The Crow Remake is Casting, But Who Should Play Draven?

November 23, 2009
Source: io9

The Crow

This is kind of like asking who should play the Joker if Chris Nolan decides to bring him back. We already know that LXG director Stephen Norrington is rebooting Alex Proyas' The Crow, but hasn't cast anyone. Our friends at io9 talked with producer Ryan Kavanaugh who gave them some updates on the project. First he reiterates, "it's not a remake it's literally a relaunch of the franchise." Okay, but is it close to starting? "The Crow is definitely going to happen, we're just getting all the pieces together right now. It's not officially greenlit, but it's going to happen… I think in a couple months we could have the package together for sure."

Kavanaugh obviously wouldn't say who they're looking at to play Eric Draven, the guitarist who is brought back from the dead to avenge his and his fiancée's murder. "We're looking. We're in discussions… I think it's something cool, we're approaching it differently. It's really a whole relaunch of the franchise, much more of a dark superhero type." Sounds like a perfect role for Christian Bale. Are they even going for well-known actors? "It will be an actor you've heard of, yes. We're not ruling anything out. We're looking at both, with the very well known and the 'very talented but they may not be quite there yet.'" My vote is for the latter.

Whoever they end up choosing is going to be scrutinized by a lot of fans until they can prove they're just as good as Brandon Lee was in the original movie. So who would be a good fit for this role? Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Younger or older than that? Or maybe even someone like James Franco? Who should they cast?

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I really liked the first movie, but this remake-business is really making me sick. Have the industry totally run out of original ideas or are they just greedy and tries to monetize already proven ip?

Joat on Nov 23, 2009


" Every time I fall...Every time I call your name...." Dude it doesn't matter who plays Draven...The Crow will be present most of the film and if this remake bases its story on the source graphic novel...he's a Ledger-esque joker type theme wise but is a Dexter Morgan morally wise anti-hero. Any young well built actor will do...but My Money is on Colin Farell or Josh Lucas (from Stealth) Draven is an average Joe that is in love with his fiancée...and not a martial arts master with make-up. Brandon Lee had the tortured soul of the Crow and that's why the movie is still good today. But we need to care about Draven before we are amazed by the Crow. In the graphic Novel Draven is just getting back at those who took his life and his love...If the movie holds those two elements with high regard, then the remake will have worth for a new generation. If it's just to make a buck, cause superhero movies are still cool...then I call shenanigans.... P.S. please God don't let Rain from " Speed Racer " and " Ninja Assassin " be considered for casting

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Nov 23, 2009



Jay2thagirl on Apr 23, 2011


Ok, I understand were you guys are all coming from, but let me say this, The Crow is one of those movies that comes once in a lifetime. Yeah, the acting mighta not been so, great, but the point is is that Brandon Lee was the first to play the role of Eric Draven, and that is something special. For instants, Bela Lugosi was the first Dracula, now every actor that has ever played the part of Dracula has modeled themselves after his performance, and guess what? HE WAS THE WORST ACTOR IN THE WORLD! The point is, he changed CULTURE! Remember that guys, that thing we had before the world went to crap. But, that is exactly what Brandon Lee's performance did, IT CHANGED CULTURE! I admit, he was not the best actor, but he was the first to play the role, and that is what makes him irreplacable. I don't think they should make a remake. My mom even asked why they were remaking it, and she doesn't even like The Crow, she says it is well done movie, and is one of those movies you just can't remake. I agree also, but if they're going to do a remake, I might as well put in my vote for who should play Draven, and see how many of you ninies freak out on me. I had an argument with my friend the other day on who should play the part of Draven. She said "Ben Barnes" from Prince Caspian. I thought he was too "Pretty", but I put the make-up on him with photoshop and I WAS SHOCKED! HE LOOKS GREAT! He looks a little like Lee, but at the same time looks like the comic book version. The bad part is, he's not buff enough, and not anywhere near having the kinda bod Lee had, but if he's totally gangally like Joseph Levitt. If he worked out really hard, and got some martial training, he could do it easly.

Silance Dogood on Jun 28, 2012


Regardless, Brandon Lee is the only Eric Draven. But since Hollywood in intent on making another reboot, James Franco could be a really good possibility

Chris on Nov 23, 2009


I bet they will cast someone like Robert Pattinson

WB EXEC on Nov 23, 2009


#4 don't even joke like that. *shudders*

xerxex on Nov 23, 2009


Hmm...#3, James Franco? Hmm....That's not a bad choice. And Robert Pattinson? How could you even mention that, nooo. *cries a little* That would be terrible.

Sabes on Nov 23, 2009


BIlly zane XD

Vincent Cipollone on Nov 23, 2009


I sure hope they abandon this 'relaunch' idea!

Spider on Nov 23, 2009


Jared Leto... Just mt opinion, he looks the part

Hmm? on Nov 23, 2009


#4 I wouldn't be suprized if that happened... LOL... it'll definitely bring in the teenage girl fanbase.. and you know that hollywood is all about the $$$.

Nate on Nov 23, 2009


i hope they dont ruin the crow. i have a feeling they will.

sam on Nov 23, 2009


OMG ALEX, no it's not. The Joker is replaceable especially if they have time go by. Lee did not kill himself with drugs! He was shot by accident! Plus it's a remake so it is the same character in teh same if they remade The Dark Knight, then maybe I could agree, Heath be hard to replace. But it's not and a third movie wouldn't be a problem if the Joker was in it unless he was the main villain again, then it is too much too fast, just like Maggie and Katie.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 23, 2009



smacky on Nov 23, 2009


Jared Leto or Joseph Gordon Levitt for sure!

Cmurder on Nov 23, 2009


i think james franco would be good

jay on Nov 23, 2009


calm down #12.

xerxex on Nov 23, 2009



wm on Nov 23, 2009


Not some pretty boy like Leto, or Franco. Jason Scott Lee would be a good choice, if he would even consider the part, if not it should be an up and comer, someone new.

Adam on Nov 23, 2009


My vote goes to Leslie Nielsen!

Don't Call Me Shirley! on Nov 23, 2009


They don't need to remake it. The first was a very good movie. What's the point?... Moonnnnnnneeeeyyyyy!

Tone on Nov 23, 2009


As odd as it may sound, I think Milo Ventimiglia could pull it off pretty well.

Ryan on Nov 24, 2009


Shia Lebeouf !!!

LORD MANTACO on Nov 24, 2009


That's just not gonna happen, the role requires someone that's got presence and a touch of brooding menace. Shia Lebeouf could  never fill the boots of Brandon (R.I.P.)

Eric Spark on Mar 30, 2012


Oh no, a moneymaker movie about the CROW - this is a crime against Brandon Lee and the soul of the first THE CROW movie. And when everything is so bad, I am sure they will ask Robert Pattinson to play Eric. And I am sure at the end of the movie the director will write something like "Dedicated to Brandon Lee". Hollywood sucks! Every year a bit more.

