Sound Off: Zack Snyder's Watchmen - What Did You Think?

March 6, 2009

Watchmen - What Did You Think?

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? In 1986, Alan Moore wrote one of the greatest graphic novels of all-time, known as Watchmen. In 2009, Zack Snyder brought his vision of that story to the big screen the only way that it could rightfully be told. But is it any good? Is it as extraordinary of a movie as the graphic novel is itself? Was being completely faithful necessarily the best decision? Were any major changes Zack Snyder made problematic to the end result (e.g. the squid)? To put it simply, did Zack Snyder pull it off, or did he fail? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Watchmen!

To fuel the fire, as I already wrote in my review, I loved Watchmen, through and through. It's just as epic and exciting to see play out on the big screen as it is in the graphic novel. It's not flawless, and I'm not going to proclaim that it's anything miraculous, but Snyder's choice to be as faithful as he was truly helped it end up as incredible as it was. If he would've made any major changes (besides the ending), fans would've been in an uproar, and it would've been a disaster. But I believe he pulled it off. Although the one thing I know for sure is that I've been hearing the most distinctly split opinions in a very long, so which side are you on?

So what did you think of Watchmen? Was this the adaptation we've all been waiting to see?

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Am I the only one that thinks there were waaaay to many songs put in the movie? Even if they did "fit," it seems like there was a mainstream song every 10 minutes. Personally, I didnt like "Along the Watchtower" while Nite Owl and Rorshach crash landed on Antartica. Also the dinner scene with 99 Luftbaloons....wtF?! Oh yah,... who else loved ending credits of My Chemical romance..... effin Snyder. And WTF was up w/ the sex scene!?!?!? Hallelujah song....and the fire button....LAME!!!!!!! I'm sure Alan Moore was pissed off as hell at this scene alone, I can see why he didn't wanna be on the credits. Anyways, I did like the movie, just the above parts that ruined it/ decreased the score on my Steve-o-Meter.

stevedawg on Mar 6, 2009


I liked it. I thought he did a great job. I haven't read the graphic novel myself, but I have read a lot on it, browsed through it enough to understand most of its elements. Zach Snyder was very faithful to most of the story, and did it right. He brought on the present time with the murder of the Comedian, and then showed us the history behind the Minutemen and the Watchmen in the credit sequence. After that, you were introduced to a slow investigation that revealed the heroes were in retirement, but were slowly being pulled back by old memories being told, and by certain events in their lives. It's almost as if they were recalling childhood memories of wanting to be heroes and decided to somehow go for it. It seemed odd at first, but in the end, it worked. It set-up why all the characters were the way they are, and how they were able to come to this point in their lives where everything is turned upside itself twice. The key thing about making it this way was the character development. First, you sneak into the Comedian. After that, you get a little of Silk Spectre, and a little of Nite Owl, but you venture deeply into Dr. Manhattan, and incredibly deep into the wonderful, delicious, amazing Rorscach. You really got to see more of Rorscach than you would've thought, especially in character development and kick-ass scenes. Not only that, but the little revealed of Nite Owl is enough to show you why he is the way he is, kinda dorky, but still immensely bad-ass. The next Superman actor should take lesson from his role. Surprisingly enough, he seemed like the weaker one, character wise, but shouted out beautifully towards the third quarter. The editing was great, the fight sequences were fresh and nicely directed. I had a few problems with some of the music selection, but outside of that, great movie. Beautiful visuals as well. Another thing--- it was graphic. Zach Snyder pulled no punches in this film with his use of gore, blood, and incredibly gruesome moves that made you cheer, clench, or swallow back your recently eaten popcorn. I liked it. 4/5 Stars. Zach Snyder, keep doing your thing. Also...the ending resolution, absolutely well-crafted. Watchmen...well worth the watch!

Kenneth Van Castle on Mar 6, 2009


For some reason, I seem to be unable to post comments on my computer so I'm doing this on a friends... I didn't like it that much. The acting was very very good but everything else felt like an MTV-itized version of the comic with fast cuts and slow motion and sloppy editing. I just don't think this works as a movie. As opposed to elements being there for substance this just felt like elements where there for the sake of paying a homage to Moore/Gibbons work. The only Snyder film I've liked so far was Dawn of the Dead.... he kind of strikes me as a stereotypical action director since like 300, this film had no emotional hook for me and seems like it was trying to get a lot of viewers into theaters while not hitting the intellectual level this project could have. 2.5/5

BahHumbug on Mar 6, 2009


Have not seen it yet, it opens here in Sweden on the 13th. But I'm pretty scared of Chemical Romance doing a Dylan cover in the end... of all bands - chemical romance? Let Pearl Jam or someone do it, or use the original song. But maybe it fits with the film.

Ryderup on Mar 6, 2009


This movie was better than the Dark Knight. It perfectly encapsulated the graphic novel, and even thought a lot of good moments were cut, I honestly didn't even notice until I read about what was taken out afterward. The heroes' fight scenes made Neo look like a boyscout, and the visual effects looked great (especially Bubastis). I left this film wondering what time is most convenient to go see it again, because it was so good. I loved it! 4.5/5

Marc Giguere on Mar 6, 2009


^Well that just scared. me. Dylan better being hiring a professional to whack those guys. I wish someone did anyhow.

Hey Ya on Mar 6, 2009


I haven't seen it yet and I won't be posting a comment after I do because I'm sick and tired of hearing fanboys say how this didn't work or this was bad or this sucked, etc. Like you could have done a better job. Maybe it's your thing or maybe it isn't! How about we just leave it at that and move on. Mkay! Oh and I can guarantee I'm gonna love the shit of this bad boy!

K on Mar 6, 2009


what? sex with hallelujah playing? that is probably my favorite part.

Brian on Mar 6, 2009


the fire button thing is in the book man

HoobaHobba on Mar 6, 2009


From the rescue at the burning building to the Archimedes sex scene, I was in awe of this movie. I also really want this soundtrack. Well done.

Morbius on Mar 6, 2009


The music and slow motion really bugged me. (Leonard Cohen should not have anything to do with romancin', ever.) But the acting was brilliant, and I couldn't believe how loyal it was to the book. When Rorschach searches the comedian's apartment it was almost shot for frame. Incredible. I definitely want to see this again in theatres.

Alyx on Mar 6, 2009


#1 is a dumb ass. The sex scene is supposed to be funny because Nigh Owl can't get it up without the being a super hero. And as for the fire button, that was taken directly from the graphic novel. Meanin Moore wrote that scene. Idiot.

Garrett on Mar 6, 2009


well done! about 90% faithful to the comic. but i guess we can't have EVERY little bit of the comic in the movie. some of the song selection was meh, but i loved the phillip glass music for dr. manhattan. it was funny hearing the gasps and giggles when dr. manhattan's blue package was onscreen. didn't you people read the comic? also, malin ackerman is a vision of beauty. and rorscach will be the #1 costume at the san diego comic con this year, overtaking heath ledger's joker!

nacho on Mar 6, 2009


I'll probably be shot, but I thought the movie sucked. But I never read the graphic novel so...

Joel on Mar 6, 2009


It was Da SHIT!! I didn't read the book because I thought it would ruin the movie. It was a different look for a super hero movie. Now that I have seen the movie, I have to read the book.

JussHaten on Mar 6, 2009


It was good, and a nice adaptation of Moore's work. Outstanding visuals, and I love the soundtrack. Also, some very nice acting from Crudup, Haley, and Wilson. Not entirely faithful to the comic, but the movie can stand on it's own legs. I'd give it a 4/5

Daniel on Mar 6, 2009


4.9/5 stars I have never had an experience like that. Me & the wife, cried & laughed multiple times. We have both read the graphic novel, but Night Owl's explanation of when Capt. Carnage meat up with Rorscach, had the whole theatre laughing. First movie I have been to where the entire theatre stood up and clapped at the end. It was awesome. I wish they had done the original version of "hallelujia", also, I missed hollis mason's murder being in the movie, that was the only thing I was upset about. Movie ending, way better than Graphic Novel ending, IMO. I am seeing it again tomorrow, but on IMAX baby, can't wait 🙂

TJ on Mar 6, 2009


Well watched this last night and loved it. It has such a different angle on it than ither films. I loved the fact it was set in the 1980's and with an 18 cert is was very gory and lots of brilliant camera slow mo moments. It has been filmed so well and a must for any action comic book fan. Go see it now..... 9/10 best film so far of 2009...........

