Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk Tintin with Top Hats

March 16, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk Tintin with Top Hats

So there is no real news in this video, but as Quint from Ain't It Cool News says, this "gives me a little geekasm" seeing two filmmaking giants like this sitting together. The official website for Tintin has posted a video of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson talking about starting production on The Adventures of Tintin. It was recorded for the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France, which is the European equivalent to Comic-Con, that took place in January. We see these kinds of videos a lot at various cons in the US, but because Tintin is big in Europe and not in America, their focus is over there at the moment.

Watch the Video!

Just click the photo above or visit this link to watch the video. A couple of weeks ago we posted some updates on The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, which has already finished shooting, as it only took 32 days to do all of the motion capture. This is the first real footage we've seen of Spielberg and Jackson talking about Tintin and it's great to see them working together, although I'm just not sure what to expect. I guess we'll just let them keep working for the next 18 months until we get to see a trailer. Paramount and Sony funded the project, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2011.

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look at those 2 chaps having some fun, isnt it great to be a rich director 😀

piet on Mar 16, 2009


#1 HAHAHA... not more to add!

sank3r on Mar 16, 2009


Their video player is idiotic.

Timothy on Mar 16, 2009


It never occurred to me before seeing that photo, but now that he's slimmed down, doesn't Peter Jackson look like a young Spielberg just a little? Hilarious.

Trisha on Mar 17, 2009


Dudes, stop calling these top hats. They're both sitting like Thompson and Thomson wearing bowler hats, for God's sake. A top hate is long and flat-topped.. What Mandrake the magician wears?

Raja Sen on Mar 17, 2009


fuckin hell, Jackson must have lost 100 lbs !!!

GM on Mar 17, 2009


ha ha your idiots, i agree with #5, they are actually wearing bowler hats, do you know nothing about hats, obviously not.

top hat on Mar 17, 2009


like #5 said, those are bowler hats, not top hats

Vole on Mar 17, 2009


I love and anticipate Tintin and will be following this avidly, but that video is WORTHLESS. God, I know the movie has a lot more to offer than Jackson & Spielberg stammering ineffectively, I just hope they get to it. What this Tintin intro needs is some concept art, dagnammit.

Voice of Reason on Mar 17, 2009


Insensative comment # 8. Where is the respect of the youth of today? How dreadfully sad.

D-9 on Mar 17, 2009


Wow, he looks like a different person having lost all that weight!

medley on Mar 17, 2009


Was this a live broadcast? Seemed a bit sloppy. Why do I get the feeling they don't believe in the project?

dAVIS_s_p on Mar 17, 2009


That was awesome. Really made me laugh to see them as Dupond et Dupont (Thompson and Thomson). Spielberg and Jackson are the world's top directors in my opinion and I loved Tintin as a kid so I can't wait for the movie!

Andreas on Mar 17, 2009


I really couldn't care less about Tin Tin, but with these names attached I'm hoping for the best. Who was Tin Tin anyways? Did he solve crimes or something? I wish Jackson and Speilberg would team up for something original and create some new characters before they fade into the Hollywood abyss with age. Though from the looks of the last Indiana Jones movie, Spielberg is already slipping.

peloquin on Mar 17, 2009


@12: You get the feeling they don't believe in the project they've spent years trying to get off the ground? Or you get the feeling they don't believe in doing a minute long video intro for a french convention? Also, I want that Tintin standee

Squiggly on Mar 17, 2009


this is so amazing!

AllXboxGames on Mar 17, 2009

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