Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are Headed to IMAX

July 22, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

At a presentation about the "Future of IMAX" today in San Diego, IMAX announced that a few upcoming movies would be hitting their theaters later this year. In addition to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which will show in IMAX 3D, they announced that Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are would be arriving in IMAX on October 16th. Both ComingSoon and CinemaBlend confirmed the news, as I wasn't able to make the presentation since it was roughly 30 minutes away from Comic-Con. IMAX has a long-standing relationship with Warner Brothers from the Harry Potter movies and will be up-converting this movie.

Normally I'd be supportive of seeing more movies in IMAX, but I think at this point, they're taking this too far. I felt the same way with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I didn't care to see it in IMAX. Even though it had a few scenes in 3D, it really didn't matter to me, and especially with something like Where the Wild Things Are, which was created for regular 35mm projection anyway, I don't care about seeing it in IMAX. Sure, it could be pretty cool in a huge theater, but with all the controversy related to screensize and other big IMAX issues, converting more movies like this won't make a difference. What do you think?

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3D is becoming over used. or much like the betamax of this day and age. Yeah some movies should be in Imax like Transformers 2 or maybe where the wild things are... how about just making them be movies peoiple will actually be willing to see say like a re release of Starwars Episode IV a new hope. Or District 9 hell even Tron 2 would be cool in Imax. It just seems to me that it's becoming more of a novelity than a platform for good movies.

yaten24 on Jul 22, 2009


Imax should be reserved for films envisioned for or shot in the format. Releasing every last goddamn movie in Imax is ridiculous. Before you know it, we'll have "The Hangover 2" in Imax.

Jonathan on Jul 22, 2009


the whole movie in IMAX or stupid 10 minutes like Potter? the extra money for the IMAX 3D was a waste 😐

Zap on Jul 22, 2009


Nah. i completely dissagree with everyone apparently. i want to see it there, and i like 3-d, i don't understand the argument. i want things to advance, not fester.

Jimbone on Jul 23, 2009


Absolutely I want to see this in IMAX! (It helps that I have a legit IMAX theater nearby) Plus anything that could help this film become a big success is welcome. Besides, it's either this or Harry Potter for another 3 weeks... and by that point it will have been in IMAX for over 2 months.

Andrew on Jul 23, 2009


3D is okay I guess but paying extra money for it just isn't worth to me. Yeah Transformers was good in Imax but doing Where The Wild Things Are I Think is just too much. In Oregon there's a science museum that has a Imax screen but it's much bigger than a normal Imax screen. You actually have to turn your head a lot to look at things when they move across the screen (some of it is practically on the ceiling!). You usually have to lay your head back too. I saw Harry Potter 3 and 4 there but now they just show "educational" stuff there. 🙁 Anyway I wish there were more theatres like that, that would truly be worth the money...

Caitie on Jul 23, 2009


I dont understand why people would complain about IMAX. I love anything in IMAX. The sound, visuals and experience is just taken to the next level regardless of if it was filmed for IMAX or not. Ive never seen a movie in IMAX and during the credits said "Wow... I wish I didnt see that movie in IMAX."

NickPapa on Jul 23, 2009


it's fun to do drugs and then watch movies in 3D. usually the theater gives you options... they have it in 3D or regular. and if your theater doesn't, then wait til it comes out and watch it in 2D on your home television. and shutup, please and thank you.

stanley on Sep 23, 2009

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