Take That Michael Bay - McG Challenges Him Yet Again?

April 28, 2009


Its been rather quiet on the McG vs Michael Bay front, but all that is about to change. The last time we posted an update on this was in February, when McG went off on Michael Bay, saying that his robots were much more realistic and didn't dance. We never heard a response from Michael Bay, and that's probably because he has been in post-production on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ever since. However, before we even get to hear a response from Bay, McG is backing taking more shots at him via Men's Style. This time, though, he might've hit all-time low, as this is just ridiculous and getting far too out of hand.

"Michael Bay has a big cock," McG says to Men's Style. "But I'd like to believe mine is bigger." McG smiles. "If he's up for it, we can both reveal ourselves on the Spartacus steps at Universal and put the question to rest."

Yes, McG did just say that, believe it or not. The quote, as mentioned, comes from an interview in Men's Style and is brought up right at the end. Sure it was fun hearing McG joke about how his robots don't do "breakdancing and flips and backspins," but now he's gone too far. I don't want to personally see McG and Michael Bay go at it (especially not like this), because each of them is unique and brings their own style to their own movies. Of course, you can expect we'll hear a response from Michael Bay soon enough. I'm sure it'll have something to do with their box office earnings, as that's probably an easy win for Michael Bay.

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mcg aint got shit on Bay, and I'm sorry, he was a bitch for making a pg13 Terminator.

Bo on Apr 28, 2009


What? Why would....are they going to....OMG if they do will they take pic....Oh Man, can this NOT happen please...I feel a my....Oh here it is.....Yup * BARF* Oh shit that was sick...

AllmightyKeim on Apr 28, 2009


This from the guy who brought us such classics as Charlies Angels. No... Say it aint so. btw... shout out to Lucy

mrmr on Apr 28, 2009


Terminator movie + PG-13 = Mcg's small penis and no nut sack

bad movie on Apr 28, 2009


I knew it...they're all f&$@ing utterly pathetic....

angryman on Apr 28, 2009


Coming from a guy who produced such timeless classics as 'Pussycat Dolls Present:', 'The O.C.', and 'The Dan Show', and who directed incredible pieces of cinema such as 'Charlie's Angels', 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle', and 'Cypress Hill: Still Smokin'. What a lineup. McG, just shut your stupid f*cking mouth. Stop being such a child. Sure, Terminator Salvation will probably be a great film, but it will have been your FIRST great film and probably your last.

Jon on Apr 28, 2009



Cody on Apr 28, 2009


Hahahahahaha McG is retarded. What a challenge. I think Bay's got him beat, particularly since McG is a bitch (apparently in everyone's eyes, not just mine) for making TS PG-13.

Sam on Apr 29, 2009


lol @ you guys taking sides, for whatever reason as if you'd be getting paid for it (yea right) it's just a publicity stunt between them 2 to hype up their movies, just like between kanye west and 50 cent.

L1A on Apr 29, 2009


indeed 9 indeed but he made it PG 13 im not siding with Bay as much as wanting to terminate MCG for making it pg 13 (pun totally intended) fucking pussy i mean really what a straight up bitch.

Cody on Apr 29, 2009


Who goes by McG anyway? Only a person with little to no dick wuld go by that professionally. I hope it does come to them at the "Spartacus steps at Universal" Micheal Bay will pull down his pants exposing his "big cock" and McG will pull down his revealing, once and for all, his big pussy, which will then result in micheal bay fucking the shit out of McG.

Steve on Apr 29, 2009


I lol'd at everyone who's taking this seriously. Clearly he's making a sarcy, knowing comment on the jibing that's been going on between them, and the stereotype that conflicts between blokes always come down to who's got the biggest cock. "now he's gone too far" Billington, you're a fool.

Mister_Bubbles on Apr 29, 2009


Relax. It's only movies, Folks. The world will go on.

Dan Walimaa on Apr 29, 2009


#12 - What the heck do I have to do with this? You're right about what McG is saying and I was playing along man, goodness, why drag me in?!

Alex Billington on Apr 29, 2009


#14 Well, only 'cause saying that this has hit an all time low, is getting far too out of hand, and has gone too far, is foolish. He made a cock joke, that's all 😛

Mister_Bubbles on Apr 29, 2009


My cock is the biggest of them all ha ha

masteryoda007 on Apr 29, 2009


A director comparing his cock to another is like 2 midgets debating which is stronger.

L on Apr 29, 2009


My cock is bigger htan Bay and McG put together. Those cunts ain't got nuddin on me.

T900 on Apr 29, 2009


The Director has nothing to say when it comes to ratings!! It's all about the box office...remember how much money Rambo lost because of his rating!! All the 14 year old kids can now watch Terminator!