Neil on Mar 6, 2009


#12 I'm talkin bout the actual sex scene in Nite Owl's ship. When they finally do get it on as superheroes. This scene was too long and the music. As for the fire button, (i feel weird saying this...) but when both characters..."climaxed/orgasm'd" Silk reaches over and presses the fire button to insinuate well.... y'know......

stevedawg on Mar 6, 2009


I love the graphic novel, it has been very importantto me for years now and I honestly was expecting to be somewhat dissapointed. I absolutely was not! The film in my opinion is every bit as good as the graphic novel. There are a few minor bits that didn't gel for me but I thought the comic had some of those awekward moments too and ultimately both weren't harmed in any way by them. I loved how comical the film was personally, a lot of people have complained that the film should have been darker and not had as many laughs, but the comic itself is incredibly satirical. I think Snyder and Co. conveyed that perfectly.The "Halleluja" love scene is hilarious in my opinion (it's okay to laugh, it's supposed to be comical). @ stevedawg- by the way, the flame thrower part of that scene is in the novel as well. It shouldn't piss Alan Moore off too much (key word, "shouldn't"). I loved the music choices, a few people I saw thought the music didn't fit really, but as I talked to them about it it became clear that they felt it should have been scored through and through like other superhero movies. This is NOT anything like the other superhero movies we've seen before. Don't expect "The Dark Knight". It is much more contemporary feeling and profits greatly, i think, from the music choices. Some were obvious, yes, but 90% of films made now adays don't even think about music choices except for "is this popular" so obvious is sometimes a welcomechange. The fight scenes were really well done, I was suprised.Aside from the likes of Tony Jaa not even modern Asian martial arts choreography (that I've seen anyway, I'm no expert) hold up against the "Watchmen". Yes, it's that good. I quickly grow tired of many action sequences in modern cinema, but these felt fresh and energeticfrom start to finish. Bravo. Like I said, I did have a few nit picky things, but they aren't huge. I thought it was a smart move axeing the squid from the film, but why on earth did they leave Bubastis??? I figured since the squid was cut Bubastis would be too considering that Ozymandius (spelling?) was into generic engineering because he was creating the squid, so he also created Bubastis for shits and giggles I guess. But in the film he doesn't seem to have any interest in generic engineering so The big blue horny tiger seems oddly out of place. He doesn't fight he just walks around looking like a mediocrespecial effect and gives us kind of Wile E Coyote "oh shit" look at the camera before his demise. Like I said though the movie is so very good that I wouldn't allow these little nit picky things to put a damper on the experience. I felt great sitting in that theater seat for two and three-quarter hours. I had a smile on my face the whole time (which got me some odd looks from other filmgoersdurring some of Watchmen's grittier scenes). I'm incredibly pleased with the end result, not bad for someoneexpecting to be somewhat dissapointed, no matter what they threw up on the screen. Alex, I sometimes find you overenthusiastic about some films, but today I completely share your enthusiasm. P.S. The opening credit sequence is amazing.The Oscars should add the category of "best opening credits" this year just so Watchmen can destroy the competition (yes, they are that good). Then maybe other filmmakers will try to give us something truly special in the credit department instead of the usual monotony we're used to. Thanks for reading...if you took the time to read all that mumbo jumbo. Now off to see the "Watchmen" again... and again... and again...

Matt S on Mar 6, 2009


I thought it was a pretty great film - my biggest complaint is Ozymandas - in the book he struck me as being a very complex character who is a GOOD person at his heart - the guy who played Adrian in this movie just struck me as being generically evil in a weird sort of way. Aside from this, the movie was a fantastic window into the lives of fictional humans and how they develop in extraordinary circumstances.

Adam on Mar 6, 2009


Sorry, "genetic engineering" I mean.

Matt S on Mar 6, 2009


I never hear of The Watchmen until this movie and I gotta say it was fantastic!!! I'm going to see it again asap & I'd recommend it to anyone.

Black Dynamite on Mar 6, 2009


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Will Schiffelbein on Mar 6, 2009


THanks for the recommendations

FunCardGames on Mar 6, 2009


I agree with many who have said the ending was better than the graphic novel, but I felt that Rorscach's brutality was waaaaaaay over the top when revisiting his past. More was done to make him look like a homicidal maniac than a flawed hero. I'd give it a solid 7.5/10.

Paul on Mar 6, 2009


@25 I think you have a preconceived notion that Rorschach was a flawed hero. He was obviously a psychopathic homicidal maniac. He was insane, not just a flawed hero.

Will Schiffelbein on Mar 6, 2009


Don't get me wrong. I liked it, no, I loved it. Having said that, for me, it just didn't live up to the hype that everyone put on it. Everybody said that it was supposed to invoke huge amounts of great discussion, but what is there to discuss? No questions or big thoughts came out of it. Again, don't mistake my meaning, because it was totally cool as shit, but at the end of the day, was it an amazing, cinematic kick in the ass? Not really.

Clark M. Lamson on Mar 6, 2009


Very pleased with the film, how many filmmakers can do what Snyder does? Consider yourself lucky that he made this film based on this epic comic book, a film many thought was impossible to put on film. I watched the motion comic blu ray before I went to catch the midnight screening, all I can say is: don't expect x-men like experience, this film explores superheroes on a cultural and introspective level, like nothing you've never seen. Just take the ride and enjoy it.

uffr on Mar 6, 2009


I was amazed how well they stuck to the original story and scenes. I think only SinCity can rival its accuracy to the source material. Of the few changes, why was Night Owl the one to warn Veidt about mask killers ? Why they switched this from Rorshach didn't seem to have any real reason behind it. I know there is a longer cut out there, and I'm curious if it includes more of the back story to Adrian with his Africa Relief special, etc. He seems to be left a little flat in the movie. Hollis's murder should be in there and some more of the newstand interactions, but otherwise they included near everything. Only the Black Freighter Story stands out, but it's getting its own DVD release. Switiching from the Psychihc Squid Bomb to the "S.Q.U.I.D." Bombs was at least a nice homage. I'm curious to hear from people who have no idea what the storyline is what there opinions were. All the back story explained in the text portions of each chapter are basically done as one shot pictorials in the opening credits, and I'm curious how well it comes off for people who have no idea who those characters are. Other than Hollis calling out their names in his visit with Dan and Rorscach explaining their fates while breaking into Rockefeller, I don't think the un-read viewer will know what was going on in those shots. And lastly - I don't remember the Comedian killing Kennedy in the book...but maybe I mised it?

TBFL on Mar 6, 2009


IMAX is the greatest! Add that to Watchmen and I believe this was the greatest movie going experience I've ever had.

Skeeter on Mar 6, 2009


I loved it and think it is a great adaptation of the novel. I do have one small problem with the end. I don't think it had the same impact as the comic. I hate to say this but I think the destruction was too clean and antiseptic. It wasn't as horrifying, making you feel the murder of millions. After the rest of the film was so graphic, all we see is rubble not the blood and bodies of the comic. Still it is a pretty small complaint of a great movie.

Ralph C. on Mar 6, 2009


TBFL ... They insinuated that the Comedian killed JFK in the GN...

kindbuddy on Mar 6, 2009


To # 1 - You were only upset you couldn't jerk it to that sex scene. That movie was close to brilliant. Say anything else then you haven't read the book.

DontWorry on Mar 6, 2009


*SPOILERS* I really liked the movie, I am not sure I loved it though. I completely loved the GN because it had a great plot and had amazing characters and amazing character backgrounds. I knew the movie would not cover the entire GN because... well, it would take ages and would need at least a 6-episode mini series or something like that. For some reasons I really don't know, Night Owl II was my favorite character from the story and PatrickWilson pulled that out perfectly! The thing I really didn't like from the movie was the soundtrack! I hated the music they chose. The music that played during the intro scene of the movie, where they were showing the Minutemen and the whole short scenes from the character's past (which was amazing by the way) was okay, but the rest sucked. I love Leonard Cohen, but I don't think I can ever listen to "Hallelujah" the same way again! The movie showed some real nice action scenes, the kind that the GN lacked, but some of them were too violent and too bloody for my taste. Especially the scenes at the prison where Rorschach is locked up were rather disgusting... and so was the scene when Laurie and Dan are at the alley and they were attacked. There was unnecessary gore in that scene with bones breaking and heads smashing. They could have done less there, but then I guess Zack Snyder loves violence! I loved Doctor Manhattan! The way they delivered his background was amazing and very true to the GN. Rorschach... I liked him more in the movie, I have to say that. But it was really unnecessary to make him cry and ask for Doc Manhattan to destroy him was a little out of character. Nite Owl II... he was really, really good! Again, I have to say that Patrick Wilson did a really good job with him. Doc Manhattan: Awesome! Silk Spectre I: Was really good Silk Spectre II: ... I have mixed opinions. Obviously, they did her more sexually attractive than she was in the GN, and actually made kind of a... sorry to say but... whore out of her. She had her reasons and all in the GN, but in the movie she was just there for the male population who was going to watch the movie. And Malin Akerman seriously lacks some acting skills. The Comedian: Amazing!!! Much better than I could ever imagine! I love DJM and he was just great! Ozzy: Matt Brode wasn't as huge and charismatic as the Ozzy in the GN, but he really did a good acting job. I wish they had added some scenes of his athletic background into the movie, but the action sequence in Antarctica was okay! I loved the ending! I loved it much more than the squid in the GN! Anyways, it was a really nice movie, much more than the previous films of Snyder ("300" sucked), but it could never be as great as The Dark Knight (someone made the comparison, so I'll just say it).

F.C. on Mar 6, 2009


I know #1, but the fire button being pressed right then really happened in the book. So don't say Snyder threw that in and made it lame because it was Moore who put it in first.

