Terry Crews Confirms Arnold's Terminator Salvation Cameo?

April 8, 2009
Source: MTV

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I promise this is the absolute last time we'll bring this up until Terminator Salvation has actually hit theaters. We've heard endless rumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance in the upcoming Terminator movie, but nothing has been confirmed. However, MTV is claiming that it's actor Terry Crew who has finally said for sure that Arnold is in Terminator. "There are a lot of guys in that movie. I mean, Terminator 4 is very big," Crews says. Obviously! His answers to their questions were a bit short, but if we're to believe MTV and Crews, it seems as if Arnold really is going to show up in Terminator.

Not only is Crews supposed to show up in Terminator Salvation, but he was just cast in Stallone's The Expendables as well. And as for Arnold appearing in that, too, Crews says the same. "I am not at liberty to discuss what kind of cameo it is [in The Expendables], but I know for a fact he wants to be down," Crews told MTV. "Arnold and I did a movie together a long time ago called The 6th Day. Arnold and I are cool; he's the best." So there you have it, as long as all this turns out to be true, and we can trust what Terry Crews has to say, then this will be the year we see Arnold return to the big screen, even if it's just for a minute.

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So do we actually get to see the T-800 sent back to the future or would that be in the sequel since Kyle Reese needs to get a bit older and soldier-like?

Matt Suhu on Apr 8, 2009


I meant "sent back to the *past."

Matt Suhu on Apr 8, 2009


Who knows. Arnold doesnt make a difference to me whether i see this movie or not.

LC on Apr 8, 2009


It would be cool to see Arnold in the movie but it can still work without him. Either way, this movie looks like it's going to be awesome!

SlashBeast on Apr 8, 2009


Matt Suhu: Salvation takes place in 2018 I believe, whereas in The Terminator, Kyle Reese said he was from 2029 (again not exactly sure about the year). Also, McG said that at this point in time (2018) terminators such as the T-800 are still in the R&D stage. Furthermore, sequels are planned for this franchise, which indicate that we will not be seeing the T-800 and Kyle Reese being sent to the past. It is reasonable to assume that the final film will end with Kyle Reese's transportation to the past, because at that point the resistance had succeeded, "we'd won." ***SPOILER*** However, the trailer shows Sam Worthington as a Terminator of some sort, so I don't understand why it would take 10 years for Skynet to develop or simply send out the T-800 to the past. Perhaps Skynet did not develop time travel technology until 10 years later, but then why send the T-800 instead of the T-1000 or TX? I hope McG answers these questions.

Keith on Apr 8, 2009


Keith...very true, I've been keeping up with all the updates as well. However, John Connor explicitly states in the trailer that "this is not the future my mother told me about." Plus the fact that "there's no fate but what we make." My point being...the time line has changed from what we know from T1 and T2. Although I hold those two stories as canon, I'm open to major plot points and events to being altered...such as when the T-800 and Kyle Reese are sent back. I think it's almost impossible to assume that both the T-800 and Kyle Reese are sent back in time at the exact same moment in 2029, unless they're! I think it'd be more reasonable to assume that one was sent back before the other...may it be by a difference of a few seconds, minutes, hours, or even days or months. So I would not be surprised to see the T-800 sent back in time before Kyle Reese either at the end of Salvation or in the sequel. I am assuming that the finale of this trilogy would mean the end or near ending of this war. I wouldn't want this trilogy to end with Kyle Reese going back in time and not having closure to the war even though we're supposed to think that "John Connor had Skynet by the balls."

Matt Suhu on Apr 8, 2009


I am excited about seeing Arnold in a younger CGI form.

Fisherr on Apr 10, 2009


Arnold is in Stallones new flick, he'll be working one - 1 - day on the film, if he's in the new Terminator, it's prob the same, working for one day. He's sorta buzy governator'ing. I do however think thats its an CGI image of him, just so we all applaud in the theateres when we see Arnold again 🙂

dAVIS_s_p on Apr 10, 2009


I think it is not smart for Arnold to be put in this movie. They try to revamp a movie series and put him in Salvation. How does that make any sense? What a mistake cause I really wanted to see this movie and if Arnold has even the slightest cameo, I will start laughing and that just sucks.

Schwartz on Apr 12, 2009


Well...wondering how this will tie in with the show, assuming McG is not as big of dick as George Lucas ignoring what's been played out before him in the expanded universe, it looks as if they both knew about each other because of what happened at the end of Chronicles. These aren't T-800 with skin on them, they're actual cyborgs. That's what I'm getting from the show and previews in the movie. They speak, act, and feel unlike Arnold did. We're seeing something entirely new with this reboot or w/e you want to call it and should prove it to be promising.

Hey Ya on Apr 13, 2009


I hope people dont get all bent out of shape about events unfolding in possibly a different way than was scoped by previous installments. personally i believe, if time travel were possible, that it wouldnt matter what the original T-800 or kyle reese did when they were sent back. You couldnt alter the future because you would be on a different timeline than the one you left so youre actions wouldnt make a difference. Guess that sounds like the multi-verse theory so I'm open for anything to go down.

fred b on May 22, 2009

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