of sucked, the only few things that were good on this movie were the few bright scenes with Deadpool. I'm not a Ryan Reynolds fan but I thought he was pretty bad ass at the beginning. Second I thought Liev Schreiber kicked ass. I haven't seen him kick ass like that since he kicked ass in Sum of All fears even though he had a small role in that, still pretty bad ass. I've heard rumors of these Deadpool endings, where or how can I see these?

homer350 on May 4, 2009


******************Cheap graphics!!! thought like ILM (Industrial of light & magic) will do it like the ones on X-MEN 3.. Looks like they tried to cut cost of the movie by acquiring special effect services from cheaper company and it gave bad results.. Especially the part where wolverine jumps out off the plane piloted by Gambit and into the water, damn it looked like a drawing using just mainly color pencils and water based colors.. Those who failed to notice it, watch it again... Had high hope though, after the hyped up advertising and rumors..Turned out to be bad ones aswell. Sad 🙁 ******************************

Men of honor on May 4, 2009


I loved this movie. Perfect start to the summer blockbusters - fun, fast, friendly and an all around enjoyable time. Jackman was delightful - as fun to watch as the comic is to read. This is exactly the kind of movie that is meant to be seen in theaters - fun special effects and not so horribly outside the Wolverine comics that it's sure to anger the fans. I would love a Deadpool movie (though, really, how would they break the invisible 3rd wall on that one with the same aplomb as the comics?), and hope that they continue with the franchise.

Worrie on May 4, 2009


Because of all you sourpusses I went alone, not sure if I wanted to invite anyone to see it with me. The movie was THOROUGHLY enjoyable!~ WFT PEOPLE! I have no attachment to Deadpool, and from the sounds of it, they still got the details right, in the end anyway. The ending I saw had wolverine drinking sake in Japan, speaking Japanese. I think that's a pretty cool setup to do some of the Frank Miller material. Definitely compels me to re-read it b/c all I remember is him kicking heaping piles of ninja's asses. And, uh, none of you could've made a movie this good so. Yeah. Shut the eff up, and bring friends to see it. I know I will. And that's coming from a lifelong comics fan, you dorks.

Django on May 4, 2009


I saw a Ryan Reynolds interview where he says that they have Wade Wilson in this movie, and then Deadpool which are two different characters but are the same person. Deadpool himself is never really mentioned in this movie as he goes by Wade. We all know what they do to him as Weopon XI and my guess would be like I'm sure others guess is that is how deadpool is formed. At the end of the movie they show the hand reaching out of the rubble of the plant and finding his head with the mouth open and he does the shhh sound. That would be a great starting point for either a Deadpool movie or an Origins sequel. My complaint with this movie is me actually working at a Nuclear plant, when Deadpool brings down the reactor unit that whole place would have been decimated with radiation from the fallout of a destroyed reactor i.e. Churnoble. Everyone there would either be dead or contaminated off the grid with radiation. That would have been a good way to add the cancer spin to Wade Wilson's character but since he's been beheaded and obviously still alive I don't know if Cancer would really slow this dude down at this point, since he can recover from a decapitated head. Still that fight scene on the reactor was pretty bad ass.

clippersman on May 4, 2009


This was a great mindless action movie for mindless people. Who cares if the story sucks? Who cares if the writers were total hacks? As long as it's got big explosions, shirtless sweaty men, wirework, and kid-friendly violence, it will suck the coins right out of the American audiences pockets, won't it? As bad as I feel for anyone who actually liked this steaming pile of consumerist trash, I feel worse for anyone who actually had to work on the damn thing. Too bad Marvel Studios is the only movie studio that gives a damn about it's characters and franchises. Selling the X-Men to Fox was the biggest mistake they could have made. I'd like to poll all the people who liked Wolverine and see if they liked Spiderman 3 or Elektra as well, because I'm pretty sure we'd see some overlap there.

Pete the Geek on May 4, 2009


I agree with Comment 148. But then of course everyone can do a better job of making a movie. It was a comic fan movie and stands as it is. I enjoyed, a night out relaxing at a movie house with not a too bad of a movie.

