Take That McG - Michael Bay Takes a Shot at Terminator!

January 9, 2009
Source: Official Michael Bay Forums

Terminator Robot

That's no Transformer you're looking at, that's a Terminator! Last year the big summer battle was between Iron Man and The Dark Knight, this year the biggest battle is going to be between Terminator Salvation and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Over on his own website, Michael Bay has taken a shot at McG and his "duplicate Transformer size robots." The director wrote an update on the Official Michael Bay Forums hyping up his upcoming Transformers 2 and saying that they've been waiting for all the other big summer movies to "get their stuff out" before they show us the first footage from Transformers.

Okay it's time to turn up the heat on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We've waited low in the weeds letting all the summer movies get their stuff out. We've seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcoming clips of the upcoming summer fare. We've seen certain movies coming out even trying to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads. Please, come on.

Well, I promise you we will rock your world with Transformers 2. The fans wanted ROBOTS KICKING ASS - well we got it. Today we are releasing the teaser poster and soon the onslaught will continue with a steady drum beat until June 26th.

I really hope McG fires something back at Michael Bay for that snide comment. This is a battle I would really love to see - McG and his passion versus Michael Bay and his explosions. Hell, I'm excited for this summer just to see how these two movies (and their studios) will fight it out. I think in the end both movies can peacefully co-exist, and that's what will hopefully happen. But I know this isn't the first time I've seen people point out that Terminator Salvation has been stealing the "giant robots" idea right out from under Michael Bay. Then again, I thought most people didn't like Michael Bay? What side are you on?

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Reader Feedback - 134 Comments


Haha oh god, and I thought that the youtube video of Michael Bay ( was just a characature.. perhaps I was mistaken!

Tom Dearsley on Jan 9, 2009


I'm with Michael Bay. Cmon, how can you not, the guy is the most exciting mindless summer popcorn movie director of all time. And in the end it is true, i mean cmon...i wast expecting some crazy machines in Salvation, maybe even a Scarab thing going on, but that thing they showed, it looked like a transformer.

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


I make films with the grace and the tranquility of a trainwreck.

Michael Bay on Jan 9, 2009


a robot directors brawl.

darrin on Jan 9, 2009


HAHAHA...what a great article. I definitely saw the resemblance in the latest Terminator trailer and have thoroughly been enjoying people's comments on this site about it. I think it only makes sense for the first terminators to be big and clunky because as technology teaches us as chipsets evolve they grows smaller and sleeker. I think it was just a coincidence on the part of McG, but funny nonetheless...I'm looking forward to Terminator more this summer so I'm on McG's side on this one and Michael Bay has to pull his head out of his ass and release a trailer if he's so worried about McG stealing his thunder. That should get some arguments rolling ;o)

peloquin on Jan 9, 2009


Terminator looks okay, but forty robots whooping ass? Come on. No contest.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


Hahahaha. Michael Bay all the way.

Gab on Jan 9, 2009


My respect to both, but I'm alongside Michael Bay on this one! I think he's a kick ass action director! πŸ™‚ Long live the Autobots!

Spider on Jan 9, 2009


@1 Know what's the problem with doing parodies, and making fun of Michael Bay? Michael Bay already makes fun of himself.

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


terminators aren't robots... they are cybernetic organisms i thought that transformers 1 wasn't that exciting... too little robot time (and meagen fox), too much LaBeouf

Janny on Jan 9, 2009


#11...don't be such a nerd...robots ARE cybernetic organisms ;-p

peloquin on Jan 9, 2009


I'm a fan of both Transformers and the Terminator series, but Michael Bay does have a point on this one. Like alot of other folks, I plan to see both Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation so I hope that both movies kick some serious ass. I wonder in the Terminator trailer if that big robot is one of the early versions of the HKs (HunterKillers) Reese talked about in the first Terminator movie. Could be. Ok now here's a question who would win if Skynet fought the Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons. I think it would be one hell of a fight. Whole lot of Ka-Boom.

Larry King on Jan 9, 2009


All I have to say is shut the hell up Michael Bay. I never in my life associated (even after the Terminator trailer) Terminator with Transformers. Terminator has a way better story line and always has. I will go see both but he just needs to chill out and make better movies with better more cohesive plots.

Lee on Jan 9, 2009


Well you got a franchise driven down the drain (Terminator) vs. an eagerly awaited sequel. Which one is going to be more successeful is pretty much a no-brainer for me especially when the latest terminator is set in the future. I mean come on, T flicks were all about Arnie and Terminators beating crap out of normal clueless folks in modern times, not about the supposed to be war in near future. Compare that to some japanese-animated transforming giant vehicles and Megan Fox boobage.

Shige on Jan 9, 2009


The Michael Bay parodies and self-parodies are BOTH ... AWESOME. Question for Alex: the "PASSION" of McG? Are you referring to Charlie's Angels, full throttle?

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


Go michael! Not that tirminator looks great but that will be this years Indy 4 and t2 will be the dark knight!

Cheater on Jan 9, 2009


There both gonna be awesome, but just cause theres a big robot in terminator dont mean shit. Plus terminator was originally about robots so was transformers and #13 transformers would step on the those little skeletons like a tin can.

