Terrible Promo Trailer for Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant

May 27, 2009
Source: Collider

Bad Lieutenant Promo Trailer

You don't have a lucky crack pipe? An early promo trailer has been "leaked" online (via Collider) for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the Werner Herzog remake of Abel Ferrara's 1992 cult classic Bad Lieutenant. It stars Nic Cage, Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes and, worst of all, Xzibit. I'm not sure if Herzog has just lost his mind or what, because this looks awful. Sure, I understand that Cage's character is supposed to be losing his mind, but still, it looks terrible. I think I would've preferred a Ghost Rider 2 with Cage and Mendes instead of this. Some of you will love it, of course, but I just really can't appreciate any of it.

Watch the promo trailer for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans:

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is directed by German filmmaker Werner Herzog, of plenty of films, including Nosferatu the Vampyre, Lessons of Darkness, My Best Fiend, Invincible, Grizzly Man, Rescue Dawn, and Encounters at the End of the World most recently. The screenplay was written by William Finkelstein, of "Brooklyn South", "NYPD Blue", and L.A. Law: The Movie previously, and is based on Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant from 1992. This is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production, but it doesn't have a US distributor yet. Expect to hear more on Bad Lieutenant sometime in the near future.

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this trailer alone is better than ghost rider alex so i disagree cage actually looks good in this and yes alex he is suppose to be a bit crazy so it makes sense

nelson on May 27, 2009


Oh god not the bees This just looks silly

Adam on May 27, 2009


Almost looks like a David Lynch movie from the 80's

juansolo on May 27, 2009


I dunno. It looks like the chaotic, trippyness is on purpose. i.e the iguana scene.

adrian on May 27, 2009


It's Nicholas Cage, I haven't watched one of his movies, in years. They mostly suck.

M on May 27, 2009


I'm still rooting for Herzog. It looks bad. I'm not going to lie, but Herzog has delivered some great films.

/ambient on May 27, 2009


Dude. Whatever. Nothing can be as bad as Wicker Man.

Fuelbot on May 27, 2009


Straight to DVD.

Dude on May 27, 2009


Alex, this doesn't look great, but it looks WAY better than anything else any of these actors have done lately. Not sure why you think it looks SO bad (the only reason you gave was you hate Xzibit, so I'm not sure you even know). That seems to be a common happening with you though, not having incredibly telling reasons why you like or dislike a movie: Alex: it was such a.... such a... It was fun. A truly brilliant film!!!! Or, did I just see Xzibit!!! OMG! It's gonna be the worst movie ever!!! Do you even know why you like or dislike movies, or do you just try not to think about it??? I'm only being semi-serious by the way.

Matt S on May 27, 2009


Jesus. Fucking. Christ. WHAT IS THAT ON TOP OF NIC CAGE'S HEAD!?!? Good lord, Donald Trump has a better rug (and acting chops these days, apparently)

Adam Frazier on May 27, 2009


When you cast Nic Cage you get Nic Cage. Personally I don't get the subtitle. Ill see this film. chuck on May 27, 2009


hmm how to describe this movie . . . forgettable.

Scott McHenry on May 27, 2009


Honestly, I trust Herzog more than any filmmaker out there. Herzog hasn't really ever done Hollywood genre motifs until very recently.

David on May 27, 2009


The acting looks pretty awful. The movie itself is hard to judge with this trailer though, the editing was pretty poor and the music was so out of place (which I understand since it was leaked).

SAM on May 27, 2009


I usually hate Nicholas Cage, but this movie doesn't look too bad. Any movie with Eva Mendes in I don't mind watching. I actually laughed a bit at the iguana part. I'll probably get this on netflix when it comes out.

Dan W on May 27, 2009


"what are these fuckin' iguanas doing on my coffee table?" "there ain't no iguanas." LOL

Roberto Dinamite on May 27, 2009



xerxex on May 27, 2009


I was never excited about this, first i thought this was going to be a remake, but i think it will be interesting to check it out. I mean, is Herzog after all.

