Stuart Beattie Talks About His 'Halo: Fall of Reach' Movie

July 17, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire

Halo: Fall of Reach Movie

If anyone remembers, last year, concept art that was attached to a Halo screenplay called Halo: Fall of Reach written by Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie ended up on the web. It was Beattie's adaptation of the Halo book of the same name that he wrote on his own during the writer's strike for free just because he loves the Halo franchise and wanted to one day see a movie actually get made. SciFi Wire caught up with Beattie recently and talked with him about Halo: Fall of Reach and the latest developments. "I really believe a Halo movie would just be awesome, especially this Halo movie." Maybe there is hope?

"I just think it's an amazing story about this child that no one cares about and who cares for no one else, who kind of ends up saving all of humanity," Beattie starts out saying. Anyone and everyone who has ever played Halo I'm sure would love to see a movie as well, but we all know the original project got scrapped when Microsoft couldn't agree with Fox and Universal on the budget. "I firmly believe that the first Halo movie needs to be the Fall of Reach story, because it sets up all the characters, the world, the Covenant, the big struggle between mankind and the aliens, all that stuff," he explains. "So that's where my money is."

As for the kind of budget necessary to make Halo: Fall of Reach, Beattie mentions that "it's a big $100 million-plus film." However, as we know all too well, video game movies usually aren't that great and do too well. Hopefully that will change with Prince of Persia, but until then, we'll just have to wait patiently.

"Once my generation of filmmakers start to get to that position where they allow us to make these big-budget films based on these video games, then we'll start to get some really great movies based on video games," Beattie said. "I think it's the same as books, [and] it's the same as comic books. I think not every video game should be made into a movie, just like not every book should be made into a movie. Not every comic book should, but certain ones definitely should, because they're so visual, the characters are so rich and the mythology is so vast that they should. Halo is definitely one of the shoulds."

I agree with Beattie there, but who knows if we'll ever see a Halo movie. If things go very well over the next few years, it could just happen, but that's the problem. It's my belief that Peter Jackson is using District 9 as a way of proving that Neill Blomkamp can direct a big feature and can bring audiences in. So not only does that movie need to do gangbusters at the box office in August, but Prince of Persia needs to be a worldwide hit as well. If all of that works out, I could see a Halo movie moving forward once again, hopefully with Neill Blomkamp at the helm and Peter Jackson producing, the same as before. But alas I can't predict the future.

"I would just love to see a Halo movie up there on screen. It's magnificent," Beattie says. As always, the moment we bring up the Halo movie, there's always a discussion surrounding it. So, what do you think?

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Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the halo games and books, and the concept pictures from last year were awesome, hopefully if prince of persia does good we'll finally see halo on the screen

blake on Jul 17, 2009


i never knew they were still making a halo movie hey i have a idea..Halo:Fall of Doom-the halo universe crosses over with doom,the rock and master chief fight in a battle for their lives! just joking

Spider94 on Jul 17, 2009


i know d-9 is gonna be AMAZING so hopefully Neill Blomkamp is given the opportunity to direct a Halo movie. If anyone should be given the opportunity, it is clearly him.

erik on Jul 17, 2009


The Halo short proved Blomkamp can do it I just hope he uses the grossing from D-9 to do it cause really Im not a huge Halo fanboy but the badassery of the universe mixed with like he said mythology would make for one of the best combinations of epic story driven action movie. I mean imagine watching Master chief pod in and pull out an anergy sword and owning a fort full of grunts....not to mention what they could do with a Brute vs Chief fight I mean theres so much potentials it just ridiculous they havent done this yet.

Cody on Jul 17, 2009


Also I forgot the only thing holding it back would be getting a HARD R rating because you just cant do halo without blood and body parts flying around...and military lingo also.

Cody on Jul 17, 2009


i've never played halo and i'm really not at all excited at the prospect of this movie. it sounds like it's got a lot of cliche's in it..........mankind vs. aliens..........loner kid who saves humanity.........yea, real original. if it's a video game they want to make a movie about, i would rather see one about uncharted, gears of war, or killzone.

dan on Jul 17, 2009


I would want to see something inculding the forerunners.