Garrett on Mar 6, 2009


Never read the novel/comic. The first hour of the movie, I sat there wondering what the heck was happening. I think I was mostly confused about The Comedian. He seemed to have not aged at all between his days(lineup photo scene) with the original Silk Spectre and his days(lineup photo scene) with the Silk Spectre II but when he was offed, he looked fairly old. I couldn't tell if there were two(younger/older) of him like the Spectre and Owl characters or what. The rest of the movie cleared it up for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie. I want to see it again once I get enough sleep to comprehend everything I'm seeing though. I also want to read the novel now. I wish I had participated in the competition at the first showing last night when they gave the novel away. I would have still lost to the guy who went to Iraq twice though. 🙂 I'd give the movie a 8/10. guys, thanks again for another great movie premiere. See ya at the Wolverine premiere next month. -Russ

RussH on Mar 6, 2009


In a word... mesmerizing, read the graphic novel and was amazed at the detail, thought, emotion, etc that was put into this movie, fantastic movie, must see in theatres, can't wait to see the director's cut. If you have not read the graphic novel, it is a must recommend so you can get the true enjoyment out of all I mentioned above, this is one of those movies (like the Dark Knight) you need to watch multiple times to pick up on all that is transpiring. What a triumph for Zach Snyder and the whole crew. Great movie. 10/10

midas777 on Mar 6, 2009


I really liked it. I read the novel like a year ago, so it wasn't fresh in my head, but I was happy to see how faithful it stayed to the original work. And I'm not going to be one of those people who are like, "oh no, he didn't keep everything the same" because that's just dumb. It would have been impossible to fit everything from that graphic novel into one movie. In all honesty, this movie is probably the only way that a story as epic as Watchmen could be brought to film. And you know, if you read the trivia on IMDB about this movie, it could have been terrible if it were made by anybody else.

FilmMaker2003 on Mar 6, 2009


This film is what true comic book films are all about. It wasn't afraid of being what it is, which is a comic book. Far superior to The Dark Knight in my honest opinion, although the acting never reached that films levels the pure comic book style and story was what put it over the top. I loved the way the story played out and the unique atmosphere which Snyder created. A real palpable sense of dread, nihilism and surreality. Great 80's score and wonderful musical choices. This film is truly an original and will more than stand the test of time. In addition, the changes to the original source material actually improved the film and made it truly cinematic and up to the standards of reality of the 21st century post-9/11 world. The ending was truly epic. Fight scenes were great, the blood and gore and grue of the world was amazing and I was consistently blown away by the editing choices and cinematography. I could dissect some of the performances but I'm going to choose to just go with them because they weren't distracting while I was watching the film. I thought Malin Ackerman was great as Laurie aka Silk Spectre, with the only true weakness being Carla Gugino, she really camped it up, I thought. True outstanding performance by Jackie Earle Haley, Matthew Goode and Billy Crudup, especially kudos to Patrick Wilson as Night Owl, I loved his character and I thought it was a really terrific believable performance. 5 out of 5 Brilliant

Lincoln Smith on Mar 6, 2009


The first half of the movie was pretty great, but then it seemed to just get stale. I left the theater a little disappointed. Snyder was very faithful to the novel, which I liked. However I was expecting to see certain things from the novel in the movie only to find them absent. I feel like I will have to see it a second time for a better analysis. There were a lot of what I thought important parts of some origin stories that were missing. I'd give it 7.5/10. This is disappointing to me because it was hyped (and I expected it) to be the greatest comic book movie ever made. However I don't think this title can be placed upon it. I feel like it should have stayed a comic book.

Dan W on Mar 6, 2009


I didn't like it. The first half was okay and interesting but then it just seemed to get weird. The songs were cringe worthy and bothersome. Granted it was ripped right out of the pages, the feeling or soul just wasn't there. I don't think that as a film this should be placed with the greats (The Dark Knight, etc.), more second tier. Too bad, I was really hoping this would have been awesome. 5/10

Bixby on Mar 6, 2009


I thought the film was good, but not great. I've seen it, glad I've seen it and don't feel the need to see it again. I really felt disconnected from the characters and felt some of the music choices detracted from what was going on on-screen. There was something also a little off about the costumes. They felt like Batman & Robin rejects (at least for n'owl and ozy). I'm a fan of the graphic novel and i felt like the movie didn't really capture the depth that it had. Again, a good movie. Glad I saw it and would recommend it to others, but I wouldn't say it's ground breaking in anyway.

The Baron of Cheese on Mar 6, 2009


Have not read the comic but did read the Wiki page about it. It was entertaining enough but felt more like an overstylized MTV 300 than a movie of its own. Some parts were way too corny and the music was too missplaced. Also, Malin Akerman kept destroying every single scene she was in.

Shige on Mar 6, 2009


as a person who never read the comic i think it was alright it does get boring in the movie but overall it was interesting. but i got to admit the music that in the movie was so out of placed i like the score but the poppy music really feel wrong.

movieboy1 on Mar 6, 2009


If you guys liked this movie. Then you'll love Mystery Men!

The_Phantom on Mar 6, 2009


Thought the movie was fantastic!

dee on Mar 6, 2009


Fucking loved Rorscach!! " I'm not locked in here with you all. You all are locked in here with me!!!"

Zack on Mar 6, 2009


It was not a perfect adaptation, and I knew that going in. All you complaining about it's perfection and the different ending, cannot remove themselves from thinking "it's based on a graphic novel, therefore it must be exactly like it" I knew it wasn't going to be and I'm fine with that. Here's hoping for the Director's Cut. WOOOO

Movieraider321 on Mar 6, 2009


i watch it yesterday and i love it

paulo on Mar 6, 2009


I never read the books, so I went in with no demands or expectations. I thought it was a great film. I wouldn't go so far as to call it better than The Dark Knight; but the two films definitely belong on the same field. Rorschach is a great character, easily standing out as a fan favorite. Billy Crudup doesn't get much of a chance to shine through the CGI, but that's not a knock on him it's just the nature of his character. Nite Owl and Comedian were both well played. Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre is great eye-candy but her performance is a little lacking; but the worst performance by far is the actor who played Ozymandias... can't remember his name, don't care to look it up. His performance was weak, to the point where he almost disappears, into the scenery. He definitely failed to carry his weight. One other note, I'm reading a lot of complaints about the songs, on the soundtrack. As someone who went through jr. high and high school, in the 80's, I felt the selections were spot on. Yeah, the Nena song was grating; but it wasn't heard all that long, and it was a big hit, during the film's time period. The 80's were, also, rife with nostalgia, for the 60's so the choice of Dylan and Hendrix material made a lot of sense.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Mar 6, 2009


I'm glad it wasn't just me that disliked the soundtrack. It's not that these are bad songs, they are just OVERPLAYED and OVERUSED songs. They are also poorly used within the scenes... the music in the trailers worked well and the images were edited perfectly to the songs. Here, the music is glaringly out of place.

Kevin on Mar 6, 2009


i LOVED it but all of you guys who hate the soundtrack, think of this. Most of the songs were referenced in the comic itself. The soundtrack you hated so much was, in fact, not Snyder's choice, but Moores, the perfect edition to the movie. A truely indept adaption of a great Comic

Steph on Mar 6, 2009


Fuck me sideways, that movie was the best. I will see it again and Snyder edited it perfectly not only for time's sake but also those that never read the book. My wife said she loved it and never read it...heck, not even into comics or anything. It still made sense and I love that Snyder threw in things only readers would know, like the newspaper guy and kid, Bubastis, and a few other stuff. It was truly something else and i look forward to the director's cut.

Hey Ya on Mar 6, 2009


I thought it was just, okay. It could have been a little shorter. The music didn't seem to fit the movie, in my opinion, but whatever. Visually stunning, but lacking in most areas. I was bored throughout.

Brian on Mar 6, 2009


RORSCHACH Holy shit But yeah, I liked it 😀

Kolya on Mar 6, 2009


WOW!! truly incredible!! loved it, and yes it was a lot to take in as a lot of the reviews said. but it was great and rorschach was great!

s on Mar 6, 2009


I really liked it! But I'd have to agree with #1 what the hell was up with the sex scene and the hallelujah track? So, there you have it , the music is my only issue. I loved Rorschach, loved Manhattan, loved the new ending. 9 out of 10

bltzie on Mar 6, 2009


Wow i cannot believe I'm reading all these glowing reviews. Really? 2 hours and 50 minutes of this? While i didn't think it was terrible, in the end it all seems just forgettable. I really have the urge to never ever see it again. And while I understand the musical choices, the timing and editing was not good. I also understand that its hard to have a shorter movie with this material but a tighter movie would've been more to my liking.

sd on Mar 6, 2009


Here is my comment on another site in response to a review where they complained about almost everything in the movie... ----- I read the first 4 or 5 issues several months ago and never got around to finishing. I went in worried based on how people have been reviewing it, and I honestly loved it. I liked the music choices, I liked the acting (even the girl who played Silk Spectre), I liked the violence style, and I really liked the ending. After watching the movie I flipped through the back of my copy to see how it was done differently (which I already knew from spoilers), and I like the movie's ending better. As far as Zack Snyder's slow-mo stuff goes, I love it. I loved it in 300 as well. Zack Snyder can do that all he wants as far as I'm concerned, but if other directors start doing it constantly *then* I will get tired of it. I saw it with my dad and when it was over he turned to me and said "wow" and a little later said "that was one of the best movies I've ever seen." Now you are probably thinking "wow, you must not see very many movies" or something, but I have and I am EXTREMELY picky about movies to the point that people don't like to watch movies with me because I'll start making comments like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Well, there was no such thing from me with this movie. The one and only thing that I felt could have been handled better was Bubastis, as it just sort of appeared out of nowhere with no explanation, but I'm sure it will be explained in the 3-hour+ extended director's cut which I can't wait for. Oh, and by the way, Dr. Manhattan's exposure didn't bother or distract me one bit. Maybe some people just need to grow up.