Homer#! on May 4, 2009


i've just read wolverine has taken $160 million worldwide,just heard from a mate that their's a professor x ending after the credits as well.stan lee not being in wolverine as well,he must of been pretty pissed at the final product.(stan word of advice buy back the rights of the x-men from fox because they fucking up your best franchise,think what your doing with iron man,hulk,captain america & thor it all leads into the avengers movie,just imagine doing that sort of shit with the x-men franchise it would be excellent.)

zetsu on May 4, 2009


@ 148. I totally disagree with you, and your certainly not talking "The Truth" You only need to broaden the scope of a Comic-Book adaptation if you care more about bringing in money, than you do about telling the story of the characters as well as you can. Every single motion picture should be create for one reason. That is to tell the story of characters, and to take the "target audience" on a Journey. The target audience of Comic-Book Adaptations are Comic-Book Fans. Its as simple as that. So you have to at a minimum satisfy their needs. If that means you stick to the story rather than explode it into Simple mode than you should do it, if not then you can f*ck out of this buisness. And it can be done, WATCHMEN prooves it.

Dr. Manhatten on May 4, 2009


It just goes to show that you can't really believe everything that you read. The rumors leading up to the movie almost swayed me to not even check it out...I'm glad I did because it was actually not that terrible. I was worried that they would destroy Deadpool but they did exactly the opposite. They introduced him, let Reynolds have a few great lines and whet the appetite to a hopeful spin-off. Weapon XI has nothing to do with Deadpool...I blame the convoluted storyline for creating the confusion. XI wasn't even played by Reynolds. Whew. All is well and I look forward to a Deadpool movie!

Widescreen Wonderland on May 4, 2009


Wow 150 comments holy shit people did not like this at all....fuck fox

Cody on May 4, 2009


Well, at least now I know everyone else hates it. Now I dont feel so odd.

mrmr on May 4, 2009


May 3rd: Domestic: $85,058,003 53.8% + Foreign: $73,000,000 46.2% = Worldwide: $158,058,003

David Banner on May 4, 2009


I was not completely happy and the love crap was really annoying buuuuuut if i had to look at it what would you want the same things that you can read ( same ol thing) or something a bit new comming from a different perspective. so i can understand why it was not what we canted but it was still a great movie , story driven with memorable characters but a good movie also gives you a good amount and it left me wanting to much more. but to begin it i think they started ok, leaving room for a better sequel.

splinter on May 4, 2009


The game is waaaayyyy better. I think they only made the movie to market the game..

mochonko on May 4, 2009


I went in expecting it not to be that good. But, all in all, at the end I was satisfied with the final product. I thought it was pretty good. Like the way I felt when I left the theater after Iron Man.

Brian on May 4, 2009


I simply do not have the time to explain why I hated this movie in the detail it deserves...Deadpool was raped, Gambit seemed like they went out of there way to make him as offputting as possible. Why the fuck they made him so young, dunno. Why the fuck he was on Bourbon street instead of in Baton Rouge, dunno. Why the had a Wolverine wartime montage like lieutenant fucking dan! I dunno. Then he was given that sweet line" I'm Canadian..."I could not have made a worse movie if I actually set out to do so. The inconsistancies were through the roof...Wolverine can smell AIDS in the bloodstream of a crackhead 3 miles away, but he was unablr to detect her still beating heart and her warm blood. That was THE BIGGEST BLINDSIDED SMACK IN THE FACE TO THE FANS TO DATE. THE OTHER BEING DEADPOOL!!!!! I dont give a shit how much money it made!? It blew my balls off.....I want to kill all involved with this movie. The best part of this movie, for me was Liev Schreiber.Was dissapointed when he got cast, but he laid it down, he really did. Jackman obviously wasa the most dedicated, it was his baby........ He turned into a beast. But Schreiber laid it dOWN.........KUDOS TO SCHREIBER, FUCK THE REST....................TOO MANY INCON SISTANCIES

chick on May 5, 2009


the first half got me kind of excited-then it just went down hill, fast. oh dear god did they **** up again. i cant imagine who the hell is in charge of some of these decisions and HOW THE %#@& they even make it out of the room they were first suggested in! jesus christ, giving deadpool samurai swords that he can retract from his forearms? AND cycolops's lazer beam eyes? %#@&ing TELEPORTING?!?!? where do they come up with this candy ass mindless bullsh*t? i have lost all faith. please god, dont let them ruin iron man 2....

Nick S. on May 6, 2009


fire everyone who was involved excluding the actors. nay-execute everyone who was involved in making this film the piece of sh*t it was to set an example to other directors/producers who think they can #@%$ with an awesome universe/concept such as X-Men and spit on it like they did with this film....

Nick S. on May 6, 2009


If i wanted to see a movie with a bad plot, good action, and where the writers sh*t all over the source material and original characters, i would have seen Dragonball Evolution.