Michael on Jul 17, 2009


@#6... yeah because gears of war isn't about a lone who fights hordes of humanoid creatures to save humanity... and neither is killzone I think this movie would be awsome as long as bungie has a definite input. District 9 looks good so hopefully it will be sucessfull and this will get back. And if it is made there should be no brutes (sorry#4), the elites were always the better enemy

Janny on Jul 17, 2009


fx extravaganza

cat on Jul 17, 2009


sorry #8 - your're entitled to your opinion but i don't agree at all. the stories of KZ and gears are much more indepth than you apparently know. but, seeing as you sound like a halo fanboy, i hope they make the movie so you can watch it.

dan on Jul 17, 2009


@#6 A Gears of War movie would be terrible FYI. The story for Gears of War is shitty enough and does not need a movie. Gameplay is superb though. Out of video game movies that need to be made: 1.) Starcraft 2.) Halo 3.) World of Warcraft movie... im gonna get flamed hardcore for that one 4.) Metal Gear Solid 5.) Resident Evil Reboot 6.) God of War Videogame Movies that should never be made: 1.) Sims 2.) Super Mario brothers... oh wait... 3.) Katamari Damacy (I couldn't decide which list to put this on) 4.) Any Madden Game 5.) Tetris

meatcarnage on Jul 17, 2009


Tribes came before all. Some of you will know what I mean.

JimD on Jul 17, 2009


I've gotta say, I'm pretty psyched for this. I hope it ends up working out. I would love to see the Spartans totally dominate the Covenant on the big screen (as well as their downfall, sad as it may be). As for you, #6, retarded idea. I agree with #8 and #11. Also, @#11 I would totally love an MGS movie as well. That would be insanely epic.

FriendlyFire on Jul 17, 2009


I would love to see a Halo movie done right. About district 9 having to do good. I believe that. But for some reason I don't see it doing well. I do not think it appeals to a wide enough audience. But hopefully the story and acting is great. That will propel a "movie about aliens on earth" to another level and more people would want to see it that are not usually down for that type of film. Hate to use this example, but like Dark Knight for instance. I for one can't wait for district 9. and I hope that it will be a hit at the box office.

Dan W on Jul 17, 2009


I say Peter Jackson should just direct it instead of producing it. I know he loves Halo. Plus he brought us the awesomeness known as LOTR. So he can shove that into studios faces.

Buffered on Jul 17, 2009


The one thing I have to say about the possible Halo movie: Don't cast a big name as Master Chief. Don't show his face. Do the Darth Vader thing. Cast a big dude to fill the suit, then have the guy that did the voice in the game, do the voice for the movie.

nate on Jul 17, 2009


It's funny that Halo won't get greenlit. And yet, we currently have The Sims, Battleship, Monopoly, and Oiuja to look forward to. @ #10. Actually, it is you who doesn't know anything about how indepth that Halo Universe is.

mlpiette on Jul 17, 2009


DO IT UP. I've been waiting for this forever. Like I mean pre-pre-pre rumours of the original movie ready. I was one of those guys who posted on the threads on the Bungie forums which were titled "What should the Halo movie be like?". Wayy before the rumours of Peter Jackson and Blomkamp started. This could be amazing, but I agree, that let's see some Prince of Persia and District 9 first.

jman571 on Jul 17, 2009


Yeah #10 wtf, You say gears and KZ are more in depth then we know yet you said in your previous comment that you never played Halo sooo umm how would you know how much more in depth it is? If you had played the Halo universe you would know that its actually quite the contrary and that Halo has 10 times more content behind it then KZ and gears combined considering the 3 games a shit load of books not to mention 2 more off shoot games (Halo:wars and ODST). Trust me theres alot more to the story then and I quote "mankind vs. aliens……….loner kid who saves humanity" really not trying to be an asshole but get your facts straight before you say stuff like that.

