Stephen Chow is Entirely Out of Seth Rogen's Green Hornet

July 14, 2009
Source: SpoilerTV

Stephen Chow - Green Hornet

Wait, when did this happen? Sometime last week, a sketchy article hit SpoilerTV that contained, simply, a copy/pasted line from a casting call for the role of Kato in Green Hornet. There was no information - just a description of the character. But the last we knew, Stephen Chow had been cast in that role. Seth Rogen had been dying to get him, as he'd be the perfect Kato, and for a while he even had him attached to direct the movie. Apparently following his decision to drop out as director, it took too long for it to find its legs again, as Chow has moved on to a new movie (or so CHUD says) and due to scheduling can't star anymore.

So maybe this isn't all that shocking. Last December, after the news that he was no longer directing had hit, Chow had said that his involvement was now dependent on his own schedule. "Let's hope it works out," I said, because if not, "this project might be ruined!" I don't think it'll be ruined without him, especially with Michel Gondry directing, but this is another setback that is probably chipping away at their optimism. Just a year ago, it seemed like Rogen had worked out everything perfectly, with Chow to direct and co-star. But now, I'm not sure. Sony still wants this out by July 9th, 2010, so they better find a replacement soon!

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mental! whats sulu doing right now -perfect in armed combat

muggins on Jul 14, 2009


well figures this would happen. Guaranteed people are going to prasie this in hopes Rogen will give up. Hopefully I'm wrong about that. I hope Rogan can find a good replacement for Kato I woud love to see Jason Scott Lee in it but thats doubtful, but perhaps the hope is still there I mean in Balls of Fury he still looked fit. Besides that I just want to see this happen! Looks like it could be a great movie.

xerxex on Jul 14, 2009


Stephen Chow with Hollywood movies aint going well with him first of that epic fail of a movie Dragonball Evolution. Stephen Chow was ment to be the producer for that movie but the studio bosses did not want to listen to his ideas so thats why he did not help promote that movie in asian and now Green Hornet. well at least hopfully he can do Kung Fu Hustle 2

mace on Jul 14, 2009


Rogen just needs to give up on this project. I'm sure it sounds good on paper, but that's just on paper

DoomCanoe on Jul 14, 2009


Tony Jaa would be awesome. still unsure of Rogen as the Green Hornet but at least Jaa will supply some badass action sequences for the project.

CL on Jul 14, 2009


Well well, see now dats wat hollywood gets for gettin asian ppl to make their films stand out and make the asian char look so dull among american chars. I say, good call Mr. Chow! Stick with ur asian roots, no point coming to US.

Fearl3ss on Jul 14, 2009


Isn't this hold news? I thought he dropped out awhile ago since this was his idea, then Rogen took it, but he was still directing, and then that changed so after that...why bother? Oh well, good news. Now maybe this piece of trash won't come out and Rogen can go back to his fat slobby self that he loves so much.

He tries so hard... on Jul 14, 2009


Go John Cho. Sure he isn't as good as Stephen Chow... but he would still be a great late replacement.

Ben on Jul 14, 2009


I'd imagine it happened around the time they cast Jackie Chan.

TheManWithNoName on Jul 15, 2009


oops didn't finish. ...cast Jackie Chan for Mr. Miayagi. It was a hurtful blow to the great career of Stephen Chow. He just couldn't take it anymore. 😛

TheManWithNoName on Jul 15, 2009


YES! YES! YES! (even this is old news) YES! YES! YES! YES! Take that Rogen! Somethings are sacred and even the great Mr. CHow can see your your obvious lack of talent. YES!

CLover on Jul 15, 2009


Good for you Chow! It's obvious once he left the directors chair, that his take on KATO was not well received by the hack that is Rogen! Please Sony! Wake up! Drop the funding NOW!!!!!!!!

CHOWCHOW on Jul 15, 2009


Jason Scott Lee has already played Kato fantastically!

zubzwank on Jul 15, 2009


just cast a white guy to play Kato thats what Hollywood like to do cause some how every role that ment to be played by a asian person always end up playing by a white guy thats the rules by hollywood standard

youngblaze on Jul 15, 2009


FINALLY! I agree, Rogen should be banned from this project and Sony needs to pull the plug!

sector9 on Jul 15, 2009


There is a God after all!

Nut-Meg on Jul 15, 2009


The next thing that will happen is they will change the release date. July 9, 2010 is not possible if they didn't start shooting this month or next.

SS on Jul 15, 2009


You know I hate Rogan I mean judging by these comments this must be the antichrist, or worse a raptist, I mean everybody must know this guy on a personnel level to be able to judge him so well!

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2009


No XERXEX, just the perception of his past work should convince you just how awful he is. Unless your like 12 years old. Taking on the Hornet is just blasphmey.

Hornetfan on Jul 16, 2009


Granted I loved Green Hornet, as much as you Hornetfan I just remember Freaks and Geeks, and how much I loved that. So I'm just saying wait for some pics, and a Trailer then judge. Chow can be easily replaced. There are plenty of asian actors out there to choose from. I'm just saying don't judge the project just yet, it might be good. And if I'm wrong then I'll let everybody know, but I will always like Rogan no matter what...unless he goes on a muderous rampage.

Xerxex on Jul 16, 2009


But X....Rogen does murder....the craft of acting....the craft of comedy.....the craft of film making. He must be stopped!

Clover on Jul 17, 2009


People say that like he is a plague! I remember readin IMDB someone saying he is corrupting our youth and must be stopped! and saying he must be stopped is a little much, I respect everyone's opinion, this is why I love this site, but as for everyone saying Rogen is a failure at acting need to get out more and see how many actors are out there who are not blessed with good acting talents. Rogen IS a good actor. Granted that most of his fame comes from stoner comedies, but perhaps The Green Hornet, and Funny People will show that he is a good actor, in need of more space outside of stoner comedy which is funny, as hell if I'm being honest. So I going to give him the benefit of the doubt and hold a place for him in my minds eye, and hope he gets better and bigger not jsut drop him because everybody else hates him!

Xerxex on Jul 17, 2009

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