That Live-Action Tekken Movie Finally Gets an Official Poster

December 23, 2009
Source: Official Website


Tekken, as in the video game? Yep, I'm talking about the platform fighting game Tekken. You may or may not know, but Namco has been working on a Tekken movie for a while (we ran some photos in February). In fact, the whole thing is shot and in the can, just waiting to be released. Luke Goss stars as Steve Fox, Jon Foo stars as Jin Kazama, and it's directed by Dwight H. Little (Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid). It's either a cult classic in the making or a huge piece of crap just like the Dragonball and Street Fighter movies from this year. Twitch just found the first official Japanese poster on the official website. Check it!

Tekken Poster

Before someone says something about Warner Bros releasing this in Japan, they're only distributing there. In fact, I don't think this even has a US distributor yet, but I'm not sure. "Set in 2039, the film promises non-stop high flying action as the greatest fighters from around the world come to compete in the last and greatest sporting event of all time, the Iron Fist Tournament." The fights were choreographed by Cyril Raffaelli (of District 13, The Incredible Hulk) and the script was written by Alan B. McElroy (of Spawn, Wrong Turn, The Marine). I don't have high hopes, but I'd like to be surprised. We'll keep you updated!

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For being live action they still look as crappy as they do on the game. I call crap!

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 23, 2009


At the most they should've just made this CGI...

Dark Fist on Dec 23, 2009


i think i remember seeing something(bth) about this by some means(tv/internet)... and i think i remember it looking like shit. considering the writer and director you mentioned... i'm not expecting much. although chun li did have some quotables. "nash, out"

Mr.Mr. on Dec 24, 2009


I agree, I do hate the writer they chose for this. However, I do believe this being an original Japanese film, and not tainted by the Hollywood VG system right now, it still has potential. I loved the Tekken games, and I've wanted to see a movie for it for a while now, the different world opposite Mortal Kombat. Not to mention the choreographer for DISTRICT 13 is amazing, and needs to work on several other films. I want to see a trailer, and if I can get my hands on a copy of the film later on, I'll definitely watch it. I do hope it comes out good and they distribute the film out here. And yes, while all video game adaptations have been shot to sh*t, we do have PRINCE OF PERSIA coming out in May, and while I always disagreed with Jake Gyleenhall chosen as the lead actor, the trailer looks good, and I'm excited for it. If 2010, aside from becoming a 3D year, is the turnover for video game films, with the likes of TEKKEN and PRINCE OF PERSIA, then 2011 and so on will spawn a new wave of fanboy films. 2001 saw a huge spawn of comic book films, followed by graphic novel films. Those trends will continue, but if we have at least ONE good video game film, 2011 will spawn the new big studio summer blockbuster trend of video game films. If so, then we'll have some potential for Dead Space, Bioshock, The Halo Trilogy, Heavenly Sword, Assassins' Creed, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Zelda, Star Craft, War Craft, Dragon Age Origins, Castlevania, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Killzone, Infamous, Resistance, Fallout 3, Devil May Cry, and many many more. If I can crack into the Industry anytime soon, I'll definitely try to work my way into bringing out these films into being the adaptations they need to be.

Van Castle on Dec 24, 2009


if done right this should really have great potential. will have to see some shoots other than this poster.

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 24, 2009


Gotta admit, they showed the teaser poster years back (not this poster another one), if the poster was made a long time ago... Then this film could be pretty good if during that time they worked on the script. But it will proberbly turn out like G.I. Joe, it looked shit but it turned out to be a damn good film πŸ™‚

Pie9566 on Dec 24, 2009


Also some of the poster is written in English, I have no doubt that this film does have a US distributor. If not then I'm sure they'll bring it to DVD πŸ™‚

Pie9566 on Dec 24, 2009


Following onto comments 6 and 7 I found the original poster and I found out that the US distributor is called Dimension films (I found this from πŸ™‚

Pie9566 on Dec 24, 2009


Lateef Crowder as Eddy Gordo was all it took to sell me on this movie.

