Tarantino Might Direct a Western or a Gangster Movie Next

October 5, 2009

Quentin Tarantino

With Inglourious Basterds crossing $117 million total at the box office, it definitely seems like Quentin Tarantino is riding high again on the success of one of his movies, considering Grindhouse bombed just a few years back. The next big question is what he will end up directing next. Last week Tarantino spoke in Italy about the potential return of Kill Bill Vol. 3 but didn't exactly give as solid of a promise as he did with Basterds on a talk show at Cannes two years ago. However, Variety has a very brief update from Tarantino straight from the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico, where he says there's more than just that in the works.

There to promote "Inglourious Basterds" -- the festival opener -- the filmmaker said he wanted to give Uma Thurman's central character and her daughter Beebe 10 years of peace before the next bloody installment, which would push the project to 2014.

In a conference alongside "Basterds" star Eli Roth, Tarantino said that there would be one film in between, saying he was "wide open" to his next project. Tarantino added that he would like to do a "re-imagining" of a number of genres including a Western or a 1920s to '30s "Pretty Boy Floyd" type gangster movie.

Tarantino is one of those directors that could change his mind at any minute, but for now it sounds like he may end up making either a western or a gangster movie before Kill Bill 3, however, following Public Enemies, a gangster movie is probably not the best idea. We even ran a story back in July about Tarantino doing a western next because he mentioned that "I haven't done a western yet. I keep flirting about with it, but I haven't done it yet." We have no idea what the western or the gangster movie will be about, but anything made by Tarantino will probably be pretty unique. What do you want to see him do next?

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i say western. i think his dialog and story telling abilities would make for a good one.

Fig on Oct 5, 2009


Either one is fine with me, seems like I'd enjoy both a lot. He should make both, actually. Flip a coin to see which one should be done first

Chris H on Oct 5, 2009


I've been waiting for him to do a western for years.

Brad on Oct 5, 2009


Western a gangster flick would be great but a western would be amazing

DoomCanoe on Oct 5, 2009


WESTERN! ...just sad he gets to make the best western of the modern era before I do..

Edgar on Oct 5, 2009


I would like to see either one although I think a Tarantino Western is long overdue.

DiR3ct on Oct 5, 2009


do both at the same time. OR nmake a Western/Gangster film, oohh sounds fun!

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2009


scifi... scifi

Major Kusanagi on Oct 5, 2009


i am a big fan of Tarantino, and i know that a western made by him is going to be awesome !! But i really would like to see him playing with other genres. How about a comedy or psychological movie? or even something so weird like fantasy/sci-fi. He is a master of pastiche, and undoubtedly he can take the best parts of different movies and make something new and amazing out of it !!

Stan on Oct 6, 2009


I just want him to do Quentin Tarantino. Whatever this dude touches works for me. 1920's Jezebels, cars, alcohol, extroverts would make interesting subjects from QT. QT's western bounties, campfire chats, spurs, gunslingers would be very welcome. Grindhouse rocked!!!

Ostilad on Oct 6, 2009


a WESTERN!... Definitely, starring Daniel Day-Lewis opposite Johnny Depp, and surrounded by an excellent A-List supporting cast of De Niro, DiCaprio, Keitel and possibly Meryl Streep. LOL... it would be awesome... if those people arent available then JUST secure DDL, and everything would be fine

ChrisC on Oct 6, 2009


I want a western from Tarantino. He worked with Benicio Del Toro in Sin City, I want to see them work together again, he'd be an awesome hero in a Tarantino western. With a supporting cast of buscemi, madsen, keitel, Zoe bell. The cast for this would definitely be an awesome one.

The_Kid on Oct 6, 2009


I'd like to see what he can do with a Western type of movie. The last good one that I liked was 3:10 to Yuma, but with Quentin's talent I think he can take it to another level.

Barnaby Barrilla on Oct 6, 2009


He'd do great at a western.

wow on Oct 6, 2009


Never gonna happen. He does this all the time. Where is the Vega Brothers movie? Where is that Less Than Zero Remake? It’s all random stuff he feeds people from time to time.

SlashBeast on Oct 6, 2009


Gangster. He already made a pretty awesome Western.

Fuelbot on Oct 6, 2009


A Western Gangster movie would actually work and be awesome. During the last years of gun slinging cowboys in the west, the east was already riding the industrial wave of life. East vs. West would be awesome. Cowboys ride out to the big city of NY and gangsters ride into the western desert to meet and greet.

Tomi on Oct 6, 2009



Bladerunner 2 on Oct 6, 2009


So its either Once Upon A Time In The West, or Once Upon A Time In America.

Al on Oct 6, 2009


Yeah gotta disagree with the majority and say gangster...his type of style fits perfectly with the stereotypical gangster persona. He could create some of the sickest characters ever with that genre..just not a western guy.

Cody on Oct 6, 2009



wm on Oct 6, 2009


Wait a minute! I thought his next project was going to be a Jimi Hendrix bio! It was all over the web just a few weeks ago....and now, no one is talking about it!

kitano0 on Oct 6, 2009


Wait a minute, I thought he just did a kick ass Italian western!!! (slash/classic vengeance flic), He does great work with characters, I love watching pretty much anything he does (although I didnt watch deathproof twice in the theaters like I have most of his other films).. #17 thats a great idea that only he could rock!!