Millus on Nov 24, 2009


Sounds about right, but rather than dedicate a film to him why not just leave the film as we all remember and love as a testament to Brandon's memory. After all "Buildings Burn, People Die and Crap re-makes will always be forgotten"

Eric Spark on Mar 30, 2012


please let us not let them make a remake and potentially ruin a perfectly cult/classic film I really was avoiding the idea that they might someday realise and go say "whats that sitting on the shelf, black box, with a guy shirtless having a guitar strap visible, hands open on the sides??? is that whats its name? raven? crow yes the crow!! Guys i just had the idea for our next great idea to be ruined as a remake. The Crow" nowadays most of the revamp/reboot oriented directors simply want to appeal to the masses go for a quick cash, big budget big explosions no originality and loyalty to the characters origins 🙁 big explosions big budgets may work on original ideas when meeting the viewer for the first time but with a classic cult with as strong line of followers/die hard fans as The Crow, its really a great challenge. look what happened with its sequels, how many are there?, i think i quit following the sequels @ 4 and got back to the basics and read the original graphic novel instead. the closest one to the firsts success was the second installment and it still was not even half good of the original. if there is gonna be a reboot, there is only one guy to direct it. it should be Mr Proyas himself and he should hand pick the cast with absolute control otherwise i really have serious doubts of its success. i fear, its gonna be another massacre of a great film... i really wanna cry 🙁

burak "Daequitas" on Nov 24, 2009


No James Franco and Farrel please!!!.... they don't fi the character in my opinion. They should look at JG Levitt or this guy Matthew Goode (played the role Ozymandias) in Watchmen. He's British though and the accent might be a factor...

Harlan on Nov 24, 2009


Good choice Harlan, Iv'e often thought JG Levitt would make a good attempt at the role, but would rather not see it re-made.

Eric Spark on Mar 30, 2012


I think Jeff Goldblum was born to play the role. and hahahha #19

Ray on Nov 24, 2009


Nick Cage... or just make him black and use Terry Crews

Metatasian on Nov 24, 2009


Who will play the bird!?

André on Nov 24, 2009


How about a little known named Charlie Hunnam. He plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy. Anyone who watches this show knows his depth.

renny on Nov 24, 2009


really???? let me just toss this out there START A NEW SAGA WITH A FEMALE CROW STOP THIS REMAKE BS !!!!! they must really be running out of ideas, this is just getting sad, and they wonder why people torrent

splinter on Nov 24, 2009


My vote is for Ben foster...

peloquin on Nov 24, 2009


heath ledger would have been perfect

ah on Nov 24, 2009


JG Levitt.. maybe Nick Stahl or Jared Leto. They kind of look like they can do that dark, brooding look.

vespers on Nov 24, 2009


It is a slightly different situation to the latest incarnation of the Joker, seeing as Brandon Lee originated the role and died on the set while they were filming... but he's been replaced before in the sequels to The Crow, so obviously there is a precedent for this. But really, the film is far too modern to need a remake. This is monumentally depressing, and I can't imagine any new movie matching the original for impact. Just leave it alone! Norrington made Blade (the best of the trilogy, in my opinion, as much as I love Del Toro), so he's clearly capable of a good film if he puts his mind to it. But why can't it be something completely new?

Mathieu on Nov 24, 2009


#29 That's who I was thinking of myself! I'm sure he could pull off that character. Just dye his hair and give him a shave...tadaa! He can be incredibly intense, and I would love for him to have the chance to step out of a TV series and onto the big screen.

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 24, 2009


Taylor Lautner

Felix on Nov 24, 2009


this is so fucking terrible. I've said it before and I'll say it again...epic fail. Anyone that goes to see this pile of shit is a sucker. The original film was good.....move on to something new.

awful on Nov 24, 2009


19 and 26, you guys nailed it.

Paul on Nov 24, 2009


@ #31 peloquin valid suggestion Ben Foster would be a great choice!

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2009


Guys I'm with you on the originality part, but most original ideas are destroyed.

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2009


James Franco is a good candidate.

Fisherr on Nov 24, 2009


They shouldn't remake the crow, at ALL. It's a cult classic and we all know how remakes go. They suck. The Omen remake, sucked. The Amityville Horror remake, sucked. Clearly hollywood is just desperate for movies because there aren't any good scenarios left. There is no actor that can upstage or even come close to the brilliance Brandon Lee put into The Crow. Collin Farrell Wouldn't work. Robert Pattinson? He can stick to Twilight and New Moon, The Crow isn't swav and shiney, he's dark and dreary. James Franco? NO. Nicholas Cage is the worst actor of all time ( see g4 ) The point is, it shouldn't be remade because it's going to be terrible and bomb in the box office because no one will waste there time on a butchered cult classic.

Suck it on Nov 24, 2009


Why is everyone calling him Draven like that's his full name? His name is only Eric in the graphic novel, and in the movie his full name was Eric Draven.

Kail on Nov 24, 2009


For all those people who think Ben Foster, James Franco, Taylor Lautner, JG Levitt or Matthew Goode should play Eric, you're fucking retarted. This really bothers me, that anyone would even think those actors could pull the part off. Its casting directors with this mentality that gave us trash like the crow 2+3.

R2theL-O on Nov 24, 2009


I think a good candidate would be Billy Crudup, is a little older but has resemblance to Brandon Lee and furthermore it has a slender body at once muscular

elena on Nov 25, 2009


#2 wrote "Any young well built actor will do…but My Money is on Colin Farell or Josh Lucas (from Stealth)" Holy shit, that's the worst idea i have ever read. those guys should be on the part of the list that got ripped off.

Jimbone on Nov 25, 2009


You know what the funny thing is...regardless of who we think should be cast, some lucky actor will get the gig and the movie will be made and tons of new fans will get their Crow and fanboys will still not be able to influence casting directors or studio execs...they're the ones who rule Hollywood...We just throw money at them...

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Nov 25, 2009


And @46 You're not a casting director, my choices we based on body of work and screen charisma! DETHKLOK RULES!!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Nov 25, 2009


OK @46 Chris Evans!! or Paul Walker!! or dare I say it M. surfer/Neo himself...Keanu!!!!! There...did I just blow your mind!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Nov 25, 2009


Jared Letto.. the dark prince..

Shaz on Nov 26, 2009


How about Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights and Wolverine? He's a fantastic actor and can play the dark role.

B-rett on Nov 26, 2009


What do you want to be it'll be Sam FUCKING Worthington again???? I am soooo sick of this guy and his crappy American accent already.

Not again on Nov 26, 2009

58 about RAIN?

David Banner on Nov 26, 2009


I'am a gigantic crow fan the original film is my fav movie of all time this reboot will never surpass it for sure but if they do it similar to the original graphic novel it probably will be an excellent film I reckon jared padalecki from supernatural would be the best he can act and has the physical side to the character I hope they don't stuff this up after wicked prayer it really sucked 🙁

roy_draven on Nov 27, 2009


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH #24! Why can't they just leave it alone, and come up with new ideas. So graphic novels made into movies are popular, but there's something you should just leave alone. I can understand wanting to update the movie and bring in a new generation but what you fail to realize is that even this new generation LOVES the original. Why change something that people of all ages love, even after 15 years. But unfortunately I know they're most likely going to continue on with the making of the remake/reboot. So I would suggest you bring in someone young and up coming, if not someone totally new to play Draven. Just like it was when Lee played the part. New and up coming! I just ask that you Please Don't ruin the original!!!

Dov_Tushka on Nov 27, 2009


What do you want to be it'll be Sam FUCKING Worthington again?

