Terminator Salvation Ending Was Completely Changed After Leak?

March 23, 2009
Source: Moviehole

Terminator Salvation

Everyone knows I hate spoilers and don't like revealing anything big, so with this bit of news, you're safe knowing that even we have no clue what's going to happen in Terminator Salvation. So the story goes that last June, the big twist ending of Terminator Salvation was leaked online (we, appropriately, never reported on it). Thankfully this was early enough into the production, that apparently McG and company completely changed the ending after that point. Moviehole is reporting that a friend inside of Warner Brothers has seen the film and tells them that the end was changed and is nothing like what was leaked.

Their source says that the ending was changed because of the internet leak. "The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form." According to their source, it's "a complete [180] from the original film. Works better. Probably not as hard to swallow." That's all we're going to tell you, because not only do we not know what happens, but we don't want to know until we're watching Terminator Salvation in theaters on May 21st. Obviously no one at Warner Brothers is going to confirm this news, but I'm sure McG will be asked about it soon enough, so of course, look out for more details from McG sooner or later.

I'm very happy to hear that the ending was changed. I love the experience of seeing how a story plays out for the very first time while watching a movie in the theater. I was quite upset last year when it was all spoiled (even though I refused to even read about the ending). Other web guys claim that it's "their job" to ruin movies like that, but I believe in cinematic integrity and prefer not to spoil them. This news just means it'll still remain a secret until the first batch of audiences get to see it. And right now I can actually say that Terminator Salvation is the one summer movie with the most mystery surrounding it. Bring it on, McG!

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Kudos to you FirstShowing! Another reason why I visit your site daily As much as I love the fact I can read up on movies on the Internet, sometimes knowing so much about the movies coming out almost ruins the experience for me. Spoilers especially, they are one of my biggest pet peeves. While reading a magazine back in the day I had the ending of the Sixth Sense ruined for me with no spoiler alert whatsoever. Spoilers have pissed me off ever since and I'll never understand why someone would want to know the ending to a movie before they see it, doesn't that kind of ruin it. The idea of people thinking it's their duty to give away the ending makes no sense whatsoever. Another movie website I frequent, cough cough FilmDrunk cough cough, actually had a pic of Two-Face on their main page, not "after the jump" without any kind of spoiler warning. the only reason I've gone back to the site is because it happened to be a guest blogger that day. But anyway, spoilers suck, anyone you takes joy from ruining a movie for someone is a dick, and failing to report a movie's ending is not bad journalism.

Jmoney on Mar 23, 2009


what was the original ending

matthew on Mar 23, 2009


this movie is going to be awesome...well, i hope so.

ju-on on Mar 23, 2009


Actually, this story is an example of what I mean by knowing too much about the movies. From now on I'm going to wonder what that other ending was supposed to be, and whether it would have been better. Hmmm maybe I should stop reading up on movies everyday

Jmoney on Mar 23, 2009


This is worse than the time the ending of "The Passion of the Christ" was leaked...

Parker on Mar 23, 2009


You can thank the bible for that one Parker 😉 biggest book of spoilers ever

Maxx on Mar 23, 2009


Thanks for not reporting the spoiler. The less we know the better. Besides, trailers give enough away these days! *zing* @ execs. I visit this site for "buzz & insight" vs. Spoilers. HUGE difference. Thanks for keeping things clean!

Mr j Money on Mar 23, 2009


Terminator Salvation will be the smart movie with robots Transformers Revenge of the Fallen will be the kick your ass popcorn cgi eye ball fuck fest movie with robots. Both highly enjoyable. Best of both worlds baby!

teyhtr on Mar 23, 2009


Chris plays as John conner in this movie.. Is anyone knows if his character in this movie has connection with the tv spin off.. ? the female lead character in tv series is Sarah Conner.. sounds like they are related which means he does save someone (atleast) for the next generation.. I havnt seen the initial parts of the tv series.. so I donno if it was told there.. Anybody here knows about it ?

suresh on Mar 23, 2009


How can you change a movie ending that has millions invested in it?!?! When I think of changing the ending, I think of part 4, so basically, there could be an entirely different part 4 then what we'll get because it was leaked. Why change the original ending? Who cares if it was leaked, it was supposed to end the way it was....

stevedawg on Mar 23, 2009


This kind of scares me... I accidently read the "spoiled ending" a while back and hated it. I'm glad that it isn't the ending, but the fact that they would do such a complete reversal based on the simple fact that it was leaked makes me concerned about their devotion to the mythos, and legacy of the franchise/storyline...