GM on Apr 29, 2009


Whether or not McG was having a laugh, he's still an idiot. The giant robots in T4 are so CLEARLY derivative of Transformers and stick out like a sore thumb among the franchise's creations. Terminators are all about blending into their environment. 40 ft. robots don't fall into this category. I don't care if it's an "alternate future" or not.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 29, 2009


For those kids saying whos is bigger, have u actually seen McG's and Bay's cock?? Now for Terminator4, having a PG-13 is really not as much, McG wanted it R-rated but the distribution company put it dwn to PG-13. Having to delete many bloody scenes and many more. Atleast is should have been 15.

Mr. COCK on Apr 29, 2009


Two talentless Hollywood hacks getting it on? Break out the popcorn; I'd rather see them comparing cocks than any of their "movies".

Wottock Hunt on Apr 29, 2009


either way transformers and terminator are both PG-13 so this little "cock" reference is all in good fun, and don't forget Bay brought was such classics as Pearl Harbor and Armageddon. AND THOSE WE"RE AWFUL. SHOUT OUT TO BEN AFFLECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DON'T BLAM MCG FOR THE PG13 RATING BLAME WGA THEY ARE TO BLAME FOR BEING THT BIGGEST PANSIES WHO ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY AND NOT GIVE TERMINATOR A RIGHTFUL R RATING AND BESIDES PG13 IS KINDA MORE HARDCORE THAT IT USED TO BE!!!!!!! JUST LOOK AT "INTO THE BLUE" JOSH BROLIN GETS HIS FACE BLOWN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xerxex on Apr 29, 2009


he's just upset because the newest transformer's trailer in front of wolverine makes the movie look an infinite amount of times better then his terminator...but also that TF2 isn't just all action, it needs a story and comedic sense as well...look at the wolverine trailers, they put in little jokes here and there for the movie like "ooo..shiny" and dead pool himself which can hold many things...same thing with iron man where he fell on his cars during testing and kept getting sprayed in case of fire...then in dark knight with the misfire on the far, and i could be wrong, i haven't seen any humor in, not saying it has to have it, but, those three have been some of the more memorable movies in the last two-three years, and worked for all age groups and not just 2-3 age brackets....still, i will probably go watch terminator well as TF2 and hell, let's throw GI Joe in there as well

JL on Apr 29, 2009


thats GAY...plain and simple

Trey on Apr 29, 2009


#20, Yes, CERTAIN terminators are about blending in and infiltrating. Remember the original two films' glimpses of the future with 40 foot tall machines rolling over corpses, and large hunter/killers prowling the nighttime skies? The precedent for excessively large mechanical antagonists was set well before McG had anything to do with the franchise, so the argument that he's doing it just to riff on Transformers or steal some box office from them doesn't _entirely_ hold water. That being said, I'd really rather we not have this immature posturing going on. They're both making movies about killer robots. They've both worked on some... shall we say, less than intellectual projects (McG's are well-documented by other commenters, and where Michael Bay's concerned; most of the dialogue in Transformers was about the breadth of a pubic hair away from being written by a mentally retarded person, and YES, there was completely pointless breakdancing). Stop bickering for the sake of publicity, and just keep making summer blockbusters.

The Devil's Advocate on Apr 29, 2009


Terminator movies arent made for fucking kiddies...the pg 13 is just another widening of there pockets, I know the movies gotta make money especially nowadays but its just risking the reputation of the franchise. Most of the people who just go see movies but arent that 'into' them and dont post on sites like these are going to be very dissappointed to see that there wont be any really bloody action scenes. Maybe im the only one pissed off this much about pg13 but it just seems like its robbing the movie of the brutal dark feeling it needs.

Cody on Apr 29, 2009


A eunich has a bigger dick than Michael Bay. Im not all for McG, but how can you ass-backward tools who support Bay knock a PG-13 movie when you'll shell out dough with your tiny-Bay-hard-ons for another PG-13 movie?!?!

Voice of Reason on Apr 29, 2009


This is gay

Dan W on Apr 29, 2009


im not going to quot about dicks, but i have to say im going to rent Terminator salvation when it comes out on dvd, it makes no sense going to see a terminator film in theatres if james cameron didnt direct.

Darrin on Apr 29, 2009


...I would say at 11" cock's the biggest! for fuck sake!!! TS - is ah PG-13?? Bullshit, but remember so to is T2 (as in Transformers 2). If I were James Cameron, I'd be pissed to see a PG-13 on this. However, effects should make up for the uber-egoed Bale and no cussing!

Dan on Apr 29, 2009


Is it just me or does it seem that this whole talking smack is being exaggerated? If anything, it sounds more like a friendly competition (talking smack included) amongst fellow film makers. Unless, Alex, you really just wanted to spice things up and have fans taking sides. I think both films will be great.

hoohah on Apr 29, 2009


@#20 pg 13 does not mean the movie is a kiddy film also pg-13 does not mean much outside the US. having giant robots in T4 is nothing wrong cause giant robots was in T1,T2 and T2 3-D: Battle Across Time had T-1000000. you say Terminators are all about blending into their environment ok i agree but in the future they never always blend in the environment the first place. remember this hollywood will do some adaptation with giant robot i.e. Robotech and Freedom Formula if they are made you going to compare them with Transformers too.

movieboy on Apr 29, 2009


ever watch Entourage? everyone in the Biz talks like biggie

Bucker on Apr 29, 2009


lol that was kinda hilarious, if I were bay I say it might be bigger but my balls are bigger then his grapes.