Zso on Mar 6, 2009


I loved it. That aside, I vote that post number 1 loses his or her right to state their opinion after proclaiming my chemical romance the best song in the movie.

Rubix on Mar 6, 2009


I can't really complain about much - I think it's about as close as anyone could come in adapting Watchmen for the screen. I loved the score and the soundtrack (as well as the MCR song) but yes, the opening credits were simply amazing. I do wish more of Hollis Mason would have made it - but perhaps that will be in the director's cut. The Times They Are A-Changin' was easily the best song from the film - again, what an amazing sequence. It even inspired my girlfriend to read the graphic novel so I can't complain (and neither should Moore, being as a whole new audience is going to discover his work and appreciate it)

Adam Frazier on Mar 6, 2009


I was happy to finally see the unfilmable movie, the Moby Dick of cinema...I was what it was...a retelling of the graphic novel true comic fans enjoyed. It wasn't an adaptation, that would be a 6 hour movie... It was a cinematic opera giving us the emotion the book gave me when i first read it. And quite frankly, seeing a true adult movie in 2009 is a blessing. Zack is a true director...Why? Vision, focus on source material and devotion to the movie making art. A lot of "Fan boys" forget, movies regardless of style or genre is first an art form and will always be that... The movie was so adult and never took you for a child, it gave me a sense of, why aren't more movies doing this. It was a spectacular rendition of another art form. Graphic novels are movies unto themselves and movies are tapestries in motion. It could never be a litteral translation to the source material, thats folly. Zack knew that. What he did...was give us the resonance of the book in film, and every second of the film captures the book as it was intended. It was perfect in its delivery and the actors did more then pay homage to their comic book counter parts. They were all good and dedicated to the work and the story. Nothing...Nothing is wrong with the movie and for the first time after 30 some years of watching movies of all types, this wasnt a comic book was a movie becoming more then the sum of its parts. Prediction: More people who never read the graphic novel, after seeing this movie, will buy it, read it and understand the movie did what it did. Retelling a great story of the human condition and our flawed nature....What Alan Moore intended... Sadly... M. Moore will never see it and its his right as the creator of this work of art.

Lazarus on Mar 6, 2009


Read before you watch so you can get all of the references!

Tom V on Mar 6, 2009


P.S.: Rorscach was my favourite, he still is and will always be my favourite character in comic book lore. He was simply perfect on screen and the actor gave every oz of himself to breath life and pain into him. Amen to him, he did what Heath did last year, respect the source material and went beyond the written word....

Lazarus on Mar 6, 2009


Wonderful movie. My wife even enjoyed it (think it was the abundance of 'Blue Wang'). Only part that might have hindered my enjoyment, the idiot parents who brought their 2 and 5 year olds. Stupid.

Nate on Mar 6, 2009


Worthy of the hype. Certainly worth the 10 dollars. Entertained the hell out of me. However... I didn't really like it. It felt rushed, and things seemed out of order. Which is upsetting, being this could have easily been a trilogy. Leaving out the side stories was really disappointing, and I'm not sure I like the ending either. But nitpicking aside it's still really amazing. Actors all did great, and the CGI was fantastic. Probably go see this again on Sunday 🙂

tehstaton on Mar 6, 2009


It's bee a long time since I've been to a movie and haven't been disappointed in one way or another. Not so with Watchmen. This movie was freakin awesome! Best adaptation of a graphic novel/comic book I've ever seen. I honestly there is nothing negative I can think about in this movie. Hell, even the soundtrack was great. This movie will be on my "top five" list as soon as I can figure out where to put it. I will be seeing this again (at least once) and I will be buying the DVD the day it comes out.

Jeep-Fu on Mar 6, 2009


hated it honestly terrible music placement, mediocre directing, not nearly enough action when i was walking out i came to the term that it wasn't a waste of money because the tits were amazing!

pisspoor on Mar 6, 2009



JL on Mar 6, 2009


Didn't like the part about changing Rorschach from a sociopath to a psychopath. Other than that, loved the movie even with the squid-less ending.

Luis M on Mar 6, 2009


Yeah, there was a big deal made about the comic being "unfilmable"... the comic might actually BE unfilmable, if you were to try to shoot it verbatim. I think the changes made and the abbreviations to scenes or cutting of some stuff was pretty reasonable. The story itself is entirely filmable, obviously, as Snyder has effectively pulled it off. I thought the acting and the characters were great as well. Dunno why there was so much bad ink on Veidt and Silk Specter. I think a lot of people also overstated the amount of action that was slow-motioned. It was nowhere near 300's level of slow-down-speed-up action. I didn't like 300's action that much, but the action in this felt really really good to me. A couple of shots were awkward and seemingly just done for the hell of it, but otherwise I thought it worked great. I don't like handing out ratings or numbers or scores or anything, cause comparing films via that sort of crap is really futile most of the time, but I'd say that if you liked TDK and if you didn't hate 300, then you'll probably like Watchmen a lot. It's satisfying plot- and character-wise like TDK, but it's got quite a bit of 300 flavor to it. The only bit that really threw me for a loop was the sex scene. Not just due to the scene, but how sort of... softcore porn it felt. Just sorta tacky in an otherwise slick and thoughtful film.

Squiggly on Mar 7, 2009


70, rorschach wasn't a sociopath or a psychopath, he was a derranged hero, and that's what he was made out to be in the film.

Movieraider321 on Mar 7, 2009


Artfully executed Wonderful acting Exorbitant detail Indulgent (but brutally necessary) fight scenes The only thing the film suffered from was in trying a touch too hard to be audience-friendly (read: non-Watchmen readers) which isn't surprising in the least given that the film is expected to reel in a lot (pardon the pun) And the ending got its point across all the same! Brilliant

Jaf on Mar 7, 2009


Just Twilight geared towards boys.

matt on Mar 7, 2009


I just watched it without reading the book, and found it absolutely amazing!

B-Han on Mar 7, 2009


I loved every moment of the movie.. however the flaws for me were the soundtrack and the over excessive slow-mo effects... give me something new... i think at this point, slow mo effects however well they're pulled of is gradually getting boring.

sizzlingnoodles on Mar 7, 2009


The sex scene was way to long. They should have used that time to give laurie more meaningful dialogue. I saw this with a couple of friends, two havent read the comic. One thought it was awesome and the other felt like there was something missing. Ive only read the comic twice but i know exactly what was missing. All the side storys and characters that made you emotionally attached were absent or cut short. This makes you not care if adrien kills them or not. All the back stories of the main heroes(besides the comedian) were a little too quick and also felt a little rushed. The climax was ok but not as bloody and impactful as the fight between Ozy and Blake or manhattan blowin up the mobsters. In the end this is just a shallow version of the comic. Even with all its flaws the film still is a pretty impressive adaptation. Making a 2 1/2 hour watchmen is not easy. My version would have been 5 hours long. I give it 8.5/10 directors cut will probably be better

philipjfry on Mar 7, 2009


I'm an (almost) obsessive fan of the book. I didn't hate it, but in 6 words here's what I thought: Snyder copies pictures, misses the point.

Jacob on Mar 7, 2009


P.S Jackie Earle Haley was perfect Rorsach. They should've just left it though.

Jacob on Mar 7, 2009


to lazy to do a whole review, but everything was much enjoyed except for all the background characters taken out (which i understand was for time) and the rushed hatred of The Comedian by Laurie. Too condensed, and thats why i could see all the hatred from those who haven't read. trust me, trust eveyone, the graphic novel is 100x better, its not that Zack Snyder made the film bad, its just that a 5 hour movie would kinda be impossible to sell.

Al on Mar 7, 2009


overall...i was expecting more. More... I ain't saying it wasn't great/ was. BUT i wish i didn't read the novel 5 days before i saw the movie. The movie didn't have all the elements the novel had. Ain't starting a spoiler list, but many elements are missing. Way to many to call this movie made "EXACTLY" like the novel. It's not. I wish it was made like the novel, but you know really is the un-filmable comic novel. At least some stuff is.Hopefully the director;s cut will contain more stuff. On the movie..i give it a 8/10. Favorite character? you'll be amazed i actually loved Veidt in the film (in the novel was Rorschach). Why Adrian? fighting scenes were awesome, the failed assasination scene was awesome. I underline, i liked the character. The actor on the other should have picked somebody more muscular...more buffed up, as he was depicted in the novel. Side note: you will see dr.manhattan's C$#%. Many times =)). too many..compared to the awfull love scene between silk spectre 2 and night owl. Music was ok, no matter what you say. if you didn;t see it yet and you're reading this, i recommend you to go see it asap. don't read the novel first if you didn't already. you had like 20+ years to do so. go see the movie then read the novel, not like i did. It WILL ruin your movie experience. The novel is far better in every way. It's complete :).

