Taylor Kitsch is Really Excited About More Potential Gambit

May 16, 2009
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit

So do we! Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch, who played Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is ecstatic about his character's potential return. Rotten Tomatoes caught up with Kitsch at Cannes, where he was previously unaware that a sequel had even been greenlit. "I hadn't heard that was going to happen! You have my brain going now about what I'd love to do with Gambit!" And that's just the start of his enthusiasm, as Kitsch really goes off. "I'm just excited to go deeper into Gambit. It's a flattering thing when people say that the only shitty part about the character is we didn't see enough of him. If that's the case, bring it on."

Unfortunately, Kitsch didn't confirm whether or not he'd officially be back as Gambit in the Japan-set Wolverine 2 - but we're hoping for the best. Gambit has been a fan favorite to see brought to the big screen since the X-Men series first kicked off in 2000. The "Ragin' Cajun", as he's also known, was seen briefly in the movie, at least in a scene where Logan travels to New Orleans to ask him about the "island." We got a glimpse at some of his powers - he has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy - meaning he can hurl playing cards with an immense amount of force. And he loves to use that bo staff, which we also saw.

"He has so many more colours to explore. I want to go dark with that cat. There are so many things I want people to see of him and he really is his own deal… If I can have some moments where you go deeper into Gambit's back-story and why he was the way he was at that poker table -- that's a fun thing to explore." Kitsch is already making comic book fans foam at their mouth with that statement. Sadly, Fox hasn't made any plans for a Gambit spin-off, yet, though it could happen sometime in the future. Or so we really hope. From the brief glimpse of Gambit that we got in Wolverine, I'm all for seeing more of Remy LeBeau.

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I don't see it. Gambit is cool and all, but I don't think that his appearance in Wolverine garners a spin off flick just yet. Let's see where they go with this...

David on May 16, 2009


No... you mean an overrated TV actor is excited at possibly getting to do another movie after his last one stunk worse than Paris Hilton on a Sat morning? *gasp*

Pete the Geek on May 16, 2009


What story is there possibly to tell? As a part of the X-Men, Gambit would be acceptable - but as a spin-off, I just don't see the point. I also don't see the point in making another Wolverine movie or having Gambit in it - there's no story to tell, it further dilutes the continuity of the series, not that it matters to anyone at Fox, who set out to immediately destroy anything good they seem to create.

Adam Frazier on May 16, 2009


he said he wanted to explore the Thieves Guild can read about that stuff and roe here

nelson on May 16, 2009


Meh, how about a movie with Longshot?

David Banner on May 16, 2009


He was a crappy gambit, didn't even do the accent right, why would anyone want to see a spin off.

Adam on May 16, 2009


I agree.. and im starting to think im reading unbelievable things on this site lately..seriously, it freakin looked like a TV cast actor, Xmen W. Origins may have sucked but at least Jackman is a decent actor.

Blut on May 16, 2009


he was great as gambit you retards he did do the accent not perfectly but he tried and it was good enough

nelson on May 16, 2009


no, it was awful, like the rest of the movie.

Adam on May 16, 2009


it was never gonna be perfect unless you casted the voice actor from tv series lol and that was even overacting lol

nelson on May 16, 2009


"Stunk worse than paris hilton on a Saturday morning".....I really have to remember that one

Cody on May 16, 2009


yeah i'd like to see more. gambit and wade wilson were the best parts of wolverine. also did anyone see that article over on nikki finke's website about the casting news for thor? apparently she says actor chris hemsworth, who plays george kirk in star trek from last week, got cast as thor!

andrew on May 16, 2009


wait....hes no gambit

DoomCanoe on May 16, 2009


Josh Holloway (Sawyer from "Lost") was set to Play gambit in X-Men 3 but said it was too close to his character on "Lost," so the character was tossed.

Adam Frazier on May 16, 2009


i like the character and hope Fox doesn't just fast track it to make money.

cat on May 16, 2009


i'm not familiar with his character but a heist movie with mutants anyone??

Silver on May 16, 2009


James Mangold or Joss Whedon as director FTW. just because I think a western movie in a New Orleans setting with mutants would be kickass

Silver on May 16, 2009


I'm sick of all the geek retards bagging out Wolverine. I was never a big follower of the comic, but really enjoyed the movie. It had a great actor in the lead, cute chicks, Leiv Schreiber was awesome as always, great action sequences and Gambit was fucking cool. Bring on another spinoff with Gambit. Bring on Wolverine 2 in Japan. Comic nerds are always going to whinge and bitch. Go top up your 7-11 slurppies you fatties, and worry about getting laid instead.

Hercie on May 16, 2009


Would love to see a spin off and would love to have him back in the sequel of Wolverine.

Fisherr on May 16, 2009


Absolutely, he did an AMAZING job as gambit with the limited screen time they gave him. He's a talented and dedicated actor, a gambit spin-off is definitely not happening but I'd love to see Gambit return in Wolverine 2

Dee on May 16, 2009


YES PLEASE! Taylor Kitsch's performance was pretty dead-on! he brought the smooth charm, the grace, the personality, the agility and all that in like... 8 MINUTES. This movie def needed more of him

Polar Bear on May 16, 2009


a mediocre movie in with Kitsch's gambit was one of the few good things that came out of it

Zero on May 16, 2009


Sorry but his gambit sucked. Where' the cajun? And why was he so dumb? Where was the smoothness and calmness? Seriously, he sucked, and his integration in the plot sucked. What was up with the teleknysis with the cards? Thank god Deadpool is the one getting a Spin Off, not Gambit.

