The Film Feed: Episode 15 - Hasta La Vista, Sam Raimi!

May 26, 2009

The Film Feed

In this episode of The Film Feed, Will, Sean, and Clark try to hide their jealousy for not being at Cannes. Instead of sampling the fine wine and French women, the guys instead just watch a ton of movies. Will gushes over The Brothers Bloom, proclaiming its genius for all to hear. Meanwhile, Clark's anticipation for The Last Airbender slowly builds despite a distant release date. Finally, Sean does his best to offer a fair trial for the latest installment of the Terminator franchise. Can he convince Will and Clark to back off? Or will Sean cave and realize the film's glaring faults? Be sure to tune in every week for The Film Feed!

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0:00-1:05 - Introduction
1:05-14:11 - What We've Been Watching
14:12-35:37 - Movie News & Trailers
    14:12-19:12 - The Last Airbender Photos
    19:15-23:05 - Surrogates Trailer
    23:05-30:30 - Spider-Man 4 Villain Rumors
    30:30-35:37 - Sherlock Holmes Trailer
35:37-37:37 - Check This Out with Will
    Empire's Cryptic Canvas
    Green Lantern Fan Trailer
    /FilmCast Episodes
    10 Best Revenge Movies of All Time
37:37-57:02 - Review of Terminator Salvation
57:02-61:07 - Conclusion

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... Just an Ok episode guys, maybe its cause I disagree so very much with all of your reviews of Terminator Salvation... it was not a flaming peice of crap... and like I said over at Will's blog ( ) this was never going to be T1 or T2, McG is no James Cameron... I do agree with all of you that Yelchin does the best job in this film, and that Bale and Worthington seriously underpreform, but it's an action movie... seriously, I've said it to multiple friends and I think one of you guys said it in the podcast: what movie in McG's resume screams "I can make a movie as good as James Cameron"? None. Zero. Zip. Knowing this, you should be able to go into TS and enjoy it for the popcorn flick it is... don't let nostalgia for T1 and T2 ruin it... view it on its own (which I think you guys did a good job of) and I think you should be able to just enjoy it for the summer blockbuster it is... you can read my whole review on my blog, which I think I might have to add to know just to kind of counter point Will's (if that's cool) ...

Mondo Jay on May 26, 2009


@Mondojay If you settle with mediocrity in, then why go see it at all? If I want a popcorn flick, I'll go watch Scary Movie, but in my mind, when you have a foundation of some of the coolest movies ever, why SHOULDN'T it be just as awesome as the last? And even if this was the first Terminator, amateur action and continuation errors like that are just inexcusable. If we just let bad movies be bad because they're action movies, then action movies will only get worse. If Bourne can take kick ass action and amazing plot, then so can Terminator, and if not, don't make it.

Clark M. Lamson on May 26, 2009


guys i have not seen the movie yet cause it has not been released in the UK yet but im going to watch it and make my own opinion. but i do have a problem about the movie why WB hire the same crappy screen writters who did Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Catwoman and The Net. John Brancato and Michael Ferris are the worst writters ever the studios should stop hiring these guys to any big project to teach them a lesson cause they dont understand how to make a good story.

movieboy on May 26, 2009


But that's exactly my point. If what you're saying is true, then McG apparently knew that it wasn't going to be as good or T1 or T2. So if you have nothing to add to an already dying franchise, why do it? That is settling for mediocrity. I just don't think because it's obvious that McG isn't as good as a director or Cameron is, it makes it okay for him to make a below par movie. And don't misunderstand me, I have absolutely no place for T1 or T2 in my heart. I've seen them each once and didn't really care about them. TS is bad, plain and simple.

Clark M. Lamson on May 26, 2009


... @movieboy agreed, but it was more than just them... Jonathan Nolan was apperantley in on it, as well as a few other writers that were here and there... I could be mistaken though... .. @Clark I don't think I'm settling for mediocrity, I couldn't make Terminator Salvation, could you? I respect McG for what he pulled off cause there is no way I would have been able to pull that movie off... I kind of think he was going in losing anyways... I'd much rather see TS over Scary Movie any day... I think you misunderstand my definition of popcorn flick... Scary movie fits my definition of flaming piece of crap, not popcorn flick... Transformers, or Bad Boys or basically any Michael Bay movie out there is a popcorn flick to me... all I'm saying is as film geeks when we all heard the McG was directing, we really shouldn't have been expecting a James Cameron film... I truly think this wasn't ever going to be the movie people wanted to be... and McG probably knew this going in... like Anakin Skywalker, he was doomed from the start... and I think lots of people have gotten wrapped up in the nostalgia of T1 and T2... .. amateur action is a bold statement though man... there was a couple scenes in that movie that were far from amateur... (a certain helicopter scene with Bale and the Kyle Reese intro were great) and I guess the continuation error just wasn't as glaringly obvious to me as it was to you guys. I don't think this movie is going to have a huge pull in the action genre by being a bad movie... Seriously, Night at the Smithsonian beat it at the box office... action movies are and will continue to get better and better, and I think that the Bourne Trilogy is a good example of that... but I think it’s an unfair comparison to this movie as the same basic team (Greengrass directed all three didn't he?) was there throughout the entire trilogy... whereas this is a completely different team all together, minus Stan Winston's effects which were all awesome... .. You can't just say if the movie is going to be bad don't make it... sometimes lighting strikes, a hell of a lot more times it doesn't... the movie did really good with what it had, it had a mediocre director, horrible writers, and some fairly good acting talent... and it pulled off a par to above par movie... which is what I think we all should have been expecting as "critics" and movie geeks... .. In short, I think we all should cut TS some slack as we all should have realized a long while ago that this was not going to be the Terminator of old... This movie was good for what it was and was way better than I thought it was going to be... I was expecting a Scary Movie pile of flaming crap, and I came out of the theatre with a hidden gem in Anton Yelchin, some great cinematography in that Helicopter scene, and some badass robot fights... I'll be renting this when it comes out on DVD and enjoying it with my Dad... .. Sorry for the long reply and keep up the podcasting guys, I really do like the show πŸ˜‰ ...

Mondo Jay on May 26, 2009


... Maybe thats the difference then, I have a pretty big place in my heart for T1 and T2 and think there is no way a lot of films, nevermind a McG film, could live up to them. And you didn't really care for the Terminator films, so this is just another franchise movie that could have been better. .. I can see where your coming from, and I understand what your saying... I see your point, but I still enjoyed the film... haha... πŸ˜› ...

Mondo Jay on May 26, 2009


@Mondo Jay i know Jonathan Nolan was involved but not much he needed to write about 51% to be credit as the writer so i believe he did not do major changes that what everyone think he did. the truth is John Brancato and Michael Ferris should not even been writing for this movie or any big budget movie at all.

movieboy on May 26, 2009


When I see a movie, I don't really take into account who is directing, any hype, early reviews or anything when I see it. I just judge the film on whether or not it is good or bad. I really felt that Terminator: Salvation was awful.

Will Schiffelbein on May 28, 2009

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