PTSD on Nov 27, 2009


Ben Foster?

verbal on Nov 28, 2009


Who would play Draven, in the new Crow remake? Good question, first i honestly believe they shouldn't do a remake of the Crow, however, since they'll continue to proceed the project, hm?.... how about?... [thinking of a real awesome actor for Draven]... it is a dark, meloncolic, dramatic type a role... umm?? Johnny Depp or Christian Bale or Gerard Butler or Channing Tatum (from the rise of Cobra) this is just an idea/opinion of mine, so u can agree/disagree with me, i am just throwing out curve ball ideas, so whatcha'll think?

MDstatus on Nov 28, 2009


It should be a young actor (no Depps, Bales, or Butlers) and someone who can act (no Tatum) and someone who is not an action star. My vote is for Emile Hirsch. Young actor who CAN act, and about as far away from Brandon Lee as you can get. I loved the Crow, and I am glad they are making a movie more based on the comic, rather than trying to remake the 1994 film. Here's my cast: Emile Hirsch as Eric Draven Eliza Dushku as Shelly Abigail Bresslin as Sherri Paul Giamati as Albrecht Jackie Earle Haley as T-Bird

Brian Lowery on Nov 28, 2009


It was established from the beginning that the character of Eric Draven is not going to be in this film. It's not a remake; it's a reboot. It's a new story based on the Crow mythos.

Bronzelike on Nov 29, 2009


Did you read the article or listen to anything the director said? It's going to have Draven in it.

Brian Lowery on Nov 30, 2009


The article above is nothing but conjecture, and the author only assumes Draven will be in the film. Every other article I've read on the subject includes quotes like the following: "[It's] very different from the original," the source claims. "A whole new story about a whole new character."

Bronzelike on Nov 30, 2009


I still fail to see where he stated that Draven will not be in it. By "new character," he could mean a Draven more closely related to the comic. You yourself have nothing but conjecture to add, so don't correct others for doing the same.

Brian Lowery on Nov 30, 2009


Clearly we all think that the first is best, that Brandon Lee is the best, I just feel like to do a remake so that people value even more the original film

elena on Dec 1, 2009


Brian Lowery, I don't know why you're trying to pick a fight when all I'm doing is sharing information with people who can use it. That quote was only one convenient example. I have read the same kind of thing in several articles. Here is another excerpt from that particular article, since you didn't read it: "An undisclosed source tells Comics2Film that Norrington's upcoming installment in the 'Crow' franchise will not be a remake, but an entirely new concept altogether. In other words, the iconic role of Eric Draven will not be revisited in the new movie." Obviously, I am not conjecturing. Even the article on this page states that it is not a remake. Of course, all the quoted sources in all the articles I've read could have it wrong, but it would be silly to assume so, just for the hope of seeing a beloved character return. By the way, I read an article wherein Jason Stathom indicates that he is being considered for the lead role in the new film, and definitely wants it.

Bronzelike on Dec 1, 2009


every actor i have seen mentioned in this thread is ridiculous not one comes close to the feeling of the crow Taylor Lautner- hell no your and idiot for even mentioning his name Christian Bale- ok yeah now we can hear te crow go " WHERES IS SHEEE" like we get to hear on the dark knight Emile Hirsch- ummmm sorry but no shit pick Ben Foster- has potential but i dont think so Johnny Depp- yeah i did not see this pick inevitably coming to this Channing Tatum- smack!!! no Gerard Butler- lol ok i know he is doing good in movies but he is no crow !!! and finally James Franco- you obviously saw pineapple express and said hay long hair he could be the crow...... NO sorry try again i dont know if anyone else was mentioned but this is a dumb idea to re-make anyways

splinter on Dec 1, 2009


Bronze - Not picking a fight. Just saying that you are as clueless as everyone else, and we are just having fun casting an imaginary film. Lighten up, and stop trying to pretend to know more than the rest of us. You don't.

Brian Lowery on Dec 1, 2009


Lowery, it's very obvious that I am not clueless. I referenced multiple clues and cited a couple of them. It's obvious for the same reason that I'm not pretending to know more than anyone else. For the record- and this is the first time in this thread that I am expressing an opinion- I would like to see a remake based closely on the graphic novel and done in the same dark gothic, dystopian style as the first film. Unfortunately, I've been checking for updates over several months, and the overwhelming evidence is that it is not going to be that way. It's also obvious that you're looking for a fight. Otherwise, you would have no reason to take issue with anything that I have said, at all.

Bronzelike on Dec 2, 2009


Get a grip, dude. You don't know any insider info, just what you read. The rest of us were just having fun. Just drop it fanboy.

Brian Lowery on Dec 2, 2009


I was having fun, too, until you got in my face. You picked it up; you drop it.

Bronzelike on Dec 3, 2009


wow arguing on the internet, wonder who the man really is regardless i dont think ill like the remake of the crow, loved the crow, nothing was shot or had a story like that when i came out and to be honest i don't think the people helming the remake will make anything groundbreaking without completely deviating from the original story. none of the batman movies got remade and they made a rediculous amount of dough at the box office. maybe i just dont agree with remaking the crow. although gettin back to the topic at hand if there was anyone to play draven, they should make the movie extra dark and have benicio del toro be draven, could switch up what we already like about the crow, or maybe if he acts the way entourage pretends he does adrian grenier. maybe they should use a real rock star, although, none of them can act either, but if they could, bert mccracken from the used? i dont know, leave the crow to be the crow awesome 90's alternative soundtrack too, what you gonna do with this one, make him a nickelback or emo rock star, rough.

austin on Dec 3, 2009


I like #21 suggestion of Milo Ventimiglia or what about someone older like Eric Roberts?

NHB Alex on Dec 3, 2009


Eric Roberts????? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...........! Snicker...... Chortle...... Wipes tear from eye........ NHB Alex, this movie ain't going straight to DVD.........

Rambo: First Blood, Part 16 on Dec 4, 2009


Billy Crudup nobody thinks ?????

elena on Dec 4, 2009


They already said that this movie is not about Eric Draven it will be someone else and they also said the makeup will not be the same as Draven's. This movie may end up being good but I doubt it will top the original Brandon Lee was and always be THE CROW to me.

Anti-Fox on Dec 4, 2009


OMG -- IT has to be Mark Dacascos!!! He's got it all!

Mary on Dec 4, 2009


Eric Roberts??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.......... Do you want this movie to go staight to video?

Rambo: First Blood, Part 16 on Dec 5, 2009


Billy Cruddup was good in Watchmen but I'm not a fan really. Maybe a bit too old also. Age would also rule out Gruffud, Butler, Depp, Bale, Crowe and pretty much all of the goddamn Aussies, so at least, for a change, foriegn actors won't be taking American work from American actors.

Ranyner on Dec 5, 2009


Ranyer You actually liked Cruddup in Watchmen I thought he was the one thing about it that was crap he sounded like such a pussy. I'll admit he was very good in Almost Famous but he was total crap in Watchmen they really could of picked someone better than him, i really felt no empathy for Dr. Manhatten I actually thought Ozymandias deserved more apathy then he did, plus to top it off he killed the best character in the movie BASTARD.

Anti-Fox on Dec 5, 2009


Anti-Fox: Riiiiight.........I see. Allrighty then.