Cody on Jan 9, 2009


If I was McG, I wouldn't be personally offended. It's the set design they were going for. Blame the CGI artists. Plus the marketing has a bit of a fault in the matter... they should withhold that shit (for once) for when you're actually watching the movie.

will smith as hancock to the rescue! on Jan 9, 2009


I don't understand where the giant robots came from? In Cameron's films there were airborne bots and human-like ground forces bots. Hell, even in the movie we dare not mention (Terminator 3), there weren't any robots. If the Bay-wannabe's keep going we'll soon have giant robots in Alien films or maybe giant robots in Harry Potter. It's pretty obvious that McG is trying to ride the Transformer robot wagon. It drives me nuts when prequels deviate from the established mythology.

Defeatedfrog on Jan 9, 2009


Michael. Bay. Forever.

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 9, 2009


Michael. Bay. Ballbag.

Crapola on Jan 9, 2009


While McG surely has let us all down with the Charlie's Angels bombs, you've really got to take into account that Christian Bale doesn't just show up to any old movie. Spanning his entire career, Bale has really amassed quite the array of roles and showed us his prowess over these roles to the tee. Summing it all up: If Christian Bale signs on to something, you gotta expect it to be pretty kickass in the script department. With Michael Bay you can expect big budgets and silly scripts. Both being popcorn movies, you can still expect a decent storyline out of T4. That's where my money is going

Pixelblink on Jan 9, 2009


Neither, they both suck

KyB on Jan 9, 2009


@23 Reign of Fire was amazing wasn't it? Harsh Times... Equilibrium. I like him, he is an actor that looks like he works to do stuff, he's not the most talented actor, but he's good. And yes, he has a face/physique that allow him to be a star, to be an action movie kind of guy, and it's cool that he can deliver both the action and the acting. But let's not oversell the guy. T4 could turn out a piece of crap. Let's hope not, i like what i see in the trailers.

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


I was surprised by Bay's comment yesterday, and couldn't resist but to write my own article on it yesterday on Sci Fi Scoop. Of course, I can't say it sticks up for Transformers in any way....

Darren albert on Jan 9, 2009


I do suppose we have to expec t that T4 will definitely have better ACTING than Fallen. So it's: -Stellar production, action, popcorn & sexplosions Vs. -So so directing, excellent acting, most likely run of the mill script, w/ Danny Elfman's score. Pride always precedes the Fall. Looks like, overall, it might not be that great a summer for movies after all. Especially considering what an amazing season we've had in '08. And I absolutely REFUSE to put Transformers OR T2 in any category approaching Dark Knight status. But who knows. Lord knows I hope McG surprises me.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


We will have Watchmen soon enough though. And, knowing the comic book, and how people say it's a almost page to page kind of faithfulness that Snyder is bringing into the big screen....i would say we already have a movie, with a more interesting take on Super Heroes in real life than TDK.

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


McG will surprise all the doubters. The difference is in the passion that McG so clearly has for his films. Unless The Island was his passion project the way We Are Marshall was McG's, everyone will see McG's not in it for the cash the way the same way Bay is.

yourmom on Jan 9, 2009


I like Terminator more but I hate both directors.

BahHumbug on Jan 9, 2009


The robots in Transformers are well done effects, but they merely digital cartoons for kids where Terminater robots will be realistic, grity and violent for the grown ups. Michael Bay sits at the kids table with his Transformers, while McG sits with the big boys. Transformers had great effects, but the movie itself blew chunks!

Jer on Jan 9, 2009


I think both movies are going to be great. But Transformer2 is the shit! Period! Honest to god, that is the only movie I'm really looking forward to this year. I love Michael Bay movies because its guaranteed entertainment(badboys,therock, etc). god knows I love the terminator2 but the series should have died there!

ricky047 on Jan 9, 2009


i chose terminator, because is a darker film, besides, since the first terminator we've seen these big robots destroying everything, McG didn't steal the transformers idea, the idea of big machines was planted since the first terminator, yes, transformers is older than terminator, but the movies are diferent. terminator all the way

yeahsure on Jan 10, 2009


Michael Bay all the WAY!!!! One of the best directors of all time!!!!

Bounca on Jan 10, 2009


The first Transformers movie had a great deal of potential in both the storyline and the robot-battle action stakes, but let’s be honest, it was a dud. The robot action sequences were all performed with a shaky camera style that made it difficult to really see what was happening and which effectively ruined the action of the film. With chronic action sequences, the story wasn’t sufficient to hold it up on its own. The only thing that held it all together was the absolutely brilliant score by Steve Jablonsky (who, incidentally, will also be scoring Transformers 2).

Darren albert on Jan 10, 2009


Terminator 4 all the way. Michael Bay has passed his time after Bad Boys 2. Every movie is the same :crappy plot covered by explosions!! In Transformers 1, we saw how he just "mixed" scenes from his own movies together and made a $$$ making movie. I think in Transformer 2, he will do the same thing and disguise by all the robots again. I will watch both movie but leaning liking T4 more. Some one talk me a funny story about Michael Bay. There's a friend of friend which works for a production house that did stuff for Pirate of the Caribbean & Transformer. Gore Verbinski told the production house very precisely of what he wants with all the CGI ie with proper industry terminology. Michael Bay went into the production house and told them "Make the robot fight like NINJA"

Joe C. on Jan 10, 2009


I'm Michael Bay's fan since THE ROCK. Can't stop now. Go Michael Bay!!!!!!!!

JoeG on Jan 10, 2009


Your film is covered from an elevated position, McG. I'm not gonna ask you again. Don't do anything stupid. No-one has to die here. Terminator Salvation? You call it what you want! You're down there, we're up here! You walked into the wrong goddamn robot movie, McG!

General Hummel on Jan 10, 2009


Lol @ comment 38 using 'we.' Both movies will be good, but there was no need at that swipe from Bay.

