Steven Spielberg Says Goodbye to DreamWorks' Harvey Remake

December 4, 2009

Steven Spielberg

Putting aside preferences for certain actors, directors, writers, and so on, there's no denying that putting together a movie is one damn difficult task no matter the talent trying to put it together. A recent article from Variety proves just that as it informs us that iconic director Steven Spielberg has given up on his recent taking on of Harvey, the remake of the 1950 Jimmy Stewart film about a man who befriends a six and a half foot tall invisible rabbit. Though it doesn't sound like a bitter departure, it sounds like Spielberg was getting frustrated with not only finding the right actor, but figuring out the right approach to the story.

After Tom Hanks quickly turned down the lead role of Elwood P. Dowd (citing too many similarities between him and Jimmy Stewart already without starring in a remake of one of his films), Spielberg had his eyes on Robert Downey, Jr. After meeting with Spielberg, there wasn't an immediate commitment though, as the actor had some suggestions regarding the script written by Jonathan Tropper. Unfortunately, Downey and Spielberg never quite got on the same creative footing and Spielberg decided to call it quits in the end.

Personally, I can't say that I'm disappointed. I'd rather see Spielberg move on to his long gestating Abraham Lincoln biopic (which he swears is coming) or even the briefly mentioned science fiction project Interstellar that's supposedly being written by Jonathan Nolan. There's already too many remakes out there for one of Hollywood's best directors to be throwing another one into the mix. Whatever he decides to do next, though, I hope he gets on it soon because it's been a year and a half since we saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Spielberg needs a strong return to proper form. Pick another project, Mr. Spielberg!

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Bring on Interstellar!

Shane on Dec 4, 2009


not sad to see the end of Harvey, thank god steven speilberg has come to his senses and dropped it.

Cineprog on Dec 4, 2009


NO MORE REMAKES! Harvey is un-touchable anyways.

birddog on Dec 4, 2009



Brad on Dec 4, 2009


Spielberg fell off hard when the new millenium hit. It's good to see that he's on the path of getting his shit together. Who the hell wants a Harveu remake? What's the point? He should get to work on Interstellar or his Lincoln bipoic.

SlashBesat on Dec 4, 2009



Tra la la la la di da on Dec 4, 2009


SlashBesat: I wouldn't go that far. He was doing well earlier in the decade (Minority Report, Catch Me if You Can, Munich), but he did drop off after 2005. Definitely agree that either Lincoln or Interstellar should be his next project, as either of those sound like perfect comeback vehicles.

Corran Horn on Dec 4, 2009


Well the reason Spielberg dropped off after 2005 was because that was the year he had War of the Worlds and Munich come out within six months of each other and he was exhausted. Unfortunately all that waiting only brought an under par Indiana Jones sequel.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2009


Steven needs to make a serious & honest, and I mean SERIOUS & HONEST, take on Lincoln already before Neeson quits acting too. Anyhow Hanks was the man for the job and Steven didn't pull the IOU card on him over his "The Terminal" favor as he should have.

Johnny Neat on Dec 4, 2009


i heard he was trying to make a remake, or should i say, american version of Oldboy with will smith, but thatd be a remake too, he needs something fresh. something new. interstellar would be good

joocka on Dec 4, 2009


His post-2000 work has not been up to par with his pre-2000 work. He's had a few bright spots, but overall disappointing.

SlashBeast on Dec 5, 2009


I have to say, minus "Indy 4", I've loved Spielberg's work in the 2000s. Everything he's done in last decade has been labeled "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes (even if just barely with The Terminal). Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report are two of the best reviewed movies of the decade. I'm sorry to see this project go, not because I'm dying to see a Harvey remake, but because I'm dying for Spielberg to get behind the camera again. Right now we have no idea when that will be.

Dan on Dec 5, 2009


Lincoln or Interstellar. Harvey would probably have fit it with the likes of 1941, Indy 4 and The Terminal. Hopefully he won't drop everything else and do Indy 5 instead.

"David Webb" on Dec 8, 2009


Not up to par with his pre-2000 work. Sorry, no excuses.

SlashBeast on Dec 8, 2009


Having reviewed Spielberg's 2000's work, I have to take back my comments. Spielberg's 2000's work, while largely not up to par with his pre-2000's work, is still fantastic and he's still one of the top directors in the business (actually, THE top). Munich is the best film of the past 10 years and Minority Report, Catch Me if You Can, War of the Worlds are great movies.

SlashBeast on Oct 31, 2010

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