Ranyner on Dec 5, 2009


#78. Which of the "Goddamn Aussie's" are you referring to? The ones currently working consistently in Hollywood? The ones back home who still work there but tried and failed over here, or couldn't make the grade to get here in the first place? The Aussie may have ousted the Jew as the new force to be reckoned with here but for every part going are thousands of actors, of all nationalities, vying for it. Unless you are a Crowe or a Jackman or Kidman, the rapidly rising Innes or that Worthington upstart, who routinely have scripts and offers thrown at them and can afford to say "no thanks" you simply have to realise that other Aussies who get cast have beaten tough oppostion to do so. This, more often than not, is simply due to the fact they arrive with a work ethic, respect, humour and professionalism. They are prepared, have done their homework, got our accent straight and can act. That usually helps and it proves they came here to work, and work they do, so why not let them?

Rasheed on Dec 5, 2009


Billy Crudup is true that is already older, but the cinema can be everything and he is fit. determine their role in sleepers

elena on Dec 5, 2009


voted to give him the star on the Walk of Fame to Brandon Lee !!!!!!

elena on Dec 5, 2009


Just how old is Billy Cruddup? By the look of him, not too old really. I mean, Aussie actor Sam Worthington is only about 33 but looks older. Steve Innes, another Aussie actor, from the same city as Sam, is 40 but looks younger than Sam. Nic Kidman is 42 or 43 and looks every day of it. Crowe must be in his late 40's by now, but looks like he is 50 plus. So really, does age really matter, when make up, hairdo, costuming and even CGI come into play?

Merv on Dec 5, 2009


is 41, I mean that is much older than Brandon Lee when he played the role, but I totally agree with you Merv

elena on Dec 6, 2009


Kavanaugh obviously wouldn't say who they're looking at to play Eric Draven, the guitarist who is brought back from the dead to avenge his and his fiancée's murder. Doesn't anyone else see what's wrong with this sentence? No? Eric Draven is not a poetic guitarist, he was just some guy renovating a house that he and his soon-to-be fiance were going to live in. Also they were far from the house when they were killed. The book version of The Crow is much better than the movie because the movie is almost its own thing. When i watched The Crow i found that i never actually saw the original character... except form when he breaks into the meeting of the gangster with guns blazing, well sort of. The book is a wonderful example of gothic symbolism and artistry that came from James O'barr's own pain and depression, but the movie basically covers this up and destroys the original character Eric Draven, who in the book was the only person who could see the crow that perches on his shoulder. So im fine with a remake. I also have a sugestion for a director and producer. Tim Burton and Jerry Bruckheimer. Tim Burton will understand the importance of the original crow and keep its gothic and dark elements, while Jerry is a pretty good producer. i would leave the casting to them too and not to the people writing on this page to say theyre outraged with a remake because they obviously dont know who The Crow of Eric Draven is.

ARJAY on Dec 6, 2009


I can't say im sure what that means

ARJAY on Dec 8, 2009


i think that Ben Foster with his image from the movie Hostage would be perfect to play the role. He's dark and misunderstood. Just take the bad guy montage and turn him into a good guy. He's perfect at dark roles and it's about time he take a face turn.

BigDaddy on Dec 9, 2009


Are you kidding me? Ben Foster? there is no way he could pull of The Crow.

ARJAY on Dec 9, 2009


Who are these youngster that are nominating people like Jared leto. EWWW. It IS A PART SPECIFICALLY FOR CHRISTIAN BALE. There is no else that can capture the essence of the Crow. Except for the person who created his character and he is dead. NO ONE is going to pay money to go see a movie with cute kid actor Shia LaBoef as a the dark Crow or Jared (no personality) Leto. The producers kn ow that and are going to go with a high profile actor because Christian throws himself into his characters. I hope he will bulk up for it though, he is too skinny as of late. Go remake of the Crow!!!!

duduhead53 on Dec 9, 2009


Leave the crow alone hollywood it's perfect as it is Erice Draven belongs to Brandon Lee and should stay that way he died doing the role no crow remake just don't

Corey James on Dec 9, 2009


What about David Belle from District B13? I don't know if he speaks English, but I think he could do the part.

Sabrina on Dec 10, 2009


#44 R2THEL-O.... You're the retard!!! It's not the casting that was f***ing wrong on Crow's the damn story and your ability to comprehend. It's that simple.... JG Levitt is a good actor probably bot a great one. He may not be that popular and mainstream but, heck, that's also the case of other good actors before they became mainstream...

Harlan on Dec 10, 2009


No one will never ever beat the best that was Brandon Lee. But Mark Dacascos should play Eric Draven from the quite good The Crow: Stairway to Heaven TV series or Edward Furlong should play Jimmy Cuervo from the excellent sequel The Crow: Wicked Prayer Again which were far better versions of the charecter then both the dreadful sequals The Crow: City of Angels and The Crow: Salvation. so how about Chris Hardman A.K.A Lil Chris as the new Eric Draven/The Crow.

Dabion on Dec 11, 2009


#95 JG Levitt is probably bot a great one. Bot? Like in, bot fly? I had one of those in my ass once, found it when we got back from Mexico. I didn't mind.....

Merv on Dec 11, 2009


I think Steven Strait would be pretty cool

MRS. BURGER on Dec 13, 2009


Stuart Townsend can play "dark and dreary" pretty darn well. Get him to bulk up some and he's got my vote.

AV on Dec 14, 2009


Stuart Townsend can play "dark and dreary" pretty darn well. Get him to bulk up some and he's got my vote. Mark Dacascos (even though he was in the tv series) is also a good choice because of his experience with the story.

AV on Dec 14, 2009


hmmmm, alot of good ideas. james franco...stuart townsend... maybe they should pick someone whos already a famous rock musician? give them a new look? id be a little concerned about the acting skill tho... just as a thought, what about jackson rathbone? he totally has that dark and ominous look to him, and he was great in s. darko, plus that would totally be a great career booster for him, and the girls would go crazy for him. i say give jasper a chance! lol

Cody on Dec 14, 2009


If they are going to make him a guitarist again (and i hope they don't), they should try synister gates (A7X). and if they don't go with a poetic guitarist they should at least give Criss Angel a try.

ARJAY on Dec 15, 2009


I think Steven Strait should play The Crow. Personally I don't think they should make a remake, NO ONE can replace Brandon Lee.

Mandi on Dec 15, 2009


i dont think brandon lee can be replaced. the boy was an amazing martial artists like his father but if they do pick someone let them have some type of background in martial arts or some fighting style because i am tried of seeing actors in movies with no background in fighting doing moves you know that cant do. Yes i do know that learning to fight to shoot a movie is totally different from real fighting because in movies it is choregraphed.

cHRIS on Dec 16, 2009


#4 I just died a little inside... >.< I like Joseph Gordon Levitt Most

MaTt on Dec 16, 2009


if someone already said this i'm sorry for just restating it but..... there were 2 crow movies made after brandon lee died.... and they were pretty much disgraceful. I don't know if anyone is aware of this but they made a crow tv series in the late 90's that starred Mark Dacascos (of brotherhood of the wolf) he is an amazing martial artist but the show didnt survive. I think the original crow fit in perfectly with the angst of the early 90s but 2010 is a completely different world and i dont think this film can be decent unless they were to have someone like robert rodriguez direct it.

stone on Dec 17, 2009


Crow remake: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. this would be a tragedy, the original movie was an amazing adaptation, and would have been even better had Lee not died in the middle of filming. there is no way to recreate the magic, t-bird, tin tin? forget it. and actually there were a total of 4 crow movies: The Crow The Crow: City of Angels The Crow: Salvation The Crow: Wicked Prayer Please, if there is a God, let this remake never happen

Jacob K on Dec 17, 2009


Bruce Lee's is my hero and his son Brandon Lee was the best ever and CANNOT be replace, but if they do remake they should use the singer "TIM LAMBESIS" from the metal band "AS I LAY DYING", that wood be perfect fit for the CROW!