Annon on Jan 10, 2009


My biggest concern with the big robot in the Terminator Salvation trailer is that its a sub optimal design for a killing machine (or a harvester, which it may be). The only reason for a machine to have two legs, two arms and a head is to try to pass as human, which this huge robot obviously doesn't do. So, why design a huge robot imitating a human? Answer, the kids identifies easier with a human like robot. Thats OK with Transformers (kid movie), but not for a Terminator movie (more adult, hopefully). That said, im a huge Terminator fan, and really hopes Salvation rocks.

Martin on Jan 10, 2009


Anybody notice how the new Revenge poster looks like the Decepticon insignia Maybe it's too obvious

Jaf on Jan 10, 2009


Comment #40: Quote: "My biggest concern with the big robot in the Terminator Salvation trailer is that its a sub optimal design for a killing machine" Lol! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time hahahahaha πŸ˜€

Darren albert on Jan 10, 2009


People is talking about Terminator stealing an idea from Tranformers, if people would go back and watch T2 they will see there was Giant Robots shown in the furture, Correct me if i am wrong but was T2 not made before Transformers. And people didnt seem to realise that in transformers they take the Terminator theme and use it for a brief second, its after the freeway chase, when the 2 robots are fighting under the bridge. I loved Transformers 1 but Michael Bay is putting me of the franchise because he's taking shots of a franchise i love ( TERMINATOR ) Roll on Salvation.

David on Jan 10, 2009


I don't care, personally i think both movies will be good and the terminater had massive machines since the first movie, its just that now it can be more realized with better computer technology. I hope both movies do good even though i think Michael Bays a douchbag he can make a good transformers.

BadKarma on Jan 10, 2009


I'm with Michael Bay on this one, I think hes a great action movie director despite what all the haters think of him.

TigerClaw on Jan 10, 2009


Michael Bay's tha fucking shit

turd burglar on Jan 10, 2009


the both suck big time

bltzie on Jan 10, 2009


Michael Bay doesn't own giant robots, okay? He's a little bitch who needs to get slapped. His movies are novelty items not worth their weight in plastic. Bad Boys II is completely entertaining because it is so ridiculously racist and exploitative and has bad ass action scenes. But his films offer no real cinematic value. McG is also known for his popcorn shit. But at least he attempts to make interesting, clever and funny characters in his films, and even did a foray into a straight football drama last year. Both of them make pretty terrible films, so let them have their giant robots. Transformers was terrible, as was Terminator 3. The Terminator franchise was dead more than 10 years ago. Transformers was a bunch of kiddie toys, and the film's only use is to sell more toys and DVD's. No redeemable value. That being said, I'll pay to see them in the theatres, as I like guilty pleasure VFX-stravagzas as much as the next person, but I can legitimize my opinion by saying I watch Tarkovsky, Wong Kar Wai, Godard, Truffaut, Bertollucci and would prefer and of those directors real films any day of the week.

LINKFX on Jan 10, 2009


bay makes semi entertaining eye candy movies..and the point of using a robot as some sort of theft from him OR transformers????? first of all, transformers existed forever WITHOUT ANYTHING to do with bay, what just because he got the director job he is NOW somehow the authority on transformers??? He had NOTHING to do with their size and the argument that McG is using "transformers sized robots"is so far fetched..maybe some of the younger folk here might agree but I hate to break it to you..uh transformer sized Mechs existed far before transformers hit the scene!!! when i saw the trailer for Terminator salvation, I thought "Mechs" not "Bay" and his Mtv eyecandy blockbuster "crap" I hope The Fallen is much better than the first as I could only watch the first one once and shuddered many times at the fluff that was nothing more than an extended toy commercial.

lando on Jan 10, 2009


Michael Bay gets ragged on for the lack of plot and YET most of the same peeps could care less for a plot and want action in Stallone's "The Expendables". (Yes, I've read those threads and posts too.) A little IRONY to balance things out I guess. The fickle tastes of the fanboys!!!!

Blue Silver on Jan 10, 2009


wow a pissing contest against who's robots what, first off Terminator and Transformers are in the smae genere and what woud the new terminator be without a big fucking robot, I mean as long as dosen't talk I'll be okay, but come on Bay is good McG will hopefilly be good, so why does it matter?!

xerxerxex on Jan 10, 2009


McG can go suck a nut, I haven't liked any of his movies yet

alphaeden on Jan 10, 2009


#3 - you're awesome...great comment. I'm with Michael Bay. If I have to pay $10.50 for a movie, $10 for some snacks, and another $9 bucks for parking (downtown Chicago), I want to see a BUNCH of stuff blow up, some excitement and just some plain fun. Bring it, MB!!!

Bry from Chi on Jan 10, 2009


Well I'm sure the Terminater will do well but It's past it's time. It was more of a 90's thing. And I don't find it as interestings as Transformers. Plus I like Michael Bay's directing. It's pretty unique. And his CGI is awsome! I personally hope that Transformers is the top grosser for this year!

The_Phantom on Jan 10, 2009


lol, trust michael bay to think he has the monopoly on a specific size of robot... funny how he says this and releases a poster that looks a hell of a lot like (the much cooler) terminator salvation poster i only say this because i find michael bay hilarious in a chuck norris kind of way, i'm way more excited about tformers 2: revenge of the fox than i can make myself about terminator

fanboy d on Jan 10, 2009


if saw the above picture of the robot and didn't know what it was from the only movie that would pop into my mind would be transformers because it looks so similar to the concept style from the first transformers movie, and i agree with #40, what would be the point of having a giant humanoid robot in the terminator universe? from what ive seen so far i dont really like McG's vision of terminator

heyooo on Jan 10, 2009


At least McG's giant ass-kicking robot makes some sense and doesn't defy the basic laws of common sense and turn into a car or airplane. Michael Bay is ridiculous.

