Steven Soderbergh Latest to Praise James Cameron's Avatar

April 29, 2009

James Cameron - Avatar Set

Join the club! Is there anyone that we haven't heard from yet who has seen a glimpse of James Cameron's Avatar and been amazed? Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh was the latest to chime in on just how groundbreaking and revolutionary Avatar will be. ComingSoon was talked with Soderbergh during the Tribeca Film Festival and when talking about why he thought recent films didn't have quite the impact or longevity as classics, he stopped to bring up Avatar. At first he said that the volume of movies being made and seen make it hard for anything to have the cultural impact of a movie like The Godfather anymore.

But then Soderbergh said Avatar could be one of those benchmark movies again. "I've seen some stuff and holy sh*t. It's the craziest sh*t ever. That could negate everything I just said," he exclaimed. Wow, that's some very high praise, especially coming from a filmmaker who is usually on the bleeding edge anyway (he shot Che entirely on the Red camera system). I guess we can add Soderbergh to the ever-growing list of big time filmmakers who have seen footage from Avatar and are already called it a revolution. Most recently, it was Sony's president of production Amy Pascal who said the same. Can December get here any sooner?!

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after t1,aliens,t2,true lies and titanic, ill be there on opening day.

jelipe on Apr 29, 2009


I can't wait to see if this movie is really gonna be that groundbreaking as I believe it will 🙂

Drived on Apr 29, 2009


OMG!!! Just let us see something. I hate this third person resource crap. Not to mention that anyone that has something bad to say I doubt is getting heard so of course we only hear good things for now. By the way, if it's in 3D how we suppose to enjoy the previews? Release something already. A poster, decent movie photos, even a teaser.

Hey Ya on Apr 29, 2009


All what i want to see is a trailer for that movie.

Fisherr on Apr 29, 2009


You know... for some odd reason I think the hype alone is the reason why people will like it.

teyhtr on Apr 29, 2009


The technology sounds crazy, but the storyline just doesn't sound that interesting. I keep coming up with the image of the end of "Contact."

Greedo the Rodian on Apr 29, 2009


please keep up the good work of posting everything Avatar

shutupmrburton on Apr 29, 2009


As has been said many times before, the general public DOES NOT know about this movie, and if they don't release a trailer by mid to late June they will be making a big mistake. They need to get the general hype out, and assuage the crazy nervous anticipation they've built up for it by actually giving us something for goodness sake.

Timothy on Apr 29, 2009


Ahhhh can't friggin' wait!

Mister_Bubbles on Apr 29, 2009


Cameron produced Soderbergh's sci-fi "Solaris", what'd you expect?

rocken on Apr 29, 2009


Solaris sucked...ugh.

Hey Ya on Apr 29, 2009


I'm still waiting for Aquaman...

David on Apr 29, 2009


A teaser trailer for Avatar was released a few days ago but none of the 'fan' sites seem to have picked up on it (either that or I've fallen for an April Fool's joke):

RandyG on Apr 29, 2009


Ignore my #13 post. This was a fan-boy creation, and it's no longer connecting.

RandyG on Apr 29, 2009


We'll see. It seems like everyoneand anyone is not immune to getting caught up in the "hype". Even filmmakers themselves. That'd be awesome if it really is a revolution, but i'll wait and see for myself. Everyone wants another golden at to happen right now so it's easy to convinceyourself that films are better than they are. Will it really be a revolution, or will it be another "Dark Knight" (which was really good, called by many a revolution, but definately was NOT one), or will it just be a shiny 3-D peice of crap??? Only December will tell.... if it maintains it's sceduledrelease that is.

Matt S on Apr 29, 2009


#15 My God man why even bother to go to the movies if you have an attitude like that. Save that dough and help out a homeless kid or something.

nktwrk on Apr 29, 2009


Can't wait watch this in 3D.

Darunia on Apr 29, 2009


#1- how could you forget The Abyss 😛

BahHumbug on Apr 29, 2009


#16 I fail to see what is wrong with my attitude, do explain. All I said is that "Avatar" has the possibility, like every film, to be great, terrible, or somwhere in between and I wasn't gonna base my own opinion on the opinions of a handful of directors who have seen only a tiny fraction of the movie. I honestly can't see why anyone would believe that "thinking for yourself" is a bad attitude to have, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just misunderstood me. Unless, I'm wrong and you just base what you think about movies on the opinions of others, in which case I feel sorry for you. Bottom line, I will probably buy a ticket in December (if it looks good and if it makes it's date, remember, it has been pushed back before) and maybe I'll buy a ticket for a homeless guy too.

Matt S on Apr 29, 2009



T900 on Apr 29, 2009


im with T900

Darrin on Apr 29, 2009


I'm pretty excited but from the past I've learned to too much hype kills a movie.

Black Dynomite on Apr 29, 2009


Win win with Cameron.

JimD on Apr 29, 2009


All these talks make me so jealous. I want to see something already!

Dan W on Apr 29, 2009


You're comparing shooting on the Red to shooting an entire movie in digital 3d? Wow. Not even close, I shot on a red for a commercial once. It's clean, sure, but it's not CUTTING EDGE at what Cameron is doing.

Rod on Apr 29, 2009


i think people should except a good action movie like terminator 2 it was great movie and had some brilliant special effects and i think this film will be the same .I will pay anything to watch these movie and it will live up to my exceptation .I would say to people that left the film come out then we will be able to decided it will be revolution or what or it will be just good action sci fi movie. Till the movie comes out be patient

joe on Apr 30, 2009


whos this james cameroon?

tom rothman on Apr 30, 2009


Solaris did suck ass. And I as well am still waiting for Aquaman. "It's a fucking claw E."

homer350 on Apr 30, 2009


@ 1 how did you forget pirhanna 2 attack of the flying killers he actually removed from his c.v but it was his 1st film.i need some fucking photo's,a poster or at least a trailer,come on jim cam a fucking trailer please.

zetsu on Apr 30, 2009


Will be nice to see Sigourney Weaver in a sci-fi movie again. It's already been 10 years since Galaxy Quest...

avoidz on Apr 30, 2009

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