MrToad07 on Dec 17, 2009


Bruce Lee's is my hero and his son Brandon Lee was the best ever and CANNOT be replace, but if they do remake they should use the singer "TIM LAMBESIS" from the metal band "AS I LAY DYING", that wood be a perfect fit for the CROW!

MrToad07 on Dec 17, 2009


OMG ITS NOT A REMAKE READ THE FRICKIN ARTICLE THE DUDE TYPED OUT ITS NOT A REMAKE ITS A REBOOT LIKE WHAT NOLAN DID WITH THE BATMAN SERIES THEY ARE MAKING IT THEIR OWN!!!!! GOD I SWEAR SOME PEOPLE DONT KNOW ANYTHING THEN THEY PUT IN THEIR OPINION AND MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK LIKE RETARDS!!!! in my opinion i really want to see this but one thing they HAVE to have in it is the famous line "greed is for amatuers....disorder,chaos,anarchy now thats fun!!!!" that and change the char a lil bit make him more comical and sinister hes out for revenge i know if i was out for revenge i would torture the bad guys to get the answers and mess with them mentally cause i mean they killed you and the one you love. the best person to come to mind to be eric is sadly heath ledger he would have made an excellent eric too bad he died =( another good person who could play it is michael c hall from dexter just grow his hair and dye it black then BAM you got the crow. now as far as my favorite role TOP DOLLAR!!!! i say put jonny depp as him or you could put him as eric too i guess. also you could have mickey rourke as top dollar

robert cote on Dec 18, 2009


Get Heath Ledger to play him.

Russell on Dec 18, 2009


good question 🙂

affilrev on Dec 19, 2009


Even though I think the a reboot of The Crow is a BAD IDEA, and Brandon Lee CAN NOT be replaced. I agree with #51 by giving Taylor Kitsch a shot at it. Just dye his hair a darker brown/black color and put the make up on him. From the picture of this article, Taylor Kitsch already has the abs for the role.

Shawnee on Dec 19, 2009


i think mark dacascos should play eric draven since he did play him in the tv series

adz on Dec 20, 2009


#97 yep, i think you do have a bot fly in your butt... and even in your ass..... how about flies??? you know what smells when flies around right???

Harlan on Dec 20, 2009


#97 yep, i think you do have a bot fly in your butt... and even in your ass..... how about flies??? you know what smells when flies are around right???

Harlan on Dec 20, 2009


number 4,u maybe on to something. they most likely would hire him for the part cause Hollywood is all about the money. If they were to hire him SO many people will be very very pissed off. I know I will be extremely pissed because that guy doesnt fit the part at all. I think they should hire Christian Bale or Jared Leto for the part. If Heath Ledger was still alive he would have been PERFECT for the role!

nikki on Dec 21, 2009


I swear to god, Hollywood is full of idiots. Why, why, why would they even try to do a remake or a revamp of The Crow? The original was perfect, they don't need a damn remake of it. I've read around that it might be a whole new story about a new character, even then why give it the same name. This was Brandon Lees last film and probably his greatest, they don't need to mess with it in ANY way and the blade director no less. Blade was a disgrace of a freakin vampire movie so I don't even want to imagine what this version or remake of The Crow will be like. First the man who made Freddy Krueger an icon doesn't even get a crappy small part in the new Nightmare and now this. These people should all be beatin over the head with a pipe!

Violence on Dec 23, 2009


Hollywood is tapping into the nostalgia fan base to make big bucks. They are targeting people who will get excited to see on the big screen what they saw as kids/teens on the small and/or big screens. Transformers, GI Joe and tons of remakes. The Crow should not be remade, Wall Street should not have a sequel and Footloose should be left alone, but the Tinseltown bigwigs seem to be out of fresh ideas so they remaster, remake and continue their old ones. Why remake the karate kid exactly? Is Mr. Miyagi replaceable to you? SERIOUSLY. Leave our classics alone and try to create new ones Now for the part of Eric Draven, so brilliantly acted in the original by Brandon Lee here are my choices for the new generation. Ryan Gosling Taylor Kitsch-should be less bulkier than a Panthers Tailback though Joseph Gordon Levitt if they want to portray him a bit older Billy Crudup is definitely a choice Tom Everett Scott from ER, Southland and Sons of Anarchy Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries

karine ohayon on Dec 26, 2009


sorry i forgot another one Kevin Zegers 🙂

karine ohayon on Dec 26, 2009


I think that ANYONE who see's this travesty is a moron. There shouldn't even be a discussion of the casting because this shouldn't be happening!!! Brandon Lee has always been The Crow and this "remake" will fail as it should. This just disgusts me and I can't wait to watch how quickly it's buried into the "well of fail", I hope it lands next to Crossroads and everything Paris Hilton was ever in!!!

Marie Tuggy on Dec 28, 2009


Geez, 121, chill out, it was a comic book series first with different people as The Crow. I'm an uber fan of the first movie too, I love Brandon Lee back to life but seriously, I'd love to see what they'd do with a relaunch. Just as long as they don't cast some fairy princess like Edward Furlong from the..fourth? movie then it should be fine. Just don't make it boring like the second and off the wall like the fourth.

Raine on Dec 30, 2009


Ive seen a suggestion that I enjoyed thoroughly...Chris Angel...The guy is a magician/illusionist he can remake yeah I can see an eric draven in him...But new story line and make him a street magician and Im soled for it also...Either way we are still going to have the original...Hollywood cant take that from any of us...let them try...The Crow 1994 may always be my favorite in the franchise...But there is plenty of room for a fresh look

TheMasterOfDarkness on Jan 9, 2010


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Any remake of an already perfect movie is pointless and removes any accomplishment made by the original actor who died while making the first movie. SHAME ON ANYONE CONSIDERING SEEING THIS ABORTION SOON TO BE OUT ON FILM.

Tim on Jan 15, 2010


hmmm....I think they need a musician to play the role, that would be different instead of an actor.....maybe a Synyster Gates type...I think somebody like that can pull it off...I'm not necessarily saying him, but someone similar...they need someone who could fit the role as undead rockstar....not anyone weak from twilight, or any of those hollywood pretty boy actors, especially not a shia lebeof type, not that those actors aren't good in their own right, but come on!! they don't fit the role of the crow people...lame.

m on Jan 17, 2010


Okay.... okay. Hasn't hollywood butchered James O'Barr's beautiful story enough? Brandon was the perfect actor/soul for that part. But if anyone else knows these comics as well as i do... "The Crow" exists as different people in different time periods and different locations! Alex Proyas' adaptation of the first crow story was outstanding. But, this is the perfect way - and only way i think it won't completely suck - Is to have a female Crow. There have been 4 Crow movies with men as the lead role. (One real one and three others.) There needs to be more films where a female "anti-hero" gets to avenge the loss of a loved one. I would be just as happy watching a girl go on a sociopathic vengeful killing spree....