Justice on May 8, 2009


X-men Origins: Wolverine: What I Liked... 1. Although I wasn't wild about any of the acting in this movie: I do think Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were perfect casting choices for this type of movie. Every other actor in this film was just pure cannon fodder. 2. Although I didn't like the acting from the actor who played Gambit, nor did I like his character jumping and climbing around like Spider-Man: I did like the look or special effects used for Gambit's power. What I Did Not Like.... 1. The plot, and the script was just gosh awful. I actually cringed at various lines of dialogue. 2. The directing was just cruel and unusual. Nothing flowed together right and made you feel like you didn't care for any of the characters. There was no true emotion in this film and it felt like the actors were going thru the motions. And just before you started to get to know any of the characters... they were ripped from you. 3. They changed characters from the comic so that they were no longer were recognizable anymore. Deadpool was some kind of super powered freak of nature by the end. And the White Queen was a telepath long before she had the power of having diamond hard skin. That would kind of be like Spider-Man getting the alien black costume way before he got his spider powers or something. 4. The beginning sequence happened too fast. I never got a chance to know anybody yet and before I know it... Wolverine's step father walks out the door and gets shot within a frigging nano second. From their on... everything felt too rehearsed and polished. 5. Can't Wolverine smell that it is not her blood? Can't he hear a heartbeat flutter even if it is very very very faint? He is after all Wolverine. He can hear a conversation under water but not this? He has heightened senses all the time (as part of his abilities). Not just sometimes. Oh, but I forgot. This is some kind of unexplained messed up alternate universe or something. Kind of like Star Trek Enterprise. 6. Everyone that wasn't recognizable in the beginning died. So what was the point for their existence in the first place? They were just taking up space for no reason then. Unless we got to truly know and connect with them. Their appearances were totally unnecessary. 7. Blob can resist a tank bullet with his hand with no problem... but his skull is vulnerable to Wolverine's metal skeleton. 8. As cool as it looked in the beginning to see Deadpool deflect bullets like he did with his sword. He actually can't do that. That is not apart of his abilities. He is a hired thug who can regenerate his body only. He also uses guns a lot, too. 9. Deadpool didn't have enough funny remarks to warrant the General to close his mouth like he did. Besides. The General would never do something like that anyways. It would be unprofessional of him to do so. Just as killing a fellow officer and then not cleaning up the mess immediately afterwords, too. 10. Wolverine hearing the generals conversation while he was underwater felt really awkward. I can understand that Wolverine might have been able to do something like that (with his type of abilities). However, it just didn't feel or look right to me, though. 11. Agent Zero was sent in to kill Wolverine. However, both the General and Agent Zero should know that he doesn't have the special skills needed to truly kill him now (after such a procedure). 12. The General somehow just magically knew somehow that an adamantium bullet to the brain would erase Wolverine's memories. How in the Heck would he know something like that? He is not a fortune teller! He is not a theoretical scientist. 13. The horrible use of CGI-ing the face of Patrick Stewart onto the young Xavier at the end was really retarded. 14. Deadpool shoots Cyclops energy beams into Sabertooth and Wolverine. However, Cyclop's energy beams shoot thru solid rock like it was butter. I'm sorry. Admantium skeleton claws or not. Wolverine should have been knocked off by that structure from the force of the concussive beams. And Sabertooth should have been obliterated into cinders or ash. Or at least partly anyways. 15. Wolverine gets his cool jacket (from the X-men movies) from an old couple that he knows for only about 5 seconds. But how in the Heck does he get the jacket back after losing his memory? Wouldn't he have gotten that jacket later? 16. Wolverine can slice up a fire escape like it was styrofoam. Indestructible claws or not. The force needed to cut thru another metal like that would have required more force than just pure brute strength. 17. Gambit jumped and climbed around like Spider-Man and Wolverine somehow manages to propel himself from his motorcycle onto the helicopter (like it was another day at the office). 18. The effect on that diamond lady... Oh, I'm sorry Emma Frost was really horrible looking. 19. Wolverine's metal claws looked really fake in various scenes. 20. Watch the first X-men movie again. Notice how awesome Hugh Jackman's performance was with Ana Paquin (Rogue) in that movie. I didn't get any of that cool actor to actor onscreen magic like that in this film. Rating: F Side Note: Oh, well. At least I can enjoy Wolverine in the first two X-men films. ... .........