Farris on Jan 10, 2009


I guess no one else can make a movie with a big robot in it becouse Bay did it. No one else can use a meteor or a jail on a little island or cops in Miami becouse he made a movie with them in it. His ego is bigger them any robot or explosion in any movie. what a tool.

dan on Jan 10, 2009


Who cares. Both movies will be entertaining.

Matthew Anderson on Jan 10, 2009


If you're going to shee Transhformersh 2, don't forget to wear Shalvation in your hair!

Mason on Jan 10, 2009


Hey, I've just noticed that Terminator: Salvation has people in it. So does Fallen! McG just keeps on copying Bay! Please, come on! πŸ˜€ On a serious note, the comments on this article are hilarious. My robot is better than your robot!!!!

Darren albert on Jan 10, 2009


WTF?? get off it!!! MY robot is WAY BETTER than your robot!!!! Bay is a giant transforming toolbox. feedback #2 put Bay best as "mindless summer popcorn movie director"...and thats about it.. not that every movie needs to be some esoteric deep meaning movie..but it'd be nice if they would appeal to more than an average elementary school boy

prjct13 on Jan 10, 2009


I guess Micheal Bay forgot that the Terminator has had giant-sized robots since the beginning? We all remember the flashbacks from the first Terminator, right? And the T2 intro bit? If Transformers 2 is a good as the first one, I will not be going to see it. The first one might have been a decent movie if he hadn't kept insulting my intelligence every five minutes. "We gave you a hint at what is about to happen two scenes ago. Then we gave you some more, fairly obvious hints in the last scene. For those of you still not on the same page, we will now have a character spell it out for you." And lets not forget the awkward masturbation dialogue and pee jokes. I mean, you get handed the job of writing a movie about giant robots from space smashing shit up, and you keep allowing it to get sidetracked by goofy shit like that? Bumblebee was the only decent character in that movie, and they fucked that up at the end by having him talk. It's fairly ironic when the only mute character in your movie who spends most of his time as a car has more personality than pretty much all of the other characters combined. I seriously hated that movie. Came >this< close to walking out after the second pee joke. Nothing against big dumb action movies at all, but Bay pretty much assumes we are all morons. I personally find it insulting when the people making a movie assume I'm borderline retarded. I don't know why people don't speak up about shit like that. It one of the main reasons you have studios like FOX making nothing but shit like Disaster Movie and bankrolling Uwe Boll's garbage. But then again, those movies make a ton of money. Maybe they're on to something.

Squiggly on Jan 10, 2009


Wondering if that giant robot in Terminator could NUKE THE FRIDGE.

FlaWiio on Jan 10, 2009


In the end TF2 will win cause it will make far more money . Thats what movies are made for , money . BTW The new Transfromers movie may have come out after Termminator's movies but the cartoon came out first . Either way I have giants robots in movies way back when i was a kid so no biggie but yes the design seems like a nod towards TF. My big thing is a few years ago everyone was so mad at Terminator 3 that every fan was pretty bashing the shit out of it and now that they sign on Christian Bale everyone jumps back on the band wagon . Transformers on the other has a cult following that those in Terminator world could only dream of . I waited for years upon years upon years for a live action Transformers movie . After the first Transformation i had this huge smile that no other movie since the first Jurassic Park ever could make me have . I will prolly go see both But TF2 is in a different league for fan base . And yes it has a more kid friendly base but dont forget it's based ona toy line geez . As for the person who was whining about robots that transform not being real . Please dont go see any movies ever becase guess what there all fake ! Like Terminator is real? Ah im scared Robots are gonna enslave us . Thank god Batman will save us right?

Superchyle on Jan 10, 2009


I'll probably like Terminator story and movie over all but Im sure TF2 will be an effects extravaganza. TF2 story and characters a bit kiddy for me.

JimD on Jan 10, 2009


Transformers fanboys will just give Bay more cash to bang hot girls with. He's okay with that!

avoidz on Jan 11, 2009


Oh great... the World Movie Federation. Really, the movies will be hyped enough; we don't need a grudge match, between two hack directors.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Jan 11, 2009


Oh I don't know, a grudge match between these directors could turn out to be more entertaining than both movies combined πŸ˜€

Darren albert on Jan 11, 2009


LOL anyone think its funny that people are attacking Michael Bay to defend....McG?? ya, Michael Bay is good at big flashy movies with explosions and shotty dialogue......oh wait?? isnt that what McG does in his movies?? McG is a 2nd or 3rd rate Michael Bay..

Mike on Jan 11, 2009


I just hope Bay won't show the lips of Optimus again!!! Don't know why people still want to defend Bay for what he done to Transformers. Why did he have to made them into IDIOTS!!!? Movie being entertaining is important but when it ruin the essence of what the movie is about, it will suck.

Joe C. on Jan 11, 2009


That Michael Bay is a sad clueless child. Does Bay think that he or for that matter, Transformers invented Giant robots genre? The Terminator universe have always had giant robots in it. For those who did not know these facts are those children who thinks that their great Mr. Bay and Transformers invented the Giant robots. Bay makes one decent movie which by the way, is a stupid cartoon which Bay said so himself, and now he thinks he's so awesome enough to take a shot on a movie that will most likely pwned his.

