Steve Coogan Working on a Alan Partridge Feature Film

May 25, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Alan Partridge

I'm not from the UK and I'm not going to pretend that I know who Alan Partridge is, but I do know who Steve Coogan is. Coogan had a stellar year last year with a starring role in Hamlet 2 and a supporting role in Tropic Thunder, but he still hasn't worked into the Hollywood mainstream, which is a bit sad. Somewhat like Sacha Baron Cohen, over in the UK, Coogan plays a character named Alan Partridge, a sports presenter turned chat show host turned early morning DJ, that has become such a big hit, that Partridge has his own sitcom and talk show. Word on the street is that Coogan is working on an Alan Partridge feature film.

Coogan spilled the beans about the movie to Edith Bowman on BBC Radio One (via SlashFilm). "We are planning on making a movie. We're talking at the moment. What it is we're not quite sure. But yes, there are plans afoot to make a film." Again, I don't exactly know if this is the case, but my guess (or what I'm hoping to see) is that it would a mix of Anchorman and a Sacha Baron Cohen character. If that is indeed the case, then I'm all for it. If not, then well I'll still check it out, as I'm a big fan of Coogan and I love his humor. As long as it's not Night at the Museum, I'll typically go see whatever he's in, and this won't be an exception.

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Yesssss!!! Alan Partridge for the win! You're not toooo far off on your assumption, of Partridge being a cross between Burgundy and Borat-esque characters. Though he's much, much closer to being a Ron Burgundy type. He's a bumbling want-to-be big time media man, who was only mildly successful in his radio and tv show ventures. He's pretty good at asking his guests awkward questions.

Echelon on May 25, 2009


Carrying on from Echelon... Its muc much dryer humour than Anchorman though. Its like the Office but centered around one person. Also, the joke is that he did become big and get is own show but since then hes got nothing. The multiple series he did after the parody chat show were all about his downfall, including the fact that nobody bought his autobiography 'bouncing back'. Its a good character but very very dry and would not go down well with Americans. I cant really see where the film would go either, and Im sure its been in the pipeline for years. Steve Coogan himself though is a really really funny guy and I hope him all the best in getting Hollywood roles because theres fuck all English cinema at the moment.

Marcus on May 25, 2009


Coogan is one of the greatest comedians today IMO. Any news about him and any news about Partridge is great.

Al on May 25, 2009


Wanker. That is all.

sleepykid on May 25, 2009



jillinthebox on May 25, 2009


Aaahh ladyboys....

Henjolo on May 25, 2009


Back of the net!!!

Smiffy1 on May 25, 2009


I love Alan Partridge he is an institution over here but I do worry how it will translate in the US. It relies a lot on 'british' humor and I wonder if you guys on the other side of the pond will appreciate it, I hope you do because this is GREAT news and I cannot wait to see it. If you are not familiar with Alan Partridge I dare say there is a bucket load of stuff on youtube.

Kaiser on May 26, 2009


"Kiss my face"

Kaiser on May 26, 2009


It's big enough in here to swing a tiger!

Tom Dearsley on May 26, 2009


Smell my cheese!

Surgeon on May 26, 2009


Steve Coogan is a legend, and Alan Partridge his best character by far, with the right script this could be really good!!!

Voice of reason on May 26, 2009


@ Marcus: "Its a good character but very very dry and would not go down well with Americans." Very true, unfortunately. I am an American myself, one in the minority that can appreciate that style of humor. 🙂

Echelon on May 26, 2009


Man! What is it with Americans and their failure to embrace anything outside America (for the most part). So Alex, you're telling me that you seem to have your finger on the pulse of pretty much everything that's good yet you had never heard of Alan Partridge?! People are likening him to Ron Burgundy and Borat and blah blah blah... STOP! Partridge has been doing it since the early 90's. He freaking invented the whole style! If you don't get the humour of Alan Partridge, I feel sorry for you. Really really sorry. Thanks

Guitarkus on May 26, 2009


Americans don't do dry unless it's situational and heavy-handed. Think Albert Brooks. 

Frank on Jul 22, 2011

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