The Film Feed: Episode 22 - District 9 Ounce Steak

July 14, 2009

The Film Feed

In this episode of The Film Feed, the guys chat about the latest movie news and review some of the most recent new releases. Right off the bat a debate erupts with Will fervently defending the trailer for Jennifer's Body as well as the final casting decision for Green Lantern. In between, Clark rises to the occasion with a passionate argument regarding the latest trailer for District 9. The guys also deliver a scathing review of Bruno while offering up a rave review for another indie gem. Keep the contest submissions coming, as the deadline is quickly approaching! Be sure to tune in next week for a new review of the latest Harry Potter!

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Timeline & Links:

0:00-2:15 - Introduction
2:15-20:00 - Movie News & Trailers
    2:15-6:35 - Jennifer's Body Trailer
    6:35-13:15 - Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern
    13:15-20:00 - New District 9 Trailer
20:00-38:30 - Review of Bruno
38:45-56:00 - Review of The Hurt Locker
56:15-61:15 - Conclusion

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I've listened to your podcast since the beginning, but I think I'm going to have to stop. I rarely agree with your movie reviews and don't find them all that useful. Good luck with your future podcasts.

russell on Jul 14, 2009


Dear Film Feed, Firstly, I appreciate the effort. Secondly, stop. Your reviews are terrible and pandering to the masses that generalize movies into the most basic of categories. Your language is atrocious and the use of the word "like" and fragments like "you know" immediately take away any credentials you might have had as a reviewer. In addition your asinine comments such as "I didnt like the dialogue and I didnt like the script." make the ability to make fun of you an extremely easy task. Well brainiac, the dialogue is in the script so do you mean you didnt like the plot? Lastly do research into what makes a movie good and what makes it bad. Is there a reason why Juno was up for an academy award but Garden State was considered a long music video? Before you scratch your brain for answers, the answer is yes there are numerous reasons, why dont you try to find them. Yet you consider them the same genre of movie, why is that? Yes I would agree the demographic is the same but that is all they share. If you want to make good reviews first stop generalizing characters and movies. Your review of the Couples Retreat trailer claimed that (insert actor name here) was a repeat of himself/herself in every single movie. To the untrained and uneducated eye it would seem that way, however you fail to see the nuances that fully make up a character and immediately write off the character role as a continuation of the last movie. Additionally how you are able to gain so much insight from a two minute trailer is beyond me. Instead of focusing on the characters focus on the plot and make fun of the fact that all these white people seem to have that one black friend that is so repetitive and generic or make plot predictions based on movies from the past. Instead of spending two minutes rephrasing the same sentence of why you dont like Megan Fox, focus on careers of people that were like Fox and see where they are now. Lastly buff up you language and content. Your reviews are to movies like what Lady Gaga is to music ie completely devoid of thought and original ideas communicated through single syllables. Im sorry if this seems harsh but as someone who truely appreciates movies your "talk show" makes me realize this is why the industry is manufacturing such garbage. The ability for you to say I dont like the trailer of Jennifers Body yet I will go see it, makes me realize Hollywood is the best trapster. It can produce absolute shit movie yet as long as a piece of meat is attatched people like you would go see it. Tragedy.

LessPaul on Jul 14, 2009


... Another really good episode guys, I personally disagree with the Green Lantern casting of Ryan Reynolds. While I am a pretty big fan of Reynolds, that man was born to play Deadpool. And now I have fears that either Deadpool won't get made, or that my nerd rage won't be able to handle Reynolds playing both characters. I was actually rooting for Timberlake to get the GL role... but thats another discussion. .. Not interested in Jennifer's Body, didn't watch the Trailer. Very interested in District 9, but I'm not going to watch the full Trailer. Not planning to see Bruno, and your guy's review helped that. Hoping to go see The Hurt Locker, and your guy's review helped that. .. Haha, thanks for another really good episode guys... ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 14, 2009


Why there is need to completely rip these guys apart is beyond me. Everyone has a different perspective on things. If you don't like how these guys review things, that's one thing. But to completely rip them apart and judge them based on a style of review that you personally don't like, doesn't make your opinion any more justifiable, and certainly doesn't negate the fact that they have a certain perspective that is still valid to some people. These are opinions guys. Everyone has the right to one. So because they express their opinions in a less than academic or technical fashion, that makes them less valid? Ugh... Don't tell them not to do a review again because their reviews don't match YOUR standards. Why are there so many douches like you guys on the internet?