Alison on Jan 17, 2010


Robert Pattinson actor principal el de Luna Nueva sin lugar a dudas es el indicado para ese papel, se parece mucho al fallecido Brandon Lee, ademas Cierta tiene personalidad para este tipo de películas.

Eliminati on Jan 28, 2010


i am totally & completely against the remake! they already tried to do sequels to the film, and they were a waste of time from anyone's life who saw them. especially number 2!! there are plenty of good actors out there, but noone will ever be able to play eric draven the way brandon lee did. all the producers & directors & hollywood people need to stop doin these terrible remakes of classic films and come up with some new ideas

donna on Feb 20, 2010


Clive Owen maybe?

Luke on Feb 21, 2010


honestly i don't know how it is going to turn out. when i first heard about the remake i was like OMG!! No!! As i read on though it seems that they are not going to make it exactly like the 1994 version...their going to add their own twist and make it more like the comic...which would be very interesting...of course no one is going to top brandon lee as eric draven....but if they are looking for people to play a dark mysterious musician i would say...heath ledger...since he died as well...then what about charlie hunnam from sons of anarchy?or i liked the idea of emile hirsh, or u know what be a twist...if they cast lucas black...a good country would make it more realistic and would add a twist to it...there for not making it anything like brandon it wouldnt be a mochary of the original

jinnafer on Feb 25, 2010


OMG i the best guy to cast for Eric Draven is Daniel Bernhardt cause 4 reasons 1. he kind of look like Brandon Lee 2. he is martal arts expert 3. he got the body and the bulid like brandon lee 4. he goes same sort of style of martal arts just in cause you dont know who Daniel Bernhardt. he was in Bloodsport II, III, 4 The Matrix Reloaded as Agent Johnson Mortal Kombat Konquest as Siro and heres a link of what Daniel look like and tell me is daniel best guy to use for The Crow I think so

DavidB0325 on Mar 24, 2010


hey guys . im agree with not making a remake. however nothing that we can do will stop them from making it. james franco would be a good match. but i would love to see some one like jason statham who in many times has manifest beign a fan of the movie . and yes he doesnot look like eric . but maybe just maybe some one that has love for the movie like he does woulb play the role much better than the others ones that are in just for the money ....

andres on Apr 2, 2010


There shouldn't be a remake of The Crow. I find it disgusting that Hollywood would remake this film and it is all for GREED. I'm sorry Brandon that Hollywood lacks honorable people.

Angel on Apr 8, 2010


Criss angel could work maybe. Otherwise I say gyllenhaal or someone of that stature. Definately needs to be someone with a Johnny depp feel, (himself being too old) but someone dark and druggy like that lol

Slash8209 on Apr 15, 2010


Why not Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling? Both can play dark characters and Reynolds is built for the part. He could add a little bit of sarcasm to the character.

holaken on Apr 16, 2010


Continue the series like a supposed "DrWho'sh" nature but for the love of god not a Eric Draven. This is a insult to a dead well respected actor and an insult to "The Crow". Hollywood are playing the "I remember that being cool" douchebag and its starting to piss me off. HOLLYWOOD STOP YOUR REPLAY DESTRUCTION and be like the west of the world. BE FRIGGEN ORIGINAL. YOUR FUCKIN INSULTING BRENDON LEE! C'MON PEOPLE SUPPORT ANOTHER CROW ARCHTYPE LIKE MAYBE A FEMALE CROW!

JoeBLACKART on Apr 19, 2010


I would seriously love if this movie wasn't being remade. But, since there's no stopping them, hopefully none of those actors will play Draven. James Franco is to pretty boy, and Joseph Gordon is to small of a guy.

Chase on Apr 24, 2010


No remake will ever do the original justice. I'm a hard-core Crow fan and nobody and I mean NOBODY can be Eric Draven except for Brandon Lee and since he isn't around to do the remake there shouldn't be a remake. Very rarely does a remake entertain us as much as the original, can't you talentless Hollywood film ruiners understand that? Just look at the results of all the remakes. Get a clue. What's next? Danny Trejo, Arnold Schwartzanegger and SLY Stallone doing a gay remake of Steel Magnolias? I can see it now.

Justin on Apr 27, 2010


I'm a writer and I dream up and create original ideas for short stories/novels all the time so it's possible to create an original idea. Try it sometime. I mean, not like I'm a hard-core Avatar fan but look at Avatar. That was an original idea of Cameron's and just look at all the money it's made him, biggest movie of all time. Now take a look at Rob Zombie's version of Halloween...CRAP!!!

Justin on Apr 27, 2010


please, please, please cast Milo Ventimiglia as the new Crow.......he would be great..because he's an amazing actor, and he has the looks and the vibe of the Crow....

blue on Apr 29, 2010


#140 Milo is an amazing actor however he could not pull of being Eric Draven because he would not be able to pull of the emotional, dark, mysterious attitude that is Draven. The Crow remake is a disgrace to Brandon Lee who was the best and ONLY Draven. He doesn't have the looks and had no vibe whatsoever of the Crow. I would see Miley Cyrus playing Eric Draven before I saw Milo. In fact, she should play Eric Draven seeing as how the movie is going to tank anyway, why not ruin her career as well.

Justin on Apr 29, 2010


The original is my all-time favorite movie (while City of Angles sucked, and I refused to see anything that followed). Leave The Crow alone. Don't expect to just retread old ideas and we filmgoers will keep going to see the same old tripe. Get some new ideas for cripe's sake. A remake of The Crow will dishonor Brandon Lee and tarnish a remarkable film.

JR on May 10, 2010


This may sound weird, but now that I think of it, has anyone on here seen Spartacus :Blood and Sand? Andy Whitfield could probably do it if he didn't have cancer right now. Besides that, I think that Jared Leto could do it. I know people will hate me for saying that when I'm a huge fan of the Crow. However, Jared has played very dark roles before (Requiem For A Dream, Chapter 27, Panic Room, Fight Club) and has been able to do incredible transformations for his roles (Chapter 27). He can play a killer. He a musician, and a good one at that. I can't really think of anyone else except for Johnny Depp, which I would also love to see. Those are my 3 picks for the role.

Ian on May 15, 2010


If this movie HAS to be done, thne it must be JARED FUCKING LETO! He looks perfect for the role. But seriously the original was perfect and it is how we like to remember Brandon, no need for this.

lewis on May 19, 2010


Jared Leto, MY ASS! It must be Sam Worthington, soley for the fact that he is in EVERYTHING going at the moment. Doesn't make him the best choice for Draven, just the only choice, as no one else is getting any work.

Coralie on May 19, 2010


this is not a good idea. do not make it.

derek on May 26, 2010


I do agree with everyone else when they say that the original film is the best and is probably my favourite movie ever. However i quite like the odd remake of films, it gives you something to compare against and it often makes the old film seem even better because you realise how much better it is than the remake. If this remake/reboot whatever it is does happen and it does have eric draven in it. I would like to see Charlie Hunnam in it. I don't think the movies he has been in have shown offhis full acting capabilities and i can see a dark side to him that i think would be just right. He also isnt some pretty boy from hollywood, he seems genuine

Chris on May 26, 2010


Mickey Rourke?