The Fury on Jan 11, 2009


Yes Michael Bay, you alone invented giant robots. The concept of mecha, mechs, giant robots, robotic war machines, and any other derivative therein never existed before Transformers, and certainly not before you brought them to the screen with a big budget. Tool.

YK on Jan 11, 2009


lol... thats so true, both McG and Bay are pretty weak overall. but here we are writing about them.. and every single last person on this thread has at some point handed over money to them and most of us here will at some point this year watch BOTH of these movies.. so the jokes on us!

lando on Jan 11, 2009


Lol at Bay for his childish and stupid comments... Bay had no idea what he's talking about. As for McG, he haven't proved himself yet as an established director. But McG is really passionate about making Terminator: Salvation. Also he managed to grab casts like Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Ironside, Bryce Dallas Howard and also writers Jonathan Nolan, Shawn Ryan and Paul Haggis to polish the screenplay...credits to all that. McG and Terminator: Salvation for the win.

Man With No Name on Jan 11, 2009


Is Michael Bay serious when he write that? So now no one can make a movie about giant robots anymore without his permission. What a douche!

The Letter S on Jan 11, 2009


Poor Bay. Sounds like jealousy to me.

JJ on Jan 11, 2009


Does this means Bay would not approved of upcoming movies like Robotech and Voltron without whining? Does he not know that giant robots concept had existed way before Transformers? And does he realised that the official teaser poster for Transformers Revenge is almost identical To Terminator Salvation poster that was released months ago? So who's duplicating who?

Suzuki on Jan 11, 2009


Both directors sucks. But I'm on McG side for now. Terminator Salvation had more pros than cons right now. Bay makes the Transformers act like retards in the first Transformers movie. Even Optimus Prime the supposed badass leader of Autobots was dumb down.

Uncle Bob on Jan 11, 2009


After reading most comments, i think the title of the article should changed to "Take That Michael Bay - Terminator Fans/Giant Robots Fans take a shot at the clueless Bay who thought he invented Giant Robots!"

Optimistic Fan on Jan 11, 2009


Michael Bay is only focused on giant explosions and such. He is an absolute hack, falling into every chliche when it comes to actual story telling and emotional apeal. At least the Terminator saga has an actually intelectual-stimulating plot to it. However, I haven't seen any of McG's films, and Transformers was good. I just want both films to peacefully co-exist, but if I had to pick a side, it would be Terminator.

Ajax on Jan 11, 2009


Well... the Giant Terminator robot is informed by the fact giant live-action robots are now feasible to a high visual standard because of Transformers. So.... Bay is correct in some ways. It's possible we would have seen one giant Terminator anyway without Transformers. But the point is.. McG came after. And that's a fact. Being second to market means you are fair game for people who want to call you a copycat.

SS on Jan 11, 2009


Sorry. Transformers was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. No interest.

Kevin on Jan 11, 2009


McG is a wannabe. Michael Bay is a proven action director. He made live action Transformers a reality.

Adam on Jan 11, 2009


Transforminator!!!! Bring it on!

Jack on Jan 11, 2009


I'll take pleasure in gutting your robot movie, Boy!

Bay-Hired Mercenary on Jan 12, 2009


Well the Terminator series hit the silver screen first, and it's a natural progression that as SkyNet starts gaining ground that its spawns would get bigger. But... unlike the machine gun motorcycles, a bi pedal robot wouldn't be very practical. To easy to knock over. Maybe with more legs in the form of a scarab (as suggested by Darunia #2) In the end though, this nerd rage fueled war can only benefit both movies. And irregardless of it I was planning on seeing both movies.

Mr. Web Based Training on Jan 12, 2009


Did Michael Bay seriously just attack a movie that had huge flying robots and tanks back in the FUCKING 80S, when he was making fucking TV commercials? Get real, guys. It's Terminator.

jim on Jan 12, 2009


"nerd rage fueled war" I love it hahahaha. Personally I think the best comment so far was #85 with "Transforminator!!!" I say we forget the Michael Bay/McG thing and get Uwe Bolle to make the movie: Transforminator: The Bumbled McBay Chronicles πŸ˜€

Darren albert on Jan 12, 2009


Robots aside, I don't trust McG to take a brilliant story like Terminator and do it justice. Terminator's presence has a lot to do with its story. Its beyond a popcorn movie. I hate how they've butchered Cameron's tale.

Ostilad on Jan 12, 2009


Oh, this is brutal. I totally love Terminator and Transformers. Inner turmoil. It kills.

Nikki on Jan 13, 2009


On another note, I totally don't like where Michael Bay went with the first one-- it was great as that movie. Totally different from everything else the series has established, but loveable. McG is a bit of a joke to me. Charlie's Angels? I still don't know.

