The Film Feed: Episode 16 - Pixar, Demons, and MTV

June 2, 2009

The Film Feed

In this episode of The Film Feed, the guys tackle the usual with some slight differences. The lack of any totally captivating news encourages a lightning quick movie news rundown with Clark and Will. After the fast-paced action of that first segment, the two talk in-depth about why Pixar is quite possibly the greatest movie studio still producing movies today. Sean then joins Will for another rave review, this time of Sam Raimi's latest installment in classic horror, Drag Me to Hell. By the end of the show, the guys have run out of synonyms for "awesome" and instead just leave listeners until the next installment of The Film Feed.

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Timeline & Links:

0:00-3:00 - Introduction
3:00-18:40 - Movie News & Trailers
    » Universal Developing Where's Waldo?
    » Bryan Singer Returning to Superheroes
    » Duncan Jones Directing Escape from the Deep
    » The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer
    » Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer
    » The Storm Warriors Trailer
    » Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant Trailer
    » Photo of The Fallen from Transformers 2
    » Concept Art from James Cameron's Avatar
19:00-32:40 - Review of Pixar's Pixar's Up
33:00-48:30 - Review of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell
48:30-56:00 - Conclusion

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Mediocre episode guys. I listened to the whole episode but the news was so unenthusiastic that I had to occupy myself with other things while it was playing. Possibly a problem with weak news but it was more of a tone than content problem. Clark should stop cutting people off just to ramble about nothing its really annoying and wants me to stop listening to his opinions. Side note: I do not care if you are a Pixar fanboy and i think its annoying when you say that you are one about 50 million times. Up review was pretty dry as well. I know that you guys loved it but you ended up giving more personal reason for your love of it rather than why the film itself was good. Enjoyed the Drag Me To Hell review, probably the best part of this episode: funny, educated, and coherent. Will: I respect your film comprehension level and it shines through in all of your reviews both news and film. Try not to play the "look how smart I am" card too much it becomes pretentious. Your opinions make sense and garner a lot of my mental applause. Clark: I understand that you play to the "average movie-goer" but, it can be annoying. When you guys talked about Herzog for a little bit i was embarrassed for you when you admitted to seeing no Herzog. I know most people don't care but you have lost any sort of respect for you opinion regarding ANY movie because you have no idea the fundamentals of cinema Sean: You are the most pleasing to listen to vocally. There is a strong presence that controls the conversation when you talk, in a good way. Sometime you ramble and that can be annoying but never anything too bad. I respect your opinion because you obviously know the classics but are open to experiencing and enjoying newer films on many different intellectual levels. I love the show guys. I have been holding out to comment for a while and I hope you consider the things i have said. But then again, do whatever the hell you want!

Jambo on Jun 2, 2009


@1 I know it kind of sounds generic, but we'll definitely take your advice into consideration! We always appreciate any and all feedback from our listeners, both praise and criticism. Thanks a lot for continuing to listen, and we hope that you keep listening too hear us improve week after week.

Will Schiffelbein on Jun 2, 2009


personally guys, i wish you wouldn't demean Up so quickly after praising it so highly as you did by calling it a "kid's film". Monsters VS Aliens is a kid's movie. Madagascar is a kid's movie. Up is a FAMILY film, as is all their other pieces (agree with you on Cars however, though i enjoy it). Up is something parents will actively take their children back to see because theres parts of it THEY can take away from it and enjoy on a separate level than their children. Similar to how people view Disneyland; theres something for everyone to enjoy, not just children. Pixar understands the difference between the two and thats why they've met with so much success.

Otacon on Jun 2, 2009


@3 I don't necessarily agree that categorizing a film geared towards kids can be demeaning. All films have their audiences. 'Up!'s particular audience is in fact kids, just as other Disney films which isn't always a bad thing. I think that what makes Pixar so brilliant is that they don't rely on that audience. Instead, they break the boundaries set by traditional kids movies and create a film that can be enjoyed by any demographic. This is where Dreamworks has traditionally failed in the past. I agree that Monsters Vs. Aliens is a kid's movie, but it doesn't transcend that boundary in order to appeal to multiple demographics. Honestly, it's just a semantic argument. I don't think the definition of a "Kids movie" and a "Family Film" are all that different. Instead of a genre battle, I think it's just a difference of good vs. bad when it comes to a film like 'Up!' and a film like 'Monsters v. Aliens'.

Will Schiffelbein on Jun 2, 2009


... @1 While agree this episode wasn't amazing, and definitely wasn't the guys best episode, I think your criticism is a little harsh... This is a free podcast, and I doubt these guys are getting paid... Clark, I haven't seen any Herzog movies either, and Bad Lieutenant doesn't make me want to at all... My only main beef with this episode is that you guys say there was no "good" news, and then dived into like 20 min of news including Transformers and Avatar? That, and the audio quality needs some work... Like Kevin Smith says "Step up to the mic!" good reviews though guys, and I'm still loving the Geek Tournament... even if Mace Windu beat the TMNT... I think TMNT with lightsabers would have outmatched Mace though... ...

Mondo Jay on Jun 3, 2009


Keep it short and simple: Enjoyed the podcast guys keep up the good work.

Jim on Jun 3, 2009

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