Kyle on Jun 1, 2010


they shouldnt remake it leave it alone but just a few names how about jared padalecki or jenson ackles both great actors might be able to pull it off i do say might

sam on Jun 6, 2010


This sucks.They will kill this movie.They will destroy Alex`s idea,his soul,his heart.LEAVE IT ALONE!The Crow is much more than a movie.It`s life and death,love,poetry.The legacy that Brandon left for all of us fans of the movie.Forget the crow 2,3,4 movies.That is crap!The Crow movie will live on if you leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!otherwise they will destroy Brandon and what`s left of him!

Igor on Jun 18, 2010


The only one that should be considered for a new movie should be Billy Crudup I believe that he is the only Caliber of actor with the proper mixture of acting ability, intensity, and the look (is dead on point) to justice to the original masterpiece. The next movie should never be any kind of a remake of the original. I believe that he should be maybe Eric Draven's brother or possibly Eric Draven reawakened to defeat an evil nemisis that others who were resurrected tried but could not defeat, an Ultra Ultimate Dark Adversary.

War on Jul 2, 2010


OKay i will say this once and only once REboot ok i can handle that but YOU CANNOT USE THE NAME OF ERIC DRAVEN PERIOD!!!!!! I don't care about who is going to play the role as long as the guy who is playing the guy does a GOOD job of doing the comic the justice that brandon lee did it. I know you all are looking for some one who looks brandon lee like but come on NO one can replace him at all His take on the role is cult AND fantastic FOr the love of christ THE MAn died ON the set because of an accident how Dare ANYONE try to replace that you might as well go TAKE A DUMP ON HIS GRAVE OMG>>>>> I grew up with this Comic and I LOVE the crow IT is my favorite MOvie of all time BUt please REspect the man who came before and do it justice ANd this isn't a main stream SUper hero Comic so all you dumbass who keep on making the comparison need to go but themselves a copy of the graphic novel and realize the beauty of the work james o'barr did AND NO TO USING THE NAME OF ERIC draven USes another name but not erics !!!!!!

Danychaos on Jul 28, 2010


Adrien Grenier

Kristi on Jul 29, 2010


This film should not be remade period. you cant improve on perfection. I also hear Stephen Norrington wants to take away the gothicness of the crow which is bullshit and before you suggest actors picture them in the crow makeup first. Jst to clarify i don not want this film made.

James1989 on Jul 31, 2010



Slash82 on Aug 21, 2010


I think they should cast GUY PEARCE as Eric Draven.

mjbarne1 on Aug 25, 2010


There is no one who could play the part of Eric Draven,except Johnny Depp or Criss Angel. I bet nobody thought of the Mindfreak.

Louie on Aug 30, 2010


Here is my thing I thing I dont want to see it remade Brandon Lee and the whole cast were great they cant be replaced, Besides who play Eric, WHo would play Sarah, WHo would PLay Top Dollar and Myca, And most importantly WHo play Shelly, Eric's strength and weakness, all those charater irriplaceble

Malllory Lauve on Sep 5, 2010


youre all moaning about the crow saying i hope they dont ruin it... well its already been ruined by the god awful sequels. and if robert patterson is considered i will fucking play hell i hate him pastey faced shit actor ergh he has a face like my arse. but seriously the sequels are awful one hasnt even been rated 0% has a movie in the past ever got tht before lmao. i hope they dont get someone whos just a pretty boy to play the crow. a male model running bout with make up on...just like all his life.

jords on Sep 7, 2010


johnny depp or ville valo! leaning more towards ville he's not an actor though soooo idk but those two would be great!

susana campos on Oct 8, 2010


I personally think I should play the new Eric Draven. Dont mean to sound like an arrogant ass, but I get called Brandon Lee/Heath Ledger all the freaking time, and The Crow, is my all time favorite film. Let me do it? 🙂

Kyle Mortiss on Oct 11, 2010


ben foster is the best choice of anyone i have ever seen act to play the crow he can look the part and if you dont believe me watch hostage and he is a great actor he plays dark and moody characters very well just watch any movie he is in well at least since he has gotten roles like mars in the movie hostage theres really isnt any role he couldnt pull off and if you say different you dont know what amazing acting looks like BEN FOSTER IS THE BEST PICK JUST WATCH HIS MOVIES AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN

karmaskiss08 on Oct 14, 2010



karmaskiss08 on Oct 14, 2010


let me just say it was a terrible tragedy what happened to brandon lee but thats no reason to act like he was a good actor i mean really the whole acting game has gotten way more complex than back in the days of the original crow movie this is just like when everyone said nobody could ever play the joker as good as jack nicholson but they were wrong heath ledger far surpassed anything jack ever did as the joker and the same thing will happen with the crow as long as they have enough money to pay a good cast and directer well thats true unless the guy thats writing this movie totally blows but we will see but for real those of you saying nobody can replace brandon lee you gotta be kidding me he wasnt a good actor not even a little so get over it and keep an open mind the new movie might kick ass you wont know until you watch it or at least the trailer for it

karmaskiss08 on Oct 16, 2010


Hey everybody, it"s a Re-boot. I think everbody agrees tha Brandon Lee was very special in his movie, and those that don"t go *%&# yourself. Since none of us can stop the Re-boot, let"s hope they do it right. I think the guy from Sons of Anarchy, Jared Leto, are great ideas. I always pictured the lead as a hip young guy. How about the lead singer from STP? Or the junkie from Rock and Rolla, he had the body and the moody aspect? Remember - It's just a Movie, but I think we all agree it schould be done RIGHT!!! Because we all know that Hollywood has done so few movie right! bBy the way, does anybody in Hollywood know how to read? There's a ton of great books out there that could be made into great movie's and they would be originals. (Lee Childs- Jack Reacher Novels)

Mac Mc on Nov 5, 2010


Mac Mc you go fuck yourself brandon lee was mediocre at best and your casting ideas are stupid you didnt name any acclaimed actors if you had a brain in that garbage can you call a head you would keep your idiotic ideas to yourself because it just makes you seem ignorant

karmaskiss08 on Nov 8, 2010


Hey karmaskissdickwad; Didn"t see you come with jack shit and not origianal thought of your own. What? you want some has been acclaimed actor? hey garbage mouth' talk about an idiotic idea, keep it to yourself if you can't come up with something on your own. Evidently you can't read either. As for as Brandon Lee, acting is sujective to the viewer, I liked him in it, and I don't give a damn what you think, if you could call that!

