Tarantino Will Eventually Make an Inglourious Basterds Prequel

December 23, 2009
Source: Vulture

Quentin Tarantino

As this year comes to close and everyone starts putting together their best of the year lists, I'm expecting Inglourious Basterds to show up on quite a few of them. We've heard plenty from Quentin Tarantino before about prequels and sequels to the WWII movie, but we also know it's not going to be his next project. That said, he still wants to one day make that prequel. NY Mag's Vulture recently caught up with Tarantino in New York. And they say that he's got 40 pages of the prequel written but "he's not giving up on the idea or the script, especially if the original film does well at the awards shows." Read on for more from Tarantino.

But he's got another project, which he's keeping under wraps, coming first. It's going to be "smaller, less epic” in scale than Basterds, and in a "different genre entirely." He says he thinks he can finish it in a five- to six-month period of intensive writing.

It sounds like this is that long-rumored western he's been talking about recently. Back in October, Tarantino said he would either direct a western or a gangster movie next. And in November, he also confirmed that it wasn't going to be Kill Bill Vol. 3 (or whatever it'll be called) next either. My gut feeling is that Tarantino is doing a western next, and I'm sure we'll hear about it soon, as this guy loves to talk about his projects. I'd love to see more Inglourious Basterds one day, but Tarantino is smart in holding off on that prequel/sequel for a while. I think it needs to play for a few years before he goes back to that world. What do you think?

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gotta tell my friends!

Cody on Dec 23, 2009


About who? Shoshanna? Aldo Rain?

xerxex on Dec 23, 2009


It'll probably be a good ol' boys/gangsteresque film about Aldo bootlegging in the hills and how he got his throat slit. Or it'll wind up in the same movie theater thats currently screening The Vega Brothers.

Kail on Dec 23, 2009


im always excited about new tarantino flicks

samuel j on Dec 23, 2009


I'll believe it when I see it. He's always talking about sequels and prequels to things that never get made. And, frankly, this movie doesn't need a prequel.

Chris M. on Dec 23, 2009


damn. I mean, Inglorious was effing superb, more of the same could be a bit redundant? I kinda want it to stand alone honestly. The man has A LOT of talent, I want him to get as many individual stories out there as possible, flops or not.

Voice of Reason on Dec 23, 2009


I always thought it would be cool since he always wanted to make a Western-esq movie about the KKK that that would be the Basterds prequel, and it would take place around the premier of "Birth of A Nation" Of course Aldo would be in his teens so that wouldnt make sense. Also if his next project is "smaller in scale" it wont be his western. Im sorry but considering he loves Leonoe/Corbucci westerns, its definitely going to be his biggest scaled picture.

Al on Dec 23, 2009


im down to watch just about anything he wants to shoot!

Lando on Dec 24, 2009


I wanna see this prequel as much as a another Kill Bill sequel. !!Not at all!! I rather see that Vega Brothers movie he was talking about like 15 years ago. Q.T. Just move on to something else

Frightened Inmate #2 on Dec 25, 2009


I honestly think that Tarantino just throws rumors about sequels and prequels out there to get people talking about them. I don't think he has any immediate intention to do a sequel to anything. I mean, how many sequels/prequels has he ever done? Zero. Something tells me he won't stop now. But I could be wrong. The man is a genius, but he is obviously very fickle. Time will tell.

The Hornet King on Dec 25, 2009


Isn't Kill Bill a sequel?

Bill on Jan 2, 2010


It's too early to be discussing a prequel. & I knew a Kill Bill 3 was too good to be true. I'm just looking forward into different projects he's willing to do. He's a fantastic screenwriter, so he wouldn't have any problems. Just hope he brings Waltz back in his future projects.

Eva M. on Jan 5, 2010


Inglourious Basterds prequel won't happen. Come on serously. The guy could have done many prequels of his films. He will film A western flick with modern hip Tarantino feel to it and that is that. Kill Bill won't happen either. Tarntino films seems to have an absolute ending in them, I guess he doesn't want cheap sequels popping up When Studio decides to make sum money. From dusk til dawn series.

James on Jan 5, 2010

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