Summit and Brad Pitt Bringing Young Dracula Back in 'Vlad'

December 6, 2009

Vlad the Impaler

Summit Entertainment wants even more vampire movies. The studio is developing a new "action-oriented" take on Dracula, currently in the form of a script written by actor Charlie Hunnam called Vlad. Brad Pitt is also producing the project with Dede Gardner through his Plan B Entertainment. They've also hired music video director and photographer Anthony Mandler to helm Vlad; this will be his feature directing debut. The story centers on Dracula as a young prince, when he was better known as Vlad the Impaler, the man behind the Dracula myth. Summit acquired this a while ago, but was developing it quietly until they found Mandler.

THR says that Mandler's directing reel drew comparisons to Zack Snyder and his style on 300. He directed 10 of Rhianna's videos as well as other videos for the Killers and Eminem. Warner Brothers had their eye on this project but Summit kept their hands on it. Here's the best part: "Summit hopes to make a visually edgy and radical period movie that also will break a new talent." I don't know about you guys, but I'm not really looking forward to any new vampire movies unless they're completely unlike Twilight in every way. Plus, I thought there were already a few other Dracula movies in the works already like Castlevania? Thoughts?

Vlad CG image at the top courtesy of artist Harsh Borah:

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Lloyd Haythe writing a movie? i'm down.

crumb on Dec 6, 2009


Is this about Vlad III "The Impaler" Dracula? The real Dracula?

Xerxex on Dec 6, 2009


#2 - Yea I think that's the right "Dracula" that this will be about.

Alex Billington on Dec 7, 2009


That's great news, this could be very good, if they focus on Vlad's obsession with impalement, there were reports that Vlad would dine while watching his victims slowly die and slide down the pikes they were impaled on, creepy guy.

Xerxex on Dec 7, 2009


intresting, brad pitt is pretty good in everything he does(true romance,seven,twelve monkeys,fight club,the assasination of jesse james by the coward robert ford & the curiuos case of benjamin button.)in the style of 300,can't wait for the trailer.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 7, 2009


This is just another type of film Vlad the impaler, aka Dracula. i no i sound sinicle here But summit picture will probley make it another Teen filck for the Young girls with that guy patterson from twilight again. i will try to keep a open mind and just wait for more updates on future of vlad the impaler.

Cineprog on Dec 7, 2009


Another vampire movie? Shocking!

JakeTheSnake on Dec 7, 2009


if brad pitt is producing the project i doubt it will have the twilight bullshit style in this movie. Vlad is a bad motherfucker in history. Why would they want feminine looking guys for a movie about Vlad? makes no sense. Come more optimistic.. at least Xerxex who is here on this blog religiously is excited. And, alex, give it a chance. dont be narrow minded. I doubt this will have the twilight bullshit so many horny teenage girls like

LC on Dec 7, 2009


I'm surprised that it's taken this long to make this movie. As for it being another teen flick for the young girls, I doubt very much that Brad Pitt would even consider lowering his standards for something like that. Vlad the Impaler is no Twilight that's for sure.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 7, 2009


Vlad the Impaler wasn't a vampire, but a blood thirsty prince. He became a vampire after his death.

Brian on Dec 7, 2009


Everytime I watch 300 I think about how great a movie about Vlad would be done in that style. When they get through making Vlad's movie, the blood and gore will make 300 look like child's play.

Sanka on Dec 7, 2009


I agree Sanka, this will be a bloodfest of epic proportions AND you know they will go through great lengths to show someone actually being islowly being impaled.

Vlad's Dad on Dec 7, 2009


I had a DeJavu of this 3 years back, when I made this Vlad 3d model 😉 I hope they manage to grasp a good story with such a cool historical character.

Harsh Borah on Dec 7, 2009


Guys its definately not going to be like twilight at all. This is going to be dark. Brad Pitt, the story and the characters all point to that.

Scott McHenry on Dec 7, 2009


Ha! Ever since seeing Bram Stoker's Dracula (the first 10 minutes?), always thought Vlad's... "life" would make a decent flick. If done really well, could lead to some epic sequels. If done REALLY well though.

bozo on Dec 7, 2009


this sounds interesting, im in

samuel j on Dec 7, 2009


i've been waiting for someone to make a movie exactly like this for a long time now and thankfully someone's finally gonna do it!

guh on Dec 7, 2009


Vlad'' is one sick dude! Big fan of Pitt, will be eagerly awaiting more info. Thanks,

I am Ron Burgundy? on Dec 7, 2009


I hope it DOESN"T look like 300. But the idea is awesome.

wm on Dec 7, 2009


THANK YOU LC!!!! I am here a me loyal.