Joe Joe on Mar 7, 2009


Quote:"It's not flawless, and I'm not going to proclaim that it's anything miraculous, but Snyder's choice to be as faithful as he was truly helped it end up as incredible as it was. If he would've made any major changes (besides the ending), fans would've been in an uproar, and it would've been a disaster" now i'm seeing this.."besides the ending"...did you read the novel mate? did you see the movie? do you want to start a pointless endless list of events/elements not portrayed in the movie? Besides the ending...Oh..there are so many, you need to watch it again. But if it was EXACTLY like the novel, this movie could have had a runtime of 4 hours at least. Who in their right mind would go to see a 4+ hours movie? That's one reason (among so many) it's hard to turn this novel into a movie. Still, i've enjoyed it, i will see it again when director's cut comes out.

Joe Joe on Mar 7, 2009


9.5/10. Can't wait for the Director's Cut this summer/later this year

SamIam on Mar 7, 2009


anyone but me think the guy who played Rorschach was channeling Eastwood? I mean, damn, it was almost like they hired Clint's younger brother (or son).

jason on Mar 7, 2009


Everyone is pissed off because they did not have the squid. Its a good movie and like even my mom like it. Also did any one see the part when Nite Owl turns the computer on and there is a file called Boys.

Macdaddy on Mar 7, 2009


YES, seen that too. they removed the part when Rorschach says that he suspects veidt to be gay. but Veidt has a folder called boys on his pc. i guess veidt drools over manhattan =))

Joe Joe on Mar 7, 2009


I agree w/ #1 the sex scene almost ruined the movie it was lame that part and the Dr. Manhattan's junk???? His piece wasnt in the book that many times, almost made a joke out of it. The movie overall was good added more length of fight scenes and all, I enjoyed it....

Jonah on Mar 7, 2009


Being myself a big fan of the graphic novel, I thought the movie was awesome. It has enough for everyone: for the fans, it's very very faithful to most of the parts of the novel (at least the ones Zack Snyder covered), for the ones who haven't read it, it's explanatory enough about the backgrounds of the characters and the general context of that particular alternate-historical moment. In that sense, the opening sequence is fantastic (studio 54 with Ozymandias, The Village People and David Bowie?? Andy Warhol presenting the Nite Owl portrait?? You can't top that!). The soundtrack is great, although I'm reading some comments about how bad choice of songs it was, but come on people, the opening scene is all Bob-freakin-Dylan!! it features Leonard Cohen, Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, Nat King Cole... come on!! It's great!! The slow motion, well, it's the style of the Snyder, so, what you want to do!? I have no complaints about it whatsoever. The fights and another violent scenes... man, gore all over the place! Blood, guts, evisceration, an axe (wtf with the axe!!)... that could be for me, maybe the only thing I would have changed. A little bit too much. All the characters are very well portraited, except Veidt. Another actor would have been a better choice, not Matthew Goode, but The Nite Owl, Rorschach (specially him), The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan (with his blue thing really hanging in there, haha), and OH my god: The silk spectre... Malin Ackerman looks beautiful in that long brown hair (what the heck if she can't act that good). The change in the ending was a great decision for two things: a) after 9/11, when NY was under attack, the rest of the world just watched and present their respects. In the eventuality of a giant squid attacking and destroying half of the city, the world would do exactly the same, and it would be "each country for itself", there would be no unification or world peace after the idea of fighting a common enemy, but in the scenario presented in the movie, the apparent enemy attacked a several number of cities around the world at the same time, and that's motive enough for a real unification... The other reason why the ending was better is that the whole squid thing would have been a little more difficult to explain to the general public "it has the brain of this, and the cloned body of that, and the psychic wave that, and the teleportation this" Mr. Average Guy would have thought "mmm, ok, i didn't get that, but hey, thats a freaky squid!" Overall, the movie rocks!!!! I wanna go to a IMAX theater now, and after that, wait patiently for the Blu-Ray, somewhere in the future.

leiner on Mar 7, 2009


portrayed, yes, i know... haha

leiner on Mar 7, 2009


I was impressed with (but not blown away by) it.

Keith on Mar 7, 2009


except for that completely awkward sex scene I thought it was pretty good. But lets not kid ourselves, it was no Dark Knight

matt on Mar 7, 2009


i liked it Rorschach was awesome some of the music worked, some didnt .... 'now give me back my face!'

kee on Mar 7, 2009


two thumbs up!!!! a flat 9.0/10.0 Rorschach; it was impressive how it was portrayed and coceived!

Galethog on Mar 7, 2009


3/4. Saw it on IMAX and was very impressed. I have never read the graphic novel, but have a good grasp of it and know the visuals. But, the plot for me dragged a bit at times, never to the point of boredom, but the momentum never was kept up all the way. The acting was passable and some of the special effects were very good, while others seemed very rushed and not on the same scale with the others. I would recommend this movie though, because it is one to see in theaters, better yet, IMAX.

Ryan on Mar 7, 2009


i loved this fucking movie,it's pretty close to the 12 part comic,the trade paperback or hardcover graphic novel however you read it,few bits missing(the comic within a comic would have been to confusing for non fans like my mum,also the giant squid ending is missing but was replaced with a suitable ending.)the performances where all good(rorschach,the comedian,dr.manhattan,silk spectre 2 especially.)violent(fuck me it was fucking great rorschach+meatcliver =awesome)soundtrack was cool(some of the music worked in certain scenes not in others.)special effects were very good(the shit on mars & the origin of dr.manhattan.)can't wait for the directors cut(could do it justice,make it more like the comic it's based on.)overall 8 out of ten.......i can get the mother & daughter fantasy now,sweet.

zetsu on Mar 7, 2009


For those of you who are going to see it again and want to be distracted and annoyed with the ending, look at Night Owl's goggles during the scene after Veidt turns the TV's on for Manhattan to see the president's speech.

Squiggly on Mar 7, 2009


It was okay but it didn't move me enough to care enough to even spend another moment discussing it.

RandyG on Mar 7, 2009


Saw it tonight. Was overall a good Movie, Not the best reppresentation of the graphic novel. It was missing alot of the humanity from teh story. But I am going to wait for the directors cut before I pass judgement.

Paul on Mar 8, 2009


Zack Snyder did a very good job with this movie and he stayed true to all the graphical elements. The quality control that kept it all close to Gibbons universe was marvelous. Snyder knows how to do wonderful art on the big screen. That is a fact. But for the fans of the story line, the director did indeed fail: The use of hard core violence and extended sex scenes where out of context with regards to the original material, and served the movie little purpose or added value in any meaningful sense. The changing of the ending was undoubtably a huge mistake that dragged the whole experience down. One could argue that the final result actually missed the two major segments (the fans of Moore and Gibbons universe, and the newcomers that haven't yet experienced the novel); While the sequences in the film was lovely made and easy to follow for the fans, they might be a bit demanding for newcomers to appreciate fully due to the quick shifts. And while the Archie sex scene with it's insanly bad positioned soundtrack, the blue penises and the bone breakings, might arouse a new audience, it certainly fell short of bringing forward a true image of the original story. Then, as a knife in the back on the true fans - the ending was changed! Like it's no big deal -the director has a right to influence and adjust the story to his final product, right? Except that this alternative ending is just bad. It is far from "more realistic", and even if it were "more unifying" in the global sense -which is arguable- the result was just pathetic; Involving Jon on the Veidt project is in breach of logic, with regards to his obvious capabilities to expose the true nature of such a scheme. As fans raise an eyebrown on this part of the move, one cannot help but reflect on the fact that Snyder had a wonderful universe to bring forward; the original story and artwork was phenomenal. So WTF change this?? I give my regards and compliments to Alan. R's "Never compromise" confirmed to be even MORE relevant with this release, than I had hoped upfront.

Tony on Mar 8, 2009


Very disappointed in this film, and I was VERY much looking forward to it. I read the graphic novel but wasn't intending on comparing it to this adaptation whatsoever, but I quickly learned this wouldn't be possible. It seemed as if Snyder worked his ass off to duplicate the comic book, frame for frame (aside from some dialogue changes here and there) and that to me feels too hokey. I think when you take a piece of fine literature and adapt it to something else, it's important to retain all the symbolism and values that it holds but at the same time make it your "own" in the new medium. Chris Nolan to me is the expert at doing this. He took ideas and concepts from various different graphic novels and developed his own story that would stand on its own (Begins/TDK). There was no pressure to make it "exactly" the same as any particular novel. This is where I feel there are flaws in Synder's film making. He takes the original blueprint and attempts to recreate it without any sort of originality of his own. I think many people enjoy this and call it "respectful" to the original author but to me it always leaves the movie feeling much too manufactured. Even thinking back to Snyder's 300, I felt that movie had a weak story and could have been developed much more if they decided to go that way. But I think Snyder, in his godly worship of Frank Miller, felt that things should remain unchanged and respectful to the original creator. Hey if that blows your hair back, then that's fine, but to me if the original can be improved on for a new medium like film, then it certainly should be. I hate to say it, but all of Synder's films (including DotD) all felt like they could have been better if he took them one step further. They are fine movies that do what they were intended to do: keep an audience entertained for 2 hours, giving them their money's worth. I can go on and on but I won't. This film was awesome at times, but for all the other times it just felt like he was being WAY too faithful to the novel and ran out of ideas. Didn't care for the new ending. I mean come on, it didn't have to be a squid, he could have used a different creature. Oh and what #1 in the comments was saying.. I could not agree with you more. The music seemed completely out of place in this movie. It felt like a long music video at times. And the whole idea about the intro credits being phenomenal with the back story and all that, I don't know, it didn't feel right (maybe because I personally think Bob Dylan has a terrible voice). Snyder should not be allowed to use slow motion EVER AGAIN in any of his films. Okay, that's my two cents. I give this movie a 7/10 based mostly on Jackie and Jeffery's performances.

