Star Trek Invades WonderCon and Kicks My Ass Bad!

February 28, 2009

Star Trek

It's truly rare that I'm so blown away by a movie that I'm left breathless. It happens once or twice a year, like with The Dark Knight last year and Watchmen this year (so far). But today, watching the new trailer for J.J. Abams' Star Trek, shown for the first time exclusively at WonderCon in San Francisco, I was truly blown away. Before I get any further, everyone will be able to see this trailer in front of Watchmen next weekend, and online the following Monday, so don't worry, it won't be that long of wait. But wow, just wow, although I love both Transformers and Terminator, Star Trek is easily my most anticipated movie of the summer.

I'm not going to speak extensively about what was shown in the trailer, because most of you will get to see it in its entirety in under a week anyway, but the music seemed like it was from the score for Batman Begins (although I doubt it was the same) and it was phenomenal - that was what really put me over the edge. There is no better word that I can use to describe the trailer than: breathtaking. Sure, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was definitely mine, and my heart raced as I watched it continue to build up over two minutes. This is a trailer you do not want to miss, even if you have to go to theaters to see it.

During the Q&A session, which was lead by J.J. Abrams, he addressed the recent concerns brought up by the Trek community when he told press that this was not being made for fans of Star Trek, but fans of movies. "If we were just to make the movie for fans, then we would be limiting the audience enormously," Abrams said. "The fans of Star Trek have allowed us to make this movie at all. I can assure you we're making this for you, and that goes without saying." Writer Roberto Orci added: "If you're a fan, your knowledge of Star Trek is going to be rewarded. And if not, you're going to learn why we were all inspired by it."

If you're not convinced yet, then just talk to the cast, they're more than happy to share their enthusiasm for what Abrams has done. Zachary Quinto gave a great answer when asked about what it's been like to get into the Star Trek world. "There's a optimism that lives in the heart of this film and this franchise," Quinto said, and he can't wait to share that with the world. Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, answered a question about comparing himself to William Shatner. "Mr. Shatner's incredibly funny," Pine joked. But "it's that twinkle in his eye" that he couldn't recreate, but instead decided to try and make his own.

Back in August last year, Kevin Smith cryptically wrote about how amazing the film was, because he had seen a very early cut of it and was anxious to talk about it. Abrams was asked about Smith and said that he invited him because he appreciates his opinion and because Kevin's brutally honest and he wanted his feedback, just like most filmmakers do. Abrams also answered a question about writing good stories, saying, "my favorite movies are movies that combine characters that are relatable, that are complex, that are broken in a way, and you believe them and are [they're] real, then they are thrown into crazy situations."

If this isn't the perfect tease for Star Trek, then I'm not sure what else I can say or J.J. Abrams can say or any of the cast can say to get you excited. Be sure you see the trailer in front of Watchmen next weekend, and if I can make this suggestion, go into it optimistic, let yourself be entertained, because that's what this is all about. This movie is set to blow us out of the water in so many ways. I'm confident that not only did writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci put together a script that reignited the Trek universe, but Abrams brought it to life in a way only true visionaries can. Bring on Star Trek, Abrams, cause I'm ready!

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Yes, but can something ever really kick your ass good?

Mr. BabyMan on Feb 28, 2009


I really have no problem with this save Chris Pine. Heck, they should have topped it off with Hayden since they wanted to ruin the movie with some blond pretty boy idiot.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 28, 2009


Sometimes Alex's fanboyishness just makes me crack up. Through Sundance and the Oscars, I started to actually think that Alex might be a real movie person--and then I read gushing geekery like this and I just can't help but laugh.

Kevin on Feb 28, 2009


im in

darrin on Feb 28, 2009


Two words... Simon Pegg. That's enough for me to but a ticket right there. Quite frankly, I'm glad there are a number of movies on the horizon that look good. They will distract me until I can see this one.. Thanks, Alex!

The Clapper on Feb 28, 2009


From your almost orgasmic description, in the article title you should substitute 'kicks' for 'fucks'.

avoidz on Feb 28, 2009


I have seen enough to know this will be great. I refuse to watch any more trailers. They give way too much away. I want to be surprised. I really like what Michael Bay has done with the Transformers Teaser.

Jamie on Feb 28, 2009


more reason for us to go hit the theaters this friday! one question though... jj abrams is commonly known for his "magic box" and mystery thrillers... and not exactly showing that's inside the 'magic box'... i wonder if this movie will leave us hanging... and leaving questions unanswered? what do u guys think? either way, still super excited for this movie... definitely on the top of my list

Andy on Feb 28, 2009


#3 - Why? What's so bad about this? I'm a fanboy and I don't hide that. In fact, I love it, but I'm not sure why being a fanboy disqualifies me from running this site or being a part of it? This site started as a site about fans and it's still a site about fans.

Alex Billington on Mar 1, 2009


"You wouldn't think the dialog could get more awful than the last one's "Buckle Up!" line," Considering some of the bad dialog we've seen in Star Trek past, this shouldn't bother you, especially if you are letting this influence your decision to watch the film. It is fine.

TommyHawk on Mar 1, 2009


Alex I can see your "blown away" posts here every week.

Shige on Mar 1, 2009


I have always liked Star Trek of any kind and have never worried much about bad language. Because I may be taking some younger children, I'd like to know how bad the language is. Any "f" words? How about gore and violence?

ethyd on Mar 1, 2009


This movie looks friggin awesome. Can't wait for this new trailer. Has everyone seen the sweepstakes and contests out right now for it? There are lots. I entered the one by Lenovo cuz my buddy works there and they are givn away group premiere tix and a zero gravity trip. Btw. How long will the movie be? Hopefully at least 2.5 hrs or more. Do we know who did the music for the trailer? And where I can download it?

skip on Mar 1, 2009


I like that thinking the score was from Batman Begins is what put you over.

Fuelbot on Mar 1, 2009


I had no interest in the TV show before, but this movie is kinda getting me pumped. Also, is it playing in IMAX? I heard there will be a special one week engagement in IMAX, but can't remember where I read it and can not find it anywhere else.

Ryan on Mar 1, 2009


Wow... an overblown, over-actioned, over cgi'ed "prequel" to a beloved space drama and people actually think it is going to be good. amazing. Space base jump will be this year's Pod racing. Mark my words. I am just waiting to see Jar-Jar.

Stevo on Mar 1, 2009


Thank you Alex!

Tim 'Cloverfield" on Mar 2, 2009


Watch out Feo! It's the next big thing!

feohatestheworld on Mar 2, 2009


so it'll be pretty and full of action... but will it make me think? Star Trek has always succeed at being a science fiction ride, not a 'sci-fi' action movie. this two things are different, and I'm starting to wonder if JJ Abrams knows which one Star Trek is, and which one Star Wars is. he maybe confused.

dave13 on Mar 2, 2009


@ #9: Nice to see another fan of the Ted talks...Abrams on his "magic box" concept was quite inspirational and very informative (but it pisses me off weekly when I watch Lost). Still keeps me coming back for more though, and since Orci and Kurtzmann are somewhat of apprentices of Abrams (they worked with him on Fringe) I'm sure they'll continue to use the "magic box" to entice audiences as well.

peloquin on Mar 2, 2009

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