Nikki on Jan 13, 2009


come on micheal bay gave us some astounding movies transformers was the pinnacle of his carrer mcg gave us also some great movies in my books they r both fantastic directors both of there upcoming movies will definatley wow us all

danny on Jan 15, 2009


From what ive seen Terminator salvation is a bullshit rip off of transformers and doesnt seem to follow any of its previous films. It will suck because it has no Arnold and is set around the plot of a terminator who is the nxt model of the terminator from the first film forced to work with connor to survive. Although i would have wanted a trailer for transformers earlier than Febuary 1st but bay is making good sense. He sees the competition and increases scenes or adds more effects to the trailer to make it better. He is a much better director than any of Mcg`s work! As for plot i give Terminator 5 points And i givet Transformers Revenge of the fallen 3 points! Terminator had a good plot and if they can stay close to the fanbase it might work but seriously bikes with no riders? That is used in TF ROTF (Copying arcee) The huge robot is obviously a take on the matrix and transformers. Transformers ROTF`s plot isnt as good a plot as it is basicly about Hieroglyphics showing Helicopters and cars and jets which alludes to transformers (How come they can be these shapes if it is in ancient egypt and the transformers scan objects to change shape?) The film concludes with a fight between Decepticons, Autobots and The Fallen (A servant of a giant robot planet eater)

Scorpio on Jan 15, 2009


All i gotta say is i plan to se both Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2 and im not goin to say one is better than the other cause they're two different franchises i grew up watching. this is just my opinion to all the nay sayers, dont bash a movie before you see it, thats being childish. if you go, just sit back and and enjoy the film, if not leave before the ending credits.

the punisher on Jan 15, 2009


transformers robots in

ronnie42 on Jan 16, 2009


Is this really interesting news? Two terrible directors talking about whatever abortion's they're releasing next summer? It's like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba argueing over who's gonna win an oscar first... pointless.

Dead Disco on Jan 17, 2009


Actually, I thought McG's terminator looked a lot like Robocop2's Kane!!

Albinolevine on Jan 19, 2009


Given how utterly atrocious the first Transformers was, and how terrible a director Michael Bay is, I'm not wasting my time or money on Transformers 2. And I was hopeful for the new Terminator until I learned that McG was directing it. What happened to all the GOOD action directors?

shingallon on Jan 19, 2009


"robots kicking ass" ...we got that? I seem to remember the climatic bit of Prime and Megatron's throwdown CUTTING AWAY TO SHIA CUDDLING SOME CUBOID MACGUFFIN UNDER A BIT OF WRECKAGE

tahrey on Jan 20, 2009


So, um, Michael Bay invented the concept of giant, kick-arse robots? This is absolute bullshit. Transformers was rubbish. The robots looked cool but the film was crap. Let's look at it this way; The new Terminator film is set in a future where robots/machines rule the world and have developed thousands/millions of different models. Wouldn't it be kind of (I hate to use the word but...) unrealistic if there weren't some robots that were really big? I mean, it's not like they decided to make a fourth Terminator film just so they could create a vehicle to compete with Michael Bay and his jive-talking, Shia Lebeouf-protecting, multi-coloured giant robots... or is it? NAH!!!

Boggy on Jan 22, 2009


Hmmmmmmm,sounds like Mikie's afraid of a little,say competition ay? First of all,who died and made him the king of giant bots? Terminator had the giant bots first ,remember dude? Don't get your panties all in a bunch,I think Terminator Salvation will be an early summer hit,and for cryin out loud,give McG a freakin chance,don't judge before you see the finished product,and besides,it's about damn time that someone had the ballz to step up to the plate and attempt to erase T3 from our collective memories once and for all.GO Terminator Salvation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BaleGroupie#1 on Jan 24, 2009


Everyone in here stickin up for Michael Bay saying this is going to be this years Dark Knight is obviously retarded. Lets see Terminator Salvation is written by Jonathan Goyer what did he write this past year oh yeah right Dark Knight, and who was in the Dark Knight oh yeah Christian Bale who someday might be remembered as the best actor of our time who at first when approached by McG told him to F*** off, but after reading the scrip signed on to do 3 Terminator movies. Transformers has Ehren Kruger as writer now who is he well he wrote Blood and Chocolate, and Brothers Grimm now for those of you who dont remember those movies were both made in the last 5 years and spent about 2 days in theater and whys that cause the stories sucked. Then you have shia Lableuf the grown up version on the Jonas Brothers still riding his disney channel fame, and thats why Bay cast him because there are tons of 20 year old girls that if they have no interest in Transformers go and see every Shia Lableuf movie. McG when this is all said and done is going to have the last laugh he is going to become a sought after director who people want to work with if Transformers were movies made with a good story they would have good writers lining up to get involved with them. Dark knight changed the way movies will be made forever, Transformers 2 is going to be the same as Tranformers with a couple new robots. I guarantee just as TDK's story made us want more Batman Terminator Salvation is going to be 80% story setting up the next 2 movies making us leave the theater thinking that was a great movie, not just great explosions. Michael Bay is shaking in his boots because he knows Transformers is going to be a thing of the past when the two movies are compared at the end of the summer.

dell on Jan 24, 2009


Everyone in here stickin up for Michael Bay saying this is going to be this years Dark Knight is obviously retarded. Lets see Terminator Salvation is written by Jonathan Goyer what did he write this past year oh yeah right Dark Knight, and who was in the Dark Knight oh yeah Christian Bale who someday might be remembered as the best actor of our time who at first when approached by McG told him to F*** off, but after reading the scrip signed on to do 3 Terminator movies. Transformers has Ehren Kruger as writer now who is he well he wrote Blood and Chocolate, and Brothers Grimm now for those of you who dont remember those movies were both made in the last 5 years and spent about 2 days in theater and whys that cause the stories sucked. Then you have shia Lableuf the grown up version on the Jonas Brothers still riding his disney channel fame, and thats why Bay cast him because there are tons of 20 year old girls that if they have no interest in Transformers go and see every Shia Lableuf movie. McG when this is all said and done is going to have the last laugh he is going to become a sought after director who people want to work with if Transformers were movies made with a good story they would have good writers lining up to get involved with them. Dark knight changed the way movies will be made forever, Transformers 2 is going to be the same as Tranformers with a couple new robots. I guarantee just as TDK's story made us want more Batman Terminator Salvation is going to be 80% story setting up the next 2 movies making us leave the theater thinking that was a great movie, not just great explosions. Michael Bay is shaking in his boots because he knows Transformers is going to be a thing of the past when the two movies are compared at the end of the summer.

steve on Jan 24, 2009


Well, I am with Mike. McG has hacked everything he has touched. Charlie's Angels was just stupid and he ruined Terminator with T3. Making John Connor age 15 years over just a 10 year gap between T2 and T3. And his explanation was just retarded for the age descrepencie. SO I guess JOhn should be like 90 in T4.