Rod Tidwell on Mar 8, 2009


Wife and I took in a viewing of Watchmen last night, and it was good. The movie itself is pretty long; 2 hours and 30 mins I think. I loved it. It was slam-bam in the right places, drawn out exposition in others. There is so much to take in from the comic, that it would have been a daunting task, no matter the filmmaker. Snyder and Co. did a great job of shoving an incredible amount of details into each frame, much like artist Dave Gibbons did in the comic. I am in awe fo the production designers and crew for this movie. Watchmen is totally worth your time to take in on the big screen, no matter your opinion of the comic. If you haven't read the comic yet, I would actually recommend NOT reading it first, and buying it later (yes, BUY it). I've read the comic a handful of times now, and it did color my perception of the film. I was expecting some things that I didn't see in the movie, and was let down with a couple of very minor points. Snyder's grasp of whizz-bang-slo/mo-whizz-bang action was MADE for this kind of movie. I will probably see it again, before it leaves theaters. The comic geek in me almost demands it. The Dark Knight set the bar high for "super hero" movies, and Watchmen keeps it going, without breaking stride. For those who have read the comic prior to seeing this film? I think the best way to approach it, is to strictly see it as a very faithful adaptation of the comic. It hits all the right points, and freshens the material for a modern day audience. Watchmen works BEST as a comic book, due to the extreme care as to how the material was approached, and then laid out within a comic book page. As an adaptation, the film works in fleshing out a lot of the drawn details that comic book readers have memorized as gospel over the years. After it all, I have to say my favorite actor/character from the film is Patrick Wilson, who plays Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl II). His character in the film doesn't share the same kind of dark origins as some of the others, and Wilson captures Dreiberg's nerdiness with ease, at the same time stepping it up, kicking some serious ass. His was probably the most identifiable of the characters, and I tended to sympathize with him the easiest. All the other performances are solid (most notable is Jeffrey Dean Morgan capturing the assholiness that is The Comedian), and all the gripes about Dr. Manhattan's "zombieness", I just didn't see. They did a great job with blueing him into belief. All in all, I give it 4 out of 5 Bloody Happy Face Buttons.

CMK on Mar 8, 2009


Brilliant film! 'nuff said, anybody who says different can jump off a bridge.

xerxerxex on Mar 8, 2009


to keep my "review" short and sweet. 8/10 as a stand up top-notch addition to the "action movie genre" 9.5/10 as a comic book adaptation. easily #1 amongst the films that are for the most part ture to the source material. it totally grabbed all the elements, scenes and dialog from the comic that could remotely work in a film and, as if painting them in a new color-brings them to LIFE! p.s. i am in total support of the ending! i loved the giant franken-squid in the comic but can't have seen the cgi and effects put to better use by *spoiler* scrapping the concept alltogether and pitting dr. manhattan against the world.

Nick S. on Mar 9, 2009


''And WTF was up w/ the sex scene!?!?!? Hallelujah song….and the fire button….LAME!!!!!!! I'm sure Alan Moore was pissed off as hell at this scene alone, I can see why he didn't wanna be on the credits.'' Yeah...He saw the movie...He was right there in editors room... Jesus...

m4st4 on Mar 9, 2009


#100 said it perfect. Ditto But for the fans of the story line, the director did indeed fail: The use of hard core violence and extended sex scenes where out of context with regards to the original material, and served the movie little purpose or added value in any meaningful sense. Other than that it was perfect. I like the Squid ending better as well but this one was fine. The thing about the squid though is not that it is a squid. It could have been any kind of creature or entity. It's the fact that it is alien, not of Earth, that is what will bring the world together. It's a threat so big that it forces the world to come together. I shows us how petty our own wars with each other are. I guess you could say that about Dr. Manhattan. He is now above all humans and therefore alien. It's just sad though that they make him a villain in a way.

Moviegimp on Mar 9, 2009


I wasn't able to read all of the 106 comments before my own. I'm sure some liked it and some didn't and I respect everyone of you. My favorite character when I read the comics was RORSCHACH. He didn't disappoint me in the movie. The movie had it's good points and it had it's bad points. However over all ; I liked it. The fight scenes both slow motion and fast were as good as any thing I have seen in any action film up to date. The actors was good. Some were better then others but they were good enough. The songs which have received some criticism; I thought were appropriate for the scenes. From beginning to end ; it was a good film. Most critics use four stars or letters. I would give it a 3.5 stars or an A-. I hope that all of you can agree on one thing. A financially successful film. The other costumed team movies depend on its financial success. I speak especially of the Avengers film and The Justice League film. Let's hope it's the highest grossing film this year. Thank-you for your patience.

Ivan Arcaya on Mar 9, 2009


I didn't read through all the comments so I apologize in advance if I'm rehashing somebody else's comment but as much as I love the graphic novel, give the movie a solid 8.5, and have high hopes that the directors cut will be even better, I feel compelled to add that the blue weiner to booby ratio for this movie was way out of wack. Normally I look for a blue weiner to booby ration of about .15 but I think that this move weighed in at about 8.0 which is appauling. Now that I think about it 300, as much as I realize this might not be a total apples to apples comparison, had a screwy Spartan Weiner to booby ration too. I'm begining to think there might be patter emerging in Zach Snyder's films

melvis316 on Mar 9, 2009


This was just a cheap attempt to rip off the Dark Knight which is the absolute best movie ever made. I cannot believe the nerve some people have trying to do this and pass it off likes it their own creation. If you value your hard earned money, do not go see this movie. Thats 2.5 hours of my life I can never get back.

Val Kilmer on Mar 9, 2009


I watched this movie today and couldn't wait for it to be over. I could not connect with any of the characters, and it just didn't make me feel like I should care if any of them died. The only one that made the movie watchable for me was Rorschach, I thought his story and the scenes where he was involved in were the best IMO. This movie was hyped up way too much for what it was... I wouldn't call it a waste of money but I won't go see it ever again to be honest.

Diego on Mar 9, 2009


The graphic novel was a million times better. A lot of the acting in the movie was terrible. The actors who played Mr. Manhattan and Silk Specter II were especially horrible. That isn't to say all of the acting was horrible: The actors who played Rorschach and the Comedian were fantastic, but they weren't good enough to salvage the film. What annoyed me most was the director's decision to make Adrian evil from the start. His character should have been developed more.

Alan Moore on Mar 10, 2009


''Use of hardcore sex-scenes''...Ha-ha-ha Ok...Need more time for this but, never mind: Thank you Zack for making this movie for us, true fans. Can't wait for that Directors Cut and Black Freighter/newswendor addition...

m4st4 on Mar 11, 2009


I LOVED it with my only complaint being the too over the top & too choreographed fights. It had people who don't know the book thinking the Watchmen (Other than Manhattan) had super powers and/or people who have read the book second guessing. That was my only major complaint which made me happy. I know some of the things that were changed were a bit of a drag to the book's faithful believers like myself but nothing really destroyed the overall message of the book, to me at least. I know some complain about some of the acting, but nothing was horrible and that still says something in this genre of "comic book movies", The Dark Knight can't erase the campy over the top nature the genre has accumulated over the years, right? Now where is that 5 hour Ultimate Uncut Director's Edition Blu-Ray!?!?!!??!

Johnny Neat on Mar 11, 2009


omg this movies was beyond great. i have never been so captivated by a film before. it flowed well and was engaging....for a non-reader, i was able to understand everything going on and enjoy the film. i wish i had more hands so i could give it four thumbs UP :))))

lalafrog2003 on Mar 12, 2009


First; this was not a cheap attempt to rip-off the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight remains; in my opinion; the best comic book movie ever done. The Watchmen will never equal the Dark Knight but it was entertaining. The most important reason for wanting The Watchmen to do well is to have other Comic book Team movies such as the Avengers and The Justice League come to the big screen.