Cody on Dec 24, 2009


Guys, all negative comms. Be positive. Give the Tekken team a break. From what i heard the director wanted a big gap from Street Fighter (Chun-li) movie. He changed the script, and made it more dark. Plus c'mon, they got the main character, JIN. Not like they based it on another character. AND oh yeah, where is Lei Wulong. That SUCKS, if he is not in this movie.

agentX on Dec 24, 2009


Oh by the way poster is not american, it's japanese. So they just rushed it and this site had to bring out the rushed version. Oh and @10 the dudes right, like always! LOL ;D

agentX on Dec 24, 2009


That poster's kick ass. It just goes to show how faithful they are to the video game. I've been reading up on the movie lately and there has actually ALREADY BEEN A SCREENING for it, but, like alex said, it's simply waiting for a studio to release. But everything i've read is positive.

JP on Dec 24, 2009


tekken owns!

DoomCanoe on Dec 24, 2009


It's not PG so it won't be as bad as Dragonball and it won't be as bad Chung Li...sense ya know there's some normal asians in this movie! Not all hollywooded out like Chung Li. -_- It will make some good money imo. I think it will be one of the better Video Game Movies.

Kris on Dec 24, 2009


i think the poster looks alright to me,i would be more worried about the final trailer.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 24, 2009


@ 4 You know, I never really played a shit ton of Zelda, but damned if I'd love to see a breathtaking motion picture version of it. With a japanese composer for the score. Oh my my. Anyways... All I needed to see was their little faces down there, BOTH breakdancers, and the writer of The Marine and I knew I would not be watching this.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 24, 2009


Going to be yet another live action adaption failure. Checklist: 1. Street fighter: check 2. Dragonball: double check 3. Tekken: also double check 4. Akira: ??? (They'll be a check their soon)

biggvel1 on Dec 24, 2009


i hope this is not another DOA....

Hellboy on Dec 25, 2009


FUUUUCCKKK NO! Has anyone actually seen The Marine? That is the biggest piece of shit movie out there! I've never seen a worse film, even Twilight is better than The Marine. I have NO hopes for this film. It'll be shite.

The Chiz on Dec 25, 2009


to be exact Tekken story has the darkest of plots and works compared to the rest of fight games and their onscreen adaptations. other than that CGI feel to the poster it looks well enough, dark enough with a decent director, story telling, good fluent, big fast and bloody fight sequences in moody environments this one has really great potential. they gotta keep it dark and moody... not light hearted and sunny πŸ™ the presence of Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi should overpower the audience, nina should make male viewers eyes pop out only to be kiked right back in her devastating blows and whips... well thats the expectancy... how much it will live up to it we will all see.. and about other game to screen adaptations, DOA was mentioned, the non american versions were so-so not real bad not real good but it appealed to its viewers/players. it had original scenes and sequences. but street fighter (both), DragonBall (again not totally bad but not good enough), very old Double Dragon (i guess most of the commentors havent caught it maybe it was before their time or way to bad to be even mentioned :P) were all kinda failed attempts to create those magical games on screen... there is one mention of a name which infact not a game but an anime/manga in origin that should be cautiously approached: AKIRA..that merchandise is very has a very deep and wide follower crowd around the globe and the anime itself had revolutionised the sector when it first hit the shelves. It has great potential but also need to be handled delicately.... enough with the yapping again πŸ˜€ PS: yep a fast, kinda swashbuckling, funny Zelda would appeal to me too and i havent playd it even once but the characters Link etc have always appealed to me too πŸ˜›

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 25, 2009


Another flop in the making

Movietweeter on Dec 25, 2009


I'll watch it just to see Cung Le playing Marshal Law. πŸ˜€

Darren Albert on Dec 27, 2009


I AGREE with comment # 14 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Random on Jan 1, 2010


Yeah I think the movie version Tekken will be alright to see and the King Of Fighters yeah that movie looks worst,so the Tekken movie will not be a success but it will be good.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Jan 11, 2010

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