Cody on Jul 17, 2009


Also now that i saw it #11 yeah your are gonna get flamed for the WoW movie especially considering its a clone of the Warhammer universe and it literally was created a year right after the warhammer universe was. So if anything they need to make a Warhammer movie....Empire vs chaos....before any fru fru WoW movie. But IMO they absolutely have to make a warhammer 40k movie theres so much that can be done with that I cant even begin to describe. I mean imagine a movie based around a squad of space marines.

Cody on Jul 17, 2009


Not only would it be an expensive film to make but the Master Chief has no face and in a film I don't see how that work.

d1rEct on Jul 17, 2009


20th Century Fox owns the filming rights. Enough said. Fox will figure a way to fuck this up.

The Clergy Ark on Jul 18, 2009


#20. Dude, you're totally correct. A 40K movie would be Epic (no pun intended. those in the know will know!). Dystopian Gothic Sci-Fi, Xenophobic Superhuman Ultimate Warriors, Etc. Bring It!

Ultim8 on Jul 18, 2009


#23/#20 - I am a huge (old school) Warhammer 40K fan and I agree, I would LOVE to see that... But if anything, that's years and years out. That's something I could see Zack Snyder (or even his protege) doing with a lot of style in the later years of his life. It could just be so awesome... But as for Halo, I want to see it too, I want to see both of these, haha!

Alex Billington on Jul 18, 2009


halo sucks

fucku on Jul 18, 2009


A Flood-less Halo movie? Hmm.... The 180 bungee pulled on its players in the first Halo game by throwing the flood into it is one of my favourite gaming moments ever; I love the flood, and I wanna see them in a Halo movie. The Fall of Reach novel is pretty mediocre; most of it is set aboard bridges of ships and the vast majority of the battles are space battles. There are I think two or three skirmishes with humans and covenant actually coming face to face (one on land when the covenant are trying to find an artifact; one on a crippled dreadnaught where MC and Linda board to try to destroy sensative information regarding Earth's wherabouts) And with Bungie already confirming a game adaptation of the book, what's the point of a movie adaptation of it too? Adapt the first Halo game.. pretty please..?

Betafett on Jul 18, 2009


Gears of War dosnt have a story love

David C on Jul 18, 2009


Ok to anyone suggesting a wow movie i want to just say would much rather watch the documentary on wow addicted gamers, at least then i can laugh and realize how great my life is. As an avid gamer and going to school majoring in game design/art and production, Halo would not be a bad idea, if peter jackson is backing it it has my faith, as for gears of war, that movie is already in the works for those who attended comicon last year the creators were already writing a script and the movie got the green light and the budget they requested. starcraft will never get made the production crew of that wont let it happen, same with metal gear. resident evil is already getting a re boot from chris redfields prospective since the last game was so successful. And god of war is a bad idea. and as for war hammer i agree a lot can be done with it, but the world is to big and it will carry the same problems that a wow movie would hold, not worth it leave it where it is. overall we will see, but there are apparently going to be a lot of big announcements at comicon this year so i hope you all are going.

splinter on Jul 18, 2009

29 On another note, if halo looks and has a feel like this i am down

splinter on Jul 18, 2009


@21 I kind of agree it would be hard to make a movie without a face but its not impossible. Darth Vader from Star Wars basically had his faced concealed throughout so I say if done right it is possible.

Defect on Jul 18, 2009


So true Alex...Snyder would be AMAZING choice to direct a 40k movie I mean my god the badassery that movie would contain would make 300 look like kindergarten. So many times have I day dreamed how awesome it would be to see a Space marine commander vs ork boss fight....and with Snyder behind the wheel you would know he would piece the universe together seamlessly so even people who know nothing about it would be sucked in the first hour. GOD THATD BE SO SICK!! Guess Dawn of war will have to hold me over for now haha.

Cody on Jul 18, 2009


ummm 29 There writing the God of war script right now sooooo yeah.

