Star Trek Writers Kurtzman and Orci on Ideas for the Sequel

June 17, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire

Star Trek

It's almost too early to already be looking forward to the next Star Trek sequel, but that's how Hollywood works. Especially since screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have to turn in a finished script by the end of the year. Back in May, right after Trek hit theaters, we posted an update looking at some story ideas for a sequel - potentially involving the villain Khan or even William Shatner in some way. However, Orci insists that at this point they don't have a story or even a premise for the sequel. But at least they know where to start. SciFi Wire talked with the writers recently about how they're planning to tackle the sequel.

"I think the major lesson we learned is that fans were willing to accept differences and surprises, provided that they were somehow echoes or inspired by canon," Orci said in an exclusive interview earlier this month. He added: "We still have to be true to Star Trek the next time around, but we've also been blessed with being able to be unpredictable. And that doesn't mean we can just be shocking for no good reason and just throw everything away… It still has to echo everything that Star Trek has been."

When asked whether they would be writing another new story from the scratch this time or taking bits and pieces from a story first introduced in the TV series (or movies), Orci explained, "Well, that is the debate, literally. And that is going to be one of the first conversations that we have. But that's exactly the question." They're dead on with the idea that they can bring in in new elements to the Trek world, especially since they've established such a beloved new version of the original USS Enterprise crew. I'm excited to see where they'll take us next and I'm all for exploring new worlds and new characters that we haven't seen before.

So knowing that, where would you like to see them go with Star Trek 2? Should they write a new story from scratch again or should they bring back Khan or Shatner or other classic characters? What do you think?

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not even a word just a letter and that letter is Q. i think this new/old crew should run into Q that would be badass

Tim on Jun 17, 2009


Creepy... A) only one person posted... B) we have the same name... Q) we both agree on

Tim (another one) on Jun 17, 2009


Something comepletely different please. A breath of fresh air would be welcomed. And no Khan. Hollywood and is churning out one puked and recycled idea after another at the moment. Don't do it!

Craig on Jun 17, 2009



m4st4 on Jun 17, 2009


I agree: no Khan. First, you'd have to introduce the character in a "Space Seed" kind of story arc, which plays well for an hour TV show but perhaps not so well on the big screen unless it's a subplot. Second, we'd then have to wait a number of years in order to get to the whole Khan seeks revenge on Kirk bit. As for Q: again, it works well on the TV series because of the randomness in Q's appearance and whatever goal Q is trying to reach/manipulate. It might work on the big screen. I think Kurtzman and Orci know what needs to be done for this newer version of Star Trek, based on how they answered the question, and we have seen what they are capable of doing, so why not relax, let them do their work, and support their efforts as much as we can.

Fritz Blaze on Jun 17, 2009


always go new, i dont want to see Star Trek II remade.

Jmoney on Jun 17, 2009


They could bring in the best star trek character ever.... Sibok, Spock's half brother! Have Kirk throw the sick logic on him! Why does a God need a ship!?

9mm on Jun 17, 2009


Section 31 and the Dominion!

Plays with Squirrels on Jun 17, 2009


"What do you think?" Less lens flare.

Chris on Jun 17, 2009


yes much less lens flare please but thats abrams not the writers.

cat on Jun 17, 2009


What about those small blob like things that cling to the ceiling and drop on the unexpected enterprise crew? I forgot the name of them but it would be sweet to see those things make an appearance

Dan W on Jun 17, 2009


no shatner, and how about a brand new villain? and maybe throw in some subplots that might not play out until the following movie or movies?

harrison on Jun 17, 2009


One word: Tribbles! The fresh new story idea from Star Trek with the time traveling villain noone had ever heard of was great. And they need to keep that going for part 2. But they need to toss in the Tribbles. It's the epitome of bad b-movie camp from the original show. They definitely should not be in any way a main part of the story, but having a nod at the tribbles would connect with the original show and provide exactly the kind of tongue in cheek humor the first one had.

