Sure There's Alien vs Predator, But What About Wife vs Ninja?

December 9, 2009


No, it's not April Fool's Day, and no we're not drunk. Believe or not, DreamWorks has purchased Michael Besman's pitch for a new movie called Wife vs Ninja, which centers on a Long Island housewife who discovers that the beautiful young intern who recently stole her scientist husband is actually a bloodthirsty Ninja assassin intent on stealing his work (via Variety). And you thought all the good original ideas were gone! Besman will write the high-concept action-comedy with writers Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen and we'll just pretend that DreamWorks actually picked up a good idea to add to their upcoming slate instead.

Studio co-president of production Holly Bario explains: "We fell in love with the mix of action and laughs in [the story]." I'm surprised they didn't laugh Besman's ass right out of the meeting after hearing that title alone. This concept sounds mind-numbingly stupid unless the film is intentionally off-the-wall ridiculous and will spawn crazy sequels like Wife vs Robot or Wife vs Mothra. This is one of those movies that will be shown late at night and on second rate cable channels and future generations will wonder just what the hell we were thinking. This really can't turn out any good, can it? I mean come on, there's just no hope for this!

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"Wife vs. Vaccum" "Wife vs. Husband" and to complete the trilogy "Wife vs. Toddler"

Pff on Dec 9, 2009



king on Dec 9, 2009


Would only work if it's a Japanese production. Give me ROBOGEISHA dammit!!!

REAL6 on Dec 9, 2009


More Like Korean Production. Americans can't make something like this work like they can they just can't...Like the My wife if a Ganster and My wife is in the mafia were all great...But Americans can't do it...BUT there is a first for everything but I don't see it happening...I'll watch it as long as the asian girl is hot... =p

Kris on Dec 9, 2009


Like you said it will only work if its totally off the wall and doesnt want to be taken seriously....Total stupid comedy with mad gore filled action Id be sold on. honestly after all the retarded ideas shooting out of hollywood nowadays this actually isnt that bad compared to something like say battleship with aliens?

Cody on Dec 10, 2009


noooo, that's reaching. Are they desperate for ideas or just too con-able

Phillip Gibb on Dec 10, 2009


yeah, actually, a Korean Production would make this work. its not the idea that is bad, it'll be the style of execution that won't fit the idea, ie American movies. sad, because this idea is so hilarious it would work. I was so hoping the same people who did Ong Bak would be doing this.

dave13 on Dec 10, 2009

8 could turn out like the pacifier. didnt that make beacoup bucks??

mrmr on Dec 10, 2009


Could be funny. Will wait for trailer before saying any more.

NadaNuff on Dec 10, 2009


"an alienated girl torn between two charismatic young men, unaware that they are fallen angels who have battled over her for centuries" Now thats stupid. Wife vs Ninja sounds funny.

Dreckent on Dec 10, 2009


Agree with #9. It has potential.

Pete on Dec 10, 2009


HBO!!! Still, sounds like a a possible fun watch, once...this could be insanely awesomely cheesy hilarious or just plain stupid.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 10, 2009


I'd rather watch something like this then Twilight

wm on Dec 10, 2009


Straight to DVD please.

M on Dec 10, 2009


I say give it a shot as a comedy, I wasn't sure if Shaun of the Dead was gonna work, now I say never count out a comedy...

Topher on Dec 11, 2009

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