Summit Picks Up Marc Haimes' Elevator Men Vampire Script

March 26, 2009

Elevator Man

I always love great concepts. And this is one that sounds pretty damn cool. Summit is finalizing negotiations to acquire former DreamWorks exec Marc Haimes' original screenplay Elevator Men. The dark thriller, which likely will change titles, takes a less romanticized look at the human-vampire interactions depicted in such recent movies and series as Twilight and HBO's "True Blood." "This is the dark, sinister version of what really happens when you decide you're going to get close to really bad things." The creatures play diabolical mind games with people, including one that involves an elevator, hence the title.

"It's a reaction to all of these stories now -- TV shows and movies -- that play this kind of romantic, fantastical, sexy aspect of getting involved with monsters," Haimes said to Hollywood Reporter. "That fantasy element is something I wanted to look at and play the exact opposite: the grim reality of bedding down with a monster." I'm already sold on these descriptions alone and I can't wait to find out more about this. I'm even more intrigued by the fact that its title, Elevator Men, somehow plays into a dark, sinister story about vampires. Sounds like there is something more to this than we know about so far?

An early synopsis from Elevator Men says that the story involves "a single mom in pursuit of Mr. Right who ends up meeting a horrific creature in human guise." Let the Right One In from last year is proof that the vampire genre has so much more to offer, and that we just need to step back and look at the whole genre in a new light. From the sounds of it, Haimes' script does just that. This is one project to keep an eye on!

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Interesting, hope the script truely is the way it's described.

Tristan on Mar 27, 2009


The first half hour of 30 Days of Night is one of the best vampire movies made in the last five years.

Fuelbot on Mar 27, 2009


A lot of movies for vampire movies lately.

Fisherr on Mar 27, 2009


Someone tell Hollywood to stop making vampire movies

Dan W on Mar 27, 2009


if they are made in the same spirit as 30 Days of Night and Let the Right One In, then i'm on board for more vampire movies. i've always loved monster movies more than the other sub-genres of horror. i kinda wish there were more vampire or werewolf movies done well.

andrew on Mar 27, 2009


blade and blade 2 are hands down the best vampire flicks

Darrin on Mar 27, 2009


God I hope that was sarcasm.

Fuelbot on Mar 28, 2009


I think the first BLADE was a real break from the Anne Rice "Romantic" vampire lore, it really turned the vampire concept on it's head. Think about it up until Blade most vamp movies where little more than tantilizing foreplay horror/quasi love stories flicks for chicks from the Euro aristocracy of Dracula, to the limp wristed vamps Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt and now this Twilight dreck. Look at what Blade did, it got rid of the romance (At least the first movie) of vampires and displayed them as straight up scumbags and they truly see people as no different than a bag of porkrinds. Second Blade was the first to play up vampirism as a infectious diesease instead of this attractive "gift" although some would rather be a monster and live forever than die a mortal death. Then you got a protagonist that's A. Not white B. Not Brittish or foreign C. As much a monster as those he hunts. Add in that Blade set the pressident for many trends that continue today, "Bullet time" Blade did it first sorry Matrix, the whole "Shades/Black leather look" again Matrix/X-men Wesley got there first, bringing Hong Kong action choreography to major hollywood movies, also Marvel movies didn't kick off with success via the X-men Blade proceeds Wolverine and crew. Yet everyone claims X-men jump started the Marvel streak. Blade, Stephen Norrington and Wesley Snipes deserve due respect sure most of the things Blade did first is cliched now, but it wasn't back in 1998.

PimpSlapStick on Mar 28, 2009


Funny. Some years ago I wrote a vampire short story that plays in an elevator too. Simple story. The beginning: Its late. Night. Guy comes home. He is in the elevator and is alone. Then a hot woman enters the elevator. He has sex with her. He is naked and feeling great. Then the elevator door opens and she says:"He is ready." And a naked guy, the vampire lord, enters and violate the guy and drink his blood. Intro ends... 🙂

Millus on Mar 28, 2009


Blade is not a vampire's a comic book movie. It was classified as action and not horror which 99% of vampire movies are made to be. Also, when was the last time that we saw a half human-half vampire as the hero in a true vampire movie.

peloquin on Mar 30, 2009

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