Richard on Apr 29, 2009


McG is truly the "Cock" because there is no reason that would let him say that only if Bay did something really bad that would piss him off. There might have been some arguments in the past between both i am not sure but this doesn't give him the right to say that on Bay. This will not end well...

Fisherr on Apr 29, 2009


WTF? McG definitely lost my respect.(not that it would've matter to him) But hey i was a fan , not now.

Dexter on Apr 29, 2009


*Sense of humour* <-- I'll just leave this here

Mister_Bubbles on Apr 29, 2009


I encourage this type of behavior. Why? Well competition is great for the film industry, i hope these two have more fights soon so that they can start one upping each other in future films.

Nikhil Hariharan on Apr 29, 2009


Please everybody mind your own business let McG and Bay have their pissing contest.

xerxex on Apr 29, 2009


Hey man this is really just about box office numbers, whichever movie does better that is whos better at making these movies, because they are just popcorn flicks and you don't measure them based on awards but on fanfare. And if this sort of comptition is gonna bring out more insanely cool movies like Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation, than I say battle on uz those are damn enjoyable. And for all you dumbasses saying that they can't make movies, just look at Bay's action sequences in...every movie he ever made! Even in armageddon and pearl harbor, two of the worst movies ever, the action scenes kicked ass and pushed the limits of tech. McG is a little unested but even Charlies angels had decent direction. If you only like movies that pander to the academy, and are often completely unenjoyable, then get off these forums, why would you even read this article?!

Stu on Apr 29, 2009


It's too bad they both fucking suck and I hope they catch swine flu and die of aids

Kail on Apr 29, 2009


@12: So glad that somebody said that, but kind of surprised that only one out of 40 some people did. Billington, you definitely didn't come off like you were "playing along." The entire tone of the article seems like you were taking it pretty seriously. If anything, it seems like more of a snide jab at the people who are making such a big deal of the "conflict," not something that's actually directed at Bay. He's making fun of all of the people who reacted like... well, like everyone here did.

Bobby on Apr 29, 2009


oh maaaaan Transformers 2 will be like the new bible Michael Bay is JEBUS! YEHHHHHHHH fanboys are fu*kheads

Josveta on Apr 30, 2009


i dont know how one can compare the two robot franchise especially when they are completely different styles and origins its like comparing a blender with a sewing machine 😀 one is actually aiming for a lighter feel with lots of inside jokes, singing and well you know what its the Transformers robots in disguise and the other is built to hunt down and kill humans form the first day on. of course there will be differences how two of the different robots will look,sound and act given the same environment and conditions. so i think what he is trying to say by those statements, he has some personal issues with Bay which has absolutely any even remotely how my robot is better than yours related topic. 😀 and i actually dont really care 😀 i just wanna see a very good Terminator movie (T3 has definetely let me down a certain step back from a previous installment such as T2 which is one of the all time best Sci-Fi flicks imo) and a very fun fast paced cool action filled TF movie so dude, pls less talk and more directing 😀 cheers 😀

burak "daequitas" on Apr 30, 2009


I am a huge fan of Michael Bay's and I have never been a fan of McG's. What McG said was very stupid and inmature. But when it comes down to it all Terminator Salvation is the movie I want to see over all other's, and that includes Transformers 2. The trailers we have seen on TS have been fantastic and the teaser trailer for Transformers did nothing for me. I know TS is rated PG-13, but so was The Dark Knight and we all know how that turned out. I'm sure Transformers will deliever, but for now Terminator gets the vote as the most anticipated film of the summer.

Bizzaro on Apr 30, 2009


this is as real as Fiddy Cent vs Kanye West, its all for sales!!!

lando on Apr 30, 2009


@ 22, do you know how I know you're gay? ;-P

Aaron on May 1, 2009


Why is everybody bitching about Terminator Salvation being PG-13? Does the rating have anything to do with the quality of the movie? The Dark Knight was PG-13 and nobody whined about it. I seriously think half of the people who post comments on First Showing are pretentious. They just try to sound smart by making half witted comments, pretending to be a professional movie critic. Please, do your research first and think before running your mouth here.

Armand on May 2, 2009


theres a lot of stupidity flying around. McG did not direct a PG13 terminator film, the studio cut it down to one. Besides, that Bay bitch started this argument. the fact they both suck as Directors! The only reason why i'm on McGs side is because Michael seems to think he created the concept of using robots in films.

Al on May 3, 2009

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