Ron Pant on Jan 27, 2009


My opinion is that Transformers 2 is going to sell lots and lots of tickets, many more tickets than Terminator 4 will. I loved the first 2 Terminator movies, and saw them in the theater when they were originally released, but, it is a "Been there, done that" kind of concept that has pretty much run it's course, especially after the 3rd movie, in my opinion. While both movies this summer will involve a lot of running, and action scenes, and explosions etcetera, the Transformers idea is a much more fresh concept that is only just beginning it's potential for future story ideas. The Terminator movies will always be about Skynet trying to build better robots to rid mankind from existing, and the Human survivors struggling to survive against technology run amuk, yada, yada, yada. Nowadays, If I'm going to pay to see robots on the big screen interacting with Humans, I want to see them transform into cool-looking jets and cars and things, and battle each other big-time. On the other hand, I can wait to rent out T4.

Daniel Walimaa on Jan 28, 2009


The first Transformers movie was boring. Terminator 3 was mediocre. I'm not really interested in either movie. Bay and McG seem to be flip sides of the same coin.

Dan Zee on Jan 29, 2009


Apparently the majority of people posting here seem to forget that Terminator came out in 1984. Michael Bay is a complete idiot for saying something like that, but it wouldn't be the first time... Bottom line is, as far as terminator mythology, we really haven't seen enough of the early post J-Day robots/machines to really talk about it much. What we do know though is that the 'terminators' like Arnie (T-800) weren't even created til long after J-Day had happened. Basically, the early machines are going to be a lot more basic, and robot like, and less like a cyborg. I think for the machines to take out the remaining humans early post J-Day would honestly need something that large just because of the fact that the human resistance is probably going to be a lot larger because less of them have been killed at this point. (Obviously not better resistance w/o the help of john connor, but just more of them) Just my opinion... and I do like Michael Bay movies, but as far as real story, acting etc goes ina movie, Transformers really really blows. Good special effects, but that's about it. I honestly think there's a pretty good chance that Transformers 2 will be a pretty bad movie. The honey moon phase for Transformers is over. Actually make a movie with a good story instead. Not to mention that Bay apparently penned the screen play itself, which is just scary to me.

Heh on Jan 30, 2009


WTF! So Mr. Bay is taking credit for giant robots now? I really liked the transformers movie, but it could have been alot better, not the fighting or the explosions those were great( more of them would of been nice) but the cheesy factor with sector 7 (uughhh). Any way there have been many anime series from Robotech to Gundam that introduced the idea of giant robots. Fans have been waiting to see these type of robots on the screen for a long time ever since I was a kid I've waited, Michael Bay did a great job bringing those robots to life and I like alot of his movies, but he does not have the exclusive right to giant robots... Bring on Robotech!!!!

steelo on Jan 31, 2009


Fuck You 109! sector 7 is the shit!!!!!!! and Fuck roBotEcH FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Formun on Jan 31, 2009


At the end of the day lets try and remember: Terminator 3 sucked the ass of T1 and T2. While the talk of tech shrinking as it improves is all valid, I don't think that robot could've posibly stood a chance at being designed if the concept artists hadn't been watching Mikes Transformers even as they did the sketches. But we can't blame McG... Caus at the end of the day, when that concept artist showed him the massive freaking robot, he thought it was a great idea. Know why? Caus massive freaking robots are cool. And Michael Bay made us remember that before McG came around... My votes with Mike.

Adam on Feb 1, 2009


oh come on mr bay now you show how jealous and he thinks hes the only one who was thinking about giant robots and now he does such a childish act like a boy who's fighting ower some toys if so mr bay ; then Wachowski brothers should take a shot on you because matrix 3 or even japanes so if i were him i would left this Judgment for people......

pj on Feb 1, 2009


Im gonna go ahead and agree with 108

Redstrine on Feb 1, 2009


LMAO @ Fuelbot's comment(6). It does kinda look..."Transformy", hahaha! I think they should both be decent. I think Transformers 2 will be better but The Terminator movies have not been bad yet on the other hand. Should be a good summer is all I gotta say. πŸ˜€

CoryCow on Feb 2, 2009


"McG and his passion"? πŸ˜†

Manfred Powell on Feb 2, 2009


This is funny, but have you heard the audio of Christian Bale going F'ING NUTS on set!!? You have to hear it if you have not. The Rake

The Rake on Feb 2, 2009


I'm with Bay on this one. I've been waiting for both Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation but since when did Terminater contain big robots? It's bad enough stealing an idea but loosing such a great, already established film (Terminater) just sucks. Bay's won this one, he has a right to be pissy and jealous. It's his 'thing'!