Ivan Arcaya on Mar 13, 2009


Have had the book for many years. Good story even better that it wasn't all happy-ever-after wishy washy ending. I didn't become a mega-fan or build it up to godlike status, I just read the book a few times. Tried to get girlfriend to read it - she got bored half way, lacks focus on superhero genre. Now after the hype, seen the movie. Since then immersed further, read stuff, sites, learned more about the characters, a lot more about the fans, the obsessive, or just curious. Saw the movie this week. Quiet afternoon, maybe six or eight other people in small cinema. Took girlfriend, she liked movie better but got bored at times - but she gives excellent head and sense of decadence fitted atmosphere of movie. Loved the translation- RORSCHACH brilliant, sharp gritty narration, better than Sin City or Blade Runner. Most things true to graphic novel, background on main characters except Ozymandias. Good casting for most, Ozymandias too effete thin white duke, David Bowie clone, too 'pretty boy' and faggy in lilac suit. Comedian real nasty piece of work but evokes all the right dark moods and dehumanising chaos of real war. Amazing blue-rig cgi on Dr Manhattan and effective detached voice and abstracted 'alien' manner. Girlfriend initially fascinated by so much emphasis on blue dick, - a novel cinematic moment throwing years of prudery out the window. About time too. Women next I hope. Silk Spectre outfit nice, stockings, latex, fashions change.. a good update from baggy dress in book. Nite Owl a bit Batman but predictable given how that's influenced and actor was a great Clark Kent style mild mannered nerd, played it well. Love scenes too drawn out but included for today's audience (and girlfriend). Glad the (in my opinion) thoroughly boring pirate book within a book was missed out. Ending substitute was ok always thought squid was silly, but magnitude lacking, no bodies in NY ruination, not enough real horror at world destruction and death toll. Kissinger good likeness, Nixon brilliant ...hateful little weasel played well....creepy..USA brass military also..did we really trust those *ssh*les with our lives like that? Help! Hard to believe that Oxzymandias wimp could beat off two of his compatriots who had trashed or killed so many others with such ease. Great scenes on Mars, fabulous intro sequence deserves an Oscar, great cameos, Bowie, Jagger, Andy Warhol, etc... and JFK, almost Spitting Image at times...I loved the intro mood, imagine will spot more each viewing. Music accurate to book but some notable cringe worthy like 99 Balloons and Hallelujah.. but thought Dylan, Simon Garfunkel, Stones, Hendrix etc great and well placed evoking mood of the age. Valkryies theme in Nam was well comedic..and Stones also evoked so many war movies. Sat to end of credits and smiled at 'First we take Manhattan' by Leonard Cohen... superb timing and placement. Parallel universe of 80s was superbly realised. Loved Silhouette actress..very hot. Note to girlfriend to dress like that. All in all, very good, gimme Blu Ray now !! . Have now re-read book and want to go back watch again for the hell of it. Rorschach the best thing of the movie, superbly high impact, the lines got better and better from the page to screen. Very true overall to book sometimes panel for panel storyboard.

darkshark on Mar 14, 2009


Looks like I'm part of a small minority but I didn't even last an hour into this thing. Walked out and went to see Taken (which was excellent). I've never walked out of a movie before. Ever. It didn't grab me from the start and the music was just waaay overdone. The violence was incredibly over the top but I'm sure this is just following suit with the novel. I understand that some of you might say that I didn't get it b/c I didn't read the graphic novel but why should I have to? If someone is making a film, then I should be able to go see it without having to do any research! It just didn't entertain me. Yes, the special effects/graphics were excellent but overall a huge disappointment. And one last thing, I did not at all appreciate the Vietnam war scene with Dr. Manhattan which seemed to be a rip off from "Apocalypse Now." That was an absolute insult to one of the best scenes of all time!

Fanboy on Mar 17, 2009


Good points: -Relatively faithful to the story. Holding out hope for the director's cut for some of the scenes I sorely missed. - Wonderful hand-to-hand combat scenes, especially Silk Spectre and Night Owl fighting in the prison. - Jackie Earle Haley as Rorsharch = AMAZING - Soundtrack was amazing, though I happen to like all the songs so perhaps I'm biased. "Hallelujah" was just awesome during the sex scene, I laughed so hard! The music felt kind of weird at first, not in choice but more the editing and where the music stopped/started, but overall it was still enjoyable. - Ending was excusable and at least believable (as opposed to oh say, "Wanted" adding in a loom of fate, wtf?) I can understand why the squid wasn't used because then the little hints and foreshadowing you get about the disappearing scientists, artists, etc. would have had to been made blatantly obvious (in the news or front pages), kinda spoiling the idea. In the novel the disappearances are downplayed and subtle, (almost making you forget them entirely until they show up) giving you the impression that no one cares about the missing people. I can't think of a way in which the comic book ending could have been portrayed without screwing that up. They probably would have had to make the disappearances more a part of the main story which would have screwed things up. Plus, it's not like Dr. Manhattan was sticking around anyways so he makes an acceptable scape goat. It still conveys the idea that now mankind has to put aside their differences and work together to protect themselves from some greater threat that they don't fully understand. - On that note, Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan was a little off-putting at first, (I think it was because he was so soft spoken) but it didn't take long for me to warm up to him and enjoy his wonderful performance. - Comedian was everything I hoped for, and a bit more. - There should be a reward for best opening credits; Watchmen would win hands down. GREAT way to provide backstory, cater to the fans, and set the mood and tone of the world. - Silk Spectre with and without costume = very nice eyecandy (if nothing else) It's no doubt she's a beauty. - I dunno if it's just me but the sex scene was done well. It seemed more realistic than the normal sex scenes you see in movies. Wonderfully choreographed scene, even if Malin's bad acting was obvious in it. - Patrick Wilson conveyed Night Owl II's character very well. His portrayal of an awkward (early thirties?) nerdy and low-confidence Dan Drieberg and his ability to change into a confident sexy "superhero" once in costume was great. Toby Mcguire eat your heart out lol. - Call me weird but I was soooo happy to see Dr. Manhattan's blue penis. I would have felt cheated otherwise. Plus, what reason would he have had to wear clothing in the first place? - More of a personal thing but I WANT the hydrogen earrings that Dr. Manhattan gives to Janey. - Goregasm. And that's all I have to say on that subject. Bad points: -The worst point of all imho was Rorsharch's back story. He didn't kill the kidnapper/murderer, he handcuffed him to something stationary (can't recall at the moment and don't have the book with me) gave the guy a saw or cleaver, and lit the house on fire. Having Rorsharch kill the man completely changed who the character was supposed to be. To me there is no excuse for what Snyder did there and he should be bopped thoroughly on the head for that SERIOUS lack of judgement. I read somewhere that he did it because he thought that if he had gone the faithful route in that scene, people would say he's ripping off Saw. Really? Come on! Also I would have liked to see how Rorsharch came about and crafted his "face" - Like everyone else says, the ending seemed too clean. I wanted dead, mangled, mutilated bodies like in the comic, I wanted Laurie saying "These people... they were just out to get some noodles." (yea I know it's paraphrased) I wanted to see and feel the devastation and I didn't get it. - My most favorite quote by Dr. Manhattan wasn't said, and it would have been so easy to slip it in too. "You are a thermodynamic miracle. For you are life, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg; the clay in which the forces that shape all things leave their fingerprints most clearly." Maybe I'm being picky but I REALLY wanted to hear that! - Could have definitely gotten someone better to play Silk Spectre II, Malin just didn't pull off Laurie. And I terribly missed the smoking and the ball smoking apparatus. Plus it would have looked more like a harmless mistake when she pushed the fire button in Archie because she thought it was a cigarette lighter. In the movie it just made her look like an idiot. "ooooh a button with a flame on it... wonder what it does? hur hur..." -_- - Ozymandias was just wrong. Matthew Goode made him seem like a raving lunatic and a pussy, of which he is neither in the comic. He wasn't a believable "smartest man on Earth" as he was in the comic. And most of all, Adrian is really a good guy at heart, something that I felt was not conveyed in the movie. - While I love the fact that Bubastis was in the film, I was pissed that there was no explanation as to his existence, but perhaps the director's cut will show differently. - Was sad not to see Night Owl and Silk Spectre serving coffee to the tenants rescued from the burning building, but again... see director's cut. - Dr. Manhattan's symbol (Hydrogen) was never explained in the movie. In fact it looked more like he was starting a cult or taking a page out of Charlie Manson's book in body modification. Was it so hard to put in that scene where he was asked to wear that silly "atom" symbol but instead gave himself a symbol that he could respect? - There were also other scenes I wanted to see but weren't in the movie, (newspaper stand being one) I'll hold my tongue on those in hopes that the director's cut alleviates that sore spot. - I REALLY wanted to see Adrian's Antarctic paradise snowed over, I always thought that would be a beautiful cinematic scene. Sadly it wasn't there, and I don't believe the DC will have it. - Something I really missed was the juxtaposition of the dialogues and scenes in the comic. Like when one or two characters would be talking, and the action would switch between two scenes (for example, Dan and Laurie fighting the gang juxtaposed with Dr. Manhattan's interview) and the dialog pertained to both scenes. I always thought it was very clevar or Moore and showed how multilayered the comic really is. While the soundtrack kind of made up for this, (the songs sort of relayed what was going on) it wasn't enough. That's about all I can think of right now. Overall it's still a good movie. Most of the pickyness about the scenes and quotes comes from me not understanding why Zack Snyder felt the need to change or take them out. Most of them wouldn't have taken up too much time, and would have translated well to film so what reason was there to change it? Don't fix it if it's not broken.I can excuse some of the little things but I feel most of what I said was bad was unforgivable and just a bad judgment call on the director's part. I give it a 7/10, with a possible 8.5/10 once the director's cut comes out and frankly, I don't know anyone who could have done it better or been more true to the comic than Snyder. Good movie, Zack could have and should have been done better.