Jason on May 19, 2009


Well for me, and i'll keep it short and sweet, awful. The plot, the lot. Shite

Ants on Jun 3, 2009



David on Jun 3, 2009


i went to the movies with 6 of my freinds and when the movie ended and we walked out we were all dissapointed to say the least. and i was the the only person in the group that actully read the sorce material so with that said you can only imagen how i fell

goosehorn on Jun 6, 2009


I finally got a copy of the movie------and after viewing all the above comments I guess I better give my 2 cents worth. I like comic book hero movies. Bad , good , indifferent----------all are better than no comic book hero movies. Its difficult to say why directors and writers do what they do to characters---except they are out to make money for the studios. I like Wolverine------and Hugh is perfect in that part. The movie itself was too jumbled up with all kinds of stuff that didnt really fit. I guess they were trying to get audience reactions to a lot of different characters to see what kind of spinoff movies they could come up with. Nothing wrong with Hughs acting or that he looks the part. He does. Im sure even he is baffled at why they do certain scenes too. The Sabertooth character is very good. And trying to edit all those different jumbled up types of scenes is where this type of movie ends up-----on the cutting room floor, or worst---in the movie theaters where people can complain about them. Lots of people are simply too serious about entertainment movies------which is what these are! None will win awards------because they are made to try to make money---not art. Everyone seems to pick out movies they like and pick on the ones they dont like. Human nature I guess. Im just happy that someone chose to try to make these movies to begin with. Otherwise we wouldnt have anything to gripe about. Overall the movie is a mess but kinda takes you away from reality for a couple of hours------which most movies are trying to do to begin with. I just hope people keep trying to make these types of movies! rhm

randy on Jun 7, 2009


Gee ... after watching this movie ... Never knew wolvie was a citizen of toontown with those animated claws of his ... Professor X, a pedophile? Should have known ... "Pedophilocoptor" Eewww ... Cajun accents failing spectacularly after tne minutes ... Soooo many dumb and unbelievable things about this movie ... Wold like to see a deadpool movie with Ryan Renolds though. He was the only decent thing in the whole film.

obsidianpunk on Jun 7, 2009


You're all very gay. The movie rocked. The action rocked. If you want a story to think about, go and see Angels and Demons. Otherwise, take off your little panties, put on your jock straps and go see Wolverine for what it is; a comic book action movie. The other alternative is to go and oogle over a giant blue penis in Watchmen. I know you all loved that "true to the comic" film, in all of its giant blue schlong-ness.

SamIAm on Jun 8, 2009


You guys are really expecting way too much out of movies. You want everything to stick to the same story that's in the books and start whining when things aren't perfect. Get over it. It's a movie and they can't follow the story the same way because some things just won't work. I've been an X-men fan for over 20 years... and I loved the movie. They NAILED Gambit as to how he would be if he was younger and he was more similar to how he was in the early issues of the X-men (second series). I got exactly what I wanted out of that. The acting was awesome and although characters like Blob, etc. were out of whack, and some story elements were off, if you ignore that, it was an awesome movie. They were just trying to tie things together and at the same time get all those other muties on screen. I thought Watchmen was a piece of crap, honestly. Did we really need to see that blue penis a zillion times? lol AFter a while, I was just like, "OKAY, WE GET IT! HE DOESNT LIKE CLOTHES AND HIS PENIS GLOWS TOO!" lol But then again, if you like things by the book, that's what you get.

Mark on Jun 9, 2009


i dont see why no on gets the adimantium bullet thing... the bullet was adimantium so therefor able to pierce the skull.. the area of the brain that was shot is the area that controlls memory..the brain healed but the memory dident return. Not rocket science

myass on Jun 10, 2009


crap. i love a good action movie, dont get me wrong-but nothing in this film worked. thank god there are movies like Star Trek being made so you can wash cheesy pop corn flicks like Wolverine here clean outta yo' mind!

Nick S. on Jun 11, 2009


I think that the movie was awsome but the way they did Professor Xavier with CGI made him look like they used botox to make him younger. Over all, the movie was better than I'd thought, Just find an actor if you want the character to be younger.

bob joe on Jun 11, 2009


#177 Thought the adimantium bullet was a quick solution to "oh should we get Wolverine to lose his memory? hmm....."

Snacku05 on Jun 11, 2009


Well i don't know whats wrong with the rest of you people but that was a fantastic movie. Whoever directed it is a genious. I thought it was well thought out and i loved the beginning. The middle, sure it was a little confusing and the ending might have been a little fast but i love the x-men. Hugh should make as many movies as he wants. Liev should wear that trench coat more ofen! it makes him look scary. I like that. Oh and the chick who played Kayla SilverFox. you rock out loud. Everyone on that cast did an awesome job. oh and to any of the bas****s who thought that movie was like stupid or dumb, you can go f*** yourself. wow i... i feel empowerd!! if Liev Schreiber ever reads or is reading this, i love you!!

Meghan on Jun 15, 2009


The movie sucked out loud plain and simple. Now they are doing a sequal? Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Reboot Volverine Origins NOW!!!!

Peter Papoutsis on Jan 9, 2010

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