Shelbie on Feb 3, 2009


Both of these directors are some of the cheesiest directors in action, etc. TRANSFORMERS was the first movie I even liked by Michael Bay, as I thought all his movies before were beyond cheesy. McG is the new king of cheese. James Cameron, Alex Proyas and Ridley Scott these guys are not. ...still, I was a bit put off by the giant robots in the new Terminator movie. I don't want to see any Transformers in my Terminator movies.

ohbrother on Feb 3, 2009


Man, don't make me take sides. They both rock. If I had to chose though, I'd take Terminator because it was cutting edge when it came out, produced rock solid sequels, and has stood the test of time. It even spawned a governor of California! I wonder if Arnie will do a cameo? He did say "he'd be back!" ~ Steve, aka trade show displays

steve, trade show displays on Feb 6, 2009


It's blowing my mind that this thread is still going hahaha. I must admit, I'm loving it! That said, my view on Transformers 2 shifted slightly more into the favorable side with the recent new trailer. It's only 31 seconds long, but if the movie is more of that and less of what Transformers 1 was, maybe a trip to the cinema instead of the DVD store might be on the cards.

Darren Albert on Feb 6, 2009


When I first saw the preview for Transformers I thought it was going to be a dark movie. Instead the movie turned out to be nothing more than cheesy lines and bad acting. With the Terminator franchise we all know where has been going since 1984. Everybody wants to see the story of John Connor leading the war between man verses machine. I really believe that they are going to get it right. no matter what you like....enjoy your popcorn folks.

alex on Feb 13, 2009



Michael Reid on Feb 16, 2009


I don't need to see any photos or trailers to know that Terminator Salvation will be a FAR superior film than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Michael Bay is a hack. When you look at Salvation you have Christian Bale for Christ sake and Sam Worthington is in there too. Last of all look at Bay's track record (i know McG isn't fantastic himself) but Bay has made some awful films in terms of quality. That's my two cents anyway.

d1rEct on Feb 20, 2009


Everytime I think this thread has died, up it pops again. Both Bay and McG have put this to rest but it seems the rest of us can't lol.

Darren Albert on Feb 20, 2009


Does anyone find it funny that either of these directors are talking about originality? Bay didn't create Transformers from his head McG didn't create Terminator either They both took an existing story and made a movie about it.....not really that creative

Scott on Feb 21, 2009


While since the Terminator franchise has been live action films first, and we saw the futuristic machines in the first film only a Gay-Bay-Slave would claim them ripping off Transformers.

BJB Digital on Feb 21, 2009


Im with the BAy. Terminator is not about big robots. It's about HK's and 800's and body builders killing people. universal studios had the T3000? that was the bigest terminator james cameron had to deal with. Terminators endo skeletons are clean and shiny. Futuristic and hi-tech. Robust and un-creature like that was the contrast. Thats what was so amazing is you had this humanoid that when the flesh is taken away a beautiful shiney robot is revealed. Terifiying but beautiful! ANd NOTHING CAN STOP IT UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD! They can't be reasoned with. I wish that they kept the shiney cool look insted of the rusty, creature transformer look. terminator 4 could be really good. the story has a lot of flexibilty to work with. Anyway thats all i have to say.. and Oh Yeah, Cyborgs don't feel pain!

yomama on Mar 2, 2009


oh and movies always rip off of each other! thats because people like to see the same thing over and over again. thus you have transformer sized terminators. people watch the same idea recycled over and over again and they don't even know it. oh and if E.T. was a robot he would be W.A.L.L.Y. see !

yomama on Mar 2, 2009


i know i'm late posting on this, but are you all insane? michael bay is a joke. i don't give a crap if he fills his movie with 120 minutes of robot action, he'll never come close to having a character with as much depth and purpose as John Conor. michael bay has no grasp of character or story or dialogue - you cannot convince me that a movie is good just because it has a lot of explosions. and by the latest terminator trailer, i am fully convinced it's going to be better than transformers. it may not make more money, but it will be a better movie. i started out wanting to hate the movie, wanting to hate mcg, but jeez, that movie looks amazing. For the last 25 years, we have known about the Terminator mythology. What's the Transformers mythology? A planet full of robot cars and planes? Come on. How lame. terminator is transformers for adults. michael bay is the jar jar binks of cinema. go away michael bay.

jordan on Mar 4, 2009


"michael bay is the jar jar binks of cinema. go away michael bay." Whoah. That has to be the worst insult you can throw at anyone doesn't it?

Darren Albert on Mar 4, 2009


#131 I've heard far worse to the point of wanting to slap them hard enough they'd break thier jaw. Lets make this clear the Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation are the titans are mechanized movies and this is the best of years aside from the Originals. Transformers are massive and rarely human sized until now and Terminators are huge with mininions human size as well. In a fight its draw or lose for both sides and it would be tooth and nail down to the last shot. Heres the answer as a win-win situation, buy both, watch both.

Kore on Mar 6, 2009


Michael Bay.. Big explosions.. Even bigger ego lol

Chris Hurley on Mar 7, 2009


Bay has killed TFs. I can't watch passed the first half of the film. Too clichΓ© and cheesy. His action is good, but everything else sucks. As for the little childish battle Bay started, he continues to look like a tool. Terminator is a serious Robot movie and not just "giant robots" playing hide-and-you-seek in your mom's backyard. Grow up from the 80's I did...sortta. I guess I shouldn't talk I still draw Garbage Pail Kids.

Luis Diaz on Mar 8, 2009


There is no comparison between both of the films. Besides, Transformers isn't the first giant-robot-movie to ever be done. Terminator all the way, better script, better actors, more epic better ideas. Transformers is popcorn fare for kiddies

Warner Brown on Apr 28, 2009

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