Marty on Jul 14, 2009


... LessPaul has a podcast on a popular film website too, it's called "Obnoxiously high brow" and it's on "Full of" You can see that as he's link his name to his website/blog/twitter... Lucky he appreciates the effort, meanwhile all LessPaul's effort has gone into writing a comment about how much he dislikes this podcast instead of making a podcast or finding one he actually likes... There are plenty of fish in the sea LessPaul... just because Will, Sean and Clark don't pull on your pole, doesn't mean you got to piss all over the comment thread. Why don't you put all your hating energy towards finding a film podcast that is as high brow as you are... some of us "masses" actually enjoy the podcast... it's free, it's fun and it hits it target audience dead on... Keep up the good work guys... LessPaul, all you need is love... ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 14, 2009


LessPaul you are a big baby get over yourself

mace on Jul 14, 2009


@LessPaul and HallieJordana I'm sorry to hear you are feeling this way, gentlemen While a few of your points are valid, I'm going to have to agree with my friend Mondo Jay. I'm not sure that this is the podcast for you. The three of us have never claimed to be aged film critics who know everything that there is to know. We are just three guys who love movies. This is not to say that we are content with the level of knowledge we currently posses, and I hope that this podcast serves as evidence of our efforts to learn more about the art of film. I'm sorry to hear that you were displeased as listeners, and we hope that one day you will return to our side of the internet and give us another listen.

Clark M. Lamson on Jul 14, 2009


"Funny yeah, but why put it in." Kind of like the Podcast without the 'funny yeah'. Literally sad to me... - You really talk sheeeeeit. Also the reason soldiers joke between battles is because people deflect fear with humour.

Crapola on Jul 14, 2009


@LessPaul and HallieJordana Yeah lighten up. If you're dissatisfied with what you heard you don't have to download the Feed's any more. These guys are having fun talking about the things they like and were lucky enough to find a venue to share their opinions with all of us. Sure wish I could do that. Also and more importantly, it's pretty rude how you just lambaste them on their own public forum/message board. If you were in such disagreement with them then a polite thing to do would be to contact them directly if you disagree, not come here and show us how "cool" you are just because you can put someone down in writing. Better yet you can just not come back next week. Give these guys a break. I'm sure if you had a podcast where you and your friends went on about your thought/opinions I'm sure people would be at odds with your views too. Opinions are subjective, period.

Marc on Jul 14, 2009


Wow, when did the claws come out? I thought the District 9 trailer would bring us all together, there is nothing else coming out around that time and this is an art film that has a chance at blowing the back out the boxoffice. @LessPaul Lady Gaga 10x > Couples Retreat Trailer P.S: Megan Fox was shit.

David Wilson on Jul 14, 2009


@ 2, 3, 4 I'm sorry you guys feel that way, and I'm disappointed to have lost some listeners. I don't feel as though we have to defend our show, because in our mind we've created an internet radio show that delivers a fun weekly installment for movie lovers everywhere. We have no desire to transform our show into a venue for film snobbery or pandering to an elite few. However, we don't feel that we pander to any crowd. We simply deliver our opinion on anything and everything related to movies. We don't compromise who we are in order to appeal to anyone. That's not our bag. In regards to your comments about 'Juno', I'll stand by my opinion any day of the week. I think it's a cute indie comedy, but falls short of the praise it gets. The self aware and over the top dialogue really ruins the sense of realism that the narrative portrays, especially with regard to its subject matter. And to further clarify, Clark despises 'Garden State'. I'm pretty ambivalent towards it, as I didn't see it as anything special. Finally, I'd like to remind you that you're listening to a podcast. This isn't syndicated content. We're not professionals, nor do we claim to be. We're utilizing a free and simple medium to have a lot of fun with. This isn't our job. Instead, we treat it as a hobby. We see The Film Feed as a vehicle for the three of us to get together, talk about movies and hopefully bring more people into the discussion as well. Again, sorry if we don't live up to your standards. But to be frank, we'd rather just hang out down here. It's more fun. =) Will

Will Schiffelbein on Jul 14, 2009


Fair enough, this was the first of your Podcasts I listened to, I won't listen again. It's good to have an opinion. Stick with that...

Crapola on Jul 14, 2009


What the hell is with all of the nay sayers? For what its worth, I actually thought this was the best ep I've heard. Although last ep's worst movie experience segment was pretty awesome. I do want to put in my two cents about Ryan Reynolds. If they do Deadpool correctly, he will be perfect for the role, as we have already kind of seen in Wolverine. I was very surprised however that DC agreed to have their Hal Jordan actor already tied to a superhero franchise. If Deadpool tanks or vice versa, the other franchise could be affected. It would be very interesting to see the opinions on both sides and see how this came to fruition. I have a feeling that with this decision, the Deadpool we see in the film will be all scars and wearing a mask. This I would say is the predominant reason Reynolds was green lit for GL...the audience will be less likely to tie Reynolds to Deadpool. Looking forward to The Hurt Locker! Holy jeez!

Bill Rusnak on Jul 15, 2009


@ Will Schiffelbein You don't need to apologize. We all have our opinions and I respect that you guys aren't backing down from yours. In my case, I've seen a lot of the movies you guys watched and I rarely agree with the assessments made. I think in particular, Bruno. I laughed my ass off through the entire thing. I didn't think it was as bad as what you made it out to be. But that is your opinion and I'm fine with it. I just don't find your reviews all that helpful, since our film tastes differ. I still wish you luck and may check back on your podcast from time to time.

russell on Jul 16, 2009

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