Mario on May 27, 2009


Nicolas Cage can not replace Harvey Keitel. Period. Go to YouTube right now and watch the trailer for the original Bad Lieutenant, a movie that was dark, disturbing, and extreme for a purpose. This looks weird, like it's trying to be funny and dark at the same time and failing miserably in its entire atmosphere. How can this be Herzog?

scm1000 on May 27, 2009


No, this movie will suck ass. I didn't see one giant transforming robot and the story looks like I might have to use my brain. This is obviously not the sort of movie I would like, being an american. Also, Nicholas Cage LOLOLOLOLOLol. Wicker man. Rofl. He might have won some oscars and made some really great films, but he was in wicker man and some other mediocre movies, too, so he's obviously shit. And did you notice that his hairline is receding? It's like he's getting older every time I see him, wtf. And werner herzog? Who the fuck is that? Some german guy? Is he related to Uwe Boll? LOL ROFL OMG. I think everyone is totally on the ball with this one, this movie is gonna be shit. Unlike those movies that are coming out this summer by people like Roland Emmerich and Micheal Bay. Those two have some seriously great films backing them up - some of the greatest films of all time. What's Herzog got? Rescue Dawn? Invincible? Hack. I'm gonna trust my gut and go with the guy who made 10,000 BC and The Day After Tomorrow and get all excited for his movies and not this one, cause this one is by some director of films I've never heard of or seen, and 2012 is from the makers of a bunch of different movies I saw. And GI Joe. Well, fuck. I used to watch that all the time when I was a kid, and I loved it. I'm sure I'll love the new movie as well, even tho I know absolutely nothing about it, and the show is pretty much unwatchable now that I'm an adult. I'll go see that instead of this. This looks like it'll be boring, cause nothing exploded in the trailer and there was too much talking and shit. OH!!! And have you seen that "9" movie that's coming out that Tim Burton is directing and that that guy who made wanted is helping with? I heard there was some other guy working on it too, but I never heard of any of his shit before. But Tim Burton's directing it, so it will obviously be amazing, like that nightmare before christmas movie he directed, and Coraline. He made Coraline too, right? It was from the guy who made nightmare before christmas, so it was obviously Tim Burton. Blah blah blah look how ignorant I am.

Squiggly on May 27, 2009


#20 His hair is a bird. Your argument is invalid. His soul... its still dancing.

Adam on May 27, 2009


20 I loled so fucking hard

Movieraider321 on May 27, 2009


I thought I would see something horrible but I liked what I saw. Its so freaky, I think I will watch it... looks cool.

Millus on May 28, 2009


Please, you call this terrible? And the awful trailer for Pandorum you call great? Try the opposite, because it's clear that you don't know what you are talking about. Do you have any real knowledge in films at all, or you just report about them?

2+2=4 on May 28, 2009


I can't believe Werner Herzog directed this. It looks absolutely terrible!

discojellyfish on May 28, 2009


the dude should do a bruce willis and shave his head and save some dignity.

dom on May 28, 2009


WTF?! Cage is going down,really going down. *Depression*

Fisherr on May 28, 2009


i made it to about 1:01 and decided it wasn't worth my time I've said this since i started posting here, I hate Nicolas Cage worst thing in movies at the moment. hes a B rate actor... stop putting him in decently budget movies.

DoomCanoe on May 28, 2009


A re-make of Bad Lieutenant??!!! Looks like we just found the worst movie of 2009.....

David Banner on May 28, 2009


i kind of liked it. it looks very david lynch and i'm a lynch fan.

esophus on May 28, 2009


dammit Alex don't be so judgmental bro...relax.there's not alot of good shit out there floating around these days...but this could be a sleeper.

esophus on May 28, 2009


It doesnt look that bad...but then again it doesnt look good. I think it is just a horrible trailer. With the people involved it could make for a good film. Cage, if he tries, can be a really great actor (Adaptation., Lord of War, Matchstick Men) and Herzog is a good director (although this seems like a weird film for him to be doing). The trailer needed more Val Kilmer, one because he is an awesome actor and two because I have no clue what the hell he is supposed to be. If done right this could be a very weird, funny and kickass film....was it done right? This trailer doesnt look that way, but lets just hope it is a bad trailer.

Derek on May 28, 2009


Yeap it looked pretty weird(good) but also cheap, I dunno. it won't be successful but I'll probably watch it without paying.

Crapola on May 28, 2009


I just think Nic Cage just drives me nuts...never really have enjoyed him. I hear so many people defending him...but it's funny, many times the defense is: "he's supposed to be crazy/going crazy in this role, so it's ok" - but, then maybe he needs to choose different roles. For instance - I thought the National Treasure roles actually fit him quite nicely. Also enjoyed Lord of War to a point...but outside of those films, he seems to be out of his element. just my $.02

Mattyc on May 28, 2009


This looks good. I'm talking Wicker Man good.

Tom Brazelton on May 28, 2009


"I'm not sure if Herzog has just lost his mind or what" Umm, Herzog's whole M.O. is that he's out of his mind. The guy has forced actors to do things at gunpoint, which kind of makes Cage's character remind me of the filmmaker. So I think it's perfectly Herzog and I can't wait. And as for Cage, it's good to see him doing something that seems more from his late 80s/early 90s career.