Darunia on May 16, 2009


The cajun was strong in the poker scene, in the plane scene it was weak and not as thick as the cartoon but still very noticeable, you should stop basing your idea of a cajun accent on a cartoon, Your Telekinesys comment really proves that you know nothing about the character, that wasn't Telekinesys, it's been done in the comics too, go check ultimate comics where you can see him doing the same thing. He was smooth, calm, did you even watch him? Gambit doesn't need a spin-off, and I am glad he's not getting one, he shines better in a team movie

Nenya on May 16, 2009


"Taylor is excited, and so do we?" I love all the trailers and the speed with which you report the latest movie news, but goddamn the writing is so hard to stomach. You guys have single-handedly turned me into a guy who leaves comments 🙁

Bobby on May 16, 2009


It's gotten worse as of late - every news story I read on here seems to be glowing with enthusiasm over whatever the topic might be. It's hard to stomach anyone being excited over a Gambit movie after seeing "Wolverine." I just got back from "Angels and Demons" and even though it was flawed heavily (due to Dan Brown's storytelling mostly) it was still a more entertaining work than "Wolverine" - they're both cinematic junk food, but at least "Angels and Demons" tasted good going down.

Adam Frazier on May 16, 2009


The accent was horrible. Not bad acting, I guess. They could have cast better though.

LSP on May 16, 2009


I'm sorry, but I've had it with these "monkey-fighting" spinoffs of the "Monday to Friday" Wolverine movie. Please Fox, just stop.

Ajax on May 17, 2009


LOL at David Banner... I also would be more interested in a Longshot movie... I remember precisely when Gambit was created... it went a little something like this: Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams finish up a pretty compelling and interesting mini-series about a character who can tweak luck and throws little flat blades named Longshot... but when he joins the X-Men, the writers there seem to find his character too complex -- screwed up memories, and innocence -- he's pretty difficult to write for when everybody else is just an angry bad-ass. Plus Longshot looked a little like he was a synth player in an 80's band, so... What happens next? Longshot leaves the X-Men and a new character joins the X-Men that tweaks luck and throws little flat card-blades. But guess what? There is something different: he's angry and a bad ass. Enter Gambit. Remember when they didn't have anti-heroes? That was lame, right? Now that they're ALL anti-heroes, is it any less lame?

dRailer on May 17, 2009


The cajun dialect was absent from him. Maybe they were implying that at one time he spoke cajun or had a cajun accent but after awhile he lost it? But I'm sorry that is not how cajun people sound. Also english isnt their main language. It's a mix of french and I think english. And when they do speak english it is very hard to understand. Now I don't know gambits whole back story, but if he was supposed to be raised as a cajun it was impossible to tell in the film. Also I thought the way they used him in the film was very boring. He really had no substance at all. He was a very shallow character. I don't want to see any more of him really.

Dan W on May 17, 2009


I think Taylor Kitsch did a great job as Gambit and he definately deserved more screen time...I hope he gets the chance to do this in future XMEN films...

Renee Moore on May 17, 2009


will Wolverine 2 have finished scenes? Or do we get to watch Wolvie Framed Roger Rabbit 2?

dave13 on May 17, 2009


Aw, geez. I love you, Riggins, but stay in Texas with the Dillon Panthers for your career and stay away from this 2,000 flushes of a sequel....

Voice of Reason on May 17, 2009



N. on May 18, 2009


Gambit is my favorite X-Men character but I can't see him carrying an entire movie himself. Unfortunately, with this in Fox's hands I don't really have any hope for anything.

SlashBeast on May 18, 2009


Wasnt he supposed to talk in French-English?

mandarin on May 18, 2009


This guy sucked ass. Either he didn't know Gambit has a Cajun accent or he tried so hard that he ended up with a Southern accent. Maybe if they find another actor to be Gambit because he SUCKS!!!

Mostskillz on May 18, 2009


This guy must have know someone to get this part. I used to watch the X-Men cartoons with my son (now 25). I know it sounds crazy that a single mom would be attracted to a cartoon character (Gambit), but I a nonreality type of way. Everything that made the cartoon Gambit so appealling, this guy Kitsch didn't have and couldn't have, that's why I said he must have know someone to get the part. First of all he was not mature enough, he didn't possess that underlying experienced badboy persona, and most of all he DID NOT have that sexy cajun accent. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!

LittleTree on Jun 5, 2009


I personally think that Taylor was a perfect Gambit and that he was incredible in the movie. Seeing Gambit's debut (since he is by far my favorite X-Men character) was the main reason I went to watch the movie in the first place and I wasn't disappointed. I just wished we could've seen more of him. We need a Gambit spin-off and we need it NOW!

JanieKay on Jun 29, 2009


I am a HUGE fan of gambit, he would be my next favorite in the marvel universe behind wolverine. I have yet to find out about his past even as a kid, I am 30 now and would LOVE to see a Gambit spinoff/origin. Also if you followed the comics and toons he and rogue have a thing going so from the x-men movies i cant see how that could tie in, but regardless his love interest could be divirted to another x-man his age. I truely hope to see a gambit spin off in the future, as for now I hope to see much more of him in the upcoming wolverine 2 and x-men movies. Yes I want to see him in action with the x-men, OMG teamwork like that in the legends video games would be truely AWE stunning in theaters.

Mike Kane on Jan 6, 2010


No matter what, I love this Gambit a lot. I think his accent his face is all OK, and Taylor is so damn sexy..But I personally dont recommand a Gambit spin off, as he really shines better in a team movie

Kelly on Jan 31, 2010

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