Mac Mc on Nov 8, 2010


Mac Mc your a dumbass i can name many many actors that could play the lead in the crow and none of them are washed up ben foster is my favorite pick for the role but i can name many others and they would all do a better job than brandon lee or any of the dipshits you named for god sakes you picked scott wieland from stone temple pilots and he has never acted hes just a junkie musician and jared leto man he can hardly act he should stick to music hes way better at it and then you pick somebody of a stupid sitcom about bikers trust me theres a reason hes on a sitcom and not a award winning movie its because he isnt good enough for movies the same way that you arent smart enough to have a good opinion Ha Ha Ha oh and P.S if heath ledger were alive he would probably nail this role but since he is not im going with ben foster

karmaskiss08 on Nov 12, 2010


also matthew goode would probably do this role justice he is a definite contender in my opinion

karmaskiss08 on Nov 12, 2010


what the fuck is wrong with all of you picking people who have never acted i mean are you really that stupid and quit whining about them making a sequel its just a fucking movie get a life all of you whiners need to accept the fact that although its sad that brandon lee died the way he did he was never good at acting there are so many better actors nowadays that if the makers of the movies cast anybody talented and write a good script it will be way better than the original for gods sake stop living in the past

the€critic on Nov 16, 2010


karmaskiss; I hate to agree with you, but your right,(choke) Ben Foster is a great young actor. I think he would be great in the role. Good choice. Go rent the 1st season of Sons of Anarchy, I think you would be pleasantly surprised, as I was. Your totally wrong about Heath Ledger - just don't see it, by the way your right again; he's dead, so why even talk about him. You sound like all the other idiot's that think know one can play the role but Brandon Lee. HA HA HA! And it is just a movie. Hollywood will get it wrong anyway, how often do they do anything right? Try to remember, that might be a little hard for you, that Heath Ledger was a no one at one time. So, why not pick an unknown, because they were all unkowns at one time!! And realy how many good actors are there? How about Brad Pitt? Please-

Mac Mc on Nov 22, 2010


I think all of these big name actors like Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Christian Bale are terrible ideas. For one they are way too old. Eric Draven was in his early to mid-twenties, those guys are in their late 30s-early 40s. I think they should cast a relatively unknown actor like Ethan Peck. He would be perfect. His grandfather was Gregory Peck so hopefully his acting ability is good. He is tall with dark hair, he is muscular, and he has a deep sexy voice.

Kris on Nov 24, 2010


I wouldn't mind a crow remake as long as it fallows these condidtions........The acting has to be on point, The movie should be well thought out maybe a good 2 - 2 1/3 hours but not boring, have an actor who can actually do martial arts. I mean no who ever it is wont be as good at it as Brandon since he was personally trained by his father Bruce Lee up until his death, but still they can learn something instead of shellin out more money to a stunt double.

IcyOne on Dec 20, 2010


i've got an idea of the part, but i doubt he could act the part. I think edge from the wwe sorta looks like brandon lee. I doubt that would take off for two reasons. one is he is prolly a horrible actor and 2 is i think hes too built. brandon was a smaller build but still a hardass. just a thought on edge though. they may be able to mold him into an actor cause the rock certainly was molded.

Chris on Dec 24, 2010


Hey the crow james franco or marc dacascos who starred in a remake of the crow would be great for the role they have the look and should nail the role of draven if they look at it from the originality of brandon lee it will neva be like the original but will make it a wicked remake if given the time

Peter swann on Dec 30, 2010


I think Edward Norton should be Eric Draven...

Truckfiend on Jan 26, 2011


Before I take off with my choice, I have to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that this remake is NOT NEEDED! First of all, even if you write something exceptionally new, and you bring the worlds finest babyface rock star for the lead, you'll never gonna come to be even close to have an ambience like it did. Why? Well because of the tunes. Lets face it, no one would remember Brandon Lee, or Michael Wincott or Proyas, if it wasn't for that great movie score and soundtrack. Music did it, It wasn't phenomenal acting, certainly not fantastic photos or whatever, just music. So I really don't care who's gonna play the lead, he will end up wearing that make up, as most of us did on Halloween. What I would like to see is Nick Cave writing the music instead of the screenplay, emerging another all time ost. I realy don't have an eye for the new cast, but, Imagine 80's Andrew Eldritch - Eric Draven Iggy Pop - Fun boy David Bowie - Top Dollar

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


Id say Ville Valo, or even john mayer,movie star wise johnny depp,Stuart Townsend I think would be good as well, but when you remake cult classics it usually seems like no one would really do, just like it would be hard to have someone else play the joker now, heath ledger made that movie a hit. Though I don't think it should be remade, I started a comic of a female crow character but I can't draw very well =P but the story was good. But as far as Im concerned hollywood gathered up their writers and killed them because aside from a decent comedy here and there and one or two just "okay" scifi films everything that comes out is a remake or prequal and almost all of the time...they suck. I think hollywood needs freelance writers, their cheaper to hire and more likley to know what their peers are looking for. Just post an advertisment someone about a movie idea and see what people come up with. Sorry rambled on there...thats all.

RiO on Mar 26, 2011


heres wat u do. dont remake the movie.

Spunky on Apr 7, 2011


Probably wouldn't be good candidates, but what about Naveen Andrews, Rudy Youngblood, or Orlando Bloom? I personally think that either Johhny Depp, Jared Leto, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jason Scott Lee, Billy Crudup, Steven Strait, Stuart Townsend, or Taylor Kitsch would be a good choice.

Kadzu2 on May 2, 2011


Actually, better yet Kirk Acevedo, John Cho, Michael Copon, Roger Fan, Sung Kang, Archie Kao, Will Yun Lee, Russell Wong, Dante Basco, Kevin Cheng, Allen Evangelista, Alfred Hsing, Raymond Lam, Johnny Nguyen, Ernie Reyes Jr., Ron Yuan, Eddie Spears, Alfredo De Quesada, or Daniel Bess would be some better choices.

Kadzu2 on May 3, 2011


As a true fan of the film who has tattoos that represent the film I feel it should not be redone ever!!!! the 3 attempts after the original were horrible but if we had to pick an eric my vote goes to jason momoa

Damian-311 on Aug 17, 2011


Jason Momoa, would it be so strange to hand him another remake? Jensen Ackles from "Supernatural" Fame is another. Also, Cillian Murphy from 28 Days Later, Batman Begins

Shacmasta on Aug 17, 2011


If they did it right it could be very good. The all of the actors, not just Draven's character, would have to be top notch.  Another thing that would have to be top notch is the soundtrack.  The first one has one of the best soundtracks to date.  On the other hand, if you dig deep into The Crow universe you will discover that there numerous comics and novels that they could make.  Hell, if they wanted to, they could make it just O'Barrs graphic novel.

Chris B on Aug 22, 2011


How About a female ... Ta play main role....

zeggacis on Sep 2, 2011


Brokendreamer-  My thoughts are The Crow is my all time favorite movie and a true classic of what love really means to a deep and broken man, and what lagthes he'll go to "To put the wrong things right" My vote is to never remake the best movie ever but if givin the choice to play the "late great Eric Draven" it would have to be hands down Jarred Leto, perfect build, perfect hair vary cool, pimp qwality to him and can show a true dark side when pushed in other films.

Broken Dreamer on Dec 16, 2011


The actor Bryan James from the Young the Giant "My Body" video has expressed A LOT of interest in wanting to honor Brandon Lee's legacy if approached by the producers with the role. He looks JUST LIKE Brandon Lee and is apparently a HUGE fan of the original film. I think a role like this would befit more of an unknown, up-and-coming actor better than a name star. Could be a possibility. 

PeacefulWarrior on Jan 24, 2012


johnny depp , ryan reynolds or ed norton would be some good choices just please not another british actor to play an american super hero

Joshua on Jun 9, 2012


OOkay I'm just gonna throw this out there........Tom Welling

vaginadentada on Jun 11, 2012


Robert Pattinson hands down

Lisa Alcorn Calvin Word on Nov 29, 2012

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