Juan on Jun 17, 2009


What about some good old fashioned Klingon bashing at least as a side piece?? could always try and offer an interesting reason on how the klingons changed from the original series to their later incarnation??...actually I dont know about that. species 9741?? there fairly deadly if not really far away.......

Aidan on Jun 17, 2009


@14 - They referred briefly to clashes with the Klingons in the first film so probably a safe bet we'll see them turn up in some capacity. Wesley Crusher as villain, please. 😉

Digital Metaphor on Jun 17, 2009


No Khan, because while I have faith that these guys could make it work, it has already been done. These writers are very creative people, and I know they could come up with something new.

Jonathan on Jun 17, 2009


I think the villain needs to be Spock Prime, who's going out with a vengeance to right all the things that got screwed up the first time around. V'GER? Exploded Botany Bay? Exploded Planet with a funky stone portal? Exploded Space Hippies? Exploded Whale probe? Exploded Vigilante Spock Prime FTW!!

Clay on Jun 17, 2009


Aidan they explained that in the tv show Star Trek: Enterprise and i think it's Species 8472. no i'm not a trekkie/er

Jmoney on Jun 17, 2009


I don't think mainstream audiences would like/understand the Q. to me it seems like another jargon type word for an alien. Maybe go with the Romulans or the Klingons, because mainstreamers even know them at least in principle.

Rorschach90 on Jun 17, 2009


Ha! cheers Jmoney!! haven't a notion were i pulled those random numbers from!

Aidan on Jun 17, 2009


I definatley think the Kilingons have to be in the next one.Bigger badasses then before. More Ork-like then Turtle head. Maybe in this universe they got hold of a Doomsday machine and are picking off planets one by one . The conflict is that Kirks mom is stationed on one of the planets in the path of the Klingon machine. The other conflict is that the planetary destruction is destablizing the galaxy. Leading to its eventual colapse.All planets, Earth and the Klingon world, will be crushed together. Now the Federation,Kirk and Spock have to team up with the Klingons to try and stop the runaway doomsday machine.

max on Jun 17, 2009


I say new villian. No Shatner.

xerxex on Jun 17, 2009


i think the wise thing to do would be to do without any time-travel plot device (don't want to over do it do we?). and yeah, it seems to me that the Klingons would be the adversary to face - they're so classic...I'm sure the writers can bring something fresh and new to them. (hell, anything can be better than Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon...menacing? not in the slightest!).

matthew on Jun 17, 2009


Four words...Q+Khan+Klingons+Borgs....nuff said!

Lazarus on Jun 17, 2009


Let's just see the new J.J. Star Trek crew dish it out!!!

Lazarus on Jun 17, 2009


I like the Sibok idea. While he appeared in the Undiscovered Country, very little is known about him. As for Shatner, while I would have liked to have seen him in the first movie, having him appear in the next one would be a dangerous move, same with Kha. Then it becomes a series reliant on the old stars and characters. No Shatner or Khan or any other old villain for that matter, that's been done, no need to go back. Time to move on and keep it fresh.

Cap Nord on Jun 17, 2009


Q!!!!!!!!!! He's such a smartass

Super Kyle on Jun 17, 2009


No. No no no. NO Kahn. Been there. Done that. How about the alternate universe Evil Empire from Mirror Mirror, but the ships can breach the barrier.

colin on Jun 17, 2009


doesn't matter to me... just drop J.J. cause that guy doesn't really know how to direct

DoomCanoe on Jun 17, 2009


Everything has changed, reality has changed, but some things are outside that ( Guinan in Yesterdays Enterprise ). I'd like to see some recognized faces try and right the wrong done to the time stream but have the new enterprise crew battle to remain as they now are. Guinan, Wanderer, Q perhaps manipulating an OTS race to "correct things".