Aaron on Mar 23, 2009


I'm still pissed at xerxex for ruining the Harry Potter ending for me...I'll never let that one go and think he should be banned from the site for never apologizing for that. I hate when TV shows show you "coming up" before they head to commercial's like why would I want to see what I'm about to watch in 4 minutes anyways?!

peloquin on Mar 23, 2009


... I agree Alex, spoiling anything of the movie is just silly... when I go see a movie I want it to be for the first time... not the first time after seeing all the good parts and the ending before hand... way to take a stand, and (if this isn't just a rumor) I'm glad McG changed it! Good on you McG! Now hopefully the movie doesn't suck like Charlie's Angels did... ...

Mondo Jay on Mar 23, 2009


The leaked ending was hard to swallow to many, but as someone who's loved the Terminator franchise, I felt that it would have been cool and actually made sense its in own way. Regardless, this is the next movie on my mind after having finally seen Watchmen arrive on screens.

Johnny Neat on Mar 23, 2009


Hey, peloquin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ruined the ending, for HP really? When?

xerxex on Mar 23, 2009


Glad to see you haven't sold out to the temptation of boosting your readership with leaks. I think it should pay off in the long run. Cause like you few people want to know how a movie ends before seeing it. After I see it mind you, you better believe I'll be looking for the orginal ending. Although it'll probably be put on the Disk.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 23, 2009


"Other web guys claim that it's "their job" to ruin movies like that, but I believe in cinematic integrity and prefer not to spoil them." This is why your blog is the one I read most. I know enough people that just don't care about a film/book/game being spoiled to them, and sometimes even look for it just to "know" more. - Its one of the most pathetic things I can think of, and clearly shows the lack of love for what we're talking about. I love my films, and spoiling them to me is like an act of war.

Angelo on Mar 23, 2009


From "Another New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer!" Comment 15 I hope they pull off _________ ______ correctly and not in some cheesy general hollywood way, they did pull off the Sirius Black death so hopefully they do it right. xerxerxex on Mar 5, 2009 Yes, that really upset me because I've lasted this long and we're finally coming into the home stretch and than you go and ruin a huge plot point. I removed the name and other pertinent information you placed in there in hopes of not replicating a huge spoiler for someone else, but you can go to the link to check its verbatim.

peloquin on Mar 23, 2009


now that it doesn't matter, what was the original ending going to be??!!

daniel on Mar 23, 2009


The fact that they even considered this ending makes me feel sick to my stomach. It not only would have ruined Terminator Salvation, but it would have raped the mythology altogether. I'm just curious which writer came up with this idea; I'll have to avoid his movies in the future.

joe on Mar 23, 2009


I bet in the dvd they might throw in the old ending. But my question is: If they had to change the ending, does this mean that the whole idea of the movie and how it plays out is compromised? If you change the ending then isn't it a different movie than what it was first meant to be?

Dan W on Mar 23, 2009


I just read the original spoiler. If you wanna read it, simply type in Terminator Salvation spoiler. It's kinda cheesy, but it does answer THE fundamental question about the series. Or rather, it sidesteps the whole thing. I'm not really sure how you're supposed to squeeze a trilogy out of this future war stuff. At some point, you're just making an above-ground version of the latter 2 Matrix movies.

Greedo the Rodian on Mar 23, 2009


Thanks peloquin, if I did ruin the ending for you, sorry. I hope i'm not the one who keeps you away from the film, I merely stated my comment on the basis of the novel when Rowling did "the deed" and the hopes that the director doesn't screw it up.

xerxex on Mar 23, 2009


This reminds me of Where the movie theater manager gives the boot to the Spoiler just as he's about to give away the ending.