Cody on Jul 18, 2009


#30 don't forget Robocop. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me".

Movie Fan on Jul 18, 2009


32# um yeah..... no... you know how many re-writes it got, they have gone though 4 production companies and it was shot down because its going to be nothing but a graphic movie, therefore all graphic make you go oooooooo ahhhhhh but crappy story. all equals out to ehhhhh another shitty game movie. if it does come out it will be a second rate low budget film. Sorry try again

splinter on Jul 18, 2009


Ahh didnt know that I saw a article on IGN that they were still writing it and they had changed the ending but maybe thats just the shit movie your talking about.

Cody on Jul 18, 2009


@#21, Um, I know how they do it without a face on Master Chief... He's got his helmet on the whole time... Kinda like the game... Keep the mystery. I mean, you go trying to mess with backstories, and stuff like that, you take away the fun part; the unknown... Let people wonder.

nate on Jul 18, 2009


yep it is

splinter on Jul 18, 2009


Out of video game movies that need to be made: 1) Half-Life 2) Half-Life 2 3) Half-Life's not out yet...but... Warhammer 40K? There's a live-action short movie, ca 20 mins, made some 5 or 10 years ago. It might be 'SpaceHulk' and not War 40K, but anyhow it was shown at a Golden Demon Day(?) or what they call their cons. Anyone know if this is 'available' somehow? Can't seem to find it on blahtube nor on

David Banner on Jul 18, 2009


No thanks. I'll stick with Red vs Blue. That is the only good thing that ever resulted out of the Halo games. "My name is Michael J. Caboose. And I...hate...babies!"

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 19, 2009


hell no, I hate a halo movie idea. it will probably ruin the whole game for me, because movie of games are ALWAYS bad

haloplayer on Jul 19, 2009


Movies of games have been pretty much bad, however this script isn't off the game, it is off the first novel. Now movies based on books have had loads of success and now with the fan boys who haven't read the books and only have played the games flocking to it you know it will succeed. Halo has a great story line and p.s master chief does have a face, if you had read the novels you would know that.

Stewie on Jul 19, 2009


in the entire movie they shouldnt show the face of the master chief and at the end he removes the helmet and is nathan fillion...yeah!!!

dennis eikenkötter on Jul 19, 2009


Wait... Microsoft said that at Comic-Con, it would have a "big amouncement concerring a key franchise". Could they me talking about the Halo movie? Personally, Halo's fun, but a tad overrated

Ajax on Jul 19, 2009


It's a bit of a cliche to say this but I'm a Halo fanatic...maybe not as extreme as many others but I love the games. I think this would be perfect over at Warner Bros. along side Gears of War, as long as WB isn't afraid of the budget and have faith in Peter Jackson's choice for the director, this would be an awesome franchise to see...only thing is they can't skate around for a PG-13 rating...otherwise the movie is hitting the brick wall head on...

the dude on Jul 20, 2009


@26 I think "Reach" would make a better movie because it IS the beginning, and there are more characters to introduce. They would only have MC, Cortana, Keyes, and Sergeant Johnson, although 343 Guilty Spark would be a pretty cool antagonist. Reach has 33 other spartans, and at least half a dozen were key characters in the story, as well as Dr. Halsey, CPT Mendez, and of course, LT Keyes. Seriously, Keyes is a badass in that book. Also, I think there are plenty of others out there who, like me, loved the first Halo, but cried as it went downhill from Halo 2. Instead of beat my brains against a concrete floor, I got my Halo fix through books, which were better stories anyway.

Cody on Jul 20, 2009


hell yeah, halo is an awesome story. if the movie gets made, it would be so awesome if it was the fall of reach. that is probalbly the best story in the entire franchise of halo, games and books.

John on Aug 2, 2009


also, it sould be animated. but not like, extreme game animation like halo odst thing, but like, finl fantasy animation/cgi. hat would be cool.

John on Aug 2, 2009

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