Faeorie on Mar 18, 2009


Well, I think Zack has doing a great job on making the greatest graphic novel "Watchmen" to the big screen. Eventhough I haven't read the graphic novel yet...( unfortunately Watchmen novel didn't sold here.. quick angry ) but.. It have watch a couple page at Amazon and watch Behind The Scene, where they show the graphic novel and the movie, I thought a was brilliant beautiful. The CG, image and mask from Watchmen movies was amazing awesome. Wish I can own one. The movies itself, have given us a new dawn of Superheroes, not as great The Dark Knight (my favourite movies 2008) but it didn't give us the joy of watching superheroes movies and just... just hope that Superheroes lives among us. My favourite character from graphic novel & movies, it going to The Comedian. I know he a jerk, but he kind of Captain America in a bad way, but he great. I think Jeffery Deab Morgan didn't a great job on it. One other thing, RORSCHACH mask was brilliant amazing. Trust me, watchmen is worth watching. Can't wait when Watchmen dvd released! 9.5/10 Best Regards, Iszaham

Iszaham on Mar 20, 2009


Boring. Too much style, not enough substance. CGI and fighting choreography were great, but the rest was just a fight to stay awake until stuff start to happen. Oh, Rorschach was great doing the batman voice.

Tom on Mar 21, 2009


Watchmen has moments of brilliance, but succumbs to mediocrity too often and this becomes frustrating for the audience. It entangles the viewers with strong characters but fails to deliver a strong conclusion. The movie is nearly 3 hours long but it did not have 3 hours worth of material. It could have, but Snyder decided it was more important to spend nearly a minute zooming out from a tombstone. In the end, I think Alan Moore was right. A graphic novel by its very nature is able to do things which can not be translated onto the big screen, or they can if you want unintended comedic or implausible moments. On paper, Watchmen is brilliant, on film, it’s just another comic book movie.

BookWorm on Mar 21, 2009


Loved the film and gotta say it was just brilliant. It was very faithful to the graphic novel and although there was a few changes, they all made sense and fitted into the story perfectly. Zack Snyder did a fantastic job and the acting from so-called lesser names was all good, especially Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach and Jeffrey Dean Morgan turned in a career-making role as The Comedian. Everybody else was cool, Billy Crudup and Patrick Wilson did great turns too. Earle Haley should have a good chance of at least getting a best supporting actor Oscar nom at very least, his gravelly voiceover was very Bale Batmanesque but very good. The film was like it had jumped straight off the page - it was that good. Definitely in the top 5 comic-book movies of all time and a real contender for the best vying with The Dark Knight. Superb entertainment! Job well done!

Braveheart on Mar 21, 2009



WALTER KOVACS on Mar 23, 2009


Visually catching, though i have not read the novel (it was still "all-the same" striking!) i truthfully didnt know what was going on.....but however this is a movie for people who enjoy to see the plain "Artistry" of a film, it to my opinon "Had no real order to it" [it was everywhere] but i would only advise true "movie-goers and film-lovers" to go see the picture.

artistofblack on Mar 23, 2009


I also loved this movie. I read a lot of reviews that said it spent too much time revering the source work. I have a feeling these people have never read Watchmen because at no point does it go beyond the experience to wink or point at the graphic novel. This is one of those rare films that takes a lot of risks that almost all pay off. Entertaining to no end, sublime at some moments, and I dare say inspiring, too.

Robert Ring on Mar 24, 2009


Luckily, Zack Snyder started his on production company called Cruel and Unusual Films. Now we don't have to worry so much a/b the critics or his ideas getting picked up. If you liked the Watchmen movie, then look forward to: Sucker Punch, Heavy Metal and Cobalt 60. Rock out Snyder!

WALTER KOVACS on Mar 24, 2009


"...and the fire button….LAME!!!!!!! I'm sure Alan Moore was pissed off as hell at this scene alone, I can see why he didn't wanna be on the credits." 1 Guess you haven't read the book then - huh ?

eugenius on Mar 25, 2009


Like I said, negative comments a/b this film generally come from ppl who dont know what they are talking a/b.

WALTER KOVACS on Mar 26, 2009


I thought it was "pretty" but fairly self indulgent. I am abig fan of the comics, but for some reason the movie made me go MEH. Not 100 sure why...........

Tank on Mar 27, 2009


for a comic that was said to not be transferable to the movie genre, i thought it was excellent. i thought that it touched on all the characters to allow someone who has not read the comics to get a feel for the characters and allowed some attachment to your favorites ( still love the comedian). i thought they captured the distance in dr M, the estrangement with silk spectre, and everyones new favorite psychopath was played to perfection as you could really feel for rorschach's struggles with himself and humanity. is it the best movie ever made? no. is it the best adaptation of a comic ever made? i think so.

flipdwun on Mar 31, 2009


Flipdwun, i respect your Gangsta...haha

WALTER KOVACS on Apr 1, 2009


Garbage...over-hyped garbage!! Forget the stimulus, I'b be happy just getting my time and $10 back to use for a better movie!! I hope all 15 people who wanted to see this movie are they can all shut up and take the beating that they and this movie deserve...There's a reason tht it's own creator didn't want to be associated with this trainwreck!!

Mike on Apr 1, 2009


I know why I didn't really like it now..........because it was boring. Pretty but boring. Even the Comic was more action packed.

Tank on Apr 1, 2009


Like hell the comic was more 'action packed' !!!!

eugenius on Apr 1, 2009


Ummm are we gonna get down to argueing with me over what was obviously an exageration to make a point? Thought that was obvious......

Tank on Apr 1, 2009

136 people who don't already know about WATCHMEN. OH YEH (WHAT IF THEY MADE A SEQUEL) [THE WORLD WOULD END] HAHAHAHAHA!!!! NO.....SERIOUSLY! 🙂

artistofblack on Apr 2, 2009


I love the big blue dick flopping around...kept me entrenched in the amazing story. The only thing that could have topped the big blue dick would have been a giant squid or a flying, bearded clam. Wow! What a story!

NoCritic on Apr 4, 2009


Sure Walter Kovacs, we hate the movie and want to see Wolverine because we love boys. Could it be we want to see a movie that actually has action, suspense and a real plot?? Super heroes doing super duper things, instead of flying around in a truly gay Owl mobile. You're raving about a movie with a giant blue dick...nice try fruitcake. You were salivating for the blue monster!

NoCritic on Apr 4, 2009


hahahaha, when i said "boy lovers" i was just quoting 300, another great movie by Zack real harm intended. but back to the point. People went to see this movie b/c they thought it was an action movie, but thats not what the Watchmen is. Now Wolverine will have a lot more action in it, but it is screwing up a two major Marvel characters. Deadpool is going to get retractable blades, teleportation, and optic nerve blast like Cyclops. And it shows Gambit using telekinesis when he really has the power over kinetic energy. Both of these characters are way off. So yea you will see a lot of stuff go boom and deadpool will become the most powerful weapon x character of all time at the expense of a truly dense and correct adaptation of the source material. True comic book fans want to see these films done right.

WALTER KOVACS on Apr 4, 2009


I sat thru Watchmen, and even though it was entertaining, I believe that it was OVER-acted, OVER-long, OVER-hyped, and OVER-rated. Special effects and full frontal male nudity cannot compensate for a ridiculous soundtrack, poor cinematography, mediocre acting and needless gore that cannot conceal the fact that Watchmen FAILS to live up to the expectations created by the graphic novel on which it is based. Just to be certain, I watched The Dark Knight the following evening, which is a MUCH BETTER FILM, one that steered clear of all of the shortcomings that Watchmen seemingly could not avoid. Perhaps this is one graphic novel that should have avoided the big screen. I wonder if the "graphic novel movie" genre has become overwrought just like "reality TV shows" have.......

Sidman on Apr 5, 2009


The guy has no imagination as a director ... he just photocopies comic books onto 8mm film. Maybe he'd make a great cinematographer, but someone else needs to write and direct these things.

Nooooo on Apr 7, 2009


Sucked! Waste of time & money forgettable except for the scenes with the hot superhero babe!

PM on Apr 8, 2009


I know my opinion of the movie can't be compared to one who is an actually fan of the novel. but I thought it was a beautiful disturbing movie. fav part was when Dr. Manhattan just teleports to a different planet haha awesome shit tripped me out.

if you run on Apr 9, 2009


I don't understand how half of you guys can even think this was a good movie especially to the name it had to live up to. Keep in mind Watchmen is considered one of the GREATEST NOVELs of all time. As in this book is set alongside the likes of "a Clockwork Orange", "the Great Gatsby", "Animal Farm", "Invisible Man", to name a few. This movie could have easily been a better film if the director chose to have as little action as "Schindler's List" or "The Green Mile"( It would have cost a lot less too). The fact that the movie had so much gratuitous violence, action, and sex seems to only indicate what the filmmakers degraded the original story to simply because its a comic book. Zach Snyder was the wrong director for this story to begin with. He made it look pretty, and made the scenes shocking, and I'll admit, he made it entertaining. However, after the story was told, the essence of Alan Moore's original genius was not captured. Perhaps what I'm trying to say is that they made a mistake in creating this movie as a Zach Snyder action movie, when it really deserved to have been a Spielberg style insightful drama.

Az on Apr 10, 2009

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