Xerxex on Dec 7, 2009


Harsh Borah those are some awesome images!

jake the snake on Dec 7, 2009


Harsh Borah, why don't you give credit to Todd McFarlen's designed model; one that I bought about four or five years ago, so that design has been around at least that long. As for this movie, if it's done like 300 then it's going to blow and be riddled with inaccuracies.

me on Dec 7, 2009


If it's actually about Dracula, like where Stoker hardly touched with more truth, this could be very awesome.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 7, 2009


@15 - I know what you mean. It's surprising it took this long this to happen. This movie also has to be a hard R.

"David Webb" on Dec 7, 2009


i'm from Romania, and i found this awesome, Vlad the Impaler was a great leader of our people Wallachian/Romanians, a movie about him it's a great tribute, he implemented fear to the bones in his enemies even if he had an insignificant power against thousands of Turks, funny how much you can realize if you have a great "Will Power" like Vlad the Impaler had, leading their people to a great change, some of us Romanians, wish to have even today a leader like him to lead us, to stroke on a wood the damn traitors and thiefs, and also in enemies, Vlad the Impaler was Christian, but his acts were Diabolical, a Christian Will to save Europe against invaders combined with Diabolical tortures and FEAR, that's a great combination, death to all wrongdoers, amen, long live Wallachia and price Vlad, the new line is "THIS IS WALLACHIA!" not this is sparta anymore

alex4ucj on Dec 12, 2009


Bummer and I'd written the script and everything. Well I hope it's like 300 then it won't be the psycho thriller my movie is. Vlad is one of my favourite historical figures, he's horrifying but I understand how he became the way he did, I mean if you went through the things he did you would lose faith in humanity as well.

IOGWFH on Jan 24, 2010


First of all, Vlad Tepes' father, Vlad Basarab, was known as Vlad Dracul not because he was part of a secret organization, as other movies suggested, but for the following reason: He received from the emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg the highest Order that was given to a knight in those troubled days - higher than The Teutons' Order, The Order of the Maltese Knights or The Order of the Knights from Rhodos. That was The Dragon's Order. In Romanian, Dracul means The Devil. And from Dragon to Devil was only a small step. Vlad (the father of Vlad Tepes (pronounced Tsépesh)) and Mircea, Vlad's brother were buried alive by some coward, traitorous nobles, just because the nobles didn't like the idea of a war against the Turks. Those nobles wanted peace with the Ottomans, even if this would have meant a harsh tribute in gold, silver, cattle and CHILDREN. By that time, Vlad and his brother, Radu The Handsome, were forced guests at the Sublime Porte as a pledge that their father wouldn't have risen again against the Turks. Vlad Tepes (now known as Draculea or Dracula) has punished very harsh the thieves, liars and the enemies. And that scared people as hell. Yes, he was harsh even for those days. But efficient!!! While he ruled the country nobody dared to steal anything!!! Why, in the evening, you could let a bag full of money in the middle of the road and in the next morning it would still be there. LOL! That's why in my country HE is a national HERO!!!! The people are such a distorted beings. They couldn't see the forest but the trees. Some can't behave unless their are forced to do so. The good deeds are easily forgotten but the harm done... Well... That's another story. And Vlad knew that well. Mayby if he had had the diplomacy of his cousin, Stefan The Great, the Lord of Moldavia, things would have been different. Knowing all that... Can anyone blame Vlad Tsépesh (The Impaler) for trying to clean his country of thieves, liars, false beggars, traitors and lazy people? Not to mention the fact that his little country, as well as the other parts of the future Romania, were as a shield to the rest of Europe against the Turks and Tartars. While the Romanians (then divided in Moldavians, Transylvanians, and Valachians) were trying to survive between the blows that came unceasingly from all sides, the rest of the Europe sinked in sloth, giving, when was requested help, only promises. So, tell me! Which ruler was the worst? The one that sacrificed anything for freedom or the one that promised to help but never did, continuing to enjoy a life of pleasures and lust, as long as the peril was away?

Ana on Jul 13, 2010

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