Jertown on Mar 23, 2009


Apology accepted xerxex, that's all I wanted; everyone slips by mistake every once in awhile. I enjoy your comments usually so I was surprised you'd make such a novice blunder. I still plan on seeing it of course, but that would have been a huge surprise for me so hopefully there are other elements of the story to be discovered still and that wasn't the most important piece in such a long and epic storyline.

peloquin on Mar 23, 2009


all's well peloquin ther is soo much more in the actual story minus that detail, so you should be able to come out smiling once the credits roll. I'm just gald to see somebody reads my commets.

xerxex on Mar 23, 2009


I'm still pissed off on Valkyrie, I thought for sure they were going to get Hitler!!!

MiKeDeEz on Mar 23, 2009


Don't we already know how this ends?

Papichulo on Mar 23, 2009


I never read spoilers but if I start reading and I get a lil taste of a spoiler I stop. I'm hoping this is the last Terminator film anything further will prob kill the series.

Black Dynomite on Mar 23, 2009


Someone might as well tell the original now because it's not like it matters anyway.

chris vu on Mar 23, 2009


#11 and #12.....Dead on!!!

chris vu on Mar 23, 2009


Your cinematic integrity is one of the reasons why I love your site...

????? on Mar 23, 2009


This is one of the movies that i don't want to spoil for myself even if the ending was posted sometime last year.I want to see the end myself i want to know what will happen to John and Marcus at the end and i can't wait to see it.

Fisherr on Mar 23, 2009


If the ending is a 180 from the original, that means that the filmmakers don't have a clear idea on what the heck of a story they are telling.

Ryderup on Mar 23, 2009


******SPOILER ALERT******* Just kidding.

werdnafaz on Mar 23, 2009


Wow... This blog can be better than the movies sometimes. Spoiler drama, personal integrity, rectification... This place has it all! I hope we're all happy now and can forget about this abortion of a plot twist. Let's just hope the show doesn't contradict too much. Seeing that it already bypassed the 3rd movie I wonder which continuity this one belongs to?

Waka Waka on Mar 23, 2009


I hate spoilers.

Francis on Mar 23, 2009


thank you! i hate unexpected spoilers as much as the next guy but here's a suggestion. Since trailers spoil so much footage/story these days, is it possible for you guys to give us readers a heads-up on potential spoilers in trailers before I click the play button? for example: ***SPOILER*** Well this can be somewhat considered a spoiler. But in the latest terminator salvation trailer, as badass as it was, it revealed that marcus was not a human. Stuff like this, is it possible to give a warning before I click the play button? ***END SPOILER*** That's my suggestion, if possible, that'd be great! Much appreciated.

Andy on Mar 23, 2009


Didn't McG indicate that they'd be falsely circulating leaks about the movie for viral marketing purposes?

Pvt. Pyle on Mar 23, 2009


POSSIBLE SPOILER!!! #38, I thought that was a main plot point that would come into play in later films, not just a spoiler for the first film. END POSSIBLE SPOILER!!! But, I do hate those trailers that actually show part of the ending, but you don't realize it until after you've seen the movie.

Ajax on Mar 23, 2009


I have heard of this other ending before. Originally John Connor was going to die at the end of the film and Marcus was going to take Connor's place as a replicant of connor or something like that. That idea sounded pretty gay, so am not surprised Warner's wanted it changed. Whoever came up with that idea was a complete wank.

Jamie on Mar 24, 2009


Aww 41... Didn't most of us just rant & rave about how we hate it people do this??? Forewarning for the rest of us would have be nice. I didn't want to know that! Especially reading it by accident! That's kinda F'd playa.

Mr j Money on Mar 25, 2009


I think it's possible they said they changed it but really didn't just as a diversion. Movie buffs know that has happend before.

chris vu on Mar 25, 2009



highnuck on Apr 2, 2009

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