Lando on Oct 6, 2009


Yeah. 20 knows wats up. A gangster movie would be great. I know it would be incredible.

Efrain on Oct 6, 2009


what about a western and gangster movie with aliens combining sci-fi and a giant robot ohhhh that would be fun.omg i just got a idea! a gangster travels to the western times through a time machine which is a giant robot,the gangster is also a part time scientist. then these alien creatures disguised as humans from the year 2068 come to kill him and take his time machine.and the gangster starts a war against them in western times and travels to the dinosaurs times also defeating these evil aliens. yeah i know it sucks. 🙂

Spider94 on Oct 6, 2009


hes already done two gangster films

Me on Oct 6, 2009


He's already done gangster like genres. I think he really should go with a western, he'd be great with it! But either one he picks I'm sure it'll be awesome!

Caitie on Oct 6, 2009


western all the way..

JimD on Oct 7, 2009


I'm waiting for him to do a horror movie.

John on Oct 7, 2009


Western. Please no horror 29.

Ramez on Oct 8, 2009


A gangster film? By Quentin Tarantino? No....

Google the Oct8pus on Oct 9, 2009


wait, what about a SCREWBALL COMEDY... he has said that 2 of the films that he would have love to have directed are The Good, The Bad and the Ugly(QT's Favorite Film) and His Girl Friday. personally, i prefer a Western, but if QT wants to prove other people that he CAN direct anything then he might make truly great film out of a banal genre. to be honest, i havent seen His Girl Friday but i might check it out someday(i'm just 18). Tarantino has already proved this Decade that he can direct ACTION, what about a SCREWBALL comedy for the next decade. i think, a WESTERN should be his LAST FILM. he always said he'll retire before going to 60. it would be a perfect ending. especially if he wins an Oscar for it. i mean, Eastwood won an Oscar for a WESTERN. QT can certainly do it too

chrisC on Oct 9, 2009


Classic gangster films came before Westerns, and he has already addressed modern gangster films in the Scorsese vein. Inglourious was a spaghetti western and Kill Bill covered a lot of the noodle/martial arts western. I would like to see him tackle an Abraham Polonsky style gangster film, like Odds Against Tomorrow or Force of Evil. If he insists on ensemble-style casts, it will probably end up a little more like Asphalt Jungle.

Connor Towle on Oct 10, 2009


Hello, I believe 99% of what opinion's that have been posted is crap ! OK, Tarantino has abilities, that you cant take away from the man, BUT !, he has to much of an edge to his art and it would not work with making a Great Western Mr. Tarantino can make anything he wants and thats all well and good but you know, Quality has gone by the wayside in the Hollywood movie industry.. There not making productions such as, Giant, Gone With The Wind, Wizard of OZ.. Mr. Tarantino will go ahead and make a cross breed mute western/kill Bill and it will make money because, the audience out there today doesn't know beans and couldn't care less about continuity and to be entertained without sex,blood, etc.. Western Movie Dreamer Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan on Oct 24, 2009


@34 HOGWASH!!!! THAT IS A LOAD OF MALARKY SIR!!!!! What classic western doesnt have sex or blood?

Lando on Oct 24, 2009


Hello, Well, you must have not see to many westerns less it be the ones made since the 60's and thats when the turning point of westerns took on a different tone. Watch a John Ford western, Jimmy Stewart western, Audy Murphy western, John Wayne and many others that were made with the suggestion of gun shot or rape and no-one saw anyone naked,blood splatter.. All I am saying is Mr.Tarantino has a cult following and makes movies to shock and have a cool sound track and everyone exalts him, Mr. Tarantino needs to stay away from doing a western, much less one that I would pay to see.. Forever a Cowboy at Heart Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan on Oct 24, 2009


36, I was actually thinking of John Fords STAGECOACH and RIO GRANDE, one of the issues of STAGECOACH is the acceptance of a person that is a PROSTITUTE (sure there is no sex shown but the issue alone was big enough at the time and yes, SHOCKING! Winchester72 with Jimmy Stewart, all about brother vs brother vengeance. People die and bad crimes are committed, and um...a few Indians get KILLED..You can argue that there wasnt blood splatter but that is more an issue about the censors at the time and the cultural limitations, not the directors!!!! Ford was VERY Stylized when compared to other western directors. And lets not forget the obvious, westerns only existed between the invention of the 6 shooter and ends with the introduction of the steam car, and rely on shoot outs and love interests!! NO matter how much you dress it up or not show blood, it is still a genre based on violence!!!!! Does Indian blood not count? death is death no matter if there is no blood. I do agree that most modern films suck and rely on gimicks like computers, nudity and violence to sell, but the core is the same!

replicant on Oct 26, 2009


who really cares, QT sucks.

don on Jan 1, 2010


I would love Tarantino to direct a really dark comedy set in Northern Ireland.

Chris Plummer on Mar 30, 2010

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