Dr.Duvel on Jun 17, 2009


Here are some great suggestions from Trek fans

kiss of x on Jun 17, 2009


Echo? What echo? Here is the biggest problem with this stupid movie. Alright, Abrams changed the time line, fine. I can deal with that, but how the heck does Kirk's dad dying make Spock younger, make Scotty end up on some middle of no where planet, and all the other plot holes? These are not small, it's simple BS that they figured would go over people's heads. Also...I loved Pine, great performance and character, but, he GAVE UP THE CODES!!! Who cares? We'll make him an admiral and we'll not only promote the guy to captain that sneaked onto a ship, verbally assaulted the new captain (Spock), cheated on the test, but we'll GIVE HIM THE FLAGSHIP IMMEDIATELY!?! Obviously Star Trek is not Star Trek without the Enterprise but in all reality, Kirk would have been captain of something else first and worked his way up after more insane heroics. That's like someone getting elected president without any experience in politics but ran only because they're old enough and this isn't a democracy but instead the other leaders said, yeah sure.

w00t!!! on Jun 17, 2009


I'm definitely in favor of a new villan, Although I do like most of the old ones. I just think it is some time for some fresh blood.

speed cleaning on Jun 17, 2009


I'd like to see an "alternate timeline" treatment of either "City on the Edge of Forever," "Let This be Your Last Battlefield," "Whom Gods Destroy," or "Plato's Stepchildren." I mean, since "Amok Time" is so obviously out... 🙂 Seriously...I hope they go in an entirely new direction... Leave the old stuff behind and don't rehash any of it. We only got to see three years of the original five-year pick something from one of the other two years and give it the five-star treatment. I just hope they bring back all of the new "original" cast... Jakenstein

Jakenstein on Jun 17, 2009


SPOILER - The Emperor Has No Clothes Why bother? This was just a soulless, contrived, wack reboot of Nemesis. No Enterprise development. Pine? They could have cast anyone as Kirk. Only Urban's McCoy made it worthwhile.

Wesley on Jun 18, 2009


Giant single cell organism thingy!!! And dont even change the old effects! XD Or that alternate dimension where the crew are eviiiiiiiiil! Love the Q idea that'd be gnarley.. But since things can go anywhere.... BORG!

Ken on Jun 18, 2009


I love Q! However, I would be anxious to see how Q does with Kirk...they tried bringing Q into Voyager and DS9, and he just didn't fit with Janeway and Sisco the way he did with Picard. Q might need the character of Picard to fully work!

Cat on Jun 18, 2009


So, I didn't read any of the other comments, so forgive me, but this is how I stand. No Khan. We need an original story line, not just a re-make of The Wrath of Khan. Khan is a great character, and I loved the movie, but lets leave it at that. I want a new voyage, with elements of the old series. meaning I dont want the series to just be made in movie form, I want them to go to a different planet we havent seen, but bring in elements from the series (even direct quotes, such as "are you out of your vulcan mind" in the most recent movie). As for William Shatner, I would love to have Kirk Prime in the next movie, problem is, what happened in the movie Star Trek Generations. So therefore, he could not come from Spock Prime's time... and another black hole time travelling thing would just be weird and VERY unlikely.

Samantha on Jun 18, 2009


No Khan... We need original ideas for the series! I don't know why but I would love to see William Shatner in this one... Just for nostalgia purposes...

Danjer047 on Jun 18, 2009


Has anyone else mentioned that Kahn shouldn't be in the movie.

Anthony on Jun 18, 2009


I say Borg. Bring back original Kirk as well. For the second sentence, I had been wondering about the Kobali of Voyager for a while and finally came up with this: Kirk + Kobali. Get a rogue Q on the Enterprise, throw in the Borg, mix in Kirk and the Kobali, and Voyager...five-star recipe.

Penelope on Jun 28, 2009


I've watched every episode of every Star Trek series ever made and now, TV isn't the same without Star Trek. I would love to see the next movie launch a new series. With the time line now changed, the story possibilities are endless. Put Damon and Carlton in charge with backing from J.J. and you have a recipe for a great TV series.

Tony on Sep 17, 2009

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