The Film Feed: Episode 21 - I'm in Your Bank, Stealing Your Moneys

July 7, 2009

The Film Feed

In this episode of The Film Feed, the guys celebrate their 21st episode with some intriguing discussion regarding the week's newest trailers. Right off the bat, Sean vents about the over abundance of generic ensemble comedies such as Couples Retreat while Will and Clark gush over the trailer for The Informant. The guys then break from form for a discussion regarding their worst moviegoing experiences. Be sure to share your stories as well for a shot at winning a great DVD! Finally, the guys postulate on the success of Michael Mann's latest film Public Enemies. Be sure to tune in next week for a review of Bruno as well!

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0:00-1:48 - Introduction
1:48-11:40 - Movie Trailers
    1:48-6:15 - Peter Billingsley's Couples Retreat Trailer
    6:15-11:22 - Steven Soderbergh's The Informant Trailer
11:40-28:50 - Discussion: Bad Movie Going Experiences
29:15-47:45 - Review of Michael Mann's Public Enemies
47:45-53:11 - Conclusion

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... So-So episode guys, maybe it was just my apathy for Public Enemies, but I wasn't into the episode today... I'm thinking both the Informant and Couple retreat look hilarious, both in very different ways, but strangely enough I'm looking forward to seeing both. .. Just a caution to whoever said they were going to netflix Knowing: don't do it... it is easily Nic Cage's worst movie. I love bad Sci-Fi sometimes... but this movie was just stupid. There is one really sweet scene with a plane crash, but other than that, don't waste any time seeing this movie... go talk to a squirrel, you'll get a more stimulating story from it. ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 7, 2009


Nice show guys. Couple Retreat: I probably won't watch it. I wish I understood you Vince Vaughn, do a good movie already! The Informant: Looks hilarious, but I think more like the Oceans movies compared to Burn After Reading. I think with some more versatile movies like this one Matt Damon is solidifying himself as a top 5 actor of the last 15 years. Awesome debate: Never leave a movie, even if it is spider-man 3. Principles! I saw Public Enemies last night and was blown away. I am amazed by the action and camera angles that Mann achieved in every movie. Mann is ahead of his time, and really gets into the personal space of the actors. Gun shots, holy shit gun shots! I've never heard better gun voices in all three of his last movies.

sirlucious on Jul 7, 2009


@Mondo-jay Thanks for your feedback, man! Always appreciated! But i have to disagree with you on KNOWING. No, it probably wasn't fantastically acted or anything, but the story has to be one of the most compelling I've seen in recent history! I think this idea would've been more suited for a short film. I really enjoyed it, and I would like to hear more of your thoughts!

Clark M. Lamson on Jul 7, 2009


@ Clark I'd have to disagree with YOU! Haha. I wouldn't ever say that 'Knowing's plot was anywhere near the "best in recent history." But, it was ambitious. Incredibly ambitious. And rather than playing it safe with a bland and recycled narrative, it took some serious chances. In my opinion, 'Knowing' succeeds only in this respect. Cage is abysmal, as is the supporting cast. The special effects are marginally better than what we saw in some of Proyas' earlier films. Etc etc.

Will Schiffelbein on Jul 7, 2009


... @Clark I'm going to have to almost fully agree with Will on this one, sorry dude... Though I'm going to have thoroughly disagree with Will about "Knowing" being ambitious... There are much more thought provoking and ambitious episodes of The Twilight Zone out there... I think maybe (and that's a big maybe) there was an awesome Sci-Fi story hiding in this movie somewhere, but I didn't see that story. I saw Nic Cage and a cast who were seemingly infected with his bad acting plague . "Knowing" was just a mess of a film that really didn't know (see what I did there) what story it was trying to tell... is it a scary gothic horror movie? Is it an invasion story? A logistical thriller? How about none of the above? Really good effects though, that plane crash might be worth the rent... just to, you know, fast forward and watch that part over and over... Hope that wasn't too harsh. ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 7, 2009


Great show guys, the whole line up was great. I really enjoyed the decision to open up on a random topic such as bad movie experiences. I think it added another element where the audience could really connect with what you were talking about by thinking...'heck yeah that's happened to me!'. I can officially say now that I'm not the only anal movie-goer (regardless of what ALL of my friends say). I will agree that having worked in a theater is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I full on have no problem calling out poor presentation glitches or irritating audience members. At the same time, I find I notice it all a lot more than the average person. It's like I'll always be able to see scratches or apperture problems, or dulling projector bulbs that others would never notice... Couples Retreat - I thought the trailer was kind of bland. There wasn't anything, aside from the awesome cast, that has me truley interested in it. The Informant - Loved it. I'm going to be really disappointed if the feature sucks. Public Enemies - Mann freakin rocks. I really enjoyed the shootouts and I definetly thought the realism helped. The lack of music during these scenes actually enhanced them for me. I would agree though that in general, i'm a lush for great music framing the action. Looking forward to the next one.

Bill Rusnak on Jul 8, 2009

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