Christopher Campbell on May 28, 2009


@ #20 Haha! I totally agree, this trailer was hilarious and has plenty of potential. 🙂

Collin on May 28, 2009



sumonesumtime on May 28, 2009


This could be a classic!

masteryoda007 on May 28, 2009


It didn't look that bad. (as you made it sound)

I have anxiety on May 28, 2009


-Alex Why does Xzibit make it the worst of all? You should really explain yourself when you say things like this. It just makes you seem ignorant. You should go watch some Herzog movies and then come back with an opinion about this movie. Because you actually said you would rather see another Ghost Rider instead of a movie by Werner Herzog...

Tim on May 28, 2009


Okay, first off, that was a frickin' joke about Ghost Rider! Secondly, I don't have to explain myself at all if I don't want to because this isn't about criticizing me and what I said, but rather stating YOUR opinion about the trailer that we're showing. If you like it, then great, please explain why, or if you're too scared to, then don't bitch me out for not writing about why I think this looks terrible. And if you need further explanation, read any of the 30 comments above who ALSO think this looks like absolute crap.

Alex Billington on May 28, 2009


this actually looks OK. its pretty much bad santa with a cop

Darrin on May 28, 2009


I'll take the challenge. 1: A remake of Bad Lieutentant at first glance sounds like a bad idea but when you have people like Werner Herzog directing that's a cause for optimism. 2: It doesn't look like a remake so much as a sequel which is also better than just remaking a perfectly good movie. 3: It looks like Cage is channeling his earlier brilliance from Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, and Leaving Las Vegas. 4: This "trailer" is horribly put together, but if you can look past that you see that there might be something going on here. 5: From reading the comments it looks like there are a pretty good number of people who would like to see a movie like this. Those who don't think it looks good sound like people who haven't seen any of Herzog's films or Cage's early work. Which is fine. But don't pass judgement on something that could be a very interesting film. 6: Alex, you didn't say 1 reason WHY it looks terrible other the involvement of Xzibit. You just say you can't appreciate but you don't say why. 7: You said you liked Ghost Rider so I assumed you were serious.

Tim on May 28, 2009


A tip for Nicolas Cage: STOP ACTING. YOU'RE A HAS-BEEN. ANY MOVIE YOU ARE IN IS GURANTEED TO BE A BOX OFFICE BOMB. That goes for Eddie Murphy as well. Cage doesn't even put effort into his roles anymore, he just walks on set and says his lines. It's like he's sleepwalking through every movie, and therefore every movie he's in ends up boring as hell.

really? on May 28, 2009


looks amazing, but yeah if you're gonna call a trailer shit without giving any reasons as to why, then you're just hating it for no reason. which is stupid. #20, spot on haha this movie is going to be classic, and everyone who is saying they hate the trailer, are probably the same people who thought transformers was a good movie lol the world's burning, only a few are watching, the rest are burning with it

Jason K on May 28, 2009


HOW'D IT GET BURNED?!!!!!!!!!!!

Perplexed on May 28, 2009


WOOHOO>.. Nic Cage is a Tool.. but I had to agree with Tom that I like the feel of him going back to being a freaking nut and having fun in films instead of the terrible 'brilliant mind' of the more recent crap he has been in

Dusty on May 28, 2009


This looks amazing. I cannot wait. This just moved ahead of Avatar on my "must see" list.

Cinemassiv on May 28, 2009


Werner Herzog has made some bad ass films!! IMDB his ass and learn something you ignorant iCarly masturbating f@cks!

lando on May 28, 2009


... although I agree...this doesnt look like it holds up to the original... (but I'll still watch it due to who is directing!)

lando on May 28, 2009


Bad Lieutenant was shit.

avoidz on May 29, 2009


There is no topping Keitel in the original and wasn't that nun gang-bang scene a doozy? Cage is past his prime, sorry.

Hank on May 30, 2009


Well, a second run through of the trailer is a little more forgiving IMO. A Herzog flick is almost always more than the sum of its parts and a trailer is just parts after all. And at the LEAST we'll get another commentary track out of it. But seriously, at least something NOT made or remade by Michael Bay is getting made these days in "mainstream" movieland. I mean c'mon! A remake of Bad Lieutenant that ISN'T a remake of Bad Lieutenant from Herzog, who claims never to have SEEN Bad Lieutenant and starring Cage and Kilmer? I'm almost giggling at the insanity of it. If pushed right, Cage CAN play a pretty good unhinged.

bandidojoe on Sep 30, 2009


The trailer is in fact terrible but i saw the picture and i love it, nobody has to trust this terrible trailer. Werner Herzog is a great master and Cage is incredible.

ludmila cabelluda on Feb 8, 2010

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